Friday, 5 May 2017

Too many paparazzi shots of Coronation Street?

Now then, I love a good behind-the-scenes photograph as much as the next Coronation Street fan, but lately there seem to have been too many coming out in the press.

When Coronation Street go out shooting on location, the paparazzi tend to follow the Corrie vans to their destination. Then they take their snaps, sell them to the press and they end up online as spoilers.  But it seems as if Corrie is being "papped" much more often lately. Over the last few weeks we've seen many storylines exposed through paparazzi pictures going online. 

Does anyone know why this should be happening more frequently. Is it because Corrie is a currency that is increasing its value as it goes to six days a week and therefore pictures will always sell? 

Is it because paparazzi cameras are becoming ever more powerful so that even from distances of up to half a mile away, they can still see what's going on at outside filming and take their pics?

Might it be that Corrie is doing more outside filming than it ever did before, giving the paparazzi more opportunities to take their pics and sell them?

Or could it be a combination of all three, I wonder?  Whatever it is, it seems to be happening with an increasing frequency these days.

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Maricha said...

Most if not all the pictures I've seen were taken outside so I think filming outdoors is the chink in the armor. Also from the complaints that vibrations from nearby activity were disrupting recording, I got the impression that the set is much closer to "civilization" than the old one was.

Lee said...

They should have the cast and crew go directly to the filming sight, without showing up to ITV studios beforehand. That could lessen the chances of paps and spoilers. I'm sure there are logistics involved in that idea, but I'm sure it could be worked out for some of the filming (which goes on outside the ITV gates).

Newfy Pearl said...

Maybe it is 'being allowed' to drum up more interest in the show?

Rapunzel said...

It could be the Paparazzi's perverse counter to Kate Oates' genuine attempts to go spoiler free

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