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Saturday, 4 July 2020

Corrie Comicals week ending 3 July 2020

Following on from only old people using landlines that Amy brought us last week Simon who is valiantly trying to help his mother and Nick by doing some cooking is struggling with the concept of ounces.  12 ounces is 340 grams if that helps!

Fiz has been telling Ty that they are turning into Vera and Jack - she tells him to put a jumper on or she will have to chase him with a newspaper.  Ty denies and then - in a pretty good impression puts on Jack's voice (above).  At least Jack and Vera were married, none of this living over the brush thing!

Since the door was replaced after the fire I have been waiting for the half door to be used and although this may not be the first use it shows the new stable door.  Chesney obviously thought he had managed to escape but no doubt Gemma chased after him.  To be honest does anyone really have a front door like that these days?

The need for physical distances and "bubbles" had not arrived in Weatherfield when this was filmed and I could almost sense the writer wincing as Imran said this particular line.  Of course if he has not been in a bubble with his partner for the last 14 weeks where has he been?

With the tentacles of the Oliver story being widespread this evening we return to Gemma with her happy head on and a small glass of wine.  Some friends of ours had a "trick" glass.  They handed me a bottle and told me to pour myself a glass.  Well I stopped after pouring quite a bit but my hosts insisted I continue.  Eventually I had a glass that was not full and yet contained an entire bottle - and the glass did not look that big.  I am sure Gemma would have done the same if she could!

We are a little short of National Treasures having recently lost Vera Lynn and at this difficult time it was inevitable that Arthur could not give Evelyn the peck on the cheek that she was clearly expecting as he departed - potentially infecting a NT is not allowed and Arthur had clearly got the memo about the need for people over 70 to be careful.  She is disappointed and just ever so slightly annoyed at his railway addiction and lengthy discussions with Roy (they might have been on Wednesday but it was all the same day in Weatherfield).  Beware Evelyn perhaps the old flame is not a match made in heaven (see what I did there!).

Which wraps it up for this week.  Next week I won't be here.  I will be on HOLIDAY!!  I will be eating in a restaurant with people cooking and serving and so on!!  I am being allowed out for a week!!  And seeing and doing things!  And as Phil Esterhaus used to say - "Let's be careful out there".

Written by: Debbie Oates (Monday); Susan Oudot (Wednesday & Friday).
Directed by: David Moor


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Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 3 July 2020

Eavesdroppers rarely hear good things about themselves is a soap trope designed to cause family rifts at the drop of a feather and earlier (well on Wednesday but this was originally a single Friday episode such is the Weatherfield warp in time) Simon had his feathers ruffled by Leanne claiming that if she lost Ollie then she would have no-one.  So Simon decides to skip his exam (he is 16 on Monday but I bet it does not get mentioned) so is presumably sitting GCSEs - odd that he does not know they were cancelled - and sits in Victoria Gardens where Peter finds him and the event is recounted to his father.  Peter does the decent thing and Simon moves in with him whilst Peter talks to Leanne who cannot even remember saying it!  She tells Nick and as usual he uses it as an excuse to have a near fight with Peter outside the Rovers (above) broken up by Sarah-Lou and Tracy.  Leanne does apologise to Simon and who feels that she and Nick would manage better without him.  Steve is looking after Oliver today.

Chesney tells Gemma to get herself glammed up - they are off on a date night and he is looking after the fearsome four and Billy and Paul are baby sitting later.  If you have a really good memory on Wednesday you will recall Fiz telling her brother about her date night with Ty and dozy Chessy got the wrong end of the stick!

I am right with you Jenny luv.  Having lost a daughter to a genetic disorder the Oliver story is difficult and Jenny lost her son, Tom, seven years ago (and Stephanie went 7 years ago too) and believe me this scene is here because of that - Jenny is telling Emma her history and says she took herself off for a silly little cry on the anniversary- and me here too writing this at a second watching.  Thanks for the good memories my baby. 

Later Alina and Emma talk as the former does the latter's nails.  Alina is in a bind - she has feelings for Seb but realises that Emma needs her more at the moment.  Emma decides to phone Morgan - perhaps they will convince their mum to come home?

And the heartbreak spreads further - whilst we have now known for a while about the secret plans these two were formulating to start fostering (in a crowded flat - highly suitable) - Toyah cannot proceed whilst Leanne is in such distress.  {Solution they should take on Simon for a while}.  They are breaking the news to the social worker above.  Imran seems even more distressed than R'Toyota if that is possible.

Apparently Johnny decided to stay in France but did not really give Jenny a reason.  (Perhaps he got locked down by accident or he is perhaps swerving Scott - the man with the bruised knuckles after the two knuckle heads upsetting Carla met with a beating?).  Jenny is not amused by his absence as she tells Scott!

Date night dinner with the boring Ty and the boring Fiz who are really not turning into the new Jack and swampduck Vera is prawn cocktail followed by steak and chips - a favourite last meal on this earth.  Table nicely laid for two when Chesney and Gemma arrive - the former thought they had been invited along (see above - nice to see Fiz dolled up for once).  Anyway Fiz takes pity on her brother and it ends up with all four having a double date night.  Pudding is NOT the usual Black Forest Gateaux but creme brulee!  Gemma fills her wine glass up to the very top!

