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Friday, 1 July 2022

Sue Nicholls interview: Audrey's will causes problems for the Platts

How has Audrey been feeling about her family’s treatment of her?

She feels very much as though they have been treating her like a child and like someone who didn’t have the capacity to make her own decisions. She realised why she was so upset about it when she had the chat with Rita who is also very independent  and she made it clear to her that they shouldn't be treating her in that way. All of the things that had happened to her initially were not that desperate and could have happened to anyone. She backed the car into Rita’s car and they told her she shouldn't drive. She had her cataract operation, again not a huge thing these days and they started to say she had to slow down, they were doing it for the right reasons, but she found it irritating and especially when they kept telling her she couldn't have a drink, putting everything down to that, so sometimes she did it just to annoy them as she was frustrated.

Does Audrey have a drink problem?

This storyline is not about Audrey having a drink problem but in the end she caused herself a bigger problem when she did get tipsy in the salon, sacked everyone and got trapped under the motorbike, thereby in their eyes proving them right, when actually she was pushed to behave in that way by her frustrations with them.

Is Audrey worried about growing older?

Audrey is a very independent woman and she is struggling to accept that maybe she needs a little bit of help and the problem is they have gone too far. She wants to be  in her own home on Grasmere Drive and not sleeping in one of the kids beds at David’s house. She isn’t going home to drink in secret, she wants to relax and watch her own television and maybe have a glass of wine but they don’t think she is capable of that and she is angry about it all. She is able bodied and has full mental capacity and she knows there may be a time when she isn't able to look after herself but she isn't there yet. She feels they are stifling her independence and judging her in tally the wrong way. I can identify with Audrey, I live on my own and love my independence and it is difficult for her having people trying to take it away.

How does she feel about Stephen’s arrival and what is her relationship like with him?

As far as she is concerned Stephen can do no wrong, he is the golden child. He is a very successful businessman and whether the family like it or not he is ‘her Stephen’ and she has him on a pedestal. She has not seen him for years. He was her first born and her parents made her give her son away. She had no idea that they had contacted him because they were worried about her. She is thrilled that he has arrived and he is in Grasmere Drive with her when she comes out of hospital. 

What happens when she decides to tell them she is leaving her money to WARTS?

She has called a family meeting as she has updated her will. They are all excited wanting a piece of the pie and she knows this so she tells them that they are all doing OK so she has decided to leave it WARTS as it meant so much to Alf and as expected they are all horrified. And then she walks away and Stephen finds her in Victoria Gardens and she confides in him that she was just doing it to teach them all a lesson because she feels like they are just waiting for her to die. 

What happens when she goes back to speak to them again?

She goes back and tells them that she has taken advice and has decided to put it all into trust with Stephen as the executor and they are quite horrified at that.

The family feel that her trust in Stephen could be misplaced, do you think they could be right?

I don’t read scripts or find out storylines so ignorance is bliss, she trusts him implicitly. He can do no wrong and she sees nothing wrong with doing that as she is not disinheriting them even though they have done things which have been fraudulent, and disloyal so she isn't really interested in how they feel about it.  She is just doing it her way and having some control over it. Stephen is the one person who has given her no reason to believe he has anything but her best interests at heart.

What is her relationship like with Gail now?

They are such different personalities, Gail has more of her dad’s personality she is always worried, everything is on the bleak side for Gail whereas Audrey has more of a positive vibe. But there are the most wonderful moments where you do see how much they care about each other.

Audrey and Shona have had some nice scenes. Are you enjoying their friendship?

Funnily enough Shona, despite, or maybe because of, her brain injury is the one person she gets on very well with because she is straight talking and also has stood up for Audrey and Audrey appreciates that. I have enjoyed those scenes and that relationship development very much. She has a similar energy to Audrey and has no filter. She doesn't have that with Gail, Shona is a bit more like Audrey was when she was younger.

Are you pleased that we are exploring a storyline that examines what later life is like and what it is like to get older and the reactions of those around you?

Yes I am really pleased that they are taking that up, it isn't about whether or not Audrey is drinking too much it is about her trying to keep her independence. I am only a couple of years younger than Audrey and I am also a lady on her own, it is interesting, there are a lot of people out there who will identify with what is happening to Audrey and will identify with the family's side of things.

How are things going to pan out for Audrey?

She is going to continue to struggle, she has always worked and it was a big part of her life and she misses seeing different people and being out and about. Now the family are fighting over her will which gives her a real sense of her own mortality and that is not a nice thing to have to think about. Stephen is there supporting her but he has other things happening his life and she doesn't want to keep him from his businesses. There is a lot more to come in this storyline and I really hope it will resonate and make people have a chat about their own circumstances.

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Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Friday 1 July 2022

Friday 1st July 2022

TOYAH PROTESTS HER INNOCENCE AS SPIDER CRAWLS BACK INTO HER LIFE Trying to distract herself from her troubles and Leanne’s lack of faith in her Toyah mounts a protest against waste incineration. Leanne refuses to back off and insists she wants to help. Toyah invites her to join the protest. Leanne, Mary, Brian, Nina and Asha join Toyah and the gang of seasoned protestors she’s mobilised, and successfully block in the council bin wagon on Victoria Street. Toyah leaps into the cab of the bin wagon much to Leanne’s dismay. A man picks his way through the protest group and clambers into the cab next to her. Toyah’s gobsmacked to see it’s her ex-boyfriend, Spider Nugent. As the pair catch up and reminisce, Toyah breaks down about Imran’s death. She invites Spider to stay over.

