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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Mikey North marries his fiancee Rachael Isherwood

Congratulations to Mikey North, who was married yesterday to his fiancee Rachael Isherwood.

Mikey is one of my favourite Coronation Street actors, and Gary Windass one of my favourite characters too.

Mikey proposed to Rachael in the Lake District. When the couple announced their engagement, they gave an interview to OK magazine, which you can read here.

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Winners announced in our Shayne Ward signed CDs competition

Congratulations go to two lucky Coronation Street Blog readers who have each won a signed copy of Shayne Ward's CD Closer.

CDs will be on their way this week to our winners - Kate Budd and Elaine Carson.  Well done, laides!

Shayne's Closer CD and other official Shayne Ward merchandise is available via at

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Corrie weekly awards for Jan. 25 - 29

The Country of Love award: Brendan. Oh my eyes! And ears! That is one slimy, smarmy goat!

Dirty Dog award: Brendan was still planning to keep in touch with Mary even after he treated her with no respect, his wife was dragging him home by the ear and Dev was shouting the odds at him in the street.

Reformed Man, my eye award: Yeah, Izzy, I don't believe it, either!

Be Careful What You Ask For award: Sally tried to compliment Norris so he took it and made out that he believed it and wittered on so much that she glazed over and excused herself. He was quite pleased at the result, "She won't be bothering me again!"

Phrase of Doom award: Anna reckons Phelan will be gone soon enough but Jason and Phelan appear to be building a partnership. Uh oh.

Misplaced Guilt: Steph felt awful about what happened but she has nothing to apologize for and Carla made sure she knew it. Jamie is responsible for his own actions.

Jackpot award: Anna, apparently, with two jobs, tiny flat, pregnant teenager, disabled family member. The more she protested, the more material she gave Sally for her notes! Ha!

Transportation/Continuity fail: Does Rita not have a car anymore? She went to fetch Jenny and they came back by cab. Why does Amy still need to be picked up after school at her age?

Mommie Dearest award: I loved that Erica and Mary traded "mother" stories. You forget that Erica has had some issues with her mother though probably not as spectacular as Mary's.

Lines of the week:
Rita about an old friend "I didn't know she was still alive" Norris "Going by that photo, the jury's still out"
Norris about Sally's prospects in politics "Thick skinned and able to bounce back no matter how stupid they've made themselves look." (He may have a point) Rita "In that case, it's a wonder you're not Prime Minister!"
Norris "I'm not prepared to sit here and be lectured on morality by a shameless philanderer"
Gail "Subtle! Oh that's my watchword, my motto, my middle name"
Carla "I'm not strong, it's just smoke and mirrors"
Jenny "I know I've got a lot to be grateful for but you can't blame me for wishing I had anyone else's life but mine" (wasn't Sally Ann Matthews good this week?)
Audrey "Sometimes life isn't very nice" Gail "You don't have to tell me that, I was married to a serial killer"
Mary about her prudish mother "There was a time when she wouldn’t even be seen eating a banana in public"
Norris "I sometimes think I'm the last sane person on this street" (You're sane, all right, just not very nice)
Sally "I'm just spitballing a few blue sky ideas here" (well, she's got the lingo down. Kind of)
Johnny "Caz is used to hostile environments. She'll be fine."
Kevin "I thought you was meant to be a Christian" Sophie "That does not make me a complete idiot" (no, but a little Christian charity wouldn't go amiss, either)

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First-look pics: Simon in trouble again on Coronation Street

Here's some preview pictures from ITV for the episode of Coronation Street to be shown on Monday 8 February.

As Simon leaves for school, he tells Leanne that he doesn’t want her to watch his football match. But refusing to be put off Leanne heads to the game with Ken and Zeedan in tow. Leanne’s surprised to see Tom there whilst Simon’s furious to see her chatting up the manager.

At half time, Simon lays into Leanne for embarrassing him by flirting with Tom and bringing Ken and Zeedan with her.

As the football match hots up, Simon tackles another player, bringing him down and causing him to writhe in pain as Leanne watches in horror.

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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Keeping it buttoned

For me, January has been one of 'those' months as far as all things Weatherfield are concerned. As a parade of Corrie harridans might have barked, "If you've got nowt worth saying, then keep it buttoned". No need for brickbats or bouquets then?

