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Monday 30 April 2012

Devastation for Julie

How terribly sad for Julie that the twelve week scan she was so excited about, not only revealed that there was no baby, but that the poor woman has a growth on her ovary. In fact, the whole experience must have been totally devastating. If ever there was a woman who was excited about having a baby and becoming a mother it was Julie.This was clearly demonstrated when she arrived at the ante-natal clinic as she burbled on about her partner and how important he was. The receptionist could have been more sympathetic after asking Julie to take a seat. Admittedly, Julie did ramble on a bit but the receptionist could have shown more kindness - just a few 'I knows' would have been sufficient and would have shown a little compassion and understanding.

Brian's ex-pupil Georgina Rose, despite having left school with no qualifications (though she did go to college)  handled the scan situation quite well, saying that the baby was probably hiding. Julie is no fool though, and suspected that something was wrong almost immediately.

Later, in the Rovers, drinking brandy, Julie feels that she is the victim of a 'cruel hoax' and that she must have done 'something awful' in a previous life.The distraught woman talks of her 'toxic womb' and has moved from elation to despair. You would have to have a heart of stone not to feel sympathy for Julie.

A brief mention now for the baby-sitter from hell, no other than Mary.You know it's not going to go well when Mary, as soon as Anna has gone to work at Dev's, announces, 'Right! House rules!' Then states, 'Defy me and you'll be straight up those stairs.' It will be interesting to hear what the differing accounts of the evening will be when Mary and Faye relate their version of events to cash-strapped Anna.      

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It's a small, small (Weatherfield) world

As a stalwart fan of everything Corrie, I can roll with some of the punches dealt out by the soap. I have a coping mechanism which allows me to deal with dull characters, unconvincing accents and tedious plot devices. But enough of Tracy Barlow. However, what really has me lobbing my hot pot against the cludgy wall is the physical space on't Street. Or lack thereof.

I have a fear that I may have already droned on and on (and on) about Peter Barlow's flat. A more nastier living space you could not imagine. Most visitors seem to edge through the door sideways before having to come to terms with that grotty little dining table. I say 'table' when what I actually mean is 'dinner plate on sticks'. The 'kitchenette for one' is also pretty rank but, I suppose, large enough to accomodate a rack of red wine and a goldfish bowl sized glass.

The Alahan's home is also a shocker. It's almost as though Dev & Sunita went mad in Harveys and decided to cram as much dowdy furniture into as small a space as possible. What with Sunita's baps and Dev's growing girth, it can only be a matter of time before one of the twins is found crushed.

The Rovers, as we all know, existed in some kind of architectual parallel universe for several decades. Annie Walker lorded it over two bars, a function room, a splendid ballroom, a small ampitheatre and a circus big top. Meanwhile customers were expected to crash through a solid brick wall and urinate in Albert Tatlock's kitchen. No wonder he looked so grumpy.

Last week we were party to several scenes involving Sally and the pram. She wheeled the devil's spawn (sorry but that child looks menacing) into the Kabin and managed to fill the entire shop. For a few minutes the place was half Rita-half pram. This though was not enough for the child-loathing Mrs Webster. She crashed over the cobbles in search of somewhere even smaller. Sally battered her way into Roy's Rolls with the offending buggy and jammed herself into a corner with mother of the year Fiz. There was no sign of Sylvia and I can only imagine that the old dear was pinned up against a table somehwere or was splattered under the wheels of Sally's Mothercare/Sherman tank hybrid.

It's all a bit mad. What with all of this plus the ever-expanding upstairs at the Rovers together with the world's smallest bistro (watch with glee as Wooden Spoon in a Wig Eva stumbles into tables with a plate of liver-au-poivre), I'm starting to realise that Weatherfield is unlikely to ever feature on "Location Location".

Corrie's New Set: April Update

Work on the new set seems to be storming along, the new ITV building is looking even more complete this month.

The street itself looks to finally be getting some groundwork, as you can see on Mark Whitfield's monthly gallery of work going on in the Salford Quays area.

I can't wait to see the actual set rising in the next few months, it should be exciting to watch!

To check out our timeline of pictures so far, look here.

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He's behind you!

While reading this article on The Sun’s website about Nigel Havers signing up to appear in panto this year, it got me thinking about his character Lewis. The article mentions that his romance with Audrey has been a hit with viewers, yet I haven’t really seen that much of a reaction either way to them as a couple. 

