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Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street, Oct 5 - 9

Here are the major storylines for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Monday 5 October to Friday 9 October

Sally and Tim plan a secret wedding, Nick's in turmoil, Billy worries about Paul, Eileen returns from Thailand to find Todd, Johnny jumps to conclusions, Leanne faces facts and Geoff does his worst. 

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Joe Duttine interview: Tim and the truth about Geoff

How has Tim been coping since finding out the truth about his dad?

He has been feeling all sorts of emotions, angry, upset, let down, disappointed, betrayed and just very confused about the whole story and about his life. In some ways he also feels guilt and responsibility because he had been so horrible to Alya and Yasmeen and dismissed everybody and chose not to believe anyone. All the good people in his life were just trying to get him to see the light, at times he was really rude to those people so he feels he has let people down and he is starting to question his own judgement. He is also starting to have confidence issues, what he is feeling it is very complex.

He must be devastated that his dad lied to him about his mum?

He feels that this whole life was a lie, there is a photo album with not one picture of his mum and his dad convinced him his mum didn’t like having her photo taken. That is a massive thing to go without for your whole life, it is the ultimate betrayal, bad enough to find out what his dad did to Yasmeen but also that his dad’s behaviour goes back to when he was a child, where did the lies stop and where did they start?

It must be very hard for him with his dad still on the street?

Yes it is hard for Tim to deal with that. His dad isn't going to leave and he wants to try and make things up with Tim. He is trying to stay away from Geoff as he probably can’t trust himself not to lash out and he knows that would make matters worse. And Tim won’t even consider moving away as Geoff will have won.

How determined is he to find Elaine and let justice be done for Yasmeen and his mum and also to try and make up for lost time? 

First and foremost he wants to make sure that she is safe and that she is ok. That is his main concern before he even thinks about the possibility of building a relationship. He doesn’t know her and he doesn't know what sort of person she is. He has sympathy for her because of what Geoff has done and if he finds her that is going to be a bit of a journey for Tim.

Sally and Tim could easily have split up over the whole situation with Sally taking Yasmeen’s side. The wedding must mean even more to them both now.

He probably isn’t feeling as celebratory as he would have done but this is a big step for them to be able to move in in their relationship after everything they have been through. It’s a shame all the restrictions mean that they can’t have the big do they wanted and it would have been lovely to see Tim and Sally come together physically and have a big cuddle, but we just have to imagine that is what happens when they are alone. 

How worried is Tim that Geoff will try and cause problems at the wedding when Faye lets the cat out of the bag?

They really want to try and keep it a secret from him and Faye feels terrible that she has let slip to Geoff about the wedding. The last thing Tim wants is his dad ruining something else, this is too important a day for Tim, he knows that Geoff hates Sally and he does almost manage to spoil it but there are too many people willing to step in and help Sally and Tim.

Does it take the shine off the day for them? Tim must want everything to be perfect for Sally.

This is the wedding that Tim is having to have because he was already married when they had their first wedding, he wants it to go off without any problems so they can finally be married. He messed up before and even though it wasn’t deliberate on his part he has to make it up to Sally. The spectre of Geoff is wanting to be at the feast and he is the last person anyone wants there.

There was a huge reaction on social media when Tim finally realised the truth about his dad and let him have it both barrels. You must have been looking forward to playing that moment.

In the same way that the audience was wanting the storyline to reach this point so was I as an actor, Tim was starting to question things a little in the weeks before that and it was a case of how long can he deny what is in front of his eyes. It was exciting for me to get to that stage and play those scenes.

What has the reaction been like on the street?

I’ve literally had people calling me thick and all sorts on the street, I was filling my car up the other day and someone shouted ‘Oy Tim you thick b****r’ this storyline has reached so many people and everyone wanted Tim to realise what is going on.  The reaction on social media once he found out was brilliant and it was great to get the feedback that people enjoyed the episodes, it’s good to know that people think you are doing a good job, it gave me a real lift and it’s very much appreciated.

Are you looking forward to the developments through the autumn and being part of the 60th anniversary storylines?

Yes it is great to know that this story is part of the anniversary, I haven't seen the scripts so, like everyone else, I am keen to find out what happens to Geoff and where this takes Sally and Tim as we head into next year. It’s exciting, I’m loving it at the moment, working under the restrictions brings its own challenges but everyone is rising to that challenge and we are very fortunate to be working.

