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Saturday 20 May 2017

Corrie Weekly Update - Moroccan Kidney and a Cow Pat

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Evil Nathan tells Bethany he’s throwing one of his parties and expects her to sleep with one of his mates, again. Nathan buys her a new outfit to butter her up and she plies on the make-up and gets drunk. Back home on the Street, Sarah is waiting for Bethany as the two of them were supposed to be going to a wedding fayre together and when Bethany doesn’t show, she storms round to Nathan’s flat. She finds her daughter drunk and unconscious on the sofa, rings Gary and the two of them drag Bethany back to the Platts.  When Bethany comes round, she’s furious with her mum and Gary because she knows that Nathan will be expecting her at the party. She rants and raves, throws things, chucks stuff. Glass breaks and both Gary and Bethany are bloodied and hurt. Bethany runs off into the night and we see her under a bridge by the canal, crying and hurt. 

Shona doesn’t know whether she’s coming or going. Should she stay or should she go? She tells Roy not to colour code her in on the staff rota for Tuesday a she’s not sure if she’s sticking around in Weatherfield. Gail wants her gone and gives her £400 to do a runner, but Roy has a quiet word and she decides to stay, as you knew she would. I didn’t like Shona when they first brought her in as it felt like she was being shoe-horned into the Becky McDonald role of waif and stray taken in by Roy. But she’s turned out to be a lot more complex and her interaction with David and Gail (and with evil Nathan, we’ll soon discover) is intriguing, to say the least. And yes, she gave Gail (almost) all of her money back.

Toyah wakes up after spending the night on Eva’s plump cushions and although she’s got a hangover, I can’t have been the only one who went “Aye-Aye!” when she dashed to the bathroom to throw up. Is she pregnant? Peter’s not best pleased with Toyah’s behavior, going behind his back to have the IVF implant without his knowledge. He moans to Leanne that he doesn’t even think Toyah believes that he didn’t attack Chloe. Leanne takes it upon herself to storm round to see Chloe and give her what-for, telling her to leave off Peter and stop telling lies that he attacked her. Just as Leanne’s in full flow, there’s a knock at the door and Toyah turns up. The Battersby sisters give Chloe a verbal battering. It’s enough for Chloe to go to the cops and get the charges dropped against Peter. Mess with the Battersby girls at your peril.

Leanne lies to the cops and tells them she saw Peter in his flat on the night that Ken was attacked. She and Peter are getting very friendly again, don’t you think?  But Nick knows Leanne is lying to save Peter’s skin. He reveals to David that on the night of Ken’s attack he saw Peter in his car on Clitheroe Drive, smoking a fag. So, Nick knows that Leanne is lying to save Peter and now everyone knows that Nick kept the truth from the cops so that Peter was in the frame for Ken’s attack. Still with me? So far, so good.

Nick also arranges, at short notice, to spite - ooh - everyone, a naming ceremony for baby Oliver. It’s like a christening without the church. A celebrant is arranged and everyone’s in their best bib and tucker but Nick doesn’t show, he’s at home getting drunk. Steve and Liz storm in, angry at not being invited and the whole thing goes into meltdown.

Elsewhere, Anna goes bananas when she sees Faye getting into Phelan’s van, where Faye’s waiting for a lift to see Seb at the young offender’s unit. Anna jumps into the van, incensed about Faye and Phelan being friendly, and zooms off in the van, giving Faye a right ear-bashing. She returns the van when she’s cooled down but has some explaining to do to Kevin. He’s booked a night away in a hotel for them both as he feels they’re growing distant as a couple, but Anna’s not interested and refuses intimacy with Kev.

Over in the flower shop, there was a wonderful moment between Mary and Tracy. Tracy’s checking her bank account and finds out that Ken’s deposited the money so that she can buy the shop from Peter, who still owns it. She squeals with delight which brings Mary rushing to her side, concerned. “What’s the matter? Is it your Moroccan kidney?” she panics. A wonderful line from writer Damon Alexis-Rochefort.

Mary has some explaining to do when Norris turns up wearing a neck brace after his break in the Lake District with Mary. He was injured in an incident involving a sausage roll and a slip on a cow pat, for which he pins the blame squarely at Mary’s door and insists she look after him until the neck brace is off.

