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Wednesday 31 October 2012

State of the Street - October

It's Hallowe'en and it's the end of the month. That means it's time again to chat about some of the storylines that we saw on Corrie this month.

Lloyd's got a new love and family and that's wonderful for this fan! I'm happy to see the return of Wendy Crozier.  I've loved the cafe international theme nights, much to my surprise and I'm interested to see how the Marcus and Maria romance will play out. Kirsty and Tyrone keep me glued to the screen, too.

Lewis? meh. Pub of the year? A bit flat aside from Dennis' shenanigans.  Tracy and Ryan? Bleurgh! 

It's been a mixed bag of stories this month. Read more about it here.

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Yay or Nay - should Kevin Webster have a shave?

To beard or not to beard? That is the question.

Should Kevin Webster shave his Coronation Street beard off - or is there anyone out there who likes it and thinks it should stay?

If you remember, Kevin had his moustache shaved off once at a party on the Street. Two brownie points to anyone who can remember who did it?

Have a look at more hirstute Corrie men here.

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Toyah Battersby to return to Coronation Street?

Woohoo! There's a Coronation Street spoiler in today's Mirror that says Toyah Battersby could be returning to Corrie.

Toyah, played by Georgia Taylor, has been asked to return to Corrie by the "soap's new boss" says the Mirror.

However, the story then goes on to report lots of "could" and "would" so it doesn't seem like it's done deal after all that she is returning.

It also repeats quotes from Georgia Taylor from the past saying she'd like to return, and quotes from Jane Danson as Toyah's on-screen sister Leanne Battersby who has also said in the past she'd like Toyah to return.

So, there you have it. A non-story  but wouldn't it be great if it came true?  I'd love Toyah back. What do you think?

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Coronation Street fan of the week - Sinéad in America

It's Wednesday and time to meet another Corrie fan of the week.
Would you like to be our Corrie fan of the week?
Click here to find out more.

Who are you and where are you from?  
Sinéad from Delaware, United States - Originally from Dublin, Ireland

How long have you been watching Corrie?
Since 1980 

Who are your favourite female and male characters - and the reasons why?  
Favorite female is Eileen, I like her sense of humor, her "get back up after being knocked down" attitude and she would be the character I would most like to hang out with.  
Male character would be Graham.  I still miss him a lot.  He was so funny, caring, freakily intelligent at times, and to be shallow - very cute.

What's been some of your favourite Corrie storylines over the years? 
Wendy Crozier (take one), Raquel and Curly, Tommy Duckworth as a baby stories.

And what would your fantasy Corrie storyline be? 
For a month or so, everything going well for everybody and just have some pleasant humour filled stories.

Have you any snippets or news about meeting any of the Corrie cast, or trips to the set, etc., that you'd like to share? 
I visited the set in 1992 - I was amazed by how real it was

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Hallowe'en! Sneak preview of tonight's Coronation Street

Coronation Street, Wednesday 31st October at 7.30pm

WILL TINA GO BACK ON HER WORD? Tommy’s pleased the surrogacy is in the past and assures Tina they’ll sort out a way to pay Owen his money back. But unbeknown to Tommy, Tina heads to No6 and announces that the deal’s back on. Izzy’s wary but eventually convinced that Tina’s being sincere she reveals they have to act fast as today is their last chance to implant the eggs. Meanwhile Tommy has gone to Rita to ask for a loan to pay off Owen and she’s agreed. But when he arrives at No 6 with a cheque he’s surprised to find Tina there. Is Tommy too late, has Tina gone through with the embryo transfer?
AUDREY HAS A CONFRONTATION WITH GLORIA. When Audrey discovers a dog track programme in Lewis’ jacket, Emily admits she saw Lewis and Gloria heading off together on Friday. Audrey tackles Gloria who claims she was doing her a favour. Audrey’s bemused, what does she mean?
THE WEBSTERS PRAY FOR SOPHIE’S RECOVERY. The Websters wait anxiously to hear the prognosis for Sophie. Will she regain movement in her legs?
Elsewhere Ken’s horrified to discover he’s spent the night at Wendy’s. She’s amused but how will Deirdre react, will Ken come clean about whereabouts?

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Tuesday 30 October 2012

Corrie Alzheimer's Disease storyline featured in 2013 calendar

Paul "the fireman" Kershaw features in this wonderful picture from the Alzheimer's Society 2013 Calendar.

Paul, played by actor Tony Hirst, turns up outside of the Rovers Return for the month of December 2013.

And actress Judy Holt who played his on-screen wife Lesley Kershaw, who had early onset Alzheimer's Disease, features for the month of August.

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Shobna Gulati to leave Corrie (again)

News just in from the official Coronation Street website at has a Farewell Sunita page as actress Shobna Gulati announces she is leaving the soap - again.  She left once before and then returned, if you recall.

The official Corrie site says Shobna has decided it is time to explore other acting opportunities and focus more time on her comedy writing. She will leave the soap next year - the Coronation Street writing team are currently working on an explosive exit for the character.

Shobna said: "I have loved playing Sunita but, having played the role originally from 2001 to 2005 and then returning to Corrie four years ago, I really feel the time has come for me to focus on other aspects of my career. I had always told myself I would see my son through school and I have done that. Comedy writing has long been a passion of mine and the commitment to a show like Corrie is huge and doesn’t really leave enough time to concentrate on other projects.  I’d love to be able to combine my writing and acting career in the future.

