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Sunday 30 September 2012

Coronation Street double episode review, Friday Sep 28

Cue drum roll. The dimly-remembered affair between Ken Barlow and  Wendy Crozier, which broke up his  marriage to Deirdre 20 years ago, has been exhumed from the land of Coronation Street plots past. 

The now somewhat geriatric former lovers have been reunited as governors at Brian's school. Ken has wasted no time in dolling  himself up in his best suit  ("Why are you are all dressed up?" noted unknowing wife Deirdre)  before flashing cheesy smiles at  a private meeting with his ex lover as they enjoyed a cosy chat, ostensibly about their passion for improving the school. 

This is  a school, remember,  Ken had no particular connection with until he was  mysteriously voted in as chief governor last week  in a clunky plotline. "I'm so glad we did this, "Ken  smarmed, to Wendy, with  a definite glint in his eye.

Meanwhile they swapped their post-affair  histories - Wendy is now a widow of a Mr Papadopolous while Ken explained:"I had a son with someone else" (a son who is never seen or mentioned in the show)  "and", he continued,  "Deirdre married a Moroccan she met on holiday."  As you do," noted Wendy. Looks like ageing romeo Ken's famous kimono could be due for another outing soon. Poor Deirdre!

Lloyd also was dressed up in his best bib and tucker  as he met his long lost daughter Jenna in the Bistro and pretended to be posher than he was to try and impress her- ordering wine with his meal and  pretending to be a top  businessman because she had "been to university , she deserves better than me." Nice comic and rather touching scene here for Craig Charles as cabbie Lloyd.  Jenna, however it turned out, despite her posh college education, is a down to earth  "pie and chips" girl after all and they decamped cosily to the Rovers.

Tracy and Michelle continued to be at loggerheads as the latter banned her from her home - though Tracy wheedled her way in for a smooching session with Ryan, to Michelle's fury.After rowing with his mum Ryan ended up moving out, and after failing to be allowed to stay with Tracy at Ken and Deirdre's house, moved in as an unlikely lodger with Sophie and Sally Webster. "No drugs, no rolling in all hours," demanded Sally, setting out her house rules, which is fair enough.
Meanwhile the doom and gloom that is the Tyrone / Kirsty storyline got doomier and gloomier as  Kirsty's psycho bully of a dad (runs in the family) turned up and snatched the baby from the back garden.  He brought the child back, then headed off snarlingly with  Kirsty's cowed mum who had been sheltering with the not so happy couple.  Kirsty's response as ever was to blame St Tyrone and  hurl a large object at him. I'd advise Tyrone to wear a suit of armour at home at this rate. Make it stop, please

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Ken Barlow and Wendy Crozier - in a nutshell

A summary of Ken Barlow and Wendy Crozier's relationship has been requested, and here it is, with full credit to where it first appeared.  You might also like to check out The Ballad of Wendy Crozier.

Wendy Crozier appeared on Coronation Street for the first time in 1989.  So if you're not familiar with Ken's old flame, we do hope the following will help.

Wendy Crozier worked for Weatherfield Council and took minutes at council meetings. She started passing her inside information to Ken Barlow who was the editor of The Weatherfield Recorder. Suspicion over the source of the leaks soon started to fall on Deirdre, who ended up having flaming rows with Ken over the invidious position that he had put her in as a councillor. Convinced that she was the source of the leaks, her fellow councillors tried to exclude Deirdre from a meeting of the council, but she decided to leave of her own accord and insisted that this be minuted. Later on that evening, Ken met up with Wendy and she passed over documents from the meeting that Deirdre had left and when Ken printed a story based on this information, the Chief Executive of the council apologised to Deirdre and asked her to spy on Ken to find out who was passing him the information, but being loyal to her husband, she refused to. Suspicion then turned to another councillor, Steve Rafferty, who had been caught passing secrets to The Gazette in the past. Eventually, Ken told Deirdre who his mole was, but this didn't improve their relationship, though Deirdre was at least now able to get her fellow councillor off the hook after she met with the Chief Executive and gave him Ken's strictest assurance that Steve wasn't the source of the leaks.

Despite promising to sever links with Wendy, Ken continued to receive and print stories from her and Deirdre got so incensed that when she was called up in front of the Chief Executive and blamed again, she dropped Wendy in it. Wendy was immediately suspended from duty, then sacked and whilst being very supportive to her while she was going through this crisis, a twinkle started to develop in Ken's eye. Having lost her job at the council, Ken gave her a job at The Recorder, much to Deirdre's chagrin. The relationship between Ken and Wendy started to become much more than that of employer and employee and Wendy ended up cooking dinner for him on his birthday, despite there having been a perfectly adequate celebratory meal waiting for him at home. In order to keep their blossoming affair secret, Wendy resigned from the newspaper and of course this left Ken short staffed at work and gave him all the excuses he needed to be "working late at the office". Wendy asked Ken to leave Deirdre, but he refused and so Wendy decided that they should stop seeing each other, but she still wanted him and of course they ended up together again. Deirdre got suspicious of the late nights and confronted Ken, but he of course denied it and, with the support of Tracy, Deirdre believed him. But then Christmas loomed on the horizon.

Unable to stay apart, Ken spent Christmas Eve at Wendy's, but eventually went home after making sure he left behind the painting that Wendy had given him. On his return Deirdre asked him where he had been and who he had been with and Ken confessed all and after Deirdre told him that she didn't care where he slept but it wouldn't be in her bed, he broke down and cried. As usual Ken wanted the best of both worlds and his inability to make a choice between his mistress and his wife and family ended up with him spending a lonely, uncomfortable, sleepless New Year's Eve night tossing and turning on a chair in his office. The following morning, Tracy rang Wendy to speak to her father and Deirdre was convinced that Wendy was lying when she said that she hadn't seen Ken since the night before. Wendy guessed where Ken was and went round to his office and convinced him to go home with her.

