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Thursday 31 October 2013

Coronation Street episode review, Wednesday 30 October

As Hallowe'en approaches on the Street, Faye sets about arranging her party. Sally and Tim can’t come, as they’ll be spending the evening with Brian and Julie - a dinner party straight out of a horror film, and Tim's worst nightmare. However, despite ordering Faye to arrange it, Grace announces she can’t make it either, and the party is promptly changed to Friday on her account. This now means Sally and Tim can go, much to Anna’s annoyance. However, Grace’s manipulation of Faye doesn’t go unnoticed by Owen who tells Anna that she has nobody to blame but Grace. Faye’s friend may continue to impress Anna, but Owen is not convinced.

Eileen is none too happy to find Lloyd in the pub when he has turned down her offer of a drink earlier in the day, but they make up over pint of Newton and Ridley’s finest, and all is well with the world.

Beth asks Sinead to sew underwear for her on the sly to help her win Employee of the Month, and thus £100. We wouldn't expect vanilla Sinead to approve of her aunt’s scheme, and she predictably says no. In an effort to convince her, Beth reminds her of the things she has done for her in the past, like covering for her when she’s out with her mates, writing a note pretending to be her mam to get her out of PE, and offering her a spray tan. Is this a different Sinead we’re hearing about? She sounds infinitely more exciting, but there is absolutely nothing about her character that would indicate any of these would be plausible. However, she bizarrely agrees to help her cheat, resulting in uncharacteristic behaviour that is difficult to believe in.

Hallowe'en can be a scary time, but surely the most terrifying prospect from tonight’s Corrie was the sight of David Platt looking in The Kabin window asking Rita, “You ain’t got any jobs for fighter pilots or brain surgeons have you?” Hasn’t the Demon Barber of Coronation Street done enough damage over the years? Think of the mayhem he’d unleash if he had access to brains or planes. Thankfully there are no such vacancies. Rita sympathises with him without knowing the full story, and despite being tempted “just for the look on your face”, he doesn’t tell her. Rita finds herself in the Rovers with Liz as both try to piece together the truth without much success.

Liz acts as voice of reason to stubborn Tina who finally pays for the window damage to Barlow’s Buys, and despite Tracy’s insistence, Rob doesn’t charge her for the laptops Tracy broke deliberately.

Domestic bliss continues for Tina and David, and he even jokingly proposes marriage until he’s reminded that he’s already married to Kylie. Out of work, he certainly looks the part of house husband with his tea towel slung over one shoulder and the dinner on.

Stella is thrilled to get a call from Leanne to say she’s coming back. Over at the Bistro, Gail tries to push Gloria for news to no avail, and is firmly told, “same family, different branch”. If that’s her attitude, why are they all working together to keep the Bistro going?

When Leanne does arrive back on the cobbles, the first thing she sees is Nick, Kylie and the kids going into the house. Judging by her face, things aren’t going to be straightforward. Gail is delighted to see her, but fails to pressurise her into visiting Nick straight away. She runs to give him the good news, but can only tell him that Leanne has promised to visit him later in the day.

Gloria asks her why she’s back, and is told she is there “to find out”. When Simon arrives with Peter, he runs into Leanne’s arms. It is disappointing and implausible to witness Leanne unwilling to commit to Simon about their future. Was it not this type of uncertainty which she was at pains to remove him from? “We’ll just have to wait and see” is a reply heard by Simon many times, and now he is hearing it from the mother who promised a secure future for him.

As Nick waits anxiously for her visit, Kylie is there to reassure him, and convince him to be patient, advising him not to mess things up by rushing to see her first. She continues to be a rock for Nick, tying his shoelaces, offering him a friendly ear, and being the voice of reason as Gail irritates him and fusses around him.

Leanne is finally on the way, but first she encounters David drinking from a bag of cans on the steps of Underworld. What’s all this about? Two minutes ago he was giving Nigella Lawson a run for her money in Tina’s cosy kitchen, and now he’s drinking on the street like he has nowhere else to go? Leanne confronts him about what he has done to Nick and congratulates him on destroying their lives. Despite the pain he claims to be in, he seems nonplussed, and she marches on to confront Nick.

Kylie’s success at getting meddling Gail offside when Leanne arrives is sadly the only source of humour in this episode. Nick tells Leanne he wants them to try again, and she tells him she can’t. Her reason for coming back was to find out “what I can and what I can’t do”, and Simon is mentioned as an afterthought. She says she can’t move back in with Nick, and might never be able to, leaving him despondent.

