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Thursday 30 October 2008

Steve McDonald gurn of the week - October 30

This is one of the best gurns that Steve McDonald's produced in weeks and Coronation Street fan Martin S. has captured it for the blog. Thanks a lot Martin! Want to see more Steve McDonald gurns? Click here. Got a Corrie gurn you'd like to share via this blog? Email it in!

Tuesday 28 October 2008

Coronation Street Weekly Update, October 27 2008

Bonjour dear readers and welcome to a special Hallowe’en version of this week’s Coronation Street update. Woo-oooah! Yes, the Hallowe’en special update comes complete with a funeral, grave, plenty of people wearing black, a howling dog and a mad woman locked in an attic.

At Liam’s funeral Carla’s dressed in best black, so there was no change there. Carla fled from the church feeling sorry for herself as Maria and the Connor clan listened to Liam’s dad give a reading, some strange woman singing and poor Ozzy crying. There was gravity at the graveside as everyone did the ashes to ashes, funk to funky. The only thing missing was Ozzy cocking his leg on the coffin to pay his respects.

Afters were held at the Rovers were there were sandwiches and singing and almost a fight when Liam’s mum squared up to Carla who was led out of the pub by Tony. He was pretending to be all cuddly towards Carla but then smashed the factory up later. After he flung Carla’s favourite cup to the floor and sent summat flying through a plate glass window, his face gave the slightest twitch, just underneath his good eye.

Over at the Barlow’s, Blanche says she’s off to Lourdres with the one o’clock club (who hold their extraordinary meeting at half past three) and asks Deirdre to come along too. Deirdre doesn’t want to go but she agrees in the end, only to find she’s been hired as an unpaid carer to look after the old dears. “There’ll be toilet duties,” warns the organiser which means Deirdre will be putting old ladies on the loo in Lourdes. Lummy. Blanche wants Lourdres to sort out her hip, her eyesight and her fungal growth on her toe. Deirdre’s just hoping no one gets the runs.

Up in the flat in the sky, Nina finds out that Dev’s still seeing her daughter and warns him to break it off or she’ll snap it off. Can Dev say tara to Tara? It doesn’t look like it as the two of them settle down for a romantic night in. However, Tara ends up walking out when Dev displays his Neanderthal streak after he finds Darryl in his pants in Amber’s bedroom. Poor Darryl, Dev shoves him semi-naked out of the flat with threats never to darken his newly painted, freshly carpeted, designer kitchened, doorway again. Trying to salvage his relationship with Tara, Dev decides to come clean with Prem but the news that Dev’s been having it away with both his wife and daughter doesn’t go down well and Prem banishes Dev from ever setting from in his newly painted, freshly carpeted, designer kitchened, doorway again.

Now then, if there was a prize for most stupid hostage of the year, it’d go to Rosie Webster. John’s had her locked up in the attic at his gran’s house but does she try to escape? Ladies and gentlemen, she does not. Well, she tries once but she doesn’t get very far although she had opportunity galore to get out of that house. She could have smashed the door, window or John’s head in with any amount of large, heavy items but she didn’t. She could have spent her days bashing the door off its hinges but she chose instead to lie on her bed reading Heat magazine. And so it’s official, Rosie Webster wins most stupid hostage of the year and her prize is the key to the door so she can lock herself in whenever she chooses. Second prize is two keys incase she loses the first. “I’ve not abducted yer, I’ve ringfenced yer,” said John, which made me chuckle, I don’t know about you.

Speaking of the Barlow’s, as we were, Ken gets a phone call from Peter who tells him that Lucy’s died. You remember Lucy, surely, she was the feckless florist who dithered in the doorway of her flat every time we saw her on screen. Anyway, they’ve killed her off and now Peter’s been left with a son called Simon, both of whom will be turning up on the cobbles soon.

Aunty Pat and Tyrone continue to flog cheap tat in the pubs which raises enough money for Tyrone to buy Molly’s wedding dress of her dreams from Rhapsody Blanco which is a wedding shop in the precinct; not, as I suspected, a cheap plonk from Lidl.