MIMI TAKES A TUMBLE BUT EVELYN THINKS IT’S ALL MIMI-MI Much to Evelyn’s dismay Fiz is forced to ask Phill’s mum Mimi to stay when she tells them no hotel will take Coco her dog. But when Mimi is knocked flying by Cerberus and sustains a sprained hip it is evident that Evelyn and Mimi living under the same roof is going to be a strain for everyone!

PETER AND CARLA DON’T SEE EYE TO EYE BUT PETER AND NICKY BOND As Peter refuses to forgive Simon for falling for Thorne’s trick a frustrated Carla lectures Peter about being bitter. Heading to the police station to pick up a fair Peter is surprised to see it is Nicky who has been arrested for no reason. The pair bond over their shared contempt for authority trampling over the little man. Peter tells Daniel and Carla about his encounter with Nicky but he is shocked by Daniel’s response. 

SUMMER STRUGGLES WITH BEING BEACH READY Aaron and Summer plan their holiday in Spain. Summer admits she’d rather focus on tourist attractions as she’s not confident enough to sunbathe in a bikini. Aaron’s sympathetic.Aaron clocks Summer’s unease when he reveals they have been given a free water sports session with their holiday booking.  Summer admits a skintight wetsuit isn’t for her. Feeling bad about the holiday, Summer tells Aaron she intends to look on the water sports as a personal challenge for herself. Aaron’s pleased by her positivity. Summer runs her hands down her body and, hating her shape, tips away her insulin.

ELSEWHERE Liam has a Star Trek themed birthday party at the bistro. Gary pulls him, Maria, Kelly and Jake in for a family selfie but the happy moment is short-lived when Maria orders him not to share it online for fear of another backlash. Maria’s upset that she chose to censor herself by not sharing the family selfie, and tells Gary that her trolls are winning by making her scared. Gary comforts her.

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Thursday, 30 June 2022

Coronation Street Blog editor's crime novel shortlisted for prestigious award

Hi everyone! I hate writing about myself in the third person so here I am, it is me, Glenda, your Coronation Street Blog editor. 

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Coronation Street Episode Review; Wednesday 29th of June at 8 pm

Peter has pulled no punches in his medical negligence case against Dr Thorne. That thorn in Barlow’s side certainly needed taking out, Tonight, Peter is awaiting the case results from the GMC and their investigation of the posh betting doctor. It's David V Goliath-type battle, and the odds seem to be against him. Working-class man versus upper-class twit. I had hopes up that Peter would win but without that dictaphone evidence, the case falls flat and Thorn gets away with a slapped wrist, remaining a prick on Peter’s side. Vengeful and angry, Peter cools off at the rovers when Dr Thorne visits him, antagonises him about his alcoholism, and pushes all of the wrong buttons. 

Peter plays right into his hands, and after confronting the doctor in his car, he takes a 3-iron to the car exterior and attacks Thorne. Adam arrives and mitigates matters - but it would have been better if Peter hadn't played up to the posh doctor. The social injustice rankles him - I wonder where all this will lead?


Maria’s rubbish time with the council continues tonight too. Even though she has this trolling/viral rap video/death threats /deepfake porn lying over her head, she still sees fit to head up a press conference to confront the striking refuse collectors. In the packed-out meeting, Maria is heckled and henpecked by the baying crowd, prompting her husband to revert to his own style of crowd management, by taking a pop at the refuse team leader, Jimmy. Gary is taken down to the police station, causing more trouble for councillor Connor, leaving Maria to conclude that she should just quit the council altogether. Gary, who isn't charged by the police, tells her she should continue, regardless of adversity. Sally is told the news and offers Maria some words of political advice and guidance. Maria decides to stay within the role, remove herself from social media, and concentrate on Liam's birthday party. Later, and in private, Maria continues to scroll, the vitriol remains in full flow, and she seems stressed by the online abuse. 

Toyah rejoins real life and heads back to Underworld, ready to repay Leanne and the flat rent. The factory girls, bosses, and clientele aren't that forgiving. Jo Lafoe (best Corrie name ever) tells Sarah she should reconsider Toyah’s position, who's subsequently fired and returns to the flat. 

Meanwhile -George investigates Frank, proving fruitful when he overhears him making a threatening phone call. Sean reels from the revelation and ends the relationship. Later, Frank explains to George that he has misconstrued the phone completely, and Sean reconciles with his fella. 

Elsewhere tonight - Pre-wedding nerves go into overdrive for Fiz as Mimi's arrival is imminent, Hope plays up, and she has wedding veil damage to deal with. Phill arrives to offer advice and support.  

PS - Redpilled100 sounds like the name of a viagra pill! It can't be Tim doing the trolling? 

I am @rybazoxo self-styled cobbles connoisseur & Coronation Street superfan 

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