It was a grim note to end what was frankly a grim episode. Coronation Street has always been famous for its ability to combine laughter and drama, and this is central to its appeal. I live in hope that there are happier times planned for its characters so it retains the tried and tested formula we know and love.

By Emma Hynes
Twitter: @ELHynes

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Pics: Coronation Street - Horrible Hallowe'en

With thanks to ITV for sending us these fabulous archive pictures for our Coronation Street horrible Hallowe'en blog post.  All the pictures below are from the Hallowe'en episode in 2003 when Fred Elliot threw a Hallowe'en party in the Rovers Return.

The episode aired on Friday 31st October 2003 and was written by Daran Little. 

One of the great lines in the episode came from Jack Duckworth: "You've heard of the Bride of Frankenstein? Well I'm the husband of Vera Duckworth."

You can read the 2003 Hallowe'en episode synopsis on Wikipedia.

You might also like to read our Top 5 Coronation Street Hallowe'en Howlers

How many of the Corrie characters from the pictures below, taken 10 years ago, can you remember?

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Wednesday 30 October 2013

Toxic Tracy, tedious Tina and Todd the troublemaker

I really was looking forward to the return of Todd Grimshaw. His original stint in Coronation Street was very successful and the coming-out storyline well scripted and well handled by all concerned. However, reading the spoilers for next weeks episodes, it looks as if our Todd has had a personality transplant since leaving to live in that London.

Going on next weeks episodes there appears to be a touch of the Tracy Barlow about Mr Grimshaw these days. The previously intelligent, thoughtful, caring character now apparently boasts the dubious qualities of a lying manipulator.

He's also gone from a promising young student to someone else desparate for a job in the Bistro. I think we all know what Nick will make of that development. It is also such a cliche that Todd would attempt to split up Marcus and Maria, if the rumours are true. I think Corrie can do better than this.

It just seems such a shame to me. Nice characters need not be boring, so I don't know why we have to suffer through so many mean, nasty feuds these days. The current Tracy, Tina spat is about as exciting as watching paint dry. Characters being at each others throats all the time isn't necessarily dramatic and involving for us viewers. Corrie have of course pulled this trick before. The powers that be brought back both Amber and Sunita, did nothing with them of any note, then transformed their previously pleasant characters into very much the complete opposite. The ruining of Sunita's character in particular was embarrassing and uncomfortable to watch. Let's just hope Todd doesn't go the same way.

I know it is far too early to judge, I just get very frustrated with my favourite soap when I see patterns repeating themselves. Let's hope Todd's return to Weatherfield does eventually live up to my expectations. I'm not saying I want a rehash of what he did during his original stint, however it would be great to see evidence of this character having matured and developed for the better during his absence.

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10 reasons why Gail Platt is a cultural icon

gail platt
With thanks to Vada Magazine and writer Martyn Hakan Hett for allowing us permission to post this fab tribute to Gail Platt to the Coronation Street Blog, 

Martyn is on twitter @MartynHett and is the person responsible for the Audrey Roberts noise. Check out the 10 reasons he's a Deirdre Barlow fan, also published online in Vada Magazine here.

But for now, enjoy the magic that is Gail Platt.
1) Her seduction skills are second to none
Ever wondered how Gail has gotten through so many men? I’d most definitely put it down to her powers of seduction. In the following video, we see Gail subtly attempt to have a quickie with her mother’s ex Lewis on her lunch-break. You have to admit, the girl’s got stamina. Unfortunately Lewis was only pretending to fancy her so he could steal her vast fortune; but had it been any other man, I doubt they could have possibly said no:

2) Her talent knows no bounds
Former waitress, receptionist and now head cleaner at the bistro – Gail has already built up an impressive resume. But her talents don’t end there. She’s also an incredible singer and dancer, and her repertoire is vast and versatile, ranging from the Nolans all the way to Katy Perry.  I should probably point out that it took me 3 entire hours to locate the 90s version of Gail singing ‘In The Mood For Dancing’, and when I did eventually find it, I almost suffered a seizure, so please enjoy it:

