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Saturday 31 October 2020

Coronation Street weekly update – October 31 2020

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The big story this week has been Johnny and Scott. There was a shoot-out in the Bistro when Scott went berserk with a gun. And secrets were unearthed as Johnny revealed to Jenny his role in the armed robbery many years ago in which a security guard was injured. Now, you’d think all of this would be exciting. Scott was finally nabbed by the cops, Jenny was in bits and Johnny’s MS was remembered. But it all fell flat for me. I’m just glad Scott’s on his way out and the Rovers Return pub quiz by zoom can carry on next week. 

Much more to my liking this week was the wonderful Evelyn playing Scrabble with Roy. It was a nothing scene, a tiny moment, just two amazing actors doing what they get paid for and doing it well. You can keep your Bistro shoot-outs and your guns, this is what I want more of in my Coronation Street. Evelyn’s got much on her mind, however than Roy’s seven letter opening word after it turned out that her fella Arthur has been lying to her. Not only is he married but his wife is in hospital, in a vegetative state, and he’d strung Evelyn along all the while.

Elsewhere this week, Alya’s suspicious of Geoff when she overhears him on the phone as he sounds as if he’s chatting up a woman, intending to splash Yasmeen’s cash on his new beau. She follows him and stalks him to the Bistro where he’s having lunch with an old lady he met in hospital when he was the hospital radio DJ. Alya feels foolish but she doesn’t know the truth, that Geoff later meets another woman in a posh hotel bar and orders a bottle of champagne, charging it to Yasmeen’s bank.

And finally this week there were yet more hospital scenes as Steve and Leanne argue and cry over what to do best for Oliver. Joining them in the Kate Oates memorial ward this week is Craig who’s suffering being shot in the shoulder. And you try saying that after a half pint of mild. 

And that’s just about that for this week.

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This week’s writers were Emily Gascoyne (Monday);  John Kerr and Jan McVerry (Wednesday) and Julie Jones (Friday). Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at Coronation Street Blog: Exclusive: All Current Corrie writers online

Jimmi Harkishin interview: Dev vs Corey

Dev has been struggling with money worries for a few weeks, how would you describe pressure on the Alahans prior to this week? 

Dev is struggling. Asha has been through a lot recently and Dev is still paying for a very expensive private school as he thinks, quite wrongly, that is going to sort everything out. There was also talk of him selling the kebab shop so he has a lot of financial problems right now and he is under a lot of pressure. 

Talk us through what happens when Aadi tells Dev that Asha is sleeping with Corey. 

Because the twins don’t have a mother, Dev doesn’t have a sounding board and he doesn’t have anyone he can talk to or get a second opinion off of. He has no idea what a teenage girl is going through and he doesn’t know how to handle it so what he keeps doing, instead of taking a step back and thinking about it rationally, is running full steam ahead and he says and does things that he shouldn’t, even though it’s for all the right reasons. 

How does what has happened with Asha in the past affect Dev’s parenting decisions when it comes to the twins?

The last thing that Asha went through, with the sexting and the photos, Dev was obviously there for his daughter but he also thinks that when he was growing up it wouldn’t have happened because there was no social media so he is finding it difficult to relate because he doesn’t understand it and he is struggling. He is still reeling from that so he assumes that Asha is sleeping with Corey and she is not yet sixteen. When he sees her coming out to the doctors he is lost because he doesn’t know what to do or what to say. His intentions are right and he is acting out of love and care but he has nobody to turn to for advice. 

What are his first thoughts when he confronts Corey in the street?

Dev thinks, “This can’t happen and I will stop this,” and he gets really emotional and really upset. Dev tells Corey to stay away from Asha and he is floundering but he thinks this is the right thing to do for his fifteen year old daughter. When he shouts at Corey, “She is too young,” that is out of sheer frustration because he just wants this whole thing to stop. It is very difficult for him to take on board what is happening because Asha is his little girl and always will be. 

We have seen the twins grow up on the street, is Dev finding it more challenging the older the twins get? Does he feel like he is losing control?

Yes, he absolutely does feel like he is losing control. He feels that Asha and Aadi are trying to grow up too quickly. When they were kids it was easier for him but this coming of age phase when the children are turning into young adults, of course there are going to be other problems and I think that’s an age old thing. I remember what it was like when I was growing up and I am sure I was quite a lot of trouble to my parents but you never think you are because you are trying to find your own space and your own voice. 

Aadi feels like Dev’s focus is solely on Asha and this begins to spark a sibling rivalry, how will Dev deal with this added dynamic and pressure?

The writing that we have been given has been really lovely, it’s been great to work on and think about. It’s not just the sibling rivalry, they are twins and they don’t have their mother and Dev doesn’t have a partner, he only has them. As much as he tries to balance everything, he can’t do it. There are great stories to tell there because they are twins and it’s really important that the dynamic is there. 

You’ve said that Dev only has the twins, would you like Dev to have a love interest or someone he could turn to for advice when it comes to the twins?

I always think that actually if Dev had a love interest, these stories would be diluted and wouldn’t work in the same way. At the moment, I really enjoy that Dev is struggling to balance everything on his own. 

How similar or different are you as a dad in real life to Dev?

I’ve realised as I’ve got older that I am an old fashioned dad and we find ourselves turning into versions of our parents sometimes, don’t we. With my own children, I am very protective and old fashioned. As a father, whatever ups and downs you have with your children, they are your children and you are always going to be there for them. 

With the Alahans at breaking point this week, can you see the family splintering?

