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Saturday, 26 September 2020

Coronation Street weekly update – September 26 2020

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It feels at the moment as if Corrie are doing ‘filler’ stories, silly things to fill airtime rather than to progress stories or characters and I found myself this week in a bit of despair with my favourite show. Oh, I know it can’t be easy with the current restrictions enforced on the programme but the show has enough wonderful writers and amazing actors to produce better than what we’re seeing.  Anyway, here we go… 

Brian and Cathy argue over a bunch of flowers that Tyrone’s picked from the red red. Cathy reckons they’re cornflowers (she’s right) while Brian asserts they’re dog roses (he’s wrong).  Mary’s called in as a referee and falls squarely on Cathy’s side while Brian takes the hump.  

At Kev’s house, sister Debbie is wonderful. She’s everything a Coronation Street woman should be. But she sticks her nose into Kev’s business too often this week and almost causes Kevin to split up with Abi. It begins when Debbie spies Abi getting into Peter Barlow’s taxi and thinks Abi is having it off with Peter and she tells Kev what she’s seen. But Peter was only taking Abi to a hospital appointment in his cab and there’s absolutely nothing going on between them, no really, there isn’t, as Peter keeps insisting, there is nothing going on. Got it? Nothing! At all! Which makes you wonder what feelings Peter really has for Abi, one addict drawn to another.  Carla finds out from Kev that he thinks Peter and Abi are having it away behind their backs. In the back room of the pub Carla confronts Peter and they thrash it out.  Will this be the end of Carla and Peter (or as I like to call them by their celebrity name, CarPet?).

The hunt for Todd Grimshaw continues and Billy the vicar gets a private investigator involved. News reaches Eileen in Thailand, via Sean, who can’t keep his mouth shut about anything as he’s just a nasty piece of work who has stayed on the show long past his sell-by date.

Daniel goes sub-duvet with Nicky the sex worker and thinks he’s found his new Sinead. Then Nicky gets beaten up by a punter and is in the Kate Oates memorial ward at Weatherfield General Hospital.  Daniel visits her and gives her an envelope full of cash, five thousand pounds worth.  It’s Geoff’s money that he lost while visiting the solicitor’s office although what he was doing walking around with five grand in cash he won’t say. Daniel finds the cash and lies to Geoff that he hasn’t seen it.
And finally this week, a lovely little nothing scene between Tyrone and Fiz when they start competitive cake baking as a way to raise funds for Oliver’s care overseas.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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This week’s writers were David Isaac (Monday); Ian Kershaw (Wednesday) and Sam Holdsworth (Friday). Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at Coronation Street Blog: Exclusive: All Current Corrie writers online

Glenda Young

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Conversation Street Podcast Episode 437

It's time for another podcast, and this week we're chatting about the episodes of Corrie shown in the UK between the 21st and the 25th September (Episodes #10,121 - 10,126). This week, it was the Daniel and Nicky storyline that took centre stage, along with the will-they-won't-they-I-don't-know-and-I-don't-really-care shenanigans between Abi and Peter. However, it seemed like much of the discussion on social media was focused on some peculiar side stories about flower identification and Toyah and Michael's increasingly desperate attempts to keep an important client from leaving the factory. Perhaps not one of Corrie's best weeks, then, but as always, plenty to talk about!

There's a bit of good news to celebrate for Helen Flanagan and Faye Brookes in The Kabin, and we round off the podcast with some of your feedback on last week's 1980s discussion.

Street Talk - 00:12:39
The Kabin - 01:58:47
Feedback - 02:05:02

It's been a while since we've profiled a current character, but this week it's Daniel Osbourne's time in the spotlight. After making a few appearances as a young boy in the 90s and 2000s, Daniel returned in 2016 as part of producer Kate Oates' drive to reinvigorate the Barlow family, and she certainly succeeded! We run down everything that Daniel's been up to in the past four years, with plenty of praise for who we believe is one of the show's strongest actors at the moment, Rob Mallard.

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Chris Gascoyne interview: Peter and Carla - the end?

Why was Peter so intent on helping Abi after the accident?