This isn't to say that Corrie hasn't been any good. 2016 has kicked off at a cracking pace and there have been some wonderful episodes. We finally saw the back of Nessa, a character who, under different circumstances, could have been a stayer. Who knows? Maybe after a bit of a breather, she might return in a less aggravating form.Maybe Audrey will spiral perm the woman to death. We await that moment.

Audrey. Bless her and bless the Audrey Roberts Noise (check it out on You Tube). Everyone's favourite septuagenarian crimper has been dreaming of winter evenings curled up with Ken on his hideous sofa (please, has the man never seen a sofa store winter sale advert? A gigantic corner suite would look lovely jammed up against that dresser). An angina attack and a declaration of love later and she's still no closer to becoming the fourth Mrs Barlow. Would our lovely incoming producer dare to go down that (well-trodden) route? A Christmas wedding with Aud in fake fur, eyes glistening at the altar, the vicar asking if she will 'take this man' and a loved-up Aud simply making one of her fabled noises. Eh? Hmm?

Hands up if you are going to miss Carla? I am. Only a few months to go until she rinses out that wine glass for the last time and stuffs it into one of her incredibly noisy handbags. What has she got tied on to them? A series of baking trays? Despite the never-ending joy of an Alison King performance, it feels like it's time for Carla to take to the highway once and for all. Other than settle her down with vinegar-faced Nick (and who wants to be stuck caring for Weatherfield's youngest OAP?) she has nowhere else to go. Carla could easily spend a decade running t'Faktry, marrying the wrong men. leaving t'Faktry, crashing cars, escaping fires, returning t'Faktry, slamming the noisy handbags down on every available surface, wondering who does Michelle's 'Endora' eye make-up, falling over cliffs, having some wine, slapping Sally down, ignoring Sean's 'witty' one-liners, marrying a man with a massive eye, marrying a drunk, romping with a bin man, returning to t'Faktry. But she's done all that. All good things blah blah blah. The Street will initially diminish without her presence but as always, it will bounce back.

We are currently enjoying The Many Faces of Rita. One minute sanctimonious old boot, the next Earth Mother. It can only be a matter of weeks before she morphs into her M'lady of the Cheque Book persona in an attempt to keep poor Jenny welded to the Kabin. Then again, let's hope not. How unsatisfying would it be for Ms Bradley to revert to type, that scheming not-so-lovely piece of work who bellowed her way through the late 1980s. We want to see a new, more focused Jenny, piecing her life back together, Rita reaching for her purse every few episodes would be bad news for everyone.

Mary Mary Mary. What is to become of you? The mother fixation, the slightly fearsome tone, the endless irrelevances - these we like. As part of the Family Alahan, Mary has thrived. We want to see her nurturing Aadi and Asha in the few minutes that they are allowed downstairs. We rejoice in her preparing nourishing meals and dashing away with a smoothing iron. We do no expect to see her rutting with a sixty year old man in a vest. It's wrong. Well, certainly the vest is very wrong. Yes, if Mary wants to engage in carnal naughtiness then fine, just let it be elsewhere. Sutton Coldfield, Burkina Faso - anywhere but in front of us. We are (a-hem) young and impressionable. I never, ever want to see Mary's bra strap.

What of Weatherfield's blokes? There's not a great deal to say about them at the moment. Both Tyrone and Andy walk around with expressions which seem to say 'I've just wet myself'. Add to that grimacing Nick, rampant Ken and Kevin, Brendan's vest, a gloriously awful Norris (please someone, throw Malcolm Hebden a funny storyline) and nice'n'nasty Robert and there's not a great deal to cheer about. The joyless circus that is Michael and Eileen seems to have rumbled out of town for the time being, Todd's arranging posies with the florist's version of Anna Wintour and Jason's shuffling towards his exit storyline. Eileen will be pleased.

Let's take joy in Sally's battle for City Hall or whatever the Weatherfield equivalent is. By autumn she will either have alienated the whole Street or will have been taken hostage by a plot device. Let's cheer on the increasingly delightful Erica and the always watchable Eva. Let's raise a toast to the absent Emily, halfway up Machu Pichu in an M&S mac. Small sherries for everyone!

