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Wednesday 30 September 2009

State of the Street - September 2009

There were a lot of endings this month, and a few beginnings. Such was the State of the Street for September. Becky and Steve finally got married and triumphed over Hooch and Slug. Jesse moved in with Eileen, lock, stock and feathers. Ashley's sleeping on the other side of Weatherfield's answer to the Berlin Wall in full Cold War mode. To read more about how I felt about this month's goings on, check out the full meal deal here.

Coronation Street Weekly Update, September 28

The Coronation Street weekly update is now live at

This week's update, and for the next couple of weeks until I'm fully well again, are kindly being written by Corrie fan Karen Jankel.

Read this week's update here and there's a full archive of weekly updates here.

Find out more about the Corrie Weekly Updates.

National Television Awards - last chance to vote!

Voting closes today, September 30th in the National Television Awards.

So, if you haven't already voted for your Coronation Street favourites, then click here now.

Another Corrie baby on the way

John Thomson, who plays Coronation Street's Jesse Chadwick, has announced that he and his wife Sam are expecting a baby. The couple have conceived naturally following three unsuccessful IVF attempts and Sam is now three months pregnant.

A spokeswoman for Thomson said: "The Thomson family are overjoyed." The couple already have a six-year-old daughter, Olivia.

Teresa Morton seduces Lloyd

Inside Soap magazine reveal this week that when Lloyd gets another knock-back from Liz, he gets it on with Teresa Morton in Coronation Street.

The pair of them bond over their love of Northern Soul and then start to snog. I just hope Teresa takes the fag out of her gob first.

Corrie's killer canal

From these paparazzi pictures, it looks like our Roy comes a cropper when he messes with murderer Tony Gordon down by the canal in Coronation Street.
There's more pictures here.

Michael Le Vell threatens to quit Corrie?

Michael le Vell, who has played Coronation Street's Kevin Webster for 26 years, is reported as saying he'll leave the soap if his on-screen character doesn't change his ways after learning that Sally has cancer.

Michael apparently told The Sun: "If Sally's cancer doesn't end the affair and Kevin's got no remorse towards her then I'm leaving because I can't be putting up with it. If he carries on with Molly he doesn't deserve to be in the family unit, it's as simple as that. I hope Kevin gives all of his backing to Sally because if he doesn't he's a bigger b*****d than I thought he was."

Tuesday 29 September 2009

Competition: Win Roy Hudd's autobiography

Roy Hudd, who played Archie Shuttleworth on Coronation Street, releases his autobiography "A Fart in A Colander" this autumn.

And thanks to the lovely people at Michael O'Mara Books we have a copy of the book for you to win by correctly answering the question below. Find out more about the book here.
To win a copy of Roy Hudd's book, answer the following question and email your answer to me before the deadline of 5pm on Friday October 9, 2009.

Please note that the prize can only be sent to a UK address and not overseas.

Q: What was Archie Shuttleworth's profession?

Corrie Sally's daughter joins Waterloo Road

The daughter of Sally Whittaker, who plays Coronation Street's Sally Webster, is joining BBC1 school drama Waterloo Road.

Phoebe Dynevor is following in her mum's acting footsteps, says The Sun, and Sally is "absolutely delighted".

14-year-old Phoebe is a member of the Altrincham Garrick Youth Theatre, playing a variety of roles in productions for the public, including Lady Macbeth. She's also had several walk-on roles in Coronation Street.

Phoebe will play the part of Siobhan Green in Waterloo Road.

See also: Anna Windass' real-life son joins Waterloo Road

Coronation Street 2010 Calendars now on sale

The official 2010 Coronation Street calendar is now on sale online. It's called 'Then and Now' and it's available via Amazon here. Confusingly, there's also another, different, official calendar for sale here. And the obligatory Coronation Street 'Babes' calendar is available here.

Corrie win five gongs at Inside Soap Awards 2009

Coronation Street won five of the awards at the Inside Soap Awards 2009, held in central London last night.

