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Monday 28 February 2011

State of the Street - February 2011

The month, the Street was in quite a state. Upsets, breakups, and angst. Secrets and lies kept and told. The War of the Websters threw the whole family into chaos. Fiz's family is barely hanging on by a thread and the Alahans are annoying me!

Read more about it over at the State of the Street blog.

Rita Sullivan - Kabin Extraordinaire

I love Reet I do, she's warm, she's bright, she's sunny and she reminds me of my grandma. She's got morals, she's got love and best of all, she's got sweets! Corrie's been a bit short on Rita lately, but her one appearance tonight brightened up the whole episode for me, giving Sophie some advice (as she always does).

I hope The Kabin reopens soon (as I lamented on here), because without Rita, the show feels that little bit emptier. Of course, Rita is good by herself, but she's fantastic with Norris, always tutting at his nosy remarks and his little complaints, but I think deep down they love each other really.

Every street should have a Reet.

Rocking the Coronation Street theme tune

Here's the Coronation Street theme tune, metal style. And if you like that, you might like to hear it funk style too.

And here's all of the Corrie theme tunes you could ever wish to hear.

A break from Rosie Webster

Helen Flanagan is taking a break from the Street later this year, to spend more time with her boyfriend.

Rosie will be off-screen for three months while Helen takes the time off.

A 'clever, funny' storyline is said to explain her absence. Is everyone else thinking some sort of modelling job?

Rosie has been proving popular with blog readers recently.

Chesney becomes a Corrie teen dad

Coronation Street's Chesney Brown is reportedly in for a shock when he discovers he is going to be a dad. His teenage girlfriend Katy breaks the news to him during a romantic meal by placing her positive pregnancy test on the table. It will be a huge challenge for Chesney, played by 17-year-old Sam Aston.

An insider told the News of the World: "Things will certainly change for the little misfit everyone loved. Soon he'll be living in a flat with Katy and his dog, Schmeichel, with a kid on the way."

Chesney at first misses the signs that his schoolgirl love is pregnant and so Katy (Georgia May Foote) realises she has to find a way to tell him. However, it is reported her her candlelit dinner plan fails when a flustered Chesney dashes out without noticing what's on the table.  When he returns, Katy confesses: "I'm pregnant, We're going to have baby." Chesney tells her: "I can't believe how lucky I am. This is all I've ever wanted, we'll be a proper family."

Sunday 27 February 2011

Why I think Owen Armstrong is a good villain

Owen Armstrong is, in my opinion, one of the better villains in recent years. He's cold, ruthless, manipulative and cunning, he steps over people to get what he wants, but he always has his reasons.

This week, he was ignoring Eileen. She had won as far as they were both concerned, it was finished, until Eileen decided to tell Sunita about Owen's dodgy accounts, and Sunita had the cheek to tell an unpaid Owen that he could just fiddle his accounts. That got Owen in a real bad mood, he wasn't going to let Eileen get away with what she'd done after that kick.

Owen is better than villains like Tony Gordon and Tracy Barlow. Why? Because he isn't a murderer, he's just basically a dodgy builder (I can't say backstreet builder due to him actually owning a full sized construction company too). It's also easy to see why he tries to control what Izzy and Katy do, he sees Izzy's disability as a weakness, something that makes her vulnerable (though she's strong enough to stand up for herself), so Owen tries so stop anyone getting close to her or Katy, for fear someone might hurt them.

Last chance to vote for Corrie! All About Soap Bubble Awards 2011

Voting closes Monday February 28th in the All About Soap Bubble Awards 2011

What are you waiting for?

Get on their website and vote for your Coronation Street favourites now.

Vote here.

Kev Webster wins the lottery

According to tabloid Coronation Street spoilers in The Sun (and also in Inside Soap from last week), Kev Webster looks like he'll win the lottery and use the money to try to woo back Sally.   But will it work?  Will Sally be bowled over by Kev's six lucky balls?   I'm guessing it'll take more than a wad of cash for Kev to get his missus back on track and take on baby Jack.

Coronation Street weekly awards for February 21 - 25

Tactful Award: Gold Star: What's Eddie like? Roy judiciously keeps silent. I'm gagging on the cake batter in his hair.

Big Brother award: Gold Star: Gary knows how to talk to kids.

Empty Pockets award: Tie: Dev and Steve. Broke.

Fashion accessory of the week: Simon's cool shades.

Colly wobbles award: Gold Star: Sunita has a hard time walking in the shop for the first time and was comforted by the woman that stole from her!

Ideas above his station award: Cocky star: David nicking Maria's clients because he's the "heir apparent". Just because he may end up with the salon in the long run, he's only newly qualified (and when did that happen?)

