Monday, 17 December 2018

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Mon 17 Dec


KATE FINDS ANOTHER MAN FOR HER PLAN Kate and Rana have a blazing row after Rana admits she doesn’t want a baby at all. In the Bistro, Kate bites her tongue when Michelle innocently talks about hers and Robert’s baby plans. Kate calls in to Adam’s office and explains her deal with Robert is off but as Adam cracks open a bottle of scotch, Kate looks at him through new eyes, her mind whirling. Fuelled by alcohol, a determined Kate seduces Adam into kissing her passionately.
EVELYN’S DOGGING ROY After a night searching for Cerberus, Evelyn and Roy awake in the Woody to find a police officer accusing them of engaging in lewd conduct. They are let off with a warning. Later, Tyrone, Evelyn and Roy are out dog hunting when they spot a man walking Cerberus and follow him home. Evelyn demands her dog back but when she has no proof the dog belongs to her, the man laughs in her face.
JENNY’S PARANOIA PAYS OFF When Johnny leaves for an appointment at the brewery and Liz vanishes, Jenny begins to track their movements on the trailer app. Liz receives a call from the police about Jim and Hannah and begs Johnny to give her a lift to the station which he reluctantly agrees to. Checking the app, Jenny is furious to discover Johnny and Liz are together. Jenny confronts Johnny, lying that she saw the pair drive off.
ELSEWHERE Pressure mounting, Brian snaps when Jack forgets his lines at the nativity rehearsal, leaving Jack feeling awful. Back from the funeral, Audrey reveals to Rita, Nick and Lewis that Archie left her £80k.


KATE’S MOMENT OF MADNESS COMES BACK TO BITE HER At the flat, Rana insists she doesn’t want to break up with Kate but later Alya tells Rana that Imran saw Kate and Adam getting frisky in the office. Rana confronts Kate and insists the relationship is over.
EVELYN IS A DOG WITH A BONE The dognapper catches Evelyn, Roy and Tyrone attempting to break in to his back garden and calls the police.
JENNY GETS EVEN WITH JOHNNY Johnny and Jenny have a furious row. Liz tells Johnny that Jim and Hannah are being detained for questioning meanwhile in a hotel room, Jenny’s app confirms to her that Johnny and Liz are together.
ELSEWHERE In way of an apology, Brian offers to help Jack remember his lines. Lewis wants to prove the Platts that he is not after Audrey’s money.

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Sunday, 16 December 2018

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 22nd and 25th February 1991

It's a year since they finished the posh side of the Street, and they've finally got round to filling some of the vacant units.  Phil took over the factory unit - again without telling Deirdre - as a place to refurbish his arcade machines.  He also told Alec that he was lying low so he wouldn't be called as a witness in a trial.  The shop unit on the corner, now better known as the salon, became a charity shop.  It turned out that was the reason for Emily's hospital visits - the shop would be raising money for Weatherfield General.  I'm not sure how the producers thought a tatty charity shop would be good for drama, but there you go.  Reg's wife Veronica returned from New Zealand and went straight round to the Kabin.  She called Rita out as his latest fancy piece and told her she was welcome to him, as she was off with another bloke and selling the house.  Rita told Reg to get lost as he'd said they were separated.  It was all badly timed for her relationship with Jenny, as she'd just given her a big talk about the perils of being a mistress, and Jenny wasted no time in smugly calling her a hypocrite.  Vera buried her mother, and was surprised by a caveat in the will asking her to take care of Amy's friend Joss Shackleton.  When she asked him who he was and why he was so close to her mum he revealed the truth: he was her biological father.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 27th February and 1st March 1991

Deirdre officially opened the Friends of Weatherfield Hospital Charity Shop.  The first storyline was Percy doing the old "charity shop worker leaves his coat lying around and it's sold" warhorse.  Once again, what is the point of this place?  Vera was adjusting to her new parentage, but finding it filled in a lot of gaps in her past and was strangely comforting.  She invited Joss to stay, booting Curly onto the sofa.  Phil and Alec hatched plans to reopen the Graffiti Club, now rechristened the "Al-Phi-Bet" after its owners.  Bet was unconvinced until Phil suggested that she run it, but her enthusiasm was quickly dampened when she learned Alec would have to invest £60,000 in the project.  Jenny and Rita finally made up as she dropped a bombshell: Robert had left his wife, and she was going to move in with him. Incidentally, the actor who played Robert would later return to the show as Ian Davenport, who had a filthy affair with Sally behind Kevin's back, so he's clearly a cad. She offered her a heartfelt goodbye and left the Street (for a couple of years).  It's a shame to see her go, but it was clear she wasn't working as a character; Jenny came back from her holiday in France and transformed into a completely different person, which usually means the producers don't know what to do with her and were trying something out.  Still, we all know she'll be back in twenty odd years to pull amazing faces and rule the Rovers, so it's just au revoir.

