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Friday 30 November 2012

My Coronation Street 2012 - by Flaming Nora

The action on-screen in Coronation Street this year hasn’t been too hot (Who am I kidding? It’s been dire!)

However, while this year I reckon Corrie’s been spoiled by too much, including St Ella and surrogacy, my personal Corrie 2012 hasn’t been bad at all.  In fact, it’s been better than anything on-screen and I thought I’d share some of it here on the Coronation Street Blog.   Feel free to share your own Corrie year too by leaving some comments below.

January 2012

A weekend in Manchester to clear away post-Christmas blues with my first visit to the Lass o’Gowrie pub, to see Coronation Street 1968 Live!

This wasn’t just one of the best Corrie experiences I’ve had the pleasure of being part of, it also ranks up there as one of the best theatre experiences ever. 

After lunch with friends who are also Corrie fans, we watched a cast assembled by legendary Coronation Street casting director June West, and this included some ex-Corrie actors. One of them - Dave Dutton - has even been in Corrie in 11 different roles!.  All of the cast worked their magic close-up and personal with the audience, acting out two classic Corrie episodes written by Jack Rosenthal from 1968. Jack’s widow Maureen Lipman was at the event which supported the charity Myeloma UK.

It was an amazing evening and a wonderful event – read all about it here - and the best part is it’s happening again next year.  Follow @thelassogowrie on twitter

April 2012

Fat Brenda: The Stage Show took the Harrogate Theatre by storm. It starred ex-Corrie actor Steve Huison (Eddie Windass) as Fat Brenda, the Siren of Streetcars and it was Corrie comedy gold. Fat Brenda's life story was ghostwritten by playwright Joe Parkinson and if Corrie has any sense, they’ll sign Joe up sooner rather than later to join the scriptwriting team.  

After we’d already bought tickets to one of the two nights of Fat Brenda’s Harrogate show, we were given complementary tickets for the other night and so went back to see it all over again. It was even better second time around.  After two sell-out shows in Harrogate, Fat Brenda took her one-man stage show to Manchester where Corrie actors and ITV bosses were wooed. It was beltin! 
Follow @fatbrenda on twitter.  Follow @stevehuison on twitter.

June 2012

To Yorkshire for a week-long holiday where we met up with fellow bloggers Rebecca and Fat Brenda (plus Mrs Fat Brenda, Master Fat Brenda and Baby Fat Brenda).  We caught up on all things Corrie over lunch with a really good gossip.

November 2012

Our blogger Tvor flew in from Canada and made the journey north from Manchester with her Salford sweetheart to stay overnight with us.  I met Tvor online at least 10 years ago and have met her many times since. Quite simply, without Tvor and her support this blog would not exist. We showed her the hot-spots of Sunderland (yes, we do have some) and introduced her to the delights of a breakfast bacon stotty.  Read Tvor's Coronation Street Blog.

And so, to 2013 when we already have two visits to Manchester lined up for January.  One of those visits is a return to the Lass o’Gowrie pub. This time it’s to watch Corrie episodes from the 70s being acted in the pub and to attend the Corrie-fest and meet other Corrie fans.  Details of all that can be found here.

And the second visit to Manchester in January... well, I can’t tell you about that just yet. But let me tease you with this… there's going to be some amazing blog posts afterwards from our team here at Coronation Street Blog towers!

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Alan Halsall wins Favourite Soap Star in TV Times Awards

Alan Halsall, who plays Coronation Street's Tyrone Dobbs has won Favourite Soap Star in the TV Times Awards 2012. 

It's a very well deserved award. Alan's been nothing but excellent on Corrie since his arrival as Tyrone back in 1998.   His recent portrayal of suffering domestic abuse at the hands of crazy Kirsty has been superb and raises awareness for those going through it in real life too.

For a full list of winners, have a look at TV Times on Facebook.

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State of the Street - November 2012

I was away for part of November so it was a bit of a rush catching up with my notes even though I did get to see Corrie all month due to the fact that I was actually in the U.K.

Lewis is playing the long game, I think, in his quest for revenge against Gail for her role in splitting up he and Audrey. I have an idea where it's going.

Leanne is settling for Mr. Right Now instead of the one she really wants, you remember him? The one that broke her heart over and over? Nick knows down deep that he's living in Peter's shadow but he's desperate to have any piece of her she's willing to give.

Kirsty's violence is getting more intense and her remorse is disappearing rapidly. where's it all going to end? Wedding bells or the clang of the Grim Reaper? And is Tyrone going to be the ultimate victim or is Fiz?

Read more about it in State of the Street.

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Fab Photo Friday - November 30th 2012

It's Friday again so it's time for this week's fab Coronation Street photo. This week saw the funeral of Bill Tarmey and so in tribute here's a great picture of Jack and Vera enjoying a day at the races.

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The Audrey Roberts noise

The Audrey Roberts noise, as found on YouTube today. It's silly, of that there's no dout. It also made me smile and as it's Friday I thought I'd see if it made other Coronation Street fans giggle too.

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Spot the Corrie prop - November 30th 2012

Last week's prop poser was very hard and there were a couple of good guesses for places we don't see very often but nobody spotted that the crazy clock is in the very rarely seen back room at Barlow's Bookies.

We've got another timepiece this week, that's hopefully a bit easier to recognise. Just tell us where on Coronation Street you would find this Mackintosh-style clock.

