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Monday 30 June 2014

Coronation Street episode review, Monday 30 June

What is happening to Max? Why is his behaviour deteriorating? At school he is being disruptive and is finding it difficult to concentrate. Kylie doesn't for one second believe that it is Max who is doing anything wrong, but that the school isn't good enough. She thinks it is Max's teachers who just aren't up to scratch. 'I'm not having him blamed because your teachers aren't up to the job.' Kylie tells the head. It seems that Kylie hasn't bought into the idea of partnership between parent and school.

At the garden centre David and Kylie are so busy haranguing Michael, that they do not pay sufficient
attention to Max who disappears for a short while. Anyone else sense a 'difficult child' story coming soon? ADHD diagnosis perhaps? If Kylie does go to Barbados with Max, there will be more trouble from school - a fine for absence in term time.

Gail and Michael do seem to have a connection. She clearly likes him and feels dreadful  at how devastated Michael must have felt when he discovered that the love letter was a hoax and not written by Gail. It feels just a little odd that Kylie and David are so vehement in their protests. Michael is clearly not the most dangerous man in the criminal fraternity, but then again, he is a thief, but a thief with a job, or at least he had a job, until David and Kylie told his boss about the theft. 'Get out before I kick you out,' says Kylie. David points out that the children are upstairs and Gail. quite rightly tells him not to be so sanctimonious. Michael tells Kylie and David that Gail is a wonderful woman who knows her own mind. 'You underestimate your mother,' he tells the pair. True - it seems. 'I'm going to do everything in my power to get Michael back on track,' she tells them.

From one child to another - this time Simon. Poor soul - his mum died, his potential sibling has been miscarried, his dad is an alcoholic who had an affair with the childminder, who Simon loved, and then was murdered, and whose dad is chief suspect for the murder. Simon's dad was also a bigamist. In addition, Nick and Leanne are splitting up and Simon is fond of Nick and no doubt fears he will be out of his life. Who has had it this bad? And at the tender age of, well, pretty young - he has had far too much to contend with.

Maria is back and though she nearly didn't get on the plane home, she knew she had to face the music sometime. Audrey is glad to see her though Fizz is not and is very harsh to her, perhaps justifiably and forgiveness for the text messages in which Maria pretended to be Kirsty, threatening Fizz and Tyrone does not seem likely. She does though now think that it would be good for Marcus to see Liam and it certainly looks as if Liam would love to see Marcus. It's all decided - Marcus will take Liam to school tomorrow morning.

Steve reaching the grand old age of forty seems to have taken its toll. But why is Steve revising now? The exams have finished, haven't they? A glitter ball Michelle? Why not? What's not to like?

Todd is showing his true colours. In the cafe Marcus and Todd notice Sean and Kirk and say that they would make a lovely couple. Kirk points out that he is straight and has a girlfriend to which Todd replies, 'I've seen her - commiserations.' And of Maria, Todd refers to her as 'Miss Fruitloop.' Todd - a real nasty piece of work. Some justice then in that Steve sees Todd wandering around when Todd has pulled a sickie and he is sacked on the spot.

Nick tells Leanne not to be late for her shift in a very brusque fashion. She tries to keep her cool and does reasonably well. He tells her she can't just wander in and out when she feels like it, and Leanne threatens that she'll sue him.

Gary and Izzy are struggling and both realise it. Alya seems to be everywhere Gary is. What is going to happen her? Little Jake was so desperately wanted. Surely they are not going to split...

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My Corrie wish list for the Powers That Be

It's time once again for me to blog-rant about what I'd really like to see in Coronation Street that isn't there right now and isn't likely to be seen for some time (if ever)! So here we go...

1. Give Norris Cole a storyline. Malcolm Hebden hasn't had anything significant to do in years apart from hate Dennis and buy Emily's house. Why haven't we seen more stuff about Norris the home owner at number 3? Even Mary doesn't have much to do with him these days. Malcolm Hebden is a great Corrie actor capable of so much more than he's currently being given.

2. Give Audrey Roberts a storyline. It has been far too quiet a year for our Audrey and Sue Nicholls' talents are being seriously wasted. All she does these days is tut at Kylie/David/Gail or act as a shoulder for wimpering crimper Maria to cry on. She deserves something strong and stand-alone for her to get her acting teeth into. I know Sue Nicholls has been at Corrie for many years but I still reckon they are lucky to have her.

