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Thursday 31 May 2012

Coronation Street episode review, May 312012

Tyrone was on form tonight wit-wise with Weatherfield in vroom, as opposed to Weatherfield in bloom, confessing himself to be more a car man than a flower man. After his wit comes wisdom as he tells the highly competitive Norris that it's the taking part that matters, not the winning. Norris rebuffs this notion with a strong 'nonsense' which is at least honest, if not attractive.

We're in the metaphor business with Eileen and Paul as their relationship is described as clear blue skies and sunshine and Paul talks of being in it for the long haul. Maybe venomous Yvonne will return to produce cloudy skies and reduce the long haul to a ten minute flight. Sean chimes in .with his own metaphor as he points out that Paul has taken Eileen to hell and back. And that's not all as Gail pipes up with an attempt to clear her name of sabotaging the flower competition and says she wants to nip such accusations in the bud.

Further amusement on the Street tonight involved Hayley and Anna discussing Karen Carpenter and Dolly Parton.  Roy's naivety is so sweet and innocent. When he asks if Dolly has any distinguishing features Anna and Hayley share a moment with each other and with the viewers.

Carla's sacking of Eileen was a little harsh, even though she has promised to wheedle out the slackers after 'grovelling and slashing her margins.' Talking of business, if Faye was genuinely trying to help Anna by selling the Weatherfield blooms, it might be possible to understand and forgive her.

Just a final word about Kirsty. What is going on? Why is she being so reasonable and calm? Nice for Tyrone but not so interesting for us. Maybe something is brewing...
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Steve McDonald gurn of the week - May 31 2012

It's Thursday and that means it's time for the Steve McDonald gurn of the week. Thanks go to Coronation Street fan Martin for capturing this week's gurn.

If you've captured a good Corrie Steve gurn and want to share it via the blog, do email it in.

To see more gurnage from Stevie McGurn, have a look here, there's loads. Some good, some bad and some really very funny.

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Barbara Knox interview on ITV's This Morning

Barbara Knox, who plays Coronation Street’s Rita Sullivan (and my favourite Corrie woman) was interviewed live today on ITV’s This Morning. She talked about Rita’s upcoming wedding to Dennis which we’ll see on Corrie next week and how honoured she feels about Rita’s wedding being played out at the same time as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.  

Barbara talked about starting work back in the 1960s on Coronation Street with some of the most incredibly strong women characters and actors who were already loved by the nation. “It was terrifying!" she said: "In a 'don’t sit on that chair' sort of a way". She said that she learned a lot from the older actresses who played the likes of Ena Sharples, Elsie Tanner and Annie Walker but admitted she was terrified of Doris Speed. She was so nervous working with these ladies, she couldn’t speak for sheer nerves but they were all kind and helped her an awful lot, becoming great friends.

Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby managed to make Barbara shed a tear after watching a video clip of some of Rita’s scenes on Coronation Street. Holly asked Barbara what the greatest changes were between Corrie back then and Corrie now. Barbara replied without doubt that it was the speed at which Corrie now works.

Speaking of Rita's wedding, she said she immersed herself in helping to design Rita's gown and wedding hat (secrets of which we'll be revealing here on the Blog on the wedding day!). She picked the chiffon herself and helped with the design of the dress, hat, shoes, flowers, jewellry, everything.

However, not all will run smoothly for Rita on her wedding day as she gets kidnapped by drug dealer Rick.  Barbara said that the scenes by the canal absolutely terrified her and it was also the first time she'd met the actor Greg Wood who plays Rick, she only met him that morning and was begging him to hang on to her when they were filming the canal scenes as she was so scared.

But, she added, sparkling: "It is the best job in the world."

The interview video is now online at

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Befriend a Corrie soap star for charity

Corrie fans can befriend a Corrie soap star later this year. Castle Fraser, near Kemnay in Scotland, will be the setting for the first-ever ‘Befriend A Soap Star Concert’ on Saturday, September 1, with a number of soap actors taking to the stage to showcase their musical talents.
The event has been organised by Aberdeen-based Befriend A Child – an independent charity which provides a 1:1 befriending service for vulnerable and underprivileged local youngsters aged 4-16.

The full line-up of soap stars for the Concert is still to be finalised – and is subject to change – but among those who have already signed-up to take to the stage are Coronation Street's Antony Cotton (Sean Tully) and Catherine Tyldesley (Eva Price) as well as Tom Lister and Rik Makarem, from Emmerdale, and Jessica Wright, from TOWIE.

Befriend A Child Chief Executive, Karen Farquhar, says the event promises to be a fantastic day out for all the family. Karen says: “This is the first time Befriend A Child has committed to organising an event of this scale but we are confident that it will capture the imagination of the North-east public as nothing like it has ever been staged here before. There will be a wealth of British soap opera talent on show at the event – which I am certain will add up to a tremendous evening’s entertainment – with Castle Fraser providing a magnificent backdrop for proceedings.

“We are hoping to attract in excess of 4,000 people to the event which will significantly increase awareness amongst the North-east public of the vital work we do with vulnerable youngsters living in our local communities.”