Meanwhile, at Emily’s there are peculiar parcels turning up for Norris. He’s embarrassed, you can tell, and passes one of the unwrapped boxes to Molly as a wedding gift. She’s over the moon to discover it’s a fizzy drinks maker but why is Norris being so secretive about the boxes? Just what’s he up to this time?

And finally this week there’s good news in Roy’s Rolls. Roy takes a phone call from Hayley to say she’s coming home. I’m hoping it’ll be a Christmas reunion, all romantic and snowy, with Roy slaving over his chocolate log in the caff as Hayley’s pink cheery face appears at the caf√© window just as the first snowflakes fall and carol singers, all orphans of course, start singing in sweet harmony on the cobbles as the jingle of bells intermingles with the familiar theme tune and a million Corrie viewers up and down the land stifle sobs into their Christmas sherry.

And that’s just about that for this week.

Coronation Street writers this week were Carmel Morgan, Joe Turner, Julie Jones, Martin Allen and Debbie Oates.

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Corrie's gone to Iceland

I read a story in my Sunday paper that I thought was a late April Fool.

However, on checking it really does appear that there's an Icelandic investment company called Arev which has a private equity arm called Kcaj.

Yup, it's Jack and Vera spelled backwards.

Odder still is that Arev have just bought leather goods brand Aspinal of London and have called the new company Yerrt. You couldn't make it up.

Saturday 25 October 2008

Nikki Sanderson plays young Cilla Black

Nikki Sanderson, who played Coronation Street crimper Candice Stowe, turns up in Ellis' new video Cilla Black's TV as a young Cilla.

Take a look at the video here on YouTube and there's also a behind-the-scenes video and some smashing pics on the Ellis website here.

Corrie writer profile: Martin Allen

Martin Allen's first Coronation Street episode was shown in December 1996.

He's also written for other telly shows including Bad Girls, Touch & Go and Resurrected. Bad Girls starred Debra Stephenson who went on to play Frankie Baldwin in Corrie. The show also starred Amanda Barrie who played Corrie's Alma Baldwin.

If you can help update any of the Corrie writers’ profiles or provide their up to date pics, do please let me know.
You can find out more about your favourite Corrie writers by clicking on the links below:

Where have you seen Maria's parents before?

If you think Maria's mum and dad look familiar on Coronation Street, then you'd be right. Eric and Dotty Sutherland are played by actors Steve Money and Susie Baxter. Both have played Maria's parents on Corrie before as well as appearing on screen in the likes of EastEnders, Emmerdale and many other hugely popular shows. Susie is also a talented theatre actress.

Thursday 23 October 2008

Steve McDonald gurn of the week - October 23

Steve McDonald: he's got the face that just keeps on giving. For more Stevie McGurns, have a look here and if you've captured any gurns, feel free to send them in and I'll blog them.

New Coronation Street Treasures book

From the publishing company which brings you Coronation Street: The Saga (updated for 2008 by yours truly), is another update of a current Corrie book.

Carlton Publishing have updated Tim Randall's The Treasures of Coronation Street book and it's now in the shops just in time for Crimbo. I have to admit I was no fan of the original Treasures book as I felt it was way overpriced and once flicked through on the day of purchase, was put on a shelf and never read again.

However, the new Treasures book has been updated and reissued in a different format making it easier to handle, nicer to look at and therefore more fun to read. More importantly, it's half the price of the original book. Get your copy here.

Monday 20 October 2008

Coronation Street Weekly Update, October 20 2008

Before I start with the update this week, there’s a bit of housework I’d like to get sorted. Firstly, the weekly update cushions need plumping and I’m interviewing soon. To apply, please email pictures of cushions you have plumped. Secondly, the weekly updates mailing list on YahooGroups has hit the 3,000th member this week. It’s a milestone and I’m over the moon that the list still proves as popular as ever although the membership is still short of the 4,500 who were registered before the server (looked after voluntarily by Corrie fan Peter Flint) buckled under the strain and I had to start the membership all over again. And thirdly, the Coronation Street Weekly Updates are now on Facebook with their own groups page right here: And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

