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Saturday 31 March 2012

Coronation Street walking tour - Wednesday 4 April

If you're in Manchester on Wednesday 4 April then why not join in a Coronation Street walking tour taking place that day

Organised by New Manchester Walks, the guided walking tour leaves from the steps of the Midland Hotel in Manchester at 11am on Wednesday 4 April, 2012. 

Bring comfortable shoes and a smile.  Cost per person is £6.

If any of our Coronation Street Blog readers takes part in the tour and would like to take photos and write about it afterwards for us, do please email and let me know, we'd love to have you take part in the website!

Full details here.

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Sunita, a harlot of the cobbles

It's fair to say that, at times, all sense of reality goes flying out of the window on our favourite drama. Fair enough, it would be as dull as ditchwater if all we had to look forward to every week was Eileen sorting out her knicker drawer or Rita re-arranging the extra strong mints. However, there are occasions when a storyline causes so much incandesence that you start hyper-ventilating. Take as an example, if you will, the recent slutting of Sunita.

Now, I've always had a soft spot for the largely dull shop assisant. She epitomises a boredom in rowdy bloom, mundanely trudging between corner shop counter and hideously decorated home. I somehow don't think Harveys were invited in to give number seven a makeover. Sunita has woven a steady path over the years and every drama needs a few steady-Eddies to balance the nonsense of the Tracy McDonald/Carla Connor variety.

However, of late dear old Sunita has become something of a trollop. She's taken the 'product placement' possibilities to new levels by prominently displaying her baps at every single opportunity. There they are, jiggling around behind the bar or bobbing up in Karl's face. Give her a few more weeks and she'll be strolling out into the Rovers clutching a couple of foaming tankards and bellowing "Jugs?"

Maybe the character is just trying to escape the misery of living with a man whose volume control knows no bounds. Maybe she's fed up of crashing into the furniture in her dour, over-stuffed living room. Maybe she's pining for her lost bras.

Now Sunita may have her knockers but the storylines involving drunken debauchery, illicit gambling and a possible fling with ageing lothario Karl just don't ring true. At the rate her character is descending, poor Sunita will be reeling around with a crack pipe by summer.

Whatever the issues, let's get Sunita back on an even keel. We want to see her back behind that counter, exchanging tedious pleasantries with Emily and offering well-meaning, if achingly dull, advice to Sofah. Either that or someone please buy the woman a polo-neck jumper.

Coronation Street double episode review, Friday 30 March

Eileen's patience with the Paul/lLesley situation - she puts up being an unpaid carer for his wife in exchange for a little furtive extramarital fireman nookie - finally snapped and she told her lover:"We can't carry on like this."  This followed a tense day when Paul had  snapped harshly at Lesley and she took little Amy on a solo walk to the park while Eileen had popped out to buy the brown sauce Lesley had demanded for her egg sandwich. Amy was rescued by Steve by the ice cream van  in the park but angry Tracy threatened to call social services and told Paul and Eileen that Lesley should be in a home.

A little hats off to actress Judy Holt who is totally believable as the erratic, childlike Alzheimer's victim, at times sympathetic and at others deranged.  This has always however been an uncomfortable storyline and it has been difficult to feel much sympathy for adulterous Eileen, even though presumably this is what the scriptwriters - who are, I note, making Paul more unpleasant to Lesley, perhaps to counter that - intended.

In the wake of Amy's return, Ken and Deirdre were (a bit too speedily?) reunited -  "Come home Ken, everything is going to be all right" - after his little comedy sojourn at Steve's with more amusing Odd Couple antics. Ken cleaned and tidied Steve's cupboards and fridge (left empty apart from some cheddar) while Steve objected to Ken playing Shostakovitch loudly over breakfast. Loved the verbal exchange regarding Ken's revealing silky kimono - which we all remember was a gift from his old barge paramour Martha aka Sable from Dynasty. Steve (trying to be polite): "Nice kimono!" Ken (smug): "Yes it was a present  from a very dear friend." Steve (looking worried?): "A bloke?" Ken (looking shifty) denies this. Steve (trying to be nice: "You can carry it off". Ken: "You can borrow it any time." (Cue to Steve looking horrified). I  get the impression  the two actors had fun filming these scenes. Ken also volunteered his services manning the phone at the cabbie, where he further annoyed Steve by chatting leisurely to customers  on the phone rather than taking orders speedily.

David and Kylie went to see a solicitor over his rights over the salon. He charged them £200 quid to send a threatening letter to Audrey. Smoothie Lewis' solution to this family at war situation was to suggest he and Audrey head off for a mini break in "a little boutique hotel in North Wales". He may (possibly) still be a freeloading charlatan, but the guy sure knows how to say all the right things to the ladies..

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State of the Street - March 2012

We've had the lot this month, have we not? Murder, mayhem, missing children, trouble and strife. Just a typical month on Coronation Street, really.

Frank was killed by his mother of all people! Peter was at the bottom of the bottle again and Leanne is hell bent on removing Simon from a situation not best suited for children. Nothing to do with spite and revenge, oh no. Well, maybe just a little bit?

Eileen is struggling to help look after Lesley and hold down a job and it looks like she's finally hit the wall. Paul has bricked himself up emotionally and can't see the truth. He just won't be told, by Tracy, Jason or Eileen. Lewis is back and I'm not altogether sure Audrey isn't going to get her heart broken again.

More on this and others on the State of the Street.

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Friday 30 March 2012

Coronation Street episode review, Thursday March 29

It's Coronation Street's answer to the Odd Couple. But slobby, fry-up loving Steve was rapidly tiring of his fusspot new "roomy", kimono-clad Ken, with his offers of healthy lentil casserole home cooking and old man confessions that "my bladder's not what it used to be". Deirdre was, it seems, not sorry to be rid of her husband either - "so you're not dead then, pity", she snarled at him,, dumping his belongings on him and revelling in some girly bonding with daughter Tracy over croissants and a Thorn Birds video. Some good comic touches here.
Relations between Audrey and her daughter and grandson David continued to deteriorate, with Gail (and the scriptwriters) excelling themselves in her  verbal putdowns of Lewis: "Latter day Dick Turpin" ... "floppy haired rip off merchant."
Nice touch when grumpy old Sylvia melted and fluttered in the presence of Lewis as she served him his grilled mushrooms and scrambled egg on toast breakfast ( you just know he wouldn't go for a fry up) and asked him in her most genteel voice: "Any condiments?" as if she was serving Prince Charles.

