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Thursday 31 December 2015

My Corrie wish for 2016

My wish is quite straight forward really. Oh Corrie Powers That Be, can we please not have another Plattination Street in 2016? Honestly, it feels like we're never out of David and Kylie's front room these days.

2015 has been the year of the Platt family. Or should I say, yet another year of the Platt family. The Callum saga has dragged on and on and on and now has so many different off shoots it shows no signs of slowing down. The man has been dead and buried since September but it still feels like he is stalking the streets of Weatherfield. I really didn't like the character of Callum and yes I know we weren't supposed to, but I just found him completely over the top and overrated. 

Corrie has a history of dragging certain stories out for unbelievable lengths of time (Callum; anything Carla or Tracy related) while others (Emily's imminent departure) begin and end over the course of a few episodes. I understand that David and Kylie are popular, well acted characters and that Corrie bosses are desperate to attract and hold onto the younger viewer (despite the fact younger people are watching telly less and less, but that's a whole other blog). I just wish the whole Platt clan could be rested for a few months.

I think David and Kylie are cracking characters, don't get me wrong. Jack P Shepherd has worked wonders since he starting playing David 15 years ago and Paula Lane is an absolute star. Tina O'Brien put in a terrific performance in the live episode in September but I still don't care for the character of Sarah. And while it has taken me a considerable amount of time, I'm actually beginning to warm to Bethany. I continue to have a soft spot for Nick (yes, I know) and Gail and Audrey are Corrie legends but please, let's shift the focus.

There are plenty of other Corrie characters that deserve and indeed are crying out for more screen time. The Nazir family have come on leaps and bounds in 2015 and I enjoy each and every one of them now. Although the Alya storyline was a bit tedious, it showed them as a wonderful family unit. I'd like to see more of them. Steph and Andy make a great couple but their recent revenge porn storyline really didn't do them justice. Luke is also promising but the writers haven't given him a sufficient chance to show this yet. Another character who barely gets a look in is Erica who sparkles whenever she appears and forms a great double act with Liz. We also need more of the Tinkers - Craig in particular is brilliant.

I'm not saying we should phase the Platt family out entirely, let's just have them as background characters for a few months. I'm looking forward to seeing Audrey's relationship with Ken develop and while we're at it, Gail really does need a little storyline all of her own. For the time being though, there seems to be no getting away from the dreaded Callum. At least the horrid Gemma hasn't been sniffing around for a while, although I'm sure she'll be back!

So do you agree that it's time to stick the Platt family in the Corrie cupboard for a while?

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In pics: Look back at Emily's life on Coronation Street

On New Year's Day, January 1 2016, Emily Bishop will swap the wilds of Weatherfield for the promise of Peru.  She's off to see her nephew Geoffrey, aka Spider, Nugent and help volunteer in a children's orphanage with him.  He's always been a good 'un, has Spider.

Actress Eileen Derbyshire, who plays Emily, is set to take a break from Coronation Street. I do hope she will return, but who knows?

With thanks to and Corriepedia, let's have a look at some of Emily's biggest storylines over the years.

Emily first appeared in 1961 as Leonard Swindley's assistant in clothing shop Gamma Garments.

She was briefly engaged to Leonard Swindley but jilted him at the last minute, deciding to wait to marry someone she loved, despite her worry that she was destined for spinsterhood.

Emily tells Leonard Swindley she can't marry him

Emily with Miklos Zadic
Emily married photographer Ernest Bishop as she entered her forties. They got married in 1972 and had a happy marriage but in 1978 Emily was widowed when Ernest was shot and killed in a robbery at Baldwin's factory.

Emily marries Ernest Bishop

In 1974 Emily was one of eight Street women who flew off to Majorca on holiday when Bet Lynch won the pools.
Emily remained devoted to Ernie years after his death but allowed herself to fall in love again in 1980 when she met and married pet shop owner Arnold Swain.
Emily marries bigamist Arnold Swain
Only a short time into the marriage, Emily found out that Arnold was still legally married to his first wife. Arnold later died in a psychiatric hospital.

