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Saturday, 16 October 2021

Corrie Blog Interviews The Alahan Twins! Will Aadi and Asha Survive a Car Crash on 'Horror Nation Street'?

As we head into Corrie Super Soap Week, aka ‘Horror Nation Street’, we know that a lead character will end up dead! With a horror car crash lined up, are one of the Alahan twins at risk? Having already had one teenage death this year, will Coronation Street make it two? As part of our latest Corrie Blog press day interviews, I joined a Corrie Zoom session to chat with Adam Hussain (AH) who plays Aadi, and Tanisha Gorey (TG), who plays Asha, to learn more about this weeks car crash;   

What is the current dynamic between Asha and Aadi in the lead up to the car accident? 

AH The dynamic is currently very strained! There is this sibling rivalry between the twins. I feel like Aadi has a lot of resentment for his Father. There have been moments where Dev undermined Aadi, like when he expected Asha to get better grades than him, and he proved him wrong. Certain moments have built up a layer of resentment!

Does Asha feel like she is a favourite twin?

TG Well, not a case of them just being brother and sister. Twins have a special bond. The sibling rivalry is there, and that is perfectly normal. Aadi has supported Asha in the past, fighting for her and wanting to see her happy again. Personally (and because of what Asha has been through), she does feel favoured by Dev. She is a bit of a brat and fails to see it from Aadi's position! His feelings do not come into play!

How important is a family unit to the Alahan Twins? 

TG They are a family unit but with intricate problems as well. They are solid, Dev is a single Dad with businesses to run, and the twins never make it easy for him! Mary does try to help solve problems and bring them together. When Dev sees the bigger picture, he does see them as a solidified family unit. 

How does Aadi feel about it all? 

AH They are twins, whatever happens. Most of the time Aadi cares about his sister. He is annoyed about all of the attention she receives. Asha is a Daddy’s girl and Aadi's ignored. It gets under his skin! 

Does Aadi feel made to stand on his own two feet by Dev? 

AH Yes, Dev has been using him a lot to run the shop, the shop management, and he feels like he is owed something for all of the hard work. Aadi sees nothing returned by Dev, and that annoys him!

This week we see Dev have to make a split decision following a car crash. He rescues Asha leaving Aadi trapped in the wreck. How does Aadi feel when he realises his Dad’s actions? 

AH Aadi is sitting right next to Dev in the car and asks his Dad to help him, but at that moment, Dev says 'Rescue Yourself!' and I think it's a tipping point of resentment in a literal form. Although Asha is unconscious and helpless - it’s still a defining moment

With Asha unconscious, How do you feel Asha would think, knowing Dev rescued her over her Brother? 

TG I feel like it would depend on when she found out? Maybe if she finds out in the Hospital, she would. Dev is only one person though, and she was unconscious. Aadi is awake - he’s just stuck. That’s where the balance may have to be. Asha literally can’t help herself!

What was it like filming the night shoots and the stunts? 

TG It was cold and wet! There were so many people there on set, I do love to chat with everyone. I was dreading it, told my boyfriend how I was feeling, but then underestimated just how dramatic I was being! 4 am, cold and wet, but it was something I will remember! 

There is a massive explosion after the crash. What was that like to film? 

TG It was on a country road, so everyone had to sneak into the woods, so we couldn't be seen in the shot. It was so loud! I've never seen anything like that before! You don't know what to expect. The stunts were amazing to watch - the team did a brilliant job! It was loads of things I’d never seen before - even a drone camera. I felt like a celebrity! Loads of cool gadgets!

What was your favourite part, Adam? 

AH - Watching the lorry crash into the back of the car. The stunt was a good scene and so intense! The back of the car comes off - it was a great moment. Joining Corrie has been so much bigger than I imagined it would ever be - very educational & fun!

Do you think Dev’s decision will change the family dynamic? 

TG Yes. It’s just the three of them as this unit. I think this car crash could change the family dynamics!


Will Dev save one twin but lose another, or will this crash reunite the warring siblings? How can Dev carry on if he loses a child? I think Horror Nation St will have long-standing repercussions for certain Weatherfield residents,  but we've no idea who will survive!! Scary stuff!  

@rybazoxo Your Cobbles connoisseur! 

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Conversation Street Podcast Episode #492

On our latest podcast, we chat about the episodes of Coronation Street shown in the UK between the 11th and the 15th October (Episodes #10452 - 10457).