After a row, Audrey ended up tearing up the contract  which gave David ownership of the salon while Kylie, or "Lady Macbeth" as Audrey called her, urged David to see a solicitor over the matter. Meanwhile Audrey decided to have the locks changed on the salon to keep her grandson  out. Happy families, eh!

Lesley got on well with Tracy's young daughter Amy who visited and  seemed like her old perky self. But later had a tantrum when the child had gone, imagining that Amy was her niece and Eileen had "stolen" a picture of her, cutting herself accidentally with a knife in the process. Eileen meanwhile was whinging to Steve that  Paul's life revolved round the needs of Lesley rather than herself  - but she IS his wife and you're only the fancy woman, remember, Eileen! It will all end in tears.

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Fab Photo Friday - March 30th 2012

It's Friday again so it's time for this week's fab Coronation Street photo. We're staying in black and white again this week as we bring you a picture of Elsie Tanner's legs, much to the delight of Len and Ken.

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Katy Cavanagh to play Angel of the North in Corrie musical

Katy Cavanagh in her guise as "Angel of the North" for Street of Dreams.

Katy Cavanagh, who plays Julie Carp on Coronation Street, will be playing the role of Angel of the North in the Coronation Street musical Street of Dreams. 

There's a good interview with Katy over at Digital Spy where she talks about acting in the musical and also as Julie in Corrie.

In the musical, Julie will be present throughout the entire 90-minute production but she doesn't do any singing.  She says that the cast haven't even started rehearsing yet but: "It's something very different and interesting. There's a multi-media element, so there's some archive footage involved. We've got some fabulous dance numbers, an orchestra on stage and an absolutely enormous set - which is apparently the biggest set that's ever been at the Manchester Arena. It's going to be incredible.
"I just think for anyone who loves Corrie, this is going to be spectacular and an absolute must. It's really nostalgic, moving and funny - it's going to be like nothing you've ever seen! I'd get in there quick before the tickets sell out, as it's going to be a great night."

Anyone bought their tickets yet?

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Top 60 Corrie Characters - Nos. 52 and 51

52. Jack Walker 1960-1970 (25 votes)

The original landlord of the Rovers who was behind the bar throughout the 1960s, alongside wife Annie and various barmaids. A firm favourite with viewers, Jack is remembered for his gentle approach and his broad Lancashire accent – a huge contrast to wife Annie and her social pretentions. His storylines included being accused of having an affair with Elsie Tanner, being blackmailed by Frank Turner, being injured in a coach crash and Annie leaving him when she suspected him of having a lady friend. Jack died of a heart attack in 1970 while visiting daughter Joan in Derby.

Should Jack be at 52? Do you remember him behind the Rovers bar? Leave a comment!

51. Ivy Brennan (known as Tilsley) 1971-1972, 1974-1994 (27 votes)

The original mother in law from hell, known as ‘Poison Ivy’. Staunch Catholic Ivy hated the fact that only son Brian married Anglican Gail Potter in 1979 and Ivy and Gail’s feud lasted for 15 years. Originally working at the warehouse, Ivy is best remembered for being a shop steward at Mike Baldwin’s denim factory during the 1970s and 1980s. She led the machinists on strikes and often clashed with supervisor Elsie Tanner. Her best friend was Vera Duckworth and their friendship lasted on-screen for nearly 20 years and they enjoyed gossiping and playing bingo. First husband Bert died in 1984 and she married Don in 1988. Her marriage to Don wasn’t happy and they constantly argued, mainly over her interference in Gail’s life after Brian’s death and her obsession over her grandchildren’s welfare. She left the street in 1994 to go to a religious retreat and died of a stroke in 1995.

Should Ivy be at 51? Did you love to hate her? Leave a comment!

Check out who was at 54 and 53.

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Spot the Corrie prop - March 30th 2012

Congratulations to Anna and Bryony who spotted thst last week's lamp is in the bookie's flat, along with all sorts of other IKEA furniture.

Our latest puzzling prop picture comes courtesy of one of the Coronation Street cast who tweeted this photo recently. I'll not tell you who until next week as it may give the game away. This week there's an elephant in the room but in which house?

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Steve McDonald gurn of the week - Friday 30 March

We've actually ran out of Steve McDonald Gurns of the Week, Corrrie fans, so if you've captured a good gurn, please do send it in and we'll give you full credit.

To see more gurnage from Stevie McGurn, have a look here, there's loads. Some good, some bad and some really very funny.

With thanks to @tommyreckless on twitter, we bring you this week's Steve McDonald Gurn of the Week - with a difference. Tommy has put together a few of our old gurns of the week from the Coronation Street Blog and mashed them up into a YouTube which might upset those of a sensitive disposition, for which I'll apologise in advance. Pharp.

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Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 30 March 2012

Coronation Street, Friday 30th March at 7.30pm

Watch the preview video here

LESLEY GOES WALKABOUT WITH HER NEW FRIEND. Eileen's struggling alone with Lesley again and when she gets agitated about having no ketchup with her food Eileen dashes off to the shop. Meanwhile Amy's off school with a stomach ache and refusing to take her to the park Tracy's sent her into the yard for some fresh air. Spotting her 'friend' outside Lesley goes to play with Amy, offering to take her to the park herself. Eileen returns home and is horrified to see that Lesley is nowhere to be seen. As she rushes outside to look for her Tracy is also shouting for Amy. Rounding on Eileen Tracy demands to know what the mad woman has done with her daughter.
DAVID FIRES THE FIRST SALVO IN THE WAR FOR THE SALON. David's outraged to find he's been locked out of the salon. Shouting she's also removed him from the business accounts Audrey says if he wants a war he's got one. Audrey hopes he'll now back down but David and Kylie visit a solicitor who couriers a letter to Audrey making their legal position clear. How will Audrey react?
MARCUS MAKES A STAND IN DEFENCE OF MARIA AND LIAM. As Maria and Marcus take Liam to the Easter Fair they're amused as they're mistook for a couple. But Marcus is horrified when Liam's performance is cut as there isn't time. Insisting all the kids should get their turn Marcus forces the staff to back down. Maria's impressed.
Elsewhere as Ken continues to make himself at home in the flat he even suggests paying rent. Steve refuses, hoping he won't be there that long, but he's stunned when Ken insists on cleaning the flat and helping out at the cab office by way of repayment.