As they were now together as a couple Wendy started to help out at the paper again and using her old council contacts managed to secure a contract for the printing of Public Announcements, but things soon turned sour when Deirdre found out that since Ken had mortgaged the house to buy the paper, and she owned half the house, she therefore owned half the paper and was entitled to half its profits. Wendy offered to lend Ken the money to buy Deirdre out, but he refused, despite Deirdre having given him the option of buying her half of the house and having received an offer for The Recorder from its rival, The Gazette. Despite Wendy's support and encouragement, Ken eventually had to face up to the fact that the paper was in dire financial straits and after much heartache, Ken had to sell up to The Gazette to settle things with Deirdre, though both Wendy and he kept their jobs.

Tracy still wanted to see her adoptive father and much to Deirdre's displeasure started to form a good relationship with Wendy, even going so far as to defend her to Deirdre, which of course only made things worse. As part of her council work, Deirdre went away on a course which meant stopping away overnight. She arranged for Emily Bishop to come in and look after Tracy, but Tracy took her bags and went to stay at Wendy's with her father. When Emily told Deirdre what had happened, she immediately phoned Ken and told him she didn't want her daughter anywhere near THAT WOMAN, but by that time, Tracy was in bed and so Ken was not prepared to wake her up and take her home. Ken's new boss at the paper had not been happy with taking on Ken along with the paper and after Ken missed a meeting with an advertiser because of his 'personal problems', he manouvered him into resigning. This made Ken very bitter, doubly so, when he found out that Wendy had stepped into his shoes and for less money. Ken kept the fact of his new unemployed state from Deirdre, but she soon found out after Wendy bumped into Mike Baldwin and let it slip that Ken was no longer employed at The Recorder.

Ken's devotion to Tracy and his bitterness over Wendy stealing his job had started to take their toll on their fragile relationship and soon Ken realised that he deeply regretted leaving Deirdre and Tracy and so he packed his bags and moved into digs in Chepstow Street. Nothing was ever seen again of Wendy Crozier, but her name was to be mentioned many times in the future as Ken and Deirdre raked over the burnt out coals of their relationships.

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Wanted - Coronation Street 1968 episodes 801 and 802

Are you sitting at home with a pile of old Coronation Street episodes from the 1960s?  I'm after two particular episodes - numbers 801 and 802 - from January 1968.

If anyone has the episodes at home and can help out by sharing them with me please email me

Thank you!

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Happy Birthday to Barbara Knox

Happy Birthday to Barbara Knox, who plays Coronation Street's Rita Tanner,  my favourite Corrie woman, ever.

Barbara was born on September 30, 1933 which officially makes her 21, again.

Many happy (Rovers) returns Miss Knox!

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State of the Street - September 2012

The end of the month brings us another look at the state of things on Coronation Street. We've had a new baby born and her little life is already filled with drama, poor mite. It's been one of the better storylines for me, very well written and acted all around.

The surrogacy storyline has taken a few loop-de-loops and leaps and it's actually feeling like it's dragging a bit but these things take time. I wonder what extra hormones are going to do to the already stroppy personalities of both Izzy and Tina! Pity the blokes!

This, that and a few other things are expanded upon over here.

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Coronation Street Weekly Awards, Sepember 24 - 28

Hit the mark award: Tracy does get some good zingers in at Michelle's expense and she's doing a very good job of pushing a wedge between Michelle and Ryan.

Be Careful What You Wish For award: Brian thinks getting Ken on the board of Governors will *solve* all his problems. I think his problems are just beginning.

Are You New Here? Award: Tyrone thinks Fiz will be just the person Kirsty wants to visit and help with the baby.

Contrived award: Jenna was incensed about Lloyd and chucks her mother out of her house so Mandy comes to see if Lloyd has seen her? Is she using him to cadge a place to live or just to tell him to stay away, too!

Good use of sound effects award: Kirsty got more and more worked up just as the kettle was coming to a boil and whistling loudly.

Soap Opera Phrase of Doom: Deirdre: "I think there's life in the old dog yet"
Wendy: "What could possibly go wrong!" (aaaaghh!)

Pants on Fire award: Ken's already lying to Dierdre about Governor's meetings when he's actually seeing Wendy.
Lloyd was pretending to be oh so sophisticated for Jenna.

Interfering Idiot award: Brian keeps pushing Ken and Wendy together, hoping to keep Ken on board and he doesn't realize how damaging it could be.
Owen keeps insinuating himself in the middle of the two couples. Maybe he's afraid he's not going to get his money's worth.

Stalk Much award: Lloyd keeps coming at Jenna and Mandy. They don't know he's not a bad guy. She'd probably come to him in time but as it's a soap, we need to move along.

Blast from the Past award: Dennis was put in mind of his mam while watching Michelle and Tracy squabble on the street.

Lines of the week:
Brian "The vultures are circling, Julie."
Deirdre "If you ask me, that Jamie Oliver is not as Pukka as he thinks he is"
Michelle "He might be my son but he's still a fella"
Ken "She's the woman who broke up my marraige to Deirdre" (Yes but that took two if i recall?)
Tracy about Michelle (after the story of Steve kissing a "trannie" "Lots of men have a type!" (zing!)
Brian "Mother always said I was a diplomat" (she was wrong)
Tracy "I might be a few years older than Ryan..." Michelle "What you countin' in, dog years?" (oh nice one)
Dennis after the "big fight" "It's times like this I can't help thinking about me mam!" (Ken laughs and nods...awwwwww)
Lloyd to Eileen "Of course you'd never have a barney outdoors in front of the neighbours" (Koff)
Tina "I didn't know you were scared of needles" Tommy "I'm not. It's just pointless" (he didn't even intend on the pun)
Lloyd "I'm kind of master of my own destiny" (don't make me laugh!)
Deirdre to Ken re the Board "It'll keep you out of mischief as well" (will it, now?)

