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Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Sharon Bentley Returns... But Who Is She?

Tonight’s Coronation Street sees the return of Rita’s original foster daughter Sharon Bentley, played by award-winning broadway star and actress Tracie Bennett. A character that debuted in 1982, Sharon may not be familiar to us younger Corrie fans, so here is a quick catch-up ahead of this Wednesday night’s Corrie! 

Who is Sharon Bentley nee Gaskell? 

  • Originally introduced as Rita’s foster daughter (with Len Fairclough) Tracie made 173 appearances as Sharon Gaskell in 1982, 1983-84, returning in 1999. 

  • In 1982 Sharon made a play for Brian Tilsley (Nick’s Dad) and lied to Gail that they were having an affair, before leaving to work at a dog kennels in Sheffield. Random! Returning briefly in 1983, Sharon caught the eye of Curly Watts but dumped him for his mate Terry Duckworth!

  • In 1999 she came back to invite Rita to her wedding to Ian Bentley, who she subsequently dumped at the alter - exposing his affair with Natalie Barnes. Happy that Sharon decided to stay around after the wedding fiasco, Rita offered Sharon a job at The Kabin. Sharon happily accepted, although she soon clashed with Rita's assistant, Leanne Battersby. Much to Leanne's horror, and that of a few of Rita's other friends, Rita offered The Kabin to Sharon as a birthday gift. Rita admitted to Sharon that she offered her the business as she was lonely. 

  • After an ill-fated romance with Danny Hargreaves (Sally Metcalf’s Ex) and a suicide attempt, Sharon got back in touch with ex-fiance Ian Bentley, and much to Rita’s dismay she put the Kabin up for sale to purchase a house with Ian in Bolton. Rita bought the Kabin back off Sharon and sent her packing. 


So, after a 22-year hiatus, Sharon Bentley returns to the Cobbles. In the meantime actress Tracie Bennett who plays her, has become one of the theatre world’s foremost leading ladies, winning two Olivier Awards for roles in West End productions and was nominated for a Tony Award for her portrayal of Judy Garland in End of the Rainbow on Broadway. Other musical theatre roles include Les Miserable and Hairspray. She recently played Carlotta in the National Theatre production of Follies and starred in the revival of Mame at Manchester’s Hope Mill Theatre where she is patron. Television work includes acclaimed ITV dramas Scott and Bailey and The Bay

What’s to come? 

Well, Sharon does have some history on the street and our Reet has a harem of unofficial foster daughters, in the shape of fiery Jenny Bradley, and loudmouth, Gemma Winter. From clips that I’ve seen, (and vaguely remembering her 1999 return) I think she was quite a feisty one and a bit of a trouble causer. Will Sharon face-off against Gemma and Jenny? I’d reckon so and I’m sure Rita will give us a classic ‘ now listen lady...’ speech in the next few episodes! 

PS - If you get a chance, jump on youtube and type in 'End of The Raindow', Tracie Bennet is uncanny as Judy Garland - Brilliant!!

@rybazoxo your Cobbles Connossieur 

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Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 21 April

Wednesday 21st April 2021

FIZ’S HOPES ARE DASHED Tyrone tells Alina about Maria’s threat and Alina is pleased. When Emma reveals that Alina’s now seeing Lucas, Fiz’s hopes are lifted. In the garage, Tyrone confides in Kevin that he’s planning to tell Fiz that he and Alina are for keeps. When Fiz receives a message confirming a hotel booking in Knutsford, Chesney reckons Tyrone’s planning to surprise her. Fiz calls at the garage and quizzes Kevin about Tyrone’s intentions.  Kevin acts dumb. Tyrone returns from attending the breakdown to find Fiz, Alina and Lucas mid-showdown on the street. Fiz realises he’s chosen Alina over her.
RITA GETS A BLAST FROM HER PAST Brian calls at No.6 and tells Cathy that it turns out Rita’s Golden Heart Award is genuine, the trolls appear to have given up and it’s time she came home. As Gemma and Rita chat in the Kabin, they are interrupted by the arrival of Sharon Bentley. Rita’s stunned. Sharon reveals that she nominated Rita for the Golden Heart Award for her fostering skills and to prove how sorry she is for the way she treated her all those years ago. In the Rovers, Rita and Gemma listen as Sharon reveals that she had cancer and Ian ran off with a woman he met on the internet. Rita introduces Sharon to Jenny, explaining that she fostered Jenny too. Will Jenny welcome another ‘sister’. 
ELSEWHERE Seb and Nina mull over what a great night they had and it’s clear they’re smitten. 

Wednesday 21st April 2021

IT’S THE END OF THE LINE FOR TYRONE AND FIZ As Fiz and Tyrone row, each blaming the other for the breakdown of their relationship, Hope listens, deeply upset. Tyrone arrives at the salon flat with his holdall and tells Alina that he was honest with Fiz. Maria calls at No.9, but Fiz gives her short shrift and as she goes to close the door, she spots Tyrone and Alina clearly loved up. 
RITA’S DAUGHTERS COLLIDE Jenny convinces Gemma that Sharon can’t be trusted and clearly intends to fleece Rita. Sharon informs Jenny and Gemma that Rita missed out on the award. They make it clear to Sharon they won’t let her hurt Rita and she must sling her hook. Rita asserts that she’s well aware of Sharon’s shortcomings, but everyone deserves a second chance. Jenny and Gemma are suitably chastened.
GARY SALVAGES FAYE AND CRAIG’S RELATIONSHIP Craig explains to Kirk that for the sake of his career, he mustn’t have any contact with Faye but suggests he could post his letters for him then no one would suspect a thing.
CATHY HAS NO PLANS TO GO HOME Cathy tells Yasmeen and Elaine that although she and Brian have made up, she’s not ready to return home yet. Rooting through her many boxes, Cathy pulls out three matching dressing gowns and likens them to the Golden Girls.  Yasmeen and Elaine suppress a look of horror.
ELSEWHERE When Nina invites him to stay the night and explains that she’s okayed it with Roy and he’s promised to stay out of the way, Seb’s thrilled.

