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Saturday 30 March 2024

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 29 March 2024

Good day.  Welcome to Friday night on the Street.  Unusually events tonight are not on a single day as will become clear.  The Rovers Return is at the fore I am pleased to record with an awful lot going on.  First up Rita has won a night on the town - theatre, dinner, hotel and so on - and needs company which Jenny is happy to accept, although it means kicking speed dating to the kerb - unless Daisy would like to take charge (she is still grumpy over having to ditch another karaoke evening).  Rita has been let down by Ken who has had a better offer from Elspeth.  Daisy has other plans - Ryan is whisking her away to the Lake District for the night as it is the anniversary of the acid attack.  However before Daisy departs she tells Jenny off for spending some of the "money" on a designer dress and the two of them have to talk Glenda into a busy evening - she gets the job of serving everyone and running the speed dating (Sean was spotted on Tipping Point a little earlier so was presumably out of town) by herself.  

Amy talks Steve into going to the Speed Dating and we see him swaggering down the Street doing the full John Travolta to "Staying Alive".  His first date is Tracy and it goes downhill from there on.  Much later he ends up with Cassie and thinking that there might be a mini-spark he asks her out properly - she responds that she was only feeling sorry for him because of Tracy and she goes home.  Steve has not scored again observing that he knew most of the ladies present and he has lived there too long.  

Glenda's on top form this evening and gets these two, a random passing stranger, whom we later learn is Connor and Christine Boyd (Daisy's mum) to become involved.  Glenda later tells Connor that she is only in charge this evening as Jenny and Daisy are both away.  He reckons it must be great being in sole control of a pub.

Paul's tablet is becoming ever more useful - asking Billy for cups of tea and a snog.  For some reason the two of them are in the Rovers during the speed dating, watching the desperate heterosexuality! Paul's replacement voice comments adversely on the events of the evening and in consequence Glenda confiscates the tablet for the evening.

During the speed dating everyone asks Izzy about the chair - the answers were "Shark attack", "Never swim with crocodiles" "Former Trapeze artist with a clown who forgot the safety net".  There is also Trev wandering around with an elephant in his pocket.

Hours later Glenda hears strange noises coming from the bar and comes downstairs to find two men grabbing bottles and all sorts.  She gets pushed to the floor and the two ruffians grab what they can and make rapidly for the exit.  The second half opens with the daylight of a new day and Jenny returning to find a police car on her doorstep.

Along at the Browns' Oakhill Admissions Officer, Dawn (Michaela Longden) lets them know she will be popping by tomorrow - and the house is a worse tip than usual - so they spend the night doing a deep clean.  When Dawn arrives Gemma adopts an impossibly upper class accent and they seek to demonstrate that they are a good family - all the while the new fridge freezer periodically emits ice cubes as the quads have started dismantling it.  They are all very nervous but Chesney sees Dawn out and verbally she confirms that Joseph will be going to the ball Oakhill, thanks to Granny Linda.

Sarah visits Damon and whilst she is prepared to wait for Damon he says it would be wrong.  If he had really loved her he would never have attempted the robbery - and he simply is not worth the wait which Sarah reluctantly accepts.  She consoles herself with alcohol with Bethany in the Bistro.  The following day Sarah asks Adam if they can defer selling the flat for a couple of months - she wants Harry's life to be stabilised.  Adam offers a brew and friendship - Sarah rejects both for now.  Sarah later tells Harry (credited as Freddie and Isaac Rhodes) that Damon will not be returning.  She tells Harry that Damon made a mistake and has to pay for it.

Glenda keeps making light of her experiences claiming to be tough as old boots - but before long we can see that in reality she is suffering badly from recurrent memories.  Out getting fresh air Glenda suffers a panic attack and flashbacks and realises that she can identify one of the ne'er do wells as that Connor and that she was the one who told him that she was there alone.  George surprises her and she attacks him as she is caught up with her memories.  Connor has a swallow on his inside wrist.  George and Jenny seek to re-assure her.  Later Carla praises Glenda, Jenny and Daisy as three brave women after their various attacks in the Rovers (Connor, Stephen and Justin) - still standing and the pub open again.  (All with your money Carla!).  Jenny is looking very sheepish at this point.  

Paul would like his tablet back and Glenda is aware that it was taken in the robbery.  Paul is distressed at the loss - knowing that he is losing his speech.  

Steve has arranged tea at the Bistro with Amy and she is not ready when he arrives at Preston's Petals so Steve closes and cashes up.  Tommy Orpington chooses that moment to try and talk to Tracy and he has written her a letter which he pushes under the door.  Steve picks it up.

At the end of the day Glenda is fetching drinks for herself, Jenny and Daisy and she has another flashback to the previous night.  She might deny but all is not well.