3) She’s the Elizabeth Taylor of Weatherfield.
Gail’s never had it easy when it comes to men. Her first marriage to Brian Tilsley was abruptly ended when she had an affair. Unsurprisingly, a man can only stay away from Gail for so long, and they remarried her shortly after. However, it seems karma is a bitch, and Gail’s second chance of happiness was thwarted when Brian was stabbed in a back alley outside a nightclub. Thankfully, Gail traded in for a younger model and found love in toy-boy Martin Platt. Unfortunately Martin did the same to Gail and had an affair with a Geordie nurse (who eventually got bored and emigrated to Kuala Lumpur). Gail soldiered on and began a relationship with Richard Hillman, whom she married in 2002. But once again, the curse of Gail struck and he turned out to be a serial killer who drove her entire family into a canal. Standard. At this point, most people would have given up – but not our Gail! Her 5th marriage to a man named Joe McIntyre ended in tears when he sailed into the night on a boat, got a bit pissed, fell off and died. Despite these 5 unsuccessful attempts at marriage, Gail still remains confident that one day she’ll find her Mr Right. For that, I applaud her.
4) She partakes in recreational drug usage

5) She champions the polo-neck
Despite the polo-neck being a trend that comes and goes as the years go by, Gail has remained defiant, wearing them consistently for the past 38 years. Not only this but Gail manages to change and adapt the garment in order to suit every occasion. In the collage I created below we see Gail looking pretty in polo-necks at funerals, weddings and even in jail.
gail platt rollnecks

6) She has mood altering stairs
In the clip below, we see Gail enjoying a foot massage from a male companion. Once again, she turns on her sultry swag and claims that it’s “so good it must be bad for me”. It seems as though Gail’s finally about to get some when her male friend takes her by the hand and leads her to the stairs. But for some reason, as soon as her delicate, massaged feet touch the first few steps – Gail goes all psycho-bitch on his ass and throws him out without so much as an explanation. Perhaps she was predicting her future stair-based attack from her son David?

7) She’s a power bottom

8) She’s developed her own labelling system. It’s simple, but it works.
Gail is very precious about her personal possessions. Presumably as a result of the abuse she’s suffered from the various tenants she’s had in her house (second only to Eileen who somehow manages to house 86 people in her 2 bedroom terrace), Gail has developed a labelling system. It’s simple, but it works – and if you are stupid enough to abuse this system, you WILL face Gail’s wrath.

9) She does a great ‘end of part one’
Corrie may not have a ‘duh duh’ moment like EastEnders, but there’s often space for a dramatic moment before the commercial break – something EastEnders definitely lacks. In the below video, Gail gives us one of the finest ‘End of Part One’ moments ever featured in Coronation Street. It was 1979, possibly before the ability to freeze-frame shots. As a result of this, Gail remains poised and still for an awkwardly long time as the ‘End Of Part One’ text fades in. She’s so graceful, you’d never even know she was in motion.

10) She’d have your back in a fight
You’d never think that such a delicate flower like Gail would condone or partake in the act of violence. But you are incredibly mistaken. Because I have far too much time on my hands, I’ve created a compilation video of Gail’s various scuffles. Passionate and determined – it’s safe to say she’d definitely have your back in a fight.

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Mysteries of the Weatherfield Wayfarer

There's a great blog post (if you like buses and Corrie, which ahem, I do) on Mancunian1001's blog in which the Weatherfield Wayfarer is discussed.

Along with the Weatherfield Wayfarer, the blog post details of the Greater Manchester bus service which once serviced the now defunct Granada Studios Tour, a bus specially called "The GM Buses TV Special".

And I love this bit below about the Corrie bus itself, worth reprinting in full but do please read the full blog post at Mancunian1001.
"The Weatherfield Wayfarer
In Coronation Street, references to catching the bus had appeared in Corrie scripts since the start. On a negative note, a bus was party to the death of Ida Barlow in 1961. Also in the same year, Ena Sharples was left behind by mistake on the return leg of a Blackpool Illuminations trip. (Yes, I know she could have caught the X60 to Lower Mosley Street)."

The blogger is looking for those who drove of the GM Buses TV Special services, check it out here.

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Video preview of tonight's Corrie - Gail pressures Leanne

Here's a sneak video preview of tonight's Coronation Street:

Gail comes face to face with Leanne. Gail's the last person Leanne wants to see and she ends up being pressured into seeing Nick.

Read the full episode preview here.