I hope this will make the Alahans even closer. That’s the great thing about Corrie, hopefully they will find some grace at the end of this and they grow closer together. Dev will rail and he will shout and he will argue and he will cry and he will get upset but ultimately he is showing how much he cares and how much he loves his children, it doesn’t come from anywhere else. 

What advice would you give Dev?

I would tell him to take a step back, count to ten, take a few deep breaths. I would say, “Stop and think about this and maybe you can say exactly what you want to say but not in the way that you’ve just said it.” There is always more than one way of saying something but that only comes from experience and a little bit of caution as well. 

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Friday 30 October 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 30 October

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

In the Rovers, Jenny momentarily relaxes the Bradley death stare long enough to tell Johnny that she’s prepared to give him another chance, as long as he’s told her everything. He says he doesn’t deserve her (well we all know that), but fails to mention the security guard he ran over. Like a soldier in war movie showing everyone pictures of his sweetheart, Jenny says that Scott will be gone soon and it will all be over. Which means we’re guaranteed a pub shoot-out within the hour! 

Lo and behold Scott turns up in the Rovers 10 minutes later carrying a suspicious-looking bag and asking for Johnny. He only finds Emma who tells him Johnny is indisposed like a Victorian lady. But then Jenny appears from the back, death-stare fully operational, and tells him that she knows everything. He asks her if she knows about the guard and gloats when he sees that Johnny has kept something from her yet again. 

Unfortunately for both of them, Emma overhears everything. When Scott’s back is turned, she looks inside his bag. Realising she’s seen the gun and must know that it was him who shot Craig, he offers to buy her silence by contributing £5k to Oliver’s fund. £5k? How much did he steal from Ray? I though he only robbed a poker game between two Northern middle-aged men but if he’s got £5k to chuck around then clearly Ray’s poker partner was a member of the Getty family. Anyway, Emma takes the money and immediately gives it to Steve for his legal fund. Does that make her an accomplice? 

Over in the caf√© Toyah tells Evelyn that she saw Arthur in the neurology department at the hospital looking very sorry for himself. Evelyn immediately assumes that he’s ill and goes to find him to tell him she’ll support him. He confesses that it’s his wife Beryl who’s in hospital. She had a stroke four years ago and now barely recognises him. He tells her that he wishes it could have been different but feeling like a fool Evelyn wishes him the best and walks away with dignity. Back at the caf√© she confides in Roy and they bond over scrabble and a vegetarian paella. Something I could have happily watched for the whole show.

At Speed Daal, Alya overhears Geoff on the phone calling someone darling. Convinced that he’s lining up his next victim and that the woman needs to be warned, she decides to follow him. As we all know Alya is about as subtle as shark in a bathtub, so when she sees Geoff going into the Bistro she immediately bursts in shouting accusations. His ‘date’ turns out to be Doris, an elderly hospital radio fan who thinks he’s a treasure. 

In the time it takes Alya to walk back to Speed Daal, a police officer turns up and warns her that Geoff has accused her of harassment but that they won’t take the matter further as long as she keeps her distance. Well, well it turns out Craigy isn’t the only policeman in Weatherfield and the rival officer clearly has the use of a teleporter since she can arrive on the scene within seconds. I’d pull your socks up if I were you PC Tinker!  

With Alya warned off, we see Geoff meeting a new woman called Christine, and splashing the cash. Even with his superficial charm I’m struggling to see what these women could possibly see in him. I know love is blind but I didn’t know it was deaf and mad too!  

In other news, Abi wonders why Debbie is bunking up with them when she allegedly has a plush villa in Turkey. Debbie tells them her business venture is taking longer than expected and she’ll be staying for a while longer. Hmm business deal eh? Could she be ‘Roxy’, the as yet unseen partner-in-crime of dodgy Ray?

Back at the Rovers, Jenny finds a note from Johnny saying he’s gone to the police. She phones him frantically just as Scott turns up and threatens her with a gun (how dare you man!) Grabbing the phone, he tells Johnny he needs to come back to the pub if her wants Jenny to live to her next birthday. Johnny rushes back and tries to reason with Scott but when police sirens are heard outside it seems pretty clear the game is up! Scott drifts into a bit of a Butch and Sundance fantasy, saying they should all go down together in a blaze of glory (is it me or did it feel like he had a bit of a crush on Johnny?), but then for some reason he just decides to give in, throw the gun away and walk out the front door where he’s immediately arrested. As the police handcuff him, he shouts at Johnny that he will tell them everything.  So, it looks like the court set is going to get another turn then.

And that’s it for this week. If you’re as horrified as me that anyone would dare to threaten the divine Ms Bradley/Connor let me know in the comments or on twitter @mskelstar

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Happy Halloween mwahahahah! 

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Canadian fan creates the Coronation Street Mailbox

Canadian Coronation Street fan Geoff Meeker has created the Corrie Mailbox!  

Geoff says: "It's only the most popular soap opera in the world! That's why we created the Corrie Mailbox, a tribute to Coronation Street. It features beautifully detailed artwork on the front and sides, with a five-year warranty against fading. And the mailbox is made of 20-gauge stainless steel, weighing a hefty 2.7 kg. Ships from Canada anywhere in the world. 

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Spot the Corrie prop - October 30th 2020

This week congratulations go to Kath who was the first person to spot that last week's classic coffee signs can be found in Dev's house. Well done!

For this week's prop puzzle all you have to do is tell us whereabouts on Coronation Street you would find this lovely lamp.

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