Sunday, 28 May 2017

9 Sizzling Summer Spoilers for Coronation Street

There's a lot to look forward to this summer in Coronation Street.

It all starts next week when Coronation Street is on at 9pm every night. These five post-watershed episodes of our favourite soap will set the scene for the big storylines that take us into the summer.

Corrie producer Kate Oates this week revealed to us at the Corrie press day some of the major summer storylines. And so here we go with 9 of our favourites!

1. Michelle's boyfriend Will returns
2. Erica's exit is tied up with Kevin Webster 
3. Eva's revenge on Aidan and Maria will be very Eva the Diva
4. Bethany begins the process of breaking free from Nathan and escaping the brainwashing
5. There'll be a new name above the door at the Rovers
6. Billy and Todd become parents - new character Summer arrives
7. Phelan's daughter arrives and changes him
8. Comedian Vic Reeves will be joining the show
9. Someone from Robert's past turns up. Please, don't make it his wife Joanie again!

Kate Oates also revealed more about the 6th episode and the set expansion. You can read more on that here. 

And although this isn't a definite storyline, she did mention that bringing in Tim's mum had been talked about. Oh, Corrie, please make this happen!

And Ken fans can sleep easy, as the Corrie producer revealed that she had no plans to kill off Ken. Find out why here.

You might also like to read my interview with Rob Mallard, who plays Daniel Osbourne, on the harrowing scenes we'll see next week in Coronation Street for Daniel.

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Naysayer said...

There are SO many storylines there that I am definitely NOT looking forward to! (1,2,5,7,8,9)

Corriegated Cardboard said...

i agree naysayer, i wish i didn't but i'm totally unthrilled by the majority of these storylines

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