Thursday, 31 December 2009

Bring back Mel Hutchwright?

The recent Stars on the Street programme reminded me of how great Sir Ian McKellen was on Corrie. Mel Hutchwright was a brilliant character. His digs at Ken were - and Corrie fans will know that this is praise of the highest order - almost as good as the classics from sorely missed Blanche. But more importantly - whatever happened to Emily's Dresden figurines, which Mel nicked from her mantelpiece? Will he ever develop a conscience and bring them back (unlikely)? Did he flog them on Ebay? Have they turned up on Dickinson's Real Deal yet?

By the way, it's great to see an older actor who doesn't have massive dazzling white teeth for once. I notice that Rula Lenska has had her gnashers done. I suppose they all feel obliged to, nowadays, but call me weird (or just old), I prefer teeth with a bit of "age" to them, i.e. the yellowy brown NHS look. According to Julie Goodyear's thoroughly entertaining autobiography "Just Julie", Pat Phoenix used to keep her choppers in a glass in her dressingroom between takes - now that's class.

Corrie Awards for 2009

Ok, it's the post you've all been waiting for. I thought back over the year's storylines, images and moments and picked some of my favourites. They are very tongue in cheek because I wanted something a little different than the usual "Best and Worst" type of list, though there are some of those as well. So, let's get on with it, shall we?

Funniest images:
Kirk as Hiya Lowa
Blanche as an aviator
Blanche as the fortune teller
Becky falling over legless at her first wedding to Steve
Graeme dressed as Liz McDonald

Community events
Street fundraiser party for Claire's charity
Christmas panto like the old days

My most embarassing moment award:
Gold Star: Dev's humiliation by Tara. He slept with his married friend's wife then fell in love with her daughter. He had a one night stand when he thought she'd left him and lied to her face when she tried to get him to admit it. So she publically humiliated him by posting a nude picture of him across the side of a building.
Silver Star: Gail Platt found a man who seemed like a really nice bloke. But he had problems with depression and debt and then got addicted to painkillers. He broke into the clinic, where she worked, to try to steal some from there. Of course the whole Street heard the alarm and witnessed her humiliation. She didn't chuck him out, but now has to sell her house to pay off his mounting debt.

Decisive moments
Gold Star: Tony turning himself in and confessing to Liam's murder, after trying to kill then saving Roy Cropper (and confessing to that, too!)
Silver Star: Ken deciding not to leave his comfort zone for life on a narrow boat

Horrific revelation
Gold Star: Maria finding out that the man she loves was the man that had her husband killed.
Silver Star: The discovery that Colin Grimshaw is Julie Carp's father, having had an affair with her mother, Eileen's best school friend, who was a schoolgirl of 15 at the time.

Worst hypocrite
Gold Star:
Kevin Webster. After thumping the older teacher that his 17 year old daughter was having an affair with and actually going to prison for it, he's turned around and is having an affair with a young woman only a few years older than his daughters who is also the wife of his best friend and business partner.

Best return
Gold Star:
Carla showing up at Liam's graveside making demands of Tony.
Silver Star: Nick Tilsley arriving at Christmas after flirting with his brother's ex-girlfriend.

Best (Worst) wedding:
Gold Star:
Becky and Steve. Bride got so drunk she forgot that she didn't actually get married and Steve didn't have the nerve to tell her. His Ex let the cat out of the bag, gleefully. The second time they really did get married but she was arrested on a false charge and spent her wedding night in the nick!
Silver Star: Tyrone (fainting at the altar because he thought he was arrested and had to go to the cop shop for charges after the wedding. Then after it was cleared up, his mother stole the honeymoon tickets to Paris.

"Was that really a good idea? award
Gold Star:
Maria for accusing Tony of murdering her husband (he did!) and then falling in love with him and getting engaged to him.
Silver Star: Ashley Peacock (with an unfortunately appropriate last name in this case) bottling out on having a vasectomy and lying to Claire about it. She "cut him off" when she found out.
Bronze Star: Peter Barlow, an alcoholic, wanting to open a bar with Leanne, an ex-prostitute who owned a restaurant and had it burned down.

Stupidity knows no bounds award
Gold Star:
Rosie Webster. She got £150,000 from Stape in retribution for his kidnapping her. She blew some of it on clothes and a car she couldn't drive but then got suckered into "investing" in Underworld by her boyfriend Luke Strong who then ran off with all her money. She then tried to blackmail Stape for more and when he stood up to her, pretended he assaulted her. Luckily she was made to admit it in front of everyone. Rollerskating through bars and pubs (filled with boozed up idiots) with "Pop my cherry" on her back isn't very smart, either.

So there you have 2009 in a nutshell. I'm sure there were more things of note if I could have remembered them and there were far too many great lines to list them all here. You can go back and look 'em up! I must keep a running list next year but feel free to add your own off-beat awards!

Happy New Decade, everyone!

Sneak preview of next week's Corrie, January 4 - 8, 2010

Without any piffle, here's the storyline for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Week of Monday 4 to Friday 8 January

Nick returns to see Gail and Joe wed, Becky confides in the Croppers, Kevin struggles with Sally’s illness, Ken and George fight over Simon, Tyrone gets offered another job, and Mary, her muu muu and the camper van return.

The full weekly preview, with pictures, is right here on

Missed last week's Corrie?
Catch up with the Coronation Street weekly updates.

Steve McDonald gurn of the week, December 31 2009

It's Thursday and that means only one thing... time for the Steve McDonald gurn of the week.

Thanks go to Coronation Street fan Martin for sending in these fab Stevie McGurns.If you've captured a good Corrie Steve gurn and want to share it via the blog, do email it in.

To see more gurnage from Stevie McGurn, have a look here, there's loads. Some good, some bad and some really very funny.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Ambulance Chasers, Part 2

After an unlucky 13 incidents in the first half of the year, the second half of 2009 did a brisk business for the ambulance chasers and medical emergencies/consulatations with 9 incidents for a year total of 22.

July started off with sand tracks. Maria and Tony are on a day out at the beach, walking and enjoying the Great British Seaside but Maria goes into labour and Tony has to deliver the baby before the ambulance can arrive, racing up the beach. She's ferried to the hospital shortly after.

Two weeks later, Claire was rushed to hospital with a blood clot. She had an operation to save her life but it caused her to miscarry, a surprise pregnancy that she wasn't really keen on anyway. So did she really contemplate jumping off the roof of the hospital or was it just a quiet place to think?

August sees Joe consulting the doctor, finally, about his addiction to prescription pain killers, after he was so desperate that he broke into the clinic to try to steal drugs! We also see a bloody-faced David Platt once again. But who did the beating? Looks like he and Gary Windass are quits. At the end of August, at the Village Fete, Joshua has a severe allergic reaction to a bee sting and it was touch and go for a few days! Janice managed to use some of her first aid training and that just might have given the lad the advantage.