It’s been murder week on Corrie this week, or as they say in Hart to Hart, it wuz moyder. Yes, pretty boy Connor met his maker on the tarmac when he was hit by a car on Tony’s stag do. At the same time as the drama unfolded, back at the Rovers a male stripper was putting a smile on Rita’s face with his full frontal frippery as the girls gathered to celebrate Carla’s hen night. Carla had a ‘Learner’ sign strung around her neck but I’d reckon there’s not many new tricks that one could be taught. On the stag and hen night, Carla realised she loved Liam, he realised he loved her and she was just on her way to tell him when Maria announced she had Liam’s bun in her oven. Carla knew that if it came to a choice between Liam’s child and her, she’d lose out so she pretended she didn’t love Liam after all, and had a few tears and a fag outside of the pub. Deirdre joined her, for the fag part, and asked Carla if everything was all right. “Nowt a bit o’lippy won’t sort out,” Carla replied. “Now that’s a motto to live your live by,” noted Deirdre.

Back in the Rovers, the stripper brought out his whipped cream. “Ooh, we have this on our apple crumble!” screamed Deirdre although I doubt Ken’s Cox’s Pippin was ever as big. The girls partied hard at the pub, Carla put a brave face on and the stags went hunting for some semi-naked tarts. They found them at the TT Bar but best man Liam had forgotten his wallet and so Tony demanded he go back to the last pub they were in to find it. Liam turned to walk back to the pub and that’s when a car screamed out of nowhere, straight for him and ran him over in a hit and run. As the stags gathered round Liam’s dead body on the ground, Maria turned up with her baby news only to find her husband, dead, but still nice and warm. She took Liam’s hand and pressed it to the baby bump with tears in her eyes. It was too much for the other lads to bear and they turned away as Maria told a dead Liam that he was going to be a dad. And later, just in case we were ever in any doubt that Tony Gordon had anything to do with the loss of Liam, we see him throwing Liam’s wallet into the canal and giving his henchman a wad of used notes. Liam’s parents fly in from Ireland and Maria’s are coming in from Cyprus for more tea and tears than they all know what to do with. It’s going to take more than a bit o’lippy to sort this one out.

Elsewhere, there were more tears when the police come to interview Kevin about Rosie’s disappearance. After they leave, Kev tells Sophie he’s failed as a father and despite his youngest daughter telling him he’s the best dad in the world, he reaches out in desperation for the whisky bottle while The Cars’ song, Drive put a lump in my throat and tears rolled down Kev’s face. Earlier that evening, he’d been treated to home made stew by Aunty Pam and after a few of her beers told the story of When Kevin Met Sally: he drove through a puddle in his van, splashed her and offered to clean up her boots. “And you’ve been licking them ever since,” noted Sophie, who was in tears herself this week too. She had to fess up to Sally and Kev that she was the one who sent the threatening “Sophie’s Next” postcard because she was sick of Rosie being the centre of their universe while she just orbited like a rusting satellite.

Meanwhile, we found out this week that Rosie’s being held captive by John in the attic of his gran’s house in the middle of a field. “I’m going to feed the cat,” he tells Fiz as he takes a bag full of stale bread to feed Rosie. “Where’s me HobNobs and Heat Magazine?” she yells at John when he turns up with the food, clearly their relationship not reaching Stockholm Syndrome just yet.

Up in the new flat at Victoria Court, Amber gets set for seducing Darryl. She tells Molly that she’s ready to go all the way which I guess means she wants to go to Rosamund Street, but what do I know? However, any hopes of a romantic night in are thwarted when David and Tina turn up to spoil their fun but that doesn’t stop the young couple going for another try on a much quieter night when Dev is out smooching Prem’s daughter Tara.

Tina started work in the Kabin this week which comes as a relief to Rita but Norris isn’t pleased, no. David joked about Tina’s new job, telling his girlfriend: “I can just see you in 40 years time, hair up in a beehive, dispensing sherbet crystals!” Ooh, we can only hope so, and then she can retire to The Lakes. Tina’s also noticed that Gail and her dad Joe have started getting cosy. Ted’s already in on the secret, of course. He knows everything, does Ted, he’s great.

And that’s just about that for this week.

Coronation Street writers this week were Jan McVerry, Simon Crowther (the man who killed off Liam Connor), Chris Fewtrell, David Lane and Mark Wadlow.