Oh well, my attempt to keep it buttoned obviously failed.

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Corrie weekly update - the return of the Wi-Fi stealer

Corrie weekly updates from 1995
All the wit and warmth of Weatherfield, none of the waffle

Available from or

Rita signs up to Facebook and is over the moon when one of her old school friends gets in touch. Then she gets another message from the past which doesn’t cheer her at all. It’s from Jenny Bradley, reaching out across the cybernetwebdotcom. Rita goes to meet her in the park, and Jenny makes out she’s doing fine, living in a flat by the Quays and has fully recovered from her breakdown. But it’s clear she’s still on shaky ground, both accommodation-wise and mentally too. She’s really living in a nasty hostel and when Rita finds out she gathers her up in a taxi and takes her back home to her flat.  “I’ve come to take you home, sweetheart,” Rita coos.

When the taxi arrives on the cobbles with Rita and Jenny on the back seat, the whole of Weatherfield is Not Best Pleased. Sophie, Kev and Sally are furious with Rita and Norris thinks she’s gone and lost her marbles too. It’s only little Jack who raises a hand in a welcome wave as Jenny sets foot on the Street.  Kev asks for a word, quick sharp, with Jenny and the two of them have a heart-to-heart, much to Anna’s disdain. Over Kev’s kitchen table, he remembers his dead son – the one he forgot last time Jenny was around. A tentative bond is forged between Jenny and Kev, but Sophie flounces out and wants nowt to do with her. “I thought you were supposed to be a Christian?” Kev reminds his daughter. Indeed.

Carla’s still in hospital covered in bruises and fresh mascara. Steph goes to visit her and tells her about Jamie and his mate, how they were looking for her in the Bistro, not Carla.  “You’re very strong,” she tells Carla. “It’s all smoke and mirrors,” Carla replies. And just a bit of lippy.

As if Kevin hasn’t got enough on his plate, Anna wants him to sack Phelan from the garage job, but he won’t. Phelan’s a good worker, and Kev knows the value in having him around. Anna hasn’t yet told Kevin everything he needs to know about Phelan – about how she prostituted herself to pay off Owen’s debt.  Gary’s back this week and isn’t too happy to see Phelan again. He throws himself at Phelan by the garage, trying to give him a good kicking. Phelan cries out, so everyone can hear: “Don’t hit me, Gary! Not again!” and pretends Gary bashed him up badly last time around. Ooh, he’s a slippery one, that Phelan.

“Sometimes life isn’t very nice,” Audrey tells Gail this week. “You don’t have to tell me that, I was married to a serial killer,” Gail replies.  And so it goes that Audrey’s week hasn’t been very nice, not nice at all. She has an angina attack when she’s alone in the salon, just at the moment when Ken’s passing by. He rings an ambulance and comforts her while they wait for help to arrive. Audrey, in the throes of the attack and thinking she may be dying, professeses her love for the Kenster. “I love you, Ken and I have done for months.”  She recuperates on Gail’s sofa once the hospital are sure she’s fine and she has a duvet day in front of the telly. She holds court to male callers including Luke with a box of chocolates and Ken with a bouquet of flowers and hope in his heart. Hmmm… I’m not sure about Ken and Audrey together… not sure at all.

Mary and Brendan make the most of an empty house when Dev takes the kids out cross-country running with school. But the weather turns against Dev and the kids and they head back home, only to find Mary and Brendan up to all sorts on the sofa. Mary’s embarrassed, so embarrassed that she resigns from her live-in job at Dev’s. She mopes in the café, calling Brendan over and over, wanting someone to speak to. But there’s no reply.  In the pub later, Brendan’s wife Bridget arrives and slaps Mary across the face. (Why she didn’t slap Brendan instead is beyond me, but hey). Bridget tells Mary she’s one in a long line of floozies that Brendan has on the go, she’s not as special as she thinks. When Brendan comes in and sees what’s going on, Mary demands that he save her honour, but he does nothing of the sort, telling his wife: “My hobby attracts some very strange people!”  Mary had a wonderful line from writer Damon Rochefort this week. In the pub with Sally, Erica and Liz she opines about her mother, who by all accounts is a bit of a prude. “There was a time when she wouldn’t even be seen eating a banana in public.”