Friday 30th March at 8.30pm

EILEEN’S PUSHED TO BREAKING POINT WITH PAUL. As the search for Lesley and Amy continues it's Steve who finds them at the park arguing with an ice cream van owner over payment. Settling up Steve brings an agitated Lesley home. Back on the street Amy's unaware of the panic and goes to hold Lesley's hand but angry Tracy pushes Lesley away. Confronting Tracy, then Eileen, Paul's desperate for someone to blame. Inside Eileen tries to calm Lesley but Jason's had enough and lets rip at Paul claiming Lesley's a loose canon and he can't have it all; to play loyal husband while having his nursemaid-slash-mistress on the side. Alone with Eileen Paul tries to defend himself but Eileen knows Jason is right, this can't go on. What will she decide?
AUDREY MARKS HER TERRITORY. Gail's convinced David he's doing the right thing by Audrey but she's furious about the solicitor's letter and lambasts David for his selfishness, sacking him on the spot. Bringing up his past behaviour Audrey claims she should never have trusted him. She's on the attack but alone with Lewis she breaks down, David's stolen her salon and the whole family are at war. Worried for Audrey's health Lewis suggests a few days away in a B&B while the dust settles. As she hands the keys to Maria how will David react?
MARCUS AND MARIA BOND OVER LIAM. Marcus and Maria are in good spirits as they return to the street and asking Kirk to babysit they head to the pub. Seeing how happy Liam is making him Sean calls Violet and arranges for Dylan to come and stay for the week. Marcus is thrilled.
Elsewhere Ken's enjoying working on the switch and as he and Deirdre continue to argue it dawns on Steve that he's not going to rid of Ken so easily.

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Things I loved about Corrie tonight

Steve coping with his new roomie.
Deirdre stubbing out her ciggie in the Ken cup.
Eileen giggling about Steve's new roomie and finally, a renewal of their friendship!
The Bickering Barlow's split over the lazy freeloading daughter.
Gail hating an atmosphere when she's the one causing most of it.
Lewis being perfectly charming, oily and smooth. I still don't trust he's changed!
Sylvia instructing Tracy on manners.
Tracy and Deirdre eating take out and giggling over Ken's kimono.

Audrey and David falling out. That's kind of sad really. They've been so close but he really does believe Lewis is out to fleece her.
Audrey calling Kylie "Lady Flamin' MacBeth"
Gail getting drunk in the Bistro.
In fact, I'm going to love this whole storyline! Stonefaced Gail, Kylie MacBeth pouring poison in David's ear, Audrey defending Lewis and fighting everyone with only Nick on her side. The War of the Salon begins!

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Thursday 29 March 2012

Katherine Kelly to star in new ITV drama

Katherine Kelly, who played Coronation Street's Becky McDonald, has landed a leading role in the new ITV1 drama Mr. Selfridge.

Katherine will play the role of the alluring socialite Lady Mae.
The drama has been penned by Andrew Davies, the man behind TV adaptations of Bleak House and Pride And Prejudice.

Set in London in 1909, after he opened the doors of his lavish department store, Mr Selfridge is ITV's latest historical drama following Downton Abbey and Titanic.

Due for broadcast next year, the story is based on the book Shopping, Seduction And Mr Selfridge by Lindy Woodhead and will also include fictional characters.
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Top 60 Corrie Characters - Nos. 54 and 53

54. Albert Tatlock 1960-1984 (21 votes)

The curmudgeonly WWI veteran who’s fondly remembered for his flat cap and his usual tipple of rum. A widower, he was involved with two women during his Street tenure. He was twice engaged: to Alice Pickens in 1969 but they called off the wedding when the vicar’s car broke down and they thought they were jinxed; and to Minnie Caldwell in 1973 in a bid to solve their financial problems but Minnie grew tired of his habits. Not one to star in dramatic storylines, Albert’s life revolved his allotment and reminiscing with Minnie and Ena Sharples in the snug. He passed away while visiting daughter Beattie in 1984 and left his war medals to Ken Barlow, who’d been lodging with him since 1976 and was married to Albert’s niece Valerie from 1962 until her death in 1971.

Should Uncle Albert be at 54? Were you fond of the old grump? Leave a comment!

53. Fred Gee 1975-1984 (23 votes)

The ignorant Rovers barman and cellar man in the late 1970s and early 1980s during the Rovers’ golden age. He lost his first wife Edna in the warehouse fire in 1975 and was later hired by Annie Walker when she wanted a live-in cellar man. He married Eunice Nuttall in 1981 when he wanted to buy his own pub (he had to have a wife) but when his application was rejected the marriage soon ended. He was the only male member of Rovers staff and was constantly ridiculed by his co-workers and the regulars. He liked to see himself as the boss but Annie dominated him, Bet Lynch ridiculed him and Betty Turpin didn’t hide her contempt of him. He was sacked from his post by Billy Walker in 1984. He later worked for Mike Baldwin but was later sacked and left the area.

Should Fred be at 53? Do you remember him behind the Rovers bar? Leave a comment!

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Sneak preview of tonight's Corrie - Thursday 29 March 2012

Coronation Street, Thursday 29th March
DAVID AND KYLIE DIG THEIR HEELS IN OVER THE SALON. Gail and David have convinced themselves that it's their job as Audrey's family to stop her from making a mistake. Lewis suggests putting the trip on hold until he can save the money but Audrey is adamant it's her salon and David will sign it back. David refuses and as Audrey accuses him of trying to steal her business from her she brings out the paperwork he originally signed and tears it up. David walks out but Kylie urges him to keep fighting, refusing to see their nest egg threatened. As David agrees to consult a solicitor Audrey tells a worried Lewis that she's up for the fight and calls a locksmith to the salon.
PAUL’S IN DENIAL ABOUT LESLEY. As Eileen worries that Paul's guilt, fear and tiredness are preventing him from doing what's best for Lesley she struggles to get through to him. When Steve then visits with Amy, Lesley's animated and interacts well. Paul sees it as proof that Lesley's fine with them but when she later becomes confused about who the girl was Eileen urges Paul to see that this is the real Lesley.
IT’S DAY ONE FOR STEVE WITH FLATMATE KEN. As Ken makes himself at home in the flat Steve encourages him to talk to Deirdre. Insisting he's not going home Ken offers to cook a meal for Steve, who's forced to makes his excuses and escape, much to Tracy's amusement.
Elsewhere as Liam shows off his Easter costume Marcus reveals he's taught him a song for the pageant. Thrilled Maria gives Marcus a hug as Sean feels a little sidelined.