Unless you've been living under some kind of spoiler-repellent rock these past few weeks (and if you are, can you tell us where we might find one?), you'll know that there's a pretty hyped up set of episodes coming very soon, and this week's Corrie certainly seemed like everything was lining up nicely for some action packed shows next week. It definitely feels like George and Todd could be busy at the undertaker's by next Friday night, but whether it's Corey having his brains blown out by Abi, Toyah being pummelled to death by Harvey, Natasha being pushed into the sinkhole by an old biddy who can't get her blue rinse done anymore or even lovely Johnny just ending up as some kind of collateral damage, we'll just have to wait and see, but in any case, this week's episodes did a pretty good job in getting us hyped! Just... please don't mention the identify of Imran's drunken one night stand to us... We're still feeling mighty hacked off by THAT revelation...

Up next on the podcast, we head over to The Kabin, where there's some good news for Catherine Tyldesley, bad news for Katie McGlynn, and intriguing news for us as the UK soaps announce a collaboration crossover event in a few weeks' time. We end the show with a few bits of listener feedback.

Street Talk: 00:12:03
The Kabin: 02:37:45
Feedback: 02:49:21

For this week's bonus podcast, we take an in depth look at the character of Imran Habeeb. He's been a bit of a fan favourite since his introduction back in 2017, and in this episode, we weigh up the evidence and give our verdict on the street's latest ladykiller lawyer. Is he a good match for Toyah? Would we want him defending us in court? Can we forgive his steadily growing list of indiscretions? All this and more are answered here!

You can subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, stream all our old episodes on our own site here, or click the play buttons above to give it a listen from the comfort of this very blog!

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Jimmi Harkishin interview: Dev's devastating decision in super soap week

Heartbreak comes in no small measures for Dev Alahan this Super Soap Week as he is forced to choose which of his children to rescue from his burning car. In this interview, Jimmi Harkishin tells us about the dynamic in the Alahan family, and what pushes his ultimate decision. 

In recent months, Aadi has been feeling left out as Dev focuses more on Asha, and this has created a tension within the family. Jimmi said: “Dev is aware that he doesn’t pour as much attention over Aadi, and he even says to Mary that he understands that his son gets overlooked sometimes.

“Dev is aware of the dynamic, but he doesn’t feel like it is that much of a problem because it’s not of Dev’s making; he has to take care of the kid that is in trouble, Asha. He doesn’t think that Aadi has any problems, just the normal, everyday kind of ones.” 

Despite Dev putting all of his attention into Asha, Jimmi says that Dev would give less attention to Asha if the roles were reversed. He said: “Dev doesn’t favour Asha more at all and as a parent myself, I know you would never allow yourself to think that. 

“He looks after, cares about and loves them both but it’s just that his daughter has been going through a difficult period, so he thinks that’s why Aadi feels left out, but he doesn’t think Aadi is right to feel that way and he doesn’t think there is anything he can do about it.”

Since Sunita’s death in 2013, family has become everything to Dev as he has had to parent Aadi and Asha by himself. Jimmi tells us: “It’s a lovely thing to play as an actor because if the twins had a mum, then a lot of their problems would go straight to her, or they would come to Dev through their mum. 

“Especially all the things that his daughter went through like the skin lightening and the sexting storyline, it was a difficult thing for a father to consider about his daughter and Dev found it really uncomfortable. 

“But it is really nice to see the problems the children have through the prisms of a single dad and how he deals with them. For ten years he has been there as their sole carer and obviously he has made mistakes along the way, but he has devoted his life to his son and daughter; he hasn’t met anyone else romantically, he hasn’t left them and he hasn’t compromised them in any way. 

“He has been both parents for the twins and he has been a good one. Mary was there for a while when they were younger which was really important, but it has all fallen on him now. He is always cooking, always cleaning… he always has that pinny on!”

During this major week of episodes, the Alahans are on their way to their holiday but get lost down a country lane. However, the prison van holding Harvey Gaskell suddenly smashes into the back of their car. 

When Dev wakes up, he realises there’s big trouble ahead and knows they must get out of the car, and quickly. However, he can only rescue one of his children, and decides it’s Asha. 

Jimmi said: “When [Dev] wakes up, he realises that they have been hit from behind. He’s choking and there’s smoke in the car. Aadi is trapped in the front of the car, but he is lucid and talking whereas Asha is unconscious. 

“It’s a knee-jerk reaction from Dev- who do you try to get to safety? His daughter isn’t talking, she is not responding, and I really do think that is the only thing that Dev could have done. It wasn’t a choice of favouritism; it was who needed his help more at that time. He had to pull her out and he was going to come straight back for his son but then the car explodes.” 

