Friday, 5 May 2017

Hidden secret of Roy's Rolls on Coronation Street

With Ken Barlow living in the flat above the cafe with Roy right now, he's become the latest in a long line of lost souls who take refuge with Roy.

Have a read of Roy's Rolls - Haven for Lost Souls
But downstairs at Roy's Rolls, in the cafe itself, is a secret I'd like to uncover.  On the wall of the cafe, the wall that faces into the seating area and is opposite the serving counter, there's a sign pinned to the wall.  It's a sign that says Roy's Rolls has WiFi, and it tells customers to ask at the counter for the WiFi password.

So, here's the thing, Corrie fans. What I'm wondering is what would the password be for the WiFi at Roy's Rolls? Just what would Roy Cropper choose?

Would he encrypt a tricky password using numbers and odd characters (well, he is one too!). Or would be choose something easy - and pleasing - for his customers to use?  I vote for the latter and I reckon his password would be HayleyCropper.

What do you think Roy's WiFi password would be?

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Karan Gendron said...

Probably one of his trains. I don't think he would use Haily as she is way too important to constantly tell people and he would have to change it a few times I reckon.
I noticed that last week that there was a sign up. Thought it was odd as it was the first thing I noticed as usually you can't really tell what is posted.

Diane said...

Maybe its NoBriansAllowed

C in Canada said...

Karan's got a good suggestion that it could be train related, I thought of Hayley first off, and then thought maybe he'd use something that Hayley held dear. Heck, it could be 'Becky' for all we know!

Anonymous said...

Since Roy is fond of classical music and has it playing in the café,I think the password is one of his favorite composers. Beethoven?

Maricha said...

The password has to be regularly changed so I agree that it's train names or it could sometimes be famous train stations.

Tvor said...

Something train related was my first thought too, maybe to do with the steam train he got to drive on his wedding day. As a trainspotter, he'll have the registry numbers and models of a lot of them!

conor wilson said...

I'm more curious as to what's behind the new door on the exterior! Obviously stairs to Roy's flat but where?? The inside stairs from behind the counter also lead upstairs! I'm confused

donna harris said...

Amsterdam for obvious reasons

Anonymous said...

U. R. 1. 2

Maricha said...

Perhaps the two staircases join on a landing that we don't see completely because it would be on the fourth wall.

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