The good things about tonight - Rovers front and centre, Damon finally gone (I hope), Izzy actually having lines, the ice cubes from the freezer.  Bad things: I hope we are not going to do PTSD again; I hope Paul's tablet or the contents can be recovered (from the cloud?); Gemma's accent (was it necessary?).  No doubt there will be more on Monday!

Written by Joe Turner.  Directed by Jason Wingard.


Conversation Street Podcast Episode #621

On our Easter edition of the podcast, we chat about the episodes of Corrie shown between the 25th and the 29th March (Episodes #11,222 - 11,227).

No wonder DS Swain didn't make an appearance in this week's Corrie - the poor woman must have been drowning in paperwork what with all the criminal activity going on. First off, we had Damon donning a balaclava for a raid on a security van (what a noble fellow that he didn't want to kill the driver - Sarah's got a good'un there..!); then on Friday we saw someone break into the Rovers and threaten Glenda with a baseball bat, snatching the night's takings. If you needed proof that crime levels in Weatherfield are soaring, look no further! Also this week, Paul gets some bad news from his speech and language therapist, Joseph secures a place at Oakhill, and Summer bogs off to Boston.

Up next on the podcast, we have The Kabin, where we react to the news that Iain Macleod's successor has finally been revealed, and we finish things off with more of your fabulous feedback.

Street Talk - 00:06:34
The Kabin - 01:54:38
Feedback - 02:39:07

She may not have the name recognition as the likes of Annie Walker, Ena Sharples or Elsie Tanner, but for us, Christine Hardman is just as deserving of your attention as some of the more famous Corrie originals. First appearing in Episode 2 and staying on the show until mid-1963, Christine wasn't with with us long, but she still managed to get some memorable and actually quite dark stories under her belt in that time, including the famous scene when she was talked down off the factory roof by a young Ken Barlow. If she's an old favourite of yours too or maybe a character you don't really know much about, hopefully this will be an episode to enjoy!

You can subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, stream all our old episodes on our own site here, or click the play buttons above to give it a listen from the comfort of this very blog! 

Friday 29 March 2024

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Friday 29th March 2024

Friday 29th March 2024

GLENDA GETS SOME UNWELCOME VISITORS With Jenny heading off to a posh dinner with Rita and Daisy going away with Ryan, a glammed up Glenda agrees to host the speed dating night at the Rovers. The night is lacking in romance aside from Christina taking a shine to guy with a tattoo. With the chaos of the evening over and the pub closed, Glenda heads through to the bar to find masked burglars raiding the till. One of the men orders Glenda to get down on the floor. Terrified, Glenda does as she’s told. As the robbers make off with the takings, a tearful and panicky Glenda calls the police. Jenny returns home to find out from Glenda that they’ve been burgled. Glenda puts on a brave face, but Jenny insists she takes the morning off. Paul and Billy call at the Rovers to retrieve Paul’s laptop.  They’re gutted to find out it was stolen by the burglars. Glenda feels terrible. With the pub closed, Glenda offers Jenny and Daisy a nightcap, but as she heads through to the bar, she relives the awful events of the night before and it’s clear they’re taking their toll.

STEVE SPEEDS INTO A DATING DISASTER Steve decides to get back on the horse and sets off for the speed dating night at the Rovers. With the speed dating in full flow, Steve’s unimpressed to find himself sitting opposite Tracy but at the next move he hits it off with Cassie. The speed dating over, Steve suggests to Cassie they meet up again. Are things looking up for Steve? 

IT’S JUDGEMENT DAY FOR JOSEPH Chesney receives a call from Dawn, the Admissions Officer at Oakhill to inform him that Joseph passed the exam and she’ll be round tomorrow to interview him. Gemma and Chesney set about cleaning the house in preparation for Joseph’s interview. How will it go? 

ELSEWHERE In the flower shop flat, Paul plays back some of his pre-recorded messages through his laptop. Billy reckons it still needs some work. Sarah calls at the corner shop flat and asks Adam if they can put the sale of the flat on hold for now.  Adam assures her there’s no rush, but when he tentatively suggests it would be nice if they could be friends again, Sarah tells him it’s too soon and hurries out. 

Glenda Young
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Wednesday 27 March 2024

Kate Brooks appointed new Producer for Coronation Street

Kate will begin her role in April 2024 reporting to the newly appointed Executive Producer for Continuing Drama, Iain MacLeod, John Whiston, Managing Director for Continuing Drama and Head of ITV in the North, and ITV Drama Commissioner, Huw Kennair-Jones.

