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Wednesday 30 November 2011

Peter's choice

By the end of next week, Peter Barlow will be off the wagon and heading towards Carla. Both situations make me kind of sad. I'm not surprised about the booze thing, it's in Peter's personality, I think, to give in to it when things get rough. I'm also not surprised that he is finally going to admit how he feels about Carla.

Soap triangles are a staple, the stuff the genre is made of. Marriages never last for long. Each storyline has its own way of being told and we don't know how this one will come out yet. Here's my take on it. How do you think this will end?

Edited post-blogging to add: Also, Inside TV has a great interview with Jane Danson and Chris Gascoyne on just this very thing!

Corrie Review - Friday 25 November 2011

Writer: Simon Crowther
Director: Graeme Harper

Michelle is looking forward to buying her wedding dress when she notes that Ciaran is decidely miserable which Michelle picks up but he puts it down to nerves. He goes to wait outside the Platts and corners Nick to plead with him to take him back. Nick refuses point blank. Peter arrives and enquires about what's been happening. Nick tells him to speak to Ciaran about it.
Rita is still concerned about Dennis's disappearance and Norris puts it down to him being a rogue and Emily sets him straight. Deirdre arrives moaning about Ken watching his new 'Tudors' DVD and asks about the disappearance of Dennis. While at the cafe with Rita, Deirdre hits upon a plan. They'll look for him around the soup vans in the area.

Becky has received her divorce settlement from Steve and decides to treat her and Roy to a meal at the Bistro, with Hayley at her dance class. However Tracy is off to Brighton with Steve and Amy and she can't help rubbing it in to Becky. Backy however lies by saying she is off to Mauritiaus with Steve's money leaving Tracy shellshocked and walking out of the cafe. Steve however thinks Becky should spend the money setting up home away from Weatherfield and him and Tracy. Becky point blank refuses and tells Steve that it is her money now and she can do what she wants with it.

After seeing Ciaran's desperation and speaking to him in the cafe, Peter has decided to loan his friend the thousand pounds needed for the venue. When Ciaran phones the venue saying he is on the way with the money he finds he is too late and they've given the date away. And to make matters worse for Ciaran, Michelle and Maria stop off at the venue on the way back from buying her wedding dress only to find that the date has gone as Ciaran had never paid. Furious Michelle storms off to the Bistro with Maria in tow only to hear from Nick that Ciaran is not there as he is sacked for stealing from him! Michelle then storms off again back to the flat to confront her lying fiancee.

After a day waiting around a soup van, Rita and Deirdre are about to call it quits when finally Rita catches a glimpse of Dennis. They jump out the car and confront him. Dennis tries to argue that he can't face Norma and Rita has no idea what happens. Rita answers back that he can and that she does know everything and Dennis gets quickly into the car. Rita phones Norma and puts Dennis on the phone who agrees to meet her in the Rovers. Explaining that he felt guilty because he didn't love her and that he felt running away was the kindest way he could think of to let her down gently, Norma replies back that she too didn't love Dennis but just wanted companionship. Eventually the two put the past behind them and agree to move on. When Rita tells Dennis he can move on with his life and two share a close moment, he tells her he's frightened. The look on Dennis's face tells Rita all she needs to know. Dennis is worried that what happened with Norma might happen again with her. When he responds in the affirmative Rita tells him that he's arrogant and he's kidding himself if he thinks she's smitten. She tells him to go back to hers and she'll follow him on. Standing alone and close to tears, Rita looks like she has indeed fallen for him.

It's a happy day at the Platt household as Kylie gets a phone call from social services - they've been granted full custody of Max on a trial basis. Gail is delighted and embraces Kylie with David. Celebrating in the pub, Nick turns up and offers his congratulations and goes to buy a round of drinks, but only has a five pound note much to David's amusement.

Peter is with Ciaran when Michelle turns up and it's clear straight away from his face that she knows everything so Peter makes a hasty exit as Ciaran admits the truth to Michelle. He gambled away the money because he missed the thrill of the cruise. Michelle sends him to the pub while she thinks. With Carla back home, she talks to Michelle who finally agrees to join him on the ship and her hen party at the Rovers turns into the couples leaving do. As they depart in the taxi Michelle has a last minute change of heart. She wants to stay. Sharing one final kiss with Ciaran, the pair declare they still love one another but she left on the cobbles as Ciaran's taxi rounds the corner on the way to the railway station. Will she ever see hima again?