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Wednesday 28 March 2012

Joe McElderry stars in Coronation Street musical

Former X-Factor winner Joe McElderry is to appear in the Coronation Street musical Street of Dreams.

Jo will perform the finale when new musical Street of Dreams arrives at Newcastle Metro Radio Arena on May 29 and 30.

Joe will sing Ghosts – Take My Hand, written by Street of Dreams composer Trisha Ward.

He spent yesterday on the Corrie set and told the Newcastle Chronicle: “I’m a huge fan of Coronation Street, so I’m in my element. I’m fortunate in my job that I meet loads of amazingly talented people, and I’m always really professional and never ask for pictures, but I’ve been running around the set all day taking pictures on my phone like a proper fan – it’s been brilliant.”

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Top 60 Corrie Characters - Nos. 56 and 55

56. Derek Wilton 1976-1979, 1982, 1984-1997 (15 votes)

Gnome lover Derek was brought in as a love interest for reserved Kabin assistant Mavis Riley in 1976 and they would have an on/off relationship for the next twelve years. During that period he constantly took advantage of Mavis’ good nature and in 1984 fought for her hand in marriage against potter Victor Pendlebury – a battle which he won. But both Derek and Mavis jilted each other – a Wilton jilting indeed! They did finally marry in 1988 and became figures of fun by their neighbours due to their eccentricities. Derek is also famed for his green Corsa with the paper clip on the roof when he worked for ex-wife Angela. Derek died of a heart attack during a road rage incident in 1997.

Should Derek be at 56? Were you a fan of him? Leave a comment!

55. Len Fairclough 1961-1983 (20 votes)

One of the leading men on the street for many years and the original alpha male who managed to woo three sirens – Elsie, Rita and Bet. A rough diamond, he constantly held a torch for Elsie despite marrying Rita in 1977. But Rita had similar features to Elsie: personality, independent, sexy and her fiery red hair! A builder and a councillor, he held a council seat for 12 years (1966-1978) and owned his own yard and entered into a partnership with Jerry Booth and later Ray Langton. He was responsible for rebuilding N° 7 in 1982 after its demolition in 1965. Due to Len and Rita marrying late in life, they couldn’t have children and during the early 1980s fostered children like John Spencer and Sharon Gaskell. Len died in a car crash in 1983 on the way to see his mistress in Bolton. Although hurt by his betrayal, Rita was devastated to have lost her one true love.

Should Len be at 55? Do you remember him chasing Elsie and marrying Rita? Leave a comment!

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Paula Lane on playing Kylie Platt

There's a good, long interview in today's Mirror with Paula Lane who plays Coronation Street's Kylie Platt. 

It's been almost two years since Paula started palying Kylie on Corrie and Paula talks about how she manages to keep her private life seperate and not let the pressure of fame from Corrie go to her head. It's a nice interview. 

Paula also reveals that she's running the London Marathon to raise charity funds.

To sponsor Paula’s run, visit and to find out more about Oscar’s Appeal, go to

You can read Paula's interview here.

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Coronation Street fan of the week – Chelsea from Telford

It's Wednesday and time to meet another Corrie fan of the week.
Would you like to be our Coronation Street fan of the week? Click here to find out more.

Who are you and where are you from?
Hi, I'm Chelsea Smart and I am from Telford

How long have you been watching Corrie?
I have been watching Coronation Street since 1998

Who are your favourite female and male characters - and the reasons why?
My favourite male character is Simon Barlow, because he is so cute and he's a great actor for hiss age. My favourite female character is Blanche Hunt because she was such a funny character.  I loved the lines she was given, she was such an amazing character and she is sadly missed.

What's been some of your favourite Corrie storylines over the years?
When Leanne found out that Stella was her mum on her 30th birthday. 

And what would your fantasy Corrie storyline be?
My fantasy storyline would be Norris and Mary to get married and have a child between them, that would be great.

Have you any snippets or news about meeting any of the Corrie cast, or trips to the set, etc., that you'd like to share?
When I went to the Corrie set it was so amazing, I've also met Ali King and Chris Gascoyne.

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Tuesday 27 March 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update, March 26 2012

Greetings and welcome to another weekly update of Weatherfield wotsits.  

Corrie weekly updates from 1995 - 17 years in 17 e-books.

Available from and
Find out more about the Coronation Street Weekly Updates and why they've been written for th'internet since 1995 at

And so without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

News of Anne being Frank’s killer spreads more quickly than a piece of silky knicker along a factory floor.  Sally comes out of her Corrie coma and gets a visit from Carla which would have scared the living daylights out of me if I’d been laid up unconscious in a hospital bed only to come to and see that hair, that lippy grinning down at me.  But Sally seems appreciative and the two women form a very peculiar bond at the bedside.

Sunita got stonking drunk and ended up dancing on the roof of a car before the cops carted her off. Did husband Dev help his wife? Did he even pick her up from the cop shop? No he did not. He took himself home and declared himself humiliated for all is not well in the Alahan house.  Amber left this week after she threw a massive party in the house while Dev and Sunita were out and then wouldn’t apologise for her behaviour. Dev was hoping Sunita would apologise to his daughter but neither lady was for turning and so Amber left. Again.

I didn’t much care for Amber version 2. I liked Amber version 1 and let’s hope when she returns to Corrie one day, for she will as they always do, it’ll be Amber version 3 with added bits of nice.   Anyway, it’s Karl who picks up Sunita from the cop shop after she’s let off with a caution to not be drunk and disorderly in future and in the cab on the way home, Sunita and Karl share a kiss. Just a small kiss, and a very drunken one at that, but it was a kiss nonetheless.