The Corrie awards were as follows :

Gray O'Brien (Tony Gordon) Best Actor.
Alex Bain (Simon Barlow) Best Young Actor.
Maggie Jones (Blanche Hunt) Funniest Performance.
Craig Gazey (Graeme Proctor) Best Newcomer
Michelle Keegan (Tina McIntyre) Sexiest Female

Monday 28 September 2009

Get your Norris Cole t-shirt

If you fancy this Norris Cole t-shirt, it's available from Hogbitch's eBay shop here.

Coronation Street branded toys and games

To help celebrate Coronation Street's 50th anniversary next year, game licensing deals have today been announced by ITV Studios Global Entertainment.

Hasbro will be releasing a special 50th anniversary Monopoly game. There's already one on the market which Corrie released for the 40th anniversary (pictured left).

Winning Moves will have a Top Trumps game available in 3D. There's more here on that and you can pre-order.

1745 Trading Company will launch a Quest board game.

Jumbo will launch a Wasgij puzzle

Wow! Stuff will have a range of gift items for men and women.

Rubie’s will offer dress-up costumes.

And there's already a Happy Families Corrie card game out there too.

End of an era for Coronation Street

Friday night's double episode, written by Jonathan Harvey, saw the end of an era on Coronation Street as Rita's name was taken down from The Kabin. Rita has worked in The Kabin for 36 years. She moved in there when Len Fairclough bought the shop for £3,000 in the summer of 1973, but Rita wasn't impressed. "It's just a grotty little hole!" she told him, but was won round when the upstairs flat was thrown in as well.

Rita wanted to call the new shop 'Rita's' but it was Len who decided on 'The Kabin'. Rita took on an assistant in the shape of Mavis Riley.

Barbara Knox, who plays Rita, remembers falling in love with The Kabin set almost at first sight. "I thought it was wonderful. I loved it. I just thought, 'This is mine. This is wonderful. I feel happy in here'."

And now, after Rita in The Kabin for 36 years, nasty Norris takes over to build his little empire. It truly is the end of an era.

Source: The Coronation Street Story by Daran Little.

Coronation Street Weekly Update, September 21

The latest Coronation Street weekly update is now live on It's been written this week by Corrie fan Richard Whitbread while Glenda Young takes an update-writing break.

Read this week's Corrie update.

Inside Soap Awards - voting closes at noon today

If you haven't already voted for Coronation Street to win Best Soap in the Inside Soap Awards, then get your vote in now. Voting lines close at 12 noon today and the awards ceremony takes place tonight, Monday 28th September.

Vote here.

Sunday 27 September 2009

Corrie weekly awards, Sep 21-25

Fashion award of the week: Gold Star: Tyrone in the pinnie. And nothing else.

Foot in mouth award: Kirk. Letting the cat out of the bag about the prison wedding.

Sister Act of the week: Rosie and Sophie. Lovely scenes between the gurls talking about love and Jesus and fat chicks on the music videos and later in the wake of the break-up, Sophie supporting Rosie! And, of course, the pair of them bickering and insulting each other.

Not quite comforting enough award: Kirk... Something comforting is not: "It'll probably come out in the wash."

In Your Face award followed by Egg On Your Face: Rosie and the moving-in scheme ending up by being unceremoniously and very publically dumped by Luke and then publicly dumped on her backside at the party. The cheers were heard across the land.

The Long and Winding Road (... that leads... to your door....) right next door as it happens. "Au Resevoir!" (That was Kirk, btw)

Lines of the Week:

Tyrone: "There is nothing sexy about getting under a Volvo...commando!" (Nor under a pinnie if Molly's stifled reaction was any judge).
Becky about Liz and Michelle: "They're like a couple of Pussycat Trolls" (how Becky is that?)
Blanche to Peter: "There's only one target here and it's a drunken bigamist who can't open his mouth for lying."
Norris: "My mother worshipped me and now I know why."
Rosie: "I'm just a joke!" (what was your first clue!) and... "I'm really low maintenance!" (uh huh)
Rita: "I think it's time I swam in Lake Me!"

Saturday 26 September 2009

Corrie - 25 Sept 09: Catfights and spotlights

Last night's Coronation Street was by far the best I've seen in a very, very long time. Parties usually throw up the opportunity for the writers to really shine and last night was no exception.