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Deirdre catches Ken at it with Wendy Crozier

I can't wait to see this, I just can't wait 

The Daily Star reveals today that Deirdre's in for a shock when she catches hubby Ken kissing his ex-mistress Wendy Crozier - – now the widowed Mrs Papadopoulos.

A Coronation Street insider tells the Star: ­“Deirdre has been married to Ken long enough to know when he is up to something. So when she suspects that he’s lying to her about where he’s going, she decides to follow him. As she spots him getting into a cab, Rita is about to leave the street in her car. So Deirdre ropes her in to help with her snooping. 

When Ken arrives at his destination they follow on foot and are both stunned when Wendy opens the door of her house. The pair kiss to say hello but whether there is any more to their relationship than school business remains to be seen.”

Deirdre catches Ken and Wendy on ITV1 a week tomorrow, Monday 8 October.

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Saturday 29 September 2012

Writing for Soaps session at London Screenwriters Festival

Remember Tracy Brabin, who played Coronation Street's Trish Armstrong - mother of Jamie?  Tracy's gone on from acting to writing for soaps and some excellent TV drama.  Check out her profile here.

Tracy will be one of the soaps writers speaking in the Writing for Soaps session at this year's London Screenwriters Festival.  The festival takes place in that London from October 26-28th October 2012 at the London School of Film, Media Performance, Regent's College.

The Writing for Soaps session is scheduled to take place on Saturday 27th October at 3.30pm.  The schedule is here.

Also lined up to Chair the session is Yvonne Grace. Yvonne has 20 years experience in producing and script editing long running series and soaps for ITV and the BBC. She latterly Exec Produced Crossroads and before that, produced Holby City. She has also script edited Eastenders and run storylining workshops for Corrie.  Yvonne runs a script editing and writer mentoring website called Script Advice   

Yvonne and Tracy are joined by Mr Holby City Tony McHale. 

STOP PRESS: Corrie writer Damon Rochefort now confirmed to join this soaps session. More info here.

If anyone goes along to this and would like to write us a blog post after the event about the Writing for Soaps session, please do get in touch.

Check out the festival website.

Corrie war between Michelle vs Tracy

Finally, finally, I'm starting to have empathy with Michelle Connor on Coronation Street. Of course, it's because she's taken against Tracy (haven't we all?) and therefore Michelle is fighting Tracy for us so we don't have to get off our sofas and do it ourselves. And besides which, we're real people and Tracy's in the telly.

In the war between Michelle and Tracy, Michelle's become the back street voice of reason when it comes to looking after Ryan and trying to get him out of toxic Tracy's talons. But will anyone listen to Michelle?

Ryan's only gone and moved in at Sally's because Tracy didn't want him living with her at the Barlow's, although Ryan's too thick to notice Tracy didn't want him there. And he still doesn't realise that Tracy's only snogging him on the soft furnishings to wind up Steve.

Anyway, I'm loving this storyline and am fully on Michelle's side.  A tweet I read this week from @Amanda13Jane also suggested the Michelle and Ryan mother and son dynamic was reminiscent of Elsie and Dennis Tanner back in the day.

With thanks to @fatbrenda on twitter for tweeting this wonderful pic of Michelle in her rollers from the Corrie salon catfight this week.

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Friday 28 September 2012

Fab Photo Friday - September 28th 2012

It's Friday again so it's time for this week's fab Coronation Street photo. I'd been looking forward to the fight between Michelle and Tracy this week but although their get up in curlers and hairdressing gowns gave the scene a suitable air of the absurd, the fight itself was little more than a bit of pushing and shoving. So here are some pictures of some far better squabbles on the cobbles.

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Corrie's Candice joins Hollyoaks

Remember Candice? She's the Corrie crimper who left Coronation Street to go on tour with Status Quo in what must surely be the best ever soap exit.

Last year it was rumoured that Candice might be returning to Coronation Street. And now actor Nikki Sanderson who played Candice Stowe in Coronation Street has joined Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks.

Nikki will join Hollyoaks as Maxine Minniver – sister to wannabe glamour model Ann ‘Mitzee’ Minniver. Maxine is described as “a confident, lively, impulsive, flirtatious bombshell, with boundless energy and a penchant for living life on the edge - and to the full… a fearless risk-taker, Maxine is street savvy, witty, ambitious and can spot an opportunity a mile-off ”  So, not too different from Candice, then.

Nikki said: “Being a member of the Hollyoaks team has so far been an absolute pleasure and I am excited about what the future holds for my character.  I feel very lucky to be part of such a wonderful show and to be working with an amazing team.”

Her first appearance on the soap will come in Monday 5 November’s “first look” edition on E4.

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Alan Halsall reveals more nastiness for Kirsty and Tyrone

There's a good interview with Alan Halsall, who plays Coronation Street's Tyrone Dobbs, on Digital Spy today.  Alan reveals the Kirsty and Tyrone abuse storyline will get worse, just when you think it couldn't get much darker.

Alan praises his Corrie cast member Natalie Gumede, who plays Kirsty, and says he has received feedback from men in the same situation as Tyrone. 

He says: "I suppose we are only telling a story at the end of the day, but if we can help just one person to come out and speak about what's happened to them, then it can only be a good thing."

Alan also says that there's going to be a baby bombshell for Tyrone next week. Ooh, we know what it is - it's here.

Read the full interview here.

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Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 28 September

Coronation Street at 7.30pm

TYRONE HAS HIS FUTURE SNATCHED FROM HIM. Kirsty and Tyrone are grateful for Alison's help and hope she will stick around. Later, Tyrone is with Ruby in the yard when there's a smash from inside. Hurtling in, fearing Ed has returned, Tyrone discovers Alison has smashed a bottle of milk. When he returns to the yard however Tyrone is on for one the biggest shocks of his life.

LLOYD TRIES TOO HARD WITH JENNA. Lloyd's taking a new approach to winning Jenna round and takes her to the Bistro which Lloyd describes as his regular 'haunt'. However Jenna sees right through Lloyd. Has he made another terrible mistake?