"Playing Sunita has been a fabulous opportunity. I've thoroughly enjoyed her journey and am looking forward with excitement to her dramatic departure. I shall miss her. That said, I have made a host of friends cast and crew - friendships that will stay with me."

Will anyone miss Sunita?  And how would you like character to be written out of Corrie - and should she take Dev with her?

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Manchester's School of Theatre is proud of their Krissi

Corrie actress Krissi Bohn graduated from the Manchester Metropolitan University's School of Theatre in 2004 but it's been an uphill battle trying to get work. Krissi had pretty much given up and was training to be a health care provider when her former agent called with news that Coronation Street was looking for someone and she just might fit the part. Coincidentally, the part of Jenna is a physical therapist as well as the newly discovered daughter of Lloyd Mullaney.

Krissi is having the time of her life and has recently tweeted "I love being Lloyd’s daughter". This job has changed her life, she says, and her former tutors and fellow students couldn't be happier for her.

I think Jenna is a great character and I think Krissi is doing a wonderful job! I look forward to her upcoming storyline as Jenna helps Sophie recover from her accident.

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More pics: Alison King and Chris Gascoyne back filming at Corrie

For fans of Alison King and Chris Gascoyne, as Carla Connor and Peter Barlow on Coronation Street, there are mor pictures of them back on the cobbles filming. 

Have a look here.

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Anne Kirkbride reveals all in new documentary: Deirdre and Me

There's going to be a special documentary all about Anne Kirkbride, who plays Coronation Street's Deirdre Barlow, airing on ITV1 next month.  
The documentary is called Deirdre And Me and will celebrate Anne's 40 years on Coronation Street. According to The Sun today, Anne will talk about her battles with cancer and clinical depression.  
It will also cover the “Free Deirdre” campaign and the “Weatherfield One” story and Anne also tells of her grief when actress and close friend Maggie Jones, who played on-screen Corrie mum Blanche Hunt, died. 

Anne says she has no plans to leave the Street: “I certainly have no intention of going – I’m very happy to stay.”   That's good to hear.

The one-hour documentary Deirdre and Me will air on November 13 on ITV1.  

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Marcus and Maria in bed together

There's a good interview in The Radio Times about why Marcus and Maria end up in bed together. In Bed! Together!  Marcus and Maria!

Charlie Condou, who plays Marcus on Coronation Street says this about the public reaction to Marcus' relationship with Maria: “The response I’ve had on Twitter has been great. It seems that the public has been willing Marcus and Maria to get together. A lot of people seem to prefer Marcus and Maria together rather than Marcus and Sean, which is interesting and very unexpected. There is a lot of interest from the viewers about where this going.”

Well, there's no interest from this fan. I'd much rather have Marcus back with Sean but what do I know?

Charlie says: “The whole situation is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets any better. There is a long way to go with this story.”  

Oh no.

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Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street, Nov 5 - 9

Without any piffle, here's the storyline for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Monday 5 November to Friday 9 November 2012

Rovers wins pub of the year competition until Lewis ruins it for Gloria, Deirdre confronts Wendy flamin’ Crozier, Marcus dumps Aiden, Mandy becomes Rovers new barmaid, and a new Rovers footy team starts.

The full weekly preview, with loads of pictures is right here on

Missed last week's Corrie?
Catch up with the Coronation Street Weekly Updates

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Monday 29 October 2012

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 29 October 2012

Deceptions, threats, forgiveness, betrayal, redemption - all packed into the double episode tonight.

What a star Sophie is! She can't  feel her legs, yet is keen to forgive Ryan and also to use the situation to extract from him a promise that he will never take drugs again. Having had it in the neck, more than understandably from Kevin and Sally, Sally telling him tonight that he deserves Sophie's pain and agony, Sophie is a lesson to them and us as she embodies real forgiveness. If we were to be really down on Tracy, we could put Sophie's accident down to her. Then again, as the Weatherfield witch says herself, 'I didn't tell him to go and play in the road with Sophie Webster.'

Poor Deidre though -. we must spare a thought for her. With a daughter like Tracy and  the temptress Wendy luring her ex, Ken (not that he needed much luring) back to her place. But maybe there is not that much life left in the old boy as Wendy wraps a gently snoring Ken in a blanket on the settee. Deirdre will find out where he was though and any denial fro Ken will not be believed..

In a higher deception league than Ken is of course Lewis. The writers have done well here keeping us guessing as to his true nature. Gloria makes a convincing winner of £12,500 and of course Lewis is keen to accompany her on a dinner date, but then he does believe that she is dying and it would be lacking in gallantry to turn her down or would it? Deception layers on deception! Audrey is on to him too, quizzing him about his night in Knutsford with his heartbroken friend. Further deception from Gloria as she confirms that the programme from the dogs was found in The Rovers and Lewis just popped it in his pocket. O what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive.' Except that this is not the first time for Gloria or for Lewis. Intriguing though,

Perhaps the only person genuinely happy this double episode is Mary. Nick states, ' I want you to do for us what you did for Roy.' So she has secured a job at The Bistro, which will please some viewers but dismay others. No more pop-up nights but a regular slot for her not inconsiderable skills. Kylie and Mary? Definitely from different planets.

The big story of course tonight is the surrogacy saga. So Tommy put his foot down and Tina's womb is no longer available to house the embryo of Gary and Izzy. Owen then decides that his flat is therefore no longer available to house Tina and Tommy and wants them out by the end of the week and the 5 grand returned by then too. 

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Will Lewis get revenge on Gail?