Tracy: Well, erm, I'll think of you when I'm relaxing in the spa
Becky: And I'll think of you when I'm smashing cocunuts with a rock
Tracy: That'll be right. Pre-historic woman.
Becky (to Roy): Rubbish line about the coconuts weren't it?

Nick: What are you lot doing here?
Kylie: Celebrating
Nick: Right, I should be thinking of something witty to say but what are you celebrating?
David: As from Monday we get full custody of Max.
Nick: Oh well that's great news, congratulations. Have a drink on me.
[Produces a five pound note] Well er at least you could put it towards one.
David: I'm touched.

Becky: You crawl back to that miserable cow's miserable mother's miserable house and you leave me alone for good. OK? Comprendez?


The look on Rita's face when Dennis leaves. She's clearly fallen in love with him. Awwwww.

Coronation Street Weekly Update, November 28 2011

Greetings and welcome to the Coronation Street Weekly Update. And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update.

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Best scene of the week for this fan was Rita and Dennis. Rita gets Dennis to meet the mystery woman who’s turned up looking for him. Turns out that she’s Norma and she was once engaged to Dennis but he did a runner on their wedding day when he knew he didn’t love her.  Anyway, Rita makes Dennis have a heart to heart with Norma to clear the air and then afterwards Rita makes it clear, in a very subtle way, that she’s got feelings for Dennis too. He also makes it clear, in a less subtle man-way that he’s Just Not That Into Her because he’s scared he’ll do to Rita what he once did to Norma. Rita at least appreciates Dennis’ honesty and as he turns away from her outside of the hair salon on the cobbles, she mouths a silent and teary ‘Thank You’ to him.  That little scene almost broke my heart.

Ciaran leaves the Street this week after he gets sacked at the Bistro for moonlighting and Michelle finds out he gambled their wedding cash away. At first, Michelle determines to stand by her man and leave the cobbles for the cruise ship with Ciaran again. But as the taxi takes them off to the station, she stops the cab, gets out and has a cuddle with Carla and tells Ciaran she’s not leaving. Which was a shame, ‘cos I’m not right fond of Michelle and I wish that she’d gone.

Another one I’m not fond of is that Stella in the pub. I’ve tried to like her but I can’t and now I want rid of her now. Oh yes, I’m in one of those moods today. They bring her in, tell us she’s Leanne’s mum, she saves Leanne’s life, she’s held up as Saint Stella of the Rovers but is anyone warming to her? Not in our house they’re not. She’s brittle, one-dimensional and there’s no redeeming features to her personality at all. Interestingly, Stella’s daughter Eva and partner Karl are the ones who are growing on me. Eva was involved in a daft plot this week involving a wine warehouse and an ex-boyfriend that I won’t bother writing about, except to say it was a ploy to bring Nick and Eva close togeva. Gail will hate this new pairing with a vengeance and it’ll be great to watch.

Mind you, Gail’s got more on her mind this week when little Max and his bad haircut come to live at the Platt’s. Kylie and David get custody of Max but they’ve only got him five minutes before he does a runner to the Rovers, the place he calls home. Kylie accuses Becky of kidnapping her son and then has to apologise to her big sis when Max is found safe and well, although still with the bad hair.

Carla returned from LA this week. “Looking good!” says Peter Barlow when he spots her in the pub. “Did I tell you that you’re looking good?” he repeats as his emotions carry him away just before Leanne comes out of the ladies loo and back into earshot.  Leanne’s got a few lady problems in the downstairs arena and goes to see Doctor Matt as she’s anxious to know why she can’t conceive Peter’s child. “You’ve had no problems before, you’ve been pregnant twice,” snarks Peter. Ouch.

Becky gets her divorce settlement from Stevey-boy and tells Tracy that she’s off to Mauritius to spend, spend, spend. “Where’s Mauritius?” she asks Roy later when she takes him out for a slap up meal he doesn’t want in the Bistro, money burning a hole in Becky’s pocket already.