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 4th and 6th March 1991

Alec continued his pursuit of the AlPhiBet Club by looking to borrow the £60,000.  After he recovered from the shock of a woman bank manager (played by Paul the Fireman's wife who electrocuted herself) he was offered only £30,000.  Bet agreed, after a bit of sentimental hemming and hawwing, to sell the Rovers to pay their share, only for Phil to turn up and tell him he was going into partnership with a couple of mates and he didn't need the Gilroys any more.  With Jenny gone, Angie needed a new housemate, and she found one in the form of Curly, who was sick of sleeping on the sofa while Jess took his bed.  Raquel was unamused by him having a female housemate and even more unamused when she saw how pretty she was.  Angie also turned out to be the one who bought Percy's waistcoat, which she'd transformed using her mad fashion skills, but the miserable old sod demanded it back anyway.  Liz was rooting under Andy's bed - never a good idea with teenage boys - and found something shocking.  No, not a well-thumbed copy of Razzle; a chocolate box containing eighty quid.  And at number six, Des's devotion to the boat was causing trouble between him and Steph.  She felt ignored so she booked a skiing holiday.  For one.

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 8th and 11th March 1991

Jim sat down with Andy to discuss the money under his bed, anticipating a horrorshow.  He confessed that he'd raised the money by running a book on the FA Cup.  Instead of being annoyed, Jim was delighted at his son's entrepreneurial skills, though Liz was less keen.  Steph spent £500 on skiwear for her holiday and Des pretended to be delighted, hoping that reverse psychology would work and get her to stay.  Alec was still furious at Phil, and Percy gave him the idea to block the new club by getting the Council to refuse planning permission.  That wouldn't happen while Phil's girlfriend was on the committee so he buttered up Alf in a bid to get him to run for Councillor again.  Audrey did not approve.  Raquel had won a place in the Miss Bettabuys North West Regional Finals, meaning she'd have to go to Buxton for the weekend, and Curly naturally volunteered to be her chaperone.  Randy Reg however thought he should spend the trip with her and bumped Curly off the trip.  Quick reminder that Raquel is an adult human with her own thoughts, not a bargaining chip for a couple of old pervs to fight over.

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 13th and 15th March

Jim refused to punish Andy for his book, leaving Liz feeling lonely, and even considering grassing him up herself.  She didn't need to though because Ken Barlow heard Jim talking about it in the Rovers and immediately got on his high horse.  He tried to lecture Jim about families destroyed by gambling, only to be told that families also got destroyed by the dad playing away, if you catch my drift.  The Barnes continued to war.  Steph refused to do the housework, but finally caved, only to have Des take the mick.  She smashed all the plates in a rage.  Des continued to refuse to take her seriously - buying paper plates because they couldn't be broken - and she went to the Rovers, on the verge of tears.  Also experiencing marital problems were Alf and Audrey, as she refused to go to another of his boring Weatherfield Traders meetings.  He got tipsy and got a lift home off Betty from Emmerdale, who flattered his ego and told him the public needed a Councillor like him.  He announced he was throwing his hat in the ring.  Curly blackmailed Reg into backing out of the Miss Bettabuys trip by revealing he had the book of raffle tickets from the dodgy trolley dash.  Raquel was disheartened by the competition, and ended up coming nowhere, but she did attract the eye of Chief Judge Brendan Scott.  He knocked on her hotel room door with a bottle of champers and two glasses only to find Curly in a state of undress.  Upset, and probably rightly sick of being treated like a slab of meat, Raquel slammed the door on them and left them both out in the corridor.

@merseytart still can't believe anyone thought a Charity Shop would be a valuable addition to the Street.

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Elf on a Shelf - Coronation Street style

You might have heard of Elf on a Shelf (I hadn't, I have to admit). Well, now there's a Coronation Street version doing the rounds.

I've brought some of the funniest pics to this blog post, well they made me chuckle anyway and it is Friday...

