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Saturday, 27 November 2021

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 30th August and 1st September 1997

The daughter of Sidney Templeton, Maud's fiance, turned up at the Rovers wanting a word.  She was unhappy that she was getting £10,000 off him when his own flesh and blood had been cut out of the will.  Maud felt guilty and was about to hand over her inheritance when Blanche intervened: the paper said he'd left £60,000 in his will in total.  Steve went off in his van to Amsterdam.  He'd swapped cigarette smuggling for something a bit dodgier at the behest of Stephen Graham's Lee.  Jim was unhappy, and when Lee showed up in the Rovers, he told him so.  They began to argue so Vinny - a drayman who was giving Natalie a hand while Jack was ill - threw them out.  Ashley's birth mother Kathleen appeared in Freshco's, buying meat off him without admitting who she was.  When Fred saw her he was terrified.  He talked to her and she confessed she was now curious about her long-lost son, so Fred told Ashley she lived in Greater Manchester and it was up to him if he wanted to get in touch.  Spider told Emily he was going out with Toyah and she was horrified, pointing out he was ten years her senior and she was barely out of school.  He said he was doing nothing wrong, so Emily challenged him to prove that was what he really thought - by telling Les.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 3rd and 5th September 1997

Vinny got bad news from Nuttall's Brewery, who pointed out that he couldn't be a drayman for them and a potman in the Rovers at the same time.  Natalie decided to employ him full time - meaning she'd have to get rid of Jack.  Steve received a payment for the dodgy goods from Amsterdam, and Jim kicked off, until Steve revealed it wasn't drugs he'd brought back from Holland - it was a dog called Polly.  Maud called Sidney's daughter and told the moneygrabber to get lost.  She was going to spend his ten grand flying to the Far East to scatter his ashes, and she invited Emily along.  Spider and Toyah told Janice about their relationship and while she wanted her daughter to be happy, she told her not to tell Les or there'd be hell to pay.  Ashley got Fred to take him to Oldham to see Kathleen, but he couldn't bear to go inside.  It was like that episode of Friends where Phoebe went looking for her dad, except nobody ran over a dog.  Ashley eventually decided he was happy with the mother he had and didn't need another.  And Alison's mum turned up to talk to her, but she brought up her dead sister again; Alison pushed her out the door and told Kevin she only needed him now.

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 6th and 8th September 1997

Maxine's mate Melanie returned with some news: she'd decided to marry her awful fiance after all, so she wanted her wedding booking back off Maxine.  Maxine, of course, being the Bride From Hell, refused point blank.  Vera realised Jack had lost his job at the Rovers and worried that he'd take the news badly.  It turned out he was perfectly fine with it though, confessing he didn't think he was any use to anyone any more.  Meanwhile, Vera asked Tyrone to look at her car; for some reason the door was sticking, and he thought it was out of alignment.  Remember that, it'll be important later.  Alison took the girls out for the day but was late back.  Kevin realised he didn't know where she was and admitted to Sally he was worried.  He told her about Alison's maybe-murderous past and the two of them started panicking.  Alison soon returned; she'd been getting an astronomically hideous professional photo of her with the girls taken as a present.  I hope Kevin still has it in the loft somewhere.  When she realised he'd been worried she'd done something to the girls, Alison felt betrayed; she handed him her engagement ring and left.  

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 10th and 12th September 1997

Danny had been on a disappointing dirty weekend with Sharon and he told Sally so.  He admitted he had more fun with her than with his girlfriend, and when it came down to it, he still wanted to be with Sally.  Blissfully ignorant, Sharon told her all about her great sex life, and how she wanted Danny to move in with her.  Alison refused to go back to Kevin, saying he clearly didn't trust her.  She bid goodbye to Rosie and Sophie and moved out of the flat.  Kathleen turned up at Freshco's again and introduced herself to Ashley.  He was upset, since he'd decided he didn't want her in his life; he told her his real mum was the woman who brought him up and that was that.  Meanwhile Maxine was so busy faffing about panicking about not having a bridesmaid she barely paid his emotional torment any mind.  What a catch she is.

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 13th and 15th September 1997

Natalie held a farewell party for Jack in the Rovers, presenting him with a silver tankard to mark the end of an era.  Tyrone also had a gift for him: his favourite pigeon, Fergie, stuffed and mounted.  Jack was shocked but hid it well.  Tyrone returned to the garage and Kevin told him and Jim that he'd been talking to Natalie, and she'd decided they had to be fired because the profits were down.  However, he was lying, and when Natalie found out she was getting the blame she lost it with him.  He admitted he was in a nark because Alison had left him, apologised, and gave the boys their jobs back.  It was the Battersby's wedding anniversary and of course Les had forgotten.  In an attempt to bring back the romance Janice cooked a posh dinner for him, but she made the mistake of letting slip that Toyah was going out with Spider.  Les barrelled over to the cafe and attacked Spider, telling him he'd break his legs if he didn't stay away.  Sharon asked Danny to move in with her, but he not only said no, he broke things off with her.  She was left an emotional wreck, sobbing in the middle of the Kabin and asking Sally for advice.  Sally shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

Next week's Classic Corrie will be a good old mix of tragedy and happiness.  Although if he's honest, the tragedy will cheer @merseytart right up.

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Conversation Street Podcast Episode #498

In our latest podcast, we chat about the episodes of Corrie shown in the UK between the 22nd and the 26th November (Episodes #10488 - 10493).

This week, the burden of covering up for Abi and Nina gets too heavy for Roy and he disappears from Weatherfield. Is this just a temporary break for him, or has the Street institution really buttered his last barmcake? Also this week, Faye gets her freedom after being released on bail, George and Abi employ somewhat different techniques to try and convince Sam to start talking again, and Kelly spices up her life after crossing paths with a local drug dealer.

