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Saturday, 22 January 2022

Conversation Street Podcast Episode #506

Michael's got COVID (again!) this week, so not only have we had to watch this week's Corrie in separate rooms of the house, we've also had to attempt a socially distanced recording, too! This week's show covers the episodes broadcast in the UK between the 17th and the 21st January (Episodes #10537 - 10542). 

As much as our Craigy might think that uncovering the identity of his crutch's original owner is the most important thing going on in Weatherfield this week - nay, this year! - there's actually a few other items higher on the agenda for us. First off, the Winter-Browns in the red, and the extent that Bernie will go to in order to get some food on the table at No. 5 (and no, we're not talking about sticking her tongue down Dev's throat, either...) Meanwhile, Tim refuses to let Sally know about his upcoming op (despite viewers up and down the country yelling "Just tell her, Tim!" at their TVs all week), Zeedan's still in Yasmeen's bad books, and Mrs Crawshaw pledges to take action after Amy's protest - but is she just skirting the issue?

Up next on the podcast, we chat about Sally Dynevor's Dancing On Ice debut in The Kabin, and we round off the podcast with more of your feedback, including one listener's reflections on the current Gemma and Chesney story.

Street Talk - 00:12:28
The Kabin - 02:32:25
Feedback - 02:39:07

For our bonus podcast this week, we were joined for an interview by a real Corrie legend. Following an already illustrious career on stage and screen, Amanda Barrie joined the cast of Corrie in the early 80s as straight talking cafe worker, Alma Sedgewick. Over the years, she rose to become one of the era's best loved characters, forming a popular partnership in the cafe with Gail, and being one half of an iconic couple alongside Mike Baldwin. Here, Amanda shares her memories of her time in the show, working alongside some other Corrie icons.

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Sally Ann Matthews interview: Jenny invites Leo to move in at the Rovers

How is Jenny coping in the wake of Johnny’s death, was Christmas tough for her?

Jenny truly loved Johnny, even though she knew they couldn’t be together, she lost her soulmate. So over Christmas, with the pub to run on her own, she felt lonely and nostalgic and she really struggled. But she’s trying to put a brave face on things, she’s realised that life goes on.

Do you think Leo is what she needs to help her move on?

Well just at the time she’s decided to move on, that life doesn’t revolve around men and she doesn’t need a man in her life, then in walks Leo. She’s really conflicted, she hasn’t really given herself time to grieve Johnny’s death but also the breakup of her marriage. So even though she’s thrilled to see Leo, she’s really got him at arm's length. Everyone keeps persuading her to see him so when he invites her to watch the rugby match she reluctantly agrees. But then she discovers she really enjoys rugby and she really enjoys watching Leo playing rugby! She’s trying to be realistic, it feels a bit too good to be true, so she’s just trying to enjoy it while it lasts. I think her feelings for Leo are genuine and real and she believes that his are at the moment but she also realises he could change his mind at any time so she’s just trying to enjoy it. 

Carla isn’t happy, is she aware of people passing comment on her and Leo?

Everyone is probably thinking that Jenny’s a bit of a cougar here but no one’s really saying anything so she can kind of ignore it. But when Carla comes into the pub and tells Jenny that she still hasn’t sent the money she promised to Kate and suggests it’s because she’s been a bit distracted by this young guy and whatever he’s after, then Jenny takes umbrage and Carla and Jenny have a stand up row. Even though Jenny's really defiant, I think there’s a bit of her that’s worried that Carla’s right, this is ridiculous, I’m twice his age, I should end this.   

Does this affect their relationship and why she’s not fully throwing herself into it? How much does the age gap worry her?

It’s two fold, it’s other people sticking their oar in but also at the back of her mind there’s this reality check that she’s 21 years older than him and they’re at very different points in their lives, yes he’s saying this now but he might change his mind tomorrow. So at the back of her mind she doesn’t want to invest too much in case she gets hurt. But equally it feels great, she’s listening to other people and not really trusting her own judgement because of this fundamental difference between them, the age gap. 

What makes her decide to ask Leo to move in?

Leo asks her to go and watch him play rugby again but with Carla’s words ringing in her ears, and Jenny listening to her head and not her heart, she decides that she’s not going to go and when the match is over she’s going to tell him it’s all off. Daisy thinks she’s daft, she can see how happy Leo makes Jenny. Then they get a phone call from a team mate of Leo’s to say he’s had an accident and been knocked unconscious. As soon as Jenny hears this her heart’s in her mouth and she dashes off to the hospital. She knows what she feels is real but there’s people thinking how much do you know about this man, is he conning you, so she’s torn. Then as soon as Carla’s put a nail in the coffin she comes along and takes it out and says I can see how happy he makes you, it just hurts to see you moving on because it should be you and my dad behind that bar. So it’s Carla’s blessing in the end that allows Jenny to follow her heart not her head.
Do you think they could work together or do you think it’s too soon after Johnny, does the age gap complicate things too much?