Do we like them together? Do we believe that Lewis has changed? I personally am not keen on their relationship. I love Audrey on her own and I think the men they set her up with lately do nothing for her. Furthermore, I don’t like how Lewis has been playing the innocent when it comes to the salon. Keeping score and winding David up is hardly going to make things easier for Audrey is it? 

If their relationship is doomed (for lack of a better word) then I hope that another return for Lewis is not on the cards because even if he has changed (which I don’t really think he has) I think that Audrey needs a bit of time on her own again. After the whole ordeal with Marc/Marcia I’m surprised she even wanted another relationship so soon! 

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Top 60 Corrie Characters - No. 15

15. Ena Sharples 1960-1980 (98 votes)

The inspiration for the likes of Blanche Hunt, Ivy Tilsley and Maud Grimes – Mrs Ena Sharples! On our screens for 20 years, Ena was the original battleaxe and ruled the roost on Coronation Street. Known for being a harridan in a hairnet and for her Christian morals, Ena had her fair share of disagreements – with Elsie Tanner, Annie Walker and Leonard Swindley. During her tenure, she worked as a caretaker; first at the Mission Hall and then at the Community Centre. If she wasn’t working, she would be found gossiping with pals Minnie Caldwell and Martha Longhurst in the Rovers snug. She was also a dab hand on the piano and led sing-songs in the Rovers. She also had a harmonium and played at Ernest and Emily’s wedding in 1972. Although they constantly clashed, Ena did comfort Elsie Tanner when she was down in the dumps and even saved her from suicide. By the 1970s, she had mellowed and became the grandmother figure on the street and in 1977 played the role of Queen Victoria on the Jubilee float. Her appearances during between 1974 and 1980 became sporadic and she left the street for St. Anne’s in 1980.

Should battleaxe Mrs Sharples be at 15? Should she be in the top 10? Were you a fan? Leave a comment!

Check out who's at 16.

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Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 30 April

Coronation Street Monday 30th April, 7.30pm

Watch the preview video here

TYRONE AND KIRSTY PLAY CAGNEY AND LACEY. Convinced Terry's greased some palms to get his bar sorted Kirsty and Tyrone head to the Town Hall. Flashing her police badge Kirsty talks their way in as they look for the planning and licensing office. Once inside she and Tyrone search for evidence of any illicit dealings but as they rifle through documents they're caught in the act - by the arrival of Councillor Peake and Terry! Is this the evidence they need?
KEVIN TURNS TO PAM AS HE FIGHTS TO SAVE HIS RELATIONSHIP. Kevin's refusing to give up on them and pleads with Sally to reconsider. Sally's torn but insists the relationship will never work as she can't accept Jack as her own. With his childminder off ill Kevin’s a desperate man and calls Pam round, asking her to take Jack for the day. When Pam offers to have him overnight Kevin tells Sally he’s taking her out. Can Kevin talk Sally round?
JULIE HEADS FOR HER FIRST SCAN. Julie's nervous as she heads to the hospital for her 12 week scan. But with Brian by her side they wait excitedly to see their baby. 
Elsewhere Karl's forced to lie to Stella about where his new car radio came from. Mary helps Anna out with Faye so she can do extra shifts at the shop.

Monday 30th Aprilat 8.30pm
TOMMY'S LEFT TO FEND OFF ENEMIES. Convinced that Terry paid Councillor Peake off to approve his lap-dancing club Kirsty uses her position to get a copy of his bank statements, which show large payments from TD Enterprises. Returning to the Town Hall Kirsty arrests Councillor Peake on suspicion of taking a bribe. Meanwhile a financially strapped Terry has enlisted Tommy's help in the building work. With the club now nearly ready to open he's confident nothing can go wrong. But as the father-and-son team drink in the Rover they're brought up short by a voice from the door, it's Kirsty, who insists they might have spoken too soon. How will Tommy react to the news of Terry's dodgy dealings?
IS IT THE END OF AN ERA FOR THE WEBSTERS? As Sally and Kevin hold crisis talks at the Bistro, Sally’s adamant that she’ll never be able to accept Jack. But when Kevin suggests he could ask Pam and Bill to have Jack on a semi-permanent basis Sally’s aghast. She refuses to ask Kevin to give up his son but Kevin’s convinced he’s hit on a solution and vows to speak to Pam.
JULIE FACES HEARTBREAK. As the sonographer brings a consultant radiologist into the room to scan an anxious Julie she fears the worst. Is there something wrong with her baby?
Elsewhere when Dev tells Sunita he's entered Aadi into a golf tournament, which involves an overnight, stay she's quick to suggest to Karl that he keeps her company.