3. PLEASE do not let Deirdre regress once Ken arrives back from Canada. Anne Kirkbride has been a delight since Kenneth disappeared off to look after Adam. Deirdre is funny again. Deirdre has a backbone again. All she needs is a storyline again and I'll be happy.

4. Moving on from this, why don't we see Deirdre and Liz together more often? They have been pals since Deirdre had a perm for pete's sake! Much more should be made of this.

5. I need Owen and Gary to build an extension to the Corrie cupboard so the entire Armstrong-Windass clan can cram into it for the foreseeable. It feels like they haven't been off our screens for about 25 years. As much as I like Anna and Gary, I need a breather from the constant angst and that horrible living room.

6. Having said that, in about a year's time I'd love Pat Phelan to return and get what he deserves for what he did to poor Anna. He really does deserve a suitably horrid send off that one. And his gob on a stick of a wife, the delightful Val.

7. I still think Corrie needs another older character. Stephanie Cole is sorely missed as Roy's mum Sylvia. Either cast Lynda Baron as a loveable old rogue or bring back Barbara Young as Doreen Fenwick and let's see Rita have some fun again.

8. Steve needs to ditch Michelle. I'll keep saying this until it actually happens. And when I mean ditch her I mean actually stick her in his cab and drive her somewhere outside the Weatherfield boundary that has loads of ditches, and then stick her in one. End of.

9. I did like Andrea but I don't now. Lloyd deserves better. They should've kept Jenna and lost Andrea instead.

10. Roy needs something to do and by that Corrie Powers That Be, I do not mean a "love interest" or some kind of rancid bedhopping activity. Before Hayley's exit storyline we learned a little more about Roy's family. Why can't we meet one or two of them? There is so much potential in Roy and it's time to explore his background.

11. Can Sophie Webster go to Devon on a permanent basis please? And can Debbie Webster take her place?

12. Before Philip Lowrie leaves (again) - is he leaving? Who knows. Anyway, before Dennis departs can we PLEASE have some decent references to his glorious mam, Elsie. So much potential there to keep us longtime viewers happy and content and most of it has been squandered for the sake of Tina's gob and Peter's endless desire to drop his kecks. Dennis needs to do some serious reminiscing about Elsie, Linda, Ena, Annie et al before he leaves us.

13. Nick Tilsley needs to stop having these excruciating episodes. Enough already. The whole storyline needs to come to an end. And while we're at it can someone give Kal a personality injection?

14. Sean needs to shift it out of Eileen's house. No progression at all for this character in over ten years. Why can't he at least move in with Julie or something once Marcus goes? Oh, and is there any chance Todd can disappear down a crack in the pavement? I loathe him and his sneaky snakey eyes.

15. Maria should stay in Cyprus.

16. KIRK AND BETH SHOULD GET MARRIED. I won't lay down subtle hints like this again.

17. Do something interesting with Mary or ditch her. I'd rather she was kept on to be honest but I've never known a character float about without roots like her for as long as she has. She dips into other lives and stories but foundations are never properly laid. We need more from her than the occasional game of chess or dotty aside to some other character weighed down by a proper storyline.

18. Invest in Eva and Jason. Eva is the only good thing to come out of the Price saga. She isn't just good, she is fanastic. And she is great with Jason. Something funny and touching for this pair please.

19. Please do not reduce Gail to cleaning toilets in the gym as well as the Bistro. Cleaning the Bistro lavs in her tabard was bad enough, but sluicing out the bogs in that laughable gym is something I wouldn't even see fit for Tracy Barlow. Give her a bit of self respect.

20. Now that Stella is a barely mentioned memory, can we please have a wee visit from Leanne's proper-not-really-me-mam - the gloriously gobby, eternally fleece-clad, Janice? The relationship between Leanne and Janice was always more grounded and believable than anything St Ella could muster.

21. Finally - and I know this isn't likely....could we please have Mavis back, if only for a couple of episodes? Thelma Barlow is one of my absolute favourites as dithering Mavis and those Kabin scenes with Rita are an endless source of joy.

Catching up with our Mave would make my year.

