Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Corrie Releases Statement on Manchester Attack

Following the horrific attack in Manchester last night, a Coronation Street spokesman has released a statement to Mirror Online.

It reads: "Everyone at Coronation Street is shocked by the tragic event at the Manchester Arena. Our thoughts are with the victims and the families of those who have lost their life or been injured. We stand together with the people of Manchester at this sad time."

Filming for the show is continuing today.

A message was also sent out from the official Corrie Twitter account. It said: "We love Manchester, it is our home. Our hearts go out to everyone affected by last night's tragic events."

Here at the Coronation Street Blog, our hearts and prayers go to the family of Corrie fan Martyn Hett, creator of the Audrey Roberts Noise, uber-Corrie fan and a hugely popular part of the online Corrie community.   Martyn was at the concert last night and has not been seen since. 

Earlier today, Corrie actors Sally Dynevor and Connie Hyde (Sally and Gina) were interviewed this morning on Good Morning Britain by Piers Morgan.  The presenter has come under fire for his comments about the attack, comments for which both Corrie actors challenged him, and rightly so. Digital Spy have the story.

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Maricha said...

This is a terrible tragedy and I hope people of Manchester know how much we care and want to help in any way we can.

Rapunzel said...

My sentiments too Maricha. I'm in New Zealand and due to the time difference, we watched this horror unfolding in the news while many of you in the U.K were still sleeping. I felt physically sick, especially once it became clear that children had been targeted. Waking up now on Weds morning, it is still the dominant story in our news. Everyone's hearts are with you now, Manchester.
Arohanui (much love).

Anonymous said...

I wondered after this terrible tragedy,I wondered why couldn't Corrie wait a day before filming again?
Maybe it's just me but it seems disrespectful to continue filming episodes as though nothing happened.

Anonymous said...

You haven't stopped writing on this blog and they haven't stopped updating it.

abbyk said...

For the same reason after being on a plane at Laguardia on 9/11, I was on another plane headed for a vacation on 9/20: if you don't live, they win. Observe, mourn together, do what you must and then get back to it.

I hope everyone from this blog's reader and writer family and their loved ones are safe, and Martyn is heard from soon.

maggie muggins said...

Thoughts and prayers from Canada to Manchester. I watched this terrible horror unfold on BBC World last night, and also feel devastated. When I read the name Martyn Hett here, I recognized the name from some of the reports that mentioned him. I didn't realize his connection to Corrie. I do hope he is safe with his family soon.

Anonymous said...

I just checked Martyn's Twitter account.
Tears :(
He is the guy with the Deirdre tattoo.
This is just an absolute nightmare. Desperately sad in Toronto.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear that Martyn has now been confirmed dead:



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