This was a genuine human instinct on Peter’s part. He knows Abi and he knows how fragile she can be, he was the one who found her trapped at the garage and he went to see her in the hospital just to make sure she was ok as he knew how serious it was. But when he saw her take something from the hospital trolley he knew exactly what she was up to and he took it upon himself to stop her making a big mistake.

Did he consider how and why it might upset Carla?

He didn’t really see anything wrong in what he was doing. He is a former addict and he really felt he was the person who should reach out to Abi, it was a deliberate attempt to deceive Carla he was just focussed on the situation and stopping something happening. When Abi decided she did need his help he was pleased she had  reached out. He still regularly goes to meetings and he knew that was the way for Abi to get help.

How did Peter feel when Abi made the pass at him, surely he must have thought there was a risk of that, they have history after all?

Because he doesn’t see ABi in that way anymore and he feels they have moved on from what they had , and because he believes she is happy with Kevin he really didn’t see that coming. That may be naive and he knows Abi well enough to know she is unpredictable but he was genuinely shocked and frustrated that this happened. He thought he was getting through to her and helping her but she saw it another way.

Was he worried that she had confided in Debbie? 

He was furious, it could just have been brushed under the carpet and they could both have forgotten about it, as far he was concerned it was just a silly heat of the moment thing and meant nothing so there was no need for her to tell anyone. Peter stupidly promised not to tell Carla and that is where the problem started.

Didn’t he think it would be better if he had confessed to Carl about what happened and just stepped away from the situation?

Without a doubt Peter should have told Carla immediately and admitted he made a mistake trying to help Abi, but he thought keeping it quiet was the easiest route to take for everyone. Once Debbie had told Kevin ths she thought something was going on only to be followed by Abi and Peter walking into the pub together it is all downhill from here. Trust has been broken and Carla is furious.

He has told Abi he finds it helpful talking to someone who has the same addiction demons. Does he not want to burden Carla with those conversations?

In some ways he feels as though he is responsible for Carla and her well being so he wants to appear strong and in control, after everything she went through he doesn’t want her to feel as though she has to worry about him. The problem with that is that it makes it very difficult to have a full and honest relationship and when that breaks down it lays bare what else is wrong with their relationship. They love each other but in some ways they are codependent and Peter can open up to Abi without any feelings of guilt or shame.

Carla accused Peter of tiring of a normal relationship once she was back on an even keel so he went looking for the next damsel in distress. Is there some truth in that?

They both say some awful things to each other and Peter should not have brought up her sleeping with Jordan as he genuinely had understood that and forgiven it but the breakdown in communication makes them both say things they wish they hadn’t. Carla knows nothing went on with Abi but the fact that he opened up and spoke to her was possibly an even bigger betrayal.

This week they have a heart to heart and start to wonder why they can't speak to each other about their problems any more. Do you think Carla and Peter are strong enough to deal with another problem in their relationship?

There is no doubt that the love between these two people runs so deep, you can't go through everything they have gone through without being bonded forever in some way. That doesn’t mean though that they are not going to have problems along the way. Their personal issues and addictions and their codependency is always going to flare up at times of stress and strain and they will make mistakes. Whether or not they can push through this and come out stronger remains to be seen. These are going to be very trying times; the fact that they both have so many demons can bond them but it can also break them.

Glenda Young

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Friday, 25 September 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 25 September

Evening Corrie fan’s it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review. You’re actually quite lucky to get a full review tonight. I turned the telly off at 8pm and started happily tapping away before realising we’re back to an hour. <whisper> I think I preferred the 30 min slots.

Anyway, I digress. It’s morning in the Webster/Franklin household and Abi tells Debbie and Kev that she is going to catch up with Seb. As she goes to shout up the stairs for the non-existent Jack, Kev tells Debbie that he plans to take her on a trip of a lifetime to Australia so that she can see the twins. Ever the buzzkill, Debbie tells him it’s a bad idea.

After failing to get in touch with Seb, Abi then gets a text reminding her she has a hospital appointment. She books a cab and Peter turns up as the driver, overseen by Mary. Minutes later Debbie sees Seb and Mary at Dev’s. Seb tells her that he has a job and is on his lunchbreak, whilst Mary tells him about Abi driving off with Peter. On hearing this, Debbie immediately decides they’re having an affair. Jeez woman I hope I never get accused of a crime if you’re on the jury!