And finally this week, it’s the news that Fiz and Tyrone have been waiting for. Little Hope is in remission. There’s celebrations all round and now they just need to figure out a way of repaying Tyrone’s massive debt.
And that’s just about that for this week.

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This week’s writers were Martin Allen and Ben Tagoe (Monday double); Jonathan Harvey (Wednesday); Damon Rochefort and Mark Wadlow (Friday double). Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at

 Glenda Young
Blogging away merrily at

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Friday, 29 January 2016

Coronation Street double episode review, Friday 29 January 2016

One of the pleasures for me of watching Coronation Street is observing what each different writer does with the storylines of the moment; and when a double episode is written by two different people, I’m always interested to know how they feed into one another. I thought tonight’s worked very well. The first, from Damon Rochefort, was a vibrant encounter peppered with humour and brilliant dialogue, while the second, from Mark Wadlow, had some great scenes and was suitably serious and appropriately slower in pace considering the turn of events.

After Rita finds Jenny in unfavourable lodgings, she takes her back to Weatherfield and into her home, guaranteeing her that she’ll be by her side no matter what; particularly when she sees Kevin and Sophie again. They don’t have long to wait as the stunned pair are stood picking their jaws off the cobbles at the sight of Rita and Jenny getting out of a taxi.

A one-on-one chat with Kevin, in which Jenny explains how her past actions were those of someone suffering from mental illness, and tells him she has recovered but is left with nothing, sees him willing to tolerate her, although he forbids any contact with Jack.

Sophie is less than Christian, a fact which Kevin himself points out, but is not for turning, describing Jenny as "evil". Sally and Norris express similar feelings, but Jenny is happy to have Kevin and Rita’s support.

With all the tact of a spanner, Kevin uses the opportunity to encourage Anna to bury the hatchet with Phelan on the grounds that it’s making life difficult for him. She quite rightly points out that as he seems happy to take Phelan’s side without any regard for hers, she doesn’t think they have a future, and walks out. All this is rather ironic considering it was the self-same refusal to listen to anyone else’s side of the story but Jenny’s that saw Kevin's child being kidnapped. Ergo, he has learned nothing.

There are hard lessons elsewhere as Mary feels a deep shame for Adi and Asha having witnessed her “in flagrante” with Brendan. She might be having an affair with a married man, but her inherent honourable nature sees her resign, leading Dev to plead with Erica and Liz to talk her round. The scene in the Rovers in which Mary tells a story about "Mummy" (not Mother, mind) is a delight and is trumped only by a later one with Erica who proves yet again to be a brilliant counsellor. After Brendan’s wife pitches up to the Rovers, calls Mary a trollop, and gives her an almighty slap on the face before Brendan renounces her as a "strange" fan, Erica still manages to make Mary feel better; some feat. Indeed, Erica's positive, optimistic, carefree outlook and love of live is so refreshing, I enjoy every scene she’s in.

As Mary cuts a sorry dash, crying to the tune of Richard Clayderman, I’m struck by how much we need these silent, prolonged scenes in which pain is permitted to seep from a character’s heart to ours. It is through such moments that the strong bonds between us and them are forged.

Elsewhere, it’s lovely to see Tyrone deliver the good news to everyone on the Street that Hope is in remission. All that was missing was Hope herself, a missed opportunity for a scene in which the parents could've expressed their joy upon seeing her, and she could've been part of the celebrations. She wasn't the only one absent, as Tyrone remarked that he hadn’t seen the Nazirs; I was thinking the same myself.

As Audrey recovers on Gail’s sofa from her attack of angina, Luke pops around to see how she is. What a strange, yet compelling relationship this pair have. While she blushes in doe-eyed flirtation before scolding Gail for allowing her to receive male visitors without being appropriately presented, she’s not so concerned when poor Ken calls around. Bouquet in hand, he's roundly rebuffed as she reneges the expression of love she gave not two days ago. While I felt sorry for Ken, I'm not sure how I feel about this on the whole. On the one hand, I'd like to see them both find love, but on the other, I simply can't believe that neighbours who have known eachother for so long as friends could develop such feelings for one another out of the blue. Further, did Ken not tell Nessa that he wasn't over Deirdre yet? It feels more of a convenience than an organic development, and for that reason, I'm finding myself more against than for the idea. 