Things are quiet until October 30 when Tony has a heart attack from the stress of Carla's threats to expose him for the murdering scum that he is! Roy Cropper calls the nee-naws and stays with him in hospital which results in Tony making what he
thinks is a death bed confession of his guilt to the erstwhile cafe owner.
On November 19 Roy is taken to hospital after nearly drowning in the canal at the hand of Tony Gordon. He was also pulled out of the canal and revived by the same hand and found later by Hayley and Becky.

About mid December, Graeme is up a ladder fixing a window that Norris is sure he's broken while cleaning the windows. Norris lets go of the ladder and Graeme comes crashing down to the cobbles, breaking an ankle and bruising his face! At Christmas, Sally is at the start of a medical crisis, having discovered she has breast cancer.

That's this year's count. What incidental er... incident should we count up for the next year? Drinks tossed in anger over people's heads in the pub? How many times Liz tells someone they're barred? Leave a comment and let us know what you would like to see for a running count in 2010. (No births, deaths or weddings, please)

Coronation Street weekly update - December 28

Thanks again to Karen Jankel for stepping in for our Flaming Nora!

I hope you've all been enjoying the festive season. I'm glad to report that the mince pies have lasted out and Father Christmas even managed to find his way down the chimney at the update office.

This week's update begins on Christmas Eve with the Websters celebrating the first of several Christmas birthdays on the street. As Rosie rips the paper from her presents with the practised air of someone who is clearly used to taking things off, her mother upsets Kevin by announcing that she's off to town to do yet more shopping. What he doesn't know at this point is that she has far more serious matters on her mind.

Over at the Rovers a packed audience awaits the start of the Panto with eager anticipation. Or rather, the half dozen residents who aren't involved in having a domestic or taking part in the show. Which is probably a good thing since there can't be too much room left for seats after most of the pub has been taken over with a stage and scenery. Sean and Jesse make a very credible pair of pantomime dames but we learn that it's Amy who is due to steal the limelight with some singing. Unfortunately (or perhaps that should be fortunately) we never get to enjoy her dulcet tones because before she has the chance to burst into song, one of Roy's props comes tumbling down and the only word Amy manages to mutter is something rather rude.

On Christmas morning the Barlows start gathering for their family lunch. Simon seems quite pleased by his bicycle from Ken and Deirdre until Grandpa George arrives with his gift of a Wii. Things go from bad to worse when George inadvertently tries to fill Peter's glass with wine and Ken uses it as an excuse to start another row. Poor Deirdre doesn't even have time to hand round the mince pies before everyone decides to make a swift exit. Still, it does leave Ken plenty of time to mend the puncture on Simon's new bike. Clearly it's a very complicated puncture because he's still trying to mend it two days later.

Others seem a lot more cheerful on Christmas morning, particularly over at the Tilsley-Platt-Nearly-McIntyres, where Gail not only has her wedding to look forward to but is enjoying the surprise arrival of her eldest son. In the meantime, Jason and Tina have made up after their falling-out over Sarah but when they turn up for lunch with Gail and Joe, Tina is horrified when she discovers Nick is none other than the man she snogged a couple of nights before. Nick finds the whole situation highly amusing and no doubt Demon David will turn it to his advantage once he discovers the truth. Until then he's busy sulking about the fact that everyone seems to have forgotten that it's his birthday. Even his Mum seems to have overlooked it and so, in a fit of pique, he reveals the fact that Audrey only invited Nick over to
thwart Gail and Joe's wedding plans.

Over at Tyrone and Molly's, festivities are going with a swing. Having found out about Kevin's trip to Paris with Sally, Molly has told him that the affair is definitely over and it looks as though this time she really means it. However, Kevin has other ideas and while Auntie Pam, Jack, Connie and co. make merry with the Karaoke machine Tyrone gave Molly for Christmas, Kevin's busy trying to win Molly round by the dustbins in the back alley. One minute she's slapping him for trying it on and the next they've realised that they can't live without each other for a moment longer and agree that they'll both go and break the news to their respective other halves and meet at the garage in an hour to start their new lives together.

So, whilst Molly sets about getting Tyrone on his own to do the deed, Kevin returns to tell Sally the awful truth. However, before he has a chance to tell her, Sally shares her own dreadful news: she has just been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Kevin is shocked to the core and wracked with guilt and is torn between wanting to comfort his wife and needing to get to Molly to stop her before she breaks the news to Tyrone about the affair. Luckily for all concerned, he manages to do with only seconds to spare.

A couple of days after Christmas Kevin accompanies Sally to the hospital where she learns more about her condition. She's told that she'll need surgery in less than four weeks and then will have to wait another week for the results. In the meantime, although she's been advised to tell her family, Sally feels she knows her girls best and that she doesn't want to burden them with the news until she has an idea of the outcome.

This gives the opportunity for some unfortunate irony. A large envelope arrives in the post for Rosie and her sister knows she's up to something. When the contents spill over the floor of Roy's Rolls, Sophie discovers the truth: Rosie has had some topless photos taken, in her quest to become a glamour model. And, as she explains to Graeme who also happens to be there at the time, it has been suggested that she might do well to have a breast enlargement.

So, Kevin is now playing the dutiful husband, Molly is back to looking permanently harassed and being vile to poor Tyrone, Sally is trying desperately hard to act as though nothing has happened and Kevin is looking more like a wet weekend than usual. So wet, in fact, that his father realises something is wrong and gets him to spill the beans about Sally. We're reminded that Kevin's own mother died of cancer and so Bill, of all people, understands what he's going through. However, what he finds far harder to understand is the news of Kevin's affair with Molly which Kevin also finds the need to confess and Bill gives him the benefit of his disapproval.

There's a bit of light relief this week when Becky reluctantly accompanies Claire and the children on a very muddy outing to Alderley Edge. What we establish from this is that, although Becky is proving to be a very good surrogate mother to Amy, she has absolutely no intention of ever having children of her own. Steve meanwhile seems to have other ideas.

And that's just about it for this week. Glenda will be returning next week but, until then, may I take the opportunity to wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Monday December 28, Episode update

Sally and Kevin have to meet the doctor in the afternoon to discuss treatments. Sally is trying to carry on as normally as possible but Kevin is still reeling. Sally doesn't want the girls to know until they know what they're facing and that means waiting until after the lumpectomy which could be as much as 4 weeks away, hopefully sooner. Kevin apologizes later to Molly for his over-harsh response. Molly is still whining about being together if Sally recovers but he's not making any committments. Meanwhile, she's avoiding Tyrone, slagging off his karaoke obsession, running off to work in the morning and later, though suggesting an early night to get him out of the pub so she doesn't have to watch Kevin and Bill, She avoids it and busies herself making their tea.