The official Coronation Street website at has a good interview with Helen Worth about Gail's latest scheme to put a con on the Lewis the con man.  Gail decides to partner with Gloria to set up Lewis. We've seen the start of this already and Gloria will try to lure Lewis into agreeing to flee to Spain with her. Lewis declines and then finds out that Gail was behind the plot and Audrey knew!

Gail sees it as a win-win situation. If Lewis agrees to run off with Gloria then they know he was a rotter and they're well rid. If he doesn't, it proves he has indeed reformed. Gail "sees it as giving him a taste of his own medicine".

Even when it blows up and Lewis leaves Audrey, Gail still thinks "good riddance" at first. She does feel badly that Audrey has been hurt and does try to apologize but Lewis won't have it. Lewis  pawns a valuable heirloom watch to pay Audrey back and Gail feels so bad she buys it back for him. When Helen is asked if there could be revenge on Lewis' part towards Gail she replies "Gail thinks that this gesture as well her apology should even the stakes between the pair but has she grossly underestimated Lewis?"

We know that Nigel Havers is taking some time off to do Christmas Panto and is probably going to return. It could very well be that Lewis is plotting revenge on Gail. It's a tough one to call. Do you think Lewis had this coming? Given his past and how much he's hurt Audrey before, was Gail justified in trying to expose him? You can see where she was coming from, after all even if she took the wrong route to do it. Do you think Lewis will get his own back on Gail? How do you think he would do it?

You know what I enjoy? When Lewis has been dropped in it, there is often a camera angle in Audrey's house that shows our lovely Alf looking over cad Lewis' shoulder, most definitely throwing up a comparison to the steady, honest and reliable Alf Roberts. Lewis represents the excitement Audrey always wanted but at what cost? She grew to love Alf dearly but his stodginess often exasperated her. Audrey may just have learned a valuable lesson...

Be careful what you wish for.

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Coronation Street cast cast-offs up for sale

Some of the clothing worn on Coronation Street is up for sale on eBay.

Here's Rita Tanner's jacket as worn by Barbara Knox.
Here's Audrey Robert's cardigan as worn by Sue Nicholls.

There are also some new, fab shopper bags for sale- with Hilda and Vera on them.

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Sneak preview of tonight's double Coronation Street, Mon 29 Oct

Coronation Street, Monday 29th October 2012 at 7.30pm

TROUBLED TOMMY RESORTS TO DESPERATE MEASURES. As the day of the embryo transfer arrives Tommy’s still beating himself up over what Tina’s about to do. Tina tries to cheer him up by discussing the job interview he’s got later, while Tommy promises he’ll be back in time to take her to the clinic. In turmoil Tommy pours his heart out to Rita, telling her how unhappy he is at the idea of Tina renting out her womb to pay off his debts, certain it makes him like his Dad. Rita advises him to do something about it. As Izzy and Gary wait nervously at the fertility clinic will Tommy be able to do anything to change Tina’s mind?
SOPHIE UNDERGOES SURGERY. Sophie comes round after her operation and is frightened when she can’t feel her legs. Has the op been a success? Devastated to hear what Sophie is going through Ryan calls at the Websters but Sally gives him short shrift, blaming him for Sophie’s accident. But back at the hospital Sally and Kevin are stunned when Sophie tells them she wants to see Ryan. Will they agree? 
NICK FORCES A CONFESSION. Mary’s contrite as she and Roy head to their interview with the Licensing Enforcement Officer. They’re lucky just to receive a warning and when they head back to the street the culprit confesses to reporting them. How will Roy react, will Mary be forgiven?
Elsewhere when Gloria wins big on the horses Lewis is thrilled, telling her she deserves some good luck. Ken and Deirdre are rocked by news of Sophie’s accident. Ken clearly blames Tracy for her part in it but Deirdre defends her daughter. After a row Ken heads to his Governors’ meeting where Wendy offers to lend her ear.

Monday 29th October 2012 at 8.30pm

TINA AND TOMMY FACE A TOUGH DECISION. At the clinic Izzy tries to call a missing Tina but gives up when the doctor announces they’ve missed their slot. The embryos will still be viable for another 24 hours so it’s imperative that their surrogate attends tomorrow. Tommy meanwhile has stopped the car and explains to Tina how he just can’t cope with the idea of the surrogacy and if she goes ahead with it he’ll leave her. As Tina takes this in a devastated Gary and Izzy tell Anna and Owen about Tina’s no show. But when Tina arrives at the house apologizing for letting them down earlier will their spirits be lifted or dashed? Will Tina go through with her surrogacy plans despite Tommy’s ultimatum?
SOPHIE MAKES HER PEACE WITH RYAN. At Sophie’s request Ryan visits her in hospital. Sophie tells him that she’s lied to the police to protect him but makes Ryan swear he’ll give up drugs forever. Struggling with guilt Ryan’s emotional as he explains how desperately sorry he is. But will Sally and Kevin be as forgiving as Sophie?
KEN SEEKS SANCTUARY WITH WENDY. After the governors meeting Wendy suggests they go back to hers for supper. He considers this before making his excuses to Deirdre. Wendy’s keen to prove that she’s a good listener and encourages Ken to off load his woes. But when a tipsy Ken falls asleep in his chair Wendy doesn’t wake him. As she watches him have Wendy’s feelings for Ken been rekindled?
Elsewhere Nick steps in to mend Mary’s friendship with Roy. Gloria insists on taking Lewis out to dinner. Lewis feels obliged but will he lie to Audrey again?

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Sunday 28 October 2012

Coronation Street Chit-Chat: Corrie news catch-up October 2012

It's about time we had another Coronation Street chit-chat, a catch-up of some of the shorter news stories that have been happening but haven't made it into their own blog post.  And so, here we go.