Over at the factory, the Connors receive a visit from Richie O’Driscoll who invites them to his house for drinks this coming Monday. Let's be honest, the only valid reason for having a party on a Monday night is that it’s to feature in that evening's double Corrie.

A highlight of both episodes had to be Sally on the campaign trail. She may be determined to make Weatherfield a better place, but by spouting meaningless business speak and patronising all and sundry, I wonder if she'll get many votes. I'm not a fan of drawn out storylines, but if the election wasn't for another month, let's just say you wouldn't hear me complaining. 

Another positive element was the appearance of Norris’s staunch loyalty to Rita and Mary in the face of Jenny Bradley and “Mr. Brendan” respectively. Now, if we could just see him happy for people when things are going right, that would certainly be a welcome development. 

By Emma Hynes
Twitter: @ELHynes

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Win Coronation Street set visit with Interflora

To celebrate the opening of a very special Interflora florist shop, Preston's Petals, on Coronation Street, Interflora are offering one lucky person the chance to win a private Coronation Street set tour for two at ITV studios in Manchester.

Now that the Coronation Street: The Tour attraction has closed, this really is a money can't buy prize, and includes overnight accommodation in a central Manchester hotel as well as £250 of intu Trafford Centre vouchers.

To enter, all you have to do is answer one quite easy question at the Interflora website. You need to be 18+ to enter.

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Coronation Street Blog shortlisted in UK Blog Awards 2016

Thankyou. Thankyou.  Thankyou.

Thankyou to everyone who voted for us in the UK Blog Awards 2016.  We have been shortlisted as one of the ten most voted for Blogs in each of the categories we entered into.  These are Arts & Culture and Most Innovative.

The next step is judging by the UK Blog Awards panel.  Winners will be announced at a gala dinner in that London at the posh Park Plaza Hotel in Westminster at the end of April. 

Fingers crossed!

Thankyou to everyone who voted.

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Spot the Corrie prop - January 29th 2016

Congratulations this week go to one of our blogging team, Tvor, who was the first to guess that last week's dustpan and brush can be found in Dev's house. Well done.

For this week's prop puzzle just tell us whereabouts on Coronation Street you would find this fruit bowl.

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Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 29 January

Friday 29th January
KEVIN OPENS HIS DOOR TO A SHOCK  Rita calls at Jenny’s flat and finding her visibly scared and clearly in a bad way, insists she’s coming to live with her. Jenny’s cries in Rita’s arms. As Jenny gathers her things, she confides in Rita how she’s dreading facing Kevin and Sophie again. Rita assures her they’ll cross that bridge together. But as Rita and Jenny arrive back on the street, they come face to face with Kevin, Sophie and Jack!
MARY’S BANG TO RIGHTS Deeply embarrassed Mary apologises to Asha and Aadi for her unacceptable behaviour and hands in her resignation to Dev. Dev’s stunned and begs Erica to try and persuade Mary to retract her resignation as the children are devastated. At Erica and Liz’s insistence, Mary joins them for a glass of wine. As they suggest she was too hasty handing in her notice, a woman approaches and introducing herself as Bridget, explains that she’s Brendan’s wife. Mary’s horrified.
FIZ AND TYRONE GET NEWS OF HOPE In the hospital, the consultant delivers the news about Hope’s operation. Will Fiz and Tyrone get the good news they’re so desperate to hear?
ELSEWHERE Gail fusses round Audrey as she recuperates on the sofa at No.8, relieved that she suffered an angina attack and nothing worse. Ken calls with flowers but when he tries to discuss her feelings for him, will Audrey be quite so ready to open up? Richie O’Driscoll calls in the factory and invites Aidan and Johnny to a drinks party at his house on Monday.

