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Wednesday 17 July 2024

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Wednesday 17th July 2024

Wednesday 17th July 2024

Joel tells an excited Dee-Dee he has booked their wedding for September 27th before heading off to go through credit card statements with Bethany to find clues of Lauren’s whereabouts. When he receives a text from Betsy demanding more money, he heads out, telling Dee-Dee he’s off to work. Continuing to go through the statements she finds ticket transactions in Warrington and decides to check soup kitchens where a homeless woman confirms that Lauren is squatting in a local pub. Dee-Dee calls Joel to let him know before setting off with Bethany. Will Joel make it to Lauren before Bethany and Dee-Dee? 

Betsy continues to take advantage of Carla, doing little work and demanding an early lunch. When she swans out of the factory Carla heads to the police station to have a word with Lisa but has to end the conversation when Lisa says Betsy has called and is stuck in a rough part of town. 

As Nina calls to collect Roy from the hospital, he tries to cover his nervousness at the thought of leaving. In the caf√© flat, Nina fusses over Roy, glad to have him home. Nina suggests that Roy spend a few days at Cathy’s in Scarborough. 

Leanne continues to try and convince Amy to join the institute will she succeed? Rowan suggests that Leanne might like to invest £40k in the business, Leanne is tempted. Will Nick agree to Leanne’s new business opportunity? 

ELSEWHERE At No.5, a despondent Gemma and Chesney worry about their looming eviction. Betsy is intrigued to spy Beth letting herself into the factory and follows her. 

Glenda Young
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Tuesday 16 July 2024

New Corrie pics: Lauren feels the heat


As the race to find Lauren intensifies, tonight in Coronation Street we see Dee-Dee and Bethany track the missing teen down to a squat.

Discovering a terrified Lauren (Cait Fitton) is pregnant, Dee-Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown) insists on taking her to hospital to be checked out, believing she’ll be safe there.

But with evil predator Joel (Calum Lill) now also in the know, thanks to his unsuspecting fiance Dee-Dee, and DS Swain (Vicky Myers) on the case looking for answers about the man behind the attack which left Lauren for dead, who will get to her first?

And when faced with pressure from both sides, who will Lauren put her trust in?

Desperate to keep his crimes hidden, can Joel continue to force her to stay quiet with his threats and empty promises or is Lauren about to reveal all to DS Swain and help take Joel down?

Glenda Young
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Channique Sterling-Brown: “Dee-Dee’s World Will Come Crashing Down!”

Our latest Coronation Street Blog Cast Chat is with my favourite Bailey* Dee-Dee, as actress Channique Sterling-Brown tells the blog all about the proposal, working with Roy Cropper, and what comes next for the feisty lawyer?


Hi Channique! 

How has Dee-Dee been feeling about the proposal? 

She’s head-over-heels for the guy, and for her, she sees him as someone who supports her protects her, and sees her as an equal. He supported her through her Dad’s gambling and with death threats. It's nice for her to have someone as safe and he represents that"

What has the general public's reaction been like? 

It's been brilliant, people are so invested in it, and it's exciting! Some people have been quite disappointed as he’s turned out to be a baddie!” 

How has it been working with Calum? 

“We get on really well and have such a good laugh! I think it's good as it means we are open to playing and trying new things. When we filmed the proposal in the flat (studio set) we were filming for 12 hours straight, just us two. You have to bash it out, so it's great to be in that environment with someone who you can trust

Away from that story - You’ve worked with a lot of other actors as Roy’s solicitor? 

“Playing across from David (Neilson, Roy Cropper) has been brilliant, he’s incredible! I’m (Dee-Dee) also everyone's lawyer so I get to work with loads of cast. I love it - it's a real privilege seeing what everyone does! I've been in the funeral parlour, the garage - it's just amazing

Dee-Dee’s also been helping Bethany solve who’s been using her credit card. Have they considered that it might be Lauren? 