Audrey and Lewis are well and truly back together and now everyone knows as their secret is out.  Wanting to spend the day with Lewis eating bacon butties and curled up on the sofa, Audrey throws a sickie and rings in sick to David with a cough in her throat and despair in her tone. David falls for it but Gail thinks summat’s up and insists they go round to Audrey’s house to see how she is. And that’s when they spot Lewis there and Audrey has to come clean. Gail and David aren’t best pleased and Gail tells Audrey that if she’s stepping back out with Lewis, she never wants to speak to her mother again.  It fair upsets Audrey, who tells Lewis the best thing to do is act like two grown-ups, be the adults they are and do something mature - like run away on a round-the-world cruise. Lewis, you’ll notice, doesn’t say no.  But for Audrey to get the money for the cruise, she needs David to sign the salon back over to her so that she can get the bank to release some funds. David refuses and Gail backs him up while Nick tries to act as peacemaker, and fails. Wonder if Boutros Boutros-Ghali would have had more luck?

Over at Tracy’s house, she’s chucking a mental when she finds out that Beth’s son Craig has smashed her favourite bottle of perfume and his pet rat’s running amok in her bread bin. Well, you can see why she’d be upset.  She’s so upset she storms all the way into town and spends money she doesn’t have on new stuff she doesn’t need. Ken’s had enough of his wayward step-daughter and goes drinking in the Rovers, and not just for a half, he goes for a pint - so you know things are bad. Over his pint, he gets chatting to Steve who jokes that if Ken ever needs to get away from Tracy and Deirdre he can always move into his flat with him.  And that’s exactly what Ken does, just as soon as he staggers home to tell Deirdre and Tracy he’s sick to the back teeth of them both and staggers out again with his suitcase packed full of pullovers and some nice cardigans too.

And that’s just about that for this week.  Remember, sign up to get these spam-free Corrie weekly updates by email at

This week's writers Martin Allen, Jonathan Harvey and Damon Rochefort.  Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team here.
Glenda Young
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Tommy Duckworth gets a Corrie windfall

With thanks to the fab Inside Soap magazine this week, there are hints of storylines to come for Tommy Duckworth. As we might know already, Tommy and Tina are getting together.  And Inside Soap say that Tommy comes into a windfall when his grandad Jeff Horton, dies.

The magazine says: "When Tommy finds out about inheriting the cash, he's shocked  and he doesn't know what to do. He asks Tyrone for advice and he tells Tommy to spend it on something nice for him and Tina. But then Tommy turns up with a clapped-out camper van and announces that he wants to go travelling the world with Tina by his side."

Now then, my guess is that Jeff Horton's death will be what sparks the return of Tommy's dad, Terry Duckworth and that the only reason Terry will return is to either find out if Jeff has left him any money, or that he knows Jeff's estate has been left to Tommy and he comes back to Corrie to find the cash.

So, again I'm guessing here folks, could this cash then be what leads to Terry opening the lap-dancing club on Coronation Street? And if it is, does that mean Tommy and Terry go into business together? 

This could be really interestng because the only person who knows what a horror Terry Duckworth can be is Tyrone. Let's hope that Tommy and Tyrone's friendship is such that Tommy follows whatever advice Tyrone gives him when he meets up with his dad for the first time since he was a baby.

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Carla Connor gets a brother

We've heard Carla mention a brother from time to time, most recently in the storyline surrounding her mother's death and funeral. They don't really get on and it seems he's not an upstanding citizen, if you get my drift.

ITV announced today that they're bringing Carla's brother to Weatherfield later this year and he'll be "mad, bad, and dangerous to know" as the saying goes. Actually, what they really said was "He's set to turn heads and break hearts as the new moody bad lad of the Street."

He seems to be unnamed yet (though I seem to recall his first name may be Darren) and uncast though it seems he should be a man in his thirties. I'm curious to know what his last name will be as we've never heard Carla mention her maiden name. And if Danger is his middle name, how much to you want to bet Maria will make a beeline for him?

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Coronation Street double episode review, Monday March 26

Having announced to a shocked Coronation Street that she and ex-gigolo Lewis are once more an item, Audrey doesn't do things by halves. She wants  David to sign back the hair salon to her to help fund a round the world cruise for herself and "ex-gigolo" Lewis, or "Raffles, here" (nice touch - the  'gentleman thief) as an unimpressed Gail called him. The smug knowing look on Lewis's face as he learnt that Audrey planned to squander what amounts to her fortune on a few outings to the Captain's table in the Caribbean was a sight to behold. He certainly wasn't, as a gentleman probably should, trying to talk her out of it - the old Lewis, living the high life funded by the largesse of smitten older ladies, survives! Audrey's reasoning was that she and Lewis didn't seem to be  welcome in the Street any more and the reaction to their union was in general one of prurient disgust. "Are they back together?" said Deirdre. "Well their tongues are," noted Tracy, charmingly. 

Meanwhile Ken - for no better reason than he was annoyed that Tracy was squandering Deirdre's money on shopping trips - got drunk with Steve in the Rovers (downing a whole pint in one - shock horror!) and then quit home dramatically to move into bachelor's quarters with new chum Steve -   excellent, this promises some good comedy to come.

Rita, wisely, rejected busybody Mary's carefully printed out but ghastly plans for a hen night - featuring a pink limousine with suspension checked in case  of  possible osteoporosis "because of the age of the bride." In a lovely put down, Rita  said she'd prefer "just a few drinks in the Rovers for close friends"  - eyeing Mary with a gimlet eye when she said it with an emphasis on the world close.  Mary then fled hastily.

Karl told unhappy wife Sunita, who is vamping around in very  low cut tops, that he in fact had enjoyed their kiss in the car - alert to forthcoming affair now is on fast forward to green for go!

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New Corrie Set: March 2012 Update

Big changes this month, the whole site is now starting to take place, the shell of the ITV building now looks complete and you can see the start of the set contruction. As usual the pictures are taken by Mark Whitfield, and there are lots more in depth pictures over on his site.

Click to enlarge

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Is it time for Mary to go?