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Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Fri 30 November

Coronation Street, Friday 30th November 2012 at 7.30pm

TOMMY AND FIZ NEARLY DROP TYRONE IN IT. Fiz assures Tyrone he’s doing the right thing and encourages him to stick to the plan before heading back to work, her first day since her accident. The girls welcome her but Kirsty wastes no time picking a fight. Rob and Michelle call Fiz and Kirsty into the office and warn them not to cause any further aggro. Fiz decides to work through her lunch break to avoid Kirsty. Tommy calls into the factory to discuss his concerns for Tyrone, he’s still nervous but Fiz is confident the plan will work. However when Kirsty walks in and demands to know just what Tyrone’s going to sort, Fiz and Tommy are like rabbits caught in the headlights!
TINA SEEKS HELP FROM OWEN. Tommy’s frustrated that he’s still unemployed so Tina asks Owen to employ Tommy as a labourer now that Jason’s left. Owen agrees and Tina’s delighted. But how will Tommy react to news of his new job?
RITA’S HUMILIATED IN THE BISTRO. Over lunch at the Bistro, Rita confides in Emily that Dennis is spending money like water since he started using his cash card. She’s wary of broaching the subject with Dennis for fear of emasculating him. Emily’s sure the novelty will soon wear off but when Rita’s card is declined at the Bistro how will she react?
Elsewhere Gail fusses around Lewis, waiting on him hand and foot. There’s a frisson between Jason and Stella as he arrives for work at the Rovers. Stella tells Jason she’ll have to put his job through the books but when Jason admits he has no idea about paperwork will Stella offer her services?

Friday 30th November 2012 at 8.30pm

TYRONE ASKS KIRSTY TO SET A DATE FOR THE WEDDING. As Fiz and Tommy freeze in horror Kirsty demands an explanation. The girls arrive back at the factory to find Kirsty in a stand-off with Fiz. Kirsty hurls insults at Fiz who bites back and the pair have to be pulled apart. The factory’s in uproar with Kirsty and Fiz both refusing to work together. Tommy’s sent for Tyrone to calm things down and he arrives with Ruby to find Kirsty accusing Fiz of trying to break up her relationship. Kirsty wants to know if he can explain Fiz and Tommy’s secret chat. Faced with an audience, Tyrone turns on Fiz, accusing her of pursuing him and trying to seduce him. Taking her cue, Fiz falls on her sword and admits she tried to steal Tyrone from Kirsty. Everyone’s scandalised as vindicated Kirsty is triumphant. But when Rob and Michelle sack Fiz for gross misconduct, citing all the disruption her antics have created in the factory, will Fiz stick to her story and accept her fate? Meanwhile Tyrone apologises to Kirsty for keeping Fiz’s harassment a secret and begs her to marry him straightaway. Will Kirsty agree or has Tyrone’s plan been rumbled?
TINA’S PREGNANCY GRATES ON TOMMY. Tommy’s cooked Tina a meal to thank her for sorting the job with Owen. But when Tina’s morning sickness and tiredness put a dampener on the evening Tommy struggles to hide his annoyance.
RITA CONFRONTS DENNIS’ SPENDING. Rita learns the bank blocked her card as a security measure due to an unusual spending pattern. She’s relieved that the account hasn’t been emptied. But when Dennis returns from the shops laden with bags Rita condemns his extravagance. Jolted Dennis resolves to get a job.
Elsewhere Stella gives Jason book-keeping advice and commiserates with him over Maria. She tells him the right girl will come along for him soon. David and Kylie are unimpressed when Lewis lays on a takeaway as a thank-you to Gail.

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Thursday 29 November 2012

The Men of Coronation Street - Then and Now

One criticism I do have about the 21st Century Coronation Street is the apparent reliance on casting supposedly good looking younger actors regardless of the role they are required to play. I'm nudging and pointing at the fairly recent additions of Ryan Connor (II) and Carla's brother, Rob Donovan. I am sure they are both perfectly nice guys, but so far their characters have both been hugely lacking. For me, the alarm bell was ringing as soon as those publicity photographs of them in the boxing ring surfaced. What was that all about? Personally, I'd have backed Elsie and Ena in the ring over those two any day!

This all got me thinking of how times have changed. The past twenty years or so has certainly seen a marked increase in these kind of casting announcements, although I think the current trend really began with the arrival of Adam Rickett as Nick(y) Tilsley. Remember him?? However, it wasn't always this way. Who were the Coronation Street pin ups in the early days of the show? Was there a Tommy, Ryan or Jason for the 1960s audience? Let's see how they compared.

I suppose we have to start with the Peter Pan of Weatherfield, Mr Kenneth Barlow. The original Corrie youth, he did rebel against his family and fought for what he wanted out of life. He also had more than his fair share of the ladies (and continues to do so). However, could he really be considered an early Corrie pin up? I have my doubts. Ken was soon married off, although that didn't stop him creeping down the ginnel for assignations with, well, anybody. He was also a bookish intellectual, leading mother-in-law Blanche to describe him once as "the poor-man's Melvyn Bragg." Enough said.

So who else was there? The original Street bad boy Dennis Tanner, as portrayed by Philip Lowrie. When we first met Dennis he was giving Mum Elsie cheek, while also revealing he had recently been in prison. This is more like it. However Dennis quickly became a comedic character, dabbling in show business. Perhaps now they are married Rita can go back to t'Gatsby with Dennis as her agent? That would give him a job, as the powers that be are obviously so keen for him to have one! Sorry, he is ruled out for that bathing in front of his mother thing. Who would do that? 

There was also Len Fairclough. A real rough diamond. A man's man. Builder Len was popular with the Street ladies, from Bet Lynch and Elsie Tanner to the woman who eventually tried to tame him, Rita Littlewood. As macho and brutish as Len undoubtedly was, we never saw him without his vest, and quite rightly so. I don't think we would ever have seen Len doing a spread for Attitude magazine. Moving on!