Sophie’s not best pleased that Sian’s got college homework to do which means she can’t spend her evenings at the pictures with Sophie.  When Amber finds out that Sophie’s home alone, she offers to go to the pictures with her instead until old-Uni mate Arj comes for a visit. And before you know it, Amber and Arj are getting jiggy upstairs in Amber’s flat.  Sophie’s a bit peeved at being dumped by Amber as soon as Arj arrived, so with Arj and Amber upstairs having a bit of how’s your father, Sophie tells Dev just where his daughter is.  Dev’s not best pleased and storms into the flat to find a half-naked Arj with his daughter.  How’s your father now, Amber?

And finally this week, Ken’s got gout.

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This week's writers were Martin Allen, Simon Crowther, David Lane and Peter Whalley.  Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at:
Glenda Young
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It's that time of year when the team here at Coronation Street Blog like to count down to Christmas. And with that in mind, we're launching our Coronation Street advent calendar tomorrow, Thursday December 1st. 

Presented by our blogger Sunny Jim, the Corrie advent calendar will run every single day during December until Christmas Day exclusively here on the blog. 

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CBC Update on catching up to the UK timeline

I saw a news headline in my inbox tonight regarding the CBC double episode "catch up" that we're seeing. The article is dated about a month ago but it's still relevant. People have been asking how long CBC is going to continue to catch up and how much will they catch up?

This article states that CBC will play catch up until they're pretty much up to date. We don't know if we'll be 100% caught up as the CBC might keep it about a week or so behind the ITV episodes in case of a technical glitch. Fair enough! There's also mention of not suspending Corrie anymore during sporting events, though they may play with the schedule and air it at a different time. “Even if it doesn’t play in its normal timeslot we’ll put it in another timeslot,”

Also fair enough. Most people have vcrs or dvrs these days and CBC also carries it online. They estimate we should be caught up by September. CBC posts the week's episodes on Mondays following the airing of the Sunday omnibus in all regions so you can always catch it there as well. Kudos to CBC for this! An hour a day for the next 8 or 9 months is a lot to keep up with but it's worth it!

Tuesday 29 November 2011

Tyrone and Kirsty to have a Corrie baby

There's a Coronation Street spoiler in today's Daily Star that says Tyrone's going to be a dad.  In the New Year, Tyrone's girlfriend Kirsty will announce that she's pregnant.

The paper reveals that after Kirsty is involved in a car crash with Tina McIntyre, she gets checked out by medics and tells Tyrone: “I’m pregnant with your baby Tyrone. You’re going to be a dad.”
And after seeing the baby scan he realises that Kirsty is the one for him and says: “A proper family of my own is all I’ve ever wanted.”

Let's just hope Tyrone's mum Jackie Dobbs returns to play the nanna from hell.

Corrie caricature of the week, Elsie Tanner

These wonderful Corrie caricatures are created by talented artist Pickled Jo. Some of the Corrie cast even use their own caricatures for their profile pics on twitter, and I've long been a fan of her work here on the Coronation Street Blog.  Pickled Jo has even done the poster for the Fat Brenda stage show, starting in Harrogate, Yorkshire, in April 2012.
Today's Corrie caricature is a classic one - Elsie Tanner.
Follow Pickled Jo at her blog, on twitter, and join her facebook group.

Peter Barlow to star in his own, exclusive Corrie episode

Peter Barlow fans, hang on to your hats. There's going to be a Peter Barlow special episode on Coronation Street next week, Thursday 8 December 2011. 

It's called: A day in the life of Peter Barlow, alcoholic.

And it's all about Peter hitting the booze once again while wrestling with his demons over Carla.  

Money for Old Rope

There's a new addition to the Coronation Street titles: the P for Product Placement.  After decades of commercial television, Ofcom has finally decided that the British can watch programmes with real products and the world won't end.

As usual though, we've been rubbish at it: the first paid-for item is a cash machine in Dev's shop. Only eccentric millionaires will rush out to buy one of those.  It's early days though: hopefully we'll soon reach the level of subtly inserted dialogue and products our American cousins have enjoyed for years, as you can see in this clip from Days of Our Lives:

To give the producers some ideas, here are five products that would fit right into the Street.  You're welcome.