Graeme Proctor's cack-handed (not to mention, cack-shoed!) pursuit of the seldom-seen-kid, Natasha Blakeman, was hilarious - and she gave as good as she got. For crying out loud, let's see those two sharing more scenes soon!

Catfights are a contractual obligation when scripting a Corrie party and these days, it's usually Rosie Webster who manages to end up on her backside in the gutter. Whilst Teresa Morton did the honours last time around, last night it was Michelle Connor's turn to drag her out onto the cobbles. Rosie may have knocked her... er ahem... knockers ("two fried eggs" - haha!), but Michelle at least proved she's got balls. Nice to see her refrain from moaning/crying/being the victim since her return.

But it was Teresa Morton who delighted. Her random dance moves and sharp banter stole the show. Referring to Piers Morgan, she stated, "I'm not racist, but... red faces make me heave!" More please and thank you. [Sky Clearbrook]

Thursday 24 September 2009

Alan Halsall presents Fan of the Year Award

Alan Halsall, who plays Coronation Street's Tyrone Dobbs, will be the guest of honour at this year’s Co-operative Grand Final and will present the trophy to the ‘Fan of the Year.’ This season The Co-operative, official partner of the Rugby Football League and title sponsor of the Co-operative Championships, has been challenging rugby fans across the country to nominate the sport’s most fanatic followers in order to win the 2009 ‘Fan of the Year’ award.

Alan said: "This means a lot to me. I have been following the action this year and I have been so impressed by the skill and speed of the matches across the league. From what I’ve seen, there are so many people who could potentially win Fan of the Year; the fans are so dedicated.”

Fans can send in their nominations for the Co-operative fan of the year with as much detail as possible via email to The closing date for nominations is MONDAY 28TH SEPTEMBER..

Watch Rosie Webster's deleted sexy scene

Rosie Webster strips to her underwear in a video to be shown exclusively on after Corrie at 9pm on Friday night.

In the scene, Rosie throws off her coat to reveal a sexy basque, stockings and suspenders to try to entice factory boss Luke Strong away from Michelle Connor. The scene was deleted from Friday 25 September's episode of Corrie because the show was too long. But you can see it on the official Corrie site after the 8.30pm episode finishes.

More here.

Yay or Nay: Should Cilla return to Corrie?

Jennie McAlpine, who plays Fiz Brown, is quoted saying she'd love her on-screen mum Cilla Battersby-Brown to return to the Street.

I think she's got a point and if Cilla returned, she'd give John Stape short shrift, wouldn't she? Or would Cilla be blinded by John's wage-earning potential to keep Fiz and Cilla in a manner that Cilla would like to become accustomed?

So what do we think.. would you want Cilla to return to Coronation Street?

Tina O'Brien back on TV

Tina O'Brien, who played Coronation Street's Sarah Grimshaw, is back on TV next week in an episode of Blue Murder on Monday 28th Sep at 9pm on ITV1.

Interviewed by Ian Wylie at the Manchester Evening News, Tina says that she might return to Coronation Street one day, but not just yet. She does say that she feels very lucky that they didn’t kill Sarah off. Read it all here.

Corrie writer profile: Stephen Russell

Sources: The Writers Company,,

Stephen Russell was a member of the Coronation Street writing team for five years from October 2002 , writing 64 episodes. In 2007 his episodes were nominated for a BAFTA and won an RTS award.

In 2009 he returned to writing for Coronation Street and his first episode was screened on Wednesday September 23rd, 2009. The episode included the wonderful exchange between Luke Strong and Rosie Webster, when Rosie had mascara-streaked eyes. "It's Bela Lugosi!," said Luke, trying to make a joke of Rosie's appearance. "Is lugosi Italian for eyes, then?" the dozy mare replied.

Stephen Russell’s TV credits include six episodes of Shameless for series 4 and 5 and three episodes of Drop Dead Gorgeous for series 1 and 2. More TV writing credits include Big Train, Armstrong and Miller, Chatterhappy Ponies, Supergirly – the sitcom, Dream Team, The 11 O’Clock Show and for BBC Radio 4 The Noise Crusaders.

He also adapted Philip Pullman’s The Firework-Maker’s Daughter for the stage. It’s been performed at the Crucible in Sheffield, the Lyric Hammersmith and throughout Europe.

