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Tuesday 23 May 2017

Coronation Street Spoiler: Nick in Quicksand Horror

The previews for next week’s Coronation Street storylines show a happy family day on the beach ending in disaster for Nick.

In an effort to put their differences to one side, Leanne orders Peter, Toyah, Nick and Steve to meet her in the bistro. Nick arrives with Simon and in an effort to impress Leanne, suggests they all have a day out at the seaside.

But a kickabout on the beach quickly descends into a petty squabble. Unaware that Leanne is in earshot, Nick reveals to Peter that he knows Leanne’s alibi is a lie as he saw Peter himself that night.

When Leanne finds out, she tells Nick it’s over between them. Nick walks out to sea, thinking they’d all be better off without him. As Nick trudges along the beach, he suddenly finds himself sucked into the quicksand. Will his cries for help be heard?

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully not.

Maricha said...

Hopefully yes. Then he realizes this isn't worth losing his life over and is for Leanne to deal with. He sells his share of the Bistro to Leanne as it was meant to be before Robert interfered then leaves for London.

Tvor said...

THey've already made Gail into Ivy, I hope she doesn't lose her son like Ivy did and all. I don't want to see Nick die, he's part of one of the strongest families on the street. He should leave alive so they can bring the character back some day.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon.)--Of course he won't die, at least not here. As a big fan of this Nick (didn't like the other one)LOL, I find it pretty rich that Peter and Steve--the two deadbeats of the street--and Leanne, who has been the initiator of more crooked and spiteful schemes (stealing the girls' lottery win, burning down her restaurant)all feel the street would be better off without Nick! Yeah, probably right--as a successful businessman being an amazing father he just doesn't fit in with all these other "dads" (if you can call them that) who abandon their kids, lie to them, try to get them aborted, endanger and neglect them etc. How did this aberration show up on the street?!

Anonymous said...

Er, Jeanie, if you recall, Nick made Leanne get an abortion when they were married years ago.

abbyk said...

Re: the abortion, the lottery theft and the arson, those were all horrible but they were far in the past. For Leanne, it was before she became a parent. For Nick, it was before he went away and had his life changing whatever. Then they grew up. Since she adopted Simon/he returned as a capable business owner, both have been living fairly responsibly. He has had spiteful moments of jealousy but that's it. Hate how they've given him the nasty I'm leaving personality change. Hope they don't kill him off, the Platts won't be the same.

Laura said...

I'm not a Nick fan, but I hope they don't kill him off either and I don't think they will. It would be unnecessary, and there is far too much violence and death on the street already.

The person I feel worst for in all this is Simon, who is once again going to be abandoned by someone.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): and Nick's been making up for it (the early abortion) ever since, by being dad to Leanne's ever-growing brood of other men's kids! Seriously, though, you're referring to an event from when they were both still children themselves. Plus he didn't actually make her have an abortion, he pressured her to, just as Steve recently did, for much more selfish reasons. My point, however, isn't that Nick is perfect--it's just the others, Steve, Peter, Leanne, are as bad or worse, yet they are so sanctimonious about taking the high ground!

For example, Steve tried really hard to pressure and guilt trip Leanne into having an abortion. His actions were even worse because as an older woman with fertility issues this could well have been Leanne's last chance to have a child. Then, he wanted nothing to do with the pregnancy when his wife's unborn child was still alive and totally disowned it. It was only after the stillbirth that he suddenly had any interest in Baby II, the one he fervently hoped would be aborted. Liz wanted to be grandmother to the baby as soon as she knew, but Steve wanted absolutely nothing to do with it till his preferred child died. Totally hypocritical!

Maricha said...

I agree Jeanie. The really out of line behavior from Nick is very far in his past but he gets compared unfavorably to adult men who are still behaving like brats and always will.
Nick can never do anything right in some people's eyes.I remember it being mentioned as a bad thing that he wanted a paternity test for Lily. Why is it acceptable for Steve to reveal he's Oliver father after lying about it until Ruari died if it was wrong for Nick to want to know if he was a father? Considering that David had tried to kill him, Nick had good reason to want to get a child of his away from David.
But, what benefit will Oliver get by being Steve's compared to the life he would have had with Leanne, Nick and Simon together? Steve didn't acknowledge Oliver for Liz's or anyone else's sake. He did it to lessen his grief over Ruari. To me that already makes him a bad parent and if I was Nick I'd be furious with Leanne for letting Steve horn in on their lives knowing he would cross the street to avoid them if Ruari was still around.
Same goes for Leanne involving herself in Peter's well deserved troubles. If a cab driver is too dumb to tell the cops to check his GPS for an alibi, don't go argue with his crazy girlfriend.

Jeevn said...

My guess is passerbys save Nick and he reeks havoc and revenge on the lot.

Anonymous said...

jeanie (anon): ha ha, didn't think of the GPS! But Peter's appeal has never been his brains.

Anonymous said...

Maricha,The reason David wanted to kill Nick was that he just found out that Nick had a drunken one night stand with his wife Kylie and kept quiet about it!
The worst part of it is that Gail knew,chose her golden boy Nick and even hoped he was Lily's father!No wonder David went over the edge!
Since then David has matured,is a good father to both Max and Lily and the voice of reason to his older brother who's going down a self-destructive path.


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