Sunday, 26 January 2020

New! Bloopers from Coronation Street

ITV Coronation Street have shared a new blooper reel and it's well worth a look.

There's a lot of laughs and swear words - including the wonderful Maureen Lipman cracking over custard creams.

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Saturday, 25 January 2020

Coronation Street weekly update – January 25 2020

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This week on Corrie it looks like we’ve seen the end of evil Jade after she’s been causing weeks of problems for Fiz. Ruby blurts out that Hope’s bruises were fake after Jade coloured in the bruises on Hope’s arms. Then Evelyn and Tyrone find the phone that Jade has given Hope and uncover all of their secret texts. Social services are called, it looks like Jade’s been caught and the story’s done and dusted. But no! Hope runs away and spends the night by John Stape’s grave, waiting for Jade to take her to France, as she’d promised. Fiz breaks into Jade’s house, desperate to find Hope but finds instead ferry tickets to France and Hope’s passport. Everyone on the street is out looking for Hope but it’s Jade who finds her in the cemetery. Hope’s rushed to hospital to recover from her night spent outdoors while Jade enters Fiz’s house and Fiz loses her temper. She wallops Jade across he chops with a chopping board. Jade falls to the floor, blood pouring from her head. Is she dead? Is she cocoa.  When Fiz and Tyrone answer a call at the door, Jade disappears from their house, only to return later. She’s told the cops she was mugged and Fiz gives her a cuppa. Tyrone tries to get Fiz to think about letting Jade and Hope see each other when all this blows over. But Fiz can’t forgive that easily everything that Jade has put her through.
Elsewhere this week, Shona comes out of her coma but has problems with her memory and cognition. She’s whisked off to a special recovery unit in Leeds for a few months while the actress who plays her goes on maternity leave. 
Gemma and the quads are in danger this week when someone sprays the word ‘paedo’ on their window and stuffs a burning rag doused with petrol through their door. Chesney returns home from the shops in time to see the house going up in flames and rescues Gemma and the babies with Abi’s help. Anyway, to cut a very long story short, this results in the dreadful Bernie leaving the Street. And about time too. 

Over at the Bistro, Abi continues to date sleazy Ray and Kev continues to be jealous. Tim’s Las Vegas wife Charlie moves in with Tim and Faye while Sally’s away. Charlie tells Tim she’ll sign the divorce paper but she needs five thousand pounds as she’s lost her job and her home. Tim wheedles he cash out of Steve and Kevin but will Charlie really give up her new home and her husband? I think Tim might have a fight on his hands. He retires to the pub for a relaxing pint only to find Charlie working behind the bar as the Rovers new barmaid.  Ooh, I can’t wait for Sally to come home. There’ll be all hell to pay.
In Roy’s Rolls this week Maria and Gary are talking to Roy about Maria’s baby. “It’s a miracle,” Maria muses, to which Roy launches into a wonderful soliloquy written by Steven Fay. As you can imagine, with Roy, he debunks the idea of miracles for biological fact and even uses the words ‘sexual intercourse’ which fair made me spit out my tea.  However, all may not be well for Maria after she gives baby Bertie a hug and unbeknown to her (and Daniel right now) he just might be developing measles. 
And that’s just about that for this week.
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This week’s writers were Jayne Hollinson and Susan Oudot (Monday); Julie Jones and Steven Fay (Wednesday); David Isaac and Joe Turner (Friday).  Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at Coronation Street Blog: Exclusive: All Current Corrie writers online
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Conversation Street Podcast Episode 401

On our latest podcast, we have a good old natter about the episodes of Corrie shown in the UK between the 20th and the 24th January.

Love it or hate it (and if you know us, you'll have a good idea what side we're on!), the Jade story took centre stage this week, in scenes that featured a runaway child, a vicious chopping board attack, and incredible jumps of logic (Paradise Lost = Hope's in the loft, anyone?) - this one certainly feels like it's building to a big climax! Also this week, the welcome return of Charlie, Tim's Vegas wife, and the genius move to have her working alongside Jenny in the Rovers; plus we say goodbye for now to Bernie, Shona and Max.

Up next on the podcast, our third and final part of the review of the decade, focusing on Kate Oates' controversial era at the show's helm. That's followed by a discussion of Corrie reportedly allowing its stars to endorse products on social media in The Kabin, and we round things off with a few listener emails in the feedback section.

Street Talk - 00:10:00
Feature Discussion - A Decade In Review Part 3: 2016-2018 - 02:04:25
The Kabin - 03:13:51
Feedback - 03:23:06

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Samia Longchambon interview: Maria miscarries her baby

How are Maria and Gary feeling about her pregnancy? They’ve both got children from past relationships so how is it progressing?
Everything is going really well, they’re really looking forward to the arrival of the baby. Maria is really throwing herself into this relationship with Gary and has had to overlook everything he told her at New Year because she wants to create this family unit that she’s never had before. She brought Liam up as a single mum, so for her this is the chance to have the 2.4 children type family. She thinks Gary is a great guy and she’s looking forward to everything.

They’re planning on going to Bristol to visit Gary’s son but Maria starts to feel ill, what happens? 
Maria thinks she’s got some sort of flu; a cough, temperature, dizzy spells, so she says to Gary you go and I’ll stay here, I’ll be fine, she doesn’t think any more of it at first. She sees Sarah and Ali in the street on the way to school and she has a dizzy spell. They take her back into the flat and it’s when she comes out of the bathroom that she tells them she’s bleeding.