Finally, there was of course Ray Langton. Watching old episodes, I have grown quite fond of our Raymond. He first appeared in Corrie as a delinquent in the mid-60s before returning and becoming a more responsible, if still wise-cracking character. Ray did indeed have quite  a twinkle in his eye back in the day, however there is one thing he cannot be forgiven for, ever. He will always be partially responsible for the monster that is Tracy Barlow. That certainly knocks a couple of points off as far as I'm concerned!

So what are your views on the casting of today's Street hunks? Do you have a particular favourite or someone you cannot abide? And how do you think this has changed since the early days of Corrie? 

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Coronation Street: What is Lewis up to?

Last night's Coronation Street had me in fits of giggles when Lewis sat down on the Bistro floor, chucked the tray of glasses all over and yelled in agony, pretending he'd slipped. 

Gail, of course, fell for Lewis' lies, helped him home and laid him down on her sofa, tending to his every need so that she can assuage some of her guilt at the way she sided with Gloria to show Lewis up as a love cheat in front of Audrey - and failed.

I can understand Lewis feeling miffed over Gail and Gloria's prank but as he's now not seeing Audrey in a romantic sense, I can't understand why he didn't just pack his bags and go.  He's clearly decided to stay to make Gail's life hell - but just what is he up to?  Last night we saw him trouser a couple of Gail's bank statements "Kerching!" so is he intending to rob her blind? I can't imagine Gail's got much in the way of savings though. 

It's an intriguing storyline and one I'm loving right now, especially when the camera pans on Lewis' face after each time he winds up Gail. All he needs is a moustache to twirl and an evil laugh and he'd be perfect pantomime villain. Oh, he already is.

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New Zealand Corrie fan club - where no-one's a fan

There are many Coronation Street fan clubs around the world where people get together to discuss our favourite soap.  So when I heard about a Coronation Street fan club in New Zealand I was a bit surprised to hear that no-one's a fan.  

The Coro Club has been formed for people to meet while their partners are at home watching Coronation Street!

The Coro Club was formed by Jim Cross, Mick Glew and Bob Newcombe who said they were tired of the weekly routine of their partners watching Coronation Street because the programme seemed to run for ages and they preferred to spend their time engrossed in "deep and meaningful conversation".

Members have been meeting on Tuesday evenings in the Sprig and Fern in Milton St for the last four years. Jim said the Coro Club had a hard core of seven members but they could get anywhere between six and 20 people attending on a Tuesday night.

The Coro Club have their own table in one corner of the pub and members also use the occasion to exchange any surplus produce they may have, such as homegrown vegetables.  Find out more here.

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Wednesday 28 November 2012

Marcus and Maria - gay controversy rages on

While Marcus and Maria are getting on with things, the controversy rages on about whether this scenario is realistic or not.

I read this today and I thought it was very well thought out and defended the situation quite appropriately. It reflects my feelings on the subject pretty much bang on. It's about rules and labels and how maybe your sexual preferences aren't the be all and end all of who you really are.

They also pose the question as to why it's more accepted if a straight character experiments with someone of their own sexual persuasion. If that's not questioned quite as closely, why should a gay character not fall for someone of the opposite sex? It might not happen all the time, but it *does* happen.

Even Charlie Condou, who plays Marcus, admits "Even I had a relationship with a woman in my mid-twenties, and I was too scared to talk to my gay friends about it at the time because of their reactions to it."

The writer of the piece says "The writers of Coronation Street itself are, if anything, posing questions about the elasticity of sexual orientation and identity, and what happens to Marcus and Maria’s relationship should be of greater focus, not the relationship itself." and I agree.

Ultimately, I think the relationship between Marcus and Maria will not work out. For one reason, Maria *always* falls for the wrong man and for another, as much as Marcus probably does love Maria, I think he's in it for the wrong reasons. Family is the draw here for Marcus, I'm sure and that might not be enough to go the distance in a relationship that he's not altogether comfortable in.

Time will tell.

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ITV Job Vacancy: Action props person for Coronation Street

This just in from ITV Jobs

As our Action Props Person for Coronation Street, you will familiarise yourself with scripts, preparing continuity notes to ensure future integrity of action props you will ensure all props within your domain are in place for production filming whether on location, on the lot or in the studio.  Assisting our Art Director on shooting days, you will be responsible for both compliance and aesthetic issues during production.
Our Action Props Person will have a strong knowledge of TV production and an understanding of character profiles when choosing props.  As you will be working closely with a variety of people within the production team and actors alike, you will have exceptional interpersonal skills and resilience.  With a creative flair, you will be confident to act up to the role of Art Director if required.  You will also have a high level of computer literacy and a relevant knowledge of Health and Safety and Food Hygiene. 

You must have previous experience of working in a drama studio environment and due to the very nature of this role, confidentiality and discretion are a must. Demanding filming hours, mean that a flexible approach is essential.
If you’re up for the challenge, in a role where no two days are ever the same, apply now!

Wonder if they'll need to be good at our Prop of the Week competition? Just wondering...
Fixed Term Contract – 12 Months
Closing Date – Monday, 3 December 2012

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WIN! Bottle of Corrie champagne for Christmas

The lovely people at Gone Digging have given the Coronation Street Blog some fantastic personalised Corrie prizes for fans to win in time for Christmas this year.  

This week one lucky Coronation Street fan can win this personalised bottle of Coronation Street Champagne!