Emily with lodger Curly Watts
Emily was joined at No.3 Coronation Street by lodgers including Curly Watts, Percy Sugden, Norris Cole, Ernie's niece Freda Burgess and her own nephew Geoffrey "Spider" Nugent, who she was especially fond of as she regretted never having children. Spider even convinced Emily to join him in a protest against renovating the Red Rec.

Spider and Emily in the Red Rec protest, 1998

Emily was almost killed by evil Richard Hillman who was after her money.  Twice, he tried to do her in. Twice, she survived!

Ed, the killer of Emily's husband Ernest arrived and Emily found it in her heart to forgive him.

Emily was always a good friend to Deirdre Barlow, godmother to Tracy Barlow. She's also the person who has delivered one of my favourite, ever, Coronation Street lines. 

"I've always wanted to be stormy, passionate and tempestuous. But you can't be. Not when you're born with a tidy mind."

I shall miss her a lot and hope she might return, even briefly to say goodbye, after the actress takes her well-deserved break

See also: Is Emily's exit a fitting farewell?

See also: Emily Bishop: Born with a tidy mind

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Coronation Street episode review, Wednesday 30 December

Hello! It's Jordan with the final Wednesday review of 2015! Here we go...
"But you've got no cash"
"I was gonna go on holiday"
"No, Kev, you can't-"
"I'd rather go to Bognor and give it you. On one condition. You tell Fiz, because if she finds out any other way..."

We start off at number 9, where Fiz is getting Hope ready for a scan at the hospital. However, in last night's episode we got to see another side to this storyline as Hope's illness itself is not the primary focus. Tyrone's in trouble and lots of it. About £10,000 worth of trouble. Receiving a letter from a loan shark and an angry unpaid elf from Weatherfield Lapland display are enough to push him to new lows. Whilst working at the garage, he is unable to secure another loan when he notices the petty cash tin above him on the shelf. Without thinking, he opens the tin and begins to empty it. And of course, Kevin walks in just at that very moment. Initially aghast, Kevin begins to understand as Tyrone reveals what a mess he has got himself into. Although Kevin was planning a holiday for himself and Sophie, he's now decided to help out his very silly but well meaning friend on one condition. Tyrone must tell Fiz of his financial troubles before she finds out any other way. In true Corrie style, he is just about to tell her but Fiz begins to cry- worried about the results of Fiz's scan.

You'll probably have noticed that I tend to gloss over Connornation Street in my reviews. Carla's still upset about 'backstreet Darth Vader' and  after revealing to Nick, he says a few things to try to calm her, to no avail. Johnny calls Rob to inform him of the revelation. He warns Rob to stay away from now on and a prison warden finally notices Rob on his mobile but no more is explained. Please say this is the beginning of sorting what is a massive plot hole! Aidan calls round to her flat, but Nick (who apparently knows everything) gets rid of him. Later on, when Roy comes round, Carla finally snaps- bottle in hand- and tells both himself and Nick to butt out. Quite rightly, too. The only thing I can praise about this whole storyline is the wonderful Alison King and her cheekbones. She is a fantastic actress and yet Carla has been given this clich√© storyline. Carla has started to blame her alcoholism on the absence of her father. Because losing a husband and a secret lover as well as bitterly divorcing another husband, being a rape victim and being a murder suspect twice in two years would not contribute to those drinking problems at all.  From what I can tell, she's never been bothered about family anyway. She supposed to be a high up business woman and I am not sure why she has been made into a gambling alcoholic.  Elsewhere on Connornation Street, Aidan had an over the top rant about a pair of shoes he wanted which were out of stock. What is his angry obsession with footwear?
"I'm the only one that's living in my head right now, so if you'll kindly both just butt out. I just want Jonny to feel one ounce of the pain I have spent my whole life drinking to forget. That's what I want"

Last night saw the beginning of an exit for one of the longest-serving Corrie characters.  Emily has been in contact with Spider and has all of a sudden decided to take up volunteering work- after a pep talk from the darling Billy and finding some guidance in the church, naturally. She joins her comrades in the pub and happily announces to Rita, Norris and Billy that she is going to Peru. Would Emily make a big decision just like that? I think volunteering is something Emily would do, but there should have been mention of it weeks, possibly months ago. It's a much better idea than Spider suddenly falling ill, but definitely too rushed, especially after almost 55 years on the Street. But nonetheless, bon voyage, Emily!

