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Saturday 20 May 2017

Pics: Kym Marsh Wax Figure Unveiled at Madame Tussauds Blackpool

Coronation Street's Kym Marsh, who plays Michelle Connor, met her match at Madame Tussauds Blackpool, where she unveiled her brand-new wax figure.

She could barely believe her eyes when the curtain dropped to reveal her Coronation Street counterpart, Michelle Connor, not only looking back at her but talking too – quoting some of the Corrie character’s most famous one-liners.

Kym excitedly posed side-by-side with her new wax figure, toasting to the occasion, in none other than Madame Tussauds Blackpool’s Rover’s Return Inn beer garden – a fun new addition to the attraction, building on the existing fully-licenced pub.

Following Michelle Connor’s dramatic storyline in Coronation Street, it was only right that Madame Tussauds Blackpool chose the Corrie beauty to take place in the attraction in the company of fellow Corrie legends, Bet Lynch, Hilda Ogden, Jack and Vera Duckworth and Ken and Deirdre Barlow.

Since Michelle hit our small screens back in 2006, the pint puller has been a favourite with viewers and in recent months, Michelle’s turbulent relationship with estranged husband, Steve McDonald has kept the nation gripped.

Kym said: “I couldn’t believe it when I was approached by Madame Tussauds Blackpool to have my own figure created! It’s been fascinating to be involved in the process and see first-hand how the figures are made.

“It’s such an honour, especially as I’m being placed amongst Corrie royalty in the Rovers Return Inn – I’d love to take her home!”

The interactive wax figure, styled by Coronation Street’s very own costume department, is smiling and standing in a casual pose with arms folded, dressed in a relaxed outfit of a grey, loose top, black jeans and boot, complete with an ombre hairstyle and natural make-up.

Visitors now have the exclusive chance to chat with Michelle, as her figure features new, integrated speech technology. Sound bites were recorded of Michelle’s most famous lines during the sitting, in order to make visitors’ experiences even more realistic.

Creating Kym’s wax figure was an in-depth and thorough process, with a dedicated team of sculptors taking hundreds of precise measurements and photographs to ensure as accurate a likeness as possible. The figures are created by expert teams of sculptors, moulders, colourists and hair stylists, taking 20 people up to four months to complete a figure costing £150,000.

General Manager, Matthew Titherington, said: “We are thrilled to unveil Kym’s figure here at the attraction.

 “Due to her infamous storyline in the show there has been a huge demand from the public for a wax figure, so we’re sure they’ll love getting up close and personal now it’s in the attraction.”

So, head to the beer garden, grab a pint and have a chat with Michelle. Be careful though, once she starts nattering she might not stop…

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Conversation Street said...

Not quite there alongside Bet, Hilda and co when it comes to Corrie legend status, is she? We'd be interested to know what some of her 'famous lines' that the waxwork speaks are, though...

Humpty Dumpty said...

Let's be real, it's the actress not the character who's the attraction. She has a huge fan base and she'll pull in a lot of customers. Fair enough, business is business.

Newfy Pearl said...

Okay...what is wrong with this picture? Michelle - arms folded yes- smile? Absolutely not! To make it real they should have never put a smile on the wax model. Anyone else agree? lol

Canuktuk said...

I have to say that the other waxworks of Corrie characters are spot on, in fact alarmingly accurate and the "spitting image of" the actual person. This one looks off.
The hair's not quite right and there's something not quite right about the face, either... almost like a photo-shopped version of the real actress, for the front of a magazine. When she's stood right next to it, I feel like it's not even a waxwork of her actual image but someone's impression her (a statue rather than a waxwork).
I am with other folk in wondering how someone so new to the Street has become legendary enough to warrant a waxwork. She must have an amazing publicist.

Anonymous said...

'Due to her infamous storyline?'What about Simon Gregson[Steve]?It was HIS dramatic storyline too and he doesn't get any consideration.
I shudder to think what are Michelle's quotes.her demeaning remarks to Steve about going to college or suffering depression?

abbyk said...

Before reading a word, I saw those folded arms and started to laugh. Yeah, it looks way too friendly and fair haired to be the Michelle we know and loathe. Meh.

Louby said...

What one liners?!

Surely Liz McDonald is way more worthy of a waxwork.

Maricha said...

The smile doesn't go with the character but it doesn't look very much like her either. The wax figure just looks generically pretty whereas March has better and sharper features.

Tvor said...

Every wax figure I've ever seen is never 100% exactly like who they represent. Theyalways look a bit fake or photoshopped. Nothing wrong with that. It is someone's interpretation after all. But when Michelle has reason to cross her arms, she's usually frustrated, or angry or moody so everyone is right, the crossed arms and smile don't go together. I'm more annoyed that many much more classic characters are overlooked. I've always thought she has a very, very good publicity agent.

Zagg said...

So, am I reading this correctly? She has a wax figure but Rita, Liz, Audrey, Gail, to name a few, do not?
She must have one heck of an agent. She is so not a Corrie icon.


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