Sunday 29 April 2012

ITV Vacancy: Assistant Producer at Coronation Street

Coronation Street are recruiting an Assistant Producer.

"As our Assistant Producer you will provide editorial feedback for both script and story, ensuring continuity of editorial content and the smooth running of programme and production.  Participating and contributing in Story, Commissioning and Script meetings, you will support in making key editorial decisions.  You will work closely with our Story Editor, overseeing storylining and story editing.  You will also oversee the Script Editor/s and the editing and production of up to 35 scripts per week.
We are looking for a strong leader with previous experience of working with a multi episodic drama.  With your excellent editorial judgment, you will have a thorough knowledge of production, script and story.  You will be flexible, strategic and pro-active with previous experience of leading and developing a team.  Due to the nature of the role, you will be required to work flexible hours to include weekends and Bank holidays."
If you fit the bill, then head over to ITV jobs where the post is advertised now.  Deadline for applications is May 4th 2012.

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Keith Duffy joins Coronation Street musical in Ireland

According to the RTE website, during her Late Late Show interview on Friday, Coronation Street's Kym Marsh, who plays Michelle Connor in Corrie, revealed that former co-star Keith Duffy will join her in the Coronation Street musical, Street of Dreams, for the Dublin and Belfast dates in May.
Marsh, who is playing the young Elsie Tanner in the musical, said: "At every show, we're going to have a special guest - at the end of the show - and they're going to sing along with the cast.

"We've just confirmed today that we have the lovely Keith Duffy joining us in Dublin and for Belfast."

Keith Duffy played Ciaran McCarthy on Corrie and he was last seen when he left on-screen lover Michelle Connor to sail off to work on a cruise ship.

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Coronation Street chit-chat - Corrie news catch-up

It's about time we had another Coronation Street chit-chat, a catch-up of some of the shorter news stories that have been happening but haven't made it into their own blog post.  And so, here we go.

Current Corrie cast
Michael Le Vell, who plays Kevin Webster, says all is not going swimmingly as Kevin and Sally reconcile.
Kym Marsh, who plays Michelle Connor, is all over the tabloids after her fella Jamie Lomas was pictured with a mystery woman in a hotel room.
Andy Whyment, who plays Kirk Sutherland, is wowing the crowds at the Dancing on Ice arena tour.
Ellie Leach, who plays FAYe, helped open a new greenhouse at a community centre.

Ex-Corrie cast
Bill Tarmey, who played Jack Duckworth, says he used to forget he'd left Corrie
Nicholas Asbury is the actor who played the vet who had to put down pooch Schmeichel, and now he reveals he's had to deal with angry fans when they spot him in the Street.  (It's not real, you know!)
Bruce Jones, who played Les Battersby, joined a 14 mile charity walk

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Corrie weekly awards: April 23 - 27

Queen award: Bohemian Star: The best scene of the week and probably the best of the year!  Watch that great scene again here.

Heartless swine award: Gold Star: Peter breaking little Simon's heart, banning him from seeing Leanne.
Silver Star: Kylie pushed and pushed David and Audrey's heart attack was the result.

Big shoes to fill award: Sean has to take over the hotpot institution.

Slippery Slope award: Cracked star: Peter's accusing Carla of not loving Simon and it's the beginning of the end, if you ask me.
Emotional star: Red wine and self pity will put Sally back in Kevin's bed every time!

Phrase of Doom award: "Me and Sally are back together properly" Except when everyon pointed out Sally would be a mother to Jack, and Jack had a bad teething day, it changed things.

Somebody's watching me award: Sally thinks the baby *knows* how she really feels. With the looks he's been giving her, I swear she's right!

He's got a conscience after all award: David has realized the error of his ways. Maybe too little too late? Audrey's not talking to him and his wife is out the door.

Touched a nerve award: Gold star: Terry reacted quite strongly when Tyrone mentioned Jack to him.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall award: Gold Star: Sally came crashing down to earth. No chance of her name on the door now that Carla has inherited Frank's share of the factory.