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Preview of tonight's Coronation Street, Weds 30 October

LEANNE FACES A TOUGH DECISION. Leanne arrives back on the street.  She explains to Stella how she needed to see her family and Simon but she’s not sure how she feels about Nick. When Leanne calls at No.8 Kylie drags Gail upstairs leaving Nick and Leanne to talk. Nick begs Leanne to put everything behind them and give their relationship another chance but can Leanne forgive a pleading Nick?
RITA WORRIES FOR DAVID. Liz urges Tina to pay for the window but David doesn’t think she should. When Rita sees a homeless and jobless David looking at the situations vacant in the Kabin window, she’s worried.
FAYE CONJURES UP A WICKED HALLOWEEN PARTY. Faye’s excited about her party but when Grace announces she now can’t come Faye’s gutted and begs Anna to change it to the next night. Owen notes Grace has got Faye wrapped round her little finger but Anna’s just pleased she’s happy.
ELSEWHERE Beth asks Sinead if she’ll help her win employee of the month

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Tuesday 29 October 2013


In many ways, 1997 was a pivotal year for British society.  Tony Blair became Prime Minister, ending 18 years of Tory rule.  Princess Diana and Mother Teresa died.  Britain won Eurovision for the first time since 1981, and the first Harry Potter novel was released.  Meanwhile, on Coronation Street, everything started going a bit mad.

The show was in its late thirties, and seemed to have a bit of a mid-life crisis.  Its soap rivals were  eclipsing it in every way.  EastEnders was lording it over all and sundry, dominating the headlines with its storylines and characters.  Emmerdale was newly resurgent, the air crash on the village in 1993 having captured a different audience.  Brookside's commitment to being as insane as possible at all times was leading to numerous stories about "droogs" and surrogacy and incest and violence.  And Hollyoaks had started in 1995, filling the screen with pretty, dumb actors doing pretty, dumb things, usually with their shirts off.

Next to all of this, the Street seemed old fashioned.  It was still getting massive viewing figures, but the audience was aging, and so was the cast.  Most of the cast of Hollyoaks wouldn't remember figures like Elsie Tanner or Annie Walker; they'd left when they were barely out of nappies. 

A new producer was appointed, Brian Park, and he went to work on the show with a bloody axe.  His most famous cull was Derek Wilton, who'd worked his way up from minor incidental character to well-loved resident over the years.  Park decided to kill Derek, for what seemed like no reason other than spite.  In fact, it was a shot across the bows, a sign that he was going to shake things up.  Killing a well-liked older character was his message to viewers that things were changing.  It had the incidental effect of outraging Thelma Barlow so much she immediately handed in her notice, sending Mavis off to run a B&B.

Meanwhile, Park split up Kevin and Sally, one of those soap couplings you thought would be together forever, and Don Brennan was blown up in Mike Baldwin's Jaguar.  Brennan's funeral saw the return from Canada of Nicky Tilsley, now reshaped into a vaguely human-shaped piece of Play-Doh.  This was the second prong of Park's vision for the show - sex.  The new Nicky had floppy hair, a vaguely befuddled personality, and a fatal allergy to shirts; he apparently existed in his own microclimate where it was permanently 90 degrees in the shade and so he had to wear the bare minimum at all times.

Also introduced at this time was Chris Collins, a garage mechanic straight out of a low-rent gay porn, and a new lodger for Emily Bishop.  Percy Sugden was packed off to sheltered accommodation and replaced by Spider Nugent, an eco-warrior who bore a legally just distinct enough resemblance to the then popular Swampy.  Over the road, Ashley Peacock took over the Wilton's house with Maxine, while the Mallets moved in Zoe to be their surrogate mother.  Everywhere you looked there were suddenly Clearasil'd teenage faces.

Everywhere you looked that wasn't Battersby shaped, anyway.  Emmerdale was having a great popular success with its nightmarish Dingle family, and so Corrie stole the plans, photocopied them, and made their own version, the Battersbys.  For a while Les, Janice, Toyah and Leanne were all over the show, either driving the Street's residents mad or forming unlikely alliances.  By Christmas, Leanne had replaced Mavis in the Kabin and was spooning with Nicky, a coupling that was just sexy enough to get them on the front of teenage magazines.

The biggest storyline of course was Deirdre Rachid being imprisoned.  At that time Deirdre was a bit of a floating character, still in the show but without much purpose, and hanging on in there mainly through good will from the audience.  Park realised that if he wronged Deirdre, there would be outrage even among people who'd stopped watching the show, though I doubt he realised that wrongfully imprisoning her would end up in Hansard.  The Free Deirdre campaign caught the public's imagination and was milked for all it was worth.

