Sunday, 17 February 2019

Corrie couple open new Bury bridal boutique

Sally Carman (Abi Franklin) and Joe Duttine (Tim Metcalfe) made the opening of a new bridal shop in Bury one to remember, reports The Bury Times

The bridal shop is a new venture for Bury Hospice and will support its work providing vital care for people living with life-threatening or terminal illness.

Last November, Sally supported the hospice's sell-out fundraising event Strictly Best Foot Forward as one of the judges.

She said: "After hearing the testimonies of people who have accessed the charity, you just realise the impact it is having and how needed it is. At the end of the day, people are losing their loved ones. If you can support a local charity that will help to ease pain or give support to people who might need it, that is a really worthwhile thing to do. Anything we can do to help, we will. We would urge you to support them wherever you can — you never know, you might need them yourselves one day — and they really do need this financial support, so if you can give of your time or money, please do."

She added: "This shop is amazing and about 75 per cent of what is inside is actually brand new so please visit, have a look and spend some money."

Joe Duttine, who plays Tim Metcalfe on Coronation Street and who is dating Sally in real life, said: "It is a really honourable thing to do to come and support a charity that helps people in their hour of need. It is great to see it be successful."

He added: "Tim doesn't know much about dresses."

The couple had scheduled to have a ballroom dancing lesson that afternoon — a Valentine's gift from Sally to Joe.

Visit the store at 20 Union Arcade, in the Mill Gate Shopping Centre, Bury.

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Simon Barlow - the luckiest Corrie kid alive?

Another week in Weatherfield, another chance for Simon Barlow to escape a Corrie fire.  It's not the first time young Simon Barlow has been involved in a Coronation Street fire. In fact, it's  the third! Or at least, that's how many times we can recall Simon being rescued from a fire - but if you know different, as always, do let us know.

In December 2010, Simon was trapped in 13 Coronation Street after a fire, which was an after-effect of a tram crashing off the viaduct and into the Corner Shop. Jason Grimshaw rescued him after going inside and finding him hiding in a closet. During the same crash, Peter was critically injured and married Leanne in hospital while he was facing death. Peter eventually recovered.

Cast your mind back even further. In early 2009, Peter drunkenly set fire to his flat trapping him and Simon inside before being rescued by Luke "I always go back for the rabbit" and Tony Gordon. Peter was distraught that his drinking had nearly killed his son. He vowed then never to touch another drop and he didn't... until he did and the drinking started all over again.

If Simon's like the cat who had nine lives, then he's got six more fires to survive!

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Heart attack for Coronation Street favourite fella

There are news reports today that one of the Coronation Street men is going to suffer a heart attack. 

If you don't want to know who it's going to be, look away now.

Looked away?

Still here?

Well, here we go with the news.

The Star reveals today that Tim Metcalfe, played by Joe Duttine, will be rushed to hospital where he receives the news he’s suffered a heart attack.

Sally then puts him on a strict diet and exercise regime. And although there will be some hilarious scenes as Sally makes Tim’s new health and fitness regime her new project, Corrie bosses are working closely with the British Heart Foundation to make sure they get storyline right.

Speaking about the storyline a Coronation Street spokesperson told the Daily Star Sunday: “Our research team and writers have been working with the British Heart Foundation looking at Tim's lifestyle choices and how the benefits of healthy eating and regular exercise impact on his health."

Praising the soap for raising awareness of the health issue, Philippa Hobson, Senior Cardiac Nurse at the British Heart Foundation, said: “Every three minutes in the UK, someone is rushed to hospital having had a heart attack. It’s great to see Coronation street raising awareness of this devastating condition, which affects so many people across the country.

“Medical research has helped us make huge strides in saving the lives of people suffering heart attacks, keeping hearts beating and blood flowing. “But the disease is far from beaten, and it’s still essential for us all to be able to recognise the signs and symptoms of a heart attack in ourselves and those around us.”

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Saturday, 16 February 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 15 February 2019

Prime story through tonight was the aftermath of the fire which has destroyed Peter's boat.  Peter is convinced that Abi started it and her alibi is pretty weak - out of her skull sleeping on a park bench; this story is substantiated by Cathy who saw her late last night on Talbot Street on the other side of town and got a gobful from Abi for trying to help her.  Carla studies the factory CCTV and soon spots Roy's accidental clash with the oil powered lamp which caused the fire.  She deletes the entire week's recordings - which Sarah discovers when the police come to check the recordings.  Carla also puts Roy's clothes smelling of oil in a plastic bag in her car boot.  Carla has not yet found the bottle to tell Roy about his sleep walking escapade as she knows that it will be difficult for him.  Peter soon hears that Abi is innocent and that Carla has deleted the recordings as Sally refuses to stay silent - so he demands answers from Carla and we see her above lying and saying that there is a gremlin in the CCTV system.  Peter knows she is lying and Carla knows he is boring.  At which point Roy asks Peter to leave.