I can't take any credit for these pictures. They come from this Facebook page.

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Christmas Carols - Coronation Street style

It's a cold and dark afternoon before Christmas. What better time then to sit down and have a think about how Coronation Street might do Christmas carols.  Wassailing in Weatherfield, anyone?

Here are some of my favourites, but if you think you can do better (and you will, I'm sure, some of mine are very bad...) then let me know in the comments below.

Oh, Come All You Faithful

 Once in Royal David Platt's City

God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen

The Holly and the Ivy
It's hard to know which was the most prickly!

We Three Kings

 While (Jack P) Shepherd(s) Watched Their Flocks By Night

A Wayne in a Manger

Ding Dong Merrily on High

Oh Little Town of Weatherfield

If you can think of any more, do please leave them in the comments and I'll add the best ones into the blog post!

And if you like that sort of daft thing, you might also like these!

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Saturday, 15 December 2018

Corrie Comicals week ending 14 December 2018

On Monday Brian was under pressure - he has written a rap version of the nativity (which we later discover is called "The Last Christmas" - is this a prediction?) and Liam is after a bigger part (and so is Lily who is just a sheep) so he has learnt the rap of the Three Kings (who have no names remember).  Brian is so impressed he promotes Liam to fourth King adding another twist to the story.  Hopefully we will see more of Liam before too long.

Liz had told Eileen a big fat whopper - claiming she was ill when she was really in the Bistro with the returning Mike Thornberry.  Using her phone tracker software Jenny (whom I went off tonight) knew where Liz was and sent Eileen to get some lemons from the Bistro in exchange for a glass of wine.  Above we can see what Eileen saw of Liz hiding under the table.  Only last Friday these two plus Sean swore off men until after they returned from Tenerife!  Needless to say Mike fails to get his promised early night with Liz and Eileen has not clocked that Jenny deliberately sent her to the Bistro.  Outside on the Street Eileen then threw some of the lemons at Liz!  Not quite fisticuffs but I have no doubt harmony will be restored.

Wednesday marked a new era as Iain MacLeod moved into the credits as producer following Kates Oates.  Almost instantly a new world opened up to us.

Not gorilla knitting Leanne.  Yarn bombing (and that does not mean telling tall tales).  Apparently they knit street art out of vegan wool and use it to cheer up random street corners (which presumably are no longer depressed once wrapped in vegan wool.  We had to watch this bit several times before getting it teased out in our minds - this link will explain all.

Imran for pity's sake.  Leanne Battersby (blonde, short hair) pictured is the daughter of Les Battersby and Sheila Price.  These days she wears smart clothes and is only your pa (bring back Rosie please).  Toyah Battersby (long reddish hair), is the daughter of Ronnie Clegg and Janice Battersby, she likes vegetables and is your girlfriend.  When you are talking to Toyah (out of shot) recalling spending the afternoon slightly pie-eyed in a gallery bumping into sculptures it is worth remembering you actually spent that afternoon with Leanne.  I am surprised he is still alive!

Gemma in Sinead's hearing has just pointed out to Dev that Chesney cares about the woman he loves - Sinead and if Dev doesn't then he must be some kinda weird kebab-shop-owning robot, which was the best put down of the week.  Nice to have Gemma back and on full song!

Craig is having a quiet drink when Evelyn decides to finally report a lost dog to the police.  You can hardly blame Craig for his response - above!  A little later Evelyn announces that Ty and Craig are about as much use as a fishnet sleeping bag which almost got the line of the week!

Coming on Monday, Archie Shuttleworth's funeral the send off to end all send-offs.  We should all raise a glass to Archie!

No extras at work this week which gives me room to put this in:

Carla has just asked Michelle why the long face?  My response was that perhaps Michelle was not entirely happy with her new hair do and look but apparently I was wrong and Robert has not been telling her the entire truth again as he was claiming to be on a cookery course when we was actually learning how to bake a baby with Kate; thinking about it he was not lying that much Michelle!  And having spent ages working how the Battersby sisters are not related (above) it also took me some time to work out how these two are related (their fathers are cousins - hope I got that right).

Writers: Jayne Hollinson & Steven Fay (Monday); Owen Lloyd-Fox & Mark Wadlow (Wednesday);  Sam Holdsworth & Alasdair Morrison(Friday)
Directors: Karl Neilson (Monday); Tim Royle (Wednesday &Friday)


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