By now it was 1998 and Brian Park's storylines were really yielding fruit.  Corrie was being talked about again as a popular show, not as the preserve of your mum or your nan.  He began pushing the envelope even further.  The first transsexual on a British soap opera was introduced, which got instant headlines about "sensationalism".  True, Hayley was little more than a punchline at first ("Roy's finally found a girlfriend - but she's a MAN!") but Julie Hesmondhalgh's excellent performance and careful writing turned her into a much-loved character (admittedly, mainly after Brian Park left).  Nicky and Leanne married, got pregnant, got an abortion, and divorced, all within about six months.  Les Battersby found he had an improbably handsome long-lost son, Greg, who subsequently turned out to be a psychopath.  Anne Malone froze to death in Freshco's freezers - still one of the most macabre and out-of-nowhere soap exits.

Even long term characters began to do strange things.  Ken Barlow became an escort.  Emily Bishop climbed a tree.  Jim McDonald was pushed off some scaffolding by Steve. 

The final straw came with the Cult of Nirab, which Countdown fans will recognise as an anagram of "Brian".  Poor Zoe Tattersall - who'd lost her baby and then her mind - became a sex slave to Ben in the worship of a strange God.  This was frankly bonkers, and worse, not even original (Brookside had a cult at number 5 for months).  The storyline was half-hearted, unrealistic and just plain stupid.  It was Park's last throw of the dice; he departed the show to create well-known bastions of realistic storytelling like Footballer's Wives and Bad Girls.

The weird thing is, though he is still spoken of in horrified tones by some Corrie fans, he genuinely did what he meant to do.  Brian Park took the show, shook it up and gave it a future it might not have had.  Now, in 2013, Britain's in bits over the loss of Hayley; Leanne is a pillar of the community; Nicky's on his third face.  There are young people in the show all the time, but they fit well, and have been allowed to grow into regulars. Tyrone, Fizz, Chesney, Sophie, David, Tina - they were all introduced as youngsters and have been allowed to mature into mainstays of the programme, something that very few characters under the age of twenty were allowed to do before (think of the ever disappearing Tracy Barlow).  His cull wasn't all bad, either; he got rid of Bill Webster, which seemed like a loss at the time, until he returned a decade later and reminded us that no, he was useless after all.

It was a strange, strange time on Coronation Street.  And it's useful to remember that, no matter how crazy the plotlines get these days, no matter how many comedy murderers there are or falling trams or who's the daddy babies, things will never, ever, be as bad as that cult plotline.

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Love Coronation Street? Love gardening? Buy this!

These absolutely fantastic Coronation Street birdhouses are created by Jim Dileva in Canada, some of them using Pickled Jo (Jo Blakeley)'s Coronation Street caricatures

Check them out - and buy yourself one for Christmas at  Jim will ship these wonderful birdhouses to orders placed by fans in the UK.

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Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street, Nov 4 - 8

Without any piffle, here's the storyline for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Week of Monday 4 November to Friday 8 November

Todd returns - with angry boyfriend in tow, Roy confides in Anna, Faye’s led astray by Grace, Leanne moves back in with Nick, Steve enrols in night-school.

The full weekly preview, with loads of pictures is right here on

Missed last week's Corrie? 
Catch up with the Coronation Street Weekly Updates  

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Monday 28 October 2013

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 28 October

Is there any viewer of Coronation Street who prefers Tracy to Tina? My bet is that there probably is not, but you can never be sure. Tina has her faults but she's not a murderer, an absent mother or driven by a massive desire to bring down anyone who slightly annoys her, or someone who claims that someone has smashed three laptops when she knows for sure that the person she's accusing didn't do it.

Good to see Deirdre tonight. She now has no illusions as to the true character of her and her former husband, Ray Langton's biological daughter. In Barlow's Buys tonight (have we ever seen anyone buy anything except for Rita's ring?) Rita enters the fray and asks that the Tina v Tracy feud ends. Deirdre is there and Rita, in the presence of Tracy's mother, says, 'Every time I think you can't sink any lower, you do.' On hearing this, Deirdre, with dreadful resignation in her voice, says, 'What have you done now?' After all, how can Deirdre be anything other than resigned when her daughter has committed murder? As David pointed out to Tina, right at the beginning, 'Tracy's a pit-bull - if she smells weakness she'll have you.' So unfair David - to pit-bulls.

