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Wednesday 12 June 2024

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Wednesday 12th June 2024

Wednesday 12th June 2024

TOYAH PREPARES FOR HER DAY IN COURT When Leanne returns a guilty Nick quizzes her about Rowan, angry Leanne assures him she would never cheat on him. Nick and Toyah agree their kiss was a mistake. Rowan calls at the bistro on his motorbike and handing a spare helmet to Leanne, tells her he’s got a surprise for her.  Leanne follows him out leaving Nick and Toyah to cope with the lunchtime rush on their own. Nick’s fuming whilst Toyah’s incredulous. At a hotel restaurant Rowan introduces Leanne to Willow the CEO of the institute over video call. He then tells a flattered Leanne she will soon be able to recruit new members herself. As Toyah sets off for her Institute court case, she receives a call which shocks her. An ashen-faced Toyah hurries into A&E and tells the nurse on the desk that she had a call to inform her that her sister, Leanne, has been involved in a motorbike accident.

The police inform Toyah that they can now release her baby for burial. Toyah’s stunned.  

A RIDE COMES BEFORE A FALL FOR PAUL At the flower shop flat, the Eyegaze specialist teaches Paul how to use his new equipment. Summer returns from America and reveals that she’s got a new boyfriend, Felix, and he’s waiting to meet them in the Rovers. Billy and Paul are about to leave the flat when Paul falls down the stairs. As Paul recovers, Todd turns up and Summer arrives with Felix. How will the meeting go? 

KEN’S LOSING HIS INDEPENDENCE Cassie asks Steve about a job on the switch at Streetcars but Steve makes it clear her reputation precedes her and refuses. Daniel and Steve visit Ken in hospital. Ken is dismayed to discover he will need round the clock care whilst he recovers. Steve visits Ken and assures him that the family will pull together and make sure he receives the care he needs to keep him safe in his own home. Ken forces a smile.

MICHAEL AND GLENDA GO STEADY When Glenda reveals that RestEasy are keen to buy Shuttleworths, George is apoplectic. Michael calls at the Rovers to find George rowing with Glenda. Michael steps in and announces that he and Glenda are now an item and he should show her more respect. Glenda parks herself next to a nervous Michael and pulling him in for a kiss, assures him she feels the same way.  Michael’s thrilled.

ELSEWHERE Abi and Kevin are delighted to read in the Gazette that the documentary about Corey’s prison football team has been cancelled. Having taken a call from Max, Kevin breaks the news to Abi that there’s no way of tracing the person uploading the videos. A dejected Abi tells him she’s past caring.

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Tuesday 11 June 2024

Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street - June 18 to 21 2024

Here are the major storylines for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Tuesday June 18 to Friday June 21  2024
Note: Change of days

Nick goes after Toyah, Paul makes his feelings clear, Bethany's asked to write an alibi, Cassie shows her caring side, the Winter-Browns sit up and take notice, Rowan has Toyah cornered, Kevin's deep fake is fake.

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Corrie in pics: Will Toyah 'Nick' her sister's man?


Life has just got a whole lot more complicated for Toyah (Georgia Taylor) after finding herself in the arms of her sister’s husband-to-be Nick (Ben Price)!

In  last night’s visit to Weatherfield viewers saw both Toyah and Nick struggling to convince Leanne (Jane Danson) to step away from her growing association with Rowan (Emrhys Cooper) and the Institute.

With their relationship in freefall, Leanne then walked out of the flat and it was Toyah who was there to comfort Nick, in more ways than one!

After a shock passionate clinch, will Nick and Leanne regret letting their emotions get the better of them or will the pair embark on a forbidden affair? 

In our exclusive picture you can feel their internal struggle as both Nick and Toyah battle to put head over heart. Will tonight’s kiss change everything?

Georgia Taylor said: “It’s really confusing for Toyah, Nick is to all intents and purposes her brother in law and they haven’t always got on, so it's not like she's been harbouring some secret attraction. So this has hit her out of the blue, they’ve both been there for each other these last few weeks when life has been really tough and those feelings are starting to get a little bit blurred.”

“Toyah loves her sister but every time she feels guilty for leaning on Nick, Leanne does something to push her away again. It's difficult when you're angry at someone, but you also feel guilty for something you've done to them. It's very conflicting for Toyah.”

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Claire Sweeney interview: Cassie takes job caring for Ken

How is Cassie feeling about the whole deep fake video situation and why did she get involved?