General entry tickets for the Befriend A Soap Star Concert, priced £27.50 for adults and £15 for concessions are on sale now via

For further information about Befriend A Child visit

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Sneak preview of tonight's Corrie - Thursday 31 May 2012

Coronation Street, Thursday 31 May at 8.30pm

TOMMY OVERREACTS WHEN HIS CAR GOES MISSING. Tina's suspicious as Tommy gets another text from Rick telling him his next car will arrive today. As it's dropped at the garage Tommy lies that it's another valeting job, so when Tyrone has trouble starting his own car and he needs to get Kirsty to a hospital appointment, he grabs the keys and borrows the vehicle. Arriving back from lunch with Tina, Tommy goes into meltdown. Presuming the car's been stolen a terrified Tommy is forced to call Rick. But when Tyrone returns in the car a shaken Tommy lays into him, all his pent up fears pouring out. Shocked by his outburst Tina wants to know what's going on. Will Tommy reveal all? 
EILEEN'S FOR THE HIGH-JUMP AT UNDERWORLD. Carla's summoned Eileen to the office. After failing to meet their deadline when Eileen went missing yesterday they've lost a repeat order. Turning on Eileen, Carla sacks her on the spot. Explaining she's been having a rough time in her personal life will Eileen be able to talk Carla round?
NORRIS IS BLOOMING FURIOUS. Norris is looking forward to the Weatherfield in Bloom competition being judged today but when he discovers his plants have been butchered, as have the neighbours, he flies into a rage accusing Gail of sabotage. Meanwhile Owen is shocked to find Faye on a nearby street selling flowers to passersby. As she admits she just wanted to make some money for Anna, Owen reasons she'll have to confess. How will Anna react?   
Elsewhere Carla struggles to be a parent to Simon.

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Katherine Kelly lands This Morning presenter job

Katherine Kelly, who played Becky McDonald in Coronation Street, has landed a new job on ITV1’s This Morning.

Katherine will present a four-part mini-series called Kelly’s Heroes which starts on June 11. In it, Katherine will tour the country meeting unsung heroes and charity campaigners.

Katherine said: “When I left Coronation Street I made it clear that I wanted the door to remain open so I’d be able to return. They’re always asking me to go back and I think that one day, I will. I have so many happy memories from working on The Street and I do miss those on the show. But I’m really excited about the This Morning project, although I had no idea just how difficult presenting actually is. I got to meet all these ordinary people doing extraordinary things – all oblivious to how inspirational they all are. It was very humbling.”

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Wednesday 30 May 2012

Corrie's Queens of the Street

In the run up to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations, the official ITV Coronation Street website has a celebration of Queens of the Street.

There's video clips of classic Corrie women including Bet Lynch, Rita Sullivan, Elsie Tanner, Blanche Hunt, Annie Walker, Vera Duckworth, Betty Williams and Hilda Ogden.

Have a look at the video clips here.

Remember that the Corrie schedule changes next week because of the Jubilee and Euro football. We'll keep you up to date with all the changes, check out the revised schedule here.

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Coronation Street chit-chat: Corrie news catch-up May 2012

It's about time we had another Coronation Street chit-chat, a catch-up of some of the shorter news stories that have been happening but haven't made it into their own blog post.  And so, here we go.

Current Corrie cast
Marc Baylis (newcomer Rob Donavon) pictured walking to work.
Catherine Tyldesley (Eva Price) wears a frock and gets journalists in a froth and a lather.
Ryan Thomas (Jason Grimshaw) officially opens an arts school in Altrincham with his brother Adam Thomas, who stars in Emmerdale. 
Michelle Keegan (Tina McIntyre) pictured with the BAFTA Corrie won this week.
Corrie lads are playing in celebrity football match on July 22nd.
Bill Roache (Ken Barlow) says sleeping around is nowt to boast about.

Ex-Corrie cast
Bill Tarmey (Jack Duckworth) reveals why he left Coronation Street.
Helen Flanagan (Rosie Webster) plays dress-up as Kate Middleton.
Graeme Hawley (John Stape) to play Satan in a stage play.
Phil Middlemiss (Des Barnes) is declared bankrupt.
Bev Callard (Liz McDonald) could be facing bankruptcy.
Patti Brooks (Norma Gee) sadly passes away aged 88.

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Coronation Street fan of the week - Kathryn in New Zealand

It's Wednesday and time to meet another Corrie fan of the week.
Would you like to be our Coronation Street fan of the week? Click here to find out more.  

Who are you and where are you from?
My name's Kathryn and I'm from Manchester, but currently living in Queenstown New Zealand

How long have you been watching Corrie?
All my life! You can't grow up in Manchester without it, endless rain swept slate, flat grey skies, bricks, dark evenings, folk in big coats with collars turned up against the wind... oh it's just home! I've always loved it but it's only since I've moved to the beautiful mountains I realise how much it's part of my soul :)

Who are your favourite female and male characters - and the reasons why?
Of all time, (since I can remember) the women who've lit up the screen for me have to be Bet Lynch and Karen McDonald, role models really! For the men I've always loved Jack Duckworth and really sobbed when he died, he reminded me of my grandad. Of those who are in the show now, I have always really loved to watch Leanne Battersby, Carla Connor and Peter Barlow seperately and together, they are all Corrie icons in the making I am sure of it (if they don't overkill them- they're in every episode at the minute!)

What's been some of your favourite Corrie storylines over the years?
I remember being just gripped with the whole Karen and Steve relationship, and the denouement at Amy's christening was fab! Rita vs Alan vs A Blackpool Tram is also an early memory, and I can remember being really worried about Rita, being a small child I got so upset when she did! Battersby family arrival and Norris one-liners too.