Bear Baiting award: Gold Star: Eileen shouldn't have spilled Owen's beans to Sunita and she shouldn't have spilled it to Owen.

Fashion award of the week: Loved Julie's blue coat.

Lines of the week:
Julie to Tyrone: "Our washing's all intermingled! You have to marry me now!" (*gulp*)
Ken: "We always end up back here, together." Deirdre: "For better or for worse." Ken: "Like a couple of homing pigeons."
Dev: "The shop wasn't insured." (You prize idiot!)
Gail: "When the going gets tough, Nick Tilsley bails out." (had you not noticed before?)
Sunita to Dev: "Man up! Do what's necessary and stop whinging about it!" (Yay, tell him!)
Steve: "No woman could hold a candle to you, Lloyd. You are my rock."

Adam's amazing Coronation Street review, Friday 25th February 2011

Hello, my name's Adam and I'm Flaming Nora's teenage nephew.  Here's my review of Corrie's double episode for Friday 25th February.
Episode written by Mark Wadlow (I had to put the writer's name; Aunty Flaming Nora told me to!)

Dev’s stubbornness comes back to bite him eventually, as he urges whoever will listen for anything to give him an inkling of who stole his money. He makes a very poor Poirot as Steve and his one woman wrecking machine of a wife bicker behind the bar. Steve covers for Becky for yet another time as he tells Dev it was he who stole the money from the safe. After a heated argument earlier with Lloyd, it will be interesting to see if Steve has lost his two best friends due to his wife’s mis-doings.
Owen attempts to make Eileen out as the criminal, and there’s good cause for suspicion as to why he’s being so cheery toward her after he gives her a good ear-bashing threat previously. As it turns out, the two stories coincide. Steve begins to get paranoid after a police car shows up at Underworld to take Eileen down to the station, after Owen calls the boys in blue to arrest Eileen for fraud. If anything, Owen should be arrested just for his terrible Han Solo impression.
It was nice to see Tyrone and Julie having another moment of self-confession, I do hope they get together, they both deserve a bit of good luck.
Speaking of good luck, Maria lands herself a new job as Carla’s PA after David, or Audrey’s “Creative Director”, has a stab at stealing her clients. For once the serial schemer has a perfectly apt explanation, that he will eventually own the whole salon, and his grandmother is right to side with him.
We await to see how well Maria copes answering the phone all day, especially after Julie and Sean considered themselves prime candidates for the job.
So, that's all from me for my very first ever Coronation Street blog post for my aunty Flaming Nora. I am only doing it for her as she has made us some chocolate cake.  Bye!

Sophie and Sian in shock split

Sophie and Sian are going to split up when Sophie finds out Sian's been cheating on her.

The Daily Star reports today that Sophie fears Sian is cheating on her with a girl called Chloe after she catches them chatting on the web. Sian tries to convince her she’s just a friend but Sophie is not having it and they end up having a huge row.

Brooke Vincent, who plays Sophie, told the Daily Star Sunday: “Sophie gets it into her head that Sian is cheating on her.  She starts acting all jealous and possessive again which really does Sian’s head in.  She’s had it tough these last few months, what with her parents getting divorced, and her biggest fear is Sian leaving her.  I can kind of understand why she’s acting how she is but no matter what Sian says she just doesn’t believe her. They have this huge row and Sian storms off. Sophie is heartbroken but she knows she only has herself to blame. She doesn’t have anyone to turn to and ends up hitting rock bottom. It’s going to be a real tough time for her over the next few weeks.”

Speaking about Sophie and Sian's relationship on Coronation Street, Brooke says: “It still shocks me how much the public like Sophie and Sian together. We’re both so chuffed with how it’s all gone.”

Saturday 26 February 2011

Coronation Street and Star Wars

I've realised how many times Coronation Street references Star Wars this week. following Owen comparing himself to Han Solo, and Sunita comparing him to Chewbacca in Friday's episode. One of my favourite scenes of this year, was David and Gary talking to the police, when David comes out with the famous line "These aren't the droids you're looking for, move along". I wonder which one of the writers is a closet Star Wars fan then?

Anyway, getting to the point, I was wondering which Corrie characters are most suited to the weird and wacky world of Star Wars. I agree with Sunita, Owen would make a fantastic Wookie, or perhaps one of those little teddy bear Ewoks.

And there's always Gail...