TRACY STIRS THINGS UP BETWEEN RYAN AND MICHELLE. Michelle reiterates that Ryan will not bring Tracy home. He ignores her when Tracy rings the buzzer wanting to spend the evening with him. When Michelle returns home early she's furious to find Tracy and chucks her out. Michelle then turns on Ryan and they have an almighty row. Later, Ryan emerges with a rucksack but where will he go?

Ken and Wendy meet for a cuppa and agree to put their past behind them for the school's sake. Izzy, Gary, Tina and Tommy prepare for their first fertility session.

Coronation Street at 8.30pm

TYRONE AND KIRSTY BEAR THE BRUNT OF ED'S CRUELTY. Kirsty is horrified that Ruby's disappeared from her pram and searches frantically for her with Tyrone and Alison. Alison suggests they go back inside and call the police. When they do they find Ed standing there cradling Ruby. Kirsty demands Ed hands over Ruby which he does and then tells Alison she's coming home with him. Alison goes to pack but Kirsty won't have it. She rails at Ed for being a tyrant and a bully. Tyrone tries to diffuse the situation but in doing so, Ed loses his temper and punches Tyrone, which results in a fight spilling out onto the street. After her parents leave, Kirsty still rages, will Tyrone yet again bear the brunt of her fury?

RYAN FINDS A NEW HOME. Tracy's taken aback when Ryan lands on her doorstep with his bags. She tells him she'd love him to stay but Ken wouldn't approve. She won't impose on Ken's goodwill. Feeling dejected, Ryan tells Sophie he has nowhere to stay. She offers to talk to Sally about Rosie's old room. Sally agrees but what will Michelle say? Later, Michelle tries to make Ryan realise Tracy just doesn't want to live with him but Ryan won't listen.

LLOYD AND JENNA BOND OVER A PINT OF NEWTON & RIDLEY. After confessing to a delighted Lloyd that she's more of a pie and chips girl, he and Jenna escape the Bistro for the comfort of the Rovers. The pair bond over hotpots and Lloyd assures Jenna he's no intention of replacing her dad. Can Lloyd finally be on the path to having a meaningful relationship with his daughter?

Widow Wendy and Ken catch up on the last two decades and Izzy snaps after Owen fusses around her following her return from the fertility clinic.

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Spot the Corrie prop - September 28th 2012

I thought that last week's prop puzle was relatively straightforward but nobody guessed the owner of the darts trophy. It sits on the windowsill of Jason's flat but as it was there before he moved back in, it must belong to Tommy Duckworth.

For this week's poser we go somewhere we don't see all that often. So, whereabouts on Coronation Street would you find this fine selection of stationery items?

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Thursday 27 September 2012

Ryan Thomas rumoured to be joining I'm a Celebrity jungle

Internet rumours are like Chinese whispers. So, take this next bit of 'news' with a large pinch of salt as I've found the rumour on several websites that Ryan Thomas might be going into the celebrity jungle.

Ryan, who plays Coronation Street's Jason Grimsaw, was approached to join the I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! set of celebs this year, said The Sun back in July.  Since rumours are all over the place about which celebs might be flying off to Oz to join the jungle, Ryan's name has cropped up once more. 

It's also been rumoured already that ex-Corrie actor Helen Flanagan, who played Rosie Webster, will be going into the jungle too.  Read more on that here.

We'll let you know here as soon as we receive official notification as to whether any of the Corrie cast - past or present - are actually taking part in the reality TV show.

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Video: Craig Charles on ITV’s Loose Women

Craig Charles, who plays Coronation Street’s Lloyd Mullaney, was interviewed on ITV’s Loose Women this week. He was primarily there to plug the new series of Red Dwarf which starts on Thursday 4 October on Dave.  And the Loose Women, including two ex-Corrie actors Sherrie Hewson (Maureen Holdsworth) and Denise Welch (Natalie Barnes) also quizzed him about his role on Coronation Street as Lloyd.

Craig says he’s been on Corrie as Lloyd for seven years now.  He’s great friends in real life with Simon Gregson, who plays Steve McDonald, and was best man at Simon’s wedding. “I can’t remember that wedding!” laughed Denise Welch. “Neither can I!” he replied. By ‘eck, it must have been a good ‘un.

He also talked about Lloyd’s current storyline involving long-lost love Mandy (Pamela Nomvete) and finding out that he’s got a daughter, Jenna (Krissi Bohn).  Craig said it’s great that Lloyd’s been given this back-story as the audience relate to nice guy Lloyd and he loves playing him as he reckons he’s the Street’s conscience because everyone goes to him for advice.

Asked whether Lloyd will make a good dad, Craig joked he’ll probably make a better dad than he does in real life. He admitted that he returned from a trip to Rome at the weekend and his luggage went missing with his mobile phone inside. The morning of the Loose Women interview he had to borrow his daughter’s phone instead and he went through it, wondering why he didn’t know any of the 10,000 people she had in there. “No wonder she didn’t want to lend it to me this morning!” he said.

You can watch Craig’s interview on ITV’s Loose Women on the ITV player.  Craig’s bit starts at 18 minutes in. 

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Meet Michelle Keegan in Blackburn on Saturday

Michelle Keegan, who plays Coronation Street's Tina McIntyre, will be in Blackburn this Saturday 29 September.

Michelle is the star guest at a fashion extravaganza at The Mall, Blackburn in Victoria Court, from 11am until 3.30pm. Michelle will be signing autographs and posing for pictures with the public from 1pm until 4pm.

Loraine Jones, general manager at The Mall Blackburn, said: “The final preparations for a fantastic day are in full swing now and everyone is looking forward to Saturday. We also wanted a celebrity to reflect the stylish vibe of the day and Michelle Keegan from Coronation Street was the perfect choice.”

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So, what do you think of Gloria Price so far?