Glenda Young

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Monday, 28 September 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 28th September

So two Mondays ago I said that you can't have a terminally ill child storyline without the child and last week I complained about the storyline revolving around Hope and Jack without featuring Hope and Jack. So this week, the main storyline is about Michael, Grace and Tianna - apart from Tianna isn't in it. Hard to have a Kramer vs Kramer tug of love without the actual baby. Anyway, Michael is salesperson of the month and wants to treat Tianna and Grace, and this somehow means an engagement ring. I don't think this is going to go well, is it? Michael's been watching too many romcoms featuring grand gestures during lockdown. A leather trousered Grace comes round and Michael goes down on one knee but she tells him he's two years too late and she's moving to Spain. Spain! Do you know what the R rate is there!? Michael is understandably upset and Grace does a Leanne-style stomping off, not before saying she's met someone else. Blimey! To be honest I hope we never see her again as she's an irritating character, but I can see a long storyline playing out. Meh. When Alina Pop! gets back from Romania (I assume she's there as everybody else seems to be abroad), I hope TPTB put her and Mikey-boy together as I think they'd make a cute couple.

Geoff approaches Danny-boy and Ad-rock in the corner shop, fully masked up, gangster-style, and demands his money. Geoff would be an anti-masker wouldn't he? Daniel takes a break from becoming a member of the metropolitan liberal elite (he's making hummus) to meet the woman he just told Adam he was never going to see again. Turns out the £5K/violent punter story wasn't a scam and Nicky tries to give him some of the money back - in plain sight of Ghastly Geoff. Adam fools Daniel by telling him they have CCTV in the office and then Daniel fesses up to his crime. He says he's going to give Geoff the money back but then Craig turns up to arrest everyone. D.S McKinnon and D.S. Bob must be self-isolating as D.S Blond Crop questions them and Daniel cracks after two questions, telling him he took the dough. Geoff says he wants Daniel punished as strongly as the law will allow but then - as he sees Tim - he turns on the charm and says he'll drop the charges if he gets the money back. Craig has Beth's genes and starts having a go at Daniel, saying he won't let him mess up Bertie's life, but he then offers to lend Daniel the money to repay Geoff.

Sarah is the runner up in this week's competition for cracking under pressure as David just says "What's going on with Nick?" and Sarah blabs about Nick's Secret Son, Nicky Tilsley Jnr, Sam. She's having a busy day; later she takes Adam his post and they exchange puppy dog looks, but he tells her it wasn't a mistake splitting up, it was a mistake getting married in the first place. Harsh! And David tries to tell Nick to have some contact with his son.

Talking of Kramer vs Kramer, it's Barlow vs Connor as Carla refuses to forgive Peter for his unkind words. Abi decides she's The Fixer and goes to see Ms Connor and tells her that Peter is heading for the bottle if she doesn't cut him a bit of slack. I see Debbie's interfering has rubbed off on Abi (although hopefully not literally, that would break social distancing rules). Carla and Peter talk and both agree that they've grown apart. Is their relationship going to be a casualty of lockdown?

Rachel Stevenson - on twitter

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The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 14th and 16th October 1996

There was a quietly significant moment in these episodes as Ashley Peacock made a move to becoming a permanent resident.  He viewed the spare room at number 5 with the hope of becoming the lodger, but his girlfriend Kelly found Don deeply unpleasant (true) and discouraged him from taking it.  Raquel continued to apply for jobs, intimidating Curly with her sophisticated outfits and her commitment, so he raised the prospect of them having a family.  Raquel, however, asked him to be a little more dedicated to the idea of a family beyond simply getting her knocked up.  Des learned that Claire received a generous widow's pension - a pension she was giving up by moving in with him.  He wondered if he was worth that level of commitment.  Dump her, Des, she's really boring.  And Jamie bunked off school, so Gail and Roy talked to him and found out how sad he was about his Dad being in prison.  It was quite lovely.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 18th and 21st October 1996