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State of the Street - June 2014

Overall, I think it's been a good month on Coronation Street. There's been a lot of good storyings and absolutely smashing performances. Alison King, Chris Gascoyne and Debbie Rush in particular have been knocking it out of the park regularly. The only recent storyline I haven't enjoyed much, Sophie and Maddie, hasn't really made an appearance in June. So much the better!

Tina's death and the aftermath has been the major storyline, having had a lot of fallout with a number of characters. We wait with bated breath to see how Rob will be tripped up. I reckon he'll be successful in getting Peter banged up but we all know his dastardly deed will be discovered.

Anna is dealing with her family's reactions to what she's done. She seems to finally have found a place to put the guilt now that Owen has castigated her for it and then came crawling back. Gary and Izzy are bickering with him nearly cheating on Izzy (not for lack of trying), Faye's experimenting with booze, Anna's working two jobs and Katy's in a strop all the time. The Windass Armstrong family is imploding and I don't think we're done with it yet.

Tim and Sally continue to be a joy to watch but I want to see more Kirk and Beth, please.

You can read about this and more in further detail at State of the Street.

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Preview of tonight's hour-long Coronation Street, Mon 30 June

DAVID AND KYLIE TAKE ACTION AGAINST MICHAEL An excited Kylie announces that Becky has offered them a free holiday in Barbados but David’s left concerned about their trip when he returns home to find Michael there. Ordering him out of the house, David and Kylie then take it upon themselves to visit Michael at work but Kylie makes a scene and tells Michael's boss that he burgled their house. Will Kylie have lost Michael his job and how will Gail react if she finds out? 
MARIA’S RETURN CAUSES RUCTIONS ON THE STREET Todd pulls a sickie from Street Cars to spend time with Marcus but Todd’s annoyed when Maria returns to the street and tells Marcus he can continue seeing Liam. Maria braces herself and apologises to Fiz but can Fiz ever forgive her?
LEANNE BRACES HERSELF FOR A ROCKY RIDE Leanne tells Simon that her and Kal are now an item. Nick promotes an embarrassed Steph to Bistro supervisor simply to upset Leanne and Alya gives Kal her blessing when he tells her he and Leanne are together.
ELSEWHERE Kylie’s dismissive when Max’s teacher tells her that Max is disruptive and has difficulty concentrating. Izzy makes excuses to get out of spending the evening with Gary and tells Fiz she and Gary don’t get on anymore and Todd is sacked from Streetcars when Steve finds out he skived.

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Sunday 29 June 2014

Sean's new Corrie storyline

Corrie's Antony Cotton has been quoted on Digital Spy talking about upcoming plans for his character Sean. Now Sean is very popular with some viewers, less so with others but I think it's a shame he's not been given much to do in recent years.

Antony has been a part of the Corrie cast since 2003 so he has staying power. I really liked Sean when he was first introduced. The set up chez Grimshaw worked a treat in those days with Sean, Eileen and Jason all under one roof. Something has gone a bit wrong more recently though, so I'm hoping a return to the forefront of the programme will help to address this.

We don't know much about Sean's new storyline however Antony Cotton has commented that it will be controversial and something that hasn't been covered before. Sounds interesting? Well yes of course if that's the case. I remember similar things being said when Eileen got involved with Paul and Lesley. However the Alzheimer's story HAD been done on Corrie before, back in 2000 with Rita, Anthony Stephens and his wife Isabel. 

I wonder what will happen to Sean and if it will be linked to the current Todd story and the subsequent departure of Sean's ex, Marcus. I really do hope it's not a rehash of something that has been done before but I'm scratching my head to imagine what it might be. The return of Sean's son Dylan perhaps?

Anyway, what do you think of Sean's return to the Corrie front line? And what do you think his big storyline will be?

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Corrie weekly awards for June 23 - 27

Need new trousers award: Gary got a shock meeting Alya at the gym the morning after, with Izzy and Jake by his side. And she's his mate's daughter.

Belligerent award:
Drunk Peter was clearly working up to a hissy fit, listening to all the nice things said about Tina at the funeral.

Betty Crocker award: Tony helped Liz make all the sandwiches for the funeral. Boyfriend points!

History Fail award: Beth thought that Mrs. Pankhurst was one of her old teachers. She may have been but the one Mary was referring to was a Suffragette in the early 20th Century.