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning this great prize is to answer the two following questions correctly and email the right answers to me at with CHAMPAGNE in the subject line. One winner will be drawn at random from all correct entries received.

Deadline for entries is Sunday 2 December at 12 noon. UK entries only for this one, please. (Sorry, overseas fans). Over 18s only.

Please include on your entry the FULL PERSONALISED MESSAGE and NAME you'd like included on your prize.

Here are your questions, good luck!  Entries from MoneySavingsExpert, Loquax and all other competition entry websites will not be included in any of our competitions.

Q1: On the Gone Digging website, name one of the football teams named in their range of personalised football books.

Q2: On the Gone Digging website how much does the personalised Coronation Street Spoof Magazine called Corrie Gossip sell for?

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ITN coverage of Bill Tarmey's funeral

Coronation Street actor Bill Tarmey's funeral was held yesterday.  And ITN news have some very moving footage of Coronation Street's Samia Smith (Maria Connor) giving her tribute to Bill at the funeral.

Bill Tarmey's family have asked that donations are made in his memory to Brain Tumour Research

A fundraising page has also been set up at for people to donate to the charity.

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Looking back at 12 months of Corrie: August 2012

Here we go with August in our look back at this year month by month.  If you'd like a full synopsis of everything that happened this month in Corrie, you can read the Corrie weekly updates website and our blogger Tvor's State of the Street for each month.

This blog post is purely my own highlights and lowlights for each month of the year so far. These are my own personal likes and dislikes for Corrie so do chip in with your own and remind me of anything major I've missed that happened during each month too.

So here we go with August 2012


Steve uses Ryan to help him get back in Michelle's good books and under her duvet.

Tina finds out that Kirsty's abusing Tyrone but he won't let her help him.

Hayley has to have a word with Mary to stop her crushing on Roy.


Sylvia leaves to live in America with Milton. She was wonderful - please bring her back!

Izzy and Gary agree to having a surrogate baby with Katy. 

Tracy goes to hospital with a kidney infection. "She could die!" sobs Deirdre. Oh, if only. 

Kevin's DIY keeps Paul the fireman awake so he has to sleep on Gail's sofa. This storyline was just like Gail's life itself - so much potential, so little satisfaction. 

Sunita loans Karl loadsamoney so he can buy 250 Chinese smoke alarms from his mate, Tez. 

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Coronation Street fan of the week - Stephanie in New Zealand

It's Wednesday and time to meet another Corrie fan of the week. 
Would you like to be our Corrie fan of the week?
Click here to find out more.

Who are you and where are you from?
Stephanie, I'm from New Zealand

How long have you been watching Corrie?

I've been watching for about 10 years. I started watching when I was 6 believe it or not and still watching it at 16 years old. I don't miss an episode!

Who are your favourite female and male characters and reasons why.
My favourite male character is definitely Liam Connor. It was so sad to see him go but I love him! He's gorgeous and such an amazing actor! I also like Steve McDonald, he always makes me laugh! My favourite female character would have to be Becky McDonald or Maria Connor, they are amazing actresses. They've both done big story lines too.

Favourite storylines over the years.

I liked the tram crash! Pity so many got injured and died but it was very exciting and intense! I like the storyline of David and Becky'ss sister getting together 

What would your fantasy Corrie storyline be?
Tracy leaving or actually being nice for a change.

Have you any snippets or news about meeting any of the Corrie cast, or trips to the set, etc., that you'd like to share?
I Skyped Eddie Windass! It was so nice of him to do that for me!

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Sneak preview of tonight's hour-long Corrie, Weds 28 Nov

Coronation Street, Wednesday 28th November 2012
Hour-Long Episode at 7.30pm

WILL TYRONE ACCEPT FIZ’S LIFELINE? Tyrone takes painkillers while Kirsty makes him swear not to see Fiz anymore. Alone a tearful Tyrone contemplates his bottle of pills until Ruby’s crying brings him out of his trance. Tommy’s surprised when Tyrone calls him and asks his help. Explaining that he’s reached the end of his tether, Tyrone begs Tommy to drive him to the coach station so that he and Ruby can flee before Kirsty returns from work. Tommy tries to dissuade Tyrone from leaving, but Tyrone insists it’s the only way he can keep Ruby. At the station Tommy bids Tyrone an emotional farewell. But when Fiz hears of Tyrone’s plan she insists Tommy drive her to the station as after visiting Citizens Advice she’s found a solution. As an oblivious Kirsty heads to the Rovers for an after work drink, Fiz and Tommy dash to the station. Stopping the coach they persuade Tyrone to get off as Fiz explains that the best way to keep Ruby is to marry Kirsty as he will get parental responsibility of Ruby, giving him a father’s rights. He can then fight Kirsty for custody. She warns him that absconding will get him into big trouble and hers is a better long-term solution. Will Tyrone agree to return home or is Kirsty about to arrive back at No.9 to discover Tyrone has done a runner with Ruby?
GAIL TAKES IN AN UNEXPECTED HOUSE GUEST. Tired of David’s constant talk of children, Kylie volunteers them to mind Hope and Joseph. David’s surprised, unaware of her ulterior motive. As David struggles to cope with Max, Joseph and Hope, Kylie suddenly announces she should be at work and leaves frazzled David to babysit alone. Meanwhile at the Bistro cunning Lewis stages a fall, pretending to injure his back on Gail’s recently mopped floor. Blaming herself for Lewis’ injury, Gail insists he should stay at No.8 while he recovers so she can look after him. Lewis accepts, delighted his plan is coming together. David’s furious that Gail’s invited Lewis to stay in Max’s room. Gail tells him it’s her house and she will decide what guests she has to stay. But what would she think if she knew what Lewis was up to!
OWEN TAKES REVENGE ON JASON. Owen’s furious to discover that Jason has resigned and taken on Stella’s bathroom repairs as his first solo project. When Jason then calls at the yard for his tools he can’t find them. Owen acts dumb but Jason accuses him of stealing them in revenge for poaching the Rovers job. Stella’s outraged to hear Owen’s confiscated Jason’s tools and warns Owen that if he doesn’t return them she’ll report him to Trading Standards for his extortionate quote. Will Owen concede defeat?
ELSEWHERE Dennis exercises his debit card in the Rovers by buying drinks for Beth, Kirsty and Tracy. Rita’s annoyed to find him getting tipsy and marches him off home.

