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Tuesday 31 October 2023

Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street - November 6 to 10 2023

Here are the major storylines for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Monday 6 to Friday 10 November 2023

Carla's return exposes secrets, Dylan feels the peer pressure, Ryan looks to move on, Carla's plan backfires, Big Garth lands Bernie in trouble, Dylan's round is over, Paul's devastated by his decline, Joseph's health worries Gemma.

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Jane Hazlegrove interview: Bernie's in trouble again

Bernie is really good at putting a positive spin on things but this week we see her at a real low when Joseph goes to A&E and Paul is given bad news about how quickly the condition is deteriorating. How is she feeling?

When they discover that he only has 6 to 12 months to live she is thinking can it get any worse for them? They've all been holding on to the fact that he's in the chair now, it's gone from the cane to the chair and that's been quite rapid. But it's always that thing that maybe, the chair is going to be another six months that things will move more slowly. But this news is devastating. There's nowhere for them to go really now. Bernie is struggling to be positive, there are other things going on with the family with Joseph being poorly and she wants to be strong for them all but even she feels a bit beaten now by it all.

What do you love about playing Bernie?

She is such a strong fierce woman, she will fight for her family but then she does things that cause them problems, she is  a contradiction. She steps up when she has to and it is partly to make up for the past. She has been careless with the kids and with their emotions, and I think she now sort of sees herself as having to steer the ship through all kinds of waters. And if she's the only one that can keep a positive spin on it, then she'll keep doing that. She'll keep doing that for as long as she can. And It is great fun to play. But you also know she's going to crash and burn at some stage as well, which is what happens this week.

Can you explain what he scam was that she got involved in and how did she get found out?

She got involved with a scam with Paul’s friend Shelly. Before she died Shelly was doing a credit card scam with a company that she used to work for who treated very badly when she was diagnosed. She was buying expensive items with the credit cards. Bernie, who has always had her fingers in various pies, saw a way that she could actually help Shelly dispose of these items, and in the meantime, help herself and therefore improve Paul and Gemma’s lives. That's what it's always about for her now, helping her kids. She knew what the consequences could be but she's not having that. She has ridden lady luck for too long and her time has run out. Big Garth was helping shift the stuff and having Big Garth involved in anything is always going to go wrong in the end. Her intentions are good but often misguided.

How does she feel when the police come knocking and charge her?

Yet again the positive Bernie comes to the fore. She is convinced they have nothing on her and that everything is  going to be fine. That's what she's spreading. That's the face that she's wearing. There's a little little voice that's going this could be a horrific, her time could be up but she's still she's still got the mask on. 

Knowing she has to go to court and she's still obviously putting a brave face on it. But with her record she must know she could end up in prison. Bearing in mind this is Paul's last Christmas. How does that make her feel?

Inside she is full of upset and self loathing. She's done it again and when they need her the most because Gemma is struggling as well. When they need her the most she's not going to be there again. She should have that kind of tattooed on her arm as a reminder . Because it's just another pattern, isn't it? And it is the truth she has never been needed more and she has let them down. By trying to help them she hasn’t thought through the possible consequences and now they are the ones paying the price of potentially not having her around. She’s in a mess.

And how is all this affecting our relationship with Dev?

He's actually been very supportive of her and the situation, but they've had a few arguments about her behaviour. But he's a family man. So you know, he gets that and he has done things that he is not proud of  to try and protect his family. I think sometimes the things she does can put a bit of a wedge between them but so far, he’s  been supportive. I love their relationship, they are both single parents, they have had lives before each other and they get on like a house on fire. I love working with Jimmy.

So what's it been like working on the MND storyline?

It is an absolute honour for us all to be able to tell this story and to highlight what it's about. I didn't really know anything about it before being involved in this storyline so to be educating ourselves and the viewers is incredible. Corrie is doing it so brilliantly and so movingly and the outcome isn't going to be good but from an actor's point of view, it's really humbling to be a part of it. And I get to work with so many different brilliant actors. We have this big blended family that are all pulling together, who all need each other and it is a privilege be telling this story that affects so many people in real life.

What reaction have you had from the viewers?

People are finding it incredibly moving. A lot of people have said that they weren’t really aware of what people with MND are living with until they watched the storyline. A lot of people know about Rob Burrows but to see the day to day problems faced by people with MND is really highlighting the condition and I know that means a lot to the MND community.

Glenda Young
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Monday 30 October 2023

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 30th October


It's (almost) Goth Xmas and Gary threatens to bring out the gold lamé body suit. Come on Gazza! Those who aren't watching the Zombesi Hallowe'en special are off down the Bistro for an empty looking party. It's so busy that even tweens are able to book a table for a date, Sam dressed as a spaceman and Hope as the devil's spawn (no change there then).


Ryan quite rightly points out that Ryan and Lauren aren't mates. I guess scamming someone out of a grand puts a relationship on an uneven keel. He also points out that Ovidz keep sending him push notifications - Ryan's a millennial, he should be able turn off notifications on his phone. Lauren hasn't turned them off either and Ry discovers that Lauren is doing videos too. He threatens to tell the site that she's underage and she tells him not to mess wi' her. She goes round Daniel's and hints to Daisy that she's about to spill the beans. She doesn't, but Daisy and Ryan smooch in the back room and she agrees to go to a hotel with him, so it won't be long before Daniel finds out anyway.

Michael offers the £6K that his pops won on the nags to Underworld. Surely the police would have recovered the stolen cash from Stephen's Seagull account and returned it? Or at least set the wheels in motion. Anyway Sarah refuses to take the dough but she does offer Michael his job back.


Dev tries to make it up to Aadi with a snake plant. Good present, Devandra! Aadi takes it the wrong way but accepts the succulent and the apology until Dev takes the piss out of Aadi for stacking shelves at Freshco (he could be the new Reg Holdsworth!) and slagging off Ms Scouse McBoobs just as she's entering the room. Dev storms out.

The Alahans may have not reconciled but Audrey forgives Peter over tea and biccies. And Sally engages Steve to talk to Tim again. Victim Support is right there, Sally. Old McDonald takes Tim on a mystery tour which involves cosplaying as Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer by the banks of the Irwell and they put the world to rights.

Rachel Stevenson - on twitter

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Monday 30 October 2023

Monday 30th October 2023

RYAN AND DAISY ARE HAUNTED BY THEIR SECRET Ryan is shocked when he sees Lauren get a notification from O-Vidz and she admits she has been posting content. Pointing out she is underage Ryan threatens to report her but Lauren insists she needs the money and if he reports her she will tell Daniel about Ryan and Lauren. Ryan tells Daisy about Lauren’s porn videos and how he had to report her out of a sense of duty but fears she’ll spill her guts to Daniel out of revenge. Are Daisy and Daniel about to be found out?  

BERNIE URGES DEV TO PUT THINGS RIGHT On Bernie’s advice, Dev calls at the precinct flat intent on making peace with Aadi. But how will Dev feel when he discovers Aadi has got a job stacking shelves at Freshco? 

ELSEWHERE In the bistro, the Halloween party gets underway and Nick shows Sam and Hope to their table. Dee-Dee puts pressure on Sarah to give Michael his job back. 

Over dinner, Sam and Hope agree to give their relationship another go.

Glenda Young
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