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Saturday, 30 June 2018

Coronation Street episode review, Friday 29 June

Events rolled along in Weatherfield tonight in two episodes.

Central to the episode is Flora's fifties themed party to celebrate her moving into a nice care home.  So we get some fifties costumes and some jiving.  Plus Steve dressing up as Elvis (in the seventies) as it is the only thing in the shop which fitted.  Tyler continues to lead Simon astray and they decide to rob Adam and Daniel's flat.  No one is that stupid especially Flora who interrupts them in the act and gets knocked out as we see above.  When she comes round tells the police she knows that Simon was there when she returned to the flat.  After some gentle police questions Peter tells Simon to do the right thing and Tyler gets charged.  Tyler then returns to the ginnel where he finds Simon cuddling Eccles and promises Simon that no-one grasses him up so he will have to pay scraping his hand against the bricks. 

Once Flora has recovered she gives Daniel her mum's engagement ring and he proposes to Sinead who accepts.

Beth and Kirk are re-united indirectly by Carla who inducts them as spies (remember Kirk wanting to be 007 a couple of weeks ago).  Kirk distracts Sarah who is alone in the office at Underworld allowing Beth to amend a new Bradshaw order from 1000 pieces to 4000 pieces under instructions from Carla as we see above - a large order which Alya will struggle to deliver on time.  Carla's reward to Beth and Kirk is to allow them to move into Aidan's old flat for the remaining 6 months on the lease, rent free.

Faye has popped back to see Tim and her presence is stopping Seb getting it on with Emma.  Seb and Faye have a clear the air session and although I suspect Faye would like him back she resigns herself to him having moved on.  Emma of course has yet to learn about Seb's medical condition and that disclosure will have to be made.

Everyone under the sun is having to look after Jack - Kev's son - and Jack cuts his knee whilst playing kickabout in the ginnel.  Now these days when you cut yourself go and wash it properly and apply some antiseptic.  Those nasty bugs are out to get you, you know.

Steve tries to sack Mike but he resigns instead - see above - and departs Weatherfield.  Steve reckons that he has been insulted in French!  Earlier Amy had told her parents that not only was she surprised that they were still together but she approved.  Tracy has realised that she loves Steve and asks how he feels.  Somewhat caught he asks her if he should ask her to marry him, but Tracy turns the tables and asks Steve to marry her. 

So they are engaged!  From his expression I am not convinced.  It was a bit chilling later when Tracy, in family celebrations that she was going to make him the best wife ever - somehow it all sounded a bit "odd". 

The Friday episodes were written by Joe Turner and directed by Suri Krishnamma.

That's your lot for tonight.  Two engagements, a knockout, some bullying and secret agents all in the mix plus a walk along the set extension as the Kate Oates era came to an end.


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Corrie Comicals week ending 29 June 2018

Monday's theme was hangovers - Ryan and Abi were both suffering.  Here Moira has just advised Mrs Mac that solutions to the problems of the heart cannot be found at the bottom of a bottle of red wine; she looks at Liz's face and decides that a bottle should be delivered rapidly!  Prediction - Liz has a hangover tomorrow!

Flora is not as batty as she would like you to think - she can twist Chanel and Daniel round her little finger and they don't even realise!  She is using her persuasive powers to get a decent number to go to Harvey's funeral and tells Beth that the two youngsters love each other.  You can judge for yourself what Beth thinks of that!  And I rather think that Harvey's money belongs to those ripped off in the flats scheme!

I think this will be the understatement of the week as Flora observes how good Harvey / Vinny was.  Tracy has just found out about £0.25m Flora has inherited and says she was very close to Harvey.  Oddly I cannot recall them ever having a conversation!

Tuesday writer's fetish was packed lunches.  Seb delivered one for Abi and then Sarah delivered one for Gary!

Flora has asked those at the wake how they will remember Harvey.  Rita reminds them he ripped her off for £15k, but Mary remembers the orphans!  Apparently Harvey kept digging when they were stuck down a mine.  Not sure who is most daffy - Flora or Mary!  And the subtitler has dyslexic fingers!

Back story: Steve kissed Michelle on her non-wedding day.  Daniel told Tracy.  Tracy dumped Steve without letting him argue the toss (he was a bit wrapped up at the time).  Steve goes to Preston's Petals to apologise.  Tracy is unrelenting until Mary (bless her cotton socks) tells her to behave - because Mary knows that Tracy does love Steve and he has already said the sex is good!

Having heard that Mary is willing to take Steve back off the shelf Tracy relents - but is in her best form when telling Steve he has a lot still to do!  Neither of them had realised how deep their feelings were for each other.

Friday opened with Jenny and Johnny walking the original set as they brought us up to date with the focus switching to Tyler and Simon, then Robert and Michelle, followed by Craig and Kayla as they walked the set extension.  There was even a customer entering the Co-op opposite the memorial garden when we rejoined Tyler and Simon.  It was clever work as they effectively marked the end of the Kate Oates era with a record of her prime achievement outside the pure storylines of the Street.

One moment Rita, Ken, Cathy and Brian are saying how they would would return to the simplicity of the fifties in a heartbeat.

Then within 10 seconds a mobile rings for Rita, Ken receives a text and Cathy and Brian are taking a selfie.  So beautifully juxtaposed!

Ringing the changes for an engagement is not easy.  So Daniel provided an easy laugh when having proposed, Sinead is more taken by the ring than the question and does not give a positive answer - so he is telling Flora that she had said she would say yes - which Sinead then does of course - but it was all an entertaining scene.