Up next on the podcast, we celebrate Corrie's recents wins at the Inside Soap Awards, and we round things off with more of your listener feedback.

Street Talk: 00:20:37
The Kabin: 02:27:30
Feedback: 02:38:37

For this week's bonus podcast, we've done another listener question segment! First up, with Thanksgiving on our American listeners' minds this week, we've been asked which characters we'd invite for a Thanksgiving dinner, what dish they'd bring, and what they'd be thankful for.  Lots to get our teeth into there! Next up, we've got a question that's right up Michael's street: which ex-Coronation Street actor should take over the role of the Doctor from Jodie Whittaker in Doctor Who?

You can subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, stream all our old episodes on our own site here, or click the play buttons above to give it a listen from the comfort of this very blog!

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Lorna Laidlaw interview: Aggie goes to war with Bernie

What is Grace and Aggie’s relationship like prior to this week?

Very fractured. Aggie has always been aware of Grace but under the instruction of Ed and everyone else she has tried to be civil and she has tried her best with her. But Aggie has always known that Grace has layers to her. 

Why is Aggie angry that Grace sold the sofa to Bernie?

She is absolutely fuming that she sold that sofa simply because it was given with love and under the instruction that her grandchild got somewhere decent to live. When Aggie finds out that she has sold it for money, she is fuming because they are giving her a lot of money. It’s not just the flat, Michael is also paying Grace money and she knows that. Aggie feels that there is a lot of money going in that girl’s pocket and somehow she still can’t hold on to it.

Would she have apologised if Ed had urged her to smooth things over?

Absolutely not! In that situation, it’s not just about that sofa, but Ed says to Aggie, ‘You will not be able to see your granddaughter,’ and that’s a massive thing for Aggie, she can’t imagine not seeing that baby so she bites her tongue and goes to apologise. Aggie puts her big girl pants on, she absolutely does not want to do it but she knows it’s something she has to do.

What’s Aggie’s first thoughts when she finds out from Bernie what Grace did?

There are a lot of things that are going on in Aggie’s head. She is furious over the sofa but this is another level. Aggie is really disappointed but she is also really angry on a level that the sofa situation can’t even compare with. She is concerned about her granddaughter because Aggie is a nurse and there is a health and safety issue here with a child. Aggie knows if she calls social services there will be massive problems and so she is in turmoil because she feels like if it was someone else’s child that was in this situation she would have called the authorities. She has given Grace the benefit of the doubt at every opportunity to put things right and Grace is still so dismissive of Aggie so Aggie is feeling full of regret. 

Without saying what it is, how does Aggie feel about Grace’s shock proposal?

It absolutely tears Aggie’s heart apart. Regardless of whether it’s her grandchild or not, in any circumstances the proposal is awful. Aggie takes it really badly and it really upsets her.

Does Aggie consider what Grace is proposing to her?

When she first hears it from Grace, she is absolutely disgusted that she would even make such a suggestion and she also thinks, is this legal? Her mind is going all over the place. It’s devastating.

What would be the ideal situation that Aggie would like for Grace and Michael?

Aggie would like Grace out of the picture. Aggie knows that Grace and Michael have got to a point in their relationship where it is not working and Grace is staying around because she wants to be with him but he doesn’t want to be with her so it is very disruptive for a little child to grow up in that environment. Grace isn’t doing anyone any favours by doing that. Michale is such a good dad and he absolutely wants to be there for his daughter and it’s not the most ideal situation but he has got a lot of support around him. But Grace is quite toxic and as much as the Bailey’s have tried to support Grace as much as they can, it has never really worked out because her motives are not to be a part of the family, her motive is to be with Michael full stop. 

What advice would you give her?

My biggest advice to everyone in the Bailey’s family is to be open with everyone. Everybody has a secret in the family! If everybody was open about everything that was happening then they would be able to fight as a team but at the moment everyone is trying to protect everyone else and actually what is happening is they are destroying each other.

What is your favourite thing about playing Aggie?

There are quite a few! I love that she is quite bossy, you know who wears the trousers in that house. I would see a bit more of that too. I also love the fact that this woman cannot cook for toffee. I love that when she has sit down meals with her kids, they look absolutely frightened, like their meals have been laced with scorpions and everyone is a bit scared about eating it. I love that they pretend that she can cook just because they love her. 

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Friday, 26 November 2021

10 Christmas gifts for Coronation Street fans

It's that time of year when thoughts might be turning to what to buy for the Coronation Street fan in your life this Christmas.   And we're here to help with some suggestions. If you know of any more NEW merchandise - official or non-official - do please leave a comment below and we'll add the best to the blog post.

1) Coronation Street cushions and goodies by Mementos of Home. 

2) New ITV official book! The Land Girls of Coronation Street by Maggie Sullivan. Order it here.

3) ITV Official Coronation Street merchandise including bags, aprons and  tea-towels.  Order here.

4) Coronation Street beer from the Co-op.  More info here.

5) ITV Official Coronation Street Trivia Game. Order it here.

6) Take a look at our list of Coronation Street t-shirts you might like to buy.

7. The little book of Carla Connor. Buy it here.

8). Norman Bates with a Briefcase, the story of Richard Hillman. Buy it here.

9) A Perfect Duet - the diary of Roy and Hayley Cropper
(with a foreword by Julie Hesmondhalgh who played Hayley). Buy it here.

10) ITV official Coronation Street colouring book. Buy it here.

And you may also wish to view the shop for fans on

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