Stephen is currently developing original projects with several companies, including Company Pictures and BBC Comedy North.

If you can add to this profile or provide a recent picture of Stephen Russell, please do let me know.

Get the look: Brooke Vincent's little black dress

Brooke Vincent, who plays Coronation Street's Sophie Webster, stepped out at the recent TV Quick and TV Choice Awards 2009 wearing this Forever Unique black dress embellished with gold, pink and blue sequin detail. The dress costs £150 and is available in black or cream. Brooke also wore another Forever Unique dress at the Cash for Kids Star Ball last weekend.

Betty Driver supports Aid Call

Betty Driver, who's played Betty Williams in Coronation Street for 30 years, is the latest celebrity to endorse Aid Call. It's is a discreet personal alarm system owned by Age Concern that summons help at the touch of a button.

Betty said that it was the nurse at Granada Studios who encouraged her to have the Aid Call fitted in her home. She said: “I feel much safer and happier knowing that my Aid Call is there should I need it."

Find out more information on Aid Call.

Steve McDonald gurn of the week, Sep 24 2009

It's Thursday and that means it's time for the Steve McDonald gurn of the week. Thanks go to Coronation Street fan Martin for capturing this week's gurn.

If you've captured a good Corrie Steve gurn and want to share it via the blog, do email it in.

To see more gurnage from Stevie McGurn, have a look here, there's loads. Some good, some bad and some really very funny.

Sneak preview of next week's Corrie, Sep 28-Oct 2

Without any piffle, here's the storyline for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Week of Monday 28 September to Friday 2 October

It's Fiz's wedding day, Anna Windass offers Chesney a new home, Dev bribes Darryl to dump Amber, Norris interviews Kirk, naked Rosie winds up Michelle in Luke’s flat and Eileen’s jealous of Jesse and Julie.

The full weekly preview, with pictures, is right here on

Missed last week's Corrie?
Catch up with the Coronation Street weekly updates.

Wednesday 23 September 2009

Gail Platt on pills

Dublin radio station Dublin's 98 have a very funny Coronation Street video on their blog. It's simply called Gail Platt on Pills, and it does what it says on the tin.

Have a look at it here.

Blanche will be "nagging for England" soon

"Like she doesn't already do that," you're probably saying! Well this time, it's Coronation Street actress Maggie Jones that's going to be on screen, at least in the Northwest region.

She's agreed to help the BBC's advertising campaign to assist senior citizens and people with disabilities with the confusion that may surround the switchover to digital television technology that'll happen in November.

Maggie Jones said that the push was "particularly important for those people whose TV is company for them," adding: "Imagine if they couldn’t watch Coronation Street anymore. We can all make sure that this doesn’t happen, so I’m thrilled to be able to put Blanche’s infamous talent for nagging to good use.”

The Switchover Help Scheme is designed for this purpose for people that are eligible for assistance. Well done, Maggie!

Jack Duckworth day on eBay Gum

Want to console yourself with the fact that Jack Duckworth no longer lives on Coronation Street now he's moved in with Connie on Corrie? Fear not, for you can get your Jack Duckworth fix on eBay right now.

Tuesday 22 September 2009

Corrie gossip with Antony Cotton

Antony Cotton, who plays Coronation Street's Sean Tully, was on ITV's This Morning recently. You can watch his video interview in which he gossips about his acting career and who he's good mates with on the set, all that kind of good stuff.

Have a look at the video here.

Sheila Wheeler starts work at The Kabin

Last week we broke the news on this blog that Mrs Barbara Nice (aka comedian Janice Connolly) is set to join Coronation Street. Now we can reveal that Janice will be playing the role of Sheila Wheeler, who'll be Norris' new assistant in The Kabin.

Apparantly, she's going to get right on Norris' nerves. Oh, good.

It's not the first time that Janice Connolly has been on Corrie. Back in 2004 she played Dolly Gartside, the overbearng mother of drayman Eric Gartside, played by comedian Peter Kay.

Coronation Street's Superstar DJs

Key 103 radio listeners in Manchester might hear some familiar voices this week from Coronation Street.

Michelle Keegan (Tina) and Jennie McAlpine (Fiz) are joining DJ Mike Toolan at the station to present the breakfast programmes.