Life's a drag on the Street

No, I'm not talking about the endless parade of downbeat storylines on offer at the moment. I was pondering on the reason for soon-to-be-exposed transvestite Marc hanging around Audrey and Claudia. It's obvious - they both look like a couple of blokes in frocks! Claudia's rich baritone, no doubt carefully honed on a diet of Merlot and Capstan Full Strength, marks her out as a possible transvestite. Audrey's horsey Camilla-alike looks and size fourteen feet are a possible indication of a secret former life. Maybe she's Gail's dad not her Mum? Personally, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Marc doesn't take his inspiration from Jack Duckworth.

Here's hoping Marc doesn't bump into the lovely Rita or else he may gain yet another role model.

Nasty award of the week: Owen Armstrong

This is one award that couldn't wait until the weekend. I really haven't enjoyed much of Corrie this week and Owen Armstrong is the reason why, for the biggest part, though not the only part.

Corrie seems to have been all nasty, all the time this week, starting off with Peter moaning and griping, Steve and Lloyd falling out, Steve and Becky whinging and David ultimately causing Maria to leave the salon. (Which is silly considering the stick she's had to put up with from him over the years. Last straw, I suppose!)

But the biggest culprit has been Owen who was just horrible every time he was on screen and you can read more about it over here.

Friday 25 February 2011

Buy a Corrie portrait by Steve Huison

You may remember that Steve Huison's Corrie portraits were auctioned off for charity recently and it was a great success.

Well now you can buy limited edition prints of those portraits, also for charity, for £50 or the entire set for £900. Each print will be signed by Mr. Huison and numbered. You can see the details of how to purchase one or more print here. Punters outside the U.K. can purchase prints as long as you can pay by Paypal.

Nick's Bistro unveiled

MTVnewscanada posted a picture today from Coronation Street, I couldn't help but notice on small detail...the new Joinery! (To the left of the picture) From the picture it looks quite...American, and probably is the biggest change the tram crash has brought. The Joinery is no more though, it seems, Nick looks to have changed its name.

People have been speculating what the sign says. Deborah from the Coronation Street Chatter forum suggested that the full name could be "Nick's Bistro" which sounds like it could most probably be the name, it could be a Cafe by day and a bar/restaraunt by night.

UPDATE: Full picture of Nick's Bistro posted, see more set pics on MTV News Canada's blog

Corrie stars show support for Cancer Research UK's Race For Life

The cast of Coronation Street are lending their support to ‘Join the Girls’ – Cancer Research UK’s first ever mini-musical, which toured the UK this week stopping off at the UK’s most famous cobbles. The musical, to launch Race for Life – the UK’s largest women-only fundraising event - features a full West-End cast, celebrities and women from all over the country who have been touched by cancer, and will be reprised at Race For Life’s flagship Battersea event in May.

Sally Dynevor, Corrie’s Sally Webster, will shortly be shunning her wig in favour of her own natural hair – following a successful series of treatment for breast cancer – and is pictured here with the cast of ‘Join The Girls’ on the famous Weatherfield cobbles.   Find out more at

Spot the 1980s Corrie prop - February 25th 2011

Just about everyone guessed last week that the selection of glassware can be found on Ken and Deirdre's dining room table. Well done to all of you who got that one.

For this weeks prop puzzle, we're going back in time to 1984. Whereabouts on Coronation Street would you find this breakfast setting?

Return of The Kabin

I can't wait until The Kabin finally reopens, I've just begun realising how I missed all the little scenes between Norris, Mary, Emily and Rita in there. Norris and Mary have their Porta-Kabin, but we haven't actually seen that since Christmas day, and we've been rather low on appearances from the foursome since then.

I wonder what Norris will find to complain about in the new Kabin? Will Mary go crazy with her chainsaw? (I still want to know what happened there!) Will Rita buy earmuffs to block out the noise of Norris' voice, and will Emily be able to buy something for once, without being drawn into a debate between Rita and Norris?

Check out my small history of The Kabin over on my Weatherfield Recorder blog

Thursday 24 February 2011

What next for No. 13?

It's been well over two months since No.13 Coronation Street was last lived in, before a fire tore through the home. Still, now the house is in the same exact state it was back then, boarded up and burnt out. I can't help but wonder how long it will remain like this? With the sole owner of the house now on the run in France, how will anyone be able to buy it, and on that note, the butchers too?

I have wondered if Claire will somehow legally hand it over to Becky and Steve from abroad (if the spoilers are true about them selling the Rovers). Or will the house and butcher shop be destined to stay empty for the foreseeable?

Fat Brenda's Cream Horn

Everyone's skint loveys, not just folk like me and you but even international business tycoons like Steve and Dev. The only person with any cash to splash nowadays is Owen the builder who seems to have rebuilt the whole flamin' street with his merry band of men - well, Jason and Chris anyway. No wonder Owen's in a bad mood all the time, he must be knackered!