Current Corrie cast
Brooke Vincent (Sophie Webster) says Sophie's accident helps reunite the Webster family. Read it here.
Michlle Keegan (Tina McIntyre) on playing pregnant. Read it here.
Craig Charles (Lloyd Mullaney) says he's computer illiterate. Read it here.
Is Chris Gascoyne (Peter Barlow) nursing a split lip after an on-screen fight or what? Read it here.
Jimmi Harkishin (Dev Alahan) supports Disability Direct on Do What You Want Wednesday. Read it here.

Ex-Corrie cast
Vicky Entwistle (Janice Battersby) starring in The Vagina Monologues. Read it here.
Jenny Platt (Violet) on stage in Chorlton. Read it here.

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Where to buy Michelle Connor's black and white stripe dress

Although our blogger Tvor didn't like it (!), I've been inundated with emails, tweets and facebook requests all asking about Michelle Connor's black and white stripe dress (or is it a long top?).

Kym Marsh wore the dress/top as Michelle Connor on Coronation Street this week and it's caused quite a stir, with a huge amount of fans wanting to know where they can buy one the same.

With thanks to the wardrobe lady at ITV Corrie who advises that the dress came from Dorothy Perkins a few years ago, under the concessionl label purple.

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Corrie weekly awards, October 22 - 25

David's 'death at 20 paces stare' is back!

Protest too much award: Michelle and Rob keep insisting that they are nothing more than old friends. Soap Law. You know the drill.

Worst Idea Ever award: Pretend-dumping your girlfriend and not telling her the plan? Talk about getting bitten in the backside.

Convenient Retcon award: Did we know Norris had gourmet restaurant service in his past? Me neither.

Worst Acting Ever: Ryan high. Sophie frantic. Ryan scared. I could hardly stand to watch.

Welcome Home award: Roy arrived home early into the middle of what was probably getting close to a classic Greek orgy judging from the raucous guests in the cafe.

Game Plan award: I knew something was up when Doc Carter didn't suggest Gloria go to ER when she pretended she was ill to get him to the pub, and he left the pub grinning. If she was really dying, he'd look a bit more sober, wouldn't he? And would he "confirm" it to her in the back room of the pub? And Lewis the Con man believed it all? 

Cliche dialogue alert: "Why can't I feel my legs?"

My little angel award: Michelle can't have her precious Ryan blaming himself so let's blame Tracy shall we?

Fashion Fugly award: God, that stripey thing of Michelle's was ugly!

Lines of the week:
David "I gave you a ten thousand pound note - oh no, that was my gran" and about Lewis "He's more double cross than Double-Oh-Seven"
Norris "Mary has morphed into Gordon Ramsay, only ruder"
Steve "Forgot me razor" Tracy "Can't just use your tongue?"
Gail "What you call charming, I call Slimy!"
Tracy about Ryan "He has to learn that life's a bitch. And if I hadn't let him down, somebody else would have done" (Oh well that's all right then!)
Mary about Norris "The discipline of steel that's needed in a dynamic restaurant was sadly lacking. If he hadn't hung up his apron, I'd have hung it up for him"
Kylie about Mary "She's a smug, demented fruitcake"
Deirdre to Ken "How would you like it if every time you wanted to 'spend a penny' I yanked your chain?"

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Cuisine à la Corrie

She's hardly Mary Berry. She's not Mary Baker, Cake Maker. She's barely Mary, Mungo & Midge. Three cheers though for Mary Taylor, nuttier than a fruit cake but adding a twist of something cosmopolitan to the lard-heavy diets of Weatherfield folk. If she's not ladling borscht down people's gullets, then she's dipping into the unknown with her taramasalata. Efharisto, duck!

The food on offer in cobble-land has never exactly been, well, cordon bleu. Much of it looks like (and in the famou case of Les Battersby many years ago, was) roadkill. Down the years we have been presented with some, frankly, horrific meals. The Ogdens were forever emptying portions of flabby fish and chips on to dinner plates. Early 1980s Gail was often 'treating' Our Brian to some hideous leftover from the café. The Rovers always sported that cabinet full of insipid pies and you could always pop over to the corner shop were someone would be blowing fag smoke over the freshly prepared ham barms. Then there was Sally and her never-ending plates of spaghetti hoops and fish fingers. This heady diet of e-numbers could well explain why Rosie turned out the way she did.

For many years, our household recounted, in moments of mind-numbing boredom, a particular dinner served up by Rita 'th'wholesalers' Fairclough, as she was then. There were gasps abounding as the latterday cabaret chanteuse shimmied into view with a plate of dry food. Anaemic mashed potatoes, a gristly chop, bullet-like processed peas . . . AND NO GRAVY. No wonder Len went and crashed his van at high speed. A dry dinner? Bad, bad Rita!
Jackson's chippy, Prima Doner, Wong's chippy, Leanne's cheerless Italian restaurant - they have all provided comfort and, probably, botulism for the fair folk of Weatherfield. You can understand why eating out is so popular given Deirdre's recipe for success. No, I'm not speaking of her legendary smoked ham. In fairness it's not smoked when she takes it out of the packet but after Deirdre's exhaled on it. The stuffed marrow is now legend, flabby, over-cooked riot of dullness. She presumably missed all three series of The Great British Bake Off, judging by that Victoria sponge she man-handled on to the dining table a few weeks ago. It looked denser than a jam-filled black hole. I’m surprised that half of Weatherfield wasn’t sucked into its leaden, grey core.
Deirdre’s outstanding culinary moment though came back in January 2011 when she provided numpty Ciaran with his tea - chicken pie with peas and ready salted crisps. I kid you not! Deirdre - a woman so idle that she couldn’t even be bothered to peel a potato. We salute you Deirdre Barlow, domestic goddess of Weatherfield!