Lines of the Week:
Tyrone "Terry Duckworth doesn't build, he destroys"
Sally "I'll always be the same old Sally" Beth "That's what worries us"
Simon "It's not just a grown up thing, it's a kid thing too, cause I've fallen out of love with you!"
Peter to Carla "There's not a man on earth that can resist you" (and he's still wearing his wedding band)
Terry to the barricaders "So what's this then? The knitting club?"
Sally about Terry's club "What I don't understand is why here?" (good question)
Terry "I'm the sort of entrepreneur this country needs"
Kylie "One Gail Platt in this world is enough for anyone"
Norris had a good week:
"A Barful of mucky women!" Rita "How mucky?" (didn't Rita used to be an "exotic dancer"?)
"She could have had somebody's eye out with the bust on her!"
"There'll be no den of iniquity on this street. Not on my watch!"
"Underestimate the power of a rota at your peril"

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Picture gallery: Corrie cast at British Soap Awards

Here they are in all their finery and best bib and tucker as the Coronation Street cast turned up on the red carpet for last night's British Soap Awards.  You can read all about the winners here.

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Corrie win seven gongs at British Soap Awards

Coronation Street have won seven awards in this year's British Soap Awards held last night in London.  The awards will be screened on ITV this week.

See the picture gallery here

Sexiest Female - Michelle Keegan (Tina McIntyre)
Villain of the year
- Andrew Lancel (Frank Foster)
Best Actress -
Alison King (Carla Connor)
Best Comedy Performance
- Stephanie Cole (Sylvia Goodwin)
Best Newcomer -
Natalie Gumede (Kirsty Soames)
Best Exit -
Katherine Kelly (Becky McDonald)
Best Single Episode
- 'Becky's Farewell'

Coronation Street didn't manage to bag the big prize of best soap again this year, but maybe next time 'ey?

The full list of winners can be found at Digital Spy.

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Saturday 28 April 2012

Terry Duckworth - terrible or terrific?

He's been back for a few episodes now but what you do make of Terry Duckworth this time around? And for those who can't remember him when he was on Coronation Street before, are you enjoying the character this first time around?

Me? Well, I was never that keen on him before, not when he used to upset Jack and Vera but I always loved his friendships with Kevin and Curly way back in the day.  And while I would never expect Nigel Pivaro to win Best Actor in a soaps award ceremony, he does bring a certain menace to the cobbles.

This time around, without Jack to constrain him in any way, with Tyrone not being anywhere near a match for Terry and with Tommy looking for the father-hero he's convinced must be inside that stocky frame, he's worse than ever. And I'm loving it.

So what do you make to Terry Duckworth this time around? Terrible or Terrific?

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Video: Coronation Street's Bohemian Rhapsody

It was a classic Coronation Street moment last night, written by Corrie writer Joe Turner, that had tears of laughter streaming down my face. 

Determined to keep terrible Terry out of the unit so his plans to build lapdancing club Se7enth Hea7en were thwarted as long as possible, the residents staged a peaceful protest and a sit-in.  With their energy levels sustained by meals and puddings from Roy's Rolls, this has been a wonderfully funny farce to watch, culminating in a sing-a-long last night to keep their spirits high.

And so, here it is in all its glory, captured by a Corrie fan for YouTube. Here they are again - Norris, Anna, Mary and a reluctant Roy singing Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.

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Friday 27 April 2012

Sue Johnston starts filming on Coronation Street

The first picture of Sue Johnston on the set of Coronation Street has been released over on the official ITV website.

Sue was cast as Stella’s mum Gloria back at the start of this month, and will be appearing on-screen from June.

From the picture, we see Gloria arriving on the damp cobbles, and Stella doesn’t look too impressed to see her! Sparks are set to fly between the pair following Gloria’s arrival.

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First pic: Sue Johnston as Gloria on Coronation Street

Well folks, here she is in all her glory - it's Gloria, the new cast addition to Coronation Street. Gloria is played by actress Sue Johnston and the official Coronation Street website at has the first pic of her filming on the cobbles. 

The official Corrie site reports that Sue started filming on Thursday 26th April, as Gloria arrived outside the Rovers Return. But from the expression on Stella's face, her unexpected appearance may be far from welcome.

They reveal that Gloria is set to be thrown into the middle of Stella and Karl's marriage crisis, after returning from Spain where she has been running a bar. But it soon becomes clear that Gloria has also been economical with the truth and the sparks will fly between her and her daughter Stella, following Gloria's arrival on screen in June.

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Corrie's Yana Lumb writes for Street of Dreams Musical

You know how some people are very talented, multi-talented, and you're more than an incy-bit jealous?  Well, Jayne Tunnicliffe who played Yana Lumb on Coronation Street is one of those ladies who are creative all-rounders. As well as being an actress, Jayne is also a talented artist, jewelry designer, she's been a storyline writer for Corrie and Emmerdale and now she's been writing for the Coronation Street musical.