"You're a courageous woman who can achieve anything she sets her mind to. Pray on it. See what God thinks"

And now for some light in this review! Performance of the episode, once again, goes to Elle Mulvaney as Amy. It emerges that Tracy has been staying at Beth's after Ken threw her out and unable to stand the snoring for another night, Amy tells Ken she has agreed to come back on her best behaviour. An AbFab-esque mother daughter role reversal theme ensued throughout the episode. Amy questions her mother sternly when she decides to sit on the sofa eating biscuits rather than going to work. Tracy confesses to her clever daughter that she had a little bit of a tantrum in the shop. Amy, who needs the pocket money, offers to  help clean up. For her two hours of work, she earns £15, an extra £5 for some advice on how to win Robert back and a cake from Roy's. Not a bad little businesswoman! I really hope the 2015 Text Santa sketch was an accurate depiction of the Street's future! The talented little actress, along with Kate Ford as Tracy, provided the total highlight of an otherwise mostly dull episode. I mean, do we really need to know about Ken's length, Nessa?

"I've told him you're really sorry"
"Well, I am"
"And that you've learned your lesson"
"I have"
"And that you'll do all the housework for a week"
"To prove to granddad how really sorry you are!"

Oh, and on the subject of the Loch Nessa Monster - Audrey said to Ken what we're all thinking, after Nessa insists Ken throws a Hawaiian themed New Year party:

"Deirdre wouldn't want me sitting around moping"
"Well, I doubt she'd want to see you shacked up with a woman like that either!"

Thanks for reading!

All the best for 2016

Twitter- @JordanLloyd39

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Preview of New Year's Eve on Coronation Street

Thursday 31st December
IT’S PARTY TIME AT THE BARLOWS With Ken’s party in full swing, Emily announces she’s booked her flight and leaves for Peru tomorrow. Norris is disapproving whilst Audrey and Rita are pleased for her. Ken tells Audrey how much he values her friendship but the moment is broken by Nessa who quickly sweeps Ken away. Will Audrey get another opportunity to tell Ken how she feels?
FIZ & TYRONE GET THE NEWS THEY’VE BEEN WAITING FOR In the hospital, the consultant gives Tyrone and Fiz the good news that Hope’s tumour has shrunk and is now operable. An upbeat Tyrone and Fiz share their good news with their friends in the Rovers. Kevin puts pressure on Tyrone to come clean to Fiz about his debts. Tyrone promises he will but not now as they’re celebrating Hope’s good news.
NEW YEAR, NEW LOVE As the clock strikes midnight, Aidan and Eva kiss passionately and Kevin kisses Anna on the cheek. Caz and Kate share a tearful farewell as Caz leaves for Cyprus.
ELSEWHERE Andy does his best to reassure Steph in the wake of the revenge porn attack. Mary’s delighted when Brendan shows up for their date, but her euphoria evaporates when he says he can only stay for a quick drink as his wife is expecting him. Johnny begs Carla not to reveal all about his past to Kate and Aidan. Carla remains non-committal. In the bistro, the staff present Nick with a birthday cake. As Leanne wipes a bit of icing from Robert’s cheek, Tracy arrives and clocking their intimacy, jumps to the wrong conclusion. Realising she’s forgotten Nick’s birthday, Carla feels terrible.

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Wednesday 30 December 2015

Watch: Shayne Ward and Cath Tyldesley at Abba Christmas Party

Corrie's Shayne Ward and Catherine Tyldesley, who play Aidan Connor and Eva Price, were featured on the Abba Christmas party.  It aired on ITV on Christmas Eve and I've just had a chance to catch up with it today.

Shayne and Cath sang the Abba hit "Take a Chance on Me" and they make a pretty good fist of it.  It's very entertaining.

If you missed it, you can watch it again on the ITV Hub - it's here.  

