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Upcoming Coronation Street fan events

Upcoming Corrie fan events are as follows. If you know any we can add to our list, please get in touch!

October 2018
See your favourite soap stars live in the cinema. All details here.

October 7th. Meet Corrie's Cathy at Geekfeast. All details here.


December 2018
Celebrate Corrie's 58th birthday with a special fan event in Manchester. All details here.

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Updated: Corrie list of who's leaving, joining and returning

Here is our updated list of those characters and actors we know about who are joining, returning or leaving the show.


Lance Corporal Cassidy Little joins Coronation Street. Find out more here.


Jennie McAlpine has announced her second pregnancy and will be going on maternity leave later this year.  Read more here.

Malcolm Hebden is taking an extended break as Norris Cole after suffering a massive heart attack. He has made a statement on whether he will return or not. Read more on that here.


Louise Emerick is returning as Mike. Read more on that here.

Nick Tilsley is returning - but will it be actor Ben Price? Read more on that here.

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Lance Corporal Cassidy Little joins Coronation Street.

Canadian news CBC report that Lance Corporal Cassidy Little is joining Coronation Street. 

Cassidy is a former Royal Marine medic, who lost his right leg below the knee during a tour of Afghanistan in the summer of 2011.  You might recognise him from BBC's The People's Strictly in 2015.

On Coronation Street, Cassidy will play an amputee who meets with Jack Webster and explains how he dealt with losing his leg and becoming a Paralympian.

Cassidy tells CBC: "I've come in as a military buddy of another character and kind of trains Paralympic athletes, and I've come in as the guy who grabs life by the horns and shakes really hard, and then shakes really hard, and then tries to rub that attitude off a little bit, by proxy, onto Jack."

Little will appear in six episodes of the show.

Find out who else is joining, leaving or taking a break from the show.

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The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 18th and 21st May 1990

Jenny was worried about Flick letting her mate Rod stay on the sofa and turning her house into a dosshouse.  I was mostly thrilled to hear the word dosshouse for the first time in twenty years.  She was right though, because Rod was an absolute twat.  PC Nailor let Jack and Jim off their motorcycle shenanigans with a stern lecture, then bought the bike off Jim for £800, because police corruption is eternal.  Alec listened to Bet's concerns and told Nigel Ridley that he didn't want the Rovers changing into Yankees.  A slimy estate agent turned up at number 1 and made Deirdre an above-value offer for the house.  He refused to say who the bidder was, but she insisted on knowing, and he admitted it was Newton & Ridley, wanting the house to expand the pub.  It seemed they were persisting with the Yankees plan regardless.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 23rd and 25th May 1990

Rod the Upper-Class Twit was still making his presence felt at the student house, playing his music loud enough to annoy Vera Duckworth and hanging his socks off the oven.  Flick and Jenny joined forces and demanded he left.  When he still refused, they enlisted working-class lad Mark Casey, who employed some good old-fashioned threats of violence to drive him out.  Having got the bit of rough to do their dirty work, the middle-class university girls called him an animal for being aggressive.  You could probably get an entire thesis on the British class system out of all that.  Deirdre met up with Nigel Ridley and he upped the offer for number 1 to £35,000, ten grand more than it was worth, and she decided to take it.  That raised the question of where to live once she'd moved out, and Dave suggested she move in with him - horrifying an eavesdropping Tracy.  Derek started work on his garden and in the process noticed Steph topless using her sunbed in the back bedroom - which caused him to ram a fork into his foot, much to the amusement of the Barneses.  They offered Mavis the use of the solarium and she spotted Derek on their new bench giving the bedroom window a side eye.  Dirty old man.

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 30th May and 1st June 1990

Oh goody, Ken Barlow's back.  Tracy went running to him to ask if she could move in with him rather than live with Deirdre and Dave.  He stormed round to tell his estranged wife she was setting her daughter a bad example, and she reminded him he was an adulterous pig.  He then accused Deirdre of lying about the offer as an excuse to move and she told him it was Newton & Ridley trying to buy it.  Because he is an absolutely disgusting human being, he promptly went round and tattled to Alec and Bet.  Human spitting cobra Ivy went for a job at Ingram's, despite Don's misgivings, but hit a brick wall when they asked for a reference from her last employer - Baldwin.  She politely asked him to back her up but he refused, still smarting over the travel bags.  I really am sick of the words "travel bags" by the way.  Mavis and Derek made it up after she accepted men are beasts with primitive sexual urges they can't control.  And that is why the #MeToo movement happened.

