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Friday, 29 September 2023

Conversation Street Podcast Episode #595

On our latest episode of the podcast, we chat about what went on in Weatherfield between the 25th and the 27th September (Episodes #11067 - 11072).

It's last orders in the Rovers this week as Jenny and co are turfed onto the cobbles by their new bosses at Waterford. Even though we're feeling pretty damn sure most things will be going right back to the status quo before too long, Corrie still did a great job of keeping us gripped this week - and of course the fact that Stephen is also involved can only be a good thing in our book! Elsewhere on the cobbles, Paul has a bit of a spiritual revelation at Shelley's funeral, and with the Bistro all booked up for Monday, surely, SURELY nothing can get in the way of Corrie finally having its first gay wedding? Also this week, the truth about Ryan's O-vidz double life comes out (much to Sean's excitement!), Deva and Darren spectacularly fail to split up Aadi and Courtney, and Cassie proves to be quite the asset at the garage! 

Up next, it's the Kabin, where we celebrate Corrie's wins at the Inside Soap Awards this week, and we finish things off with more of your listener feedback.

Street Talk - 00:11:00
The Kabin - 02:19:51
Feedback - 02:41:31

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Wednesday, 27 September 2023

Coronation Street Episode Review Tuesday 26 September 2023

Tonight it became clear that the Cassie nightmare continued - well it does seem that Ty is losing his hair over it.  A cab firm owner, Mrs Carlisle, is also a Trustee of a charity supporting women back into work following prison sentences so Cassie letting slip that she and Abi are addicts and old lags works in their favour and Kev has a major new customer!

Elsewhere on t'Street it feels as if Phil and Kirsty have landed as it is relocation, relocation, relocation.  In the most obvious co-incidence of the evening Ryan is looking for a flat and Lauren is looking for a flatmate in her new flat over at the precinct.  So by the end of the episode Ryan has moved in lock, stock and smoking steroids (as spotted by Daniel when carrying a box).  Lauren questions Ryan on his online activities and agrees to ring the bell three times if she returns unexpectedly when he is online.  Lauren is 20 by the way.  

Also on the move are newly coupled up Aadi and Courtney.  The latter's addiction to bathroom occupation is driving Asha to despair alongside the constant use of the washing machine for delicate single items.  Once Courtney has had her nails done so that she could look her best for job interviews they go and visit what was recently Shelly's flat (never let a good set go to waste) at the precinct and despite Aadi not being very keen Courtney makes the decision that they will take it.  Aadi can hardly believe what he is hearing.  Have to hope that Shelly will not pop back to haunt them!

In an all too short scene Kev, Abi and Ty chew over the events of the day and lay bets on the Rovers and who will use it now and in the future.  For some of us this is why we watch Corrie.  No particular plot advancement, no particular issue to be discussed, just the end of day chat at work before lowering the shutters and dispersing for the day.  More please Corrie MUCH MORE!

Elsewhere Paul is able to get his wedding suit on and has decided to walk down the aisle.  But only with Bernie on one side and Gemma on the other.  Brave man.

I think this is the second time this bunch of ne'er do wells has been spotted hanging around - they abuse Ryan as he walks past as he moves - but I think they may have a bigger storyline coming.

I assume Stephen has sorted Audrey's mortgage, but I doubt it.  The police are unable to find Teddy - apparently he never returned to Canada on any plane and Stephen suddenly recalls that when Teddy spoke to him "from Canada" it was from an unknown number.  Stephen is getting nervous and decides (probably far too transparently) that having been involved in three deaths might not in itself make him a serial killer (Leo was a sort of accident) but the authorities are closing in and making himself scarce in say Thailand might be beneficial at this point in time.

The Man from Waterfords is a far cry from the Man from Del Monte.  Not only does he not say yes, he waltzes into the Rovers and tells the assembled might of Glenda, Daisy and Sean that their services are no longer required.  Zero hours contracts, zero hours notice - get thyselves gone from this benighted establishment.  They had contractors ready to proceed on redevelopment of another property but following the takeover the need for a makeover of the Rovers Return had been elevated to the highest priority as continuing with a loss-making back street spit and sawdust traditional boozer was a long way away from the corporate aims which the Area Manager would be imposing on the natives with nary a word of explanation.  Even J-Co has only four weeks to vacate the flat and given that the property would be boarded up in the morning she might consider it beneficial to relocate first thing in the morning.