Fish Fingers

Before they became a nympho and a lesbian, Rosie and Sophie's entire existence was based around the consumption of fish fingers.  They couldn't move more than five yards without Sally jamming a bright orange cod stick down their throat.  I was pleased to see this is a tradition continued to this day, with Max barely out of the hands of Social Services before Gail was offering him fish fingers.  However, with product placement, this could be taken further.  Junior members of the cast will only be able to eat fish fingers from now on.  Simon, Amy, Faye, all of them - whenever they're on screen, they'll have a pack of Birds Eye specials in their hand.  Even little Hope can have them mashed up and fed to her.  Ok, they might turn orange from all those artificial colourings, and they might get rickets through the lack of vegetables, but think of the revenues!

Sample dialogue:

Katie: Oh Chesney, I can't wait to finally give birth to this baby, especially since I seem to have been pregnant since the Labour government.  It will be such a thrill to feed him FISH FINGERS for the first time.
Katie: Of course.  Only the best for our little ginger moppet.


Unimaginative folks will restrict their product placement to shops and inside people's homes.  With the construction of the new set, an opportunity raises itself to get advertising into the very fabric of Coronation Street itself.  Each of the new cobbles can be painted a different colour, creating a rainbow effect which is not only visually pleasing (especially in HD) but also acts as a subtle reminder to the viewer that they need to stock up on sweets next time they're in Tesco's.

Sample dialogue:

Deirdre: I'm suprised you didn't object to the repainting of the cobbles, Ken.  It seems like the kind of thing you'd whine about.
Ken: Perhaps, but I'm all for something that looks like my favourite confectionery - SMARTIES.  Would you like one?
Deirdre:  Thank you.  Mmm, that's tasty.  Didn't they used to come in tubes?
Ken: Don't get me started.


Let's be honest: poor Gail's had a hell of a life.  I'm surprised she can still get up in the morning, especially when she gets downstairs and finds David snarling at her across the breakfast table.  Wouldn't it make perfect sense for her to be on antidepressants?  They got such a bad press during the interminable Joe McIntyre storyline - it'd be good for the show to depict the upside of being smacked out of your head on a daily basis.

Sample dialogue:

Gail: Thanks to this PROZAC, I'm ready to face the world.  I'm happy, relaxed and up for anything.  More FISH FINGERS, Max?
(Enter Kylie)
Kylie: Guess what?  I'm pregnant.
(Gail takes some more PROZAC and laughs into the camera)


The show already subtly features music in the background during scenes in the pub or the bistro.  Why not monetise this and have characters listen to the latest hits, all of which are currently available in the shops?  Think how much better an argument between Stella and Karl would be if Westlife's Greatest Hits drowned out some of the dialogue.  Or what an insight into the characters we'd get as they discussed their favourite tunes at length?

Sample dialogue:

Roy: I've decided to stop playing Radio 3, Hayley.  It's 2011 and I think the cafe should move with the times.  I've bought this new CD, only £8.99 from HMV.
Hayley: Of course you could have downloaded it from iTunes for £7.99.
Roy: Of course.  Shall I put it on?
(He does.  All dialogue ceases for three minutes while they and every customer in the cafe listen to the lead track from the album).
Hayley: Goodness that was entertaining.  I don't think I've ever enjoyed a piece of music more.  What did you say it was called again?
Roy: It was Mama Do The Humps, by Rizzle Kicks.  From the album Stereo Typical.
Hayley: Marvellous.

Let's be honest: we all get a bit bored with the constant dialogue about knickers in Underworld.  It's all gussets here, lacy bras there, intricate stitching, blah blah blah.  I suspect the writers don't even put that stuff in their script; they just leave a gap and put Carla yaks on about fabric for a couple of minutes.  How much more interesting would it be if they were making stuff we cared about?  Stuff we could go out and buy in our local Arndale?

Sample dialogue:

Carla: Good news, everyone!  I've decided to bin making underwear.  I've got us a contract making clothes for TOP SHOP.
Julie: TOP SHOP?  But will we be up to the challenge of crafting their excellent fashion and maintaining their high standards?
Carla: Of course we can.  We can raise ourselves to TOP SHOP's levels.  Now get sewing this pleather boob tube Michelle is modelling and which will retail for £20.99.