Mind you, Peter must have a bob or two cos he's gone on his honeymoon and shut the bookies without batting an eyelid! He must have more money than sense. I'd have run it for him cos, let's be honest, there's nobody else to do it, especially not Nick, he's still embarrassed after Peter made him wee with fright in his knicker briefs when he threatened him and as for John Stape, he's in the hospital cos his mind's broke!

Anyway, how can Dev be flamin' skint? He downsized after he sold that posh house in Didsbury and he owns that flat on Victoria Court as well. He keeps going on about that money that was nicked, 'five grand' he keeps muttering to himself. At Dev's prices five grand would only buy you two flamin loaves and a few tins of beans so how he thinks it'd be enough to rebuild and restock a whole shop I don't know! If only he'd have sent that cheque off, mind you, entrepreneurs like him are known for entrusting really important business cheques to Royal Mail!
The winner of this week's 'Getting On Me Flamin' Wick Already Award' is, Xin! Flamin' hell, talk about problems. She was in the cab office tellng me how she can't get the job she's trained for and how her ovens broke so she has to eat crisps for her tea and blah blah flamin' blah! You work in a restaurant lovey, eat there if yer so hungry and at least you've got a job! I've nowt in for me tea, I've a broken oven and I work in a cab office that's got a kettle in it and nowt else! Try living on Ainsley Harriott Cup a Soups for a week and then moan! But, me point is loveys, why should I even care? I don't even know her! She's just some lass Tina used to work with but they're suddenly asking her to move in! Mind you, Tina loves a charity case, look at her dad! When I asked if I could move in with 'em after Bernice's shih tzu knocked me ashtray over and set fire to me bed they weren't interested! It's all about how you look innit loveys! If I looked like Xin they'd have snapped me hand off - like Bernice's dog did when I tried to wrestle it from me burning bed... the little shih t(zu)!
I blame Tina for building it up too much, 'aww she's dead funny is Xin. She's a proper laugh is Xin'. Since when has Tina been a decent judge of what's funny or not? She spends ninety percent of her day scowling!
Fay(e) stopped the night at Eddie's and he said it went alright...after Gary and Izzie showed up anyway. I said to Eddie, 'as long as you didn't tell her that boring anecdote about that fella leaving his wig in the back of yer cab then I'm sure you were brilliant.' Eddie has many strong points loveys but telling stories isn't one of 'em. If he ever tries to tell you summat amusing don't build yer hopes up.
Carla's struck up an unusual friendship again after her friendship with Michelle who hated her for keeping Tony Gordon's secret and Leanne who was in the boot of her dead husband's car she's made friends with Maria whose husband she had an affair with and who had a relationship with Tony after Carla knew he'd killed Liam! Phew! Poor Carla, she'll make a friend that has nowt to do with her past one day and the world will implode loveys!
Talking of Leanne, her and Peter have decided to give it a go after Ken taught Peter about forgiveness. If Ken's so forgiving how come he still moans to Deirdre about her stuffed marrow? Hypocrite!
I hope David's being careful in Tenerife, he doesn't want to bring owt nasty home with him does he...
Tweeter me loveys if you've any gossip and if you haven't, yer not trying hard enough!

Sneak Preview of next week's Corrie, February 28 to March 4

Without any piffle, here's the storyline for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.
Week of Monday 28 February – Friday 4 March

Becky confesses to the Alahans, David tells Gail he’s engaged to Candy from Tenerife and they’re getting wed in three weeks - but Candy turns out to be Kylie, Tracy taunts Becky behind the bar and Frank Foster turns nasty in Underworld.
The full weekly preview, with loads of pictures, is right here on

Missed last week's Corrie?
Catch up with the
Coronation Street weekly updates

Wednesday 23 February 2011

Ken and Deirdre's house gets makeover at Ideal Home Show

Corrie fans! Complete the show home - vote hereHere's a sneak peek at the Coronation Street house at this year's Ideal Home Show.  It's Number 1 Coronation Street and B&Q  have given it the ultimate refurbishment in a before and after transformation.

The ‘Ideal Home Refit' sponsored by B&Q, takes on a traditional two-up-two- down semi that is transformed into a modern and cost efficient home.  The ‘Before' house, No 1 Coronation Street sponsored by Harveys, is a near replica of Ken & Deirdre's home from the nation's favourite TV soap and will include a glimpse into their never seen before bedroom. A façade of the nation's most famous pub, the Rovers Return will also feature in the show house.