Now I quite liked Debbie when she first turned up again. She seemed like another of the feisty, opinionated women that Corrie does so well, but this obsession she seems to have with catching Abi out is really starting to get on my nerves. A few episodes ago she was telling her she admired her honesty, and now she’s decided on the filmiest of evidence that she’s having an affair. She of course doesn’t think to just talk to Abi and goes straight round to tell Kev about ‘the affair’. 

Elsewhere Sean is having a massive sulk that Billy went public with the Todd search in the Gazette. Given that Sean is completely narcissistic I don’t imagine his huff has anything to do with Todd. It’s more likely because he has a collection of 230 selfies that he’s been saving ready to use for just this sort of occasion and is miffed that Billy got in first. For reasons never really explained, but probably linked to my last point, Sean gets Eileen on a video call. Billy and Sean update her on the search but leave out the part about Todd possibly getting on the wrong side of some gangsters. I hope this isn’t the last we’ll see of Eileen for another four months.

Meanwhile Geoff the hideous waste of organs is still prowling around looking for his missing money. He returns to the solicitor’s office to search again, telling Adam that Daniel had already said it wasn’t there. Then having no luck, he accosts Alya on the street, accusing her of stealing it out of his jacket pocket at Speed Daal. Later, on the phone to Yasmeen (out of hospital then?) she questions what Geoff was doing walking around with £5 grand in his pocket. Hmm we’re all wondering that Alya. What is H-Woo up to now? Paying off a witness? Absconding to Blackpool? (it’s a good place for spousal abusers to meet their end!)

It doesn’t take long for the mystery of the missing money to be solved. Daniel goes to visit Nicki in hospital and, telling her she can now give up sex work, hands her the envelope of cash. After initially saying she can’t take it, she comes round with very little persuasion. I feel like there is all a bit too much coincidence with this. Is Nicki all she seems? Could Geoff have been her violent punter? Later, a suspicious Adam tackles Daniel about Geoff’s missing money but Daniel denies all knowledge. 

In other news, Michael is delighted when Tianna (unseen of course) calls him Daddy, while Grace seems less happy about it. And Tyrone and Fizz have a baking competition and each sabotage the other’s efforts. I thought a few weeks ago they were worried about getting boring and middle-aged? I mean I’m not suggesting they both buy skateboards and get tattoos but, baking?

And so back to the almighty mess caused by Debbie and her big gob. 

After dropping Abi off, Peter goes to see his sponsor Howard and confesses he’s finding not drinking hard. He returns to the Street at the same time as Abi and they innocently walk into the Rovers together to be met with the grim accusing faces of Kevin and Carla. 

They both try to convince their partners that there’s nothing going on, but Abi is forced to admit she did make a silly pass at Peter. Both Kev and Carla storm off. Abi follows Kev and tells him that Peter was a mistake and it’s him she loves. She begs for another chance and he agrees they should try to sort it out.

Peter doesn’t have it so easy. Carla accuses him of always looking for the next damsel in distress. When he tells her that he was with his sponsor, she accuses him of using all the same excuses he used the last time he cheated on her and broke her heart. Even when he does convince her that he’s not having an affair she’s still hurt that he couldn’t be honest with her about his booze struggles. Feeling under pressure Peter blurts out that he forgave her when she slept with Jordan (dodgy bloke from the squat). Carla is naturally furious that he would bring this up and tells him to leave. 

Honestly Debbie, if you break up Carla and Peter just because you couldn’t keep your gob shut, I’ll be round there myself with some gaffer tape! 

If you're Team Debbie please do mount a defence in the comments section or on tell me on twitter @mskelstar

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Spot the Corrie prop - September 25th 2020

This week congratulations go to Dianne who was the only person to spot that last week's classy clock can be found in Toyah/Imran/Craig/Ryan/Alya's flat. Well done!

For this week's prop puzzle all you have to do is tell us whereabouts on Coronation Street you would find this stylish storage solution.

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