Monday, 10 December 2018

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Mon 10 Dec


DANIEL STRUGGLES WITH SINEADS REVELATIONS Daniel furiously blames Steff while Sinead reveals Steff only has days to live. Ken offers to give them a lift to the hospital meanwhile, desperate to help Sinead, Beth finds a specialist cancer clinic in Germany but realises it would cost thousands. At the hospital, Daniel tells Ken the truth about Sinead as she is told the cancer has spread and she needs to start chemo as soon as possible. Sinead tells Beth the news. As Carla takes money from the safe, Beth clocks the combination, her mind whirling.
BRIAN PAYS THE PRICE FOR OVERDOING IT Brian offers Liam a role in the nativity but after watching the dress rehearsal, Phil orders Brian to rewrite it by the morning. Overworked and clearly stresses, Brian goes to make a start but suddenly he faints, hitting his head on the table as he collapses.
LIZ DITCHES EILEEN FOR A BLAST FROM THE PAST Jenny is immediately suspicious when Liz asks if she can slip off for an hour, worried that she is meeting Johnny. But Liz meets up with Mike, who invites her out for dinner. Having followed Liz on the trailer app, Jenny is pleased to see Liz kissing Mike outside the cab office.
ELSEWHERE Toyah is furious to learn of Nick’s plans to move in to the flat.


BRIAN PLAYS DOWN HIS COLLAPSE Liam finds Brian unconscious in the staff room and Phil helps Brian to his feet. Phil taunts Brian that he appears to be stressed and that teaching is not for him, but Brian assures him he is committed. Cathy’s horrified to hear from Maria about Brian’s collapse but Brian plays it down.
BETH EMBROILS CHESNEY IN HER SCHEME Beth eyes up the money in the safe but is interrupted by Kirk, leaving him suspicious. Sinead attends chemo with Daniel, telling him she is sorry and revealing that Ken has secretly being paying for her complementary treatment. Meanwhile, Beth suggests that Chesney steals the takings from work to fund Sinead’s treatment, making out he was mugged.
JENNY PLAYS GAMES WITH EILEEN AND LIZ Liz blows off plans with Eileen for dinner with Mike at the bistro. Eileen confides in Jenny how Liz has been taken ill but Jenny knows Liz’s whereabouts thanks to her tracker app so she asks Eileen to pop over to the bistro for a favour. Liz, spotting Eileen, dives under the table to hide.
ELSEWHERE Nick and Leanne are shocked to find Toyah and Imran canoodling on the sofa. Toyah drops the bombshell that Imran is moving in too.

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Sunday, 9 December 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review; Friday 7 December 2018

Tonight opens with Carla pretending to be a PA answering the phone, using a dictating machine (and who will transcribe that seeing as Sarah has been dismissed?) when in this day and age Carla would write her own emails!  Nick is nowhere to be seen and when he does turn up he and Carla do nothing but bicker - even when being watched by their super new customer Jo.  It turns out the latter is a business whizz kid and has written clause 8.5 into the contract meaning she can advance the delivery date if she wishes.  Nick and Carla get the whips and torture mechanisms out and tell the stitchers to get stitching.  New deadline achieved (just).  Quality approved by Jo.  Kirk makes the delivery on time and Nick and Carla are now on the same side.  Over at the Rovers during all of this Sarah gave Carla a piece of her mind and did not intend to return to work; Beth nearly gets the PA job!  Then Sarah is praised by Johnny for standing up to Carla as he listens in to the phone call but Cathy also reminds her it is almost Christmas and well the money is useful.  Sarah saunters over to the factory, says she would like her job back but wants next week off (above).  Carla and Nick both, with relief, agree the terms for Sarah's return.

Somewhere along this story Nick agreed to give Elsa her money back and sadly I think that is probably the last we shall see of Elsa (she is leaving in the above picture) who agrees to keep Leanne's name out of the divorce proceedings.  Nick later tells Leanne that he thinks it will all work out for them with a new client coming on board next week.  She asks Nick to move into the flat with her and Toyah!