The public apology that Tracy was so keen to achieve, she gets from Tina, who has good advice from Rita. However, Tracy was unaware that Rob had said he'd pay for the smashed window if Tina would just apologise in public. Tracy of course finds this out and takes Rob to task. She tells him, 'I'm your girlfriend.' As Tracy says girlfriend, Tina says 'psycho'. Rob tells Tracy that she's off her head to which Tracy asks why he's with her and he says he sometimes wonders.

Tracy goes to her mum's who kindly offers to make her signature dish, stuffed marrow. Unkindly, though amusingly, Tracy tells her mother that she feels bad enough. During a tete a tete between mother and daughter, Tracy says that she thought he understood her and that he was the one. Deirdre says they are too alike, calling Rob a 'self-centred snake who'll stop at nothing to get what he wants.' Not the most loving comment a mother can make.Then Rob turns up with a bunch of blooms. Deirdre emits a couple of heartfelt sighs, and who can blame her. That said, many will prefer even Rob to Tracy.

Watch out Faye and Anna, and for that matter, Sally and Tim. The argument over Sally's change in the cafe was completely orchestrated by Grace. She saw her chance and she took the change. She sat back, as cool as a cucumber as the adults raged at each other. Then the money was spotted on the floor because Grace dropped it there. When we first heard Grace she was saying how fat someone looked in her skinny jeans. Faye, seemed uneasy, swept along by Grace's stronger personality, which also resulted in Faye flattering Anna, then asking for a Hallowe'en party, to which Anna, somewhat surprisingly, agreed. Faye complimenting her cooking might have had something to do with it. On his return from taking Grace home, Owen points out that Faye is playing Anna like a fiddle.

So it's properly over between Sophie and Jenna and Jenna is seen seeking comfort from her dad, Lloyd, who then regales his daughter with his own failed affairs. Hmmm. Not sure many daughters (or sons) want to hear this from their dads...

Any support for Peter's idea of Employer of the Month? A motivational strategy it is, according to Peter. A cash bonus of £100 in the pay packet certainly catches Beth's attention and certainly cures the finger, with the help of a plaster.

Heavy going tonight, with little levity, except for the delightful Sinead. She takes Chesney's uniform and sews MANAGER onto it. Light hearted talk about CEO being Coleslaw Executive Officer and then BGE, for Best Girlfriend Ever. So sweet.

Poor Nick - we first seeing him doing his physio, and doing well but psychologically things are not going well. He is hell bent on phoning Leanne and he misses her so much. When he collapses outside he calls for David who comes along to help and takes Nick home. The family seem just a little less hostile than previously so it looks like eventually David might be able to go home.

Nick though looks like a broken man. Please Leanne, take him back, soon. Audrey thinks it's a good idea to be honest with Nick and say to him that Leanne might not come back, at which Nick storms out.

Dear Readers, I have been on a very important Coronation Street mission today at the ITV studios. All will be revealed before too long.    

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Sophie Webster's new girlfriend has been cast

I never liked Sophie and Jenna together because I care too much about both characters and they never seemed right together. Jenna's far too good for chavvy-Sophie and I'm pleased they've split up. Hopefully both of them will find happiness elsewhere. 

Well, we know that Sophie's going to get a new girlfriend as actress Brooke Vincent, who plays Sophie, has confirmed it.

Brooke told the Daily Star Sunday: "Things are going to get interesting for Sophie. There's a new character coming into the show that is really going to shake things up." saying that her new girlfriend will join Corrie at Christmas.

Digital Spy say that Corrie bosses have denied reports that the newcomer is former Waterloo Road star Chelsee Healey, confirming that the part has been given to an unknown actress.
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Favourite Corrie couples countdown - first poll

Who's your favourite Corrie couple? As Elsie Tanner once said: now there's a question. Can anyone choose only one couple out of the tens that have appeared on the cobbles for over 50 years?

Over the years, there have been countless polls asking people for their favourite Coronation Street couples and I thought it would be fun to include one on this, the ultimate website for hardcore Corrie fans.

There are 50 couples in all in my poll and the first five are below. There'll be a new batch of couples every week so vote for your favourites. I've tried to separate the most popular couples but it was no easy task, believe me! And I know I'll have forgotten some but I think there's a representation for every commenter.

You can vote for 2 couples every week.

Now then, who's in our first batch?