There is a little bit of interplay between Evelyn and Arthur who are back from the cinema and he fails to give her a farewell kiss as they part.  When the round tuit arrives I will have a lot more to say about this in the Corrie Comicals!

For once Nick and Leanne have a proper conversation and Nick realises he has got it wrong with Peter and goes over to the Rovers to apologise.  Nick does not know how to help Leanne - and Peter tells him to just stand by her.  But Nick really feels that Oliver is his - he loves him so much.  Peter in a sign of solidarity and reassurance places his hand on his shoulder.

Ms Kelstar will be here as usual next week.

Can I just say again that whilst these episodes were originally paired - two an evening - I feel that the re-slicing has actually done the programme some favours?  Coming up with 12 cliffhangers a week (6 ad breaks, 6 end of programme) is a huge weight and viewers are overdosed.  I ask management to rethink the structure.  People either watch Corrie or not - we are all over cliffhangers - so please tell us the story of Weatherfield people.

And "The Road to Weatherfield" was an excellent telling of how Tony Warren brought us Florizel Street - if you did not see the programme recently I am sure it can be found on the usual catch up services.

Written by Susan Oudot and directed by David Moor.


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Coronation Street Weekly Update, July 4 2020

Corrie weekly updates from 1995
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This week the action centred around little Oliver’s diagnosis of a mitochondrial disease that’s life-limiting. Leanne takes the news badly, as you’d expect. She storms out of the hospital, twice, and screams that if Oliver dies she’s got nothing left in her life. Not the sort of words that Simon wants to hear and he storms off to live with Peter. Nick’s at his wits end trying to help Leanne and Steve isn’t sure what to do with himself either. Nick and Peter almost come to blows in the street fighting over what’s best for Simon and Leanne and I wanted, oh I wanted so much, for Peter to thump weasel Nick, but alas Peter’s fists stayed balled up in his coat pocket. And then in the Rovers yard later, Nick’s in pieces crying and Peter lays a manly hand on Nick’s shoulder as the camera pans away and the episode ends. It was meant to be poignant, I’m sure, but on our sofa we burst out laughing. So much so that we had to rewind it and watch it again. There was just something so totally and wonderfully camp about the moment that it’s making me smile as I write this and bring it to mind once again. I might have to go and watch it again.

Elsewhere this week, Alina and Emma bond up in the flat after Alina gives Seb short shrift. The two girls do each other’s nails and Alina helps Emma get her hand out of her vase. It’s a long story, a non-story but it was a lovely little touch to cement the girls’ friendship. Stay away, Seb, these two lovelies are getting on just fine without you.

Tyrone and Fiz are in a rut. Looking after the girls takes its toll and Tyrone slobs on the sofa in his vest. Fiz reckons they’re turning to Vera and Jack and so to spice things up they agree on a date night – to which Chesney and Gemma think they’ve been invited. It’s a misunderstanding but Chesney and Gemma get dolled up to the nines and call in for the dinner they think Fiz has promised them. Tyrone and FIz’s date night is now at an end and it becomes a family dinner instead.

Toyah and Imran’s fostering storyline that came from nowhere last week looks set to peter out. Toyah feels she can’t go bringing a child into her life when Leanne is on the brink of losing hers.

At Roy’s Rolls, Roy bonds with Evelyn’s fella Arthur over their love of trains. Arthur is overjoyed to find a fella train enthusiast while Evelyn is less pleased to have a rival for her fella’s attentions.

Over in the Rovers, Jenny returns from France without Johnny, who’s staying on a while. The mysterious, brooding Scott is still living in the pub and is intrigued when he hears that Johnny hasn’t returned. Just what is it between Scott and Johnny that’s so secretive, I wonder?

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Conversation Street Podcast Episode 425

On this week's podcast, we chat about the episodes of Coronation Street shown in the UK between the 29th June and the 3rd July.

After a somewhat disappointing week last week, this set of episodes were right back on form, with some fantastic performances from the entire cast in the wake of Oliver's diagnosis. As Leanne and Steve reel from the news that their son's not going to get better, Toyah and Imran make the difficult decision to put their fostering plans on hold, Nick continues to be pushed to the side lines and some painful memories are stirred for Jenny. Meanwhile, in some much needed lighter scenes, Fiz worries that she and Tyrone are turning into Jack and Vera, and Roy and Arthur find a shared passion for all things locomotive.

With not much going on news-wise, we give The Kabin a swerve this week and head straight to the feedback section after Street Talk, where topics under discussion include feeling pity for Simon, Carla's rape, and Gemma and Chesney's stable door.

Street Talk - 00:24:58
Feedback - 01:54:01

Poor Elsie Tanner had had a bit of a bad track record with men up until the late 1960s, but when Alan Howard showed up on the scene in 1969, she thought she'd finally met Mr Right. In this week's character profile, we take a look at the life of Elsie's husband number three, who was actually played by the actor who went on to marry Pat Phoenix in real life. The chemistry was clearly right off-screen, but did it come across in Corrie?

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