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Sunday 19 October 2008

Corrie writer profile: Joe Turner

Sources:,, The Agency

Joe Turner's first Coronation Street script was aired in March 1999. He has also written episodes of Holby City, Robin Hood (his episode featured Charles Dale, aka Corrie's Dennis Stringer, pictured) Casualty, Children's Ward and London's Burning.

In 1997, Joe's work won Best Children's Drama award at the British Comedy Awards for the children's comedy show My Dad's a Boring Nerd which starred Corrie's Julia Haworth, better known as Claire Peacock and Alan Halsall, who plays Corrie's Tyrone Dobbs.

He has also written extensively for radio with nine plays including My Supply Teacher is an Alien and My Sister is a World Class Kleptomaniac and Old Dog and Partridge.

If you can help update any of the Corrie writers’ profiles or provide their up to date pics, do please let me know.

You can find out more about your favourite Corrie writers by clicking on the links below:
Jonathan Harvey, Carmel Morgan, Debbie Oates, Mark Wadlow, Damon Rochefort, Lucy Gannon, Simon Crowther, Mark Burt, Jan McVerry, Chris Fewtrell, Julie Jones, Jayne Hollinson, David Bowker, Peter Whalley, David Lane

Saturday 18 October 2008

Never trust a Scot with one eye larger than the other

The double episode shown last night is reviewed wonderfully, as always, by the fab Nancy Banks-Smith in The Guardian. And she's spot on, as she always is. I've never met the woman but I'd love to take her for a posh cake tea somewhere.

Anyway, it was a wonderful episode. Along with murder there was a stripper in the Rovers and Kevin Webster in tears. When comedy and tragedy come together so well in Corrie like that, it doesn't come much better.

It was excellent stuff from writers Simon "I killed off Liam Connor" Crowther and Chris Fewtrell.

Corrie's South African DVD - watch the promo

In November, ITV release a new Coronation Street DVD of Cilla Battersby-Brown's adventures in South Africa.

You can watch a promo and view pictures at the official site and perhaps find out why Fiz Brown is dressed up as a nun.

Corrie weekly updates now on Facebook

The Coronation Street Weekly Updates now have their own group on Facebook, it's right here and you can add the weekly updates web widget to your own Facebook page.

The Corrie weekly updates have been written for th'internet since 1995 and the original membership list was up to 4,500 before the server crashed a few years ago and I had to move the list to the more stable home of YahooGroups and start all over again.

I'm pleased to announced that member number 3,000 joined the yahoogroups mailing list this week. If I had a big cake, I'd share it round everyone. If you'd like to receive the Coronation Street Weekly Updates direct to your mailbox each week, then have a look here to add yourself to the list.

No ads, no spam, just fun and witty Corrie updates, every week, guaranteed.

Wednesday 15 October 2008

Steve McDonald gurn of the week - October 15

More great gurning going on in Coronation Street from Stevie McD. Want to see more fab Stevie McGurns? Click here.

Corrie writer profile: David Lane


David Lane started writing for Coronation Street in 1998. He also scripted an episode of the spin-off Coronation Street - After Hours.

He's also written episodes of Emmerdale, Heartbeat, The Bill and Casualty.

If you can help update any of the Corrie writers’ profiles or provide their up to date pics, do please let me know. You can find out more about your favourite Corrie writers by clicking on the links below:

Jonathan Harvey, Carmel Morgan, Debbie Oates, Mark Wadlow, Damon Rochefort, Lucy Gannon, Simon Crowther, Mark Burt, Jan McVerry, Chris Fewtrell, Julie Jones, Jayne Hollinson, David Bowker, Peter Whalley

National Television Awards 2008 - vote for Corrie!

Voting is now open in the National Television Awards 2008.

Have you voted for Coronation Street yet as your favourite drama serial? If not, get over to the website right now and cast your vote before the deadline of Wednesday, October 29.

Corrie writer profile: Peter Whalley

Sources: WebUK, Amazon, The Agency,

Peter Whalley was born in Colne, Lancashire. He started writing when teaching at a school in Pontefract, but gave this up after joining Coronation Street as a scriptwriter in 1979. He is now the senior writer on the Coronation Street team and has penned more than 500 episodes. Peter also wrote two episodes of the Corrie spin-off Coronation Street - After Hours and he wrote the live 40th anniversary episode of Corrie in 2000.

