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Monday, 6 April 2020

Coronation Street Episode Rewiew Monday 6th April

Hello and welcome to last Wednesday's episode. Or is it the second half of Friday's? Or is it Monday's? I'm very confused, particularly now that going to Freshco's is OK but going to the Red Rec is bad, apparently.

Anyway, I feel like every Monday I recap the same stories, the first one being of course Ghastly Geoff. His fear, arrogance and anger as Yasmen starts to unmask him is masterful. Don't know if the Inside Soap Awards will happen this year, but if Ian Bartholomew doesn't win big, I'm going to kick off.

Yasmeen leaves him in the house and goes to Alya's, where Geoff texts 42 times, threatening suicide. Yasmeen is concerned and after some argy bargy, she and Alya go to make sure Geoff hasn't made good on his promise. If only! He's disappeared but has left behind a broken picture frame covered in blood. He's a messy bitch who lives for drama, alright. He's actually down the boozer watching Yasmeen worry on his webcam. WHAT AN EVIL MAN. Yasmeen refuses to go to Spain and Alya loses patience, stomping off. Geoff returns and they make up, but then he admits that he did cut his figure on the picture frame, nothing more serious than that. Whilst he's out at the chippie, Yasmeen rings the police to speak to someone about accessing information about her husband under Claire's law.

The second story is the quad squad and the Battersby Brown-Winter household. Bernie departs and warns Ches that it's more than "baby blues" with our Gemini. Even he has noticed that she's not overly excited about Aled's hearing aids. He tries to talk to Gemma, but she refuses to admit that anything's wrong.

Meanwhile, Michael's given up on his inventor/entrepreneur dreams and has gone for a sales job at the factory. For someone who's got the gift of the gab, he's quite nervous about the interview. Alina's quite taken with his charm. Isn't he a bit old for her? Mind you, David is 30, despite looking about thirteen and three quarters.

Until next Monday, which will be Wednesday again, I think.

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The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 24th and 27th March 1995

It was Mother's Day on the street, with Steve getting into trouble with Liz after Jamie nicked his flowers.  Gail and Martin's marriage continued to buckle under the strain of his infidelity.  Gail was furious that he'd blamed Nicky for his one night stand, which would be a fair point if Nicky wasn't so annoying; frankly I'm close to blaming him for coronavirus.  Alf and Audrey took the kids to give them some space - and promptly regretted it because three rowdy children is a pain.  Reg began to fret over the American takeover, worried that his daft wig wouldn't be enough to convince them he was young and sexy.  Raquel told Curly that Tricia was also seeing Sean the bookie, so he broke off their relationship, because he wanted to be exclusive.  The big story though was Tracy Barlow, who ended up in hospital after taking a bad ecstasy tablet, because DRUGS ARE BAD, MMMKAY?  Deirdre rushed back from Morocco to be at her bedside, with Ken at her side - which was handy for Denise, as she continued to get close to Jon the barber.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 29th and 31st March 1995

Brad, the potential new owner of Firman's, arrived to look the place over.  Reg convinced Curly to go without his glasses to look thrusting and dynamic, so obviously he was blind as a bat and made an idiot of himself.  Meanwhile, Brad himself was wearing a wig, so Reg decided they were hair brothers and complimented him; Brad took this badly and denied it was a syrup.  The Americans promptly pulled out of the deal, much to Reg and Curly's delight.  Gail tracked down Cathy, Martin's one night stand, and was shocked to discover she hadn't given it a second thought.  Cathy didn't want it to come out any more than Martin did because she had a boyfriend.  Tracy remained in a coma, and her flatmate arrived and told Deirdre that she'd never taken a pill before.  YOU SEE KIDS, JUST ONE PILL CAN KILL YOU, SO THINK ON.  Ken let Deirdre stay in his flat, convincing himself he'd stay with Denise, but then he discovered she'd been on dates with Jon and he lost his rag.  He told her he'd be applying for visitation rights for Daniel.  Have you noticed Ken only gives a monkey's about his kids when it'll annoy someone else?  Vicky talked to Steve and mentioned she was looking for somewhere to invest her money.  He convinced her to invest £2000 in his promotions business and she agreed on the basis that she'd be hands on.  I bet she will be as well.

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 3rd and 5th April 1995

There was a very interesting scene where Denise told Jon she couldn't see Ken being involved in Daniel's life in the future.  She must be psychic.  Ken went to see a solicitor, who advised him to sort things out with Denise informally.  Tracy woke up and assured her mum that she wasn't a drug addict, because everyone seems to think people who take ecstasy are all smackheads.  Deirdre was shocked, meanwhile, to find that Mike hadn't sold number 1 but had leased it to Tricia.  He assured he would sell it eventually, once the market picked up, but under her hectoring he put up a For Sale sign.  Tricia was livid.  Gail was prescribed antidepressants to help her get over Martin's infidelity, because nobody else was being much help and was advising her to just get over it.  I wonder if she ever stopped taking them?  Given her life over the next thirty years they probably trebled the dose.

