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COMPETITION TIME! WIN a designer Coronation Street tea-towel

Jo, the lovely lady at BearPrint Design has designed this wonderful Coronation Street tea towel which is up for grabs in a very special competition which she's running specially for readers of our website.

To be in with a chance of winning the tea towel, all you have to do is visit BearPrint Design on facebook and on Folksy  On BearPrint Design's Facebook page, you will also need to like, comment and share this Facebook post and answer the two following questions correctly:

Question 1: How many ducks are included in the Facebook status that you see here?

Question 2: Which Coronation Street character features on the T-Shirt that's for sale in the BearPrint Design Folksy shop?  

Email your answers to me at by the deadline of 12 noon on Saturday 24 March 2018 with QUACKERS in your email subject line.

All correct entries will be entered into a draw and the winner drawn at random and announced here on the Coronation Street Blog.

Please note: Competition is open only to UK entrants.

Good luck and have fun!

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Coronation Street does Sport Relief 2018

Sport Relief begins next week and there are a couple of Coronation Street connections that are worth pointing out.

Nicola Thorp, who plays Nicola Rubinstein in Corrie, will be taking part in the BBC vs ITV boat race. Nicola's obviously in the ITV team of course. 

Finding their sea legs for ITV (pictured above) are Good Morning Britain presenter Charlotte Hawkins, TOWIE star and presenter Ferne McCann, Coronation Street's Nicola Thorp, Emmerdale (and ex-Corrie actor) Chris Bisson, Benidorm's Jake Canuso and Love Island star Chris Hughes.

On the high seas of Salford Quays, famous faces from BBC and ITV are set to battle it out in a Clash of the Channels Boat Race for Sport Relief.

Hoping for glory the BBC team (pictured above) includes Radio 2 DJ Sara Cox, BBC Breakfast's Dan Walker, Top Gear's Rory Reid, newsreader Sophie Raworth, Countryfile's Ellie Harrison and Radio 1 DJ Dev Griffin.

Viewers will see which team is crowned champion of the Clash of the Channels Boat Race: BBC vs ITV when it airs on BBC One on Friday 23 March as part of Sport Relief, which this year is preceded by a week of activity from 17-23 March.

And Les Dennis, who played Michael Rodwell, is taking part in the BBC programme Famously Unfit which will air on BBC2.

The celebrities taking charge of their fitness are fashion journalist, author and designer Susannah Constantine; presenter and actor Les Dennis; actress and comedienne Tameka Empson and actor and comedian Miles Jupp.

The hour-long programme will see the celebs push themselves to the limit as they embark on a mission to regain their fitness and help inspire the great British public to get active and do their part for Sport Relief too.

The show will follow the four of them over 10 weeks as they run, row and swim their way back to fitness. The programme will culminate in one of the UK’s hardest and most demanding physical challenges, which will see the four celebs tackle a muddy and exhausting obstacle course in freezing temperatures.

You can watch Les bust some sports relief moves here. 

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Corrie weekly update - aka Weatherfield week of woe

Corrie weekly updates from 1995
All the wit and warmth of Weatherfield
None of the waffle

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An unpleasant week, in every respect, this week on Coronation Street. Let’s start with the major storyline of troubled David Platt. He’s never had any friends and so when Josh turned up and took a shine to David, it was completely believable that David would team up with his new friend. Let down by all the men in his life, deserted by his dad and his brother, having a serial killer as a stepdad, well you can see why David would seek out a bit of friendship with someone like Josh who seems so kind and caring. The only thing is, Josh is anything but. And on a night out in town, Josh spikes David’s drink and takes him back to his flat where David falls unconscious. David falls face down onto Josh’s bed, Josh locks the bedroom door and undoes his trouser belt. We all know what’s going to happen. We all know Jack P Shepherd is one of the best soap actors, ever. He’ll win every award they throw at him for this storyline. But I just wish it wasn’t being shown in Corrie, my Corrie. There’s a place for rape storylines, for murder, for heroin addiction. Coronation Street before the watershed is not that place, not in my living room ... not for much longer, I fear. 

Please, Corrie, stop making me love you less with every single episode you show. 

Elsewhere this week, Fiz finds a condom packet in the sheets and knows that Tyrone has been having ess-ee-ex while she’s been away. At first, she thinks the condom might be from Sean but he denies ever having brought anyone back to their house while he’s been lodging there. Fiz takes out her anger on Gemma and there’s a food fight in the kebab shop, with the only bit of light relief the lettuce that lodges in Rita’s, er, hair.  Anyway, Fiz takes Tyrone back and he tells her he’s putting Ruby into therapy as he knows she’s the one behind all the bad things that have been happening. But she’s not... as we find out that it’s Hope who’s the villain of the piece after she almost chucks Jack down the stairs. Well, her father was a serial killer. 

A bit of warmth this week came our way when Rosemary the clairvoyant turned up in Audrey’s salon with a message for Aud from her Alfeh. Audrey’s skeptical at first but soon comes around to Rosemary’s messages from beyond when she tells her that she’s receiving messages from Gail’s dead husband… no, her dead husbands! This could be fun and it’ll be interesting to see where it goes. If only it wasn’t the only ray of light in Corrie, but sadly it is. 

Meanwhile in the Rovers, Eva is eating for England as her pregnancy belly grows. Leanne is none the wiser as to why her step sister is eating like a pig and putting on a pile of weight. 