And what would your fantasy Corrie storyline be?
I would LOVE it if Karen MacDonald came back, even just for a short time (preferably with a child!) Same for Natasha, actually. If there could be a clear out, perhaps a localised Swine Flu pandemic on the street to get rid of the boring (Alahans), the annoying (Tracy) and the downright confusing (Stella and her magical jumping accent) I would be quite happy!

Have you any snippets or news about meeting any of the Corrie cast, or trips to the set, etc., that you'd like to share?
Oh, loads! I've been to the set, when I was a kid on a school trip to Granada Studios when you could still get in it. We met Vera and I bought some Coronation Street rubbers (English for pencil erasers non-English fans!) .... I went to school with the woman who plays Fiz ......  You see cast members all the time in Manchester wandering about and in pubs.  The best anecdote by far, however, is that my Grandad sold his caravanette more than 10 years ago and a few weeks later it turned up on Corrie as Les Battersby's ! Couldn't believe it !
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Tuesday 29 May 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update May 28, 2012

Corrie weekly updates from 1995 - 17 years in 17 e-books
All the wit and warmth of Weatherfield, none of the waffle
Available from and

Greetings and welcome to the Coronation Street Weekly Update. Find out more about the Coronation Street Weekly Updates and why they've been written for th'internet since 1995 at 

And so without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update.

It’s Kirsty’s 30th birthday and she doesn’t take the milestone well.  Especially when she finds out that Tyrone’s organised a surprise party for her. It’s a surprise that gives Kirsty a shock when she discovers Tyrone’s invited her parents - and they’ve turned up! Mind you, she doesn’t seem to realise that her dad is the same actor who once played Peter Barlow, but she’s got a lot on her mind.  Kirsty’s dad is a nasty piece of work, an ex-copper who used to beat up his wife. Kirsty’s shock at seeing her folks turns to fury and after everyone leaves, she slams Tyrone up against the living room wall. She apologises immediately, then breaks down and cries, leaving poor Tyrone battered, beaten, bruised and more than a little confused.  Run, Tyrone, run!

Karl and Sunita get jiggy again and it’s more than I can bear to look at the screen when they’re both on. What with closing my eyes every time they get together and blocking the side of the screen so I can’t see St Ella’s face either whenever she swarms into view,  I’m not seeing much of my Corrie these days.  Anyway, Karl and Sunita enjoy sub-duvet shenanigans in the flat above the shop just as Dev walks in showing Kevin around as he’s looking for a new place to live with baby Jack.  Sunita jumps out of bed and pretends to be cleaning as Karl hides in his pants in the wardrobe.  

Anyone else think the Corrie camera-man was having a bit of a laugh with this very naughty camera angle? 

Elsewhere this week, Lesley’s funeral took place. Eileen didn’t know and she’s sitting at her machine in Underpants stitching and bitching about Paul, who’s stood right behind her in his funeral tie asking her to go to the funeral with him. He needs her, he tells her. Eileen, desperate for a storyline, desperate for a man, stands up, walks out and goes with. She gets an earful at the church from Lesley’s evil sister but gives back as good as she gets before taking Paul back to the Rovers for a drink. Eileen had already decided she was going to leave Weatherfield, had put her house up for sale and was prepared to pack her bags and go. But now she’s got a story and a fella, it fair puts a smile on her face and Paul rips the For Sale sign down from No. 11.  But while Eileen’s pleased with the change of fate, less so are David and Kylie who are suited and booted for a  meeting with the bank where they’re told they can have a mortgage and were planning to buy Eileen’s house.

Meanwhile, the woman from Cafcass (which is, so Google tells me, the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service) chats to Simon at school about what’s going on at home. He tells her he wants to live with Leanne, that he hates Carla and wants to be happy. It’s news that upsets Peter when he hears it and when he relays this to Carla, she bribes Leanne with cold hard cash to do a runner and leave them alone.  This little gem of a snippet gets back to Cafcass which, it’s fair to say, messes up Peter’s plan to show just what a stable home he and Carla have. 

And finally this week, Mary takes on babysitting duties again as she watches little FAYe while Anna’s at work, Maria goes on a dull date with a man we all knew was gay and she didn't,  and Rita and Dennis get excited about their wedding – but that’s another week and another update.  

And that's just about that for this week. Remember, sign up to get these spam-free Corrie weekly updates by email at

This week's writers were John Kerr, Martin Allen, Jayne Hollinson and Damon Rochefort.
Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at:

Glenda Young
Blogging away merrily at

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Pics: Corrie's Jubilee Street Party fancy dress - but who's who?

Just in case you don't recognise who's supposed to be who in the Coronation Street Jubilee Street Party fancy dress next week, here's the full list.

Check out the revised Corrie schedule for next week's episodes

Dev (Ridicule is nothing to be scared of: Adam Ant) and Sunita (Wishing she was a single lady, Beyonce)
 Eva (Madonna) and Beth (Britney Spears)
Steve McDonald (John Lennon)
St Ella (Dusty Springfield) and Nick (er, Nick)
Jason (Elvis)

Maria (Marie Osmond) Marcus (Donny Osmond) and Sean (Freddie Mercury)

 Anna (Dolly Parton), Faye (Sporty Spice) and  Owen (Kenny Rogers)

 Tracy Barlow (Cher)
Kylie (Amy Winehouse)

Others not pictured above:
Karl – Tom Jones
Liam – Jimmy Osmond
Craig – Meatloaf
David – Sid Vicious
Max – Justin Bieber

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Spoilers for next week's Corrie, Rita's wedding and Jubilee party

Without any piffle, here's the storyline for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Note that the schedule for next week has changed. Check out the revised schedule here.