Any school capable of a school production is so deep into rehearsals that the kids know their parts and the scenery is being painted with final dress rehearsal any minute.  Only Bessie Street would still be struggling with a new script every day.  Cathy has it summed up in seconds (see above).  So clearly Phil is trying to play some game which makes no sense.  The only cheerful aspect was when Maria decided that Liam should have a lead role and kept trying to convince Brian of this.  He was so taken with the idea that he went to sleep in the Rovers' booth.  Brian stops Cathy from talking to Phil.  Brian is also popping pills to keep himself going.  Not good.

It appears that for some months there has been a package taped to Eileen's u-bend under the kitchen sink which when released falls open on the floor revealing £5k of used notes which presumably Pat Phelan left there at some point.  Eileen is not at all sure what to do with it, but after a few drinks in the Rovers with Liz and Sean (both of whom nicely apologise to each other for earlier upsets) the two of them talk Eileen into keeping the money and using it for a holiday on which she generously insists they join her - on one condition - they all travel as singletons - no pining after partners left behind.  Look out Tenerife the terrible threesome are on their way to your shores.  Mount Teide will pale into insignificance compared to these three on the rampage!

The story taking centre stage tonight was however Sinead and her illness.  Earlier on somehow she works out that Ken is giving Carla money for her acupuncture and Carla points out that she would not have taken it direct from Ken.  Sinead already distressed by this is not feeling well and Billy takes an interest in a parishoner who tells Billy that she has been skipping her chemotherapy sessions for the sake of her baby Osbourne.  Billy does his level best to convince Sinead to go for treatment but he fails.  Billy is so distressed by this that he has to tell Daniel that Sinead has not been attending her sessions.

Sinead gets her own wake up call and I do mean call.  You know that Star Trek cast members you had never seen before wearing the red shirts were always going to die once they had beamed down to the planet surface.  This week that cast member is Steff, as (above) we see Sinead getting the phone call telling her that Steff is ill and probably only has a few days left.

After a long wait Sinead gets to see her oncologist at short notice.  Tests on Monday but they need to find out if things are worse.  And when she gets home she has to face Daniel who is crying his eyes out.

A bit ho hum this week.  You may have gathered I am not impressed by the saga of Bessie Street or to be honest the cancer storyline, perhaps because I do not think that Sinead would have been swayed by Steff in the first place.  Nice that three of them will get a holiday on Pat Phelan's ill gotten gains but it was odd it had not been spotted before.  Whilst I suspect it is the last of Elsa Tilsley, I do wonder if we have also seen the last of the new client Jo Lafoe at the factory of if the magic clause 8.5 will continue to be a problem.  Talking of new people I am a little surprised that Imran's wife Sabine was cast and used in a single episode - I wonder if she will return and make life hard for R'Toyota soon?

Writer: Ellen Taylor, Director: Karl Neilson

See you in two weeks' time - it will be nearly Christmas.


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The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 30th January and 1st February 1991

Bettabuys is less a supermarket, more a den of iniquity, as the two managers continued to be deeply unpleasant humanoids.  Curly persisted with his relentless pursuit of Kimberley, despite her repeatedly telling him where to go, and he even went to the length of going to her new boyfriend's building society and shouting at him.  Adrian responded by accusing him of being a sex maniac which sounds about right.  Meanwhile an aggrieved Vera wrote to Head Office to tell them about the fiddled trolley dash.  It lead to the first appearance of the great Milton Johns as Brendan Scott, sliding into Reg's office and letting him know he planned investigating the allegation thoroughly.  He also produced a load more complaint letters which lead to Holdsworth's suspension.  A solicitor's letter arrived at the Websters' demanding the money for Mr Seymour's car, which of course they couldn't pay, so they tallied up their incomings and outgoings and sent that off in the hope it'd convince him there was no money to be had.  Elsewhere, Alf had a twisted ankle after his fall down the stairs, and Mike and Jackie discussed buying a house together.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 4th and 6th February 1991