Find out more here.

Fiz jilts jailbird John at the altar - or does she?

Reading Inside Soap magazine today I was overjoyed to read that Fiz dumps jailbird John at the prison altar.

But then I almost choked on my tea because after Fiz runs out on John, she runs back in, marries him and becomes Mrs Stupid Stape.

Oi! Fiz! No!

Jack and Vera Duckworth voted best Corrie double-act

In the latest of the polls on the blog, we asked fans who they thought was the best-ever Coronation Street double act. The winners, by a swamp-duck, were Jack and Vera Duckworth. 628 votes were cast as follows:

Jack and Vera, 55%
Steve and Karen, 22%
Stan and Hilda, 21%
Rita and Mavis, 14%
Bet and Alec, 6%

Why not vote in this week's fun blog poll, it's at the top in the right hand column.

Steve McDonald look-a-like

Here's a wonderful Robbie Williams rock-star-gurn-a-like for Steve McDonald, sent into the blog by Coronation Street fan Amanda (aka Lysithia). Have a look at more fun Corrie look-a-likes here.

Inside Soap Awards shortlist announced

Corrie actors received 17 nominations in the Inside Soap Awards.

You can still vote for Best Soap here.

And the Coronation Street nominees are...

Best Actress: Katherine Kelly (Becky)
Best Actor: Simon Gregson (Steve) and Gray O'Brien (Tony)
Best Bad Boy: Gray O'Brien (Tony)
Best Bitch: Helen Flanagan (Rosie) and Alison King (Carla)
Sexiest Male: Ryan Thomas (Jason)
Sexiest Female: Michelle Keegan (Tina)
Best Young Actor: Alex Bain (Simon)
Best Newcomer: Craig Gazey (Graeme)
Best Dressed Soap Star: Michelle Keegan (Tina), Kym Marsh (Michelle), Samia Smith (Maria)
Funniest Performance: Maggie Jones (Blanche)
Best Storyline: Tony Gordon killing Liam Connor
Best Family: The Barlows,
Best Soap: Coronation Street (remember to vote here)

Send Off: Fri Sept 18, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Jayne Hollinson (7:30) and Peter Whalley (8:30), directed by John Anderson.

Well, there's a few send-offs this double episode. Kevin and Sally get ready for their holiday, much to Molly's chagrin. Molly and Kevin manage to sneak in a last minute rendezvous almost causing Kevin to miss his flight. But alas, Kevin and Sally head off on their happy-couple holiday. Bon voyage!

It's Jack's moving day and he's not sure how comfortable Connie would feel about him bringing "Vera" (her ashes and urn) with him. Connie soothes his worries, and tells him that of course he can bring Vera. Jack is off, and Tyrone couldn't be more upset, the poor thing.

Tyrone isn't only upset with Jack's leaving, but also with Molly's miserable attitude as of late. He tells her that she needs to fix her attitude or Jack won't be the only one leaving. Wow, way to grow a pair, Tyrone! Although, he doesn't look too sure that he has.

Our next send-off is Ramsay. Yes, he's already passed, but we haven't quite sent him off proper yet, have we? Norris gets into a panic when it's time to go to the funeral, and makes a switch decision not to go. Rita convinces him that if he cannot go for Ramsay's sake, to at least go for Emily's. This works, and they're off.

Who was it that said that even the number of people who attend your funeral will depend on the weather? I can't remember, but it was a nice day for Ramsay's funeral, that's for sure. Norris' eulogy was nicely done, but the whole day was a bit much for Emily who retired early. Speaking of retiring, Ramsay's funeral got Rita thinking about her own life, and now she's decided to retire from her station at The Kabin. Will this be the end of an era?

Our last send-off is London-bound Amber, off to university. Dev, the proud parent, watches her leave the street in a cab through blurry eyes. As Amber rounds the corner of Victoria Street, she looks longingly at the Kebab Shop and sobs into a tissue.

Not only were there send-offs this double episode, but a few returns too. Leanne has decided to return to Peter. She's back in the bookies flat as though she'd been there all her life. There are only going to be more ups and downs for this couple, surely. But, as Peter would put it "we'll make it work." Good luck.

