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Thursday, 2 April 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 01st April 7.30 pm

David Platt’s dastardly deeds in recent episodes (frolicking with Alina, goading Gail) is a stark reminder of his not too distant past. Hitting the self-destruct button (as he does in times of trouble) reminds us viewers that he needs Shona, just like he needed Kylie, to remain level-headed and on the straight and narrow. Will a mugging from the local hoodlums bring him back to reality? No, but the threat of a stabbing might! Managing to escape the gang's criminal clutches, a cat and mouse chase leads him back to Coronation Street (well, Victoria Street’s fire escape) and he’s free, for now?

Steve and Amy are trying to co-exist without Tracy, and his other daughter Emma asks Seb to move out of their flat. He won't, so she will. Heading over to N0.1 she settles in with her Dad and Sister. It’s great seeing Emma become interned into the House of Barlow, isn't it?

Geoff’s 5* Star hotel ploy (to avoid the wedding) is as see-through as his ‘heart attack’ and as this coercive plot continues, I’m sure things will get darker as we head deeper into this atrocious crime. I've seen a few comments online along the lines of ‘it's dragging on’, ‘getting boring’ etc. but you know what? It needs telling, it does. Uncomfortable as it may be, it’s a very real issue and at a time of enforced isolation, you can guarantee it's on the increase in the real world, as we watch the drama unfold onscreen. I wonder whether that laptop will be his downfall and not the coerciveness and psychotic tendencies he possesses? Do you remember he has that security camera set-up, the online dating sites, booking escorts etc? Yasmeen is getting that's my plot idea written down.

Geoff could do with talking to Charles at Stillwaters about his ‘art of deception’ class! Do we think Ken is going to try for election as the resident’s president? I could see Norris as his running mate / right-hand man. The comedy of this duo is genius, let's hope it continues. Also, Charles is an ex-policeman? I think that will become relevant to this story at a later date… just a plot idea of mine (probably wrong but we will see)...

Avoiding a beating, David arrives home with a takeaway and toasts his escape from thugs with another beer. He may have escaped a stabbing but that subtle smirk he gave suggests it may be a while before he reconnects with Shona? 

Also, do we have any thoughts on Alex’s sudden interest in linguistics? Has Bernie had a personality transplant or is she genuinely trying to be a good mother now to Gemma? 

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. 

Ciao for now!

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Social Distancing with Amanda Barrie

Corrie and Carry On icon Amanda Barrie has written in today's Daily Mirror about life in isolation as she and wife Hilary Bonner adhere to the government's social distancing rules.

Amanda shares memories of her early career and life during and after the war, but admits we are in unique and testing times due to the global pandemic. She said of the current situation:

"All the trivial normalities of my life, like everybody else’s, have suddenly disappeared.

Surely nothing in history has ever moved as fast or disrupted lives so swiftly as the coronavirus.

I’m an old chorus girl and a wartime babe. My childhood memories include being buried in an avalanche of black-market tinned peas while sheltering from bombs under the cellar stairs.

Nothing, nothing, comes close to this."

Social Distancing with Style
Amanda and Hilary (and their cute pup Coco) live between London and Somerset and are spending isolation away from the city.

The couple have vowed to get dressed up for dinner a couple of times a week whilst secluded from the rest of society, have a routine for cleaning and chores, and are working on a secret book project together.

Amanda appeared in Celebrity Big Brother back in 2018 which looking back was perhaps a bit of a dress rehearsal for life cooped up for real. Although this time she's not trapped in with Anne Widdecombe so every cloud...

We at the Corrie Blog send Amanda, Hilary and little Coco all our love and best wishes in these strange times.

The full article in the Mirror is HERE.


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Corrie’s most famous artwork

Guest blog post from Mark Llewllin
Fancy writing a guest blog post for us? 

Mark Llewellin is a friend of us all here on the Coronation Street Blog. He's a man who knows a thing or two about life behind the scenes at our favourite soap. You can find out more about him here.

Mark has very kindly offered to share some of those memories with us here on the Blog. We'll be running a blog post from Mark each day with some of Mark's memories.

And so, here we go with the fifth of many wonderful blogs from Mark!