Meanwhile, Kevin has to unload his worries and talks to Bill in the pub about Sally's illness. Kevin's mum had died of cancer, albeit a different kind, and the kids weren't told for a long time either so Bill really understands the position Kevin is in. Sometimes you just need your dad, don't you? Sally guesses that Bill has been told when he's extra helpful at home but she's ok with it. They talk a little more about Kevin's mother's situation, regarding not telling the children straight away. Later, as Kevin hasn't come home, Bill goes to look for him and finds him in the garage. Here Kevin unloads the rest of his guilt, telling his father about the affair with Molly. Bill tears a strip off Kevin who stupidly hasn't actually told Bill that he finished with Molly as soon as he found out about Sally. Too little, too late, I should think Bill's reaction would have been so maybe it didn't matter anyway.

Over at Platt Towers, Gail has accepted an offer on the house, though it's still lower than she'd have liked. Nick objects, thinking she should hold out for the full asking price. David takes the opportunity to blurt out that Nick had only come because Audrey asked him to in order to try to stop the wedding. Nick allows that Audrey called him but that he wanted to come to meet Joe before the wedding, and assures his mother that she has his blessing. He likes Joe and sees that Joe is making Gail happy. Nick takes off back to Birmingham, promising to return for the wedding while David and Audrey both sulk, their plan having backfired.

Rosie has had glamour photos taken, and from the glimpses we get to see, some of them appear to be topless with just her arms shielding her assets but emphasizing her cleavage. She mentions to Graeme that the photographer thought she should actually have larger assets and Graeme just gazes down Rosie's cleavage when she asks for his opinion. He's hooked! Sophie manages to get a look at the photos and takes every opportunity to take the mick out of her sister for it after that. Sian turns 16 and Sophie gives her tickets to a Christian rock band that they and Ryan (reluctantly) attend.

Steve manipulates Becky into taking Amy and going with the Peacock clan for a hike up Alderly Edge, an exercise in spending more time around little kids, I think. Becky actually didn't mind the hike once she'd done it, from the sounds of it and didn't come back hating Claire's guts so these two might actually be making friends for real. At one point, though, even though Claire compliments Becky on how well she gets on with Amy, Becky still assures her that they will not be hearing the pitter patter of any little McDonald feet any time soon. Virtually guaranteeing that she'll be pregnant by the end of the week. Such is the Soap Opera Phrase of Doom.

Liz tries to sell the locals on a 5 pound admission for a New Year's Eve party at the pub. Steve doesn't think it's going to go over very well. So far, it hasn't. Ken finally fixes the puncture on Simon's bike and it seems like inroads to peace are being made until Ken admits he's started up a petition. George takes the opportunity to invite Peter and Leanne to his for New Year's and invites them to bring Simon as well, scuppering Ken and Deirdre's babysitting offer.

Monday, 28 December 2009

Jackie Dobbs returns

Yes, the pink haired harridan is making another guest appearance, later this winter, about a year after her last appearance at Tyrone and Molly's wedding. This time, the marraige is in disarray and Mommie Dearest returns in the thick of it. Will this be the death knell for the Dobbs' life together or will they band together in the face of her obnoxious onslaught? Where has Jackie been? Did she ever go to Paris using those stolen Eurostar tickets? (Unlikely, as you need a matching passport and even Jackie couldn't get one on the day of or day before departure...or could she?) Why is she back? Stay tuned!

Before they were in Corrie

Do you recognize these two? Of course you do! It's John Stape and Julie Carp. But wait... they look a bit different, don't they? That's because it's a shot of the actors as they appeared in the series, Shameless, a few years ago, before they came to the cobbles. They played a rough couple that were trying to scam the Social. Very different from John (who's a nice bloke even if he's got no willpower and tends to passive aggressive methods to get people to do what he wants) and Julie (a bit of a dizzy blonde, naive and eternally optimistic who just wants everyone to be happy!).

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Awards for the week, Dec. 21 - 25

Performance of the week: Gold Star: Tyrone! Singing Tom Jones' version of Prince's Kiss in karaoke mode!
Silver Star: Jesse and Sean as the Ugly Stepsisters!

Bossy mare award: Claire. bossing Ashley, bossing Becky, bossing Sean, reaming out Ashley for having not one but two glasses of wine on Christmas day (also their anniversary). It's all about her. Charitable Heart, Claire!

Selfish/Stroppy mare award: Gold star:: Molly. She's getting more and more uppity with Kevin. She finished it, smacked him when he came crawling and then thought they could still be together eventually if Sally wasn't terminal.
Silver Star: Tina getting all in a snit about Jason not telling her he's not actually divorced, getting drunk, insulting Zoe, shouting at David, trying to drive drunk, then going to town and snogging a stranger for revenge.

Night and Day award: NuNick (Ben Price). What a difference from Adam Rickett!

Good parent award: Eileen gushing over Jason, and trying to fix his love life

Don't mess with the Betster award: Roy Cropper. Never, Ever imply that Betty was less than word perfect as Fairy Godmother! Especially not while standing on a ladder within her arms' reach!

Stage Fright award: Gold Star Amy .... "Bollocks!" (and even then, she only managed one word! I worry about that child, I really do!)
Silver Star: Graeme getting looped on painkillers and voddy to get through the night and ending up face down passed out in Liz's bed!

Really bad timing award: Gold Star: Kevin and Molly. Kevin finally decided to leave his family and got side lined by Sally's bad news. He had to race to tell Molly not to tell Ty she was leaving him.

Lines of the Week:

Kevin to Molly "It's finished. It was a stupid game. We've just had the biggest wakeup call.... My wife's got cancer. So this 'us', it's nothing. It's less than nothing. My wife needs me. Go on... grow up!" (HO YUSS!!! 7.9 million people punch the air and cheer Kevin Webster!)

Deirdre (after the end of the panto and Amy's outburst), "Well.... it was different" Ken "At least it was for charity" Eileen "Maybe they could give some money to the Tourette's fund" (*snork*)

Sophie about Rosie "If she don't come, people might actually look at me" (10 times the woman Rosie is, isn't she?)

Ryan to Sophie "I disagreed with your boyfriend making a pass at my mother"

Nick "I want to see you again!" Tina "You can't. That just won't happen" (Oh hiya Gail, um. gulp. Nick...?)

Joe about David "He was never cute!"

Stay tuned for next week's edition. It will be the "awards of the year" version!

State of the Street - December 2009

December tops a year full of tragedy and pathos, comedy and panto, the end of one major storyline and the beginning of a dramatic new one. What was the State of the Street in December? You can read all about it here. Read about the Grandad Wars. Find out about the ups and downs of Kevin and Molly which seems to have ended now that Kevin is going to support Sally in her illness. We get the feeling it "ain't over until it's over" though. Sunita returned but has disappeared again. I'm sure we haven't seen the last of her. Tony Gordon's reign of terror faded away and Carla will have to find a way to move on.