Alma was upset at the sight of Jackie's house in the paper as it meant she was setting up a new home with Mike.  She pretended to be interested in buying it and then, while the camp estate agent was on his enormous mobile phone, she nipped upstairs and slashed their duvet.  Mike realised that the assailant was Alma and she apologised and gave him a cheque for the duvet.  Jackie ripped it up, though, wanting to put it all behind her, and not wanting to sleep on sheets paid for by Mike's ex.  Reg offered Vera her job back if she withdrew her allegations.  Meanwhile, Brendan interviewed all the players in the trolley dash, but Curly was distracted by Raquel.  She was flirting outrageously with him and he took her to the Rovers, where she made it clear she was willing to do all the things Kimberley wouldn't do; however, when Curly kept going on about his ex she stormed out.  (This early version of Raquel is a lot more conniving and sly than the sweet innocent we came to love later on).

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 8th and 11th February 1991

Curly's descent into madness reached its peak as he became convinced that a letter from a 'K, Lancashire' in a women's magazine was Kimberley.  The writer complained about her new boyfriend being a sex maniac just like the old one, so a wildly overacting Kevin Kennedy confronted Adrian at his place of work and bellowed.  Adrian told him that he and Kimberley had already done it, so Curly did the sensible thing: he stood in the middle of Bettabuys shouting that she was a trollop.  Brendan concluded his investigation with a "not proven"; he knew the trolley dash was bent as a nine bob note, but couldn't prove it.  It meant Jack and Vera got their jobs back anyway.  Mavis was delighted to see an urban fox in her back garden.  I get foxes in my garden all the time, Mave, and let me tell you, they're a lot less charming when you've had clear their turd off your path in the morning.  She stayed up all night watching for him, and left some bacon out for him to eat, but he was far more interested in a different snack: Jack's pigeons...

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 13th and 15th February 1991

Two way-past-their-sell-by-date storylines were finally resolved today.  Sally's mum came over to see the baby and lent them the money to pay off Mr Sullivan, despite Kevin's protests.  And Kimberley finally got her transfer to Bolton, meaning Curly might calm the hell down again.  It was Jenny's 20th birthday, and Angie organised a party for her, only to have Ms Bradley say she didn't want it because she was spending the evening with Robert.  Angie pointed out that married men only went with young girls for one thing, so Jenny gave her her notice.  Angry, Angie told Rita all about her adulterous antics, leading to some frosty scenes when Jenny brought him into the Rovers.  At number 4, the Wiltons were being overwhelmed by two different problems.  With the help of a crane, Des had a battered old boat lowered into his back garden, blocking their light and making Mavis worry about workmen weeing on her daffodils.  Meanwhile Jack was on the warpath looking for the fox that killed his pigeons, and he borrowed the devil dog he "bought" at Christmas to chase after it.  Derek laid a trail of bacon in the ginnel to try and lure the fox to safety, but the dog caught the scent, and began barking loudly...

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 18th and 20th February 1991

The hunting party clambered round the ginnel and across the Street, ending up in Des's back garden, as they followed the trail of the fleeing Derek.  Mavis stopped them getting into her garden with a sharp whack from a saucepan and sent them on their way.  Next morning, Jack was a laughing stock as no-one believed there was a fox in the first place.  Mavis confessed that she and Derek had been hunt saboteurs but his moment of triumph was short lived as he returned home to find Vera sobbing.  Her mother had died, though those of us who remember Amy from her obnoxious appearances earlier in the show will find it difficult to grieve too hard.  Angie and Jenny continued to row, though Ange pointed out she paid her rent to Rita so she was going nowhere.  Rita herself came round to see Jenny and tried to talk some sense into her over her married lover, but she was dismissive and said she was just trying to have fun before she died.  Emily was having similar thoughts, as a couple of hospital visits had left her dwelling on her life, and wondering if she'd ever achieved anything.  Phil took a room at the Rovers, much to Deirdre's surprise, and spent the day making covert phone calls on his huge mobile in the bar.  Alec began to think he was hiding out from his dodgy mates.  It was a suspicion confirmed when a huge Scotsman (played by a pre-Phil Nail Clive Russell) turned up on the doorstep of the pub after hours wanting to speak to Mr Jennings.  Alec scampered inside and locked the doors, panicking.