Personally, I think loveable, psychotic Mary should host a 'Soap Opera Food' themed night at Roy's Rolls. Guests are welcomed with either a pint of weak shandy,  a small ginger beer masquerading as whisky or a 'Deirdre' of red wine. They then sit down to a grey-ish plate of animal fats which they push around without ever actually finishing. After a slab of ash-laden Victoria sponge, the guests are served with a pretend cup of coffee, poured into remnants of Ivy Tilsley's hideous chunky brown dinner service, circa 1979.
Sick bags all round?

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Jack and Vera to return to Corrie for Children in Need

There's a lovely little snippet in today's Mirror which I do hope is true.  It says that Jack and Vera Duckworth will return to Coronation Street for a Children in Need special.

And of course, as they're both dead characters, they'll be returning as ghosts.

Actor Bill Tarmey (Jack) will play the Ghost of Christmas Past and Liz Dawn (Vera) is ­expected to play a ­phantom. But the Mirror says this will depend on her health, as she has emphysema.

A TV source tells the Mirror: ­“Getting Bill Tarmey ‘back from the dead’ is a stroke of genius.”

Corrie have already been involved in Children in Need this year. Read more on that here.

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Saturday 27 October 2012

Marcus Dent's parents cast for Coronation Street have announced that Marcus' parents, Ron and Janet Dent, will be turning up on the cobbles this winter.

Ron will be played by Stephen Grief who has had dozens of roles in TV over the past few decades, including Blakes 7 and Silent Witness. He has also lent his voice to several video games such as Fable II and The Witcher.

Janet will be played by Linda Clark, she has appeared in a few shows in the past including Emmerdale and That Peter Kay Thing.

The pair will be arriving on the street on Christmas day, to meet Maria, what will they make of Marcus' shock choice of partner?

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Samia Ghadie training for Dancing on Ice

We blogged a while ago the tabloid rumour that Samia Ghadie, who plays Coronation Street's Maria Connor, might be appearing on this year's Dancing on Ice.

And today The Sun has a picture of Samia in training for the show so it does look like that she will be appearing on ITV's skating show, which starts in January.

However, The Sun also reveals that Samia ended up injuring her wrist and left the session at a Manchester ice rink with an ice pack.

I wonder if ice-skating injuries accounted for the bandage on Samia/Maria's arm which we saw in last night's Corrie?

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Friday 26 October 2012

Coronation Street charity race for Children in Need


Tony Hirst, who plays Coronation Street's Paul "the fireman" Kershaw, took part in a time trial today to raise money for Children in NeedTony was driving a vintage Morgan 3-Wheeler  from Bridgnorth to Kidderminster racing against a steam train from the Severn Valley Railway to raise money for Children in Need. 

Representing steam, the Southern Railways “Battle of Britain” class Pacific  4-6-2 locomotive No.34053 “Sir Keith Park”  started off from Bridgnorth Station at 12 noon today, with Sky Sports presenter Vicky Gomersall on the footplate. It was pulling a rake of eight carriages non-stop to Kidderminster from Bridgnorth, which included a Children in Need coach carrying children from Edward’s Trust in Birmingham and Pudsey Bear, with specially invited customers and fee paying passengers travelling in all the other coaches

Meanwhile representing Road Transport, Coronation Street actor Tony Hirst started off from Bridgnorth Station Car Park at exactly the same time in the Morgan Three Wheeler. 

All profit from the sponsored event will go to the BBC Children in Need appeal. Each driver had to collect traditional railway tokens along the route which will involve the Morgan team jumping out at Highley and Arley stations and running over a bridge. The winner, who will receive a special trophy, will be the first person to hand their tokens to the station master under the station clock at Kidderminster.

The first Jewish character on Coronation Street?

Did anyone spot this lady in Corrie last week? She's Tracy Mellish and she had a fleeting performance in last Friday's episode where she played a character called Mrs Sampson, having her hair done in Audrey's salon.  As she was leaving the salon, David Platt wished her "a nice barmitzvah".

And now Tracy's hoping she'll be called back to Corrie to become the first Jewish character on Coronation Street.  

Tracy tells The Jewish Telegraph:  "I did not even know I would have a speaking part until I arrived on set. I have done some extra work on Coronation Street before and everyone is always so friendly. Jack asked me when I arrived on set if I was the Jewish character. I don't think they told me I had a speaking part until I was there because they did not want me to be nervous."

And Tracy says she would love Corrie bosses to introduce her as Corrie's first Jewish character.

She said: "If they are going to introduce a Jewish character, I want to be the person to play her. There are a lot of Jewish people in Manchester who watch Coronation Street and the writers have obviously thought about it as they had my character in the episode I appeared in. I would like the Jewish character to be comedic, light-hearted and glamorous." 

Louise Sutton, Corrie's series editor, is also Jewish. And in an interview with The Jewish Telegraph, she says: "There have never been - identifiable - Jewish characters on Coronation Street. That is a question I get asked the most by Jewish people. What we are is a character-led show, not an issue-led one, so I am not saying it will never happen. It is on my list - being Jewish is a big part of who I am."

Can anyone recall any other Jewish characters from Corrie's past?