Get a grip award: Rob really isn't dealing with what he's done very well. Why isn't someone starting to be seriously suspicious?

Blood relations Fail: Deirdre pointed out Rob isn't blood-family. Tracy said that neither was Peter. Wrong. Peter's the only one in that room that does have true Barlow blood.

Pants on Fire award: Deirdre hasn't told Ken *any* of the recent upset. Not Peter's drinking, not the affair, not the miscarraige or Tina's death. Boy, is he going to get a shock! And Gary is telling porkies about his night out, pretending he's slept on Jason's sofa.

Predictable award: Alya has a degree in textile design. Carla has a knicker factory. A match made in heaven?

Smoking Gun award: Peter's fingerprints are now on the bracelet.

Message in a bottle (balloon): Stef, Luke and Katy sent messages to Tina on the wind.

Lines of the week:
Peter "Tina destroyed my life" (someone has but it wasn't her, mate. Look in the mirror)
Ann "I shouldn't inflict it on you. Forgive me" Rob "No, Luv, Forgive me.. for not behing able to change things"
Gail "That was Tina. Show her an injustice and she couldn't let it lie"
Leanne about Janice "By the time she finished flirting with him (the doctor) she almost forgot to hobble"
Julie "You can't go wrong with a doily" Sean "You're not the first to say that and you won't be the last" (lovely little tidbit of dialogue there!)

Gary about Steve "40? I always thought he was much older"
David "Spite's a very powerful emotion" (he should know)
Leanne "This isn't adultery. It's me moving on with me life"
Izzy "How do you tell if someone's lying?" David "They've got an Adam's apple" (it's not sexist coming from a man, is it?)
Lloyd "What could possibly go wrong" and Gail about Michael "Oh he won't bother us again" (Phrase of doom alert!)
Alya to Gary "Have we met before? It's amazing what you can forget somoetimes!" (stick the knife in a bit more, will you?)
Nick "If I can't be happy, why should you two?"
Deirdre "I invented hot and cold!" (she was a goer back in the day, that's true)
Michelle "You must have been a hippo in a past life, you wallow so well"
Steve "Lloyd's always been a good friend over the years. He's always had the decency to leave every decade as I arrive" (cha ching!)
Steve (on Liz hiring Eva) "Don't I get a say?" Liz "Go on then. Have your say" (i.e. it's a done deal no matter what you say.)

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Julie Walters not joining Coronation Street... yet

For the second time this week, the Daily Mirror have run an untrue Coronation Street story.  Earlier this week they wrongly reported that Hilda Ogden actress Jean Alexander had died and then later apologised for the distress the story had caused.

And today The Mirror reports that actress Julie Walters is joining Coronation Street. 

She's not.

Am ITV Coronation Street spokesperson confirms to Digital Spy: "Julie is a fantastic actress, so it would be great to have her on board in the future if the right role came up and if she had time in her busy work schedule. However, there are no plans at the moment for her to join the show."

Julie is a big fan of the show and said earlier this year that she would like to join the show, but that her busy schedule doesn't allow her to do so... at the moment.

Of course, she has been "in" Coronation Street already, you know (sort of)... have a look at this:

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Saturday 28 June 2014

The best bitch ever on Coronation Street

Eccles has had a lot of air time this week and even a storyline of her own.  So it's time to take a look at the best bitch there's ever been on Coronation Street.

Have all of the other dogs there have ever been on Corrie been male? I know there was Monica, who had no personality to speak of.

You can follow the real-life Eccles and her breeders on facebook.

With thanks to Corriepedia, let's have a look at Eccles, by 'eck.

Eccles is a Border Terrier who was owned by Lena Thistlewood, a friend of Blanche Hunt. When Lena died in January 2006, the dog was left to Blanche in her will. Bringing the dog back home from the funeral, the dog bit Ken Barlow. She was originally named Lady Freckles, but swiftly changed to Eccles as Amy couldn't pronounce the name.

Ken regularly took Eccles for walks along the tow path of Weatherfield Canal. In January 2009, Eccles jumped into the canal when chasing ducks, and was rescued by Martha Fraser, a touring actress who lived on a barge. Ken took a shine to Martha, and used their walks as an excuse to get him out of the house to meet Martha, although this stopped when Ken called time on the affair and returned to Deirdre.