December 25, 2009, Episode update

It's Ashley and Claire's wedding anniversary and also David Platt's birthday (Oh, and it's Christmas Day) I don't think Ashley is going to be getting any celebratory rumpeh pumpeh, though, because he seems to have crossed Claire's rules and had TWO glasses of wine instead of her allowed one! Ah well, it wouldn't be a Corrie Christmas without someone falling out!

Sally was generous with her gifts. Kevin had to go upstairs to retrieve the gift he bought for her. Did anyone else think he was going to get the gifts mixed up a la Stape? All he really wanted to do was get an opportunity to try to contact Molly who's busy opening a karaoke machine from Ty. Eh? But he has a bottle of fancy perfume for her too and she looks a lot happier with that!

Sally's very pragmatic as well. She forgives the Christmas morning mess, and isn't worried about what time all the meal comes together. Very unlike her. Meanwhile, Pam, Bill, Jack and Connie liven up Number 9 with the karaoke machine. Molly keeps ignoring Kevin's texts so he makes his way across the road and gets a smack for his troubles but his crawling and begging talk her round and they decided it's time, they'll leave their families and be together. Today! It nearly killed me to see Tyrone drag Molly up to the microphone shortly after and sing "Don't go breaking my heart", knowing what was about to happen.

Only, as we expected, while the girls were out seeing their mates, Sally finally told Kevin that she's facing breast cancer. It shocked Kevin (and nearly broke my heart!). Nice camera direction, moving from Kevin and Sally talking about her health to a shot of them in their wedding photo from 1986, emphasizing all the history they have together. Kevin had to do a mad scramble, bursting in the back door on a "sage and onion stuffing emergency" to stop Molly telling Tyrone she was leaving him and managed it just in time. He and Molly go to the shop for "stuffing" but Molly selfishly started implying that they could still be together if Sally got better. He gave Molly a dressing down that had half the country punching the air and cheering, and told her (Also my top line of the week!) "My wife's got cancer. So this 'us', it's nothing. It's less than nothing. My wife needs me. Go on... grow up!" Later, the Webster family dinner looked a bit shaky but Sally kept it together while, across the road, with everyone else in the pub, Molly dropped the turkey and burst into tears. Kevin later cancelled the hotel he'd booked for he and Molly, probably having to suck up a good sized cancellation fee and all.

Things started off well at the Barlow's house. Ken got to give Simon his bicycle. Of course George and Eve's gift, a Wii, trumps the bike and Ken's got a gargantuan knot in his face and goes off to sulk while he tries to fix a puncture in the tyre. It doesn't help that Deirdre suggests that George could fix it and Simon seems distracted by the Wii anyway. I'm really missing Blanche insulting Deirdre's turkey. We are told she's staying in Portugal as her friend had a fall. (Of course at this point in filming, Maggie Jones was in hospital.) Anyway, the Barlow dinner seemed to go ok until George unthinkingly offered to pour wine for Peter. Ken took the opportunity to embarass him. George made an honest mistake but it stopped the dinner cold. George and Eve made a hasty retreat, followed awkwardly by Peter, Leanne, Janice and Simon.

Gail and Joe are all huggy and lovey dovey. Audrey and David both can barely contain their eye rolling. David actually respects his Gran for being manipulative and inviting Nick to try to put the scuppers on Joe and Gail's relationship. Tina and Jason arrive for dinner and her heart nearly stops when she sees that her handsome stranger from the other night is Nick, David's older brother. They have a quick confer in the back garden where he teases her that they're going to be related. Nick keeps his counsel but is he going to hold it over her head?

Everything seems happy families in the McDonald household, too. Liz is actually recognizing that Becky isn't so bad and she's great with Amy. but it seems Steve is getting broody. Things are going really well with Becky and he thinks he might like to have a baby with her. He's hoping that Becky might come to that conclusion without him asking her so hints that Christmas is for families. Only, the thing is, Becky doesn't pick up the hint and reckons hormones could make her homicidal. Guess that "family" suggestion isn't going to make her come over all maternal, Steve.

At the day's end, Claire and Ashley are sitting silently in the pub, only exchanging a few cutting remarks but she ends up forgiving him. A woman has needs on her wedding anniversary. All is well in the Peacock house. Tina's wondering how long Nick's going to stay. Jason reckons just over Christmas. Becky's playing with Amy and ends up leading the pub in a cheerful rendition of a Christmas song. Everyone's laughing and singing and happy.

Elsewhere, as the music plays over the scenes, Gail is happily passed out asleep in Joe's arms on the sofa. Deirdre is having a resentful fag in the house with occasional glares over her shoulder while Ken tries to fix the tyre. Claire and Ashley run home and up them stairs (I think Claire's Mum has kept the kiddies overnight). Later we see Molly slapping dinner plates on the table for the others, while trying desperately to keep herself together. Kevin sits with his family all cuddled together on the sofa and floor, holding Sally's hand, ready to face whatever comes.

All in all, a really good Christmas episode. I really enjoyed it!

December 24, 2009, Episode update

Our Yoork is off shussing on the ski slopes so this is just a little episode summary to keep you up to date while she's away.

In the aftermath of Tina's night on the tiles, she's hungover and Jason's beligerent but Eileen tells him to go and make up with her but she's not all that forthcoming at first, embarassed about her snog with a handsome stranger. Jason made nice and told her he really does love her, though, and she seems to believe him and they apologize to each other. David has a sprained wrist but won't tell anyone how he got it, covering for Tina who later thanks him for not saying anything. Even David agreed that Jason was better off with Tina than with Sarah.

Gail's excited, her prodigal son Nick showed up to surprise his mum for Christmas. Uh oh!

It's Rosie's birthday and she's enjoying the gifts from her family. Kevin and Sal have splashed out on diamond earrings which puts Sophie's nose out of joint a bit. Sally is thoughtful and quiet after a last minute "visit" to the shops. Rosie's off to work and her glib remark to Sally about not hoping for miracles hits deeper than she knows.

The panto goes off pretty well, looks like it was a load of fun until Amy, in the throes of stage fright, bursts out with "Bollocks" when she couldn't remember her song! All in all, though, the panto was really good fun, didn't you think?

Tyrone is annoying the pants off Molly who is snarky to Kevin. Never mind, Tyrone is full of the joys of the Christmas Spirit which annoys the pants off Kevin. Later on the pub Molly tears a strip off him for going to Paris and not telling her and she finishes with him.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Christmas soap viewing and you

I am sitting here in a quiet house, waiting for everyone else to wake up after the excesses of Christmas Day (and it was very nice, thank you!) so what else to do but peruse my Corrie news feeds? The BBC news has an interesting read about why the soaps always feature blockbuster storylines on Christmas Day. It's true, isn't it? That's when you'll see things like fairytale weddings, dramatic births, or when a major bump or break in a storyline will happen. On Corrie, quite often, it'll be a Platt disaster. There have also been births and weddings on Corrie. This year, Sally reveals to Kevin that she's got breast cancer just as he and Molly are about to reveal their affair.