Week of Sunday 3 June – Thursday 7 June, 2012

It's Rita's wedding (hoorah!) but she gets kidnapped by Rick (boo!). Will the bride make it to the church on time? And it's the Street's Jubilee fancy dress party.

The full weekly preview, with loads of pictures is right here on

The full set of Corrie Jubilee Street Party pics are here.

Missed last week's Corrie?
Catch up with the Coronation Street weekly updates
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Sneak preview of tonight's Corrie - Monday 18 June at 7.30pm

Coronation Street, Monday 18th June at  7.30pm

Note the Corrie schedule is changed this week due to football,
Check out full schedule here.

IT’S WORLD WAR III AT THE PUB. Eva’s becoming increasingly annoyed by Sunita staying at the Rovers. Karl, who also doesn’t want Sunita around (given their affair) sees an opportunity to milk this, saying Sunita’s a freeloader praying on Stella’s good nature. Amid Eva’s sniping, Sunita sees a new closeness between Karl and Stella. Hurt by Karl’s treatment of her will Sunita decides to go back to Dev and make the most of what she had? Meanwhile Eva overhears Sunita telling Karl she’s not going to keep his grubby little secrets anymore. Entering the back room she finds Karl and Sunita flustered, and spots some bank notes sticking out of Karl’s pocket. Puzzled by what she’s just witnessed, is Eva onto Karl and Sunita?
IT'S A NEW DAWN FOR PETER, SIMON AND LEANNE. As Peter and Leanne discuss some ground rules regarding Simon they realise it’s not going to be easy. Can they get on for Simon's sake? As Leanne snipes that he must really love Carla to sacrifice his own son for her will Peter have any regrets?
JASON GETS HIS HOPES UP ABOUT EVA. Still in love with Nick, Eva's determined to use her date with Jason to make Nick jealous and show him what he’s missing. But has Nick got eyes for someone else?
Elsewhere Tracy and Beth are horrified to see a for sale sign outside no.13 but Steve's adamant, it's his house and he's selling it.

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Monday 28 May 2012

Corrie double episode review, Monday 28 May

Understandably, Kylie has had enough of living with Gail, though in fairness Gail has mellowed post Audrey's heart attack.'A nagging, moaning old cow' seems a little harsh but it is Kylie talking. Some great humour from Eileen was in evidence as on opening her door to go to work and seeing David and Kylie, she said, 'There goes my breakfast.' There was more too as when David and Kylie asked if they could look round her house, Eileen asked if this was a polite form of burglary. Great stuff  from writer John Kerr.

Rita calling Norris 'a ray of sunshine' was also amusing as he related that he was reading the funeral notices.When Norris informed those present that Leslie was being cremated, we had a taste of some irreverent, black humour from him as he said it was ironic that Leslie was being cremated as Paul was a fireman, which formed a great link with Norris again featuring as he poured water on Faye's head. Norris again, this time sticking his nose into Dennis's business concerning a phone call. A great retort comes from Dennis when he tells Norris that it was just a friend and asks Norris if he remembers those.

Here's hoping that the whole Karl and Sunita saga will be over soon. Dev appeared particularly gullible on receiving the news about Lara from Liverpool,a figment of Sunita's fevered imagination. Lara is apparently undergoing a 'rough time'. Pretty pathetic excuse Sunita. Sophie though, was impressive when she said she wasn't blind or stupid and neither was Dev. Hmm. Perhaps somewhat gullible though, after Karl spun his what a great listener Sunita was story. As Sunita pointed out Sophie goes to church and is 'big on sin.' It did really make for uneasy viewing as Karl told his lies to Sophie about Sunita 'helping' him with his gambling problem. Even more discomfiting was when Sophie, the 17 year old marriage counsellor and general street angel, offered in good faith to help Karl if she could.

The religious theme continued into Leslie's funeral with the venomous Yvonne wishing that Paul and  Eileen rot in hell. Paul fills in the back story by asking Yvonne where she was all the years Leslie was ill.Will there be more from  Yvonne? Revenge? She certainly looks as if she hasn't finished yet.

'Do you like horses? You will after this,' declares Mary. Mary's enthusiasm didn't rub off on Faye as she calls National Velvet the 'most boringest' film'.

Eileen and Paul are almost giddy at the end despite Gail's protestations that Kylie and David took time off work to secure a mortgage. Unmoved by this, a buoyant  Paul rips the For Sale sign off Eileen's house and throws it frisbee-like into the distance. They have Sean to thank for this reconciliation. It is his conjuring up a picture of Eileen on her deathbed asking herself, what if... that makes her go to the funeral.  But this is Eileen remember and things can't possibly run smoothly.        .  

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Tyrone set for summer of abuse

As if things aren't bad enough at No. 9 Coronation Street, they're going to get even worse for poor Tyrone.  Corrie producer Phil Collinson has revealed to PA News that the Kirsty and Tyrone abuse plot is set to get worse.

He said: "Natalie, the Weatherfield basher has got a big story coming up this summer. Let's just say Tyrone's going to be well bruised."

Natalie is of course Natalie Gumede who plays Kirsty Soames on Corrie.

Poor Tyrone though.  I wonder how this story will pan out?  Kirsty's pregnant with Tyrone's baby, so will he tell her sling her hook before she slings her left hook again? Anyone got any ideas how it might end...?