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Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 30 December

Wednesday 30th December
TYRONE RESORTS TO DESPERATE MEASURES As Fiz prays that today’s scan will yield good news for Hope, Tyrone secretly opens a letter from the loan company demanding payment. When he discovers another cheque has bounced, a desperate Tyrone dips into the garage’s petty cash. Kevin catches him and is shocked by Tyrone’s desperation. When Sophie then blurts out that she and Kevin are taking a holiday in the sun before the builders start work on the garage expansion next week, Kevin’s embarrassed. As Tyrone is forced to admit that his debts run to £10K will Kevin feel able to offer him any support? And will Tyrone be forced to confess to Fiz?
CARLA CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH Johnny calls Rob and informs him he’s told Carla the truth so his blackmail plot has failed. Rob’s thwarted and furious. Nick’s gobsmacked when Carla reveals Johnny’s secret and Rob’s blackmail attempt. At the factory Aidan celebrates winning the O’Driscoll contract and heads off to tell Carla. Johnny’s filled with dread at the prospect of Carla revealing all to Aidan and Kate about his past. Roy and Nick implore Carla not to distress Aidan and Kate with the truth in her bid to punish Johnny. But will Carla take their advice on board?
EMILY’S READY FOR ONE BIG ADVENTURE Billy senses Emily’s yearning to volunteer in Peru and encourages her to go for it. Her mind made up, Emily announces she’s off to Peru.
ELSEWHERE At Amy’s request, Ken grudgingly allows Tracy to move back into No.1. To Audrey’s amazement, Nessa persuades Ken to throw a New Year’s Eve party. Audrey questions whether Ken really wants to host a party and wonders if Deirdre would approve of Nessa. Has Audrey gone too far?

Deirdre: A Life on Coronation Street - official ITV tribute to a soap icon. Available here.

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Tuesday 29 December 2015

How was the Corrie year for you?

Wherever you turn at the moment, someone is reviewing something. Log on to social media and you will be faced with a barrage of 'friends' telling you about their Top 5 slash metal songs of 2015 or recounting their visits to wool shops of the West Midlands. We can't help but say goodbye to the old year other than by peering back at it.

The thought of slowly meandering back down twelve months of Corrie action is a wearisome one. Mainly because I've forgotten much of what happened! For me, Corrie was saved by the magic of the Christmas Day episode which, disbelief having been suspended, worked really well. It did everything that a festive episode should do. Obviously I've enjoyed much of what I've seen in 2015. The standout moment was the manner in which Deirdre's death was handled. Heartbreaking stuff and some memorable performances from the cast. At the other end of the scale, the tedious coach crash and the Victoria Court fire. This kind of plot device has been used so much that by now, it no longer has any kind of shock value. Or interest.

One of the most useful skills I've developed this year has been the ability to filter out characters who I have no interest in. This has come in handy whenever Sean, Maria, Jason or Michael arrive for a scene. It's not that I particularly loathe them, I just don't care whether they are there or not. The Grimshaw residence has become some kind of axis of awfulness. Michael with his downbeat, glum-faced misery, old scarface Todd and his faux Machiavellian plots, pointless Sean reducing everything to a sassy one-liner . . . and then there's Eileen. Once witty, once a joy, dear old Eileen now manages to drain the life out of every scene she is in. Her constant, shrieking unpleasantness is a bore. Either give her a decent boyfriend or hurl her under the Weatherfield Wayfarer. Enough already.

Like many others, I feel that the Family Metcalfe has brought us joy in bucketloads this year. That's all down to Sally Dynevor and Joe Duttine. These two characters have been the making of each other. Sally had shown signs of being unpleasant in middle age whereas Tim had initially been a little bit sinister. Together though they are Corrie gold and let no man (or woman) divide them!

Has anyone else warmed to the Nazirs in 2015? I like them but in a strange reversal of fortunes, Alya now appears to the worst of the bunch. She was ill-served by the dreary 'engagement to Gary' storyline and her constant hangdog moping around the faktry machines with a clipboard. Yasmeen, now she isn't performing to the back row of the theatre, is a lovely character and has real warmth. Zeedan has also developed from sulky moan-fest to decent bloke. Three cheers for the Nazirs.

How are we finding the conscious coupling of Roy and Cathy? Again, it has taken a while for Cathy to bed down. Initially I found her spikiness a little hard to stomach but now she's mellowed, Cathy is a good egg. Roy needs her and she needs Roy. So far, so successful.