Television networks bring out the best because they know that most people are home and they have a chance at enticing a lot more viewers than normal, in the millions sometimes. One Christmas episode on Eastenders where Den Watts served his wife divorce papers on the day hit over 30 million and has hit one of the all time high numbers for soap viewers. These days a soap will be very lucky to pass 10 million on a good day and Christmas episodes can expect to pull in a couple more million.

It got me thinking about classic Corrie Christmases past. There was the birth of the Mallet twins, the magical wedding of Curly and Emma, the year Karen and Tracy fought on the roof of the factory and Steve finally threw her out. One of the funnier ones was when a big black dog ate Jack and Vera's turkey and then chased them up the stairs, trapping them in their bedroom!

What were some of your favourite Christmas Corrie moments? Do you sit down with your family after a big meal and watch Corrie on Christmas Day?

Friday, 25 December 2009

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Santa Sale in the cafe

Here is something from the "wayback machine" to put a little spirit into your Christmas today. One of the funniest Christmas scenes I've seen in Coronation Street over the years was a running joke through one episode. It was subtle at first, and not really a plot line at all and most definitely not really played for obvious laughs. It took place in the cafe, the old one on Rosamund Street. Roy and Hayley were not married yet and Gail was still Roy's partner in the cafe. One Santa was in the cafe having a cuppa. A few scenes later, there were three. The phone rings, and is answered by Roy. It's for Santa. "Which one?", he asks dryly, "we've got 3!"

Later, Roy and Hayley are each having a gift crisis as to what to get for the other. Roy goes off shopping and Hayley comes in to the cafe to seek Gail's advice. There are now 5 Santas and they are also consulted for ideas. Hayley notices all the red coats, and asks "Who are they ?" Gail whispers "I don't know, but I do know they must drinks loads of tea in Lapland!" She asks if they'd like more tea and they all quietly nod in unison (because they are non-speaking extras).

When Roy finally gets back, there are 8 Santas filling the little cafe and he's totally baffled! The Santas seem reluctant to leave but Roy ushers them out. In the process, he discovers the head Santa is non other than Les's old mate, Charlie West, running a Rent-a-Santa. It gives Roy an idea and later, when he and Hayley are having dinner, the doorbell rings. Charlie Santa arrives to deliver Hayley's pressie, a scarf to keep her warm, like his love. Hayley's gift to Roy is also a brightly coloured scarf to bring colour to his life. They are, of course, the exact same scarf.


Thanks to the episode update for December 20, 1998, found on

Steve McDonald gurn of the week, December 24 2009

It's Thursday and that means only one thing... time for the Steve McDonald gurn of the week. Thanks go to Coronation Street fan Martin for sending in these fab Stevie McGurns.If you've captured a good Corrie Steve gurn and want to share it via the blog, do email it in.

To see more gurnage from Stevie McGurn, have a look here, there's loads. Some good, some bad and some really very funny.

Sneak preview of next week's Corrie, December 28 - January 1

Without any piffle, here's the storyline for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Week of Monday 28 December to Friday 1 January

Kevin confesses to Bill about Molly, Graeme’s smitten with Rosie who gets a modelling job, Jake returns and woos Michelle, Sian sleeps with Ryan, Becky’s under baby pressure and Audrey meets up with Lewis again.

The full weekly preview, with pictures, is right here on

Missed last week's Corrie?
Catch up with the Coronation Street weekly updates.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Becky Mama spoiler

You may remember that spoiler awhile back telling us that Becky was going to get pregnant. We speculated on whether having a baby would be the making of Becky. The Sun today has another massive spoiler about this storyline. They say that Becky does get pregnant but has a miscarraige! She takes this as another whack to her self esteem and figures she's not much good to Steve as a wife. Another aspect to the storyline appears to be some female bonding between Liz, who lost a premature baby, Katy, who lived for only one day. I think this might be a good storyline. No word yet on whether Molly gets pregnant or not. I think another "who's the daddy" plot will *not* be a good storyline.

Coronation Street Fan of the Week - Dec 23, 2009

It's time to meet another Coronation Street fan of the week!

Who are you and where are you from?
I'm eLiz from Florida, USA.

How long have you been watching Corrie?
I watched the first episode of Coronation Street as a schoolgirl in my hometown of Manchester. I emigrated to Canada and it took a while for Corrie to be aired there but I eventually was able to pick up the storyline. I almost turned down an opportunity to move to the USA because Corrie was not shown in my area! However for a while I arranged for a family member to record the programme and send me the video every month, what bliss. That ended and for several years I was Corrie-less but now I'm back with my friends on the Street. I curl up with a cuppa tea in my Corrie mug on my Corrie tray. Actually my house is full of Corrie memorabilia, books and videos, the best being my own video that I took when I visited the set in Manchester quite a few years ago.

Your favourite female and male characters - and the reasons why?
My favourite female character these days is Becky. She's come such a long way, tries so hard and bounces back time and time again. My favourite male character is Graeme and my fantasy storyline involves him finding a girlfriend and letting us into his life - we know so little about him. However I loved the Martha / Ken affair and would give anything to see Stephanie Beacham back in whatever capacity

And what would your fantasy Corrie storyline be?
My personal fantasy is to sit in the Rovers Return and share a drink with Rita and Emily and Jack and the gang and reminisce.

Would you like to be a Coronation Street fan of the week? Click here to find out more.

Coronation Street weekly update - December 21

This week's update is written by the talented Karen Jankel who's filling in for Flaming Nora.

Christmas is nearly upon us, so I'm very grateful to Glenda for leaving me with a large plate of mince pies to keep me going through the festive season. Having looked outside the window at the snow, I could well be stuck inside for the next two weeks.

While most normal people are wrapping presents and doing the last minute bits of food shopping, the residents on Coronation Street are still trying to work out who they're supposed to be speaking to this week, let alone who they'll be sharing their Christmas dinner with. Fortunately, Ashley still seems to be taking last minute orders for turkeys so there's time for them all to change their plans several more times before the big day.

Over at the Barlows', Deirdre is still desperately trying to build bridges between Ken and Peter so that she can have her wish of a family Christmas with Simon. With a family like hers I think I'd rather have beans on toast on my own in front of the telly but it takes all sorts. Deirdre's persistence finally pays off because, after a couple more confrontations, a truce of sorts is called. Peter agrees that they'll spend Christmas day with Ken and Deirdre, provided George and Eve can come too. They conveniently forget to mention Janice will tagging along until after Ken has acquiesced. It's very sad that Maggie Jones who played Blanche is no longer with us because one can only imagine the fun we would have had if she had been added into the mix.