When Blanche passed away in May 2010, she left the dog to Ken in her will. When Ken left for Canada in 2013 to tend to his grandson Adam, Eccles remained at number 1 with Deirdre. 

In June 2014 Eccles turned detective and sniffed out a stolen bracelet in the Barlows' backyard. It was a bracelet that Rob Donovan had stolen on the night he killed Tina McIntyre. Could Eccles' find ultimately lead to the downfall of Rob Donovan?

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Coronation Street weekly update - who'll get custody of the olives?

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Tina’s funeral takes place this week. I mention this not only because it moves the plot along nicely in terms of Rob getting the collywobbles and almost revealing something he shouldn’t to Tracy.  And I mention it not only because a fight breaks out graveside between Peter and Rob and they’re both arrested and taking in for more questioning by the cops.  And I mention it not only because both David and Rita stand up in the church to give a speech to young Tina, cut short in her prime.  No, I mention it mainly because it was the first funeral that left from the cobbles of the new Corrie set. And for a Corrie anorak like me, it ticks a box I didn’t even know I wanted ticking. And now, I’ll get me coat!

Deirdre’s concerned about Eccles, who’s been given a lot of air time this week and a storyline all of her own.  Not only was Eccles “really upset” by the funeral goings-on, said Deirdre, but she also sniffed out and found a bracelet in the Barlows’ back yard.  It’s the bracelet that Rob nicked from Tina’s flat when he tried to make it look like a break-in on the night he killed Tina, and it’s the bracelet he unknowingly dropped in the Barlows’ back yard.  Deirdre picks the bracelet up and brings it into the house. Peter moves it and gets his fingerprints all over it, before Tracy declares it her own, under the finders-keepers rule.

At the Bistro, Nick files for divorce when Leanne tells him that she and Kal are officially a couple.  Nick tells Leanne she’ll have a fight on her hands for half the Bistro, half his money.  I wonder who’ll get the olives?

Elsewhere this week, Mary tempts Roy to a game of chess in the caf√© and the two of them plant up a pot of flowers in Tina’s memory.  Mary further determines to learn Mandarin.  I wonder if she will?

Over at Underworld, Carla apologises to her workforce to get the girls and Sean back on side and on their backsides behind their machines.  She even takes on Sally as her PA, leaving Eva looking for another job, which she gets, as in the way of soaps and never in the real world, the very same day. She’s the new Rovers Return barmaid and with a cleavage like that there was never any doubt that she wouldn’t be.

Steve’s not pleased that his mum has taken on Eva without asking him, but there’s not much that will cheer up Steve right now.  He treats his 40th birthday with impending doom. “It’s not a number. It’s an audit. A reckoning,” he tells Michelle over a grumpy coffee down by the quays.  There’s a surprise party waiting for him back at the pub that he doesn’t want to go to but Michelle gets him there in time for the punters to raise a glass. Steve decides to turn his life around. “I’m going to be a better father, a better partner, a better man,” he tells them all, before picking up Michelle in his arms and whisking her all the way to the bottom of the stairs, wheezing and out of breath. “You can make your own way up there, can’t yer?” he puffs.

Kal’s daughter Alya arrives this week and Gary spends the night with her, not knowing who she is. Gary’s in a huff with Izzy, who doesn’t deserve Gary playing away as she’s wonderful, is Izzy.  She’s one of the best characters and best actresses on the Street as far as this fan’s concerned. And likewise for Mikey North, who plays Gary. He lights up the screen for me every time he comes on. Izzy and Gary together are one of my favourite Corrie couples and I hope Gary spending the night with Alya brings him to his senses and he never strays again.  Anyway, she’s a right one, this Alya, very forthright, if you will.  She doesn’t like what Gary’s gone and done as he lied to her and said he didn’t have a girlfriend, never mind one he was living with and has a child with too.

Finally this week, Michael Rodwell arrives to see Gail from jail.  He’s over the moon that Gail’s been writing to him and love and devotion and shows Gail the letter that he’s received from her, only it’s not from her, it’s from Kylie sending it as Gail, as a joke.  The joke backfires of course. Gail isn’t best pleased with what Kylie’s done and sends Michael packing. But do you know what? I think he’ll be back.