Commented John Whiston: 
“It's great news that Kate has agreed to take on the most exciting job in drama, running Coronation Street. She brings a deep understanding of the genre, a love of complex character and a penchant for the really big, all absorbing stories. She'll do brilliantly at Corrie and I can't wait to see the next evolution of the show under her assured command.”

Kate will be taking over creative responsibilities for the nation’s much loved, world-renowned soap from Acting Producer, Verity MacLeod who stepped up from Coronation Street’s Assistant Producer during the recruitment process. Verity will now resume her role as Assistant Producer. 

Commented Huw Kennair-Jones:
“We're thrilled that Kate is taking over the helm at Coronation Street. Her tenure as a producer on Emmerdale has shown her talent for telling exciting yet characterful stories and I can't wait to see what magic she'll bring to the cobbles and the Nation's favourite soap.” 

Commented Iain MacLeod:
“Kate is a fantastic storyteller and I know under her guidance the show will be ambitious, exciting and full of heart and humour. She is Corrie to the core and such a good fit for the show. I am genuinely excited to see what the next chapter holds and can’t wait to work with her again.”

Liverpool born Kate is moving across from ITV’s hugely successful, Emmerdale, where she has been one of the Producers since 2018 alongside Laura Shaw.  

She had previously served as Story Producer at Coronation Street, joining in 2012 and working on some of Coronation Street’s most memorable and momentous storylines including Hayley’s death, who killed Tina, the arrival of Phelan and his subsequent abuse of Anna, Jenny’s return, Steve’s depression and the mini bus crash. Kate became an Assistant Producer on Emmerdale from 2017, and had also been a Storyliner at Channel 4’s, Hollyoaks. 

Commented Kate Brooks:  
"I've had a wonderful time working on Emmerdale and I feel immensely proud to be part of a team that has achieved such great success over the past eight years. I’ve absolutely loved my time on the show, and I've had the privilege of working with such a hugely talented and hard-working bunch of people, who also happen to be the loveliest, too. Both professionally and personally, Emmerdale has given me so much more than I ever could have imagined, and for that I shall be eternally grateful. Thanks Emmerdale, it's been an absolute pleasure.” 

Speaking about her new role Kate continued:
“Corrie has lit up my living room since I was a kid, so to be asked to produce a show I've revered for such a long time is the ultimate 'pinch me' moment. I've adored the show from across the Pennines and have consistently been in awe of the talent on display, both on and off the screen. It truly is a special show and I endeavour to take great care to ensure that it continues to thrive as we head into the next chapter. Coronation Street has, and always will be, part of my DNA, and I can't wait to get stuck in.” 

During her tenure on Emmerdale, Kate has been responsible for producing a plethora of critically acclaimed, thought-provoking and dynamic storylines alongside Laura Shaw and former Executive Producer Jane Hudson.  

These include the introduction of serial killer, Meena Jutla, whose rampage was a multi award-winning story arc with many viewers and television critics praising the Yorkshire based soap for the portrayal of a soap villain, the return of Mandy Dingle in 2019 after a 17-year absence from the soap, Maya’s grooming and abuse of Jacob, Lisa and Zak’s remarriage and Lisa sadly passing away on her wedding day, the introduction of Charity’s long-lost son, Ryan, Laurel and Jai remarrying after many highs and lows in their relationship, and Lydia Dingle’s harrowing rape ordeal by a former boyfriend.

In partnership with Laura, Kate also spearheaded the storyline in which Marlon suffered a stroke which achieved huge swathes of audience praise for the portrayal of the warning signs for potential stroke victims and was supported by the National Stroke Association, Charity and Mack’s hard-hitting kidnap storyline which resulted in Charity’s downward spiral and PTSD diagnosis. Kate also produced storylines which celebrated Emmerdale’s 50th anniversary in October 2022 including Faith’s breast cancer storyline which won many plaudits for how the show boldly, yet sensitively told the story. 

Kate and Laura have also been at the helm demonstrating great sensitivity in depicting Paddy’s breakdown and mental health issues which culminated in the programme working closely with support organisation, Andy’s Man Club.

Most recently Kate has produced the devastating and heart-breaking story of Chas Dingle’s breast cancer diagnosis, elected mastectomy and drawing attention to carriers of the BRCA2 gene mutation and how this can also affect men who consequently develop the disease.  Kate has personally championed the programme’s work with Breast Cancer Now who have advised Emmerdale with every aspect of Chas’s poignant portrayal and story. 

Whilst Kate and Laura have each been producing the show, Emmerdale has won an array of prestigious industry awards for performances, storytelling and production including for BAFTA’s Best Soap and Continuing Drama in 2020, Best British soap at the soap Awards in 2019, Best Soap at the TV Choice Awards in 2022, and the Serial Drama Award at the National Television Awards in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2022.

Glenda Young
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