Also this week, Audrey had some lovely scenes. Firstly, in the Bistro at the naming ceremony, Robert asked her: “More bubbly, Audrey?” and he offered her a top-up of her glass. “I couldn’t be more bubbly!” she replied.   And then there was a long scene in the salon between her and Billy the vicar as she trimmed his hair. Audrey shared her wisdom with Billy over whether he should be taking in Drew’s daughter Summer. She advised Billy that Todd might not want to be a father and not ready for parenthood. She reminded Billy that Todd lost a baby once: “He was a Billy too,” she said in a wonderful scene.

Rosie takes it upon herself to turn detective this week to help Adam prove that Daniel is the one who attacked Ken. Adam’s as confused as I was as to why Rosie would want to help pin the blame on Daniel, but it’s a nice pairing between these two. It shouldn’t work, but it does, as friends for now.

And over at Underworld, Sally’s sister Gina starts work and becomes one of the girls.  Kate’s worried about Johnny who has another fall and tells Kate his legs have been bothering him so he’s seeing a masseur. Kate also takes a call at the factory from a posh hotel confirming an overnight stay for Mr. Connor. She assumes her dad was taking Jenny away for the night, but the Mr. Connor in question wasn’t Johnny, it was Aidan, who had booked a night of nooky for him and Maria. But when Kate tells Aidan about the phone call, in front of Eva, he has no choice but to pretend he’d booked it for them both. Aidan and Eva set off for the hotel where Aidan spends the night on Eva’s plump cushions.

And that’s just about that for this week.
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This week’s writers were Jonathan Harvey and Carmel Morgan (Monday double); Damon Alexis-Rochefort (Wednesday and Friday first); Jayne Hollinson (Friday second). Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at Coronation Street Blog: Exclusive: All Current Corrie writers online

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Newfy Pearl said...

Great writing this week!
I loved the Mary Tracy moments. Toyah looking out for Leanne was excellent. Both Audrey scenes were long overdue....never lose this one Corrie! I loved that she brought a little home truth to Billy in regard to Todd's feelings. Also is it just me or is Rosie absolutely gorgeous!! She was so cute last night. I absolutely loved her scenes with Adam.
As for the Platt drama.....well done everyone!
And if Shona is to be the new Becky...please please pair her with Steve!!!!! She could use a nice home and job and he could use a little fun. He seems to do well in a relationship where he is let's see it!

popcorn said...

".....Aidan spends the night on Eva's plump cushions".
Haha, Glenda, you are too much!

Anonymous said...

I may be in the minority in thinking this but I agree with Gail and I'm disappointed that Shona is staying.
I think she's a bit of a ghoul remaining on the same street as her son's murdered victim's family and I wonder if Roy and the Grimshaws would still want her to stay if they knew the truth?
As for Nick,i have expected to hear 'It's My Party[and I'll Cry if I want to] by Lesley Gore playing in the background while he's wallowing in self centered pity.

Rapunzel said...

Nick, when comforting Oliver, refers to himself as "Daddy". But Steve will be a major part of Oliver's life too. What's the poor confused child going to call him? And yes I know Nick will soon be leaving and the issue is moot, I'm just wondering whether the three of them had thought that through.

Bobby Dazzler said...

I doubt if it would bother Eileen as she dated Ernie Bishop's murderer, even after she found out who he was, while Shona didn't kill anyone, her son did. Still, it is a little weird. Yet, she ended up on the Coronation Street running away from Nathan. I'm guessing she has nowhere to go..Roy and the Grimshaw's kindness is like a lifeline. Besides, we haven't seen her run into Bethany's boyfriend!

abbyk said...

Shona would be fine if she weren't Clayton's mom. That puts her in the OTT realm. IMO, anything she does is tainted with unbelievability. Would have been happier if she had left. Oh well.

Scenes like Audrey and Billy at the salon are what I live for as a fan. Two people hashing out a real life issue with words and feeling, not fists or screaming or petulance. (Uh, and yes, visiting Summer is a good idea all around.) They were brilliant together. Gold stars for Audrey's party banter at the naming,
Mary fussing over Tracy, and Rosie flouncing more than her see through pink skirt. Yes, yes yes, Bethany's grooming, Nicks brain, Michelle's greed, but these lighter, friendlier moments were strong and well written, not the usual slapdash Mary ramble, and were a nice break from the dark side.