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Corrie's new set update: May 2012

This month we finally see the Street itself going up, from looking at the picture I have labelled what I think each of the structures is, as you can see here.

There's dozens more pictures of the new set, and MediaCity itself in the sunshine, over here on Mark Whitfield's website.

I'm excited to see how much the Street will progress in the next month or so!

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Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 28 May 2012

Coronation Street, Monday 28 May at 7.30pm

Watch the preview video here

PAUL PRESENTS EILEEN WITH A DILEMMA. Eileen's down, hoping Paul might have been in touch by now, and when Kylie and David express an interest in the house she invites them round to view tomorrow. At work the factory staff are supposed to be pulling out all the stops to meet a deadline but when Eileen hears that it's Lesley's funeral today she's thrown. On cue Paul walks into the factory begging her to come with him to the funeral as he can't get through it alone. As he apologises for not getting in touch sooner, Paul insists he can't live without Eileen. In turmoil can Eileen let the man she loves walk of her life again?
SUNITA'S CONVINCED THAT SOPHIE'S RUMBLED HER AFFAIR. When Sophie witnesses sexual tension between Sunita and Karl she knows she's onto something and urges Dev to take Sunita out tonight, offering to babysit. Wrong-footed by Dev Sunita's forced to lie about her plans for the evening. But when she hears of Sophie's involvement she asks her for a word. Sunita's mortified when it becomes clear that Sophie's seen something and suspects an affair. What will she do?  
LEANNE MUSCLES IN ON PETER'S CAFCASS MEETING. Leanne's fuming over Carla's offer and goes to confront Peter. But he's with the court officer, stressing how much of a stable family unit he and Carla provide, when Leanne bursts in. Realising what's going on Leanne can't believe her luck and goes for the jugular. As she reveals how Carla tried to bribe her into leaving how will the Cafcass officer react? 
Elsewhere Rick tells Tommy he's got another car for him to do. As he lies to Tina about working late will she smell a rat? Faye's put out when Anna reveals she has another night shift at the shop and Mary will be looking after her.

Coronation Street at 8.30pm

EILEEN FACES DOWN HER CRITICS. There are mutters of disapproval as Paul arrives at the church with Eileen. Leaning on Eileen, Paul delivers a loving eulogy for Lesley but outside her sister gives it to Paul both barrels, accusing him of abandoning Lesley for Eileen. Seeing Paul's upset Eileen defends him, wondering where she was when Paul was caring for Lelsey. Immediately regretting her outburst Eileen rushes back to the street where she recounts her ordeal in the pub, fearing Paul will never forgive her. But when Paul walks into the Rovers revealing he wants her to take down the for sale sign and take him back because he loves her how will Eileen react? It's what she's been wanting to hear but is it too little too late?
TOMMY'S ALMOST CAUGHT OUT. Tyrone's bemused when Tina mentions Tommy is working late and heads over to the garage. Caught working on Rick's car, Tommy's forced to lie that he's doing some valeting after hours to earn extra cash so he can pay him off. Tyrone buys it but when he offers the same explanation to Tina will she?
KARL WARNS SOPHIE TO KEEP HER NOSE OUT. Knowing he needs to tackle Sophie quickly Karl heads over, admitting Sunita has told him about her concerns. Playing Sophie he appears guilty as he admits the real reason he and Sunita are close is that she's helping him with his gambling problem. Will Sophie accept this?
Elsewhere as a row breaks out between Leanne, Peter and Carla the court officer is forced to step in. Alone with Carla an angry Peter wonders what she was playing at. Carla's gutted to realise she could have ruined his case. Faye's fed up of Anna working but Anna's adamant she has to do it as they need the cash.

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Video: Corrie's BAFTA win

There's an official BAFTA video which shows Coronation Street  accepting their BAFTA award. Corrie won the British Academy Television Award for Best Soap and Continuing Drama.  The awards were held at the Royal Festival Hall in London and were hosted by Dara O'Briain.

Corrie beat off competition from EastEnders, Shameless and Holby City.

The video shows Corrie Producer Phil Collinson, William Roache (Ken Barlow), Michelle Keegan (Tina McIntyre) and Chris Fountain (Tommy Duckworth) talking about what the BAFTA means to Corrie.


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Barbara Knox interview - "I'm Rita till I die!"

There's a wonderful - and rare - interview in today's Mirror with the legend that is Barbara Knox, who of course plays Coronation Street's Rita Sullivan.  As regular readers may know, Rita's been my favourite Corrie character for decades. You can check out my Rita's Men post I wrote for the official ITV Corrie website here.

Sue Crawford's interview with Barbara takes place in the run up to Rita's wedding to Dennis next Monday, 4 June and I'm pleased to report that Barbara says she has no plans to retire as Rita.

“Retire? What a filthy word,” she says. “I haven’t thought of retiring. I keep saying to everybody I know – don’t retire, just keep working. It’s so good for you – it certainly is for me. I know it’s hard and you’re tired and you don’t want to go in, but your brain is in action. And I do think the sheer discipline of work helps to keep you younger. So apart from loving the job, that is at the back of my mind. I’ve done it all my life and I enjoy it and I genuinely find it stimulating.”

Barbara talks about the kidnap story for Rita on her wedding day and admits she was frightened by the canal scenes. “I was terrified – it really was very scary. There was quite a bit of rough handling and it was right at the edge of this water – it was awful. I was thrown about like a rag doll, almost going over into the water – it was very frightening. I was stood there watching them doing their dialogue so when he pushed me I screamed and it was genuine. I didn’t know that was going to happen – I thought he was just going to shake me. Greg Wood who plays Rick was very good. He hung on to me, because I was so terrified.”