You know how there was a Leonard Swindley sitcom spin-off in the Sixties?  @merseytart wishes they'd done the same thing with Reg and Curly and the Bettabuy store.  That way he wouldn't have to watch it.

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Saturday, 8 December 2018

Coronation Street Awards 2018

As I have done for the previous two years, here are my Coronation Street Round Up Of The Year Awards: part Inside Soap, part inside my own head. Feel free to disagree in the comments!

Best Actor - Jack P Shepherd (David Platt).

Best Actress - Sally Carman (Abi Franklin). Abi is what Americans would call a MVP.

 Best Bad Boy - Henry Newton (George Banks). We all know Gemma and Chesney are destined to be together, but I still foolishly hold out hopes for Gemnry, even though young Newton is a cad and a rotter.

Best Bad Girl - Kayla Clifton (Mollie Winnard).

Funniest Male - Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson).

Funniest Female - Gemma Winter (Dollyrose Campbell).

Best Newcomer - Emma Brooker (Alexandra Mardel) Perky, funny and as cute as a button. Let's hope she gets a good storyline soon and doesn't get weighed down (as Steph and Rana before her) by misery and bad boyfriends.

Best young actor - Hope Stape (Isabella Flanagan), the little monster-in-waiting.

Let Them Go, Let Them Go - if Norris and Emily aren't going to return, then how about giving us closure by killing them off? A Peruvian avalanche perhaps? Spider Nugent could make a Martin Platt style blink and you'll miss him return to break the sad news before going back to his plant-based juice 'n' turmeric latte bar in Streatham.

Sexy Soapstar Superstar (male) - Imran Habeeb (Charlie De Melo). Where to begin, where to end? Melting eyes, ruffleable hair, carefully maintained facial fuzz. I'm still waiting for an ironing scene, Corrie, still waiting!

Sexy Soapstar Superstar (female) - Moira Pollock (Louiza Patikas). This is slightly left-field, but hear me out. With her Titian hair, beautiful eyes, feminine figure and the romantic attitude of a Babs Cartland fanatic (she would do anything for love, but she won't do that. Although she probably would), Moira is the full female package. Let's a) hear if for the older ladies and b) have more of Moira in 2019 and a bit less of *cough* Michelle and *cough* Sinead.

Best Return Of An Actor Previously In A Different Role But We Have Forgotten All That Due To Her Brilliance: Maureen Lipman (Evelyn Plummer) Having seen off Fiz, I look forward to Evelyn ruling number 9 with a rod of iron and a will of steel.

Best Guest Star -  Rosemary the dodgy psychic (Sophie Thompson).

Best Partnership - Audrey and Lewis. I hope they get lots of screen time before Lewis/Nigel goes off to panto.

Best Showstopper - Dr Ali kills evil Ronan.

Best Shock Twist - Anna returns to off Evil Phelan.

Best Exit - Phelan (see above)

Best Drama Storyline - Josh rapes David - or rather, the aftermath and David's breakdown and recovery.

Best comedy storyline - Aud and Claud's rivalry, culminating in Audrey's mic drop at the North West Regional Stylist Awards

Best dressed: Both Imran and Peter B rock a waistcoat, but Adam is always the slickest dressed. Even on his day off, you don't find him in a trackie bottom and a stained Oasis t-shirt.

Worst dressed: Toyah Battersby gave it her all this year (just get her an Asos voucher for Xmas, Leanne, and burn those blouses!) but Sophie's peplum-frilled denim jacket was so hideous that Ms Webster wins the coveted worst dressed on the cobbles award. Sorry, Soph!

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