One person who is definitely short of Christmas spirit (unless you count the bottle of brandy hidden in the filing cabinet) is Carla. Following her interrogation by the police, Michelle forces her to admit that she knew far more than she let on about Liam's death. Her confession is overheard by everyone in the factory and soon she has the threat of being sent to Coventry to add to her tale of woes. Interestingly it's Roy who convinces Hayley that maybe Carla is right when she says she had no choice and she, in turn, talks the rest of the factory round. Not that they need much persuading once they realise their jobs might be under threat if they don't start talking to Carla again. The only person left seething with fury at Carla's behaviour is Michelle. In fact she's busy having a good seethe on the sofa when Ben walks into the flat and decides she needs some comforting. The emotion, combined with teenage hormones, are all too overwhelming for Ben and before he realises what he's doing he's going in for a full kiss on the lips. Michelle leaps up like a scalded cat, Ben stuffs his worldly belongings into his knapsack and Ryan soon learns to his horror why his best mate can't stay with them any longer.

Kissing is also on the agenda for Kevin and Sally. She's booked a surprise weekend to Paris and he's not best pleased but decides he has no choice other than to go along with it and conveniently avoid telling Molly. She, of course, spots them climbing into the back of a Streetcars' cab with their cases, leaving poor Tyrone to bear the brunt of her frustration while she spends the weekend wondering where they've disappeared to.

Kevin and Sally arrive back in time for their youngest daughter's baptism. Sadly for Sophie, this happens on the same day that she learns from Ryan what her boyfriend has been up to with his mother. Ben was due to be her baptism partner so it's left to friend Sian to step in and hold the towel. The other guest who can't make it at the last moment is Rosie who has landed herself a job as a promotions girl for cherry vodka. At least it saves Sophie the embarrassment of her big sister turning up at the church in her work uniform. As if the skimpiness of the outfit isn't enough, the words "Pop My Cherry" emblazoned across the back certainly ensure that nothing is left to the imagination.

At the celebration afterwards you could cut the atmosphere between Kevin and Molly with a knife when Sally inadvertently shows everyone the photos of their romantic weekend away. However, it seems that the only person present who has noticed that Molly's eyes are even more manic than usual is Aunty Pam who has clearly put two and two together and worked out that, despite Molly's reassurances to the contrary, the affair is definitely not over.

Celebrations of another sort are taking place at the Weatherfield Council Christmas party. Audrey is not looking forward to an evening with Norris as her partner but things start looking up for her with the arrival of an old acquaintance Claudia, played by Rula Lenska who is on the arm of a very charming Nigel Havers in the role of Lewis. Claudia confesses to Audrey that Lewis is in fact a male escort and we sense that this may not be the last we see of him when Claudia gives Audrey his business card which she slips into her handbag.

Audrey, though, needs a bit of cheering up as she's just learned that Gail and Joe have managed to get a cancellation booking and their wedding's been moved forward to 8th January. She decides to summon help in the form of grandson Nick who she secretly arranges to fly over to Weatherfield for a visit. Tina is also not best pleased at the forthcoming nuptials but her concern has more to do with the fact that Jason seems to be taking too much interest in whether Sarah will be coming over for the wedding. When Jason lets slip that he and Sarah are still married they have an almighty row, he storms off into town and Tina takes herself off to a bar where she gets picked up by a man. What she doesn't realise is that he's none other than Nick Tilsley who has just arrived from Canada. (To be fair, nobody could be expected to recognise him since he seems to have gone through a total body transplant since he was last on our screens). After a quick kiss, guilt takes a hold and Tina rushes off into the night, leaving Nick looking bewildered.

Finally, while all of these dramas are happening, drama of another sort is taking place in the form of preparations for the Panto which is due to take place on Christmas Eve and certainly promises to be entertaining our brief glimpses of the rehearsals are anything to go by.

In the meantime it only remains for me to wish you all a very Merry Christmas while I go off to pour myself a glass of sherry and put the sprouts on to boil.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Corrie's Christmas

ITV have a load of Christmas videos on their website just in time for the festive season. In one, the cast sings a Christmas song. In another, various cast members talk about their favourite Corrie moments of 2009 and in the third, cast members chat in general about their holiday season. Unfortunately, if you don't live in the UK you can't see the video. They really need to do something about that!

Truths: Mon Dec 21, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Molly gets angry that Kevin isn't back yet come Monday morning. Sally and Kevin return from Paris just in time for Sophie's baptism. Rosie ditches the baptism for her new skanky job. Sophie's day doesn't get any better when she finds out about Ben making a pass at Michelle, then subsequently dumps him. Molly finally confronts Kevin about the Paris trip, but he has no time for her. Molly is down in the dumps, but Auntie Pam reminds her that some would say she's got it all.

Sophie's baptism takes place, and after a moving speech about her family and particularly her father's love for her, it's official - she's a Christian. Molly takes her chance at the baptism party to ream Kevin out about getting closer to Sally and further from her when it's supposed to the other way 'round. Things get even worse for Molly when Sally accidentally shows some photos of her and Kevin Paris (not in Blackpool, as Kevin told her) when searching for the baptism photos on her digi-cam. Is this finally it for Molly?

Tina figures that Jason loves Bill's new truck more than her, and she's also frustrated that the flat hasn't been finished sooner. The issue of the possibility of Sarah attending Gail's wedding comes up and Tina's not happy about it. She's especially not happy to hear that Sarah and Jason are not technically divorced yet. David's the only one who seems happy here - to see them fighting in the street. Tina drunkenly decides to go into town after she realizes that Jason has done the same.

David's girlfriend Zoe isn't happy that he's been rude to her all day, presumably ever since finding out about Tina and Jason's row. Zoe thinks that David is still attracted to Tina, and she's right. Tina tries to take Bill's truck into town, but after a struggle David stops her from drink-driving.

Meanwhile, Nick Tilsley calls Audrey to tell her that he's arrived and is staying at a hotel in Manchester and will see her tomorrow. Of course, who should sidle up next to him at the bar but a very inebriated Tina McIntyre. They get to talking after Nick pays for a drink that Tina can't afford. When walking out of the club, Nick snogs Tina on the street. Tina immediately regrets this and walks away denying Nick's request for her phone number. Don't worry Nick, I have a good feeling that you'll be seeing her very soon.

Deirdre's upset that there'll only be the three of them for Christmas this year and tries to cancel their turkey order. Deirdre pleads with Peter if there isn't some kind of compromise they can come to so that they can have Christmas together. Peter makes a deal that if the Barlows want to spend Christmas together, then it's with the WHOLE family - George and Eve, and even Janice included. Deirdre gratefully accepts, but Ken is still not entirely satisfied.