Ah well, out of a sow's ear a silk purse is created as the team determine that the owners can afford to stand closing-down drinks for the evening and local social media (which does not seem to reach Platt talk or what ever the group chat is called) lights up with free drinks all night until they drink the pub dry.  Asha redeems herself by working out that in the last 33 years Steve has consumed more than 17,000 pints of the various amber nectars which have been available at the bar.  Rita and Ken discuss years and weddings past and Kirk thinks that drinks are always free on Tuesday evenings (and how would we know as Corrie never airs on Tuesdays!).  in the back Jenny is packing as she and Rita discuss matters.  Jenny is considering the trip to Thailand and Rita wishes she had travelled more and seen more of the world.  [She and Ken should go on a World Cruise!].  So farewell Rovers Return.  Although Paul observed earlier that perhaps pubs have an afterlife and we will be haunted by the Rovers Return - or perhaps a block of flats to ease overcrowding at Eileen's.

In homage to Rita and Barbara Knox's 90th birthday this is my last post for quite some time - I am off on my travels again.  On Sunday the "Out of Office" will be fired up and we are off to Pisa, Corsica and Sardinia.  I will return for about 10 days - so will just about catch up before we head off again to the Deep South of the USA and it will be somewhere around mid-November when I hope to be back in my normal Friday night berth.  And early warning - we have six holidays / breaks booked already for 2024, although not all of them will mean a Friday absence some will.  

So a few wishes for when I return.  Ryan has listened to the clamour of voices and is coming to terms with his changed life.  That Corrie has far more character scenes, that Stephen has finally been caught out on just one of his many lies (can he even remember whom he has told what?) and of course above all that the Rovers will have Returned and by some hook or crook Jenny is still on t'Street, even if not running the Rovers.

Written by Susan Oudot and Simon Crowther.  Directed by Becky Wild.


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Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Wednesday 27 September 2023

Wednesday 27 September 2023

DEV TRIES TO PUT A PRICE ON LOVE Aadi and Courtney announce that they’re moving into Shelly’s old flat. Courtney tells Aadi that she’ll sell her rings towards the deposit and with the rest of the cash they can go out and celebrate. Courtney drags Aadi to the bistro where a golf club bash is also going on. Seeing it as a great opportunity to wind Darren up, Courtney snogs the face off Aadi while talking loudly about their new flat. Dev can barely watch as Aadi and Darren square up. Bernie orders calm but as they leave she warns Courtney that she knows her game, it’s obvious she’s using Aadi when she’s still in love with Darren. Meanwhile, Darren takes Dev to one side and offers him £5k to split up Courtney and Aadi. Dev returns home and, pulling out the £5k, tells Courtney it’s hers if she dumps Aadi. Will she take the bait? 

STEPHEN WANTS A HOLIDAY FOR A LIFETIME Jenny and Stephen move in with Rita but assure Rita that they won’t be under her feet for long as hopefully they’re off to Thailand. On the street, Jenny, Glenda, Daisy, Sean and Gemma watch emotionally as the Waterford’s workmen start boarding up the Rovers. When Gemma reveals that she’s applied for the deputy manager role with Waterfords, Daisy’s fuming, assuming it would go to Jenny.

BILLY AND PAUL’S WEDDING IS MISSING A CERTAIN VIP Billy and Paul meet up with the Registrar to go over their wedding plans. When Paul requests ‘Oh Happy Day’ for their exit music, the Registrar explains they’re not allowed religious music at a civil ceremony. Paul’s gutted. 

ELSEWHERE Daniel asks Ryan if he’d be prepared to give a talk to the STC students about the impact violent crime has on its victims. Ryan’s unsure. Tyrone tells Evelyn that Cassie’s gone to a meeting but when he gets a phone call from the police, his heart sinks. 

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Tuesday, 26 September 2023

Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street - October 2 to 4, 2023

Here are the major storylines for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Monday 2 October to Wednesday 4 October 2023

Paul and Bill say "I do", Tyrone's quizzed by the cops, Aadi throws himself under the bus, Mason pushes Liam to vape, Stu wants Eliza back, Cassie keeps a secret, Jenny dashes Stephen's dreams, Carla realises she's been taken for a mug, Mason insults Dylan's dad.

See the full week's preview with pictures at  

Note: If you still see last week's previews when you click through to, please refresh your browser.

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