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Thursday, 8 December 2022

Mapping the cobbles, again

There are people in this world that can draw beautiful maps. I, however, am not one of them. But I do have some skills. One of them, if you can call it a skill, is what I can only describe as an almost neurotic attention to detail when it comes to certain things.

To the bewilderment of those around me, one of those things seems to be attempting to map Coronation Street. So, following my initial go at it last year, I thought I'd do it again, and it turns out that quite a bit has happened in the last 374 days:
  • People moved house in the name of love. Fiz and Tyrone are cohabiting again. Brian has a bachelor pad.
  • Alina Pop's pop-up not-so-popular Pop Dead Gorgeous nail salon was reinstated as Audrey's.
  • The warehouse wing of Victoria Court became M10 Living and I appreciate the postcode reference.
  • Stuff happened on Kitchener Street. Remember Jeremy Bremner? Me neither. But he had a lock-up there, which I've labelled 'Storage unit'. A nightclub called Spirit of the Night also briefly existed here before becoming Six Fellas takeaway, run by the ever-sympathetic Mr. Messineo. (By the way, I'm reliably informed that no-one actually refers to this part of the set as Kitchener Street, but it's labelled that on a 2017 planning document so let's just roll with it for the time being.)
  • Oldroyd Street appeared. Only bad things happen here.
  • An exterior form of Weatherfield Crown Court appeared. Goodbye Bolton?
  • And last but not least, Weatherfield Precinct has arrived and I love it. It's probably off Tile Street, but might not be.
There are a few other more subtle changes that I won't bother listing, but feel free to play spot the difference. Also do let me know if I've got anything wrong as I must admit that I occasionally miss episodes 😨

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Ciaran Griffiths interview: Jacob's dad arrives in Weatherfield

How does it feel to have joined Corrie?

Yeah it’s great, a little bit far away from home as I live in Australia now with my family so that part is tough, but it’s nice to be back in Manchester to see friends and I’m loving having the opportunity to work with some quality Northern actors who I really admire. 

What do you make of Damon?

He’s quite a complex character, he’s Jacob’s dad but he’s quite sly, manipulative and a bit of a wrong ‘un really. 

Are the viewers going to love him or hate him?

Well having said he’s a bit of a wrong ‘un I think he does have a kind of charm so you never know, maybe they’ll love to hate him. I think they’ll want him to get his comeuppance that’s for sure.

He says he’s back for Jacob, is that true?

He’s definitely got an ulterior motive, he makes out that he’s back to make amends with Jacob, he slowly starts to build up his trust but I think that will be to let him back down again. He's just using Jacob for his own benefit, which you get the impression he’s done for a lot of his life.

Do you think he feels any guilt about what happened to Jacob with Harvey?

I don’t think he does at the beginning, Damon is just all out for what he can get for himself, but maybe down the line some guilt will start to creep in.

He also spies an opportunity at the bistro, is he in cahoots with Harvey or trying to take over his patch?

He’s definitely trying to take over Harvey’s patch and do his own thing, he doesn’t want to be in Harvey’s shadow, he’s here for himself.

Does he genuinely have an interest in making a life on the street or is it more about the opportunity for him?

It’s all about the opportunity for Damon and how he can get around Nick and Leanne, which is by a bit of blackmail really. Harvey has lent this money to Nick for Sam which he’s invested in the bistro but Damon says actually I lent that money to Harvey so it’s my stake in the business. Nick doesn’t want Leanne to know about the deal he did with Harvey so that’s how Damon has got Nick in his back pocket. He blackmails Nick and puts him in a position where he can't say anything to Leanne so he’s forced to go along with what Damon wants.

Do you think Damon intends to stick around?

I think he’ll hang onto his stake at the bistro for as long as he can but if it gets too hot to handle he’ll vanish in a flash and leave everyone else to pick up the pieces?

Is he a ladies man, anyone he has his eye on?

He’s pretty much got his eye on everyone really, he’s flirting and checking everyone out, he’s just one of them, he’s definitely got a bit of a wandering eye.