Another return, or replacement is in the cards for Eileen. Lloyd can see how down Eileen is after her burglary. Eileen's mostly upset about the burglar stealing her tele, hence interrupting her regularly scheduled programming. I feel your pain, Eileen. So, the cabbie crew play a gag joke on her by collecting and delivering to her a bunch of old electronic devices in hopes they'd replace those that were stolen from her. Well, Eileen's not having any of this and sends them away! Then they come back with the "real" gift. It's a plasma television! Eileen all the sudden couldn't be more grateful. But, Jesse, on the other hand asks if there's not a dvd player as well? Honestly, there's just no satisfying some.


- When Sally tells Sophie that Rosie will be keeping an eye on things when they are gone, Sophie spits back that the only thing Rosie keeps an eye on is her reflection. Zing!
- Jack Duckworth's good advice: Next time you think of storing something in the loft, just chuck it! So true, don't horde!
- Sally's pearl of wisdom to her daughter: "Sometimes the longer that you're with someone, the less you know what is going on inside their head." She rarely says anything profound, so I thought I'd highlight that.
- Tyrone growing a pair and giving Molly the talking back she deserves about her attitude! Go Tyrone! If only he knew...
- Blanche telling Norris that she had nothing bad to say about Ramsay, 'cept for the fact that he had Norris for a brother. That Blanche and I, cut from the same cloth, I tell ya.


- Molly so jealous of Kevin and Sally's vacation that she purposely makes Kevin late for his flight. Naughty girl!
- Norris trying to back out of Ramsay's funeral! What a despicable little man!
- Amber going off to university! Does this mean we won't see much of her? Oh well. I think I'm more torn than Darryl.
- Eileen unappreciative of her friend's gesture with the old electronics! It was the thought that counts. Oh well, at least she's not phony!

For those who enjoy the scenic route, check out the full review scene-by-scene here.

Monday 21 September 2009

Corrie awards for the week of September 14

Olympic Gold star of the week: goes to Blanche for being Peter and Leanne's fairy Godmother, telling them both a few home truths and being honest and supportive. For once.

Maybe it just needs accessories award:
Bill in the orange overalls. Not quite the same look as it was when Jason wore it!

How grateful are you award: Sally guilting Rosie into paying for her dream holiday!

Queen "B" of the week: Molly. Well yes, Kevin shouldn't even have tried to fit in some afternoon delight but she ignored the time on purpose.

Good friend award: Gold Star: Streetcars for buying Eileen a new telly after hers got nicked. They should have made Sean put a few quid toward it!

Lines of the week:
Bill: "I'm a born cruncher me" (humbugs)
Blanche: "What is this, the Spanish Inquisition?"
Peter to Leanne: "I love the bones of you" (and that was the truth)
Leanne to Peter: "So that's why you went with a bird on a boat and jumped into bed with a barmaid?"

Sunday 20 September 2009

Shobna Gulati on coming back to Corrie

We know Shobna Gulati is coming back to Coronation Street and today, Shobna talks to the Sunday Mercury about her return.

She's really looking forward to walking the cobbles again but is a bit unsure what it's going to be like working with 5 year old twins! Yes, the little Alahans, Aadi and Asha are five (how time flies) and you can bet we'll see them on screen some of the time.

Shobna starts filming on October 5 and we will likely see her by the end of that month or early November. She also talks about her current stint on stage at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre in a new production of her hit series Dinner Ladies. Former co-star Andrew Dunn (who also played Roger on Corrie) will be in the stage production with her.

Shobna has been seen with a blonde hair colour over the past few years but we don't know yet if Sunita will sport the same 'do or not. I would like to see it, showing and independent Sunita with a modern chic cut, a good job and a supermom life. In any case, I shall look forward to seeing her back!

Toffee time: Craig Kelly on Strictly Come Dancing Week 1

"It's hard, but it's fun. It's like toffee." That's how Craig Kely, who plays Coronation Street's Luke Strong, described his dance training in the first week of Strictly Come Dancing. Craig wasn't one of the celebs who danced this week, we'll see him in action on Friday 25 September. But he did take part in the group Mambo where he shimmied in a satin shirt at the back of the group.