Are we still enjoying Leanne and Carla? I think the storyliners could throw anything at this pair and it would probably work, thanks to the skill of Jane Danson and Alison King. It's down to the latter's handling of Carla that the character works so well. A lesser actor would have had us switching off and shrugging with disinterest by now. As for Leanne? Well, the domestic abuse storyline has been a hard one to watch and I'm guessing that we are not through with it yet. Thanks to Jane Danson's work though, we stick with it.

Missing Steve? Yes, me too. The pub isn't the same without him and his gurns. His absence has also rendered Streetcars as an odd little enclave which, within the next few months, will only feature sad old Eileen chatting to a biscuit tin.

I've droned on numerous times about the need to have a strong female presence in t'corner shop. We now have Erica behind the counter. It's too soon to say if she is going to be a force with the pricing gun, especially with Dev fawning around in the background. I like her though. Is she a stayer?

For 2016 then, what would we like? Lots more Eva with or without Aidan and his unfeasibly tight shirts. Let's keep our fingers crossed for the return of Jenny Bradley and hope (probably against hope) that she's not back as a pantomime baddy. Here's to less of Tracy (there's nothing new under the sun there), more of the Metcalfes and hopefully a storyline where Gail doesn't come across as a simpering  cretin. It's about time she accessed social media and hooked up with Tricia Hopkins and Suzie Birchall. Gail needs a new lease of life. Also, here's hoping that Ken and Audrey finally click. How lovely would that be?

What were your Hits and Misses in 2015? Which storylines do you cherish and which ones do you never want to revisit? Who impressed and depressed you in Weatherfield in 2015 - and what are your Corrie hopes and dreams for 2016?

David - twitter @BridgLondon

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Coronation Street set could be saved by Manchester museum

Bloggers Sunny Jim and Flaming Nora on the old Coronation Street set
There's only a few days left to visit the old Coronation Street set on the Coronation Street tour. It's closing to the public, forever, at the end of this month.

Our blogger Michael - who is on twitter at @MichaelAdamsUK - sent me this which is worth blogging and sharing with Corrie fans. 

On the official Coronation Street Tour facebook page today, there is a comment which is noteworthy.

It suggests that the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester may be able to keep some of the original set pieces for fans to enjoy and visit in the future.  Let's hope so. 

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How do you solve a problem like Leanne?

A few weeks ago you may have seen a post all about ideal Christmas presents for Corrie fans. From a Helen Worth advent calendar to a Barbara Knox mask, you really can get it all. Even a cardboard cut-out of your favourite cast member, notably Jane Danson (Leanne Battersby), Kate Ford (Tracy Barlow),  Helen Flanagan (Rosie Webster), Helen Worth (Gail Rodwell) and the dearly missed Sarah Harding (Joni Preston).

Browsing through the countless pages of Celebrity Cut-outs with my mum, we had countless laughs at the variety of cut-outs on offer, and if you can spare half an hour, it's certainly worth a look. Anyway, skipping forward about a week or two to Christmas day, I'm now the proud owner of this...

Though hilarious for the first few days, Leanne has now been stood in various places in my living room for nearly a week, and it's becoming worrying...what on earth is next? By the sounds of things, she'd be better off in my living room than in Weatherfield with Simon still around, but on the other hand, she's becoming a piece of dusty furniture. Oh dear.

Do you readers have any suggestions? Perhaps she could be like an all year Christmas tree, with seasonal decorations.

You can follow me on Twitter @MichaelAdamsUk, if you so wish to.

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Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street, Jan 4 - 8

Without any piffle, here's the storylines for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Week of Monday January 4 to Friday January 8

Cathy discovers Nessa’s affair with Alan, Amy tests Todd on flowers, Carla reveals Connor secret to Aidan and Kate, Norris and Rita worry about Mary, Roy rescues Cathy from fire, romance blooms for Anna and Kev.

The full weekly preview, with pictures is right here on 

Missed last week's Corrie?

Catch up with the Coronation Street Weekly Updates

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First-look pics: It's New Year’s Eva!


Things are looking up for Eva Price in 2016 after she manages to bag the boss on New Year’s Eve.

Eva finds herself in a clinch with Coronation Street knicker factory boss Aidan Connor as they see in the new year at the Bistro.