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Tuesday 27 November 2012

Coronation Street's Julie having a real-life baby

With thanks to the fab Inside Soap magazine this week for this lovely little story, with a great pic too.  Katy Cavanagh, who plays Julie Carp in Coronation Street, is pregnant.

Julie is married to film maker Chris Jupe and is due to give birth in the spring of next year. She is already mum to 8 year old Noah and 5 year old Jemma.

Corrie cant make Julie pregnant on the soap as she's had her ovaries removed earlier this year after the phantom pregnancy scare.  So, cue lots of scenes of Julie sitting at her sewing machine in Underworld and/or hiding her bump with the clipboard.

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Coronation Street Weekly Update, November 26 2012

Corrie weekly updates from 1995 - 17 years in 17 e-books

All the wit and warmth of Weatherfield, none of the waffle
Available from and

Greetings and welcome to the Coronation Street Weekly Update. 
Find out more about the Coronation Street Weekly Updates and why they've been written for th'internet since 1995 at

Just when you think crazy Kirsty can’t get any worse, she goes and does it this week. First off, poor Fiz gets her sewing machine tangled when it stops working properly at Underworld. Julie turns the machine off at the mains as Fiz tries to sort the machine out and just as she’s doing that, Kirsty turns the machine back on, sewing Fiz’s thumb to a knicker gusset. And that just isn’t nice. What’s worse is that Kirsty then covers herself by volunteering to take Fiz to t’hospickle. And then, oh dear, poor Tyrone. I almost couldn’t bear to watch as Kirsty kicked and punched Tyrone across the floor of No. 13. It doesn’t take much to set Kirsty off and this time it was texts and calls from Fiz, trying to support Tyrone, that made Kirsty see red. She locked Tyrone in the house with baby Ruby and then when she came home from work, she gave him what for all over again. Horrible, horrible, horrible, but so very well acted by both.

Over at the Rovers, St Ella of the Back Room gets anointed with holy water from above when a leak in her bathroom floods the back room.  It’s like Lourdres has moved to Salford. Jason pops round to price it all up but then Owen sends him packing and tells him he hasn’t a clue. Jason’s feeling hard done by and goes back to St Ella with a price that undercuts Owen’s, determined to strike out on his own.

Sophie’s home from hospital and walking on crutches with help from physio Jenna. Sophie likes physio Jenna. See Sophie smile at physio Jenna. See Sophie develop a crush on physio Jenna.  See Sophie’s dad Kevin chat up physio Jenna. It’s a love triangle with a difference, that’s for sure. Even Lloyd can’t believe his eyes when he spots what’s going on in the pub: “Is Kevin Webster chatting up my daughter?”

Nick proposes to Leanne again this week and this time she says yes. They have an engagement bash in the Bistro to which even Rita and Dennis attend. But David and Kylie don’t. They’re at home shouting at each other on the sofa because David wants a baby and Kylie, well, she don’t. She tells him she does though, just to shut him up but in that classic Corrie over-the-shoulder look to camera as David hugs his wife, Kylie’s eyes don’t punch the ticket her mouth has just produced.

And finally this week, Rita gives Dennis his very own cashpoint card. She shows him how to use it after he admits he hasn’t used one before.  We can probably see where this is going and your guess is as good as mine as to what a barrel of laughs a CHIP and PIN story can be. Can’t think why Corrie haven’t mined this comedy gold before.

And that’s just about that for this week.
Remember, you can sign up to get these Corrie weekly updates by email at

This week's writers were Martin Allen, Susan Oudout and Peter Whalley.  Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at
Glenda Young
Blogging away merrily at

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Corrie cast gather to pay respects at Bill Tarmey's funeral

The funeral of Coronation Street actor Bill Tarmey took place today in Ashton-under-Lyne at Albion United Reformed Church.  The Manchester Evening News reports that around 700 people packed into the church, joining his wife of 50 years, Ali, and the couple's two children, Carl and Sara, to say a final goodbye.

The service was relayed on loudspeakers for several hundred fans of the show who gathered outside. Eulogies were given by Samia Ghadie, who plays Maria Connor, and Nigel Pivaro.

Bill Tarmey's family asked that donations are made in his memory to Brain Tumour Research, in place of sending flowers.  A fundraising page has also been set up at for people to donate to the charity.

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Let Dennis retire in peace

For nearly as long as Dennis has been back in the show, something has been annoying me. Perhaps it's only because there might be something I'm mssing so please let me know if I'm wrong here... but wouldn't Dennis be receiving his old age pension?

Ever since he's been back, he's been flat broke. At first, he was homeless. I understand a financial scheme left him without a penny and this must have been after he split with Norma, leaving her at the altar. But even then, he was over 65. Surely he could have been housed in a council flat by Social Services?

