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Mikey North interview: Gary's worst nightmare

What was behind his plan with Derek was it to make amends or for personal gain?

It’s a tricky one, his mind is so warped at the minute I don’t think he even knows his reasons, there was something about getting the money, but in the back of his mind he is doing wrong to do right. He is justifying it by thinking he is getting people their jobs back, yet he is also going to have this business which is respectable and will earn him more money. He is making odd decisions though, his reality is out of kilter.

Derek is not the best choice of fake business partner is he?

No he seemed like a good choice at the time but as he is hanging around more and starting to stick up for himself he is starting wit wind Gary up, Derek did run a business and he is starting to think he might have a chance of messing Gary around and getting away with it, especially as he has seen Garry seemingly going easy on Ryan.

Is Derek spending time with Izzy his worst nightmare?

It’s not so much that it is Izzy it is more that his two worlds are colliding , he has got his family life with his son and his life of crime. He doesn’t want to get caught and he doesn’t want to bring Izzy into that world so he is going to try and stop him at all costs.

Ryan is a thorn in his side. What happens this week?

Gary has just had Derek round and wound him up and Gary punches a mirror and smashes it. He is getting more and more wound up as the day goes on. Derek has been agreeing rent reductions without asking him and Gary’s temper is just building and building. He is trying to rein himself in and then he hers that Ryan has been earning cash in hand n a DJ job and he finds out where he is.

Does he feels that he is losing control a bit?

Yes he feels he has to assert himself against both of these men. It is a knock on from what happened to him with Rick, it is distorting his reality and making things seem worse than they are. He doesn’t want to get walked over again and made to seem weak. It is making him think that he can literally do what he wants to anyone. The juxtaposition of having such a tall imposing character of Derek next to Gary and yet Gary believes he can knock seven bells out of him. 

Does Gary have any fear? 

After everything that has happened to him from way back in the army, losing his friend, getting involved in the security work, he has lost all fear of consequence and feels almost as if he has nothing else to lose. Apart from his kids, who he doesn’t see as much as he would like, he is pretty much a lone wolf. As far as I am concerned when he lost Sarah he kind of gave up caring any more or fearing anything. That makes him dangerous and I am sure that will be to his detriment in the end. Ryan is the latest one in the way.

Does he have any idea that Adam is on to him?

He knows Adam would stop at nothing to try and catch him outI really enjoy the dynamic between Adam and Gary. I keep thinking Gary will get caught at every turn but he manages to find a way out of it every time. Gary feels untouchable so it is nice to pay with that.

How is he going to deal with the fact that the private detective has info on him and pictures of him beating up Ryan?

Gary is a very persuasive man and I am sure he will be able to turn the tables on Adam, he knows most people have their price, even private detectives.

Are you enjoying this storyline?

Without a doubt this has been my most enjoyable year so far, I feel like I have really got into his psyche and have a clearly defined character, he is a villain and he is a nasty piece of work but he is becoming more clever with it which is good to play.

What is it that Gary wants?

He wants Sarah back, he is still hurt by that she was the love of his life. He wants a relationship and until he gets over that he will continue to be dangerous. Also what happened with Rick will continue to haunt him. He almost died, I believe he is suffering from PTDS from that. He has also learned from Phelan so he has learned from the best.

What sort of reaction are you getting out and about?

It is like going back to the early days of bad Gary when he was hated and I get people shouting murderer at me in the street, but it is in slightly better humour than it was when I was 21 and I am better equipped to deal with it. But it’s great, it is always good to play someone so interesting and I’m really enjoying getting the scripts and getting my teeth into it. I’m loving it.


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Friday, 20 September 2019

Spike in Smear Tests following Sinead's Cancer Storyline #Corrie

Coronation Street has been very issues-based of late, and particularly in Wednesday’s episodes the theme running through each story seemed to be “it’s good to talk”. Toyah was lending a sympathetic ear to Ali who’s been trying to detox by going cold turkey. Daniel was struggling to cope with Sinead’s diagnosis and reaction to chemotherapy so he once again turned to Bethany who was all too keen to provide warm words and a shoulder to cry on. Audrey had earlier visited Bethany for a grandmotherly chat knowing there was more to the friendship than she was letting on.

