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Sunday 28 May 2017

Corrie Weekly Awards for May 22 - 26

Shoe Shock award: The definitive clue (or so Ken thinks). The red shoes are Adam's !

Cards on the Table award: Daniel for standing up to and threatening Adam if he causes Sinead to get into trouble.

Cry Wolf, er... Duck award: Norris was faking his injury.

Cone of Invisibility award: Adam grabs Daniel, punches him in the stomach and loads him into the boot. In broad daylight. On the street (Ok, round the corner on Viaduct street by the door of the flat but it's facing to the Bistro). Nobody sees. Nobody.

Superstition award: Brian got all bothered when Roy used a knife to stir his tea, and when salt was spilled and an umbrella opened inside. I'm sure I missed some. (But if Brian had done the dishes when he was supposed to, the knife stir wouldn't have happened.)

Consumer Fail award: Why on earth, if Daniel hasn't lived in or paid rent on a flat in nearly 6 months, is the landlord JUST NOW come after him to paint the walls? No landlord would have left that flat empty that long.

A Battersby Scorned award: Leanne tore a strip off Nick. An angry Battersby is a sight to be feared!

Lines of the week:
Ken "That book made a real impression on me" (You don't say!)
Mary "You were attacked by a couple of ducks, Norris,not a pack of wolves"
Mary "There's something else. A smell. Hotpot. And Destiny"
Adam about Sinead "Can't tell if she wants to sleep with me or murder me" (Oh I can tell you! Looks *can* kill!)
Steve about the pub "If these walls could talk, they wouldn't be short of something to say" (ain't that the truth!)
Brian "Stir with a knife, stir up strife"
Nick "I want Steve to lose the pub but not if Peter gets it" (The words Up and Grow come to mind)
Leanne "Can you have Oliver for a bit, cause he's too young for the sight of blood"
Nick "You sinking all the profits into a baby you're never going to have" Toyah "Wow that's not below the belt that's three floors down!" Leanne "Buy a pub you don't even want with money you don't even have unless you won a lottery and didn't tell me that either"
Daniel "Don't worry. He's perfectly safe with me" (shiver)

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Maricha said...

The bit that puzzled me wasn't that the flat hadn't been rented in six months because that could be due to lots of things, but that Daniel, instead of the landlord, was responsible for painting the flat. I can understand making a tenant responsible for unusual damage to a property but for getting the place spiffy enough for the next tenants seems outrageous.

Anonymous said...

It is not uncommon in the UK for this to happen. It is usually cited in the tenancy agreement that any decoration/alteration done to the property must be returned to its original state when the tenants leave, thus leaving the property in the same spiffy state as when they originally moved in. This is normal. They could lose their deposit otherwise

Tvor said...

Here in Canada, too. Some rentals will let you paint the walls whatever colour you want but you have to repaint back to the original, normally some shade of white or cream, before you move out.

Corriegated Cardboard said...

another line: "there's some interference mate, i can't hear you" tim: "only from me cheese butty"


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