Job done.  My cut is 10%, Mr Collinson.

Sneak preview of next week's Corrie, December 5 - 9

Without any piffle, here's the storyline for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Week of Monday 5 - Friday 9 December

A tram crash memorial service is planned, Peter starts drinking again, Lloyd kisses Stella, Sally turns on Carla and Tyrone asks Kirsty to move in.

The full weekly preview, with loads of pictures is right here on

Missed last week's Corrie?
Catch up with the
Coronation Street weekly updates

Sneak preview of tonight's Corrie, Tues 29 Nov at 8pm

Coronation Street, Tuesday 29th November @ 8pm
Kylie accuses Becky of kidnapping Max. Kylie’s hysterical with Max still missing and suddenly decides Becky’s taken him after seeing him arrive earlier. Pinning her up against the cafe wall Kylie demands to know where Max is but a stunned Becky has no idea. Panicking herself Becky joins the search for Max, eventually finding him in the back room of the pub waiting for her. As she takes Max back to a shaken Kylie how will she react to the news that Max was looking for Becky?
Sophie’s jealousy gets the better of her. Sophie’s unimpressed when a Uni friend of Amber’s turns up at the shop and she suddenly drops their plans for the cinema. It’s clear Arj is an old flame and as they share a kiss Sophie’s jealous. Left alone in the shop will Sophie cover for Amber when Dev asks about his daughter’s whereabouts?
Nick and Eva’s caper throws them together. With the security getting closer Nick and Eva are forced to squeeze together and hide. It’s a close shave and the sexual tension doesn’t go unnoticed by either. Back on the street they’re giddy after their warehouse raid. Will they give into their mutual attraction?
Elsewhere when Faye hurts herself in the Windasses shed Owen suggests it’s a hazard and needs tearing down. How will Faye react to the loss of her safe haven?

Antony Cotton's final week in the jungle - what do you think?

He's had a mini meltdown and gone walkabout but I've been enjoying watching Antony Cotton in I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.

I felt horribly sorry for him when he was in the glass coffin with the snakes (that's my phobia too) and felt sympathy for him last night when he took himself off for a walk to have some time on his own. I understand that completely.  But has he got what it takes to win and be crowned King of the Jungle when I'm a Celebrity ends this weekend? I'm not so sure and am personally hoping that Fatima Whitbread wins and becomes Prime Minister.

Last night when Arntony said that Fatima Whitbread had "all the personality of a frying pan" I knew that line sounded familiar and checked back in my Coronation Street weekly updates. I guess it's a common enough insult and would make its way into Corrie dialogue as it's a good phrase.  Anyway, sure enough it was there from the weekly update of November 13 2006 and you can read it at

"Tracy starts to cosy up to Claire, the woman she once called a Care-Bear with Tog Rating 15. She also once said if Claire and Ashley ever had a child it would have the personality of  a frying pan and the voice of Tweety-pie."

Monday 28 November 2011

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Spoiler: Tina and Kirsty in car crash

There's a Coronation Street spoiler in The Sun that says Tina and Kirsty will be involved in a Coronation Street car crash.

After what appears to be more arguing between Tina and Kirsty,  Kirsty ends up chasing Tina's red Renault. Tina then slams on her brakes at traffic lights before Kirsty's patrol car smashes into the back, leaving her bleeding and unconscious. 

There's pictures of the scenes being filmed at The Sun website here.

Winner announced in our Corrie Christmas Cards competition

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Find out more about the panto at

Corrie Review - Thursday 24 November 2011

Writer: Martin Allen
Director: Graeme Harper

Ciaran has been up all night in the Bistro cooking food for Bob's bash and he succeeds but when Bob comes to collect the buffet, Ciaran is shocked to learn that Bob expects him to be there to serve the food at the party. Quick thinking, Ciaran persuades Tina to assist him in serving. He calls Nick claiming he has to go to hospital as he's not feeling well. While at the party he's horrified to see a familar face. Audrey is there. Ciaran spends most of the afternoon hiding from her and nearly gets caught at one point but Audrey turns around to look for her missing lipstick. Promising Nick he'd get back to the Bistro he has to make an early departure. Bob says he'll go and get the money for him from the safe, but panicking to get off quickly, Ciaran says meeting later would be more beneficial and hurries out.