Am I the only one who thinks that Mary has gone past her sell by date on Corrie? In fact, I don't find her that funny anymore. Truth be told, I'm finding her quite disturbing. She was OK at the beginning when she was after Norris but when she returned from her round the world trip it seems she's had a personality change. I've found her rude and insulting to other characters who have done nothing to her, the recent example being Julie when she insulted her pregnancy. She also seems to insult Rita and Emily for no apparent reason. And her revenge on poor Hayley on her wedding day wasn't funny, I thought.

The fact that she and Norris are still friends after the Bronte saga is unbelievable! She's too eccentric and I think it's time for her to go. She likes to take over (Hayley's wedding and she tried to take over Rita's) and I don't find that at all funny. I think Norris works better with Rita and Emily and it seems that we're being robbed of those classic scenes for his scenes with Mary. Maybe she was brought in to lighten Emily's scenes?

While classic nosy parkers and gossips Norris and Blanche talked about characters behind their backs, Mary tends to gossip about and berate them when they're in a scene, which is unrealistic. And that is why I think Mary should leave Coronation Street in her motor home and never return!

What do you think? Do you agree?

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Coronation Street Survey

My apologies for not blogging regularly of late – I’ve been busy working on a dissertation as part of my university coursework about the one and only Coronation Street!

The study is based around the construction of Coronation Street, and whether or not it has a greater appeal to a female audience.

I thought it would be worthwhile gauging some opinion from our wonderful blog readers, and hearing some of your thoughts on the subject.

I’ve compiled a 10 question survey, which you can access here. It shouldn’t take too long for you to complete, and I would very much appreciate if you could take the time to voice your opinions. Please feel free to write as much as you like for each answer – the more you write, the better!

Our brill editor Glenda has compiled a list of academic work written about Corrie here, if you’re studying Coronation Street at any academic level.

Many thanks if you can take the time to complete the survey, and I look forward to reading your responses! I’ll be sure to blog some of my findings next month when I’ve completed the project.

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Sally Webster offers to buy Frank's share of Underworld

There's lots of good stuff coming up in Coronation Street next week and one of the stories that have caught my eye in particular is the news that Sally is going to buy Frank's share of the factory.

How can she afford it?  Well, she's still got her share of the lottery winnings and she offers this to Carla to buy her way into Underworld.

The preview for next week says this gives Carla food for thought, but it doesn't say she accepts Sally's offer.  Do you think she will? Does she have any choice but to accept Sally's money if the factory is to survive? And just how will Sally and Carla get along together in the office?

Sally certainly knows her way around both the sewing machine side of the factory and the office side too, so Carla will appreciate she's got a lot to offer as partner in Underworld.  It just might work.

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Sneak preview of next week's Corrie, April 2 - 6 2012

Without any piffle, here's the storyline for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Week of Monday 2nd to Friday 6th April 2012

Kevin rallies round Sally as she recovers, Kirsty explodes at Tyrone, Paul and Eileen move Lesley into a care home, Stella kicks Karl out, Geoff Horton dies and Sally offers to buy Frank's share of the factory!

The full weekly preview, with loads of pictures is right here on

Missed last week's Corrie?
Catch up with the Coronation Street weekly updates 

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Top 60 Corrie Characters - Nos. 58 and 57

58. Alan Bradley 1986-1989 (12 votes)

The first long term Corrie villain who terrorised Rita’s life in the late 1980s. They were attracted to each other but due to Rita’s lack of commitment (she declined both of his marriage proposals), Alan had an affair with Gloria Todd. But he came back to Rita when he realised how wealthy she was. To an oblivious Rita, he stole from her and when she confronted him, he tried to kill her. He was arrested and appeared in court but got released and sought revenge and for months stalked and mentally tormented poor Rita. Horrified, she fled to Blackpool and Alan followed her there. Seeing him on the promenade, she ran and while he gave chase he was fatally hit by a tram, ending Rita’s nightmare. What a memorable death!

Should Alan Bradley be at 58? Did you love to hate him? Do you remember his death? Leave a comment!

57. Ray Langton 1966, 1968-1978, 2005 (14 votes)

Deirdre’s first husband who worked at the builder’s yard with Len Fairclough and Jerry Booth. He was one of the early heart throbs – conquests including Irma Barlow, Sandra Butler and Audrey Fleming. Deirdre brought stability to his life and daughter Tracy was born in 1977. But he strayed again when he had an affair with Janice Stubbs. He tried to fix the marriage by getting a job in Amsterdam but Deirdre refused. He left and they later divorced. Ray returned 27 years later in 2005 with the news he was dying of stomach cancer. He made amends with Deirdre and Tracy before passing away in the Rovers on Ken and Deirdre’s second wedding day.

Should Ray be at 57? Did you fancy him? Leave a comment!

Check out who was at 60 and 59.

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Monday 26 March 2012

Review: A Knight's Tale, Corrie spin-off DVD

We reviewed Romanian Holiday, Coronation Street's spin-off DVD here and today, months after its release I bring you the review for the most recent sCorrie pin-off DVD, A Knight's Tale.

The reason it's been months since the DVD was released and my review hitting the website is that I only bought and watched the DVD this week.  Is it shocking to admit, as a staunch Corrie fan, that I find the spin-off DVDs, dare I say it - somewhat disappointing?  Romanian Holiday was better than expected so I had high hopes for A Knight's Tale but ended up enjoying it less.

Written by Joe Turner and Mark Wadlow, directed by David Kester, the Knight's Tale DVD wasn't enjoyed that much in our house. It starred Ken Morley as Reg Holdsworth, Kevin Kennedy as Curly, Patti Clare as Mary, Malcolm Hebden as Norris, Helen Flanagan as Rosie, Ryan Thomas as Jason and a lovely guest appearance from Brian Capron as Richard Hillman himself - or was it?!

It's a romp that's set in Tatlock Towers with our Corrie characters acting to form. The storylines are ok but not as strong as those in Romanian Holiday and the dialogue wasn't as funny as either that DVD or what we've become used to on Corrie itself.

There were some good moments however and having Reg and Curly back together was worth the £2.25 I spent buying the DVD from eBay. At one point Curly brought out a picture of his son, a lovely picture of nine year old Ben, a kid wearing glasses, looking just like Curly used to.  He also revealed he'd split from wife Emma, so that tidied up a couple of storylines well.