Corrie’s most famous artwork

For as long as most people can remember, behind the front door of the Barlow’s home, has hung a distinctive print.  It’s of a boy (Percy Greaves) in full scouting uniform with the ghostly apparition of Christ with his hand on the boy’s shoulder.  It is in fact called The Pathfinder and the original is by British painter Ernest Stafford Carlos.

Carlos was born on 4th June 1883 and was educated in Kennington, South London.  He later studied at the Lambeth Art School and then at the Royal Academy for three years on a scholarship.  

His first studio was at 42 Foxley Road, North Brixton, which he set up in 1904 setting himself up as a portrait artist.  During the next few years Carlos took an interest in youth poverty and became involved in a number of projects in London’s East End.  With the formation of the Boy Scout movement in 1908 he saw an opportunity to aid underprivileged children and together with his brother, the Rev. JB Carlos, he founded the 107th South London Scout Troop.

With his interest in scouting came a new direction for his work – he began to produce more and more paintings with a scouting theme, many of which were used on greetings cards to raise money and awareness for the movement.  In 1914 Carlos volunteered for the army but was rejected on medical grounds however, when he presented himself again in 1916 he was accepted and joined the Royal East Kent Regiment.  He was posted to France where he was killed on 14th or 15th June 1917 during the Battle of Messines.  He is buried at Chester Farm Cemetery, Zillebeke, Belgium.

The Pathfinder, perhaps his most famous work, was used as the design of a stained glass window to commemorate him at Holy Cross Church in Hornchurch.  There are also a number of other Pathfinder stained glass windows including at St Gabriel’s in Middleton, Manchester (very close to the brewery which doubled as Newton and Ridley’s for many years).  The original painting is still owned by the Scout Association.  

Stay tuned for more from Mark!
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Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Current Corrie characters who need storylines

Guest blog post from Sharon Boothroyd
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As a regular Corrie viewer, I've realised there's a quite a few characters that haven't had any major storylines - either none at all, or none for a long while.


She's supposed to be a bit of man- eater, yet she's only enjoyed one romance with the very brief owner of The Kabin, Vic Reeves' character, the madcap Colin. Someone suggested on here that it'd be interesting to see Moria team up with that other middle- aged spinster, Mary. This is a good suggestion but would snobby Moria take to oddball Mary? Maybe not. But I wouldn't have thought chavvy Beth would give Kirk the time of day, either. Don't keep Moria hidden away – give her a story!

Cathy and Brian

Although bumbling Brian pops up in the cafe to make frequent 'passing of day' comments, we haven't seen Cathy for a while. She recently expressed concern about Yasmeen - but this wasn't followed up. I sometimes feel that when a middle- aged childless couple are settled on the cobbles, the Corrie team don't know what to do with them. Cathy was first brought in via an allotment, so we could have a buried treasure plot there (Pardon the pun!) We need something to jolt the ambling couple out of their cosy stability.

Sean, Gail, Alex, Craig, Izzy and Fay

Are they running out of ideas for these six singletons? There's been no love interest for ages for most of them. Gail dishes out advice to family, while Alex serves with a smile in Roy's Rolls. Izzy enjoyed a brief romance with the ill- fated Derek, but her role is mainly getting fed- up with her former partner, the feckless Gary. Sean pulls pints with an acid tongue and Craig's got a busy career as a copper. As for Fay - she regularly goes AWOL from our screens. Is she still working at The Bistro with sex pest Ray?

Summer and Simon

I can picture these two pairing up for a sweet romance. But please don't let it end up in pregnancy, drink, drugs, or crime! I'd like to see something upbeat and refreshing for these teens. Perhaps they could come up with a sound online/ tech business idea between them and win an award for it?


Womaniser widower Dev's supposed to have a steady stream of kids and grandkids (Remember Amber?) So, where are they all? Surely they'd want to know their biological dad, or grandad. It's yet another storyline that was brought in and then, for some strange reason, it was quietly dropped. But us loyal Corrie viewers don't forget! After Julie, Dev needs another love interest, anyway. An old flame with a bunch of his forgotten about adult children in tow would bring conflict and interest.

What do you think should happen to these characters? Share your ideas in the comments section.

Guest blog post from Sharon Boothroyd

Sharon's website is at :

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It's at

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