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Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street, Nov 30 - Dec 4

Here are the major storylines for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Monday 30 November to Friday 4 December

Elaine is back but can she save Yasmeen at her trial? Oliver's funeral takes place, Tim seeds red, Geoff gets his own way, cracks show in the fight for the street as Ray uses Faye to his advantage and Debbie plots to get rid of of Abi.

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Coronation Street win four awards at Inside Soap Awards 2020

This year's Inside Soap Awards took place online last night and Coronation Street came away with awards for the following.

Ian Bartholomew won BEST ACTOR for playing Geoff. 

Yasmeen fighting back against Geoff won BEST SHOW-STOPPER.

Mollie Gallagher has made a big impact as Roy's niece Nina – and won BEST NEWCOMER

Playing a soap baddie can be tough, as  Ian Bartholomew explains when he collects his trophy for BEST VILLAIN as evil Geoff.


 Glenda Young

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ITV release official Coronation Street artwork for 60th anniversary

As life on the cobbles races towards celebrating its sixth decade, ITV Studios have unveiled Newcastle artist Leigh Lambert’s iconic artwork illustrating life ‘On the Cobbles’ over the decades.

“We’re delighted to collaborate with Leigh on these fabulous works of art which I am sure will be hugely popular with all our Coronation Street fans. Leigh’s an incredibly collectable artist and we’re excited to see this celebration of ‘Corrie’s 60th become a part of art history – as well as giving fans of the show the chance to own a little part of Corrie history” – Steve Watling, Controller of Operations for Games, Live and Merchandising at ITV.

Nods to well-loved characters are identifiable amidst the infamous cobbles and smoky chimneys, both showing the beating heart of Tony Warren’s idea about a ‘little back street in Salford’ which became the longest-running continuing drama in the world.

The three sketches which accompany the collection also give hint to perhaps the greatest ‘Love Story’ the street has ever known, the most famous pigeons (‘They Always Come Home’) and of course the opening scene of the first-ever episode (Our Kid’s Up Shop).

“It was a real honour to be invited to produce such a momentous tribute. Visiting the set earlier this year I got to experience the real sense of history these iconic buildings and cobbles have and it’s obvious how the endless list of characters who have ‘lived’ in them and walked on them are permanently in the great British psyche.

“Being part of Corrie’s 60th is really exciting and a true honour, I hope everybody enjoys seeing the pictures as much as I have creating them” – artist Leigh Lambert

ITV Studios and publishers Buckingham Fine Art are pleased to announce the pictures will be available to buy in galleries across the UK and online at from the 9th of December.

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Mark Frost interview: Why sleazy Ray wants to flatten the Street

What is Ray’s motive for flattening Coronation Street? 

Other than wealth, he is extremely ambitious but the thing about Coronation Street is that it chimes with him because he was born in similar surroundings. The residents of Coronation Street are proud of their roots and their community however Ray has always wanted to better himself and move in much bigger circles. He is ashamed of his roots and he wants to distance himself so his pursuit of wealth and status is a way of reinventing himself. Ray talks about making his millions by himself on the back of a burger stall outside of Maine Road as a kid so he can’t abide poverty and equates it to laziness. He believes you pull yourself up by your bootstraps to succeed and anything less is a sign of weakness. He almost has a personal loathing for the residents of Coronation Street because they are sentimental and they have a sense of pride in their community which he sees as a sign of weakness. 

This week Abi rallies the neighbours round to gatecrash Ray’s press launch. With the history between Abi and Ray, is he fearful of her attempts to thwart his plans?

Ray grossly underestimates Abi. Like many powerful men, Ray thinks of people as commodities and he has a very suspect attitude towards women so that arrogance has led him to write Abi off as a loser and a lowlife but I think she has genuinely got under his skin. Ray’s weakness is that he allows things to get personal and instead of just getting on with his business he wants to rub people’s noses in it, Abi and Kevin in particular. At the moment, Abi is still just an irritant but he is beginning to realise that she is actually causing more trouble than he bargained for as she is relentless and does not give up. It’s dawning on him that he is going to have to sort her out, one way or another. 