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 7th and 10th April 1995

Tracy was told that her kidneys were damaged and she would need dialysis or a transplant.  She was upset and said she'd rather die.  Deirdre was upset, but was comforted by Samir, who'd arrived from Morocco.  He offered to help any way he could.  Cue ominous music.  Vicky considered doing a business studies course to help her with her investment, but she was already in trouble with that, as Steve didn't like her shoving her oar in.  Andy was worried she'd get ripped off.  Tricia told Mike that she was a sitting tenant and wasn't going anywhere, and tore down the For Sale sign.  Rodney continued to sniff around Bet, and thought about buying Mike Baldwin's Merc to impress her.  The most important part of the show though was that Bet was doing chest expanding exercises in the lounge of the Rovers... using a leopardskin exercise device.  It was astonishing.

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 12th and 14th April 1995

Josie, Don, Vera and Jack went to the theatre together and had a right lark.  When they got back, Don kissed her, and she stayed the night.  Obviously Vera was unamused.  Rodney took the Merc out for a test drive with Tricia - and then ran it past the police for a full check up.  He discovered it was nicked.  Mike tried to get him to buy it at a knock down price, but the police arrived and confiscated it.  Deirdre and Samir argued because she was shutting him out of her concerns over Tracy.  And Derek brought home a pair of gnomes, offending Mavis's sense of good taste, until he explained that they reminded him of them.  Internally I sighed, because the arrival of Derek's Gnome means the interminable plotline of it going missing can't be far behind.

Just think how different the world would have been if Tracy had died from that ecstasy tablet.  Samir and Charlie would be alive, Amy would never have been born, and Steve would probably be happily married to Karen.  Let me know your own alternate Corrie universes on Twitter @merseytart.

Classic Corrie is on ITV3 weekdays from 14:50.

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Coronation Street Fan of the Week - Val in Canada

It's time to meet our Coronation Street fan of the week.
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Who are you and where are you from?   

I am Val Chaulk from Newfoundland, Canada.

How long have you been watching Corrie? 

I have been watching since the early 70's

Who are your favourite female and male characters - and the reasons why? 
Blanche and Rita are my old time favourites, now it would be Emma and Tim. Emma is sweet and funny and kind and so many other lovely traitsm I think she is a great addition to the show.  Tim seems like the guy next door, everyone's favourite neighbour. He's not the sharpest knife in the drawer but hey we all need a spoon sometime. 

What's been some of your favourite Corrie storylines over the years? 
Any storyline with Roy in it is good watching. I had a hard time picking between him and Tim as my favourite Male character. Loving his scenes right now with his niece. She seems as quirky as him. I love Gemma and Rita's friendship as well. 

And what would your fantasy Corrie storyline be? 
I'd love to see Roy find a new love, bring in a sweet lady who has a giant heart and a few oddities about her, good ones, no hidden secrets or agenda. I believe he deserves a real love.

Have you any snippets or news about meeting any of the Corrie cast, or trips to the set, etc., that you'd like to share? 
No, sorry!

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Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Mon Apr 6


YASMEEN IS STILL ON THE CASE Yasmeen picks up her suitcase and strides out of the house. In the builder’s flat, Yasmeen tells Alya that she’s coming to the wedding and she was right all along. But Yasmeen’s horrified to see messages on her phone from Geoff, suggesting he might take his own life. Yasmeen insists she must check on Geoff and Alya offers to go with her. In No.6, Yasmeen’s horrified to find a smashed photo frame on the table together with drops of blood and no sign of Geoff. What has happened to Geoff? When Yasmeen asserts that she now can’t go to the wedding, Alya’s furious. Yasmeen calls the police and asks them how she should go about accessing information under Clare’s law.
BERNIE LEAVE CHESNEY WITH CONCERNS Chesney returns home and is bemused to find Bernie moving out. Bernie implores Chesney to keep an eye on Gemma. Chesney does his best to get Gemma to open up but she insists everything is fine.
EMMA JUMPS TO CONCLUSIONS Emma watches, heartbroken, as Seb helps Alina carry some coffees to the factory. In the factory, Michael waits to be called for his telesales interview and babbles away nervously to Alina, telling her all about his little girl. Alina warms to him.
ELSEWHERE David heads out for a walk. When Gail quizzes him, he refuses to tell her where he’s going.
Glenda Young
Twitter: @Flaming_Nora
Facebook: GlendaYoungAuthor
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