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Corrie's Spider returns to soap

Anyone who knows me will know that my favourite all-time Coronation Street fella, ever, is Spider Nugent.  Played by Martin Hancock, Spider turned up at his Aunty Em's door looking to save the world, and that. He wooed Toyah Battersby and left to run a juice bar in that London, never to be seen again. 

Come on, Corrie, get Martin Hancock back to play Spider again! He's clearly still up for acting roles as Digital Spy have revealed today that the actor has signed up for a guest role on Doctors.

Martin will play a homeless man on Doctors, called Beano who has spent 20 years on the streets across various cities, having dropped out of university and turned to alcohol.  Homelessness is now a way of life for Beano, and show bosses have billed him as "intelligent, wily with a good sense of humour" and "rather expert at spotting lucrative opportunities".

Hancock's appearance on Doctors will air next year. Doctors airs weekdays at 1.45pm on BBC One.

Please let Spider return to Coronation Street, please! I'm on a one-woman campaign to get him back on the Street.

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Fab Photo Friday - October 26th 2012

It's Friday again so it's time for this week's fab Coronation Street photo. Back in the days when  I used to work for a living, Friday was always known as POETS day (P*ss Off Early Tomorrow is Saturday) so here today on the Coronation Street Blog, here are some poets.

Sir John Betjeman was a big fan of the soap and once said: “Manchester produces what to me is the Pickwick Papers. That is to say, Coronation Street, I live for it. Thank God. Half past seven tonight and I shall be in paradise.”

Also pictured is Carol Ann Duffy, the current Poet Laureate, who penned an ode especially for the 50th anniversary.

Editor's post-blog note: And don't forget our blog editor Flaming Nora's poetry book too!

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Spot the Corrie prop - October 26th 2012

Congratulations to Liz who was the first to spot that last week's pussy pepper pot (ok, it may have been a Siamese salt cellar but who cares?) was the one used by Sally as a 'talking stick'. 

For this week's Coronation Street prop puzzle, just tell us who's been guzzling from these red wine glasses (though I suppose they'd serve equally well for white or pink).

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Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 26 October

Coronation Street, Friday 26th October 2012 at 7.30pm

SOPHIE IS RUSHED TO HOSPITAL. As Sophie lies unconscious and the driver of the car calls an ambulance Ryan panics and runs off. Kevin gets a call to say his daughter has been in an accident and races to the hospital where he keeps a vigil at Sophie’s bedside. Kevin’s shocked to hear that a young man was with Sophie when she was hit by the car. As he struggles to digest the news he’s hit by another blow which knocks him sideways. Sophie has suffered a spinal injury and may never walk again!
ROY RETURNS TO A CAFÉ IN CHAOS. As Beth produces another bottle of ouzo Mary struggles to control the raucous diners. Arriving back from the States early, having left Hayley to look after Sylvia who’s had a fall, he’s horrified to walk into the drunken Greek party taking place. Furious Roy orders everyone out and lets rip at Mary for turning his home in a drunken taverna. How will he react when a licensing officer then shows up claiming he has reason to believe they’ve been selling alcohol illegally?
TOMMY TRIES TO HOLD HIS TONGUE. Tommy’s quiet in the pub when Gary effusive about what he and Tina are doing for him and Izzy. Later however when he joins Gary and Owen for a game of darts Tommy can’t bare hearing any more about the surrogacy. Will he snap or succeed in keeping schtum?
Elsewhere Emily spies Gloria heading off with Lewis to the dogs and later susses that Audrey hasn’t a clue about it and Maria organises an awkward foursome night in with Jason, Marcus and Aiden.

Friday 26th October 2012 at 8.30pm

SALLY AND KEVIN MAKE A HEARTBREAKING DECISION. The doctor explains to Kevin that Sophie has a fractured spine and needs an operation. Sally arrives at the hospital and is devastated to hear that although there’s an operation that could help there’s still a possibility that their daughter could be paralysed. They stop talking as Sophie regains consciousness. Under pressure from Kevin she admits she was with Ryan who was playing chicken in the road. Back on the street a dishevelled Ryan arrives home. Though relieved Michelle demands to know how Sophie ended up being run over. As Ryan tries to explain Kevin arrives and punches him, revealing Sophie may never walk again all because he was high on drugs. As Ryan breaks down how will Michelle react? Back at the hospital Sophie is wheeled off to theatre.
MARY IS FIRMLY IN ROY’S BAD BOOKS. Mary insists that no alcohol was sold in the café but the licensing officer is unconvinced and tells Roy he’ll have to attend the council offices on Monday. Roy throws Mary out, accusing her of violating his home and his trust. Heading to the Bistro Roy apologises to Nick for any problems caused, revealing he’s been accused of illegally selling alcohol. Will Nick realise that it’s somebody close to him who is to blame for reporting Roy?
TOMMY’S EMOTIONS GET THE BETTER OF HIM. Gary apologises to Tommy for going on about the surrogacy, Tommy explains he just finds it hard to handle. Tina wants to avoid any bad feeling when the embryos are implanted on Monday and assures Tommy she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Tommy does as he’s told but it’s clear he’s still deeply uncomfortable about the situation he’s put her in.
Elsewhere Lewis has a pang of guilt after his illicit night out with Gloria and Maria and Marcus’ surprise kiss still proves to be an elephant in the room.

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Thursday 25 October 2012

Meet Corrie's Mikey North on Saturday in Hull

Mikey North, who plays the fab Gary Windass on Coronation Street, will be in Hull on Saturday, 26 October. 