I think it could work between them, Johnny died in October but really their marriage ended this time last year with all the lies, deception and Johnny going to prison so really it’s not that quick. When Johnny died she loved him but they weren’t in a relationship. She’s trusting Leo and trusting his word, that he does want to be with her and she’s more important than children. If she allows herself to believe what he’s saying then I see no reason why it can’t work, other than that she lives in Coronation Street.  

Are you enjoying working together?

Yes I think it’s really different and a story that hasn’t been done so much before which is nice, it’s always the other way around, Johnny was about 15 years older than Jenny and no one batted an eyelid. I think it’s very real, she didn’t go out trying to recapture her youth, Jenny has usually gone for an older man and now she’s turning that all on its head.

How do you like the current dynamic in the Rovers with Daisy and Leo?

I absolutely love it, I adore both Charlie and Joe. We have a little What’s App chat and it’s great working with them both. Joe I love to wind up because I was his first screen kiss, he’s had a baptism of fire working with me. The three of us just get on so well. At the minute Covid means we can’t show the pub busy or do the usual things like a talent competition, a quiz so to have two people to work with who I get on with really well, who are both great actors and great company, who have backroom stories and front of house, I can’t complain.

What are your hopes for Jenny for 2022?

That she sees her pub full again and that life steadies out a bit for her, that she can relax and have some fun and be drama and trouble free. 

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Friday, 21 January 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 21 January

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday review.

Tim has another hospital appointment accompanied by the ever-present Aggie. Meanwhile in the cafĂ©, Abi tells Sally that she’s changed her mind and now believes that Tim is having an affair. You know what they say about people in glass houses Abs. Checking her tracking app, Sally discovers that her husband is in Aggie’s house and marches round just as Tim collapses clutching his chest.  So at least that implausible cat is finally out of its completely pointless bag!

At No. 5, Ches and Gemma are stressing out over having no money and a forthcoming social worker visit. Dev brings over a food parcel which delights Gemma. But Ches takes offence and rejects it saying they don’t need charity.  Honestly mate, you’ve got five kids, the electric’s just gone off and that Prima Doner shirt that you’ve been wearing for two weeks must really need a wash…just take the flipping biscuits! The social worker of course turns up just as they’re having a big (‘ere look at us we’re poor) row in the street. He tells them that he’s interviewed Joseph who said he feels outside of the family unit. This seems like a genuine surprise to Ches, who clearly hasn’t learned any lessons from the time his son was mute and he just let someone else work out what the issue was, oh and the time his son got mugged and he just bundled him (shoeless) back into to his room for six months. I don’t suppose there’s any chance that Owen Armstrong stops sunning himself in Portugal and remembers he has a grandchild is there? Probably not. I think the best young Joseph can hope for at the moment is the workhouse. At least he might get a bowl of gruel to himself.

Meanwhile, PC Tinker is still boring everyone to death with crutch-gate. I did wonder if the reason he’s so attached to that thing is because it’s the only object on the street more wooden than he is. But no, apparently, he thinks finding the owner will prove he’s good at his job. This hope is immediately blown out of the water when he shows Roy the initials on the crutch which have been totally baffling him, only for Roy to solve the ‘mystery’ within seconds. TPS stands for Trafford Health Services. Face facts Craig, you’re a terrible policeman and given how many people get wrongly arrested in Weatherfield that’s up against some pretty stiff competition. 

Over at the school, President Alma Coin Mrs Crawshaw decides to sit in on one of Daniel’s lessons. When none of the pupils turn up, he takes the opportunity to tell her he disagrees with her directive that all girls wear shorts to prevent up-skirting. She doesn’t take it well and suggests that he owes her his support after she made sure he didn’t lose his job over Summer. Wow. She could be a Chief Whip. When the pupils still fail to show they find Amy leading another protest.  As the Head tries to remonstrate, Daniel sneaks off to call a local reporter who turns up within minutes (must be a slow news day). With the media spotlight on her, Mrs Crawshaw pledges to make every pupil attend consent workshops and revokes Amy’s suspension. One nil to Miss Barlow.

Elsewhere Jenny turns down lunch with Carla for a bit of afternoon delight with Leo (and why wouldn’t you). Later he introduces her to his house mates, who are expecting a baby and she’s reminded again of the age gap between them. Personally, I think Jenny’s been looking gorgeous since Leo came along so I doubt she’s got anything to worry about. Though he does then suggest she meet his parents which has got to be a bit of a passion killer.

Finally, with Tim in the hospital Sally questions him as to why he would keep something as serious as triple bypass surgery from her. Yes, we’ve all wondered that Sal! When she returns home to collect his pyjamas and long-johns, she meets Eileen and George who let slip that Tim has organised his funeral. Back at the hospital a furious Sally, tells his that if he doesn’t trust her then she can’t trust him. Jeez Sal talk about kick a man when he’s down.

And that's it for this week. See you in a fortnight or catch me on twitter @mskelstar

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Spot the Corrie prop - January 21st 2022

Congratulations this week go to fairycake who was the first person to spot that last week's ludicrous lamp can be found in Toyah and Imran's flat. Well done!

For this week's prop puzzle all you have to do is tell us whereabouts on the Coronation Street set you could find this mining memorabilia.

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