As Aadi is rushed to hospital, how will Dev cope with his decision? “He doesn’t feel guilty, but he is hurt and distraught because it is really painful to see anything happen to your children. Dev wishes it was him and wishes he could take his son’s place. It’s an honest pain that he feels.” 

Of course, a huge stunt like this requires a lot of hard work from all involved, and Jimmi said: “It was really good, but also really hard and very tough. The whole team from the director to the camera crew to the sound team were absolutely amazing. 

“Brett Fallis is a great director who had obviously thought about it all and the drones and the way the actual stunt took place was amazing. It was a full night of filming under rain bars, and they threw out thousands of gallons of litres of water which was really challenging. 

“When filming something like an explosion, it requires a different kind of acting, as it’s a response. You can’t prepare it like a monologue or a scene with someone, it just has to be in the moment, and you have to go for it and hope you make the right emotional choices. You can only blow the car up once, there are no second takes! It’s a really raw, basic approach to acting, it’s an emotional thing.”

Long-term Corrie fans will know this isn’t the first explosion Dev has been involved in. “When the corner shop exploded, with Maya, that was epic as well, but this is amazing. Looking back at the stunt with mad Maya, it was so long ago, I feel like a different person! I love all the character work that you have to do when you have a scene with any of the great actors on Coronation Street but doing stunts, you are on your own and you have to find your way through it.” 

As Dev struggles to see his son in danger, will Aadi pull through?

Sophie Williams

Find me on Twitter @sophie_writer1

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Friday, 15 October 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 15 October

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review. 

Jenny has spent a night of passion with Leo and he’s spotted leaving by Beth who immediately blabs about it at the factory. She’s overheard by Johnny who decides that he wants to move on. Over a pint with Carla, he tells her that he needs to look forward and live his life. Jeez Johnny, talk about signing your death warrant for next week. You might just as well have told the audience you were only a few days away from retirement or shown a picture of your sweetheart who you’re definitely going to marry after this last dangerous mission.   

Over at the café, Nina and Roy find out from the local paper that Corey is getting a transfer to a German club. Nina despairs that he will ever get justice, but Roy tells her there’s still a chance his dumped blood-stained clothing will be found. 

As they tidy up, they find a notebook with details of Corey’s training regime and, like a vampiric Miss Marple, Nina quickly deduces that it belongs to Abi. She swooshes around to No.13 in her cape  and within minutes she’s got Abi to admit that that she’s planning to shoot Corey. Quick work Nina. Did you use hypnotism like Christopher Lee? Nina tries to talk her out of it saying that it won’t prove that Corey is guilty, it’ll just make him into a martyr. But when Abi is unconvinced, she tells her she has until tonight to get rid of the gun or she will tell the police.

In other news, lovely Aadi suggests he and Dev go on a low-fi boys fishing holiday. Dev boasts to Mary about how caring his son is, but it’s all immediately forgotten when Princess Asha comes in in a strop.  Before you can say ‘and away’ the fishing is out the window and Dev has changed the plans completely to accommodate his favourite child’s requests. If Aadi survives Corrie Death Week he’s going to need some serious therapy. 

Meanwhile, Audrey tells Gail she will pay for the sinkhole repairs so that Natasha can go ahead and buy the salon.

Over at Toyah and Imran’s flat, Toyah is refusing to forgive the suave solicitor despite him donning an apron to make breakfast for their new foster child Elsie. Something which would have made me temporarily forget my own name, let alone any indiscretions.

As Toyah sits in the café with a face like a slapped arse, Simon comes in and let’s slip that he gave Imran his work phone so that he could uncover information about Sharon. When Imran is distracted, she steals his phone and forwards all Sabeen’s blackmail messages to her boss. Sabeen is accused of misconduct and stood down from all her cases, Then, because she’s a terrible human being, she visits Harvey and tells him that Toyah has jeopardised his appeal. Harvey vows to have his revenge on the Battersby sisters.

Imran warns Toyah that her actions have put them all in danger, but she tells him it’s over between them and that she wants him to move our once their fostering of Elsie is over. I will join the orderly queue of ladies willing to take him in. 

Finally, Nina relents and tells Abi that while she won’t try to stop her and she has faith that she will do the right thing. Abi says that Corey will get what he deserves.

And that’s it for this week. Place your bets now on who gets bumped off next week. I’m going for Corey, Harvey and Johnny, bit of safe choice so I probably won’t make my stake back. Give me your best predictions in the comments page or on twitter @mskelstar.

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