Mikey will be opening Hull city's new Poundland store in Ferensway.

He will meet visitors on Saturday and sign autographs. From 10am he will be giving out £1 vouchers, which shoppers can exchange for anything from multi-bags of Walkers Crisps to greeting cards.

They can also take part in Poundland Lucky Numbers when £100 of store vouchers will be up for grabs, as well as enjoying music from the in-store DJ.

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Corrie stars join Mad Men charity ball

Keith Duffy, who played Coronation Street's Ciaran McCarthy,  is hosting a Mad Men themed Ball at the Hilton, in aid of Manchester-based charity, the Hearts and Minds Challenge. Keith's co-hosts will be Melanie Sykes and Manchester United's Paul Scholes. The charity supports families touched by autism, and the hosts all have autistic children, so it’s a cause close to their hearts. 

The Ball will take place at Manchester’s Hilton Hotel on 25th November. The hosts – who all have autistic children – will be joined by stars from Coronation Street and the London 2012 Paralympic Games, to help raise £1 million to fund a new school in Manchester for autistic children.

Tickets are selling out fast, but there are still a small number of tables available at the ball. The Ball will feature entertainment from Atomic Kitten star, Natasha Hamilton, and well-known crooner Cole Page. There will also be a three course meal and the chance to bag some amazing items in the charity auction.  

Keith Duffy, said: “I want to do something different to getting dressed up in a suit and dicky bow. I love the idea of a Mad Men theme and Mel is excited about putting her hair up in a beehive. Adults love a fancy dress theme and this will be a night to remember.”

The Hearts and Minds Challenge aims to raise the quality of life for individuals and their families affected by autism, by ensuring the provision of the highest standards in education, care and support. The charity is currently welcoming anyone interested in supporting the ball or taking a table at the event. For more information, please visit:

Fancy the idea of a Mad Men / Coronation Street crossver? Then you'll love this.

Two Christmas weddings on Coronation Street

Now then, we already know that there's going to be one Coronation Street wedding this Christmas. And now it's rumoured that there will be another.

Digital Spy reports from a story in The Daily Star (who seem to be getting all the Corrie spoilers at the moment) that Tyrone will marry Kirsty to win rights over baby daughter Ruby.

Ex-police officer Kirsty left Tyrone's off his daughter's birth certificate when Ruby was born in September According to the Daily Star, scenes next month see the engaged couple planning their wedding day while drinking champagne in the Rovers Return.

The newspaper claims that Tyrone hatches a plan to flee with baby Ruby after their wedding.  Ooh, I quite like the sound of that.

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New Coronation Street to be even bigger

Any Corrie fans who have visited the Coronation Street set will have noticed how small everything seems compared to how it looks on screen. And that's because it is small, it's only three-quarters the size it appears.  STV reports that when the set was first built in 1960s a lack of space in the studio meant that the wooden house fronts all had to be built smaller than than they appear.

Over the years the set was moved outside and in 1982 a permanent street was built from reclaimed Salford brick, but the scale was maintained. The show's production team used a number of tricks to hide the building's real size, including training the actors to walk more slowly in front of them.

Speaking to The Sun, Corrie director Tony Prescott said: "We use camera tricks - you can do anything with a wide lens - to get it to look normal."

This will no longer be a problem for the show, however, as it leaves its historic Manchester studios to a new set at MediaCityUK in Salford. And, Prescott revealed, "the new set will be scaled up." But ITV boss John Whiston reassured fans that the street will still look the same. He said: "We will be using the same factory that made the old bricks and I will be making sure that each one is exactly the same as all the others."

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Sophie Webster's new girlfriend revealed

There's a Coronation Street spoiler in today's Star that reveals the new girlfriend for Sophie Webster. It is, as we guessed here in the comments on this blog post, going to be Lloyd's daughter Jenna. Or at least that's according to the Star anyway.

After Sophie's accident which we saw on Corrie last night, physio Jenna helps Sophie walk again.  The miracle healing hands of Jenna lead the two girls to develop feelings for each other.  But there's a 10 year age gap between them, Jenna risks her job in getting involved with a patient and on top of all that, she hasn't yet actually told her mum Mandy that she's gay.

In a further twist in the tale, The Star reveals that Sophie's dad Kevin Webster will develop a crush on Jenna. 

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Wednesday 24 October 2012

Win Kylie Platt's dress at charity auction

A dress worn by Paula Lane, as Kylie Platt on Coronation Street, is going up for auction next month.  Kylie's frock has been donated by ITV for the auction hosted by Accessible News. 

It will take place on Wednesday 21st November in Abercwmboi Rugby Club Starting at 7:30pm.   All proceeds will be donated to the Brittle Bone Society and the Merthyr and Cynon Breathe Easy Group.

There'll be lots of other great prizes up for grabs on the night too.

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Coronation Street Christmas 2012 spoilers

Christmas spoilers for Coronation Street 2012

We'll be updating this blog post every time we spot a Corrie Christmas spoiler in the press, online and in the soaps mags.  If you see one that we've missed, please leave a comment with details of where you've spotted the Christmas spoiler and we'll add it to the blog - thank you! 

Corrie schedule for Christmas and New Year

Teasers for Coronation Street's New Year week

Teasers for Coronation Street's Christmas week

More Coronation Street Christmas wedding spoilers

Kylie to have an affair - but with who?

Confirmed: Corrie's Christmas wedding

Marcus' parents will arrive on Christmas Day - to meet Maria!

Tyrone and Kirsty to get married

There will be at least one wedding -  but who is the mystery bride?

