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Friday, 5 March 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 5 March

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

Leanne gets up to find Simon and Jacob sat in her living room counting their drug money. Either they’ve made shed loads of cash or neither of them can count past ten cos they’ve been there since Wednesday night.

She tries the patented Battersby scowl and tells Jacob to get out but only succeeds in smashing Oliver’s music box. As she miserably picks up the pieces Simon tells her Jacob is the only reason they can still live there. Is anyone else getting annoyed by this massive plot-hole? Nick has only moved out temporarily. Is he supposed have signed over all the rent and bills to Leanne? 

When Simon goes out to continue his and Jacob’s nefarious activities, Leanne goes to No.1 in a state wanting Peter’s help. She’s come at a bad time as Peter can only seem to cope with doing his tedious jigsaw puzzle in a blanket and wandering the streets at 5am. Carla suspects he’s drinking again so tells Leanne he can’t cope with any more stress. When he walks in on Carla and Leanne discussing Simon, Carla lies and says that he’s just struggling with his A-Levels. He says it’s a relief as he couldn’t cope with anything bad.

Having persuaded a reluctant Leanne not to involve Peter, Carla goes to try to sort Jacob out herself. Because if Todd’s situation has taught us anything it’s that all gangsters need in order to be persuaded to drop their violent agendas is a stern talking to from an older woman. She tells him that he’s a little boy playing at being a gangster and he needs to leave Si alone, but it has zero effect. I can’t help thinking that Leanne has asked the wrong Barlow woman for help. Get Tracy on the case. I know she’s a reformed character now but I’m sure she could be persuaded to bash someone over the head with a blunt instrument again if the situation demanded it.

Meanwhile, Yasmeen is out of hospital having been diagnosed with a panic attack. The doctor recommends anti-depressants and counselling but she says no to both. She’s also adamant that she no longer wants Speed Daal or the house, intending to give the former to Tim/Elaine and the latter to Alya. Elaine calls in to see her with a gift of brandy, and after half a glass Yas has told her she can have her shares in Speed Daal and move into No.6. For the love of God Elaine don't give her anymore to drink, she’ll end up offering you one of her kidneys!

In other news, Tyrone goes to see Alina to return her yoga mat and ends up helping her with spreadsheets, which is probably the most boring beginning to the affair which is inevitably coming for these two. Also, Sean is getting grief from everyone about his boxes of unsellable make-up so decides that he will call Rhydian and tell him he wants out.

Back on the mean streets, Simon has a go at Leanne for telling Carla about his drug dealing. She pleads with him, but he lets Jacob into the flat again and the little toerags loll around flat playing video games and making blim burns in her sofa. Leanne sits there silently furious but when Jacob starts making fun of Oliver’s nursery rhyme CD she snaps, picks up a rolling pin and orders him out threatening to call the police. He tells her that she won’t do it as it would mean having her own son arrested too.

Back at No.1 Peter comes in from the back yard stumbling into a piece of furniture. Has he been drinking again? We’ll find out next week.

And that’s all for this week. I’ve been quite perplexed by Carla’s outfit tonight as half of the material of her top seemed to be missing. If this is what you young ‘uns call ‘fashion’ please explain it to me in the comments or on twitter @mskelstar 

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Spot the Corrie prop - March 5th 2021

Congratulations this week go to me as nobody spotted that last week's pretty pot plant can be found in the Barlow's hallway. 

For this week's prop puzzle all you have to do is tell us whereabouts on the Coronation Street set you would find this luxurious lamp. 

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Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Fri 5 March

Friday 5th March 2021

LEANNE CAN’T HANDLE SIMON ALONE Leanne gets up to find Jacob and Simon counting their drugs money. When she objects, Jacob makes a dig about her dead son. Leanne flips but as she tries to grab him she smashes Oliver’s music box. Leanne begs Simon to stay away from Jacob and stop dealing but Simon points out the stark truth - they need the money. A desperate Leanne tells Carla that Simon’s going off the rails and she needs to talk to Peter. Carla promises to help but doesn’t want Peter involved. Carla warns Jacob to back off Simon. Will he agree? Simon returns home and tears a strip off Leanne for blabbing to Carla. Simon shows Jacob in who immediately starts rolling a joint.  When he laughs at Oliver’s nursery rhyme CD, Leanne loses it and shrieks at him to get out. Jacob challenges her to call the police, will Leanne shop her own son?