And that was just about that for this week.

This week's writers were Jayne Hollinson (Monday hour-long), Julie Jones (Wednesday), Simon Crowther (Friday) and Chris Fewtrell (Friday).    Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at

Glenda Young

Blogging away merrily at  

A Perfect Duet - the Diary of Roy and Hayley Cropper
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Facebook page for the book.

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Will Gail marry Michael - Yay or Nay?

She's got form, has Gail.  Always chooses the wrong fella, over and over again. 

And as much as I'm liking the character of Michael Rodwell, played by Les Dennis on Coronation Street, I'm also thinking that he could turn out to be Gail's future husband too. 

What do you think? Will Gail marry Michael, and indeed should she - yay or nay?

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Charlie Condou and partner in All Star Mr and Mrs

Charlie Condou, who plays Coronation Street's Marcus Dent, has today been revealed at No. 18 in the World Pride Power List 2014.  He works closely with Stonewall, the Albert Kennedy Trust and the Terence Higgins Trust.

He's also appearing this week on All Star Mr and Mrs with his partner Cameron.  The show is on ITV on Wednesday 2 July at 8pm.

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Marc Baylis joins pantomime this Christmas

Marc Baylis, who plays Coronation Street killer Rob Donovan, is leaving Corrie later this year, as we already know.

TV Times reports now that he will be starring as Prince Charming in Pantomime this Christmas.

Marc will be in Sleeping Beauty at the Churchill Theatre, Bromley from 28 November to 4 January.

Oh yes he is.

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Friday 27 June 2014

In a lull over Corrie

Over the past few months I've been in a lull over Corrie. And I know I've commented on various posts that the show's hit a rough patch and we should keep the faith, but I've been finding myself recently only watching Corrie because that's what I usually do, and not for enjoyment. For instance, last Monday's hour-long episode for me felt like an age, and I even think it's shocking that I say that!

It's not that the acting is bad, but it's the storylines. My dad's not a Corrie fan, and when I'm watching Corrie he tells me to turn off 'that rubbish' and saying that it's not as good as it was back in the days of Ena Sharples and Hilda Ogden. Back then of course, everyone watched Corrie - there were only three channels. But recently I tend to agree with him, and that's scary! I get more enjoyment from watching old Corrie episodes on the internet or DVDs, even though I know the conclusion of plots. But it's the characters that make it for me. And what was great about those episodes was that no character overpowered the others. Today, we have the likes of Peter, Carla, Rob, Anna and we did have Tina hogging our TV screens. I do like these characters, but in moderation.

Corrie has also been extreme in another sense - underusing characters. Audrey has been cruelly underused this year while we don't see enough of Kirk and Beth. Norris has been on the back burner since his storyline with brother Ramsay nearly 5 years ago (apart from Mary imprisoning him in a Yorkshire cottage!)! And while maybe Eileen Derbyshire's health or age won't allow it, I do miss Emily popping up in the Rovers booth on a regular basis. I don't know what the future holds for Rita now that's Tina gone and Dennis is an embarrassment as a character, but that's no fault of Philip Lowrie. Why bring a character back and then not use them?! Baffling!

I'm delighted we've seen more of Deirdre but I have to say I have missed good old Ken. I know many haven't missed him, but I have and I've loved looking at old episodes where he appears in. And I'm excited to see him return.

I hope this lull will disappear in time, but I'm reassured with the likes of Roy, David and Kylie, Sally and Tim, Steph and the old guard that the show can survive.

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Fab Photo Friday - June 27th 2014

It's Friday again so it's time for this week's fab Coronation Street photo. Well done to David S who correctly named all the faces from the past, including Lynsey King who played Sarah Louise Platt mk II. This week we bring you a "villain" from the past. Dave Smith had his fingers in all sorts of pies and left the Street in 1976, taking Blanche Hunt with him. But I'll never forgive him for the way he victimised poor Minnie Caldwell over a £10 debt.

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Happy 40th birthday, Steve McDonald

Steve McDonald celebrates his 40th birthday tonight on Coronation Street.  His birthday is actually June 29th.

So, happy birthday to the  man who's had five wives, two businesses, one best mate  and one glorious mother and gurns like no one can gurn.

Here's some birthday pictures of the chap himself...

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