There's information in the interview that I didn't know.  For instance, Barbara is divorced, has been married twice and has three children, John, 55, Amanda, 50, and Maxine, 42. She admits she enjoys gardening and tapestry and lives a quiet life.

Read the full interview here, it's great

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Sunday 27 May 2012

Coronation Street wins 2012 BAFTA

Coronation Street has won the British Academy Television Award for Best Soap and Continuing Drama.  The awards were held tonight at the Royal Festival Hall in London and were hosted by Dara O'Briain.

Collecting the award on stage was William Roache, who plays Corrie's Ken Barlow.

Also on stage were Corrie Producer Phil Collinson and cast members Helen Worth (Gail McIntyre), Michelle Keegan (Tina McIntyre), Paula Lane (Kylie Platt), Chris Fountain (Tommy Duckworth), Natalie Gumede (Kirsty Soames) and Kate Ford (Tracy Barlow).

Corrie beat off competition from EastEnders, Shameless and Holby City.

Well done, Corrie!

For those who don't recognise any of the faces above, the two women on the far left of the picture are Corrie writer Debbie Oates, dressed in black, standing next to Louise Sutton, Corrie Assistant Producer, dressed in pink.  And the woman dressed in black between Michelle Keegan and Helen Worth is Corrie Director (and ex-actor) Noreen Kershaw.

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Winners announced in our Corrie-catures competition

We have these wonderful Corrie caricature fridge magnets created by talented artist Pickled Jo, to be won by in an exclusive competition here on the Coronation Street Blog.

Well done to ten lucky Coronation Street Blog readers who have each won one of Pickled Jo's Corrie-cature fridge magnets. Winners are as follows:

Allen de Young, Sue Leon (Canada), Katie North, Steve Beckwith, Maggie Mandzuk (Canada), David Finney, Heather Allen (Canada),  Janice Fraser (New Zealand), Gillian Massey and Marie Ferry.
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Pickled Jo's wonderful Corrie caricatures are used by some of the Corrie cast as their profile pics on twitter. Pickled Jo has also created the poster for the Fat Brenda stage show, in Manchester.

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Corrie weekly awards: May 21 - 25

And this month's drink poured over the head award goes to Nick. Well at least it wasn't the traditional pint but why does every woman think that's the answer and the last word?

Greem eyed monster award: Jealous star: Eva turned them into really HOT pots, caused a near riot and all for a misunderstanding, then wore a top cut down to her navel to make him jealous. It may have worked.
Also, Lewis staring daggers at the Mayor for chatting up Audrey and Sunita fuming over Stella and Karl's romantic evening.

Papparazzi award: Well Nick did say he wanted the publicity from the dinner party!

Too big for your boots award: Stella is threatening a lawsuit against Sean? In who's fantasy court, I ask? He owns the recipe, it's his call where and who he makes it for. I still don't think she'd win in court but it sounds like he's giving it back to the Rovers anyway.

Unreasonable award: Not sure who's dug their heels in further, Peter or Leanne but I think Peter might have the edge there.
Kirsty's father was a bit full on wasn't he?

Pants on Fire award: Simon told the court officer that he hates his dad. Karl trying to get out of the dinner party at the Alahans.

Show off award: Dev singing karaoke. That whole dinner party was sick inducing. But then so is the Karlita affair.

More than you bargained for award: The surprise party was more of a surprise for Tyrone than Kirsty. Ouch!

You've changed your tune award: David's backed down, Audrey's offered him his job back.

High Standards award: Kirsty's father sure has strong opinions but to be fair, they sure sprung a lot on him out of the blue.

Fashion shout out. Lewis in yellow marigolds! Everyone else seemed shocked, too!

Lines of the Week:
David "There are some people that are supposed to grovel and serve. And there's me"
Tyrone "Beth wants to make a man out of Tommy" Kirsty "That explains the look of terror"
Sean to Stella "How many years did you and Betty go back?" (Yay! I still don't think there's a legal leg to stand on).
Nick to Eva "I don't do "mad, vindictive women" (he did do Tracy Barlow, however) and "you're not mad, you're unhinged!"
Stella to Karl "It feels a bit weird, trying to be romantic. Takes time to switch off" (If it's real, it's not that hard to be romantic)
Tyrone "I don't understand how someone who can love you one minute, can use you as a punchbag the next" (Like your mother you mean?) and "I'll work on trying not to get on your wick as much" (But he wasn't, really)
Leanne "You're just one big walking cliche"

Karl and Stella had their romantic meal in the downstairs sitting room. Whatever happened to that living area upstairs where Steve and Becky used to live? It appeared in the Rovers out of nowhere and it seems to have disappeared again or why would you have a romantic meal where you could be interrupted?

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Saturday 26 May 2012

Coronation Street Jubilee party pictures

The official Coronation Street site has revealed pictures of the upcoming Jubilee street party, the episodes look like they're going to be fun to watch.

In the same episodes we will see the kidnap of Rita on her wedding day, will she manage to get to the church on time, or will Dennis be left standing at the altar?

It is shaping up to be a great week for the show all round, I'm hoping this can top my favourite Coronation Street episodes in all time - Roy and Hayley Cropper's wedding.

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Coronation Street double episode review, Friday May 25

Sunita and Karl's affair was on the brink of being discovered after farcical scenes when their steamy tryst at Dev's flat was interrupted by the unsuspecting Dev showing Kevin round the flat. 

