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Saturday, 24 October 2020

Conversation Street Podcast Episode 441

On our latest episode of the podcast, we have a natter about the episodes of Coronation Street broadcast in the UK between the 19th and the 23rd October (Episodes #10,145 - 10,150).

First off, though, we talk about what an honour it was to be asked to be one of the representatives of the Corrie fan community as part of its 60 For 60 campaign, and we're also briefly joined by writer Abigail Kemp, who picks a winner in our competition to win a copy of her new Coronation Street book.

In the Street Talk section of the show, we chat about this week's Corrie, in which Billy summons a ghost from his past when Mary calls him in to perform at exorcism at #11. Meanwhile, Leanne's rage hits hitherto unreached levels when she she feels even more people are giving up on Oliver, Gary struggles to grasp the idea that being Ray's henchman for hire may mean a bit of tough negotiating, and the Winter-Browns prove in just a couple of scenes that anyone living in Weatherfield who's unemployed for more than five minutes just isn't trying hard enough.

In The Kabin, we take a quick flick through the special Corrie edition of the latest Inside Soap magazine, then we round off the podcast with more of your feedback, including a voicemail from one listener, who highlights some definite similarities between Shona's current story and another one Ian McLeod ran when he was in charge of Emmerdale - the question is, can soap producers be blamed for recycling storylines?

Street Talk - 00:18:50
The Kabin - 02:08:45
Feedback - 02:22:38

For our bonus podcast this week, we take a look at the character of Fred Gee, the randy Rovers potman, who, despite his many flaws, ended up being a bit of a favourite of ours during our recent rewatch of some of the the late 70s and early 80s episodes. You'd be forgiven if your knowledge of this particular character was a bit sketchy as he's not often talked about, but fear not - by the time you've listened to this episode, you'll be a real Gee wizz!

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Maureen Lipman interview: Two years of Evelyn - and becoming a real-life Dame

You have been on the cobbles as Evelyn now for just over 2 years and have really developed. Do you feel she has mellowed?

We have seen a few more nuances in her palette but she still has no discernible  membrane  between her brain and her lips. Fortunately she can take it as well as give it out.

She still has her prickly moments but you get the impression that she would fight to the death or her family, would you agree that she loves being part of this family?

She was pretty irredeemably unpleasant when she first met Tyrone and Fizz and she has perhaps now, become redeemably unpleasant through her humour and her grudging loyalty to the family she has acquired.

She seems very settled in Weatherfield. Which people do you feel she would consider her friends and who do you enjoy working with?

She had a good knockabout time with Claudia and she has a soft spot for Roy. They are both outside the spectrum somewhat and she ‘gets‘ his wallflower intelligence. She likes facts as he does and is curious about issues. She likes Nina in Roy’s Rolls for her commitment to causes. If there’s a queue for a punch up, Evelyn’s in there, elbows pointing outwards. Dev is a great sparring partner. I’d love to see more their feuding . He relies on her and she knows it. She prefers men generally to women but Eileen might be good for a few brandies and her jaw in’t snug.

Would you be friends with Evelyn?

I probably wouldn’t be friends with Evelyn but I’d give her a run for her money at Scrabble.

What are her feelings for Arthur? She was very wary of him at first but now she has agreed to go away with him.

She has strong feelings for Arthur and gives him plenty of slack because she knows her predilection for emasculating men who fancy her. When he lets her down she is hurt. It has taken a lot to let her guard down enough to even consider any intimacy. She’s actually dead scared to get her vest off, as she hasn’t considered what’s underneath for twenty years!  

How does she feel when he reacts very badly to her idea that they go away for a month instead of a weekend?

She hates feeling hurt because it makes her weak so she lashes out defensively.” Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.’

We aren’t giving away Arthur’s secret but she must feel very upset when she finds out he has been lying to her and deceiving her all along. Do you think they can get past this?

When he reveals why he’s been deceiving her she chooses to send him packing. To save herself from feeling pain, now or in the future. She could forgive him- his dilemma is so credible and understandable- but she closes up the fortress gates. As she always has.

The public have really taken to Evelyn, have you been surprised about the reaction and the fact that she is seen as a classic Corrie battleaxe?

No the British public loves a battleaxe who doesn’t care whether she’s loved or loathed. Panto Dane, Hyacinth Bucket, Lady Bracknell- bring it on! It’s a way of fighting back in a male oriented world.

If Evelyn was your friend how do you think she would react to you becoming a Dame?

‘Dame? Dame my eye! She’ll be better as the back end of a cow on Wigan Pier.’

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Friday, 23 October 2020

Spot the Corrie prop - October 23rd 2020

This week congratulations go to Fluttershy who was the first person to spot that last week's model motorbike can be found in Kevin's house. Well done!

For this week's prop puzzle all you have to do is tell us whereabouts on Coronation Street you would find these classic coffee signs.

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Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Fri 23 Oct


BILLY’S ALL AT SEA Billy assures Paul that Todd was the love of his life, but not anymore. Paul remains unconvinced, worried that Billy has settled for second best. Sean arrives home with Dylan and is shocked to find Todd there. When Billy reveals he’s postponed his interview, Paul asserts that’s exactly what Todd wants and orders Billy to phone them back and tell them he’s on his way. Sean returns home in a tizz having lost Dylan.

LEANNE SUFFERS ANOTHER SETBACK Apologetic about the article in the Gazette, Natasha tells Nick she’d like to make a donation of £20k to Oliver’s appeal. Steve returns from Germany and breaks the news that Dr Schmitz remains adamant that Oliver isn’t a suitable candidate for treatment. Leanne’s devastated and when Natasha calls and tells Leanne how she’d like to donate £20k to Oliver’s fund, Leanne turns on Nick. Why has he kept this quiet?

JOHNNY’S IN TURMOIL Scott talks Johnny through his plan to rob Ray and his mates. Johnny’s sick with worry. Presuming it to be his MS Jenny books them a few days in the Lakes to rest. Scott menacingly orders Johnny to get out of it.

ELSEWHERE David thanks Gary for his advice and reveals he’s spoken to Roxy and agreed to sell the house on condition she lease it back to him. Gary masks his guilt as Gail fumes.


LEANNE PREPARES TO FIGHT TO THE END Leanne’s outraged, suspecting Nick refused Natasha’s money because he’s given up on Oliver. Leanne orders Nick to accept as they need her money to pay the legal fees. Steve tells Leanne how sorry he is that he failed to secure the help of the German doctors. Leanne assures him he mustn’t beat himself up as he did his best. Nick confides in Gail that he fears Leanne is fighting a losing battle but he can’t tell her as she would see it as a betrayal. Gail urges him to be honest with her.

BILLY CAN’T MOVE ON FROM TODD Todd finds Dylan and assures him his Dad loves him. Sean’s grateful. Billy and Paul return after Billy’s interview for archdeacon but as Billy bangs on about Todd and how manipulative he is, Paul points out he’s clearly got under his skin.

JOHNNY IS FORCED TO REJECT JENNY Johnny feels terrible as he lets Jenny down. Scott reminds him that if he doesn’t play ball, he’ll tell Jenny how he was once involved in a robbery and left a man to die.

ELSEWHERE David explains he’s selling the house to an investor who’s prepared to rent it back to them, the sink hole will be fixed and the kids won’t be uprooted. Gail’s unconvinced.


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