Meanwhile Dev is still ranting on about Aadi's golfing prowess and in the corner shop. Locking the door he bets Karl that his son can pot three balls in one. Aadi is doing his Dad proud and pots two out of two but as he goes for his third shot Sunita arrives back thumping on the door. Aadi promptly misses his shot and Sunita consquently finds out that her husband has been betting on their son prompting her to let rip at Dev.

Dennis hasn't come home after the previous night and Rita is worried. Emily tries to reassure her but Rita is still concerned. and Norris gives Rita the contact details for Norma Fountain, the lady who was looking for Dennis which prompted him into disappearing. She arrives to speak with Rita and Emily in the Rovers and reveals that she isn't looking for Dennis because he's commited a benefit fraud, she was engaged to him and he ran off on their wedding day two years ago. Norma explains that Dennis had never shown that he didn't want to marry her and after the wedding day she didn't hear anything off him until she saw his name printed in the Gazette revealing he'd been homeless. She also revealed that he at that point had no income and no other home.

Brian reveals to Sunita and Leanne that the school nativity play has been cancelled as the teacher who was organising it has had a nervous breakdown and will be off for the rest of term at least. The two ladies begin to formulate a plan to hold their own. However Leanne also has another concern, she still isn't pregnant and decided to book an appointment with Dr Carter to find out if there's anything wrong.

Ciaran has made it back to Bistro and lies to Nick that it was an ear infection but he'll be fine to continue his shift. However Bob can't make the meeting and innocently brings the money to the Bistro where he gives to a bemused Nick to pass onto his business partner. Unfortunately Nick soon realises what Ciaran has done - used the Bistro's facilities and stock for his own purposes and that Ciaran as well passed himself off as the co-owner. Allowing him to keep the £300 deposit, Nick takes the other £800 from Bob and promptly sacks Ciaran leaving the chef with barely twelve hours to find £700 and he now has no job.


The look on Dev's face is priceless when Sunita disturbs Aadi's golfing.


Why couldn't Ciaran wait another five minutes to get the other £800 from Bob. He then could have paid the hotel in time for the deadline.

The way Dennis treated Norma in the past by running off and now by running off again when all his friends are clearly concerned about him

Sneak preview of tonight's Corrie, Monday 28 November at 7.30pm

Coronation Street, Monday 28th November @ 7:30pm
Kylie leaves David holding the baby. As Steve heads off on holiday with Tracy , Becky tries to remain positive, refusing to leave Weatherfield. But when she sees Max moving into the Platts she’s jolted. Kylie’s doing everything she can to settle Max into his new home but when she receives a call from a client about a nail appointment she’s forced to rush off. Alone with Max, David does his best but as they play football in the garden David gets into a row with Owen and when he takes his eye of Max he disappears!
Nick and Eva take the law into their own hands. When Ian comes into the Bistro to explain his company’s position Nick and Eva learn that all stock has been impounded. They head down to the warehouse to claim the wine Nick’s paid for but it’s a waste of time. However Eva vows she isn’t leaving empty handed and breaks into the building. Following her inside Nick locates his stock. Will they get out without being caught?
Sophie’s attraction for Amber grows. Sophie’s put out when Sian turns down a trip to the cinema because she’s got too much coursework on. But when Amber casually suggests she go with her instead will Sophie agree?
Elsewhere Frank’s impressed with Sally’s work when she proposes a potential deal for the factory. Carla takes back the reins at Underworld.

Reminder: Corrie schedule change tonight - Mon 28 Nov

There's only one episode of Coronation Street on tonight.

And the Corrie schedule for this week has been changed, so check out the schedule here and be sure you don't miss our favourite soap.

Last chance to enter our Corrie Christmas Cards competition

If you haven't yet entered our fab little competition to win a pack of 8 Coronation Street Christmas cards, then it's your last chance to enter today.

The competition ends today, Monday 28 November at 5pm.