Raquel got taken on at the Imperial Hotel as a beautician by a pre-Footballer's Wives Zoe Lucker.  She bonded with the other girls in the salon over white wine and went out with them after work, leaving Curly feeling abandoned.  He told her how left out he felt and she told him she'd put up with him faffing around with the Square Dealers and Eric Firmin so he could just lump it.  Good girl.  Ashley moved into the Street, though Kelly was upset that Don would be around and cramping their style.  She was even more upset when Don dragged him into a poker game rather than going out with her.  Des suggested to Claire that she move out so she could carry on claiming her pension, which upset her.  He said they'd still be a couple, just not living together, but she took the hump and said if she moved out that would be it for them.  Liz and Jim's divorce continued to be incredibly ugly so Deirdre suggested they try mediation.  Jim was less than keen, of course.  Maud went to the bingo so Maureen invited Bill round for a candlelit supper.  They were about to get intimate when Maud returned home.  When she realised Maureen was entertaining, she quickly left, but it had spooked Maureen so she said they'd have to take things slow.

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 23rd and 25th October 1996

Ken went to a conference in Southport with headmistress Mrs Jeffers.  She'd recently split from her husband and unburdened herself on Ken - a little too much, as she turned up at his room with a bottle of wine.  He waited until she dozed off then legged it.  However, in a drunken stupor, she fell over and cracked her head, and had to be taken off in an ambulance.  Ken was mortified.  At the same hotel were Norris and Derek on a conference.  When they checked in they discovered there was only one room left so they'd have to share a bed.  Oh aye, Norris, that old trick.  Derek phoned Mavis to share the gossip about Mrs Jeffers, and when she told Rita Becky overheard.  She soon spread it round the school that Mr Barlow and Mrs Jeffers were having a fling.  The mediation went about as well as you'd expect as Liz and Jim argued over his inheritance from his mum.  She wanted a wedge of it while Jim thought that as his mum died after they separated it was none of her business.  I hate to support Jim but I think he's got a point.  He tried to buy her off with £500 but she threw it back at him.  Des showed Claire the flat above the bookies and suggested she move in there.  It looks absolutely nothing like Billy's flat in the current show, by the way.  

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 28th and 30th October 1996

Raquel and Curly went to dinner with the Firmans, where the new improved Raquel went down a storm.  However, Mrs Firman pulled her aside and warned her that if she wasn't careful, Curly would turn out like her husband.  I doubt Curly would ever be that interesting.  Liz agreed to accept £1000 of Jim's inheritance so they could settle the whole thing and get divorced.  Alf had lost his licence, because he was 70, so he went to the doctor to see if there would be problems getting it renewed.  The doctor thought not, only for Alf to promptly prove him wrong by reversing his car into the doctor's car outside.  Ashley decided to act like an alpha male, which was as embarrassing as you could imagine, and it annoyed Kelly.  It annoyed the viewers a lot more.

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 1st and 4th November 1996

There was a chain of scoldings as Mrs Jeffers discovered that the whole school was gossiping about her and Ken Barlow.  She told Ken off, who told Derek off, who told Mavis off, who told Becky off.  Becky, meanwhile, was "living" above the bookies with Claire.  Claire got her former mother-in-law round but she wasn't daft, and twigged that it was a subterfuge to get round the rules about her pension.  Claire argued with Des about it, again, and she decided to move back into number 6, again.  This is all about as compelling as a day's fishing with Don Brennan.  Alf took part in the school sponsored walk and twisted his ankle in the process.  The doctor who attended to him was the same one whose car he'd pranged and he told Alf he didn't think he was fit enough to drive.  Audrey was incensed, and told him to send in the application anyway, no doubt because she didn't want to give up her G&Ts in the Rovers to ferry him around.  Raquel's friend Lorraine, played by the astonishingly beautiful Samantha Beckinsale, arrived to stay with her while she went to a job interview.  Sadly, it coincided with Raquel losing her job at the Imperial Hotel, so Lorraine urged her to come to the interviews with her.  Curly was unimpressed when he learned it was for an international chain of beauty salons...

Next week is a pretty significant one in Classic Corrie, as not only does Raquel leave the show, but we also get the wedding of Miss Tracy Barlow and Mr Robert Preston.  Join me on Twitter @merseytart with your hankies.

Classic Corrie is on ITV3 every day from 14:50 and is also on the ITV Hub.

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