Saturday, 27 May 2017

Tim's mum to join Coronation Street?

Teasing the big Coronation Street summer storylines and spoilers at yesterday's Corrie press day in Manchester, producer Kate Oates was asked if she felt the show was missing any particular character type.

She's already said that she thinks the show is missing a Blanche-type character and she repeated that yesterday too.  Then she revealed that the team have been thinking about bringing in Tim's mum as a battleaxe who would rub Sally up the wrong way. Oh, can you imagine?!

But she also said that she's more than happy for Amy to continue filling the Blanche-shaped hole in the show, with her sardonic comments and dry wit.

Would you like to see Tim's mum on the show? And who do you think you'd love to see play her? *cough* Julie Walters.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Many actresses are either unavailable or the wrong age. I'd love Liza Tarbuck to arrive on the Street but she could only be Tim's bossy sister. Julie Walters probably wouldn't want to commit to very long. Miriam Margolyes would be wonderfully weird.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree that Liza Tarbuck is a natural fit for the show, but as Humpty says, too young for the Battleaxe role.

So how about Barbara Flynn? (I remember her doing scenes with Maggie Jones in The Beiderbeck Affair)

Newfy Pearl said...

OMG Yes Julie Walters would get my vote too!!!! But Miriam Margoyles is a treat any way you slice it. Both extremely good choices.

maggie muggins said...

Yes to Julia and Miriam. But why just one older, quick-witted female character? And why does it have to fill a Blanch-shaped hole? As much as I adore Blanche, I'd like to see a variety of females over 45, who don't all have to be half of a couple, and get some meaningful storylines.

Rick Lopez said...

Wasn't Roy's mum Sylvia very Blanche like? Why not bring her back?

Newfy Pearl said...

Rick Lopez - the actress did not like the vigors of Corrie filming. It caused her to be ill.

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