“I don't think that crosses anyone's mind at this point. We think she's dead and she’s seen no sign of anything from Joel -she’s not reconciled the two situations. In the coming weeks, we will see that change. She’s got her rose-tinted glasses on (when it comes to Joel) but she’s also a smart woman and we will see Joel come under pressure.” 

Are you looking forward to filming scenes where Dee-Dee finds out about Joel’s secrets? 

“Yes, it's exciting. But I do feel sad. Her world is going to come crashing down, but it has to. What’s in the dark must come to the light. I’m also looking forward to the aftermath of it. I think, for Dee-Dee, we are going to see different sides of her. We know she's feisty and strong, but I think there will be an element of vulnerability. I am excited to film that and flesh the character out more

Thanks, Channique! 

*With Ronnie being second - I love that guy! 

What do you think will happen to Dee-Dee? Is she in danger as well? Let us know in the comments section. 

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Coronation Street Epsiode Review Monday 15th July


Brian Blessed voice: "Lauren's alive!" Not that you'd know it as she's not in this episode. Roy, who is having fun playing with the riser on his hospital bed, eventually convinces Nina and Evelyn that it was Lauren who visited him last night and not Lady Morphia. Nina is as mad as hell that Lauren let Roy rot in jail as well as his harassment by all and sundry of M10, but then again if you had Poundshop Patrick Bateman on your trail, a mere thing like your former employer being in chokey probably wouldn't be your top priority. One thing that should be Roy's top priority when he's been discharged from Kate Oates Memorial is to shave that awful beard.


Talking of Roy's tormentors, Carla foolishly drives her very fancy looking car down to the precinct (where I'd've thought it would be removed of its hub-cabs within seconds) and after a minor fracas with the BMX Bandit bullies accidentally (maybe deliberately?) knocks one of them off of his bike and then flees the scene. She does have form with this kind of thing. Betsy, who still wants a summer job and has gone AWOL from the factory at the time, blackmails Carla into giving her a trial. Her ambition is poor to say the least, she could've stung Carla for, say, £10K rather than a minimum wage temporary job. I do hope the two of them get along better when/if Carla becomes her step-mama.


Another couple doing dogy deals are Kit and poor Craigy, who is well out of his depth. After pumping Kirkeh for information, Kit decides a better ploy would be to get Craig drunk and gets him to 'fess up about covering up Fay(e) and Emma's crime back in 2022. Not sure what Kit's end game is here (to have some mutually assured destruction re: getting Mr Shoe Shop to drop the charges against Gemma?) but I'm enjoying it, and it makes a change for him to have a feud with someone other than his poor old mam.


D.S. Bethany is on the case of The Mysterious Hooded Woman and her stolen credit card. Unfortunately, she and Deedee are just feeding info to a twitchy Joel. He dons his Richard Hillman gloves and, twirling a crowbar, breaks into Victoria Court to find out what Bethany has found out. There's no CCTV in the foyer of the flats? Next thing you'll be telling me they haven't removed the cladding either.

I have to say I much prefer the actor playing a charming psychopath rather than Deedee's sappy boyfriend and am looking forward to it playing out. Much like the Stephen Reid storyline, it's bringing in a lot of characters in different ways into the story. Saying that, we haven't seen much of Bobby recently - wouldn't someone have told him that Lauren's alive and kicking (and scratching?) Although probably don't tell him that his missing person posters were a waste of time, considering the Craig-a-like nurse didn't recognise Lauren when she was in the hospital.


Finally, Leanne has almost got Amy on the hook - Ms Barlow-McDonald is thinking about investing Gramma Deirdre's money into the Institute - when Leanne shows her Creepy AI Oliver, at which point Amy, not unreasonably, scrams. Leanne's too busy with this to go with Toyah to the hospital for her scan, so Nick accompanies his sister in law. Just need to point out that you can't go in the room with someone when they're having a scan, there's no room and you'd just get in the way.

Rachel Stevenson - on twitter.


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