Saturday, 27 May 2017

Kate Oates on Corrie set expansion and 6th episode

At the Corrie press day in Manchester yesterday, producer Kate Oates spoke about the future of the show. As we know, it's undergoing historic changes with an extra episode each week coming later this year and expansion of the Coronation Street set.

Speaking about the extra episode, which will take Corrie up to six episodes each week, Kate said that they don't yet know what night it will be shown, or the exact date it will start. All that she could reveal is what we already know, that the 6th episode will begin "in the autumn."

Kate said: "Nothing is yet confirmed and scheduling are working on it at ITV towers, they’ll tell us soon."

And on the expansion of the Coronation Street set, she said she was very excited. "When someone walks down Coronation Street, they'll be able to turn a corner and walk onto another street. It’ll be like the Trueman show.

"We're starting to build imminently and there will be a few months of construction. Building works are going on now where we work so we have to be careful how we storyline at the moment and what we can show. It's exciting."

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Newfy Pearl said...

Very exciting....can't wait to see how it goes.
BTW It was 2 months from the time that Ken was attacked and the assailant exposed. I have read many people complain (on Facebook and elsewhere) that this is way too long. Is our attention span really getting that small?
I think that soap viewing may not be for the weak The thing with a soap is that you already know most of the characters before the storyline begins. You get to see it unfold from almost every angle. And then if handled correctly you have a feeling of satisfaction when it is complete.
There is a place for shows that clue up complex storylines in an hour...soap land is not one of them. What do you all think?

PoidaPete said...

Can't wait to see why the new expansion to the exterior set looks like!

Zagg said...

I think a street expansion is a good thing. I'm looking forward to it.

Cobblestone said...

I agree Pearl. Some stories, like the Caz/Maria nonsense, massively outstay their welcome, but that's because they were ill-conceived in the first place. The Barlows mystery sage has been very well handled, keeping us guessing constantly. I changed my mind twice before alighting on my final choice last week. These story threads are not for the MTV generation, with their attention span of 3 minutes! ;)

Newfy Pearl said...

LOL Cobblestone. :-)

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