Are there any actors on the show that you’d particularly love to work with?

I’ve really been enjoying working with Jane (Danson) again as we did The Bill together many years ago. It’s been great to see some other familiar faces like Samia, Andy Whyment, Alan Halsall, although we’ve not had scenes together yet. Also I know a lot of the crew from previous jobs so it’s nice to catch up with some old faces.

What do you have planned for Christmas? Any traditions you like to follow?

I’m going back to Australia next week for the Christmas break and I can’t wait to see my kids and my partner. Christmas is a bit different these days, it’s hot and we have a BBQ rather than a traditional turkey dinner. My partner is Croatian so we have all the traditional Croatian food which is really nice. Her dad gets the BBQ out, her mum makes loads of food and that’s now the norm for us.

What is the best bit about Christmas for you?

My kids are 7 and 2 so just watching it through their eyes, seeing how excited they are opening their presents, getting to spend time playing with them and enjoying the whole Father Christmas magic with them, it’s a lot of fun.

Will you be making any New year's resolutions?

I need to start off the New Year with a healthier lifestyle over here. In Australia I’m in a pretty good routine where I’ll get up early at 5.30/6am go for a run, do my exercise then have an hour to myself before anyone even gets up, that’s my time before I’m then on the school run. But I’ve found it hard over here being back in the cold, I’ll set my alarm then look outside and go back to sleep so I need to snap out of that.

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Wednesday, 7 December 2022

Welcome to Weatherfield Precinct! - The Making Of ...

December 1st 2022 marked a new era for Coronation Street studios in Manchester, as the new Weatherfield Precinct set was unveiled! Alongside the assembled Corrie cast, PR Team, TV crew, and soap mag cameras, it was an unbelievable privilege to also be attending this auspicious occasion for the Coronation Street Blog. Ready with my dictaphone, smartphone, spare camera, chargers, Corrie Tour Guide book (I got overexcited) and just a hint of nervousness, myself and Sophie Williams are now among the few fans ever! to step foot on this new set! It's been a week now, and we've still so much content to share with our fellow fans. In my first (of a few) blog posts from our exclusive set day visit, I thought I’d give you the lowdown on the new Weatherfield Precinct with a few behind-the-scenes exclusive pictures, and an interesting listicle of facts about what was involved in the making of Corrie’s newest piece of TV history. 

Weatherfield Precinct - Under Construction! Image @rybazoxo 

Designed and developed by the Coronation Street Design and Construction teams the new set has been cleverly aged and weathered to look like it has been there for decades. Weatherfield Precinct has long been a part of Corrie's 62-year history, characters talk about visiting, but has always remained unseen - until now that is!

Weatherfield Precinct - new filming locations! Image @rybazoxo

Stood in Weatherfield Police station, with a hot coffee, and admiring the buffet, I began to wonder just how you go about designing a TV set? Head of design, Rosie Mullins, explained the process: “Back in 2013 Coronation Street moved into its new home at Media City. With this move came the exciting potential to continue to develop and expand our Weatherfield Community onsite. The first expansion came in the form of Victoria Street and Weatherfield Police Station builds back in 2018. In February 2021 I set about the first pencil drawings for a fascinating new exterior build - Weatherfield Precinct. We have often heard about this precinct and although we have filmed over the years at a range of shopping locations, we had never established our own Weatherfield Precinct. It had always intrigued me - what would it look like and who would we find there? I wanted there to be aspects of the Precinct that people from all walks of life identify with and recognise. I cannot wait to see the arrival onscreen of Sweety Nuff dessert & milkshake shop, Gregory Pope Foundation Charity Shop, Rutland's bakery, Pound Outlet and Bargainanza Pawnbrokers’’

She's not the only one, eh?