Chesney and Kirk cause food poisoning with dodgy turkeys

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Coronation Street spoilers for Christmas 2012

Ah, winter drawers on, eh!  I love this time of year. The nights start early and the telly gets good as we gear up for Christmas. 
And I also love that this time of year is when the Coronation Street spoilers start appearing in the tabloids for the big Christmas storylines. We'll be keeping a special Corrie Christmas spoilers blog post updated so remember to check it regularly. It's there at the top of the the left hand column of the blog and will be updated every time we spot another Corrie Christmas spoiler in the press, online and in the soaps mags.

And so, after a Corrie Christmas wedding, here's another Christmas spoiler that's in The Sun today.  It looks like Chesney and Kirk are chucking turkeys over a bridge into the canal. They're forced to dump the frozen turkeys after their planned business venture causes an outbreak of food poisoning on the cobbles.  But the birds don’t sink, they float down the canal. Oh dear.
Coronation Street filming, Kirk Sutherland (played by Andy Whyment) and Chesney Brown (played by Sam Aston) try to get rid of dodgy turkeys
Picture from The Sun
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Pics: Chris Gascoyne and Alison King back at Corrie

The Sun newspaper today has paparazzi pictures of Coronation Street actors Chris Gascoyne and Alison King (Peter Barlow and Carla Connor) back at work on Corrie.

From The Sun: "The pair have not been seen on the cobbles together since earlier this year when Alison and Chris took a six-month break to spend time with their families. In the show, Peter had planned to kidnap his son Simon and was trying to convince girlfriend Carla to run away together, but in the end his ex-wife Leanne talked him out of it."

It was recently announced by the same taboid that Alison King had split with her fiance, Corrie soundman Adam Huckett.

Sol Heras strips off for topless photoshoot

© Alex James for Reveal magazine
Sol Heras, who plays Ryan Connor, has stripped off for a photoshoot in Reveal magazine. 

The magazine website also has a video of the photoshoot. Have a look at it all here.

Sol told Reveal: "I think topless shots are fine if they're tastefully done like this. It's just the way things have been since I joined Coronation Street. I admitted to the team there that I'd done topless shots and as soon as I mentioned that, they were like: 'Do you mind taking your top off?'"

I'm sure he's a nice lad and I like him as Ryan, but by 'eck, this fan thinks he could do with a pie.

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Tonight: Corrie's Kylie on All Star Mr & Mrs

Paula Lane, who plays Coronation Street's Kylie Platt, will be starring on All Star Mr & Mrs tonight, Wednesday 24 October.

Paula will be competing with her fiancé Tom Shaw for big cash prizes for a charity of their choice.

Tune in tonight at 8pm on ITV1 to see how they get on. 

The other couples will be comedian and television presenter Les Dennis and wife Claire Dennis, and former footballer John Barnes and wife Andrea Barnes.

Hosted by Phillip Schofield, All Star Mr & Mrs sees three celebrity couples compete and the couple with the most points after two rounds will go on to play for big cash prize of £30,000 for a charity of their choice.  The show will not only see the celebrities questioned about their relationships, but viewers will also get an sight into their home life as All Star Mr & Mrs takes a trip around each of the couples homes.

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Sneak preview of tonight's Corrie - Weds 24 October

Coronation Street, Wednesday 24th October 2012 at 7.30pm

A CONCERNED SOPHIE GOES ON A BENDER WITH RYAN. As Michelle comforts a heartbroken Ryan, will a grovelling Steve’s be able to win Michelle back round? Ryan’s convinced that his mum was in on Steve’s plan to set him up, Michelle swears she wasn’t but an angry Ryan storms out. As he jumps into a cab, telling the driver to head for a bar in town, a concerned Sophie jumps in the car with him. At the pub Ryan gets smashed, scores some coke and starts a fight. As they’re thrown out of the bar Sophie is powerless to help Ryan. High on drugs he plays chicken with the traffic on a dual carriageway. Sophie implores him to stop but Ryan ignores her and as Sophie makes a desperate attempt to pull him from the road tragedy strikes.
LEWIS AGREES TO BECOME GLORIA’S CONFIDENTE. Concerned about Gloria Lewis asks Audrey about her. She tells him she hardly knows her and when she wonders why he’s interested he manages not to tell her the truth - that Gloria is dying! Arriving at the pub for his shift Lewis fusses round Gloria, insisting she puts her feet up. When he asks if she’s OK, Gloria tells him she could do with a friendly ear and wonders if he’s free for dinner that evening. As he accepts Lewis ponders how he’ll manage to hide what he’s doing from Audrey.
BETH THREATENS MARY’S GREEK NIGHT. Mary plans a Greek extravaganza as Anna defiantly reminds her she’ll be having nothing to do with it. Beth’s up for it and later when the night is in full swing she produces some ouzo and starts dishing out the shots. Will Mary stay in control?
Elsewhere Izzy’s off to the clinic with Gary to have her eggs harvested.

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Tuesday 23 October 2012

Corrie's Rovers Return - as you've never seen it before

Is this the most unusual place to see a pub called the Rovers Return? Can you do better? If so, email it in!

This Rovers Return is in the resort of Calungate in Goa, India.  Mind you, I'm not sure what Norris would have to say about the locals traipsing in all that sand.

Photos of rovers return beer bar and restaurant, Calangute
This photo of rovers return beer bar and restaurant is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Photos of rovers return beer bar and restaurant, Calangute
This photo of rovers return beer bar and restaurant is courtesy of TripAdvisor

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