While I'm loving the recent addition to Coronation Street of Sue Johnston as Gloria Price, comments left here on the Coronation Street Blog and on our facebook page show that other fans don't feel the same. 

For this fan, Gloria is a breath of fresh air. She's a flirt, she's funny, rude and forthright, she's clearly got a past that she's not afraid to airbrush to suit her needs. And in her interaction with Gail, we know she's got a soft and vulnerable side too - all the makings of a classic Corrie matriach. 

I think Gloria's great. But what you reckon to Gloria Price on Corrie so far? Is she your Golden Glow or do you think she should go?

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Wednesday 26 September 2012

ITV Job Vacancies - 2 Story Associates at Coronation Street

How would you like to work in the engine room of the World's longest-running TV drama?

 is looking for TWO passionate, positive, personable STORY ASSOCIATES to join its storyline team.

The successful candidates will have:
  • A proven track record of planning/storyboarding TV drama
  • The creativity to be a constant wellspring of ideas, producing written pieces  to very tight deadlines and to specific briefs
  • The confidence to put these ideas across in group discussions, and defend them where necessary
  • The resilience to take notes and criticism on their ideas and writing, and use that feedback to create even better television
Oh, and you need to be a belting writer, too, of course - it's no good talking a good game if you can't make us gasp, laugh and cry with what's on the page!

Salary is dependent on experience. Shortlisted candidates will need to prepare a written submission in advance of interview (details will be furnished to selected applicants as necessary).

 6 Months, Maternity Cover
Closing Date:
 Friday 12th October

Full information here

FULL LIST: Coronation Street cast in panto Christmas 2012

Here's our annual round-up of current and past Coronation Street cast members who'll be appearing in pantomime around the country this coming festive season.

As always, we appreciate your help in keeping this list up to date so if you spot a Corrie cast member who's not on the list below appearing at your local theatre, do please leave a comment and we'll add them to the list to keep it as up to date as we possibly can. 

Thanks to
It's Behind You for some of this info.

Current cast members
Nigel Havers (Lewis Archer) in Jack and the Beanstalk, Mayflower Theatre, Southampton

Ex-Corrie cast members - listed A-Z by first name
Andrew Lancel (Frank Foster) in Sleeping Beauty, Echo Arena, Liverpool
Bruno Langley (Todd Grimshaw) in Jack and the Beanstalk, The Brindley Arts Centre, Runcorn
Danny Young (Warren Baldwin) in Cinderella, Hazlitt Theatre, Maidstone
Denise Welch (Natalie Barnes) in Cinderella, Royal and Derngate, Northampton
Eric Potts (Diggory Compton) in Dick Whittington, New Victoria Theatre, Woking
Margi Clarke (Jacqui Dobbs) in Sleeping Beauty, Pavilion Theatre, Rhyl
Nigel Pivaro (Terry Duckworth) in Aladdin, Marina Theatre, Lowestoft
Sherrie Hewson (Maureen Holdsworth) and Ken Morley (Reg Holdsworth) in Jack and the Beanstalk, Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton
Sue Devaney (Debbie Webster) in Cinderella, Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield
Susie Blake (Bev Unwin) in Aladdin, Yvonne Arnaud, Guildford
Tupele Dorgu (Kelly Crabtree) in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Palace Theatre, Mansfield
Wendi Peters (Cilla Battersby-Brown) in White Christmas, Lowry Salford.

Tony Hirst gets a grilling

Tony Hirst, who plays Coronation Street's Paul Kershaw, took part in Celebrity Grilling 3 at Restaurant Bar and Grill in Manchester, raising over £65,000 for Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity.

Tony was on the boys team, captained by Christopher Biggins, which put on a winning performance to finish victorious on the night. 

Maurice Watkins CBE, Chairman of Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity said: “We’re delighted with the success of Celebrity Grilling, which yet again was only made possible thanks to the generosity of Restaurant Bar and Grill and those who bought tickets to attend this special event. The money raised will help to ensure continued excellence in treatment, care and research at the hospital, improving the lives of thousands of children each year across the North West and beyond.”

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Vote for Izzy! Radio Times Creative Diversity Network Soap Award

The Radio Times is supporting the annual awards scheme run by the Creative Diversity Network, a forum for promoting diverse talent in the creative industries.

This year they’re asking you to pick the winner in the Soap category.

From Coronation Street, it's character Izzy Armstrong, played by Cherylee Houston, who's been nominated.

The Radio Times says: "Izzy Armstrong, a wheelchair user, is a captivating character and the handling of her desire to parent a child resonated with the judges."


Cast your vote below by 5pm on Friday 19 October.
Find out more at

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Coronation Street fan of the week - Jeremy in Crawley

It's Wednesday and time to meet another Corrie fan of the week.

Would you like to be our Corrie fan of the week?
Click here to find out more

Who are you and where are you from?
Jeremy from Crawley, West Sussex

How long have you been watching Corrie?
I've watched Coronation Street since 1989. My earliest memory is of Alan Bradley chasing Rita in that rain mac in Blackpool and being hit by a tram. I was only 7 at the time and he gave me nightmares!

Who are your favourite female and male characters - and the reasons why?
Frank Foster was really successful and a classic suave Corrie baddie. Everyone loves Roy Cropper - one of life's awkward outsiders but a man of great intellect and love for Hayley, Becky and Fiz. My favourite male character would be Brian Packham - it's easy to see how he and Julie have been dubbed the new Derek and Mavis. He's a loveable buffoon - Julie has him on a pedestal as a superhero and he's one character who is under-rated but ingenious.

I think Kylie Platt has really come into her own - for me she's one of the most believable characters and gets some brilliant lines. She's gobby, feisty and yet still has a heart. I admire Carla Connor's grit, Beth Tinker is an excellent newcomer, and Eileen is incredibly real. Leanne is one of my favourites especially since the live 50th anniversary episode - her performance was so emotive and flawless - but my ultimate favourite ever has to be Gail! If she's not power-walking with Audrey or walking down the aisle, she's helping Becky obtain Tracy's medical records or being dragged out the canal. She just has to pop up in Nick's Bistro in her tabard and I laugh. She tries to keep up appearances but flits from comedy to crisis in a heartbeat - she is just brilliant.