Once he moved in with Rita, he was always broke and happy to let anyone else buy him drinks, etc. Now that he had a home address, surely his pension could be paid into a bank? He was going to take a job in Birmingham rather than sponge off Rita which then led to their declaration of love and subsequent wedding.  Now, judging from the spoilers, he feels he should get a job to pay his own way. Again, I ask why? I know a pension isn't a lot of money but it's at least enough to contribute to paying his way, surely?

Do you only get a pension if you've had a job during your life?  Surely, Dennis has had legitimate jobs now and then over the course of his life though we know he preferred scams and schemes. We have no way of knowing at this point. It doesn't work that way in Canada. The main "Old Age Pension" is something all citizens get though there's another government pension you can get if you have worked and contributed to a fund. Am I missing something?

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Catherine Tyldesley on losing five stone

Catherine Tyldesley, who plays Coronation Street's Eva Price, has given an interview to OK magazine about, and I quote "body issues".

There's a picture of Catherine when she was five stong heavier than she currently is, and she says she was inspired to lose weight after being told she could only ever play larger people on screen.

She says: "I went for an audition to play Rizzo in Grease and the producer said to me: ‘Sorry, Cath, but you will always be the fat character actress’ and I didn’t get the role. After that, I thought, right, I want to be a professional actress and I need to get healthy. I lost the bulk of it in a year," she added.

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Pic: Kym Lomas and Alison King pucker up

This picture just in yesterday from oh, just about everywhere. 

Coronation Street actors Kym Lomas (Michelle Connor) and Alison King (Carla Connor) had a kiss for the cameras as they arrived for a charity ball at the weekend.

The charity ball was the Hearts and Minds event at the Hilton Hotel, ­Manchester, on Sunday.

Find out more about Hearts and Minds charity. Keith Duffy, who played Corrie's Ciaran McCarthy is one of the patrons.  

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Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street, Dec 2 - 7

Without any piffle, here's the storyline for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Sunday 2 December to Friday 7 December 2012
Note: Hour long episode on Sunday 2 December
, no episodes on Monday 3 December

Tina’s baby news spreads, Dennis starts work as a lollipop man, Gail has dinner with Lewis, Nick proposes to Leanne.

The full weekly preview, with loads of pictures is right here on

Missed last week's Corrie?
Catch up with the Coronation Street Weekly Updates

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Monday 26 November 2012

Coronation Street episode review, Monday 26 November 2012

Monday evening is just not the same without a second episode to look forward to, but as Eva said, when complimented by her mother for wishing Leanne well on her engagement to Nick, 'You just have to accept things and move on, don't you?' So that is what we must do.

A cracking episode though despite the somewhat contrived scene featuring  Rita and Dennis, where Dennis is enlightened in the art of using chip and pin. The scene was awkward and unconvincing but we mustn't let that brief scene cast gloom on an otherwise excellent episode.

So there is Eva dealing with her hair, calling it stupid, though despite the hairband, it looked pretty good to me. Not for long though as the leak in the bathroom flooded the living room, brought on by Stella's prodding at the ceiling. I'm not certain whether this was a coincidental or a planned link, but when Gail is informed of the baby making plans of David and Kylie, she asks if they have thought it through, resulting in David's comment about her throwing cold water on the idea, thereby reminding us of the water in The Rovers.

Interesting focus on Jason tonight, who isn't getting much sympathy from mum Eileen. If she had been all 'Oh poor Jason' she would have been criticised for mollycoddling a man who is nearly 30 years old. As it happened, she was tough. She begins by using sarcasm suggesting Jason start up a hedge fund or the new facebook. She adds that he is lucky to have a job in this climate and that if he's dissatisfied he should do something about it. It seems that this tough love works as when he hears about Owen's rather large margins to fix Stella's problems he goes in to undercut Owen's price, no doubt spurred on by Owen's refusal to accept Jason as a business partner. Owen is famed for his temper, so we can guarantee sparks in the near future. I hope there are some good storylines to come for Jason. His character could have hidden depths which would be interesting for the writers to reveal.

The main thrust tonight must be Tyrone and Kirsty. The unease set in early at breakfast time. Tyrone appeared on edge in his own home with his own wife and baby. Even Kirsty's praise of the scrambled eggs had a hint of the sinister. Taking his keys and locking him in is surely indicative of a woman who needs serious help. It was played so well by two superb actors; totally convincing.

The writers are most definitely keeping us on tenterhooks as we see Lewis flattering Gail by way of preparation for the launch into his revenge on her. Looking forward to the start which will, I feel, be brutal.

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Video: The meerkats take a Coronation Street tour

If you're a fan of the meerkat band, you might like this short and sweet promo video from Coronation Street's new sponsor,

If you haven't seen the meerkat band playing the Coronation Street theme tune, it's here. 

And now the meerkats take their first tour of Coronation Street.