I think she feels disappointed with her personal life. That is the reason for her being mean to Abby, it's just jealousy, a single white female. She's not necessarily into Kevin, but she just wants that security of being loved. And she loves a bit of drama. She did possibly think there was something going on between Abi and Dean and she stuck her oar in and it led to her losing her job.
She seems to be someone who likes to be busy. How is she coping without the job? 

She's in no man's land really, her mother doesn't really want her at the Dobbs. That's all a bit precarious at the moment. She lost her job and for someone with an addiction, a former addict having nothing to do is the worst place to be in, she can't risk having time on her hands.  She tried to get the job on the switch at streetcars and Steve just dismissed it. She is upset about that, as one minute he is flirting with her at the speed dating night and then he is saying she is trouble and can’t work on the switch.

How does the job looking after Ken come about?

She is in the Rovers and she hears them talking in the next booth about needing to get someone in to look after Ken and how much it is going to cost. Her ears prick up, she spent a lot of time looking after her ex and she thinks ‘how hard can it be?’. She never claims to be a qualified carer but they don’t tell Ken that, they let him believe that she is. He thinks she has had all the checks and he believes she has told them that but the fact is they just let him believe that.

She finds herself sacked by Ken how does she manage to win him round?

Ken obviously isn't really liking the idea that he needs care. There is a lovely scene with him where she says, look, you know, sometimes you've got to allow yourself to be helped. People don't want help sometimes, but it's a kindness to let someone help you because it makes them feel good. And it works for you as well. Also he has to think about his family too and this helps them. She tells him that she never claimed to be a qualified carer, she told Steve and Amy the truth that she cared for her ex. Once Ken realises this he is more open to the idea.

Once this is all sorted they seem to strike up quite a friendship, tell us about that.

She tells him she understands if he would prefer him to go but he says ‘no stay and we will go for some lunch’. Over lunch they laugh together and you can see that they are good company for each other. You will see them playing cards together and having lots of banter, it is a while since Ken has really laughed like that. She has kind of put a little spring in his step. And suddenly she feels useful and appreciated.  So it's worked for both of them. There is no father figure in her life either. And hasn't been for some time so that is another thing for her that really gives her a purpose and a genuine friendship with Ken. 

Some people may think she has an ulterior motive because of other things she has done in the past, is that the case?

No, she's just genuinely enjoying helping and then she's also kind of enjoying the banter with Steve. That comes into play as well. Simon and I were talking about it and they are like young kids in the playground, when the boy you fancy comes up and annoys you and runs away, that;s what it is, it's as basic as that. Classic rom com stuff and it will be interesting to see that develop. For a gag to wind her up he even tells her she has to cut Ken’s toenails!

Would you like something to develop between Cassie and Steve?

Yes I would. We saw the spark between them at the speed dating and it didn’t get off the ground. But they are good for each other. They are similar ages so they like the same things. Even in real life Simon and I sit and chat so much because we like the same movies and know all the same songs, there is something of a familiarity and coming from the same era.

What's it been like for you going from working with one classic Corrie  family, the Dobbs and Maureen to now working with more soap royalty, the Barlows?

 I mean, I have to say I was very nervous. I've been in the show for a year now and I've got used to that family and group of actors. I was very comfortable with Maureen, Alan and Jennie and suddenly I went into the Barlow’s. There was a classic moment for me, I had to do a birthday party scene for Steve with Rita and Ken. I'm a fan of the show and  suddenly I was doing a scene with these two legendary actors. As I've got older, I've had great moments in my life, in my career, but sometimes I've just not stopped and appreciated them. I've been just working and looking ahead and that day in the Barlows I stopped and appreciated that moment and when I left the set I gave myself a couple of pinches

There was another scene where I had to put Deirdre's glasses on and they were the original glasses. Cassie didn't realise the significance and she's playing with them but as Claire, I held these glasses and they like a little piece of history, it was a real moment for me"

What's it like working with Bill?
Incredible, I feel so honoured, I have only been here a year and I am so lucky to have this storyline. We did a scene together on his 92nd birthday. He has this shine in his eyes and he never drops a line. He is so great. I'm thinking if I can just hang out with him and get a little bit of that elixir or whatever his secret is.  I'm fascinated by him and I love talking to him. I have been a longtime fan of the show and I love all the history of Corrie as well. I have been asking him questions about the rehearsals in the old days. What would the women wear? Was there a hierarchy? What was the pecking order? And I get them to tell me all these amazing stories. He's fascinating. And then what's amazing when they say action, I just see this complete calm, come over him. And everything's easy and slow and laid back and he just really is brilliant. 

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