Maricha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maricha said...

greed, that Shona is related to Clayton is a bridge too far for me. That she ended up on the street knowing full well that the family of her son's victim was there since she saw David's address when she stole his wallet is just one more thing to dislike. And while we're on that, why is she acting like she has no role in why her son is a bad seed? Having an able pickpocket for a mom wouldn't put you on the greatest of paths no matter what. Kylie was killed because he was thief and she was on his getaway path. What would have happened to David if he'd cornered Shona with his wallet on a deserted street.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I don't really get all that you're saying. How do you know she was pick pocketing whilst she had custody of Clayton? This could've just happened as a result of trying just to get by as a result of escaping from Nathan's evil clutches. Also whilst not condoning it, I really feel that pick pocketing is certainly not in the same league as murdering someone. Also could you explain what you mean your last comment please? I really don't understand what you're trying to say. That Shona could've killed David, just because her son killed someone? Could you please explain?

Naysayer said...

Another here who would've preferred Shona to leave. In fact, I wish she had never been introduced in the first place. Really unlikeable character and totally pointless.

For the life of me, I just cannot see where they can take the character, being the mother of the boy who murdered Kylie. How can that ever be forgotten? Gail has the right idea and she is the only one who knows the truth.

Maricha said...

I thought I was clear enough but OK.

I really don't think you become good at stealing from people's pockets as an adult just because you're desperate. It likely was a "skill" she picked up long ago even before she had Clayton.

Her son Clayton didn't set out to be a murderer and kill Kylie: he'd just stolen from and threatened the workers in the Kebab shop and when he got out of there and Kylie was in his way, he stabbed her to get away quickly before the police could turn up.

I'm saying that if David had cornered Shona alone when she still had his stolen wallet on him, it isn't certain at all that she'd meekly allow him to call the police on her either. So how could she stop him except by attacking him?

After she went snooping through David's house was she meek and ashamed or bold as brass?

Shona may turn out to be helpful in Bethany's storyline but I don't think she'll prove to be much better than the riffraff she's hiding from. At her age, she was a Mel, not still a Bethany.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon. 9,18. Wow, what a vivid imagination. I wish that the script writers had such vision, but it's all supposition. Until it's come out in future episodes, I take it all with a very large lunch of salt

Laura said...

I also found that her being Clayton's mother was way too over the top, just like Seb being Phelan's grandson and the police officer assigned to Bethany's case being the man who assaulted her. It's just too much and unnecessary.

dulyquoted said...

Shona is the mother of the kid who killed Kylie. Max is the son of the mother, Kylie, who killed his father. Harry is the grandson of the woman whose son was killed by Harry's aunt. The web is too tangled.

Jonathan said...

Some people will criticise anything. First off Shona in no way condones what Clayton's done and secondly she was absent for a large period of his life and it was dad and brother who caused him to end up where his now.

Tilly Flop said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Louby said...

I expect when it emerges that Gail knew that she's Clayton's mum, it will cause more strife between David and Gail, as per previous plots, eg Tina's abortion. However, I can see Shona becoming the hero by having a part in Bethany's salvation, when we find out what her involvement with Nathan involved.

Possible romance with David? I really hope not. Her whole existence on the street has been contrived and unrealistic, that would be too much.

Corriegated Cardboard said...

is it true that seb is phelans grandson? and when was bethany assaulted?

Maricha said...

Shona said it was just her and her son until he found out where his father was and left to live with him. To be able to leave your home just because you want to, you can't be that small.

Laura said...

If the spoilers are to be believed, Phelan's daughter is joining the show as Seb's mother, making Seb Phelan's grandson.

Bethany was sexually assaulted by Neil, the police officer.

Zagg said...

I am definitely not happy to hear that Shona is staying. I can't stand this character. There is no way David or anyone in his family could or should accept this liar and petty thief. Being the mother of his wife's killer would be a constant reminder. It was a horrible contrived plot from the get go.
She really is not needed on the street.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree with you more Zagg!


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