And actress Cath Tyldesley has revealed that it was not as romantic as it looks on screen for her and co-star Shayne Ward: “Poor Shayne - Eva wears bright red lipstick and by the time we had finished the kissing scene it was all over his face!”

The New Year’s Eve snog is just the start of a big romance for Eva and Aidan in 2016.

On New Year’s Day Leanne catches Eva trying to sneak hunky Aidan out of the flat and the relationship develops further when Aidan discovers that his dad Johnny is Carla’s dad.
Cath explains: “Eva tells him that she was shocked when she found out Leanne was her half sister but now they are very close and she feels it could be the same for him and Carla. They bond over this shared experience.

“Eva is ready for romance again after what happened with Jason and it looks like she and Aidan could be perfect together.”

It won’t all be plain sailing for the lovebirds though. In January a new client arrives at Underworld with his glamorous wife. It isn’t long before Eva realises that all is not what it seems with the O’Driscolls, and they are hiding a dark secret that could have far reaching consequences for the factory. You can read more on that spoiler here!

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Monday 28 December 2015

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 28 December

That which is on most people’s mind is, as Liz calls it ‘Crimbo limbo’ – and that we have to have this time, and not race into the new year, in order for us to eat our body weight in leftovers.

Nessa and Ken are cycling but Nessa has had an accident. It is the valiant Audrey who sets off to rescue them. Anyone would think that the cycling will come to an end but Nessa says they will be buying a tandem.

The table tennis competition is tonight and it’s Underworld against the O’Driscoll’s, who have a factory in Knutsford, where Sally can see herself living. Mrs. O’Driscoll is wearing a beautiful blue scarf –  bought in Cheshire – of course.

Carla tells Sally that she must keep an eye on the main event which is the signing of the contract. She tells Aidan too, who seems very involved in the table tennis., even though Carla considers it to be ‘macho nonsense.’

Johnny is anxiously awaiting an email to tell him if he is or is not Carla’s father. He is so anxious that Liz opens it for him to reveal that yes, he is Carla’s dad. Of his younger self he says, ‘If I met him now, that idiot young lad I was, I’d give him a crack across the head and just tell him to tell the truth right then.’

We’ve all wished we had or hadn’t done something – and this is so for Johnny who laments the inability to place an old head on a pair of young shoulders. He feels a pressing need now to tell Carla and insists that she come back to his flat. She does so but is anxious about Roy with whom she is going to a chess event. Eventually, Johnny tells Carla that he is her dad, but that she mustn’t mention this to Aidan or Kate, which, as Carla points out, is keeping a secret from them. Johnny reveals Rob’s bribery

Carla races into The Rovers and Michelle goes into the backroom with her where Carla reveals the truth. It strikes Carla that her husband Paul may be related to her. Carla tells Michelle that Johnny has turned up ‘Like some backstreet Darth Vader.’ Carla then goes to find Roy to apologise when Johnny turns up and Roy hears that Johnny is Carla’s dad. Carla has 2 great friends in Michelle and Roy.  

Norris will not reveal his password to the most trustworthy woman in British television. It turns out that it is embarrassment which prevents him, Emily having noted it down earlier. – maybe not so trustworthy then? It is RitaKabin. Still holding a candle for Rita, Norris?

Spider is in Peru and he has fallen in love with the children he is teaching there. This storyline will lead to Emily’s temporary exit from the show. She is wearing very well though and in tonight’s episodes. Regretting not having been more irresponsible in her past, will lead her to wanting to go to see Geoffrey/Spider.

Rob tells Tracy ‘You don’t really think that I would forgive you? It’s all been a lie – there’s no appeal, no release, no us, no future, no nowt. You’ve been had.’

When Tracy fully realises that all along Rob has been lying, she tells him in no uncertain terms how she feels. ‘You pathetic, hideous, nasty piece of work.’ She could just as easily be describing herself.

Tracy gets her comeuppance from Rob and you have to admire his guile and skill. Much time to kill helps him plot the perfect revenge and now Tracy is left high and dry. Hurtling back to Robert, she does her best to convince him that it is him who she loves. At one point it seemed as if Robert in the kitchen at the restaurant might just take her back but it was a deliberate trick and he sent her packing, As Ken said earlier when Robert was leaving the Barlow’s house, ‘Sometimes I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve Tracy.’

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