And finally "extras at work"!

At the start of Friday a sign was erected announcing that the Rovers was up for sale.  So house removal needed for Toyah, Leanne, Eva and Susie.  (Peter and Simon have already moved into number 1 where Tracy and Amy have moved into the flat above StreetCars and Tracy would rather like Liz to move out; also on the move are the re-united Beth and Kirk (and Peanut) into Aidan's old flat above the kebab shop courtesy of Carla (still sharing with Roy).  Sean is homeless and I have a feeling there are not many empty places around the Street at the moment.

Writers: Susan Oudot (Monday), David Isaac (Tuesday), Joe Turner (Friday)
Directors: Peter Rose (Monday), Suri Krishnamma (Tuesday & Friday)


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Corrie weekly update - Hair like a gravy waterfall

Corrie weekly updates from 1995
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Nasty Neil’s daughter Cruel Kayla works her way into Craig’s life in order to find out the dirt on Bethany to help her dad’s court appeal. Bethany worked as a lapdancer, you say? In a club? Underage? Oh dear. Bethany and Ryan both think there’s something odd about Kayla but when Bethany puts her concerns to Craig’s mum Beth she thinks Bethany’s just jealous of Kayla.  At Speed Daal, Kayla’s mum arrives and it’s clear she’s a woman who is, as they used to say, bad with her nerves. And who can blame her, after what her evil husband put her through?

A For Sale sign goes up at the Rovers after Peter and Toyah’s fall out over baby Susie. Eva gets the social services put onto her by Johnny after Liz spies Eva and the baby at the medical centre for the second time in two days. Liz tells Johnny she’s got the hots for him and he tells her he feels the same but he has to stay with Jenny in order to put up a united family front in his fight for baby Susie. Mike the teacher leaves after he sees no future hanging around as Liz has clearly only got eyes for Johnny.

Simon’s up to all sorts with his gang of pals from school. They taunt Alex in the cafĂ© and rob the till at Roy’s Rolls. Then Simon and his mate Tyler, the gang leader, hurt Flora as they try to rob Daniel’s flat. Simon’s carted to the cop shop and Peter pleads with him to tell the truth, which he eventually does. But when Tyler finds out that Simon’s dobbed him to the coppers, he pins Simon up against the ginnel wall and threatens him.

Speaking of the ginnel, a whole new area of it has opened up that we haven’t seen before. Jack and Sophie play football there, Jack falls and hurts his knee. Cue the Sepsis storyline and yet more hospital scenes. Let’s hope incoming Corrie producer Iain MacLeod leaves the hospital well alone.

Flora’s left £250,000 in her son Harvey’s (aka Vinny’s) will. She goes to visit him in the morgue and says he “looks peaceful”. Just a reminder that Vinny/Harvey had been beaten, shot, dumped in a lake, entombed in concrete and then left in the morgue for months. Peaceful wasn’t the right word. Come on, scriptwriters, do your job, please.  Anyway, Flora throws a party in the Bistro to celebrate coming into money, it’s cash that she’ll use to move into an old folks’ home. She gives Daniel her mum’s engagement ring and he proposes to Sinead, who accepts. Not to be outdone, Tracy demands that Steve prove his love to her in the way that Daniel has proved his to Sinead. “What? You want me to propose?” Steve says, aghast. Tracy takes this is as the sign she needs and accepts the proposal Steve doesn’t realise he’s given. A double Barlow wedding is now on the cards.

There’s a new romance budding on the street as Emma and Seb get friendly. “Oh, you’ve got lovely hair,” she tells Seb. “It’s like a waterfall of gravy.”  Meanwhile, Faye returns and it’s all a bit awkward between her and Seb now that he’s moved on and she hasn’t. Which reminds me, she never speaks about her child she gave away, does she?

Finally this week, Carla recruits those two highly regarded intellectuals Kirk and Beth as spies in the factory to find out what’s going on with Alya in charge. Kirk distracts Sarah’s attention in the office just long enough for Beth to change an order from 1,000 units to 4,000 units. It’s an order that Alya will no doubt try (and fail?) to fill, leaving her understaffed, overworked and overstressed. 

And that’s just about that for this week.

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This week’s writers were Susan Oudot (Monday); David Isaac (Tuesday); Joe Turner (Friday). Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at Coronation Street Blog: Exclusive: All Current Corrie writers online

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Friday, 29 June 2018

Spot the Corrie prop - June 29th 2018

Congratulations this week go to Debbie in Canada who was the first person to spot that last week's chrome camping kettle can be found in Pat Phelan's caravan. Well done!

For this week's prop puzzle all you have to do is tell us whereabouts on the Coronation Street set you would find this collection of cookery books.

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Should Sinead marry Daniel - Yay or Nay?

In tonight's Coronation Street, Daniel goes down on one knee and pops the question to Sinead. Yup, that question.

I never liked these two as a couple but that's because I've never been a fan of Sinead. She's too whiney, too moany and look what she did to poor Ches! Broke his little ginger heart.

Anyway, I'm still not mad keen on Sinead but she has been redeemed ever so slightly in her relationship with Daniel who is a superb, if complicated, human being and on that I will take no argument. I think he's brilliant, as is Rob Mallard who plays him.

The only thing I can think of in favour of them getting married is that it might see the return of Denise Black, as Daniel's mum Denise Osbourne.

But should these two get wed? I vote Nay. What do you say - Yay or Nay?

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