Billy continued to pursue Paul, sensing something terrible had happened to him when he was younger. Paul is obviously yearning to open up, but his autopilot kicks in and he continues to push Billy away.

Derek opened up to Izzy about his drink problems, leading her to offer support which he took as a cue to ask her on a date. 

All across the cobbles, characters are encouraging each other to open up and ask for help. Whether this is just a coincidence or not, it will hopefully have an impact on viewers. And it has been reported that something positive might be happening as a result of Sinead’s heartbreaking cancer storyline. Katie McGlynn, who will soon leave the show, tweeted a message she received from a nurse thanking Corrie and the actor for raising awareness of cervical cancer and screening. The nurse suggests there has been a “huge increase in uptake” of the tests in the past few weeks in her area, as Sinead’s condition worsened in the show.

However we feel about Coronation Street covering human issues to raise awareness – sometimes it can seem like a public service programme rather than a soap - if these topics are making a real difference to people’s lives, long may it continue.

The NHS have an information page about cervical screening tests HERE.

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Spot the Corrie prop - September 20th 2019

Congratulations if you spotted that last week's cosy circle cushion can be found in Yasmeen and Geoff's house. Well done!

For this week's prop puzzle all you have to do is tell us whereabouts on the Coronation Street set you would find this weird wall decoration.

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Preview of tonight's hour-long Coronation Street - Fri 20 Sep


JAMES LEADS BETHANY ON A MERRY DANCE Aggie gets a text from Dee-Dee to say she can’t make it. Bethany, Cathy, Dev, Eileen and Steve assemble at the house and when Ed arrives he is greeted by his guests. Michael’s unsurprised by Dee-Dee’s no-show. A drunken Daniel tucks into the rum punch but when Bethany checks he’s OK, he gives her a scathing reply. James follows upset Bethany into the backyard and touched by his kindness, Bethany leans in for a kiss but is mortified when James resists. Bethany makes to leave so James blurts out that he’s gay.
JAMES FEARS HIS SECRET WILL BE SPILLED Humiliated, Bethany heads for the front door. James calls at Bethany’s flat and begs her to understand he can’t come out publicly because it would be impossible to be an openly gay, black footballer due to some fans’ prejudice. Bethany softens when James apologises for using her. Back at the party, Michael tries to talk to James about Bethany but James laughs it off as a tiff. 
GARY THINKS DEREK’S OUTSTAYED HIS WELCOME Back from visiting Nicola and Zack, Gary’s seething to learn from Nick that Derek’s been signing contracts granting rent reductions in his absence.
GARY NEEDS TO GET A GRIP Gary berates Derek for signing paperwork without him and menacingly orders him to finish with Izzy. When Derek tries to let Izzy down gently, claiming it’s awkward for him to date Gary’s ex, oblivious Izzy points out he’s Gary’s boss and can do as he likes.
DANIEL PARTIES HARD Sinead urges Daniel to attend the Baileys’ party and later, Jenny finds Daniel drinking alone in Victoria Gardens, she drags him to the party. As Daniel dances wildly, Michael tries to lead him outside. Daniel takes a swing at him
ADAM HELPS DANIEL SOBER UP Adam arrives at No.3 and takes Daniel away meanwhile Sinead asks Beth to ensure she’s dressed nicely when she’s buried, dissolving her to tears. Daniel breaks down and sobs in Adam’s arms.
ELSEWHERE Paul’s shocked to see Bernie back with Kel. Chesney’s amazed when Paul lays into him for not throwing Bernie out and Gemma’s puzzled to see them squaring up. Shona receives a call informing her that Max has walked out of school. Max arrives home and Shona reveals she knows he bunked off but Max flatly denies it and stomps upstairs. Steve’s delighted when Emma introduces him to the footballers as her dad for the first time.

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