If you're a fan of Rosie Webster then there's plenty for you to enjoy with leg shots, breast shots, and scenes of her tied to a bed in her underwear while ITVs Jeremy Vine played an evil cosmetic surgeon.

There was also some honesty expressed between Mary "I want you Norris, I want you now!" and Norris "You can't force a relationship out of a friendship!" that we don't usually see on regular episodes. And while everyone acted their socks off, it just didn't work for this fan.  But if you've also seen it and disagree, please let me know you thought of it too.

Corrie managed to get its sponsor Harveys the Furniture Store into the DVD as well as other ITV Products Tombola Bingo and Friends Reunited.  None of this was done subtley but spotting the Harveys furniture van raised one of the few laughs from our sofa.

So, in short:
Is it worth watching? Yes but only because it's Coronation Street.
Is it worth buying? Only if you can get it second-hand off ebay.
Marks out of 10? I'd give it 6.

Our blogger Chewy reviewed the DVD here.

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Coronation Street Blog featured in today's Guardian

From today's Guardian where the Coronation Street Blog's Mad Men vs Coronation Street Blog post gets a mention in G2, page 2. 

Thanks to @ianwylie on twitter for the picture.

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Top 60 Corrie Characters - No 60 and 59

With thanks to everyone who voted in all of our polls here on the Coronation Street Blog over the last few weeks as we aimed to find out some of your favourite Corrie characters of all time. And now... the poll results in reverse order.

60. Brian Tilsley 1978-1989 (7 votes)

Gail’s first husband who met a grisly end when he was stabbed to death outside a nightclub in 1989. His proudest moment was when son Nicky was born in 1980. He did believe daughter Sarah Louise (b. 1987) was fathered by his Australian cousin Ian Latimer but a DNA test proved Brian was the father. ‘Our Brian’ was often caught in the crossfire between Anglican wife Gail and dominant Catholic mother Ivy. A mechanic, he ran a garage in partnership with Ron Sykes from 1982 to 1989.

Should Brian be at 60? Were you a fan of him? Leave a comment!

59. Leonard Swindley 1960-1965 (11 votes)

The pompous draper who managed Gamma Garments under Mr Papagopolous and worked alongside Emily Nugent who admired him from afar. She made a leap year proposal in 1964 but later jilted him. A member of the Glad Tidings Mission committee, he constantly clashed with the caretaker Ena Sharples, most prominently when he caught her drinking in the snug during working hours. He left the street in 1965 when he got a new job – in Wilmington on Sea perhaps??

Should Swindley be at 59? Do you remember him in Corrie? Were you a fan? Leave a comment!

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Helen Flanagan's first role since she left Corrie

Since she left Coronation Street as Rosie Webster, actress Helen Flanagan has been in the tabloids pretty much all the time.

Pictures of her with various bits of her body on show have been flashed across the papers, with journalists pretty much running stories about her taken from her postings she's made to her twitter account. 

Anyway, it looks like Helen's now got a proper job. She's the face of SpecSavers 2012 challenge to find the spectacle wearer of the year.

But as any Coronation Street fan knows, there can only ever be one winner in that competition.

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Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 26th March 2012

Coronation Street, Monday 26th March at 7.30pm

AUDREY FACES THE MUSIC BUT DECIDES TO CALL A NEW TUNE. Their secret out Audrey tells Lewis she doesn't care what people think. As they brazen it on the street friends and family are stunned. But Gail's furious and a row breaks out in the Bistro which ends with Nick sending Gail home to cool off. But when Gail comes face to face with them in the Rovers she's far from cool. Appalled by what's happening Lewis makes a passionate speech about how he loves Audrey. Will the Platts be moved? Nick plays mediator but Gail's convinced Lewis will break Audrey's heart again and pleads with her mum not to make another mistake. Will she get through to Audrey or will Audrey stand firm over her feelings for Lewis?
TRACY’S ACTIONS CAUSE A BARLOW BATTLE. As Tracy bemoans her financial state to Deirdre she invites her round for tea and sympathy. Ken accuses her of freeloading as usual. Deirdre defends her daughter but Ken's had enough as old resentments come to the fore.
KARL FORGIVES SUNITA, BUT CAN DEV? A guilty Sunita apologises to Dev for storming out after their row before heading to work. At the pub the tension is palpable as Karl and Sunita are forced to work together. Getting a moment Sunita apologises for making a move but while Karl's very gentlemanly about it the sexual tension crackles. Can they put their kiss behind them?
Elsewhere when Marcus wonders if Sean's had any second thoughts about adoption will he get the response he's hoping for?

Monday 26th March at 8.30pm

IT’S ALL OUT WAR AT THE PLATTS’. Audrey's set on getting away as she and Lewis plan a round the world cruise. But first she needs funds and all her money is tied up in the salon, which she signed over to David, so she just needs to get him to sign it back before they can proceed! Calling a family meeting at the Platts Audrey explains her plans but David's outraged, convinced Lewis is behind this and is after her money. Steely Audrey reaffirms the salon is hers and was only ever signed over to him in name only. The Platts are horrified as she insists she'll have her accountant bring round the paperwork in the morning. But will David agree to sign?
STEVE’S DRUNKEN ADVICE COMES BACK TO HAUNT HIM. As Ken and Steve drown their sorrows over the complexities of living with women a tipsy Steve tells Ken there's always a place for him at his flat if the going gets tough. Back at home Ken finds Deirdre giving more money to Tracy and rails at her for sponging off them. A row erupts which ends in Ken walking out. But how will Steve react when he finds Ken on his doorstep for real?
MARCUS AND MARIA BOND OVER AN EASTER BUNNY. When Maria admits she has no time to help Liam prepare for his Easter Fair at nursery Marcus offers his help, and Sean's services in making a costume. Maria's thrilled but will Sean be quite as pleased?
Elsewhere Dev and Sunita sit down to talk about the state of their relationship, will they resolve their differences? Eileen admits to Julie that she's finding the situation with Paul and Lesley difficult, especially seen as they don't get to spend any time together now he's working nights.

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Sunday 25 March 2012

Would you visit a Corrie fan convention in the UK?