What's been some of your favourite Corrie storylines over the years?
The Colin Fishwick storyline dragged on but Charlotte Hoyle was the most unhinged woman ever seen in Weatherfield since Mad Mary was out chopping logs with an axe. I really enjoyed her performance til she met her maker with a hammer at no.5! 'Mad Maya Monday' was up there. Dev's shops all going up in smoke, Sunita chained to the cooker but the best storyline was Toyah Battersby's rape. Traumatic, poignant, well written and superbly acted.

And what would your fantasy Corrie storyline be?
There is still unfinished business with Tracy and Karen McDonald - and also Claire Peacock - who must still be on the run with Josh, Freddie and a false passport! I think Sarah-Lou Platt should return to No.8, and Cilla's friend Yana Lumb back at the chippie.

I think the stunts have been done so much over the last few years with the tram, the factory, the crash into the bookies. Character driven plots really pull on your heart strings like Alma's death, Mike Baldwin and Lesley Kershaw's Alzeihmers Disease. I think the writers would handle a euthanasia storyline superbly and contrast that with a happy wedding for Anna Windass. And could Stella develop an evil side and lock Sunita in the pub cellar? The writers love a hostage drama.

Have you any snippets or news about meeting any of the Corrie cast, or trips to the set, etc., that you'd like to share?
I've met Chris Gascoyne who is knee high to a grasshopper, Johnny Briggs who was very approachable and clearly enjoying his retirement and also the late Brian Hibberd in a cafe in Aberystwyth.

I've been to the set twice, once was a school business studies trip in 1998. It was intriguing to see all the backyards dressed to suit the characters who lived there, the gravestones of characters gone by. At the time Roy's Rolls was just a wooden sign stuck on the side of The Rovers set. It will be interesting to see if viewers notice a change on screen when the set is rebuilt in Salford Quays. The show can only get bigger and better!

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Video: Simon Gregson dancing in his pants

Alan Halsall, who plays Tyrone Dobbs onn Coronation Street, has tweeted a video of fellow Corrie cast member Simon Gregson (Steve McDonald) dancing in his pants.

Oh yes, dancing in his pants.

The video was tweeted by Alan on twittter @alanhalsall after Simon took to the stage to dance at a charity gig at the Hilton Hotel in Manchester while Antony Cotton (Sean Tully) was on stage.

You can watch the video here and The Sun have pictures here.

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Sneak preview of tonight's Corrie - Wednesday 26 September

Coronation Street at 7.30pm

KIRSTY'S SURPRISED BY AN UNEXPECTED VISITOR. Tyrone is still steaming due to Kirsty skipping her counselling sessions. He tells her he won't be leaving her alone with Ruby again. He asks Kevin for time off and Kevin begrudgingly obliges. Later, Kirsty's mum Alison turns up out of the blue. She's plucked up the courage to leave her husband Ed and go behind his back to see her granddaughter for the first time. Kirsty panics when she thinks her Dad might rock up. Tyrone insists Alison stays with them as he thinks it will help sort Kirsty out. Kirsty agrees but reckons it's a bad idea as her Dad will come looking for her. As Alison settles in and there's a furious banging on the door, it looks like Kirsty was right to be worried.

TRACY PUSHES MICHELLE TOO FAR. Michelle cringes when she realises she's booked to have her hair done at the same time as her nemesis, Tracy Barlow. While they're under the dryers, Tracy keeps winding her up until she can take no more. Michelle drags Tracy outside where the curlers start to fly. Michelle bans her from the flat in front of a mortified Ryan.

JENNA TAKES THINGS OUT ON LLOYD. Lloyd makes an appointment at Jenna's clinic under a false name. When she sees him there, Jenna is furious. Lloyd manages to talk her round to get her to meet with him for a proper chat.

Ken tells Brian he wants to resign as the Chair of Governors as he is worried about the effects Wendy could have on his marriage. Brian sets up Ken and Wendy in a meeting. Wendy asks Ken not to resign but will he listen to her?

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Tonight: William Roache on Who Do You Think You Are?

William Roache is the subject of documentary 'Who Do You Think You Are' tonight, Wednesday September 26 at 9pm. on BBC1.

The Mirror reports a sneak preview of some of the more salacious facts that William discovers.

Turns out his grandfather was a violent alcoholic and his mother was sent away as an infant to an aunt in Staffordshire to protect her. He gains respect for his grandmother for carrying on a business.

He also finds out his great-grandad gave electric shocks to Victorian clients on Blackpool seafront to cure them of “nervous diseases.

For all this and more, tune in tonight.

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Tuesday 25 September 2012

Pic: Catherine Tyldesley in bed with Corrie co-stars

Picture copyright Catherine Tyldesley on twitter
 Catherine Tyldesley, who plays Coronation Street's Eva Price, has just put this brilliant picture on twitter.

Why is she in bed with Corrie cast members Simon Gregson (Steve McDonald), Marc Baylis (Rob Donovan) and Kym Marsh (Michelle Connor)? It doesn't matter, it's such a great pic and was definitely worth posting here on the Coronation Street Blog. 

Follow Catherine on twitter @Cath_Tyldesley

Did you know that Catherine is also starring in another television programme at the same time that she's on screen in Corrie?  Find out more here.

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Fat Brenda's Cream Horn

A flamin' tranny

Now loveys, here in Weatherfield we pride ourselves on our open-mindedness and tolerance. We have interracial relationships like Tyrone and Kirsty and Xin and Graeme. Even as far back as Curly and Shirley in’t eighties and Deirdre and Samir into the nineties we've stood proud against prejudice and held the door of progress open so others can follow. In’t naughties we’ve had all the sexuals an’ that; trans, bi, homo, lesbiotic and then there’s the vestites – or trannies as they’re known. In my day a tranny was a radio. Mind you a gay was a happy fella who wore bright colours an’ that. Like that Quentin Walker’s Crisp - that English fella in New York who lived wi’ that Sting or summat… Where was I?