Amy has morning sickness and has forgotten about her scan - soon rectified when Tracy tears her room apart.  Vicky reappears and talks Robert into employing Tyler in the Bistro kitchen and assures Amy, Tracy and Steve that Tyler is interested and wants to be a part of the baby growing up, as of course does grandmother Vicky.  Given his previous behaviour Tyler is pretty meek around his mother!  Steve also acknowledges they need more space for the baby and Oliver so he suggests they buy a new house.  Above we see Vicky arrive in the Bistro (to collect Tyler) and gets the comment shown from Tracy which is a step up from stalking I suppose.  As a result the McDonalds find out where Tyler is working - and Tyler does even apologise to Amy so perhaps Vicky is telling the truth.  Amy however seems conflicted about the whole matter.

And Steve thinks Joe Sugg (whoever he is) is the lead singer of Madness.

Landladies the world over speculate on the discussions at the tables and in this case Jenny is watching Kevin and Tyrone who are indeed discussing Mary.  The latter has been going out of her way to make herself indispensable looking after little Ruby and feeding Tyrone - simply to keep herself active following the loss of her own family.  However a hidden Valentine's card addressed to Tyrone has been misinterpreted and after some detective work Ty and Kevin know that it was written by Mary - so there is some concern that Mary really does have her sights aimed at Tyrone.

Are they on?  Are they off?  Is Chesney in the friend zone again?  Do they even like the same films, Chesney tries to act out "Ghost" but Gemma is a fan of "Sister Act" as she finds Ghost laughable.  And then they wipe garlic mayo off of each other's faces and this becomes a highly passionate encounter and they vanish out of sight behind the counter.  Hope someone hoses it down later.

Brian and Roy are working on finding RP by searching the Weatherfield births register.  Does anyone know where Robert Preston was born?

Writers: Mark Wadlow and Jonathan Harvey.  Director David Moor


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Corrie Comicals week ending 15 February 2019

Sally has brought her yoga routines home with her from prison and as we can see above looks slightly more flexible than Tim.  Observing the two heads appearing above the furniture (above) is Peter Barlow who has obviously been enjoying an equally physical workout in the other bedroom judging by the noises as reported by Tim.

Mary has an afternoon off from the flower shop and is frankly at a loose end as she was unable to join the guerrilla knitters in the community centre as it was full.  She proposes a spinach and ricotta recipe for Dev's twins - but they are eating out.  So perhaps she will have to do some sudoku; but then perhaps some shredding - as she says above it is strangely comforting, like a warm comfy blanket on a chilly afternoon!  Later she takes her magic stew to Tyrone's where the next generation need her help; she should really be surnamed "Poppins"! Tyrone reckons she is a fairy godmother.

There is a subtitling failure here.  The cat did indeed meow.  However Gemma was uttering a swear word which was a "Failure - Unable to Control Kisser" - hint the initial letters are the clue.  It was drowned out by the meow and later when used a second time it was drowned out by a car horn.  So sensitivities were observed.

David has just failed to take a phone call from Gail - telling Shona that she was probably ringing up because she has forgotten how to use the remote.  Or it could be more serious and the house is about to burn down.

Now I entirely understand how Simon was lowered to safety.  If anyone had jumped off the boat as Peter demonstrated then I reckon a broken ankle was the minimum injury he would sustain.

Chesney covers Gemma's eyes as he steers her into a surprise (late) Valentines' kebab not having washed his hands after chopping chillis - and as a result Gemma's eyes are watering!  Not a great start for a romantic meal.

Vicky has just uttered the some what strange comment that it takes a village to raise a child - an African proverb referring to the community looking after the children in their midst.  Tracy (courtesy of Jonathan Harvey) decides to interpret this literally and suggests Vicky moves to the country!

Elsewhere Roy and Brian are researching "RP" and the inscription on Roy's mother's ring.  I have two possibilities.  Robert Peston some idiot TV interviewer and commentator who has a strange way of talking or possibly Robert Preston, bistro owner of the locale.  But surely there is no link between Roy and Robert is there?

Extras at Work

Lots of ambulance staff and firemen (and no doubt women) running around this evening so I reckon they deserve the accolade this week.

Writers: Susan Oudot (Monday); Owen Lloyd-Fox (Wednesday); Mark Wadlow & Jonathan Harvey (Friday)
Directors: Abe Juckes (Monday & Wednesday); David Moor (Friday)

Hopefully more working fingers next week.


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