When the judges gave their verdict after the group dance, Craig wasn't singled out as either one of the worst or one of the best. He just wasn't mentioned at all although he certainly looked like he was enjoying himself. Mind you, he didn't look too comfortable in the shiny satin shirts they'd dressed him up in.

Tune into Strictly Come Dancing this coming Friday night to see Craig's first dace and then his second on Saturday night with dance partner Flavia Cacace. More will be blogged from the dance floor then. Visit Craig Kelly's official website here.

Saturday 19 September 2009

Coronation Street Weekly Update, Sep 14 2009

The Coronation Street Weekly Update for this week has been written by Corrie fan John Dean while Glenda Young takes an update-writing break.

Catch up with this week's update on

Find out more about the Coronation Street Weekly Updates.

Compulsive Scumbag: Thu Sept 17, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Martin Allen, directed by John Anderson.

Leanne stays the night at Peter's, and even has breakfast with him and Simon in the morning. Well, at breakfast, Simon mentions that Leanne was nicer than Naomi and Michelle. Er, Michelle? Now Leanne's suspicious. She sees Michelle in the street and fools her into thinking that she already knows about the two of them, so Michelle divulges. Only, Peter never told Leanne anything, and Michelle ended up confirming Leanne's suspicions. Leanne confronts Peter later and calls him a compulsive lair, compulsive cheater and a compulsive scumbag.

Blanche finds out about what happened from Peter and has a talk with Leanne. She says she can't blame Leanne for dumping Peter, but if she is going to leave him, make sure it's final. Since, there is little Simon to think about and it's not healthy for him to have Leanne in and out of his life all the time. Oh, that Blanche and her pearls of wisdom.

Michelle's back and stirring up even more trouble. This time for Rosie and Luke. Well, really Rosie. Rosie's not happy to see Michelle back and keeps Luke firmly under her thumb. Luke seems more than happy to see Michelle back, however. We know how this will end!

Sally's dusting off the suitcases and making preparations for her and Kevin's two-week holiday. Kevin tries to squeeze in a quickie with Molly at a motel before his holiday begins. Molly isn't too happy about only getting one hour of his time whilst Sally gets two weeks. Molly isn't happy with being just a "bit-on-the-side" but Kevin talks her into meeting him at the hotel. Unfortunately for these torrid lovers, their rendez-vous coincides with Jack's going-away drinks at the Rovers. How will they ever keep themselves together?

Good news, Jesse's van has been found, plus John returned! Jesse thinks it's a "miracle." Eileen doesn't agree. She'd rather have her tele back.

Finally, Norris and Emily are making preparations for Ramsay's funeral and wake. Emily mentions that they don't have anyone to give the eulogy and suggests that Norris give it, since he is Ramsay's brother after all. After some prodding, Norris says that he can "knock something together" after all.
- Little Simon's face at the sight of Leanne back on the street. So precious.
- Leanne throwing at egg at Peter that cracks on his forehead, and Janice's snickering in the background.
- Blanche determining that "Yoghurt" is the most revolting name for a pudding she's ever heard.
- Blanche's good advice that she's doled out to Leanne regarding Simon's welfare.
- John finding his way back into Jesse's arms! "Reunited and it feels so goooood."

- Peter Barlow getting himself in a jamb with his lies again! When WILL he ever learn?
- Kevin treating Sally like crap and ruining her pre-holiday joy.
- More conflict between Rosie and Michelle. Vapid vs. Insipid. Let the fight begin!
- Luke as a wet-hanky of a man. Using Rosie, but not enough guts to go after Michelle. 'Eck, he needs to grow a pair, IMHO.
- Norris's lack of enthusiasm over delivering Ramsay's eulogy. I didn't even want to waste a bullet point on him, but alas, I did.

For those who enjoy the scenic route, check out the full review scene-by-scene here.

Friday 18 September 2009

John the parrot talks back

According to Anthony Cotton, Charlie the parrot, who plays John on Corrie, is picking up a lot of new vocabulary including a few swear words. He's told more than one to "eff off" and is picking up directors' instructions, telling cast to "take it from the top". I'm waiting to see if we hear any of it on screen as an ad lib but probably, they'll edit it out. More's the pity, it could be a right laugh!


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