Oh aye, tolerance.
So loveys, now it’s out there that, for a Salford backstreet, we’re surprisingly open-minded, a minority group has settled on’t cobbles and there’s concerns that the world’s first “Ginger Ghetto” is being created on our doorstep!

In the old days when Jenny Bradley joined our very own flame-haired Rita we didn't think too much about it 'cos fortunately it didn’t last and Jenny turned out to be a wrong ‘un like her dad. The folk of Weatherfield breathed a sigh of relief as two became one and house prices began to grow again.

There's been a few “are they, aren’t they?” moments an' all. When the Battersby clan arrived there was speculation that Les was a bit like a ginger but it could have been dirty blond or sandy or summat. As for Leanne, she was like a low rent ginger spice when she first came – all Union Jack dress and no knickers - so we weren’t sure whether her orange locks were real or dyed!

Anyhow, Les was eventually joined by the Browns who weren’t brown at all; they were ginger! Oh loveys, we should’ve known! We should have flamin’ known! It was the beginning of the ghettoisation of ginger folk!
Now we’ve got Fiz who has Hope who’s either gonna turn out like her mam and be ginger or she’s gonna take after her dad and be off her rocker AND ginger! Then there’s Joseph, he’s already looking like his dad - ginger. And they’ve been joined by Gary Windass – another one - who’s gonna be having a baby with the sister of Katy (her who’s had a baby with Ches) and that's gonna involve Tina and it seems like they’re set to spread! Two houses already! Next it’ll be three! Mind you, Rita's flat makes it three dun’t it? Oh loveys, I’ve nowt against ‘em honest I haven’t but house prices have been plummeting!

What about that Tommy? Is he a bit ginger?

Our Elsie Tanner was a redhead but she mixed, loveys! She integrated, like our Rita does! This new lot seem to keep 'emselves to 'emselves and soon it's gonna be a blond and brunette no-go area!

I know what yer thinking: "But Brenda, what about Eddie, the love of yer life, he were a bit ginger wan't he?" and I have to agree with you but what with him having long hair there was the whiff of summat exotic about him - that could've been his Hai Karate aftershave I suppose.
In the flamin' Ghetto
So, Pub of the year for’t Rovers, there’s more chance of Sunita Alahan winning rear of the flamin’ year! The Flying Horse is well better than’t Rovers 'cos you can get meat down there from Polish Pete who also sells ciggies from the back of his Passat. I thought I’d help Gloria though so I filled out a comment card and I wrote a poem for her.
I like Newton
I like Ridley,
Dairlea Dunkers,
Are bit flamin’ fiddly.
I like Tina,
Sean and Stella,
But I wish they’d employ,
A good looking fella

Talking of good looking fellas, it's nice to see Kirk’s got a lass int it? That lovely Beth is a right lucky mare! He’s a keeper is Kirk, a fella so simple he thought you had to have proof of age I.D. to buy flamin’ wine gums!

I’ve been getting a lot of stick on Tweeter for telling Jenna where Lloyd was on Friday night but in me defence I am like a young Cilla Black on Surprise Surprise! I don’t mean I sing a bit out of tune in a twin-set – although I do that an’ all – I mean I like to reunite folk!  Plus he’s been proper miserable to me since this Mandy’s been on’t scene. At least he’s not been as bad as when that Cheryl lass was here and he was crying all’t time!

Ken popped into the cab office last night and told me that his old flamin’ flame, Wendy Crozier Theodopolopolopolopolopolopolopolopodus is back on’t scene! Oh loveys, he’s had more lasses than that Darren Day! All Ken has to do is walk out onto any street in any city in any country and chuck a stone and you can bet yer life he’ll hit someone he’s had a fling with on't head! Poor Deirdre, she’ll be smoking a ciggie right now blissfully unaware that her Ken’s gonna be fandangling with a Crozier before Halloween!

I’ll tell you who’s cute, Ruby! What a little belter she is! Mind you, not as much of a belter as Kirsty if the rumours about her belting Tyrone are true! How could anyone harm one hair on Tyrone’s back is beyond me! The lad is kind, honest and caring. He’s so vulnerable an’ all. What that lad needs is a woman who’ll look after him; wash his overalls, fetch batter bits with his cod on a Friday when it’s Wong’s night. Oh loveys, if only he’d pick a nice lass (me) rather than all the wrong ‘uns like that Molly who selfishly soiled a load of Dev’s stock when she was crushed under them tins of Batchelor’s Cock-a-leekie.

Is it me or is there summat a bit perverted about Ryan and Tracy? She’s old enough to be his mam! I saw her last Friday grinning from ear to ear when I was getting me kebab wi’ chips and curry sauce and I felt like ramming me donner down her throat and shouting, “WHY DOES EVERYONE GET A FELLA EXCEPT ME?!”  You know it’s bad when murderers are more successful in love than you!

Dick Van flamin' Dyke/ Rob Donovan
I quite like the fizzer on that Rob Donovan in’t factory though. In half light he looks like a cut-price Sean Bean but I can’t quite put me finger on which part of Manchester he’s from wi’ that accent of his. If I shut me eyes he reminds me of a young Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins – if Dick was playing a northern knicker factory boss rather than a cockney tramp, artist, chimney sweep fella. He’s all, “Eloo gurls. Raght, back tu yer machines.” He must be from’t same place in’t North as Stella “Mah pub mah rules” Price.
I’m going now before I get lynched by a load of ginger folk. 

Remember loveys, when god gives you lemons, slice 'em up and put 'em in yer gin!