Logo designs for those new shops! image @rybazoxo

To see the technical drawings, a 3D model layout (main article image) and a 'making of' exhibition before venturing onto the set itself was a huge treat. Being from the north myself, I feel I know where this is if you know what I mean. Such a familiar layout and built-in no time at all! I went on the Corrie Tour back in April of 2022 and the tour guide showed us what was essentially a building site car park and told us they were planning on building a set extension. To visit again in December, as a media guest, and to be one of the first fans on Weatherfield Precinct is something that will always stay with me. The attention to detail is astounding - you can sit inside ‘sweet ennuf’, the balcony is accessible, the outside of the flats (with a Victoria Court -style entrance) look too real not to have new residents next year, and the recycle bins are calling out for a Stephen Reid tantrum and/or murder. It looks like it's been there for years, and I can't wait for all of you to see it on-screen. Whilst we wait for January 13th 2023 to arrive, here's an interesting list of Weatherfield Precinct facts; 

Weatherfield Precinct - Under Construction Image @rybazoxo

*The build was completed in just 9 months whilst filming 5 days a week continued around it.

*From the Corrie team, it took; 1 Production Designer, 1 Construction Manager, 1 Art Director, 2 Site Supervising Joiners, 2 Painter & Decorators, 2 Scenic Painters, 11 joiners, 2 builders, 3 Construction workers applying brick slips, 5 dressers, 4 electricians, 2 Production buyers.

*Many elements of the building like the shop fronts, windows and doors were created in the Construction Workshop with a prefab approach to the building. They are all designed to limit reflections and to make the precinct filming-friendly.

*The building, like Victoria Street, is a facade. Some of the doorways have displays dressed inside the doorways giving the illusion of depth. The dessert shop has a shop front you can sit in and the charity shop has a selection of goods outside. 

Sweety Nuff - We sat outside!! Image @rybazoxo

*The precinct was built using the steelwork at the back of Victoria Street 

*The concrete 3D wall tiles seen are actually scenically painted to look that way and are a lightweight PVC

*The stained glass windows in the dessert shop were created by Richard Brockless who’s the Corrie Scenic Artist.

*Approx 5000 brick slips were used! To help visualise the build alongside technical drawings we produced a 3D computer-rendered model and a hand-painted cardboard model. These were used as a reference throughout the build 

*There is a practical balcony that can also be used for filming. Look out for the interior set of the charity shop in the future! 

*The construction method has been from a timber frame secured to existing steel covered with cement board with a final application of brick slips. The windows, doors and businesses were all made offsite in the construction workshop from hardwood for longevity and fitted onsite. We used it to share skills and a mortaring master class was run onsite.

*Claude the ice cream-loving french bulldog was commissioned as a mascot for the dessert shop!

..... Thank you @coronationstreet for these interesting facts...

Charity Shop Ginnel. Scene of future crimes? Image @rybazoxo

 Did I tell you there was a ginnel as well, like the crime alley that we love on Victoria Street? It's down the left-hand side of the charity shop. I went to look, put my head around the left-hand corner to see where it leads... and saw this door; 

Trim Up North - back door Image @rybazoxo 

 - it's the back of the barber set!! I've more of this kinda thing to come in my 'Behind the scenes at Weatherfield Precinct' future blog post - keep an eye out for it. 

A bakery, a charity shop, residential flats, a pound shop outlet, pawnbrokers, a children's playground, a Weatherfield community hub, recycle bins, and a new ginnel. Tony Warren would certainly approve!

Keep your eyes on this blog for on-set exclusive cast interviews from myself @rybazoxo and @sophie_writer1  Give us a follow on Twitter and view our recent timelines for videos, selfies with the cast, and loads more on Weatherfield Precinct! 

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Tuesday, 6 December 2022

Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street, December 12 to 16, 2022

Here are the major storylines for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Monday 12 to Friday 16 December 2022

Summer and Aaron's lies catch up with them, Ken has a Hull of a decision to make, Alya puts her career aspirations to one side, Mike and Esther give Summer a lifeline, Daisy finds a lump, Daniel gest wasted, Billy tries to stop Summer, Jacob wants to bury the hatchet.

See the full week's preview with pictures at 

Note: If you still see last week's previews when you click through to, please refresh your browser.

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