Friday 29th January
JENNY’S RETURN REVERBERATES ROUND THE STREET Putting a protective arm round Jack, Sophie vents her anger on Jenny demanding to know what she’s doing back on the street. At No.13, Jenny pours her heart out to Kevin explaining how mentally ill she’s been but with the help of counselling is now a lot better. Kevin listens, conflicted. In the Kabin, Sally rounds on Jenny but Kevin arrives and tells Jenny that while she must stay away from Jack, she’s welcome to live with Rita as far as he’s concerned. Sally and Norris are flabbergasted whilst Sophie's deeply upset by Kevin’s attitude towards Jenny. Likening his own situation with Jenny to hers with Phelan, Kevin suggests it’s time for Anna to forgive and forget. Will Anna take his words on board or will she decide there’s no future for their relationship?
MARY PAYS A HEAVY PRICE FOR LOVE Calling Mary a trollop, Bridget slaps her round the face. As Mary explains how she and Brendan are in love, Brendan arrives and denying all knowledge of their affair, dismisses Mary as one of his weird fans. Mary’s heartbroken. As Bridget bundles Brendan into the car, Dev orders him to stay away from Mary. But will Brendan heed his words? Deeply upset, Mary heads back to No.7. Finding her with her bags packed Erica decides it’s time for a woman to woman chat, will she be able to convince Mary to stay and face the gossips?
FIZ FORCES TYRONE TO FACE UP TO REALITY As Tyrone and Fiz share the news about Hope with their friends and family, Fiz tells Tyrone it’s time they also face up to their mounting debts.
ELSEWHERE Over a drink, Johnny persuades Aidan that for the sake of the business they need to bury the hatchet. Will Aidan agree?

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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Coronation Street episode review, Wednesday 27 January

Hello! Just Jordan here with this week's Wednesday review.

"If I don't see you again, Ken, I want you to know - I do love you. I have done for months"
 It's early morning on the cobbles and Ken is at the salon door, trying his luck with Audrey again and asking her out for a drink. He is left wondering what is wrong when she hurries away, so he asks Gail to intervene. Always a wise idea. At the mention of Ken's name, Audrey jumps. She can't concentrate on anything and snaps at Kylie for being more intrested in playing he pushy sports mother to Max over making a coffee for Mrs Chadwick.  Over a chat in the café Audrey promises to Gail that she'll snap out of her mood.  However, things take a turn for the worst when closing up and some sort of heart attack strikes. Audrey stumbles and falls, knocking all her salon products dramatically to the ground. Ken just so happens to be passing the salon and becomes the hero of the hour. Terrified she may not live much longer, Audrey finally confesses her love to Ken. Roll credits.

We see the return of Jenny Bradley in last night's episode. After connecting with Rita via the magic of Facebook,  the two meet up by a canal side but the reunion is very brief and Jenny leaves when Rita is hesitant to forgive her. Very conveniently, she leaves her purse on the bench and Rita is forced to deliver it back to Jenny's current address. It turns out she is living in a bedsit without a telly and has been hacking into next door's wifi. Rita seems to understand. It will be interesting to see what her return will bring to the shoe. Will she bring something ecvituing and fresh or will it just be a replay of last year's events? And more importantly- does she still have her wig handy?

Carla is still in the hospital (her second home) and it transpires that Jamie has been arrested and sentenced. Thankfully, we didn't see much of the Carla in Hospital Again storyline last night. As much as I love Carla as a character, I can't bear the slow hospital scenes with Nick. A lovely scene occurred though when Steph decided to visit her, although the flowers she ordered from Tracy's shop were of course not permitted in the hospital ward.

"You're really strong"
"I'm not strong. It's smoke and mirrors"
Elsewhere, Mary Poppins experienced quite the change of character in last night's episode as she turns from supernanny obsessing about the children's welfare to a passionate mess on Dev's sofa, having smuggled her married man Brendan into the house again. Typically,  they were caught in the heat of the moment by Dev again nd the children. It may have been a cliché story but the way the scene was written by the wonderful Jonathan Harvey provoked more than a few giggles from me.

"Single file children, let Mr Barlow past"
"It's alright, they're not in my way"
"No, but you might push them into the street. Health and safety. Breathe in"

"What are you doing home so early?!"
A good episode by my personal favourite writer, Jonathan Harvey.

Thanks for reading!

Jordan.  Twitter- @JordanLloyd39

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Video: Sally Dynevor on ITV Lorraine celebrates 30 years on Corrie

Sally Dynevor, who plays Sally Webster Metcalfe on Coronation Street, was interviewed on ITV's Lorraine this morning. Sally talked about playing Sally on screen for 30 years.