The ‘After' home has been redesigned by Architect and TV personality George Clarke, with a little help from B&Q, to transform the old No.1 into a modern, eco home with simple adjustments that you can easily do in your own home.  George will demonstrate how simple and affordable improvements can alter not just the look and feel of the home but also unlock the potential of existing spaces if moving isn't an option. The new-look home also showcases dozens of green technologies that can help save money on your energy bills as well as the environment.

William Roache who has been playing Ken Barlow for 50 years, comments "Nobody has a solar panel in the Street, maybe it's time Ken become more eco-friendly!"

Find out how you can visit the Ideal Home Show from March 11-27 and get 2-for-1 tickets with Harveys the Furniture Store.

Jim has a bad idea, so he does

The Sun has a shocking spoiler, so it does. Apparently Jim will attempt to rob a building society to try and solve Steve and Becky's escalating problems, by buying the Rovers for Liz.

But things go from bad to worse as a staff member presses the alarm, alerting the police. Jim will then turn the whole situation into a hostage situation, his ransom is Liz, he wants to talk to her one last time before being sent down.

He tells Liz that he has made a big mistake, then reveals he wants to turn the gun on himself.

I have to say I wasn't expecting this spoiler, but it sounds a brilliant final exit for Jim, and I hope the outcome won't be revealed until it airs, I hope he gets arrested though, because then the door will be left slightly open for the character. Though maybe Charlie Lawson, who plays Jim, wants to close that door for good, he said back in December that he doesn't enjoy the job unlike he used to do anymore, and that he thought the writers had cut Jim's [ahem]'s off.

Setting The Record Straight

There's been a bit of controversy over recent spoilers for Corrie.  The news of Marcus' return, plus the ongoing Sophie/Sian drama, and gossip about Claudia's new boyfriend, have lead to some people criticising producer Phil Collinson.  There have been suggestions that he is perhaps peddling a "gay agenda".  A similar charge was levied at him during his time at Doctor Who, because of that episode where two incidental characters were revealed to be lesbians, not sisters.  In a bid to clarify what exactly is going to happen, we've spoken to Phil, and gained this EXCLUSIVE(*) interview(**) on the upcoming storylines.

"First of all," Phil told me, reclining in a leather chair in his hollowed out volcano hideaway, "There's been a lot of fuss about Andrew Hall's character, Marc.  There have been rumours that he is a secret transvestite. Actually, this is all a simple misunderstanding.  The truth is that Marc has an identical twin sister, and the press have been confused by shots of Andrew Hall dressed as Moira.  It turns out that Marc and Moira are caring for their elderly mother - hilariously played by Wendy Craig.  We've got The Mill back in to handle the split screen special effects, and I'm sure you'll agree it will be worth the wait.  Especially when Nick Tilsley claps his eyes on the gorgeous Moira, and complications ensue!

"Marcus, meanwhile, is returning to the Street to ask Sean a big favour - to be his best man!  Yes, Marcus is getting married, and his lovely fiance will be played by supermodel Sophie Dahl.  Sean of course is happy to help, but tensions arise when he meets Ms Dahl for the first time.  Having already made Marcus renounce his former tendencies, could her red hot heterosexual sex appeal also convert Sean?  Things will come to a head when Sean finally gives in to his secret urges and sleeps with the bride-to-be the night before the wedding.  Will he still be able to be best man, or will he fight for the woman he loves?"

Phil lights up a cigar, blowing the smoke into a passing kitten's face, and says, "Finally, Sophie and Sian's relationship will reach a climax when Sophie falls from the church roof.  In the process she'll bang her head, which, of course, makes her normal again.  She realises that the whole lesbian thing was just down to a silly misunderstanding, and immediately sleeps with the entire Weatherfield Rugby Team because she loves being heterosexual so much.  Sian is relieved, as she actually met a wonderful man while on holiday with her mum, and immediately flies out to join him.  This will lead to hilarious rivalries between Rosie and Sophie, as they battle to be the biggest trollop on the Street!"

"As you can see, all these storylines are highly realistic and will reflect every facet of 21st century Britain.  I hate it when people get a hint of a spoiler and misinterpret what's going on.  Now if you'll excuse me - I have to go home and sleep with my wife."

Many thanks to Phil for clarifying those details.  Let's all look forward to a great few months of telly!

(*) it's not really (**) it's totally made up - just so we don't get into trouble with ITV for this brilliant spoof blog post (Ed.)

Tuesday 22 February 2011

Corrie! - the Play in Liverpool

Hilda, Bet and the murial
Corrie! the play
Ken Morley, who played Reg Holdsworth in Corrie, took over as Narrator in Corrie! the play at the Liverpool Empire Theatre last night - and was very good indeed.