Claire is unhappy that Ashley's pulled out of the panto last minute due to work. Claire's needs to find a new Prince Charming now that Ashley's out. Becky manages to strong-arm Steve into playing Prince Charming. Steve's having a rough time getting into character, but he'll pull it out in the end I'm sure. Becky gets more than a little jealous when Steve kisses Claire as Prince Charming, however. Is she regretting making him play the part now?


- David's new girlfriend Zoe being surprised that Audrey was a Mayoress once, figuring that she thought they'd be more picky than that. The girl tries to back-track basically calling Audrey "common", and Audrey mentions that at least Zoe's pretty. (By the by, does anyone else see similarities between Zoe and Sarah Platt?)
- Claire and Becky not understanding what "scab" means.
- John imitating Steve's gurn!!! Classic.
- Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm does the new Nick Tilsley not make Corrie just a bit brighter 'round this time of year?
- Emily giving Sophie a moving speech at her baptism. I just love Ms. B. and does she not look stylish tonight? Those deeper tones suit her more than her regular pastel palette.
- Claire: "Sean, where have you been?" Sean: "Ah, where haven't I been?"
- Nick Tilsley telling Tina that he's in Manchester for family stuff, his mum's getting married to this bloke that's a waste of space. Haha, the irony.
- Becky telling Steve that if he kisses Claire like that again, the turkey won't be the only thing getting stuffed at Christmas.


- Tina getting mad at David and telling him to get lost and drop dead. He was only trying to stop her from drink-driving. Other than her cute outfit, Tina really annoyed me this episode.
- Ken still not satisfied that his Christmas will also include George and Eva, then Janice to boot. It's his way or the highway!
- Claire getting mad at Ashley for ditching the panto in order for him to make a living, so that she can go on do stupid things with her time like pantos instead of making money too.
- Of course, Kevin. Fraud of a family man, cad of a boyfriend, scumbag of a friend.

Did you enjoy this review? If so, check out any past reviews here. Did I miss anything? Drop a comment and let me know!

Blog Exclusive! Corrie secrets from Digital Spy

Now then, here's another Blog Exclusive for you!

Digital Spy has one of the best soap sites on the internet and its coverage of Corrie is always bang up to date and on top form. Their soaps editor Kris Green has given the blog an exclusive interview where he reveals what it's like to go behind the scenes at our favourite soap to interview the cast and what his own personal favourite Corrie characters are. Just who does Kris think is Corrie's best ever bitch?

You can find out all this and more right here.

Once you've read Kris' interview, why not have a look at these other fab and exclusive interviews we've had on the blog too:

Jayne Tunnicliffe, who played Corrie's Yana Lumb.Steven Murphy - editor of Inside Soap reveals his Corrie secrets here.
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Monday, 21 December 2009

Line of the night Monday 21st Dec

Claire, getting stressed about Sean's lateness for the panto dress rehearsal:

"One rotten egg spoils the omelette!"

Oooh, and eeeee, Nick Tilsley!

Why men don't chat up Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan is certainly a beautiful and talented young woman. Therefore, it's odd that she says she never gets chatted up by men when she's out and about. According to this long interview in the Mirror, she had men trying to pull her before she joined Coronation Street but wonders if her character Tina's gobby persona puts them off now. She isn't totally surprised that she doesn't get chatted up as, contrary to popular opinion, she doesn't think she's sexy. She only dresses up for special occasions but when she does, she certainly looks great!

On screen it's a different matter. She's dated David and now Jason and this week she'll be seen snogging a good looking bloke in a bar who turns out to be her ex's brother, Nick Tilsley! More fuel for David's burning resentment!

Michelle isn't really concerned about getting chatted up, however, as she's in a relationship with a lovely fella. They aren't living together and were friends before they got together, which is a good place to start. She says "I like to think that I’m independent but really, deep down, I like to get looked after. I need someone there and Brad does that."

Tina O'Brien will appear in Waterloo road

News in this morning to let us know that Tina O'Brien has landed a part in Waterloo Road. According to STV Entertainment, she has opted out of a return to Corrie because of her recent split with Ryan Thomas and all the subsequent conflict. "Opting out" seems a bit optimistic since, as far as we were aware, there was no offer to return as Sarah forthcoming but be that as it may, there certainly would be an atmosphere on set if the two had to work together at the moment. There's no ETA on her appearance in Waterloo Road.

Sally's crisis

Sally is facing a health crisis that, unfortunately, seems all too common these days. People who have been in that position or know someone that's fought the battle are going to find Sally's story difficult to watch but if history is anything to go by, Corrie will handle this issue with a fine touch. I think they picked the perfect character to do it with, even if the affair hadn't been part of the story. Having that thrown in the mix is really going to step up the drama between the two couples.

Before Sally told him about the cancer, she coerced him into going to Paris for a weekend. I think she might have done that because of the impending health crisis, wanting to spend some quality time with her love rat husband. I can't really blame Kevin for digging his heels in on the cost initially, though. Plus, he's not been the most spontaneous of men has he?

More and more, as the affair goes on, I think Kevin is getting colder and colder feet. He put Molly off until Sophie was done school but then decided, oh never mind. But when this came up, he scurried to stop Molly spilling the beans. Even selfish Molly can't argue with cancer. I bet Kevin feels the guilt, now! But when it comes down to it, Sally is his wife and though he might love Molly, he hasn't stopped loving Sally and with all their history, he'll stand by her and see her through this and probably realize where his priorities really are.

In the meantime, Molly is going to be at loose ends. This is a soap, the affair is bound to get out, as it's a standard Soap Opera Plot. I anticipate Ty, Molly and Kevin will conspire to keep the secret from Sally while she goes through treatment. Tyrone is going to be devastated but I think that he'll take Molly back eventually. Of course Sally'll find out. What will happen is anybody's guess. If I was Sally, no matter how vulnerable and ill I was, I'd chuck Kevin out on his ear. But that's me. This will probably take a few months to play out so this is all speculation.

How do you think this is all going to play out?

Blogging Coronation Street 2009

Got some time on your hands now you're winding down to Christmas? Why not have a look back at Coronation Street during 2009 in blog posts. (Canadian viewers you're approx. 9 months behind the UK as far as storyline goes).

Click on the months below to reveal what was blogged, about who, their wherefores and whatnots. There are weekly updates, monthly round-ups, episode reviews, weekly awards, Steve McDonald gurns and the most quirky and original Coronation Street blog posts anywhere on t'inturnet.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

This week's awards, Dec. 14 - 18

Cheeky fashion don't!: Rosie. It's bad enough that she exposes more skin than you see in the Playboy Mansion, and's nearly up that high, But that slogan? Wow! Nearly choked on me cocoa!