Adam returned this week, with a haircut, and went straight to the cop shop where Billy’s been arrested. He promises to stand by Billy as his brief. Eileen calls the Bishop who takes Billy off to rehab and we all breathe a sigh of relief.

Mary finds a job in the Weatherfield Gazette that she thinks would be ideal for Jude. It’s a research assistant job in a marine laboratory where Jude would be researching the warty venous clam. Jude is reluctant to go for the interview, but Mary makes him do so. He returns and says he’s got the job, but then we see him on his phone later and it’s clear that all is not as it seems.

And that’s that for this week. Does anyone else feel as disappointed as I do by the workings of Weatherfield of late?

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This week’s writers were Chris Fewtrell (Monday); Joe Turner (Wednesday); Jonathan Harvey (Friday). Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at Coronation Street Blog: Exclusive: All Current Corrie writers online

Glenda Young
Blogging away merrily at Flaming Nora

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Happy St. Patrick's Day - Corrie's Irish Links

Michelle with Barry "daddy" Connor
Corrie’s links with Ireland have existed since the beginning with one of the original characters, Concepta Riley, hailing from Ireland. She regularly appeared until 1964 and made guest appearances in 1967, 1972 and 1975.

The most famous Irishman on the street has been Jim McDonald. Loved for his accent and quirky Irish sayings, Jim has become a firm favourite with viewers. 

Other Irish links include barman and chef Ciaran McCarthy who was played by Boyzone’s Keith Duffy.
Paul, Liam and Michelle Connor’s parents Barry and Helen are Irish and live in Ireland although none of the children have an Irish accent. Unless they were brought up in Manchester and then the senior Connors returned to their native island.
Elsie Tanner had two Irishmen as lovers: Jim Mount (1965-66) and Ron Mather (1978-9).
And when Concepta visited in 1972 and 1975, she was accompanied by her fiancée and later second husband Sean Regan. Upon his visit, Sean made a pass at Bet Lynch.
And a piece of trivia for you: Sam Kydd, who played Mike Baldwin’s Cockney wide-boy dad Frankie, was an Irishman!

And a member of our blogging team, Emma, is also Irish!

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Jack P Shepherd reveals the aftermath of David's rape

After the scenes last night in Coronation Street, Jack P Shepherd reveals what happens next week for David and Josh.

What happens when David wakes up the next morning?

David is a bit confused at first as to where he is, but then as he comes to he sees a photo of Josh and then sees his own clothes neatly folded and a note from Josh saying he has gone for a run and he will catch him later. You can see from David’s reaction that the truth of what has happened is dawning on him. He leaves the flat and goes straight home.

Why doesn’t he say anything to anyone?

This is the crucial part of the storyline really, he doesn’t want anyone to know what happened. He is ashamed and just wants to try and pretend it didn’t happen. He feels there is no way he can tell Shona or his mum or sister what has happened, he is disgusted and embarrassed. And this is the point of the storyline, he should tell someone, he should open up and tell someone and not keep it all bottled up inside him.

When does he next see Josh?

Josh comes round the next day and has no shame at all. He even brings David a protein shake and David throws him out and says he knows what Josh did to him.

How does Josh react?

David says it very quietly, he knows Gail is upstairs and he doesn’t want her to hear. Josh picks up on this and realises David hasn’t told anyone which of course gives him the power. Josh is a little bit rattled but brazens it out and tells David that it was consensual. He starts implying that David is gay and because David can’t remember the exact details of what happened it is really difficult for him to deal with and he starts to doubt himself a little bit.

Does he not think he can confide in Shona?

Absolutely not, he can’t talk about it at all. In fact it really affects his relationship with Shona as when they start to get intimate all he can think about is what happened with Josh and he gets angry and lashes out. Shona has no idea what is wrong with him. He is not angry with her, he is angry with himself and that is when his relationship starts to fall apart.

What did you think when you were first told about the storyline? 

I have never wanted to know what was going to happen to David in the past, I prefer to let things unfold in scripts and not know. But on this occasion Kate was very insistent that she wanted to discuss it with me as it was very serious and once she did I realised why. I thought it was an important story to tell and she told me it was less about the actual assault and more about how David deals with the aftermath, it is a men’s mental health story and about encouraging men to talk about things that happen to the rather than bottling them up. 

Did you do any research?

Yes Kate and I went to meet Duncan from Survivors Manchester who have helped with all the research. I know David well after playing him for all these years but if you are going to tackle an issue like this it is important to hear the real human side to do it justice. This is David’s story and how he reacts and I trust the scriptwriters to take him on this journey as they have done with everything else he has been through but I did feel it was helpful to hear from someone who had gone through what David was going to go through.

How hard has it been getting into David’s headspace following the rape?

This is potentially one of the darkest places David has been in, he was obviously massively affected by Kylie’s death but everyone knew about that and were looking out for him and even though he didn’t really want to talk about it in depth it wasn’t a secret. This time it is just all in his head, he has no outlet, he doesn’t speak to anyone and the only other person who knows is his attacker and he is enjoying winding David up and having power over him. David is tormented and the viewer needs to see that, so for David to break down it needs to feel real and not forced, it is very emotional and after one scene I couldn’t stop crying. 

How do you shake it off?

For those particular type of scenes it can take a while, I just need to take myself off somewhere on my own get rid of David. 

Why do you feel it is an important story to tell?

In showing how David struggles to cope with what happened to him and doesn’t speak to anyone,  and the effect that then has on him, hopefully people will start talking about the storyline and it could help someone who has gone through something similar to realise the need to open up and speak to somebody.

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