If the street came together in a bid to fight Ray’s plans, how far would Ray go to get what he wants?

We don’t know yet what Ray’s situation is but we are beginning to see the cracks in his empire. Things are starting to get out of control for him and the stakes are high so that combined with the need to quell the protest is pushing him further and further. He is becoming more desperate and as the opposition gains numbers, he is also having to go to more extreme lengths. 

Ray is a ruthless character, how do you get into the mindset to play a character like him?

Ray is quite a lonely character because he looks down his nose at everybody else and he has to be the top dog so in every situation he is always looking for people’s weaknesses. For me, what I try to do is flesh that out with where that may have come from because underneath that there has to be some insecurity or unhappiness - why does he always feel like he has to win? He genuinely thinks he is quite clever and charming and there is always a game going on with him so he is a very fun character to play.

How much did you know about this storyline when you first came into the show? What is it like to be involved in Coronation Street’s 60th anniversary storylines?

When I first came into the show I was told that he was a businessman and he has a slightly sleazy attitude towards women but I had no idea that his business ambitions would put him at odds with the rest of the street. It’s been fantastic and a real privilege to be involved in the 60th anniversary storylines. I had a scene where Ray is really unpleasant to Ken Barlow and I felt that of all the things that I have done in the show, that was the worst... I was disrespectful to a national treasure! I kept coming out of character saying, ‘I can’t say that to Ken, that’s just awful!’ William Roache is such a gent and it’s lovely to be involved in Coronation Street history. I really appreciate what Coronation Street means to people so it is quite special to be involved in television history and something I will look back on very fondly. 

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Monday, 23 November 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 23rd November

There's only room, with social distancing, for one warring couple at a time in the pub living room. Peter and Carla have made up and are going on lunch dates (although Peter's still playing detective, trying to find out who was in the hotel bar with Carla (he should get D.I. Tinker on the case)), so it's Johnny and Jenny's turn. He is still in turmoil about Grant, the security guard who drank himself to death following Scott and Johnny's car accident that left him injured. Jenny hasn't changed her position; she doesn't think Johnny should turn himself in, but she does fill Carla in on the storyline. Carla says she has done some bad things also, but she means sleeping with Adam, rather than knocking St Stella down whilst drunk or that corporate manslaughter incident that she covered up.

Talking of changing positions, a couple of weeks ago Sarah was trying to get back with Adam and he was giving her short shrift. Now, it's Adam trying to talk Sarah into renewing their relationship, even picking up the kids for her. One favour and Sarah is willing to ask him out for a drink and talk about reconciling. Such a pushover!

Tim's another one who's changed his mind, visiting Yasmeen to tell her he'll be a witness for the defence, much to Ghastly Geoff's horror. Imran will now have some time on his hands to work Yasmeen's case as he and Elliot have decided not to support Battling Battersby's new coping technique of wanting to sue the hospital for negligence, quoting the heroic work of the NHS. In the meantime, Steve and Nick are snipping the doll playing Oliver's hair as a keepsake although we don't see them taking hand prints of the doll's hands. Leanne rings Posh Paula, but she refuses to take the case as do several other solicitors, leaving Leanne to have her tenth meltdown of the week, and it's only Monday, accusing Toyah of stabbing her in the back when she finds out that her sis knew that Imran was going to drop the case.

Todd hasn't changed, still trying to get Billy back by being an arch-manipulator, crashing the Mayhew-Foreman's games night at Speed Daal, and reminding Summer (and Billy) of great times they had (PG rated things only) and buying Summer gig tickets for some Gen Z-er I've never heard of (and anyway, what gigs? Tier 3 still applies after lockdown, Weatherfield).

Oh, and there was some guff about Shona wanting to do the school run in a clingy red dress, but it was a bit irritating to be quite honest.

Rachel Stevenson - on twitter

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