In addition to writing for our favourite telly show, Peter Whalley has written forty radio plays, two stage plays and ten novels. He's also written more for TV including The Good Samaritan, a one-off drama starring Shane Ritchie and has penned episodes of Angels, The Jury, Albion Market, Families, Revelations and created and wrote Castles.

In May 2009 Peter Whalley was given a Special Achievement Award at the British Soap Awards. To read an interview with Peter Whalley after he received his award, click here.

If you can help update any of the Corrie writers’ profiles or provide their up to date pics, do please let me know.You can find out more about your favourite Corrie writers by clicking on the links below:

Jonathan Harvey, Carmel Morgan, Debbie Oates, Mark Wadlow, Damon Rochefort, Lucy Gannon, Simon Crowther, Mark Burt, Jan McVerry, Chris Fewtrell, Julie Jones, Jayne Hollinson, David Bowker

FAQ: Can I visit the Coronation Street Set?

It's a sad word but it's the only answer we can give to this question: No. 

However, if you are planning a visit to Manchester have a look here for details
of things to see on the Corrie trail.

Monday 13 October 2008

Coronation Street Weekly Update, October 13 2008

Righto my little cherubs, it’s me again, back at the coalface of the computer digging for gems of dialogue and pearls of wisdom to put in the update this week. And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

It’s murder week, this week on Corrie, which you’d think would excite a long-term die-hard fan but it hasn’t. And this long-term, die-hard fan lives with another of said same who’s not excited about it either. Over a pot of tea and a packet of custard creams, we pondered the reasons why. My main beef about it is that it focuses on a character too minor to invest care – Tony Gordon – and if he really hates the fact that Liam and Carla are having a shifty shag then why not pack his tartan bags along with his dignity and leave them both to it instead of killing Liam off? Sorry to rant but it’s my update and I can rant if I want to. The same thing happened when Tracy Barlow killed Charlie. She couldn’t muster enough self-esteem to leave the beer-swilling builder so she killed him off. This story got Corrie huge ratings and no doubt murder week with Tony bumping off Liam will do just the same. But that doesn’t mean that this fan has to like it.

And so it’s in that frame of mind that I bring you the news from the Tony triangle. He’s all het up because he knows what Carla and Liam are up to and he’s not wrong, that man, he’s not wrong. Liam sees Carla in her wedding frock as she tries it on in the flat and then he tries it on with her. He tells her she’s lovely and Carla’s torn over Tony and lusting for Liam.

At Tony’s stag night, all of Tony’s mates (aka the fellas on the Street) turn up in tartan with a creepy Tony Gordon face mask for breakfast in Roy’s Rolls. Becky does the honours and paints each of their faces with a flag of the world. “Come on lads, let’s go paintballing!” yells Tony to the clan although I wasn’t really sure if Becky was up to that task and anyway, she’d ran out of green.

With the lads paintballing, and Carla hen-nighting with all her mates (aka the girls on the Street), Liam starts texting his love to her like this. I luv u. What could be more romantic? I said, wot cud b mor romntick? Carla’s in tears in the ladies loos and blurts out the truth about Liam to Leanne who could be the only woman on the Street ever to have the number of a male stripper in her phone. Mind you, I have the number in my phone of someone who has the number of a male stripper in his phone, but I don’t think that’s the same thing. Leanne tells Carla to go after Liam, lay her heart on the line and tell him she wants him as much as he wants her. Or maybe she could just text him. I luv u 2.

Away from murder week, it’s been mild irritation week in the Kabin when Rita takes on Tina to serve the good members of the Weatherfield parish with their fags and mags. Norris isn’t best pleased as well you can imagine, but Rita sees summat in Tina that she recognises in herself when she were but a lass, a bit of fight and spice.
I love Rita, me.

Over the cobbles, Janice gets arrested for laundering the lottery win and Roger leaves in disgust in his little plumber’s van. Rosie still hasn’t turned up and Kev’s upset when he receives a postcard with newspaper cut out words on it saying “Sophie’s next”. Meanwhile, John Stape and Fiz continue to grow close although John keeps mysteriously disappearing to his gran’s house to, ahem, feed the cat. Methinks it’s not the cat he’s feeding, it’s Rosie he’s got there held captive in the country. But I could be wrong, you never know, I sometimes am.

