Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Coronation Street Spoiler: Cathy snogs Brian

There’s some good news for Cathy next week in Coronation Street when she finally gets her man!

First off, Cathy corners Brian in the cafĂ©, points out they’re both grown-ups and suggests they can still be friends.  Then she advises Brian to overcome his superstitions and take control of his life. To prove the point, she drags him under a ladder and kisses him passionately.

Meanwhile, Brian has already confided in Liz that he fancies Cathy but he’s scared of going in for a kiss as he doesn’t want to upset his friendship with Roy.  But after Cathy kisses him passionately, things could all change!

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Maricha said...

This is off topic but I assume some of you may live in the Manchester area. I hope everyone from the blog (authors and fellow commenters), the show and their children are safe after the explosion in Manchester.

Tilly Flop said...

Being a born and bred Manc. It's deeply upsetting. Everyone knows/had been to the Arena, so it's more close to home. Mega late for work this morning, but at least I'm here. Small price to pay. Weird sombre atmosphere at work. Thanks for your concern. Won't stop me going into Manchester though. It's my home city

Naysayer said...

Tilly, I think you'll find there's a weird, sombre atmosphere everywhere. I live in East Anglia and my office has been very subdued this morning. Thoughts go out to everyone in Manchester. XOXOXOXOX

Tilly Flop said...

Naysayer. Oh sorry. I didn't realise, my apologies. Just found out my bus service is running again, part of the journey anyway, so at least I'll be able to get nearer to home than I thought I would. Small mercies. Thank you again for everyone's thought, it means so much to know that we're not in our own

C in Canada said...

I'm in Canada, and it was all over the evening news.
Very sorry to hear of it, and our thoughts are with you from the other side of the pond.

Laura said...

Yes, very sorry to hear about this and thinking of you all. :(

Tilly Flop said...

Thank you. Much appreciated. From all Mancunians everywhere

Anonymous said...

Please may I also extend my thoughts and prayers to everyone.
A fan in Canada

Abercrombie said...

I have felt a profound sadness today. These tragedies touch us all, however my thoughts and prayers are with all of Manchester and particularly those who have suffered loss and still experiencing uncertainty

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