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Sneak preview of tonight's Corrie - Monday 26 Nov

Coronation Street, Monday 26th November 2012
Only one episode tonight at 7.30pm

KIRSTY REACHES A NEW LOW. Tyrone’s on edge around Kirsty. While he’s upstairs Kirsty answers his mobile but the caller hangs up. Seeing that it was Fiz and finding dozens of messages from her, seething Kirsty pops Tyrone’s phone and keys into her bag, deadlocks the door and heads off to work. Realising his keys and phone are missing and he’s locked in No.9, Tyrone tries ringing Kirsty from the landline but she ignores his call. When she arrives home, Tyrone plays along as she acts astonished to find his keys in her bag but denies picking up his phone too. Alone Tyrone searches her bag and finds his phone. But when Kirsty returns and catches him red-handed a blazing row ensues where Kirsty admits she took them because she can’t trust him. Kirsty then hits Tyrone repeatedly in her worst attack yet. As her rage subsides, this time she shows no remorse and demands an apology from Tyrone. Will he comply and how will Fiz react when she learns of Kirsty’s assault?
JASON STRIKES OUT ON HIS OWN. Stella discovers a pocket of water in the ceiling of the back room. She prods it and the ceiling caves in. Finding a leak under the bath Jason tells Stella the damage means she’ll need a whole new bathroom. But when Owen takes over preparing a quote Jason’s peeved. Heeding Eileen’s advice, to make positive changes to his life, Jason suggests to Owen that he could buy into the business and become a partner. But when Owen rejects his offer outright Jason’s stung and comes to a life-changing decision.
KYLIE AND DAVID STRUGGLE TO FIND PRIVACY. Gail’s pleased when David tells her of his plans to start a family. But Kylie’s unimpressed when David schedules sex sessions around Gail’s shifts at the Bistro so they can have privacy.
Elsewhere Dennis takes offence when Steve jokes about Rita giving him pocket money. In response Rita sets him up with his own debit card. Lewis continues to flatter gullible Gail about her talent as a mother and grandmother.

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Sunday 25 November 2012

Winner announced in our Coronation Street whisky competition

Congratulations go to Coronation Street Blog reader Annie Taylor who has won this personalised bottle of Coronation Street blended whisky in our latest competition. 

Annie was drawn at random from all the correct entries and the whisky will be on its way to her this week.

Tune in tomorrow for another very special personalised Coronation Street merchandise competition.

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Coronation Street Chit-Chat: Corrie news catch-up November 2012

It's about time we had another Coronation Street chit-chat, a catch-up of some of the shorter news stories that have been happening but haven't made it into their own blog post.  And so, here we go.

Current Corrie cast
Paula Lane (Kylie Platt) on drawing the line between her own fashion sense and that of Kylie's on Corrie. Read more.

Sally Dynevor (Sally Webster) on eating healthy to stay healthy after her breast cancer experience. Read more.

Michelle Keegan (Tina McIntyre) wears jumper for work, makes news. Read more.

Jack P Shepherd (David Platt) isn't too worried that new Corrie produer Stuart Blackburn will kill his character off as he's good mates with Mr B.  Read more.

Alan Halsall and Andy Whyment (Tyrone Dobbs and Kirk Sutherland) thrill fans in Canada. Read more.

Sam Aston (Chesney Battersby-Brown) joins Vets4pets annual conference.  Read more.

Craig Charles (Lloyd Mullaney) wants to do more Red Dwarf. Read more.

Ex-Corrie cast
Helen Flanagan (Rosie Webster) hasn't yet been voted out of the I'm a Celebrity jungle.  If she wins, we'll blog her again but otherwise are staying quiet on her, especially about her oompa-loompa look.

Nigel Pivaro (Terry Duckworth) switched the Christmas lights on in Lowestoft, where he's starring in panto at the Marina Theatre. Read more.  For a full list of all Corrie cast in panto this year, have a look here.

Katherine Kelly (Becky McDonald) returned to the cobbles for a visit. Read more.

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Coronation Street weekly awards, November 19 - 23

I'm back off my holidays and back in the saddle! Without further ado...

Stroppy Mare award: Gold Star: Leanne is not exactly showing signs of a happy bride-to-be

Trouble stirring award: Platinum star: Kirsty's campaign against Fiz caused injury and threats but at least Tyrone can't deny it anymore, he overheard the admission of guilt.
Gold Star: Eva is miserable and Kylie doesn't like Leanne so they're going to make sure Leanne and Nick split up too.
Silver star: Lewis is working on Gail. Getting her to do his laundry this week.

Directionally challenged award: Kirk ended up off the south coast of England at the Isle of Wight instead of half way to Scotland in Preston.

Pointless award: Steve and Michelle. What's the point? All he does these days is get at Rob. I think Michelle and Rob make a better couple, frankly.

Backpedalling award: Leanne has to make up for knocking Nick back because she can't exist without a man to take care of her, after all.

Bad Timing award: David, if you're going to ask Kylie to have another baby, asking her in the middle of a busy restaurant is definitely not the place to do it.

Foreshadowing award: Mandy is convinced Kevin won't get anywhere with Jenna because Jenna's a dedicated career girl. Not that she'll actually end up with Kevin, no, because why would a lovely 28 year old fancy him? But because maybe she doesn't fancy men at all! Just guessing.

Fashion Ick of the week: Eva's red sheer dress looked fab until she turned around and the whole back was out, and her black bra was completely in evidence.

Fashion shout out: I love Mandy's clothes and matching hair bands. Loved Beth's red t-shirt with KISS ME on it in glitter.

Lines of the week:
Lewis to Gail: "You're the Koh-i-Noor of Coronation Street"
Lewis: "It's been a blast but I have a sink to plunge"
Rob on the phone to Kirk: "You were meant to go to Preston. What're you doing on the Isle of Wight?" (300 miles in different directions, too)
Beth: "I was like a Barbie, me, and what I had was 100% natural" (Steve always said she was a model when he first dated her so it must be true!)
Ryan: "Mumble mumble mumble.. I'll see you around"
Lloyd :"Is Kevin Webster chatting up my daughter?" (Yes)
Sally: "I don't know why everyone always thinks I'm trying to be Teacher's Pet" (while Kevin motions to Beth to stay schtum!)