Sally first arrived on the cobbles in January 1986.

From broken marriages, untold catfights and a brave cancer battle, Sally recalls some of her toughest storylines and reveals her best moments on the show.

You can watch the video here.Read our blogger Graeme's tribute to 30 years of Sally Webster.

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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Gold Star Corrie

When I noticed the writing credit for tonight's Coronation Street given to Jonathan Harvey, I knew we'd be in for a good episode. He never lets me down and so it was thus. Tonight's Corrie was a joy all around, with wonderful dialogue and excellent acting. I'll try not to do what amounts to an episode summary because that's not my job! It's difficult not to, though.

Jenny Bradley is back and while she might be over the worst of it, she is still shakey and defeated.  Sally Ann Matthews was excellent tonight as was Barbara Knox. I was immediately drawn in by them. You could really feel Jenny's depression weighing her down, and Rita's loving support. I really felt for Jenny and just wanted to hug her!

Brendan found an hour away from the wife and Mary took full advantage for a bit of afternoon delight. (Oh, my eyes!) Brendan really makes my skin crawl and I feel bad that Mary has been sucked in by his false ways. I do like that Erica is so kind to Mary and when this all blows up and Mary's heart is in bits, I think Erica will do her best to help. Can't fault the acting, though,  Ted Robbins  is doing a top job as the love rat Brendan!

Elsewhere, it turns out that Jamie has been nabbed by the police and "sang like a canary". I wonder if he could get charged with attempted murder in addition to assault? I liked that Steph apologized to Carla even though, of course, she had nothing to apologize for, but it was so very Steph, I thought.

The other main thrust of the episode was Audrey and Ken, circling around each other. Sue Nicholls was superb, as Audrey, touchy, out of sorts and feeling awkward around Ken. Ken has  been following her around like a puppy since Nessa left, that should have been pretty obvious to Audrey that he has feelings for her! Then Audrey collapsed with chest pains and was terrified she was going to die without telling Ken she loved him! As you do. Judging from the smile on his face, I don't think he minded at all! Some wonderful acting from Sue Nicholls tonight, especially!

Nobody was shouting, nobody was making a big dramatic mountain out of a molehill, nobody was even plotting revenge, for once. I'm not sure I was even watching the same show that aired on Monday night! I'd like more of this, please! I don't mind a bit of dramatics but when it's 90 miles per hour all the time, it doesn't half wear you down now and then!

Top marks all around to everyone!

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Jenny Bradley's back tonight on Coronation Street

Tonight's the night. Ginger-nut Jenny returns to Coronation Street! 

The previews for tonight reveals that Rita has a secret meeting with Jenny in the park.  Jenny assures Rita that she’s got her life back on track and asks her if she can possibly forgive her.

However, Rita hesitates and Jenny flees upset.  In her haste Jenny drops her purse and Rita finds her address inside, tracking her down to a squalid bedsit.

Will Jenny admit just what a mess her life is in?

Previews for next week show that Jenny ends up working in the factory and also, sadly, looks like she isn't yet done with little Jack.
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Kym Marsh offered mega deal to stay on Coronation Street

The Sun reports today that Kym Marsh has been offered a year-long contract extension to stay on in Coronation Street as Michelle Connor.

And in the words of the tabloid, it's a "mega" deal which will see Kym take over the reins from Alison King, who plays Carla Connor, as the new "female star" of Corrie.

As always, with an unconfirmed story source, take things with a pinch of salt unless or until otherwise confirmed by ITV.

Mr Curry Sauce tells The Sun: "She [Kym] will take over from Alison as Corrie's best all round performer being involved in the top storylines all the time. Losing Alison has been a devastating body blow deep down to the inner sanctum because not only was she a tremendous actress but Carla was seen as having everything for a soap role, sexiness, funny, ruthless, a boozer and depressive at the same time but all the time must watch TV. There is no doubt that Kym can step into her [shoes] no problem – and the bosses are chuffed to bits."

However a source for the show, as well as Kym Marsh’s spokesperson, have both denied the claims. The ITV source told that the rumour is ‘totally untrue’ explaining that as Kym’s contract ends in July, no negotiations have yet taken place surrounding her next one.

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