I sat next to the Coronation Street actors who play Nick and Mary to watch Ken's first night - and he gave a more subdued performance than Corrie fans might have expected, but it suited the show very well.

For a full review and a list of who is narrating at each venue, visit my blog at

Deirdre and her sticky drawers

For those of us enjoying Ken and Deirdre's bedtime stories on the official ITV Coronation Street website, episode two is now online.  I like these little video extras although I'm not normally a fan of watching anything online. But they're well written, good fun and best of all for this Corrie fan, only three mintues long.  Anyone else enjoying them a lot?

Watch Episode 2 here.

Coronation Street Weekly Update, February 21st 2011

Hello again update readers. Glenda continues to enjoy her well-deserved sabbatical and so without further ado let’s get down to business with the happenings down in Weatherfield this week.

Find out more about the Coronation Street Weekly Updates and why they’ve been written for th’internet since 1995 at
After last week’s goings on at Peter and Leanne’s blessing we now have to deal with the aftermath. Poor little Simon is well upset that he’s lost another mother and he has a right go at his dad, telling him he wants Leanne back … and toast. But there’s no Leanne and they’ve run out of bread so he’ll have to make do with Peter and a bowl of cereal. Peter’s still mad as hell at Leanne and the man he blames for all this, Nicky. He heads over to The Joinery, which is in the process of being rebuilt after the tram crash, and confronts the simpering little mummy’s boy. Despite being faced by a man who can barely walk, even with the aid of a crutch, Nicky is clearly scared of what Peter might do to him with the crowbar he’s holding.

Peter threatens murder and ‘forces’ him to drink a bottle of scotch which Peter tells him is anaesthetic for what’s to come and when Nicky tries to make a run for it Peter hits him with the crowbar, knocking him to the ground. He follows up with a crashing blow towards Nicky’s head and smashes the crowbar into an old can right next to him, giving him the fright of his life. Shame he didn’t do the job properly and finish him off. Who could have blamed him and he’s a Barlow so chances are he would have got off just like his sister. Chastened by his experience, Nicky goes scuttling off back to his mam.
Meanwhile, Leanne has been barred from seeing Simon and with Peter refusing to even talk to her she decides she’d be best off packing her things and heading off to that London to stay with our Toyah. She goes and collects her things from the flat but Peter won’t even let her say goodbye to Simon. Ken intervenes and tries to get Leanne to stay and Peter to forgive her but they’re both too stubborn and proud, despite clearly wanting to be together. Leanne goes to the station and eventually Peter chases after her only to see the train pulling out as he hobbles along the platform. Fortunately she wasn’t on it and the two of them kiss and make up. A couple of questions are outstanding though: Why were they at Manchester Victoria when there are no direct trains from there to London? And will we ever get to hear Simon’s best man’s speech?

Steve and Becky are back from their trip to Spain. Quite how they afforded it when the first thing on their mind on their return is their money troubles, is anybody’s guess. The loan from the bank has come through but it’s less than they wanted and so Lloyd is going to have to wait for the repayment of the money Steve borrowed from Streetcars. Fortunately Steve manages to win a few grand at the casino, so Lloyd thinks his luck’s in but Steve has other plans for the money. Dev is in dire straits as the corner shop wasn’t insured when it was destroyed in the tram crash. He owes money to Owen for the work that’s already been done on the shop (which seems to have turned into a hypermarket) and he’s behind on the mortgage payments for the house. His other businesses are in trouble too, thanks to the recession, a Freshco’s Fasttrack, asbestos and some long-term roadworks and he goes to see Steve to ask him if he can help out with a loan of £5000 to tide him over. Feeling guilty about Becky having robbed the cash from the shop in the aftermath of the crash, Steve comes clean to Lloyd about it all to explain to him why he’ll have to wait a bit longer for the money he owes the business.

After overhearing a conversation in the café and seeing the mess Tyrone’s made of his t-shirt by not separating his whites and his coloureds properly, Julie decides he’s going to be her next project. She goes round to see him, taking with her food and drink and proceeds to Feng Shui his living room by moving the sofa around a bit. They end up cozying down on the sofa after supper and red wine. Who knows where this may lead?

Elsewhere: Claudia’s worried that she’s not getting any off Marc; Sophie’s been kicked out of college but wasn’t happy there anyway; Tina’s friend Xin has turned up with accommodation and money problems; and Faye comes to stay the night with the Windasses.

And that’s it for this week.

This week’s writers were: Joe Turner, Jan McVerry, Debbie Oates, Julie Jones and David Lane.