Karl had to hid in true Brian Rix bedroom farce tradition while a flustered Sunita pretended she had been "spring cleaning". But Sophie's suspicions were aroused after she found Karl's wallet  on the sofa. 
Maria was set up with a handsome work colleague friend of Marcus's in The Rovers. They seemed to be getting on well but when she moved in for a kiss he  somewhat inconveniently revealed he was gay and more interested in Marcus.  She's not doing  too well on the date front at the moment, is she?
A defiant Simon (as ever lovely acting from little Alex Bain)  told the child custody officer he hated Carla whom he called a "witch" which drove Carla to offer money to Leanne to drop her fight for the little boy, divorce Peter and move away. Leanne was unimpressed.

After Kirsty's disastrous surprise 30th birthday part featuring her estranged parents  after which she assaulted  poor Tyrone once again, she opened her heart to Tyrone about her abusive father and he also talked about his unhappy childhood. But it's unclear whether their love will survive this latest setback. Kirsty remains such an unsympathetic character.  Let's hope this  issue-based (domestic violence) storyline doesn't drag on much longer and Tyrone find himself a nice girl who doesn't let her fists do the talking. 
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Friday 25 May 2012

Where have you seen Aidan before?

The minute I looked at Aidan/Aiden in tonight's episode of Coronation Street, I knew I knew him, but couldn't place him at all. It was obvious it wasn't going to work out with M'reeuh, but the poor girl, having to hear that he quite liked Marcus instead. I suppose it's too much to wish that Marcus and he might run away together and leave Sean, who I love, but who recently has taken on all the personality of a wet paper bag? Marcus deserves a happy ending.

Anyway, Aiden/Aidan. I looked at him and I recognised the lisp and I trawled all the way through the backwoods of my mind through ex boy-band members and cast members of Queer As Folk (who all do turn up in Corrie sooner or later - I'm quite convinced it's written in the contract) and I finally, finally hit upon the man himself, Toby Sawyer
Looking a bit older these days but still quite pretty, he's best known to me as having played Bazz in Hollyoaks way back in the beginning when everyone was a Benson or dating a Benson or fathering a Benson. I absolutely adored Bazz. I must have been about 12 when Bazz came out, and it was one of the first gay characters I remember seeing on the TV. It was important for me personally, in the same way that Queer As Folk would be a couple of years later. 

Toby's been in lots of things, although I don't remember seeing him so it's nice to see he's still an actor. Please, Corrie Powers That Be, can we keep him? 

See also: Where have you seen...?

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Alison King and Chris Gascoyne to take four month Corrie break

Coronation Street actors Alison King and Chris Gascoyne, who play Carla Connor and Peter Barlow, will be taking a four month break from Corrie this summer.  

The official ITV Corrie website say that both Alison and Chris will be taking time away from filming to spend time with their families this summer.  They will return towards the end of the year.

As for their on-screen characters Carla and Peter, the custody battle for little Simon hots up. Peter and Carla try to flee the country, but it's not clear if Simon will be going with them or if Leanne wins the battle to become Simon’s full time carer. 

Many Corrie fans at Manchester's Victoria train station watched these scenes being filmed earlier this week when Corrie went out on location.  

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Sacha Parkinson returns to TV

Sacha Parkinson, who played Coronation Street's Sian Powers, is returning to our television screens.

This week's TV Times says that Sacha has filmed a guest role in Casualty. She'll play Laura, a beautiful girl with a secret, in an episode that's due to air in September.

Sacha left Coronation Street at the end of last year when her Corrie charcter, Sian, was driven away from Weatherfield by her mum after her wedding to Sophie ended in tears.

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Fab Photo Friday - May 25th 2012

It's Friday again so it's time for this week's fab Coronation Street photo. Deirdre looks like she's lost something. If only that something hadn't been found then poor old Charlie Stubbs would still be alive.

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Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 25 May

Coronation Street, Friday 25th May at 7.30pm

Watch the preview video here - will Karl and Sunita get busted?

DEV’S ABOUT TO WALK IN ON SUNITA AND KARL…Unable to face Karl, after last night’s rejection, Sunita calls in sick. Seeing Stella rushed off her feet Karl's irked and collars Sunita who agrees to meet at the flat to talk. Desperate not to lose him Sunita promises not to push Karl again, insisting she knows the boundaries of their affair now. Karl's adamant the affair is over but as Sunita moves closer will he be able to resist? Meanwhile Dev's agreed to show Kevin round the flat as he's looking for somewhere for him and Jack. Are Sunita and Karl about to be caught in a compromising position?
SIMON TELLS THE COURT OFFICER HE HATES PETER. Peter's nervous, knowing the custody officer is visiting Simon at school today. What will Simon tell them about Peter?
KIRSTY BREAKS DOWN AS TYRONE BLOCKS HER EXIT. As Kirsty begs for Tyrone's forgiveness, blaming her anger on pregnancy hormones, he's disgusted that she lashed out again and refuses to accept her apology. But when Tyrone finds Kirsty packing will she open up about her past and will Tyrone let the woman he loves walk away with his unborn child?
Elsewhere Eva and Nick struggle to work together at the Bistro. Marcus is keen to set Maria up with a new sonographer he's working with. Arranging to meet him in the pub Marcus instructs Maria to 'accidentally' bump into them.