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Sunday 27 November 2011

Corrie weekly awards: Nov. 21 - 25

Best Mate award: Gold Star: Becky keeping Lloyd company.

Pants on Fire award: Ciaran lying to Michelle about the wedding venue booking, about falling out with Peter, lying to Nick about being sick when he's had to serve at that do he cooked for. He got caught and got sacked!

Heart warming award: Gold Star: Becky and Roy. Becky telling Steve where to get off.
Silver Star: Rita and Dennis, her trying to pretend she's not smitten.

Drunk Continuity Fairy award: Sloppy star: Ciaran wanted Peter to be his best man on Friday. Friday was also the deadline for the venue deposit and Michelle's wedding dress shopping day. So when's the wedding again?
Sloppy Second star: Also, I thought Marc was Nick's wine supplier, but now we hear the wine supplier has gone bust? Was that Marc? Why didn't he say so if it was? And how did Kirk know about Karl's big win? He left before that happened. Grapevine, maybe.

How do you like me now award: Chris's lies are exposed, he's sacked, unhoused and barred! And... he's gone too! (change the locks, Jayboy)

Christianity award: Kirk was asked if he fancied Michelle. "Is the Pope Catholic?"

Cold Feet award: Dennis ran off from his last fiance.

Why would anyone think that Dennis would even have anything to do with the Benefits office? He'd be drawing a pension by now, surely?

One Big Happy Family award, looking forward to Max coming to stay!

Lines of the Week:
Ciaran "It's complicated" Michelle "And I became a thickie..when?"
Kirk "I hate being me sometimes"
Norris "Discretion's my middle name" (*koff*)
Becky to Lloyd "My pain beats your pain every day of the week and twice on Sunday"
Norris to Rita "The words 'touch' and 'nerve' come to mind"
Re the Tudors telly program: Emily "I didn't know where to look!" Deirdre "Ken did and now his toe's hurting"
Nick "Just cause you're Irish doesn't mean you can charm me!"
Eva re Gail "Did you see her face?" Nick "She always looks like that"
Michelle "Is this some kind of parallel universe?"
Becky to Steve "You crawl back into that miserable cow's miserable mother's miserable house and leave me alone for good!"

Saturday 26 November 2011

Corrie Gold

Coronation Street chunters along nicely most of the time. It's got ups, it's got downs, We moan about the sensational, the next trial and tribulation of someone falsely accused. And then we get some gold that makes us remember why we love the show.

We got gold this week, several times over.

Dennis Tanner is and always was a rogue. We discovered that he jilted someone a couple of years ago and she's tracked him down, only to find out why. He admitted he didn't love her and was feeling trapped, with no way to tell her. Turns out, she knew all along and was only after companionship in her old age. Meanwhile, Rita has been harbouring her growing feelings for Dennis but managed to hide it from him when he said he was afraid he'd put her through what he put Norma though. 

Weren't they wonderful? They didn't always even need words, just a look conveyed Dennis' fears and Rita knew exactly what he meant. She hid it well, but when his back was turned, we could see her face fall. It doesn't matter how old you are, you still can fall in love and you still can hurt.
Becky is divorced from Steve, absolutely. She got the "blood money" as she called it to prove it. She wound up Tracy with tales of spending it on a posh holiday, knowing it would get back to Steve who tore a strip off her for frittering it away. But Roy quite rightly pointed out that it was none of Steve's business and Tracy cut Steve off at the knees over it too. Yay!!! I think she'll be able to get on with her life now. Previously, she and Roy had a wonderful conversation over a meal. My favourite bit was her wondering why she couldn't be more like Roy and he telling her she would never want to be like him. Roy just makes my heart weep sometimes.

Even earlier in the week, Becky decided to keep Lloyd company for an evening of tequila and one upmanship over whose life was in worse shape. No agenda, no unwise snogging, just mates commiserating. Golden!

Even the final departure of Ciaran had me surprisingly choked up. Well it wasn't so much his departure as it was Michelle's broken heart, knowing they wanted two different things. I did find a suspiciously wet eye when she was sobbing in Carla's arms after the taxi went round the corner. Maybe not golden, but surely sterling silver as a runner up?


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