Follow me on tweeter, loveys, I'm @fatbrenda

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Coronation Street Weekly Update, September 24 2012

Corrie weekly updates from 1995 - 17 years in 17 e-books
All the wit and warmth of Weatherfield, none of the waffle

Available from and

Greetings and welcome to the Coronation Street Weekly Update. Find out more about the Coronation Street Weekly Updates and why they've been written for th'internet since 1995 at

A million thanks go to Janet Waterhouse and Richard Whitbread who did a sterling job with the updates while I was my jollies.  I’m back now, have hung up my flip-flops for another year and so without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update.

Last week on Corrie all Lloyd had in the world was a job with Streetcars, a bessie mate called Steve and a beltin’ collection of Northern Soul tunes. This week he’s got a job with Streetcars, a bessie mate called Steve, a beltin’ collection of Northern Soul tunes and a daughter called Jenna. Mandy isn’t happy that Lloyd’s put two and two together after she and Lloyd put one and one together all them years ago to arrive at the conclusion that Jenna’s his daughter. And he’s not wrong.  It’s a lot for the trio to take in. Mandy’s grumpy and refuses to see Lloyd, Jenna’s confused and refuses to see Lloyd and Lloyd.. well, Lloyd’s over the moon he’s got a daughter and is ploughing on regardless after taking advice from Eileen while sitting in the Streetcars chair of shame.

Over at the Rovers, Gloria enters the pub into Lancashire Leisure’s pub of the year competition. There’s a suggestion box which punters can post comments cards into. It’s locked, but Gloria smashes it open, desperate to see what the punters have written about her and the pub. But she isn’t best pleased when one of the cards says that the landlady’s mother is both vulgar and loud. Vulgar and loud? Gloria?  After comparing the handwriting on the comment card against Norris’ own, Gloria deduces Norris is the one who left the snarky comments and promptly bars him from the bar.  She’s great, is Gloria, I love her.  “They don’t call me Golden Glo for nothing, you know,” she croons to anyone who’ll listen.

Baby-making plans are put into motion when Gary, Izzy and Tina pay a visit to the fertility clinic.  As a gesture of good faith, or so he wants them to believe, Owen gives Tina and Tommy five thousand pounds as a down payment on the baby, with the rest due when Tina’s up the stick and in the club.  He also moves in with Anna, leaving his flat free for Tommy and Tina to move into. How nice he is. How devious he is, and oh, how controlling he is.

Over at Underworld, Kirk and Beth share a snog in the packing room and he sniffs the top of her head. “You smell better than a pie,” he whispers into her ear. “You smell more gorgeous than the top of a dog’s head!” And who said romance was dead? 

Speaking of romance, although this one smells like the other end of a dog to the one Kirk’s lyrical about, Tracy continues to get her hooks into Ryan. She’s stringing him along with snogs on the sofa to get at Michelle and Steve and it’s working. But when Michelle finds out Ryan’s spent cash he said he didn’t have on buying Tracy a bracelet, Michelle gives Ryan a rent book and tells him from now on, he has to pay his way or she’s chucking him out.

And there’s more romance, of a kind, with memories of Ken’s fling with Wendy Crozier back in the day when he was working at the Weatherfield Gazette. And now Wendy’s only gone and turned up again as one of the Governors at Bessie Street School. Brian invites Ken along to join the Board of Governors and Ken and Wendy’s eyes meet across the classroom. They’re civil to each other but as Wendy goes to leave the room with Ken still in it, stood up at the desk, the cheeky mare checked him out!  Oh yes, her eyes took in the full glory of the Barlow bum.  I don’t know about you, but I just can’t wait for Deirdre to find out her arch-nemesis is back on the scene.

And finally this week, Kirsty throws another tantrum and this time it’s not with Tyrone, it’s with baby Ruby.  Fortunately the baby’s unhurt but Kirsty’s violent temper ends with her throwing things around the room as baby Ruby cries in her pram.  When Tyrone comes home and sees the state of the place, he rushes Ruby to the doctor who checks her over and says she’s ok. Fiz finds Tyrone and Ruby sat on Maxine’s bench outside of the salon (that’s always a nice place to sit, I find) and invites him in for a cuppa where he confides to her about Kirsty beating him up. 

And that's just about that for this week. Remember, you can sign up to get these Corrie weekly updates by email at

This week's writers were Martyn Hesford, Simon Crowther, David Lane, Julie Jones and Susan Oudot.

Find out more about the
Coronation Street writing team at

Glenda Young

Blogging away merrily at

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Next week: Coronation Street locations tours

Giving you an insider’s view of Coronation Street, Corrie expert Mark Llewllin is leading two full day Coronation Street locations tours next week - on Wednesday October 3rd and Thursday October 4th, 2012.

I can't recommend this tour enough. I've been on it and I know the tour guide - and if you haven't been on one of Mark's Corrie tours yet, then it really is a day not to be missed. Treat yourself, it's well worth it, you'll have a fantastic day.

If anyone goes on this and would like to blog about it for us afterwards, do please let me know.

The tours depart Yorkshire and include morning refreshments at The Daisy Nook Garden centre prior to meeting the guide for the day who will give you an insider’s view of the world’s most famous TV show.

Learn about its creator Tony Warren, how it made it on air, the inside stories and secrets … and visit many of the locations of iconic scenes out and about around Greater Manchester.  See the spot where Richard Hillman tried to kill the Platts, find out just where all the Weatherfield weddings take place, see where the new Corrie studios are being built, see where John Stape plunged from the hospital roof – and much more in our fun day! Your guide will give everyone a free book on filming in the North West as a memento of their day.  There will also be a Corrie quiz during the day! A must for all Coronation Street lovers!

Wednesday 3 October - From York area brochure departure points
Thursday 4 October - From Harrogate area brochure departure points
£28.95 (including guided coach tour)

Full details at Eddie Brown Tours website.

See also: I'm coming to Manchester - what Corrie sights can I see?

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