Doctor Who fans have been meeting this weekend in their thousands at an official convention in Cardiff. The weekend event at the Wales Millennium Centre has attracted fans from as far away as the US, Australia and New Zealand. And it included the chance to meet stars of the show, see behind the scenes, get insights into their favourite show and meet some of the staff, including the Producer, who work on the programme.

Billed as the "ultimate Doctor Who fan event", the convention included panel sessions, discussions with key cast members as well as members of the creative team such as directors, scriptwriters and special effects experts.  You can read more on the Doctor Who convention at the BBC website.

Now then, I don't know about you, but I'm dead jealous.  I want one of these for Coronation Street fans and wonder if we've ever had anything like it before in the UK? I know Canada gets their share of visiting current and ex-Corrie actors doing the rounds to promote the show and meet the fans, but as far as I know, we've never had the opportunity to do this as fans in the UK. 

So what do you think, Corrie fans?  Would you attend an official Corrie convention if one were to be arranged, say before ITV moves the show from the present set to the new one at MediaCity? What sort of events would you like to see included and what's the maximum price you'd pay to attend?

We very much welcome your thoughts so please do leave comments below.

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Michelle Keegan wins All About Soap Award

Coronation Street has won only one award in the All About Soap Awards, results of which have been announced today. 

And the award Corrie won?  It went to Michelle Keegan for being the Best Dressed Soap Star. Oh dear.  Is that really the best Corrie can do or was it lack of Corrie fans voting in the poll?  I do wonder.

Emmett J Scanlan won Best Actor for his portrayal of Brendan Brady in Hollyoaks, and EastEnders' Jo Joyner (Tanya Jessop) was named Best Actress.

Hollyoaks won the award for Best Episode (Halloween Murder) and Best Villain (Silas Blissett, played by Jeff Rawle), while Jo Joyner also shared the Best Couple award with EastEnders co-star Jake Wood (Max Branning).

The Best Mystery award went to Emmerdale for the Cain Dingle Whodunit, with Michael French winning Best Comeback for his return to EastEnders as David Wicks.

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Corrie weekly awards: March 19 - 23

Diem Horribilus award: Sunita's day went from bad to worse to drunk to embarassing.

Funeral subterfuge award: Don't think the DI came to the funeral out of respect, he came to judge the mourners and see if anyone acts suspiciously. Carla, Maria and Michelle attending the funeral should tick that box. And where was Jenny, Frank's recent lover?

Pants on Fire award: Karl nicking money and pretending he needed it for the car. Audrey sneaking around seeing Lewis on the sly but gets the Busted Award, getting caught out. Brian pretended Max's place at school was already gone (Plonker).

Building Bridges award: Carla and Sally finding common ground and a bit of peace. That was the nicest scene of the week!

Fashion fun award: I like Sophie's tshirt. And shirts like that with glittery words seem popular now! Anna wears some as well.

Moral high ground award: Sunita and Amber both want apologies. They should both get them. Amber shouldn't have had the party and Sunita was too harsh with pent up resentments.

Living Large award: Tracy is living rent free because Steve pays the mortgage. Steve is also paying maintenance for his his WIFE (not ex-wife, mind you). Tracy is probably getting benefits as a single mother (except she's now married) and she's still scamming money off Steve. He's right. She should get a job.

Medical amnesia award: Audrey and Gail are drinking alcohol in the pub. So much for high blood pressure.

Self loathing award: Kevin's blaming himself for what happened to Sally. If he hadn't had the affair, they'd still be a family. Never mind what happened to Molly. Oh and, Rosie who? has anyone told Rosie about what happened to her mother? Nobody's even mentioned her let alone anything else.

Startlingly Obvious award: Tina admitted she fancied the pants off Tommy. Kylie finds out teaching is hard work.

You weren't supposed to find that award: Tommy found Tina's Pro and Con list about him.
Lines of the Week:
Sally to Carla about attending the funeral "It's a bit insensitive, isn't it?" Maria "Like you when you went to John Stape's funeral?" (Score one for Maria)
Kylie to Brian "You're trying to blind me with science!"
Anne "It was an accident. We had a row, a terrible row." (see? I said that all along, didn't I?)
Leanne "Go home, Peter, see if Cruella's cooked your tea"
Sunita to Dev "Have your own way as usual"
Audrey "I have spent my life denying myself pleasures" (not the Audrey I know)
Sunita "Let's just call it a day, shall we?" (And you've now got your old flat available to move back into!)
Tracy to Ken "It must be so nice being retired. No work to go to, pottering about all day" (Ironic, much?)
Gail "This is my mother you're conning with your oily gigilo ways!"

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Saturday 24 March 2012

Off to the wasteland?

Friday’s double-bill saw the Alahan clan coming to the fore and the (second) departure of Amber Kalirai.

Now, I know Amber wasn’t the most popular character on the Street but I liked her and I’m going to miss her. Sure, her return was only ever going to be a plot device to split up Sophie and Sian (something that could have been done minus poor Amber getting involved) but I’ve enjoyed her return (along with her added attitude) and I’m sad to see her axed for the second time.

I think one of the reasons why she has gone is because she was never given a chance to do anything bar argue with Sunita and kiss Sophie a couple of times. Amber was cool and savvy and I think that they could have axed several characters before her (Sean and Kirk anyone?) and more importantly they could have at least given her a decent exit. It all seemed very rushed and sloppy (as did the sudden martial problems between Dev and Sunita but that's another story) and not at all realistic at least not as a permanent exit.
So what should have been done differently? Well, I would have liked for her to have integrated more with some of the other younger characters, David and Tina for example. I never really liked the pairing of Amber and deadwood Tommy Duckworth last year but at least it was something. Since then all Amber ever seemed to do was have to endure Sunita being a total cow to her or moan about Sophie and Sian. I never understood was why they paired Amber with Sophie in the first place since they were never shown to be great friends during Amber’s original stint. It felt very forced and I think Amber could have benefited from having her own storylines instead of just facilitating others.

And now we have her exit leading to the affair between Karl and Sunita. I know she wasn’t the strongest character on the show but Amber deserved better and hopefully if she does return in the future she does so as her own character because even now she’s gone she is being used as a plot device to lead to the affair.

I hate to do posts like this where I moan about something, but I felt the need to have a little grumble over Amber’s departure and how she has been wasted over the last twelve months.

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