Jayne, along with her husband Mark Bickerton, who is the Senior Storyline Writer at Coronation Street, have just finished writing additional material for the script of 'Street of Dreams'-  the Corrie musical. 
Jayne tells us here at the Coronation Street Blog: "We've thoroughly enjoyed it - espeically writing for Paul O'Grady, who of course I have had a long association with, having written with and performed beside him on stage with Lily Savage and on TV in Live from the Lilydrome and two series of Lily Live.

"The combination of writing for Paul and also classic Corrie characters was a dream come true, especially as we are such fans of Trisha Ward's songs. The show was also written by Trisha Ward and Corrie writer Damon Rochefort. It should be a fab production and we can't wait to see it live in Manchester in a couple of weeks."

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Fab Photo Friday - April 27th 2012

It's Friday again so it's time for this week's fab Coronation Street photo. This week William Roache celebrated his 80th birthday and so here are a few fab pictures of Ken Barlow.

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Top 60 Corrie Characters - No. 16

16. Peter Barlow 1965-1971, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1986, 2000-2003, 2007- (97 votes)

The son of Ken and Valerie, it is the Peter played by Chris Gascoyne that has made him a compelling and favourite character. Following their mother’s death, Peter and twin sister Susan were brought up by their maternal grandparents in Scotland (although Peter doesn’t have a Scottish accent!). He joined the navy in 1980 and married Jessica Midgeley in 1990. After sporadic returns to the cobbles over 30 years, a divorced Peter returned in 2000, bought the bookies and married both Shelley Unwin and Lucy Richards in a bigamous storyline. He fled in 2003 and returned permanently in 2008 with his and Lucy’s son Simon (Lucy had died and Peter took custody of him). Struggling with fatherhood and relationships, Peter sought solace in the bottle. With Peter now an alcoholic, it was Leanne Battersby who made him seek his responsibilities. But when Leanne left the street for a few months, Peter and Simon nearly died when a devastated and drunk Peter fell asleep with a cigarette in his hand and caused the flat above the bookies to go on fire. Peter escaped death again in the tram crash and afraid he wasn’t going to survive, he married Leanne in the hospital. Prior to their marriage, Leanne did have an affair with ex-husband Nick Tilsley. Peter forgave her but he himself had an affair with Carla Connor in 2011 and he’s currently in a relationship with her and is in a custody battle with Leanne over Simon. This is an echo of when he battled against Lucy’s dad George Wilson for custody of Simon back in 2010.

Should hunk Peter be at 16? Should he be in the top 20? Are you a fan? Leave a comment!

Check out who's at 17.

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Spot the Corrie prop - April 27th 2012

A couple of you thought that last week's bookshelf was in Betty's house. Sorry but you were wrong, the bookcase is in Jason's flat but none of the current residents strike me as big readers. What could those books be?

For this week's prop puzzle all you have to do is tell us where on Coronation Street you'd find this picture.

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Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 27 April 2012

Coronation Street, Friday 27th April at 7.30pm

Watch the preview video here

SALLY COMES TO A HEARTBREAKING DECISION. Sally and Kevin are getting on well and Sophie's hopeful of a reconciliation between her parents. But when Kevin gets a call from his childminder who's ill and Sally is left holding the baby she's uneasy. After spending the day with Jack she admits to Carla that she's in a mess, she's fallen back in love with Kevin but she's not sure she can ever accept baby Jack and be a mother to him. As Jack cries will Sally soften?
KYLIE RESORTS TO HER OLD WAYS. Kylie hasn't come home all night and as David gets Max ready for school he hides his worry. At the Bistro a drunk Kylie and a group of hangers on demand service. Struggling to control Kylie, Nick calls David. As he berates her for her reckless behaviour will Kylie agree to return home?
STELLA FORGETS KARL'S BIRTHDAY. Karl's gutted to find Stella has forgotten his birthday. Irked he heads out to work, revealing his disappointment to Sunita. But when Stella arrives with a present, a car wash kit, will his mood change?
Elsewhere Terry calls a friend at the council in a bid to get the protesters removed from his club. Anna's stressed as she struggles for money.