Becky also got arrested this week for causing criminal damage to the travel agent shop last week when she went on her rampage. She lies to the cops and says she was with Steve McDonald, her lover, on the night in question. And then she tells Steve if he doesn’t back up her alibi (always painful) then she’ll tell Michelle about their night of passion a while back. Steve doesn’t know which way to turn and so pulls a mean gurn.

Nina’s daughter Tara turns up at Dev’s flat and he declares himself a feminist after making enquiries about her bra. Well, you know, he was only making polite conversation. But then Nina arrives and tells Dev in no uncertain terms that she won’t have him pandering to the whims of her daughter. She’s jealous and wants him all of herself but as Dev points out to Nina, he’s a single man. “Ergo, I’m free to ogle,” he says.

There was shed snogging this week as Amber and Darryl got to grips in the wooden hut and I just hope they watch out for spelks in the love shack.

And in the factory, the Corrie props department are having a hard time trying to cover the real-life pregnancy bumps of Carla and Wiki. Baby bumps are being hid behind the usual kind of dull, inanimate objects – sewing machines, clipboards and feckless men.

And that’s just about that for this week.

Coronation Street writers this week were new writer David Bowker, Jonathan Harvey, Mark Burt and Damon Rochefort.

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Thursday 9 October 2008

Liz McDonald's knickers for sale

A few years ago I was given a set of lingerie as worn by Liz McDonald on Coronation Street (don't ask!). Anyway, the full set of silk lingerie including pants, camisole top and a dressing gown will soon be up for auction in aid of Leukaemia Research.
As soon as I hear when the items are being auctioned off at one of their charity balls in the run up to Christmas, I'll blog details and let fans know how they can get their hands on Liz McDonald's knickers!

Rita's Corrie coat up for sale

Want to buy Rita Sullivan's jacket as worn on Coronation Street?
Well, it's up for sale on eBay right now with proceeds going to charity too.

What the Coronation Street surveyor did next...

One of the best things about writing this blog is the emails I receive with snippets of Corrie info from behind the scenes, like this one...

Actor David McClelland emailed me today. He once played the surveyor when Tracy and Charlie took over Keith's house on Coronation Street. You can watch David's Corrie appearance in his showreel on YouTube right here. And David now runs his own media company putting together showreels for other actors too. Why not have a look at his website right here, it's impressive stuff indeed.

Corrie writer profile: David Bowker

Sources: Fantastic Fiction, Manchester Evening News, Commapress

David Bowker is Corrie's newest writer. His first episode of Coronation Street was shown on Wednesday 8 October, 2008 (that's last night for those of you who are reading this today!). So, what do we know about the latest addition to the Corrie writing team?

Extensive, er, Googling research on th'internet reveals he's a published author of seven novels and in 1999 was voted Manchester Writer of the Year. He's also worked as a journalist for Elle, International Musician, The Guardian, The Mail On Sunday, Arena and had a regular column in New Woman and The Times. He's also written episodes of Casualty for TV.

Of special note from David's first Corrie episode was the wonderful dialogue between Becky and Roy when Roy quoted Goethe. "Who's Gertie?" asked Becky. Wonderful stuff.

If you can help update any of the Corrie writers’ profiles or provide their up to date pics, do please let me know.

You can find out more about your favourite Corrie writers by clicking on the links below:

Hypnotic Coronation Street Show

I've received an email from Paul Irving and Beth Bovaird in Canada. Paul and Beth are known as Mr and Mrs Hypnotist and they do live hypnotic shows. Their show on November 1st in Brampton, Ontario, Canada includes their very first Hypnotic Coronation Street Show and Paul says they want to give their volunteers the chance to really believe they are on Corrie and have an amazing experience.

It sounds bizarre to me but if that's your cup of tea you can find out more here at Beth and Paul's website:

And speaking of hypnotists, whatever happened to Corrie's very own Shadow and Son?

Download the creepy Tony Gordon mask

Why you'd want to do this, I'm not really sure. But if you do want to wear the face of a fictional murderer on a Tony Gordon mask, like the lads on Tony's Coronation Street stag night, then it's available for download at


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