Friday 25th May at 8.30pm

SUNITA AND KARL’S SECRET IS ALMOST EXPOSED. Dev's showing Kevin around the flat as Sunita emerges from the bedroom, claiming she was giving the flat a spring clean. Dev thinks nothing of it but as Karl hides it's a close call. Sunita breathes a sigh of relief as it looks like they've got away with it but when Sophie finds Karl's wallet on the sofa she's suspicious. Calling at the pub Sophie explains she found Karl's wallet at the flat. Panicking Sunita quickly spins a lie but will Sophie see through it?
CARLA OFFERS LEANNE MONEY TO LEAVE. When Simon tells Peter what he said to the custody officer Carla visits Leanne at the pub and implores her to drop her fight for Simon. Leanne scoffs but Carla's serious, Peter's at rock bottom and the rows aren't doing Simon any good either. Admitting she's sorry for how things have turned out Carla suggests Leanne would be better off divorcing Peter and moving away, she could even offer money as an early divorce settlement. Seeing this as a bribe, how will Leanne react?
MARIA'S DATING DISASTERS REACH A NEW LOW. Marcus arrives at the pub with Aiden and pretends to spot Maria. She joins them and while Aiden's somewhat confused by her presence they get on great. But all isn't what it seems with Aiden!
Elsewhere as Tyrone tries to get to the bottom of things with Kirsty they both open up about their childhood. Can their love be salvaged or is it time for Kirsty to go?  When Jason asks Eva out on a date she sees an opportunity to make Nick jealous. 

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Spot the Corrie prop - May 25th 2012

Another tricky prop puzzle last week as nobody guessed that the stereo can be found in the Alahan's house.

For this week's prop poser all you have to do is tell us where on Coronation Street you'd find this fancy fruit formation.

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Thursday 24 May 2012

Where have you seen Kirsty's parents before?

Did Kirsty's mum Alison Soames or dad Edwin Soames look familiar to you tonight on Coronation Street?  Well, they should do, or at least Kirsty's dad should jog a memory or two. He's played by actor David Lonsdale who's been on Coronation Street before - as Peter Barlow!  This was back in 1986 to 1988 and was David's TV debut appearance.  He's also appeared on Corrie as an investigator looking for John Stape, which we blogged here.

Check out his other work at his personal website.

Actress Dawn Hope, who's playing Kirsty's mum Alison Soames, also has a wealth of TV and stage work under her belt. Check out her IMDB entry here.

See also: Where have you seen...?
Jenny Sumner, Corrie's prison Governor, Sunita's Aunties, Ken and Deirdre's pottery teacherTommy Duckworth,  Mrs Hargreaves who died in Audrey's salon, Sally Webster's fella JeffJoy Fishwick's investigator, Charlotte's Parents, Ken Barlow's grandson JamesKen Barlow's son LawrenceDr Matt CarterSaucy CharlotteIzzy's dad Owen Armstrong,The Corrie coppersColin FishwickTrevor the binmanConnie RathboneUncle Umed,Julie Carp's mumLuke StrongSophie Webster's boyfriendEileen Grimshaw's dadNorris' girlfriendGraeme Proctor,Molly's Aunty PamMaria's mum and dadGail's dadScary BrianTina's dadTony Gordon's henchmanLittle Simon Barlow

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Fat Brenda's big night in Manchester

Fat Brenda's stage play's on in Manchester tonight and we wish her, and Steve Huison, all the very best from everyone here at the Coronation Street Blog.

If you're at the show and you're on your "hi-phone" (as Brenda likes to say) then check out her Fat Brenda's Cream Horn blog posts here.

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Samia Ghadie signs up to Corrie until September 2013

Samia Ghadie, who plays Coronation Street crimper Maria Connor, has signed a new contract that ties her to the soap until September 2013.

In an exclusive interview with Digital Spy, Samia said today: "I've just signed until September next year, so I'll definitely be here until then. After that, who knows? But I've got no plans to leave at the moment."

Samis has been in Corrie as Maria since 2000, when she was initially signed up on a three-month guest contract. Remeber when she played the kennel maid who had been bullied by Fiz at school?

Reflecting on her early days at the programme, Samia told Digital Spy: "I thought I'd do my three months and then I'd be off. I was a jobbing actress when I joined and was really pleased to have a job for three months. I never imagined I'd still be here now."

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Steve McDonald gurn of the week - Thursday May 24

It's Thursday and that means it's time for the Steve McDonald gurn of the week. Thanks go to Coronation Street fan Martin for capturing this week's gurn.

If you've captured a good Corrie Steve gurn and want to share it via the blog, do email it in.

To see more gurnage from Stevie McGurn, have a look here, there's loads. Some good, some bad and some really very funny.

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Video: Stephanie Cole at Chelsea Flower Show

Coronation Street actress Stephanie Cole, who plays Sylvia Cropper, took a starring role in this week's Chelsea Flower Show. 

She was interviewed in her own back garden and took viewers on a tour of it, explaining what she liked about it most and the areas she wanted to change.

She talked about how hard it can be at tmes leaving the garden for so long while she's away filming up north for Corrie and then she went up to London to the Flower Show itself for a chat with Alan Titchmarsh.

Stephanie's clearly a knowledgable gardener but talk turned of course to Coronation Street and that's when her eyes sparkled and she told Alan how much she loved, absolutely loved, working on the show.

You can watch Stephanie's star turn at the Chelsea Flower Show on the BBC iPlayer here.  Stephanie's bit comes on around 19:29.

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