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Saturday 24 November 2012

Looking back at 12 months of Corrie: July 2012

Here we go with July in our look back at this year month by month.  If you'd like a full synopsis of everything that happened this month in Corrie, you can read the Corrie weekly updates website and our blogger Tvor's State of the Street for each month.  

This blog post is purely my own highlights and lowlights for each month of the year so far.  These are my own personal likes and dislikes for Corrie so do chip in with your own and remind me of anything major I've missed that happened during each month too.

So here we go with July 2012


Izzy tells Gary she's pregnant but not everyone's pleased as Owen erupts with macho concern: "You've only been back together five minutes and he's not long been off his rocker!"

Lloyd returns.

Tracy moves in with Emily and makes Norris' life hell.

Mary cosies up to Roy in the cafe while Hayley's out dancing. She puts Roy off his chess move and he dribbles piccallilli on his bishop.

Peter and Carla leave for a few months. Never easy to watch but compelling all the same, Kirsty's violence continues. She smashes Tyrone's framed photograph of Jack.

Marcus moves into Maria's flat and cooks dinner for Kirk who mistakes it for a date. "It wasn't a date," Marcus reassures him to which Kirk replies:"It wasn't? But we had napkins!"

Ryan Connor returns all buff and hunked up. He's a cocaine freak and tries to rip off Underworld for compensation after faking an accident in the packing room.


Carla's brother - who had been talked about in the past and called Darren - turns up and he's now called Rob.  Lots of hype leading to lots of disappointment for this fan. 

Streetcars have a fiasco fight with Fare Ladies when Tracy tries to sabotage Steve's business.  Not even the wonderful Eileen, Steve and Lloyd could save this storyline.

Little FayE gets bullied at school.

Everything and anything with St Ella in it, which unfortunately was rather a lot, yet again.

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Winners announced in our meerkats competion

Congratulations to two lucky Coronation Street Blog readers and two lucky readers who have each one a meerkat from Coronation Street's new sponsor

One meerkat each will  be winging its way this week to Clare Lewis, Faye Talbot, Jo Johnson and Jo Hutchinson. Well done to the winners and thank you to everyone who entered.

Want to see the meerkat band play the Coronation Street theme tune?  It's here.

Check out all of our Corrie competitions here.

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Winners announced in Sean Wilson's Great Northern Cookbook competition

Congratulations go to five lucky Coronation Street Blog readers who have been drawn at random to win one of Sean Wilson's Great Northern Cookbooks.

Cookbooks will be winging their way this week to Nikki Beresford, Jeni Morrow, Chloe Hindle, John Seaman and Lisa Westoby.  Well done, everyone!  Thank you to everyone who entered.

Sean Wilson played Martin Platt on Coronation Street for 21 years. Since leaving Corrie, Sean is now an award-winning cheesemaker and chef and in his new Channel 5 TV programme, The Great Northern Cookbook, Sean takes us on a delicious journey of discovery through the food of the North.

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Check out our other current Corrie competitions here.

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Tonight: Ken Barlow - the musical

Matthew Strachan
In August this year we blogged about award winning composer and singer-songwriter Matthew Strachan.  Matthew will be performing an evening of his songs at the St James Theatre Studio, London tonight - Saturday 24 November. And Matthew will also be debuting selections from a new oratorio based on the life of Coronation Street’s Ken Barlow.

Hang on a minute... oratorio based on the life of our Ken?

But this is an award winning composer who has an illustrious musical career including composing the award-winning soundtrack to the international hit TV show Who Wants to be a Millionaire?  He has a piano and vocal album of his songs called 25 Year Songbook just released by Nono Records and you can find out more about him on his website at

So why's he gone all musical about Ken the Corrie stud muffin?  Well, we wanted to know and so we asked him.  Here's our EXCLUSIVE Coronation Street Blog interview with Matthew Strachan who explains all.

Q. What is an oratorio?
A. It's sort of like an opera but not staged. More of a concert with a story, soloists and a chorus.

Q. Is the piece a comic work or something with more depth?
A. It's a bit tongue in cheek I suppose. But there'll be big dramatic bits. Especially when Mike Baldwin turns up.

Q. What does Ken mean to you? He must have made a big impact on you to inspire an oratorio.
A. He means the voice of reason in Weatherfield.

Q. Are you/were you a fan of Coronation Street?
A. I used to watch it every Monday and Wednesday with my mother.

Q. What aspect of Ken most fascinates you? He is, after all, both an intellectual and a ladies' man.
A. He's got a lot of turbulent history for such a mild man. He knows all about Shakespeare. He knows a lot about Rita Sullivan too...

Q. Is the oratorio based on the facts of Ken's life as we know them from Corrie, or are there imagined elements in it?
A. There's dream sequences in it but I'm aiming to stay true to Ken's history.

Q. Where does the oratorio fit in with the rest of your output?
A. I'm hoping I'll be a celebrated composer after this. Something like a modern day Handel.

Q. As a role model, what can Ken show us about life?
A. He's taught us to overcome setbacks, stay the course, be yourself against all odds and to look after your hair.

Q. Ideally, who would play Ken if your oratorio was performed?
A. I'm thinking Dmitri Hvorostovsky for Ken and Jonas Kaufmann for Mike Baldwin. We're talking to them. They're not talking back though.

Q. What other subjects do you write about?
A. I've written about murderers, the media, social networking, loneliness and Monica Lewinsky. Stuff you can dance to. I have also written about three straightforward love songs.

Well, Corrie fans, there you have it. A Ken Barlow oratorio from a world-cass composer. If anyone goes to see this and would like to blog about it for us afterwards, do please let us know!

Find out more about Matthew Strachan at his website 

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