Friday 27th Aprilat 8.30pm
KEVIN’S DESPERATE TO KEEP SALLY. When Pam calls round she’s shocked to see Jack is now living with Sally and Kevin and accuses them of pushing the baby from pillar to post. Her words hitting home Sally admits to Kevin she will never be able to love Jack and be a mother to him as he’s a constant reminder of Kevin’s betrayal. Sally’s insistent their relationship will never work but Kevin refuses to give up. Will Sally reconsider or is this the end for the Websters?
THE STREET'S PROTEST IS DEALT A KILLER BLOW. Kirsty and the protesters are shocked when a DCI arrives at the club threatening to arrest them. Realising the game is up they reluctantly file out while the DCI tears a strip off Kirsty for getting involved. Back at home Kirsty admits this stinks, convinced of some corruption. But already on thin ice with her job will she agree to keep digging?
DAVID AND KYLIE'S MARRIAGE HITS THE ROCKS. David's back at home having failed to convince Kylie to come back. When she bursts in for a moment his hopes are raised but Kylie's quick to point out that she's just come back for a few things and then she's going. As she drags Max from his bed David pleads with her not to do this. As Max begins to cry will Kylie back down?
Elsewhere Dev offers Anna some night shifts at the shop as she struggles to make ends meet. Karl's thrilled when Sunita hands him a car radio for his birthday.

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British Soap Awards - last chance to vote for Corrie

Voting closes in the British Soap Awards on Friday 27th April at 3pm. 

Please vote for Coronation Street if you haven't do so already - thank you!

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Thursday 26 April 2012

The cracks begin to widen in the marriage of David and Kylie

We've seen them coming over the past week or two, but now the cracks in David and Kylie's union are beginning to widen. In fact, the family dynamics in the whole Platt/ Mcintyre/ Roberts dynasty are shifting dramatically, much of the changes brought on by Audrey's heart attack.

David has been distancing himself from Kylie's comments about his gran ever since the heart attack. It does seem that the honeymoon period is over and comments from Kylie, such as tonight's 'She's an old woman. Old women have heart attacks,' can only serve to accelerate the demise, not only of the honeymoon period, but potentially the whole marriage. As Gail sets off to see Audrey, David asks his mum to say that he's sorry and he hopes she's OK. Kylie chimes in with, 'You can say the second bit from me but not the first.' Later, when dinner is ready in the McIntyre/Platt household, Kylie appears particularly upset with David for not sticking up for her and out the door she goes. What about Max? What will happen to him if David and Kylie do split? After all, he's had a confusing and bewildering couple of years in his short life, not to mention his lunch box undergoing forensic examination by his headteacher. David, to give him his due, does seem genuinely fond of Max.

Lewis is worthy of a mention tonight as he proves himself to be a challenger to Florence Nightingale. 'I shall be watching her like a hawk; night and day.' Maybe, just maybe, he is a reformed character.


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My experience on Lemonaid's Corrie Special

I was lucky enough to feature as part of the Keith Lemon’s Lemonaid Coronation Street Special a couple of weekends ago, and our wonderful editor Flaming Nora suggested I should blog about the experience!

I travelled down to London with a friend, and took part in the episode that was broadcast last Saturday, 21st April. The gorgeous Michelle Keegan (Corrie's Tina McIntyre) was Keith’s ‘Celebrity Helper’, and the episode can be found here if you’d like to see it, it’s well worth a watch. Look out for the Rovers Return scene with a tram-tastic ending!

For those of you that haven’t seen the show before, Keith Lemon solves people’s problems and makes their dreams come true, like a modern-day Jim’ll Fix It! We put an appeal out on the blog to find some budding Corrie fans to also take part in the show, but I had already been selected to appear having previously auditioned, and was delighted to hear it was for the Corrie special.

The problem I had was that I couldn’t tie a tie, and with my university graduation coming up, I needed Keith’s help in solving this issue. I was called out of the audience, and went down to the front to meet Keith and Michelle. They told me Michelle would teach me how to tie a tie over the commercial break, and when we came back, if I could do it, I’d win a ‘tie-related’ prize.

So after returning from the ad break, I was shown a good luck video message from the lovely Davina McCall, and managed to successfully tie a tie thanks to Michelle’s help.

And as for my tie-related prize? I won a week-long holiday for two to Thailand!

Unfortunately, my part of the episode had to be cut from the final edit for time, but it was a brilliant experience to be part of. Michelle Keegan was a pleasure to meet, and I had a great laugh with her on set. And I took away a holiday to Thailand – not bad for a Saturday night’s work!

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