YASMEEN’S TRAUMA ISN’T GOING ANYWHERE The doctor confirms that Yasmeen suffered a major panic attack brought on by stress. Alya worries for her Gran.  Yasmeen returns home from hospital and asserts that she doesn’t want pills or counselling. Alya despairs. Elaine calls in and raises the subject of Geoff’s will. When Yasmeen asserts that she’ll keep the house but wants Elaine to have Geoff’s stake in Speed Daal, Alya and Elaine are taken aback. 

TYRONE LIES ABOUT HIS NEW YOGA FRIEND As Fiz tidies away Tyrone’s yoga mat, she notices the initials AP on it. Tyrone’s uncomfortable as he admits he picked up Alina’s mat by mistake. As he drops it off, Alina reveals she’s struggling with her coursework. Tyrone offers to stay and help.  As Tyrone helps Alina with her course work, it’s clear he enjoys her company. Back at home he covers his guilt, telling Fiz he’s packing in yoga as he’d rather spend time with her and the kids. 

ELSEWHERE Sean’s annoyed to find that Eileen has shifted all his boxes of makeup into the yard. Sean lugs them into the factory, telling Kirk that Nick has given him permission to store them there. Kirk’s not happy, pointing out how he tried to rip off poor Gemma and Ches.  Eileen urges Sean to accept that makeup sales was a bad idea. On Eileen’s advice, Sean calls Rhydian and tells him he wants out. Peter enters No.1 from the back yard stumbling into a piece of furniture as he tries not to wake the family

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Thursday, 4 March 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 3rd March 7.30 & 8.30 pm

With last week’s comedic funeral farce over, and the Gail and Eileen feud re-ignited, it does seem, and as I have mentioned in previous episode reviews, that George Shuttleworth is to become more than a recurring character on Coronation Street.  Does this mean we can expect some character deaths in 2021?  Yasmeen’s health has taken a particular hammering since Geoff’s death debt has left her drowning in bills. Consumed with guilt from receiving all of his father’s assets, Tim has signed everything back over, but still, the Community Centre is for sale. 

Tonight, George tells Roy that he’s thinking of buying it and turning it into a funeral parlour. What with the solicitors & florists in close situ, it’s easy to see why! However, the way Yasmeen is going, she might be his first customer! Receiving a CCJ letter over the debts, she has an almighty breakdown at Speed Daal, locks herself in number 6, and has a panic attack! The overdubbed sound of a panicked heartbeat, surreal imagery, and Geoff’s maniacal laugh are all present, and it’s what we’ve come to expect in this ongoing storyline. Will Yasmeen sell the community centre to George? I imagine so. Being back in the hospital, Yasmeen’s got other things on her mind so I guess a quick sale is on the cards. 

It’s Dev’s birthday tonight and the twins have a surprise party to arrange. As usual, Asha is sidetracked with romance, and Nina decides not to entertain a family party when they’ve been together for such a short period. Asha is upset and looking out for his sister, Adi warns Nina to not hurt her. Too late though as Asha declares love for her girlfriend. Nina is already wobbling and confides in Roy. Are these two over before they’ve even begun?  

Leanne is still struggling with Oliver’s death and Simon’s latest bad behaviour only seems to be worsening her temperament. Admittedly, Nick is also giving her a wide berth after Sam’s upset so he sends Toyah over to do his bidding. As a counsellor, I’m unsure as to why Toyah isn’t helping her sister out with her grief management, but, Leanne certainly needs someone on her side. After a predictable row and a few home truths from both sides, Toyah walks out. With Toyah and Nick now both out of the picture, Simon brings Jacob back to the flat for cans and chips so I guess she’s on her own now!

Daisy arranges a date for Jenny. I’m still unsure as to who Daisy is, but, I must say I like her attitude when it comes to Jenny and Johnny’s relationship. These days those two are about as suited for each other as Carla and Peter! Jenny turns down the date, gives Daisy a dressing down, and immediately jumps on the prison phone to Johhny. She tells him he needs to take his medicine and stop messing about with the hallucinations. He does it.

Elsewhere in tonight’s episodes; Paul moves into Daniel’s flat, and Mary’s am-dram surely needs a spin-off series!

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