New Kabin and Corner Shop exteriors revealed

Picture from @craiggazeyfans on Twitter
Pictures of the exteriors of Coronation Street's Corner Shop and The Kabin have surfaced on the internet.

The Kabin has dropped its Post Office branding by the looks of things (about time too, since I can't remember the last time we saw the Post Office counter in there), so The Kabin is once again a newsagents, just like it used to be.

The Corner Shop has taken a more realistic look than the last Corner Shop, by looking more like you'd expect a Corner Shop to look. I have to say I like the windows - a good way of hiding the fact that the interior set isn't actually inside there.

All that is left to reopen now is the Joinery, and of course, No.13 still needs to be rebuilt, as it's still sat there in its burnt state.

See more pics of the set here on @katkellyfans fan page.

Where's the Corrie comedy gone?

Over the past month, I've noticed a lot of people are asking where comedy has gone from Corrie, and in a way I agree, Corrie still has the witty one-liners in each episode, and the escapades of Steve McDonald and Lloyd Mullaney, but there seems to be the lack of any light-hearted storylines at the moment.

Tracy seems to actually be providing some comedy in the banter she has with Tina and with the locals, she seems to be fitting in behind the bar quite well.

I think we're in for a treat though as Sylvie Cropper should be arriving soon, and from what I hear, she'll be similar in fashion to Blanche. I hope they have her working in Roy's Rolls, passing comment on the locals, as Roy looks on, wondering why he hired her. Then there's also Norris, Mary and Rita, who will most likely be making an apperance again soon when the Kabin reopens. Tommy Duckworth looks to be the cheeky chappy type who will turn the women's heads on the street, and also be the one to drag Tyrone out of his rut. Though the downside is that we are losing Eddie Windass and Graeme Proctor.

Monday 21 February 2011

The recession hits Weatherfield

The stand out scenes from tonight's episodes, came suprisingly from Dev and Sunita, as the extent of their problems were revealed, we learned that the other shops weren't bringing in as much money as first thought, due to Frescho's opening smaller versions of their shop near Dev's, among other reasons.

This was quite believeable as it happens to many modern day shops, and in my opinion should have been written into the show sooner. It's not just Dev who is having troubles either, the Rovers and Streetcars are tight for cash and even Eileen and Fiz are feeling the pinch. I say it's about time the events on screen started representing the current state of the country.

Get the Corrie look: Georgia May Foote's little white dress

Here's Coronation Street's Georgia May Foote, who plays Katy Armstrong, looking all glam in a white frock from Lipsy.  It's Lipsy's Chiffon Sleeve Pleat Dress, selling at £65.00. Get the look at the Lipsy website here

Or not, whichever you prefer.

Sally Dynevor named Celebrity Mum of the Year

Coronation Street's Sally Dynevor, who plays Sally Webster, has said being named Mum of the Year is better than winning a Bafta. The 47-year-old mother-of-three, who has battled breast cancer in real life as well as on screen as her soap character Sally Webster, will be honoured at the Tesco magazine Mum of the Year Awards ceremony at the Waldorf Hilton Hotel on Sunday.

Sally, who will join seven other inspirational mums who have been nominated by friends and family, said: "To me, to be told you're Mum of the Year is a million times better than winning a Bafta. I feel honoured to be in the company of the other nominees, their stories are incredibly humbling, and I'm just filled with awe for these amazing women. I have so much admiration for them."

The Corrie actress, mother to 15-year-old Waterloo Road star Pheobe Dynevor, 13-year-old Samuel and seven-year-old Harriet, has played Sally in the soap for 25 years, but when researching a breast cancer storyline in 2009, discovered a lump in her breast.

Sally said: "I thought there was absolutely no way that was what they were going to tell me; I thought I'd made it up in my own head because of the storyline, I was sure they had got it wrong. What surprised me most about discovering I had breast cancer was realising how much I love life. I'd never thought about my mortality before. Now I just want to enjoy every moment. I want to love even more than I've ever loved and embrace everything so much more. If I went and left this world and the kids said, 'We had a great childhood and loved our mum' that would mean everything to me. Being a mum is the greatest role I've had."

See also: Sally Dynevor ditches her Corrie wig

Transvestite Marc gets beaten up in Corrie

What is with Phil Collinson?  Why won't he allow any straight, fanciable men to be half normal on Coronation Street? 

We've got newcomer Frank Foster who's going to turn nasty and rape Maria and now that Claudia/Audrey (Claudrey?)'s boyfriend Marc is on screen finally we have a bit of man-totty for the older lady viewer to ogle over her tea and biscuits. And what does Phil Collinson go and do? Turn him into a transvestite and then have him beaten up.