Mrs. Robinson award: Michelle for not even noticing that Ben had a crush on her until he kissed her.

Psychic texting award: Kevin. He sent Molly a text saying he couldn't get away and nanoseconds later we see him coming out the door with his hands full of luggage.

Sent to Coventry award: Carla. "I knew Tony was a killer. Ooops, did I forget to say?"

Coward award: Gold Star: Kevin had Molly alone in the garage and in the motel and still bottled out of telling her about going to Paris for the weekend. It's all about getting your leg over. Nothing else matters. Pratt.
Silver Star: Carla for running away and not going to the police in the first place or the second place and letting Tony manipulate her.

The way to a man's heart is through his curiosity gene: Gold Star: Tina for luring Norris into taking Graeme's window cleaning round so he can be nosy.

Guilty as Charged M'Lud: Kirk... He's such a terrible liar! (the football and the window)

Put down "Win" of the week: Hayley really laid one on Carla. With a few quiet words she directed Carla to her husband when Carla asked for her to be her friend.

Lines of the week:
Graeme "These Breeches are the work of Satan!"

Michelle to Carla "The first face my nephew saw was his father's murderer. That's what you've got to live with"

Tina to Norris "God Forbid a young lad's livelihood should get in the way of your social life."

Norris "They've gone for the dysfunctional family angle. Not short of material"

Steve to Dev "She needs to see a pathetic shell of a man, not a lover-man and lose the foliage"

Michelle about Carla "She thinks of no one but herself" (pot? kettle?)

Sally to Kevin "It's our little secret. It's like we're having an affair!" (*gulp*)

Kevin spills the beans to Bill

When a soap couple have an affair, indeed, even in real life, people eventually find out. Sometimes it's by accident or sometimes one or both of the couple in question need someone to tell their secret to. In the Kevin and Molly train wreck, the first person that knows about it is Molly's Auntie Pam who discovered the two kissing in Kevin's breakdown van and she wasn't too happy about it. Molly and Kevin think she believes they've split up. Now, just after Christmas, another person finds out and not by accident. The Sun reveals that Kevin is going to tell Bill. He's reeling from the news that Sally has breast cancer and he pours his heart out to his dad, including the big reveal about his affair. Bill explodes with fury and shoves Kevin up against a wall, ordering him to chuck Molly and support his wife. Pam knows, and now Bill knows and the two of them are pretty good pals. I reckon they'll get on the same page before long. The fireworks will be blazing over Weatherfield and they'll have Bill and Pam's name on them! Watch for this show the Monday after Christmas.

Dreeting: Fri Dec 18, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Jonathan Harvey, directed by Stuart Davids

Carla is still receiving the silent treatment from everyone after last episode's shocking revelation. Carla pleads with Hayley, even telling her how Jimmy and Tony tried to kill her. After some help from Roy, Carla finally gets Hayley's sympathies. Hayley calls a meeting - er, Dreeting (drinks and meeting) to convince the other factory girls that it's worth giving Carla another chance. They later find Carla drinking alone in the dark factory and tell Carla that they're dropping the silent treatment, which puts a smile on her heavily made up, teary face.

Michelle's still angry about Carla, and even more so when she realizes that the police can't do anything about her. Michelle is sobbing at home alone, when Ben comes home. He tries to confront her, but as she does, he leans in for a 2 second kiss. Michelle pulls away in shock and Ben runs away in embarrassment. Ryan finds out about Ben and Michelle's kiss and isn't happy, but isn't mad either. He sees Ben on the bus back to his parent's house, and Sophie is confused as to why he's leaving. Whole situation: awk-ward.

Rosie has a new job: promotions girl from Cherry Vodka, which has her dressed up in a skimpy cheerleading outfit that Kevin says she wearing out of the house over his dead body. In which she responds that he better drop dead then. What a dysfunctional family. Kevin is completely miserable and just despises spending time with his family these days it seems. He decides to go on the Paris holiday with Sally after all since they'd lose the deposit if they didn't go. Meanwhile, he decides to keep the Paris trip a secret from Molly, since he figured she'd be upset. Well, he was right, since Molly saw them leave in the cab when she went to the garage to give him his Christmas gift. As Sally would say, it'll all end in tears. Is it ending? Finally?

Gail's got her place all done up for the holidays and cleaned up for prospective buyers. She shows the house around, but only gets a low offer that she turns down. So much for her new bread maker! When I sold my last home, someone once told me to stripe a layer of paint on the wall, since new buyers like the smell of fresh paint. I should have baked bread instead! Gail's not happy when Audrey suggests she get a prenup when she marries Joe. This just pushes Gail to accept an early wedding date: January 8, 2010, mark your calendars folks.

And for the highlight of the evening, Audrey met a charming new man at the Weatherfield Council Christmas Party. The only thing is, he was her friend Claudia's date. Oh, and he's a male escort. But brush those facts aside, and he was absolutely charming. Claudia gave Audrey his card. Who wants to bet she'll put that to good use? Then, as a twist at the end of the night, Audrey calls her grandson, Nick. I wonder whatever for?


- Ryan kicking the sofa in a rage over Carla. Haha, that kid is such a bad actor, this was almost comical.
- Sophie telling her father to grow up! It's high time someone did, not that he's listening though.
- Kevin mentioning to Molly that they should do a wife swap then asking how she thought Tyrone would cope with Sally. I laughed thinking of this pairing.


- Ben kissing Michelle? Barf-o-rama. This is worse than Molvin! Possibly.
- Carla at work, sat on the machines, drinking alone. I thought this was poetic justice.
- Rosie and her tart-tabulous outfit! Yech, what some men find attractive.
- Kevin telling Rosie that she's to wear that outfit over his dead body, then her telling him to drop dead then. Wow, she's dead rotten.
- Kevin's rotten attitude towards Sally, then ditching Molly. If you try to please everyone, you please no one. Including yourself. Did anyone else feel sorry for Molly as she cried watching the drive away on holiday? I kind of did.
- Gail and her nauseating display of love for Joe and "the good life" to the prospective buyer. I'd have lost my cookies if I were her.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

David saves his mother. For a change.

The Sun has already told us that Joe will drown in an attempt to fake his own death in order to escape from the mounting debts and loan sharks. Now the Sun is revealing that David Platt gets his hands on Joe's mobile and because there are texts on it that could implicate his mother in Joe's death, he chucks it in a canal. (Boy, that canal sure gets a lot of Plattage doesn't it?) There's other evidence, too. A recently purchased life insurance plan (but did was it Gail that really bought it?) and scratches on Joe's face implying a fight with his wife. The texts are sent to Tina from Gail but on Joe's phone which sounds a bit confusing but it all makes convoluted sense to David. For once he's actually defending his mum rather than have further suspicion fall on her.

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