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Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street, April 26 - 30

Here are the major storylines for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Monday 26 April to Friday 30 April

Seb plays Goth, Sharon plays games and Jenny begins to smell a rat, Chesney plays peacemaker, Tyrone plays happy families, Dev meets Corey's parents and drives Asha away, Todd gets sacked and Peter tries to save Simon.

See the full week's preview with pictures at

Note: If you still see last week's previews when you click through to, please refresh your browser.

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Tanisha Gorey interview: Asha moves in with Corey

What is the family dynamic like for the Alahans prior to this week?
Corey has just come back into Asha’s life as Nina and Asha have split up. Corey is trying to worm his way back into Asha’s affections by telling her that he has changed. Asha isn’t completely won over but it’s quite sad because I think her insecurity and desperation for love affect her decisions. When Dev first finds Corey in the house again he is outraged so the  family dynamic is very tense from then on.
What are Asha’s true feelings about Corey? Is she with him because she feels she has no one else or does she love him?
Asha thought Nina was great and that their relationship was fine so when they split up she was blindsided and now she feels like Corey is the only one giving her attention. Asha still has feelings for Nina because she was so infatuated with her and loved her perspective on life and how she looked at things. When they split up, it was heartbreaking for her but Asha tried to play it out as just wanting to be friends as well which is sad. Asha only opened up to Dev about Nina a little bit so Corey is really the only person that she feels is there for her right now. 
How does Asha feel when Corey makes it clear that Dev is not welcome?
Asha, Dev and Corey have been through so much already but Asha still needs her dad there. At first when she moves out, she thinks, ‘This is what I’ve wanted.’ But when Corey makes it clear that Dev is not welcome it is very undermining and Asha begins to feel like she may have rushed into things. All Asha has ever wanted is for her and her dad to get along but she is starting to see that Corey does not want that. Asha wants her dad to be a part of this new life she is building for herself and she feels like Corey is taking that away from her. 
How much has her past experiences with the skin lightening and the sexting storyline played into her decision-making in this storyline?
Asha’s insecurity and desperation for love has a big part to play. Unfortunately in Asha’s eyes, she sees that Corey has always been there for her, through her skin lightening and sexting turmoil. Asha is holding on to that and she likes the fact that Corey is always there for her, she mistakes it for support and care, but we all know that Corey just likes the control and manipulation. She is still giving him that power and it’s because of what she went through with her experiences with skin lightning and sexting but also because of what has happened with Nina. She is heartbroken over Nina and is still learning about herself. Because of all that has happened to her, she is trying so hard to make it work with Corey and I don’t think it even really matters to her who she is in a relationship with now as she is so desperate to be loved but because Corey is always there it makes him the perfect candidate. 
How honest is she being when she tells Corey she has never felt happier? Is she trying to kid herself or is she being naive and really believes that?
Asha is definitely trying to convince herself as well as trying to convince him. Asha is trying so hard to make this work and this so-called relationship to be perfect. She is a smart girl and she knows this is wrong but she doesn’t want to admit that to herself just yet.
Deep down, she knows she still has something there for Nina. Asha really liked Nina because she was so unique and Nina really helped Asha find herself so she is not as happy as she could be, she would be happier being with Nina, but obviously that isn’t a possibility. 
Sometimes they haven’t seen eye to eye but The Alahans have always had each other through thick and thin after Asha and Aadi’s mum’s death, what do you make of Asha now being at loggerheads with her dad?
Asha tries so hard to find herself and she’s been through so much already. It is quite upsetting to see them so at war with each other most of the time but at the same time when they make up it is so beautiful because you really do see the bond that they have, as father and daughter. It’s sad that they have to argue to get to that point but that is Dev’s character and Asha and Dev are so similar so when they do make up and you see their bond, it’s nice to see the resemblance between them. 
Asha can’t seem to catch a break, as an actress do you enjoy playing her turbulent life or would you like some happiness for her?
I definitely enjoy playing her finding herself because she is sixteen and that is what you do at that age. She is trying so many things just to say she has done it. But at the same time I would love to see her happy, even if it is her getting her dream job or having a long term relationship. I would like her to have something that is always there so no matter what is happening, there is always that silver lining that she can fall back on.
What advice would you give to Asha?
I would tell her to sit down with herself and I would genuinely say write a pro and con list for her relationship with Corey! She is taking a lot of big steps at the moment and I would advise her to really think about them with a clear head. I would also want her to speak to someone about her and her dad’s relationship because that is what is leading to most of these things going upside down because she is lashing out and doing exactly what he doesn’t want her to do. She is acting out of pure spite which is putting her in awful situations. 
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