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 4th and 6th June 1990

Mark found himself besotted with Flick, but it was distinctly one-sided after he took her out on a date and they ended up having their tea at a motorway service station.  He tried to win her over with a tacky gold necklace that looked suspiciously like the Woman Repelling Bracelet Joey bought Chandler in Friends, but that didn't work either, and Kevin realised that he hadn't bought it but had instead found it in the back of a car he was working on.  There were filthy sexual shenanigans at number 9 as Vera and Jack went away to Pwhelli for a second honeymoon and Curly persuaded Kimberley to stop over.  However, she had an attack of nerves and conscience at the thought of losing her virginity and told Curly she wanted to remain pure.  Mike had a rare attack of decency.  He gave Ivy her reference, which got her the job at Ingram's, much to Don's annoyance.  He then went round to Deirdre - now public enemy number one, thanks to the house sale - and told her to sell up and not give a damn what people thought.  That was more bad news for Alec and Bet, who'd been told by Nigel Ridley they could have the tenancy of the Quarryman's Rest when the Rovers became Yankees.  The Quarryman's Rest was a haunted pub by the cemetery full of weirdos, so Alec resolved to fight the decision.  After giving Bet a stirring speech in which he compared their fight to the rise of democracy in Eastern Europe, he enlisted Percy in a battle to keep the pub just the way it was.

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 8th and 11th June 1990

Though she refused to put out, Kimberley still stayed overnight at Curly's, much to her mum's horror when she turned up on the doorstep.  Curly went round to explain to her parents that they were saving themselves until marriage, inadvertently implying they were engaged, and causing the Taylor family to leap for joy.  Curly found himself sitting silently as they started planning a wedding he didn't want to take part in.  Mark admitted he'd found the necklace on the floor, and Kevin told him to get it back.  Unfortunately, Flick had already given it to a charity shop, and he had to buy it back for £35.  The War Of The Rovers continued, with Bet begging Deirdre to reconsider selling, and Deirdre repeating over and over that she had a daughter to consider.  Yes, but that daughter is Tracy Barlow.  Mavis and Jim went to the brewery to plead their case, but it fell on deaf ears, so Alec bolted the entrance and declared the pub on strike (apart from letting Des, Mike and Jim in for a quiet pint behind closed doors).  Nigel Ridley turned up, shouting that the Rovers was Newton & Ridley property, but Bet beat him off with a draught excluder (no, really).  In the process she called him a "poncified streak of aerated gnat's water".  Magnificent.

Will the Rovers be transformed into a swanky wine bar?  I'm on the edge of my seat.  Please, don't send any spoilers to me on Twitter @merseytart.  

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Corrie Comicals week ending 21 September 2018

Hi everyone I am back from a sojourn in Scotland taking in some wonderful scenery, eating well and even consuming the odd dram of whisky.  Meanwhile plenty has been happening in the mean streets of Weatherfield and I can report on some of the lighter moments from this week.  It would be far too easy to let someone looking extremely like Lillian Spencer but now called Evelyn steal this post as she was given all the best lines.  However first up (above) we must celebrate the look on Sally's face as she enjoys telling the Battersby sisters that they have both been boffing Imran.  She has just revealed his pros and cons list.

Talking of Imran's little list we were given this close up of the top half of the list.  The downsides are that Toyah discusses vegetables during foreplay and Leanne has more baggage than Manchester Piccadilly station.  Imran spends most of Wednesday thinking he is about to have both of them!

A sidewise look at the impact Evelyn is making comes from Rita and Ken (who was already in the Rovers when he was invited to join Evelyn's team for the first quiz).  (And where was Jenny Connor - she seems to have gone missing?).  Evelyn cost her team first place as she was unable to correctly recall that P.G. stands for Pelham Grenville and it has nothing to do with a brew - it is the two first names of a famous comedic writer. 

Evelyn is also shaky on American geography as this newspaper article demonstrated.  Why would Weatherfield twin with any of Atlanta, Chicago or Detroit please?

Rightly Paula Martin is looking really ashamed as she hears Sally's comments on Imran's boffing the Battersby sisters - Paula meanwhile has just dropped Sophie off to do the walk of shame as they have spent the night together and will be boffing Sophie again shortly. 

A couple of weeks ago you may recall Carla tested Peter's memory and behaviour with a Tina (on the left) lookalike called Carina (middle).  However she has now employed Vicky Jeffries (on the right) as Kirk's assistant in packing.  Now call me myopic if you like but I reckon that she looks as much like Tina (sans the constant tan) as did Carina.  So will Tyler and Simon end up being brothers?

Claudia is putting right the handiwork of an awful old battle-axe who made a mess of cutting Ken's hair earlier in the day - she does not realise this was Audrey who was in a bit of a bate at the time - but it certainly wiped the smile of Audrey's face!  And it looks like Ken might have pulled again!

The dancing lessons continue and this week Tracy is instructing Steve on the tender moment when he runs his hand down his partner's arm and her side.  Steve is dancing with Mary and does not actually seem to be enjoying practicing with Mary - and his hand moves in a very uncertain fashion, far from tender!

Which brings the return of my "Extras at Work" feature - two passer-bys are looking through the Community Centre window watching the antics inside as are Beth and Abi inside!

All in all it was a boffing good week.

Writers: Simon Crowther (Monday), Susan Oudot & Ian Kershaw (Wednesday), David Isaac & Mark Wadlow (Friday)
Directors: Vicky Thomas (Monday), John Anderson (Wednesday &Friday)


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