Len Fairclough and Rita Littlewood/Fairclough (1972-1983) - Their love story dominated Corrie storylines between 1972 and 1977 that culminated in their ratings winner wedding. Their relationship was tempestuous and fiery and consisted of various arguments, tiffs, broken engagements and walk outs. The Faircloughs are also remembered for fostering various children in the early 80s. Len died in 1983.

Chesney Brown and Katy Armstrong (2010-2013) - They met at Chesney's birthday party and they were attracted to each other. But they soon had to grow up when Katy fell pregnant and gave birth to Joseph in 2011. Despite the struggles of being young parents, Chesney and Katy seemed to accept it and still loved each other. That was until Katy fell for Ryan Connor and his 'young and free' attitude. Katy's adultery led to the break-up of a couple that could've gone on to be one of the stablest in the street.

Derek Wilton and Mavis Riley/Wilton (1976-1979, 1984-1997) - If there was any couple destined to be together - here they are! Both nervous and ditherers, they first planned to marry in 1984 but they both jilted each other! They finally married in 1988 and settled into a marriage consisting of gnomes and budgies. Derek also had a rival for Mavis' affections in the form of Victor Pendlebury. Derek died in 1997.

Alec Gilroy and Bet Lynch/Gilroy (1986-1992) - She spent years on her quest for a hubby, and in 1987 Bet finally got married - to stingy and bumbling Alec Gilroy. Considering her previous conquests, Alec was a surprise choice and street residents and viewers alike questioned the pairing. The pair ran the Rovers together and the marriage was filled with sarcastic banter which made the marriage popular. Although seen at first as a marriage of convinience, when Bet suffered a miscarriage, the Gilroys' affection towards each other was evident. The marriage ended when Alec left the Rovers for a job in Southampton, leaving Bet behind. 

Harry Hewitt and Concepta Riley/Hewitt (1960-1964, 1967) -  Harry met Concepta in the Rovers and proposed to her in Blackpool and they married in 1961 - the first regular characters to marry. Like any other couple, the Hewitts had arguments over Harry spending more time in the Rovers with pal Len than with his wife. Concepta fell pregnant and gave birth to Christopher in 1962. By 1964, Concepta was worried about Christopher's health and persuaded Harry to move to Ireland. The Hewitts returned to Elsie Tanner's wedding in 1967 and while fixing a van, Harry was crushed to death when the jack slipped. 

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Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 28 October

TRACY PUSHES TINA TOO FAR. Tina’s still gunning for Tracy when she receives a large bill for the smashed shop window. Desperate to end the feud, Rita tries to talk some sense into Tracy but Tracy just laughs in her face. Wanting to end the feud Rob catches up with Tina. Playing on the strain this is placing on Rita he offers a deal; he’ll pay for the repairs if Tina will publically apologise to Tracy, who can never know of their deal. Will Tina agree?
DEFIANT NICK DOES TOO MUCH, TOO SOON. Given hope that Leanne will return Nick pushes himself to the limit with his physio exercises. Gail confides in Kylie that she’s worried he’s getting his hopes up and Leanne may never return. But when the subject of Leanne is broached, how will Nick react?
FAYE’S LED ASTRAY BY A SCHOOLFRIEND. As Tim moves his stuff into Sally’s, Faye’s unimpressed. Grace offers to show her how to make Sally’s life a misery but what has she got in store for poor Sally?
ELSEWHERE Against Carla’s wishes, Peter introduces a bonus scheme at the factory for the most productive worker.

TINA’S FEUD WITH TRACY CONTINUES. Rob covers when Tracy demands to  know what Tina was insinuating and Tina learns from Rita that Rob tricked her into doing a deal with him. Angry, she readily tells Tracy  all about it. Tracy’s left questioning her relationship with Rob. She loves him but he’s a made a fool of her, can she trust him?
NICK’S RESCUED BY AN UNLIKELY HERO. As Nick is gripped by a panic attack a passing David rushes to his aid and ushers him back inside no.8. David’s full of concern for his brother but will Gail, Audrey and Kylie allow him back into the fold? Meanwhile Nick clings onto hope that Leanne will return.
FAYE WRAPS ANNA ROUND HER LITTLE FINGER. With Grace whispering in her ear, Faye asks Anna if she can have a Halloween party. Anna agrees to think about it but when Faye starts pulling on her heartstrings as instructed by Grace, claiming she just wanted something to look forward to after all that’s been happening with her dad and Sally, will Anna fall for it?
ELSEWHERE Beth is very impressed with Sinead’s sewing.

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