Come on, Phil. Give the straight men on screen and the straight female viewers at home a chance to enjoy Corrie a bit more than we do.

Sunday 20 February 2011

Corrie Weekly Awards for Feb. 14 - 18

Performance of the week: Chris Gascoyne kept me riveted.

Portent of Doom award: Musical Star: Apparently the wedding music was the same that accompanied Princess Diana down the aisle. As Norris so aptly put it "That doesn't bode well, now, does it?" Little did he know!

RGI Award: Jeff thinks Sally is a (really) good idea? Romance really is dead.

That's you all told award: Gold Star: What a telling off Peter gave them all! Boy was it ever! And then he give Nick holy old Hell in the Joinery too!
Silver Star: And didn't Janice take a good sized strip off Nick!

Rubbing salt in the wound award: Gold Star: Even backed into a corner, Nick still couldn't resist rubbing Peter's nose in half truths and handed him the bottle. Swine!!!!

Big sister award: Gold Star: Sunita is always so nice to Sophie.

Fashion Accessory award: Steve's backside teddy bear! And I loved Leanne's red hat!

Lines of the week:
Peter "Of all the bars in all the world...."
Peter to Gutless Tilsley "I'm ashamed for letting a gutless nobody like you get the better of me"
Tracy to Nick "Here he is, the best man. Who are the other candidates? Eddie Windass and Hitler?" Nick "I'm sure you've got some kittens to drown."
Sean to Sally "Romance is wasted on some people. Swoon, woman, swoon!"
Janice to Leanne "You're gonna remember this day for the rest of your life" (*koff*)
Norris (gleefully) "You've got to hand it to the Barlows... the value for money at a wedding..."
Nick "Warm hands are great but they'll never build an empire" (from a man who was willing to walk away from Weatherfield and his "empire")
Ken to Peter "Yeah, well she was lucky to find a saint when she stumbled upon you!" (Ken 1 Peter 0)

Pics: Corrie vs Emmerdale charity football match

There's loads of pictures online from yesterday's charity football match between Coronation Street and Emmerdale.

Corrie won the Gavin Blyth memorial football match, beating Emmerdale 4-1 and raising funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.

View the pictures here.

Sally Dynevor ditches her Corrie wig

Sally Dynevor, who plays Sally Webster on Coronation Street, gives a lovely, long interview to today's Mirror in which she says the time is right for her to ditch her wig and appear with her own hair on Corrie.  It's a wonderful, uplifting interview and you can read it here.

Sally's also been awarded a Tesco Mum of the Year award which she will receive at a ceremony next Sunday.

Corrie gay wedding to screen on Royal Wedding day

Ooh, I do hope this spoiler is true from today's Daily Mirror.  The paper reckons that Coronation Street will screen its first gay wedding on the same day Prince William and Kate Middleton marry. The Street’s Sean Tully and Marcus Dent are rumoured to tie the knot on Friday April 29 in an hour-long special episode.

Thirty years ago, Corrie’s Ken and Deirdre Barlow’s wedding attracted 24 million viewers on the day Wills’ own parents Charles and Diana walked down the aisle at St Paul’s Cathedral. ITV bosses hope a similar number will be view this time.

A Corrie source said: “Top-brass think with the country in a frenzy over the royal wedding then it will be the perfect time to show Sean and Marcus tying the knot and trounce EastEnders.”

Let's hear it for Peter and Leanne!

Yes, I realize this isn't a photo of Peter and Leanne but it's part of the whole story. Peter and Leanne are going to make a go of it all in spite of Nick's efforts. Even at the last, when Peter was threatening Nick, he couldn't let it go without a few more sly digs, aimed to push Peter's buttons. He even gave him a bottle of booze which in turn got thrown at his head. I only wish it had connected!

But in the end, Ken made Peter realize that it was worth working at, worth working hard and making a go of it because Peter and Leanne really are good for each other and they really do love each other. And naturally, I had a ramble about it all over here.

Saturday 19 February 2011

Where in Weatherfield

Armed with the tram crash DVD, I decided to get some screenshots of Weatherfield and decipher what is where, and where is what in Weatherfield. To make the images larger, just click on them.

These locations seem to fit into the previous appearances on the show, the large sprawling park will be the Red Rec, according to older maps, Tile Street is behind Victoria Street, and the same with Queen's Precinct, which according to the older maps is a diamond shaped gathering of streets.

In this screenshot I uncovered the truth about Rosamund Street's strange viaduct, and I point out where Corrie's twin street, Jubilee Terrace is, also it seems this angle is looking in the direction of Greater Manchester.


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