Is she scared that there might be something wrong?
Yeah Maria is very scared, as you would be, but also because she had a still born baby before 11 years ago so all those fears come rushing back. She said at the 12 week scan to Gary that she can’t bond till she knows everything is alright because of what happened before so she’s been quite tentative anyway. She’s very worried but she’s trying to put a brave face on it for Liam.

Is she pleased to have Ali by her side at the hospital or is it a bit awkward?
It is awkward but at the same time she is pleased because he is a friend and as much as she’s tried to avoid him there are still feelings there so she is grateful, she doesn’t want to be on her on.

A scan reveals she is having a miscarriage, do all those feelings from her previous still birth come rushing back?
It all comes back, as soon as the midwife says she’s sorry Maria knows what that means and breaks down. She’s absolutely heartbroken, all the old feelings she had when she lost her first baby come back. She opens up to Ali about what happened last time, it’s a whole new wave of devastation.

Maria says she blames herself, why is that?
She blames herself in that she says to both Ali and Gary that she should have gone to the doctors sooner, maybe that would have helped. Actually it wouldn't, she’s blaming herself thinking she should have been able to protect her baby but actually there’s nothing she could have done to stop it happening unfortunately. 

How does Gary react when Maria tells him about the miscarriage?
He’s really calm and really caring, he’s just equally as upset as Maria.

So then how does Maria feel when it’s revealed that Bertie had the measles because he wasn’t vaccinated and that’s the likely cause of her miscarriage?
It’s Audrey that tells her Bertie has been admitted to hospital with the measles, Maria realises that she was with Bertie prior to this and that’s where she got it from. She’s very upset and frustrated with Daniel that he didn't get Bertie’s jabs done but equally she’s frustrated with her mum because she finds out that she wasn’t vaccinated as a child so all this could have been prevented.

Gary’s much angrier than Maria with Daniel, how does he react?
Gary goes and finds Daniel and lashes out at him but in Maria’s opinion Daniel’s been through enough and that’s the last thing he needs, she just wants to grieve without it being a big drama.

Do you think Maria and Gary can come through this together?
It does put a strain on the relationship and it makes Maria question the relationship again. She tells Gary he doesn’t have to stay with her now, if the reason why they’re living together, he’s bought her the car, is all down to the fact they were having a baby together then they’re not anymore and he can go if he wants. She’s been through a lot, she feels anxious and this has brought it all to the surface, she did get pregnant quickly and she’s giving Gary that option now by saying if you don’t want all this that’s fine. But Gary says he does want them to make a go of it and hopefully it will make them stronger. 

Does Maria still have feelings for Ali?
I think she does still have feelings for Ali but she’s pushed them deep down and is trying to make a go of her relationship with Gary and try and be true to him.

It’s a very tough storyline to film, what did you think of also tackling the subject of missed he vaccinations?
It’s definitely an issue that needs talking about, it’s a problem that measles is on the rise again in this country and it shouldn’t be, there are vaccinations there to stop it but people are choosing not to vaccinate their children. Obviously it is a personal decision but it can have a snowball effect so it is really important to show that.
Glenda Young
Twitter: @Flaming_Nora
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Friday, 24 January 2020

Corrie Comicals week ending 24 January 2020

A rotten week for me: a visit to the doctor, this pc is dying and the credit card has been cloned apparently.  Let us see if we can cheer ourselves up with some of the week's events in Weatherfield.  So starting with Nick (once again displaying his resting bitch face above) may seem a contradiction - whilst he and David have been discussing Shona, David has been busy frying food - without any steam, smoke or fat spitting - was the cooker actually "on"?  Nick merely observes that he is not getting his meat quotient (above) as non-meat sausages are foul!

Quick thinking Abi has saved the day again - dashing from the garage with a fire extinguisher.  So why is she quite so fed up?  Simple - neither Chesney or Gemma could be bothered to thank her - they are all far more worried about the quads.  I have a feeling she got no thanks the last time she saved Jack (I think), hopefully her efforts will be recognised at some point.

At this point the Ty/Fiz household does not know that Hope left the door open when she departed in the night, so when Ty chides Evelyn over being forgetful she points out that she is very security minded and sleeps with a cricket bat under her bed.  Judging by later events I would suggest that a chopping board might be more effective and pretty dangerous in the right hands!

Maria and Gary are proudly waving the baby scan print under everyone's nose - in this case Emma - and Sarah makes the crack about being able to see a loan shark fin (above).  It takes Emma about 3 minutes to catch on to Sarah's meaning!  The timing was superb.

Bethany has just been telling her mother that she is NOT managing the Bistro and that she feels she has dodged a bullet - which Carla above overhears (above) and observes that it would not be the first time in the Rovers - nor in the Bistro where not so long ago Michelle was gunned down on her "wedding day" to Robert courtesy of Pat Phelan.  Even Carla observes that her joke is ever so slightly in bad taste!  Is Carla queen of the Street re-emerging from her chrysalis - please give her something big to do!

Tim demands service in an almost empty Rovers and he gets two barmaids for the price of one as Jenny introduces her new little miracle - Charlie who is working a trial shift but it could become permanent.  Someone somewhere probably counts the number of Rovers' barmaids - so where does Charlie sit in that pantheon I wonder?

There was a nice line from Evelyn about a brew and biscuits.  Earlier today a different version of that was posted by Coronation Street and you can find it here.  There are some other bloopers there as well!

Written by: Jayne Hollinson & Susan Oudot (Monday); Julie Jones & Steven Fay (Wednesday); David Isaac & Joe Turner (Friday)
Directed  by: John Anderson (Monday); Kevin Boyle (Wednesday); Sean Healy (Friday)


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