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Wednesday 31 January 2024

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Wednesday 31st January 2024

Wednesday 31st January

TRACY SCORES TOMMY ORPINGTON At No.1, Tracy gives Tommy a ticking off over his timekeeping but when he compliments her on her outfit, Tracy is secretly thrilled. In the flower shop, Toyah enthuses about Tommy Orpington and how sexy he looks in his overalls, and Mary gets an idea. Mary suggests to Tracy that she should do some matchmaking as it’s clear Toyah fancies Tommy. Tracy has other plans as she warns Toyah off claiming that Tommy’s a terrible womaniser and not to be trusted. Back at No.1, Tommy admits he fancies Tracy. Does Tracy feel the same? 

BETHANY LOOKS FOR A LIFELINE FROM SUKI When Daniel reminds Bethany it’s her turn to treat him to tea, she makes out she can’t as she’s working to a deadline. Bethany checks her bank balance and looks at her overdraft with concern, but she quickly covers in front of Sarah. When Bethany meets with Suki from the Gazette hoping for work, Suki advises her to try Chit-Chat Magazine as they may be looking for someone. 

MICHAEL REALISES HE’S GOT IT WRONG ABOUT ED At No.3, Michael confirms that he’s spoken to James and told him all about the gambling debts and fire. At the factory, Craig arrives and wants a word with Michael where he confirms that the fire at the yard was started by an electrical heater. Michael feels guilty but is relieved that his dad wasn’t responsible. Will Ed and Michael finally make amends? 

BOBBY IS A BAD INFLUENCE ON SIMON When Simon reveals that Carla’s taken Bobby on at the factory in favour of him, Leanne offers to have another word, but Simon tells her to leave it. Leanne overrules Nick and offers Simon a job at the bistro. When Simon starts working at the Bistro, Bobby suggests they have a lock-in and Simon’s tempted. 

ELSEWHERE In the flat, Damon nuzzles Sarah’s neck and implies he wants to move in, will Sarah take the hint? 

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Tuesday 30 January 2024

Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street - February 5 to 9 2024

Here are the major storylines for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Monday 5 to Friday 9 February 2024

Simon's in a drunken crash, Tracy and Tommy go for a last minute winner, Adam's keen to crack the case, Bethany digs up Daniel's past, Joel gets spooked and Daniel discovers Bethany's secret.

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Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 29th January

If you thought Ed and Michael had made up and all was well chez Bailey, then think again, because PC Tinker is here to ruin everyone's day. He takes Ed in for questioning but he's released without charge. However, Michael has become convinced his dad started the fire and he even rings Aggie to grass up Ed. It looks like another miscarriage of justice is on Weatherfield PD's hands, but then Ed confesses to Deedee that he may not have started the fire but he didn't put it out, sauntering to the chippie for his tea whilst it was smouldering. This seems a risky tactic, someone might have seen him leave the yard whilst the building was on fire, or rung the fire brigade before it could destroy the property. But anyway, the Bailey women want nothing more to do with him and Ed is left totally alone.
Incidentally, which department does DS Swain work in? In her time, she's dealt with homicide, undercover infiltration of right wing gangs (via Spider) and now insurance jobs. I know the police are pretty stretched but the woman should specialise!

Coronation Street's Simon Barlow actor 'splits from fiancee' just 6 months  after engagement - Mirror Online

In other depressing storylines (come on, writers, it's January, give us sommat to grin about!), Simon the nepo-baby is offered (after Leanne has done some stomping and chiding) his position back by Carla, but then Peter rings with a job offer on the boat, which is quickly rescinded as he hadn't asked the boss. This is after Simon woke up in a drunken stupor on the sofa and spilt stale beer on Nick's business papers. Don't the Battersby-Tilsleys mind their front parlour smelling like a slop tray at the Rovers? Why don't they get an airbed and he can hunker down with Sam? Also, everyone keeps banging on about Peter leaving, but Simon's almost 21, it's about time he got some independence, non?


In less grim news, Tommy O(veralls) is back on the scene at number 1. It feels as if it's Steve who's going to have the fling with Tommy rather than Tracy with his hydration plan and custard creams for Tommy whilst he's doing the decorating work. But Steve's off to Paris and Tracy is left alone with the handsome striker. He tells her he's done with long term relationships. I guess Steve does owe Tracy an affair or two. Just watch out for any ornaments!

Moses tells the Toddster that he's off to London to work for his cousin washing cars. Come on Moses, there's a nationwide shortage of carers, don't let one silly suspension put you off.


Finally, Bethany can't find a  place to work as home is too noisy and the pub is too Daisy-y. Ken should introduce her to this thing called a library. Daniel says she can use his place (if it's not on fire, I suppose) but it might come to nowt anyway as Bethany's publisher doesn't seem that interested in what she's pitching.

Oh, in answer to Toyah's question about the world going off fish - it's Veganuary, innit.

Rachel Stevenson - on twitter

Alex Bain interview: Simon in drink drive car crash


How did Simon feel when Peter left?

Simon felt quite sad. He was hurt that he left without saying goodbye and he doesn’t really understand why he has gone, he was confused by it. He doesn’t really want to accept that he has gone and he is angry with himself for not being contactable when his dad was leaving. As time goes on he has got a bit hardened to it and has accepted that his dad has gone.

Was that the start of this downward spiral for Simon?

He had kind of started on that track but he didn’t see it as that, he was dressing it up as just hanging out with his mates having a few drinks and his dad leaving just meant that he started to do it more. He realises to some degree what he is doing is not ok or sustainable behaviour but he’s not really caring at this stage.

He's had a lot happen in his life, hasn't he?

He has had so much happen! I think it is the case that with everything that he has been through that he's just trying to get a bit of his own freedom back. 

How does he feel about Bobby arriving? 

Well, I think he's sort of okay with Bobby moving in but sort of not at the same time. He offers to move out but underneath that offer is the feeling that someone else is gonna come in and push him out of his slot so he might as well leave and get out of everyone's hair and not start causing issues with everybody. It's not great, he feels a bit pushed out. 

Do you think he has quite low self esteem and feels as though he's just constantly the one that's pushed? from pillar to post? 

Simon's always struggled with self esteem and lacks confidence around people despite the bravado. And especially with girls.  He now has the whole situation where Bobby's like really cool and chilled with the girls. And Simon wants to be that sort of person, to have that confidence so the bravado rears its head again and he acts like he is confident and doesn't care but he does. 

Does he think that sort of drink maybe gives him that?

Yeah. He feels that drinking gives him the confidence to be around people and lets him say or do things he wouldn’t do normally. But then it also makes him do things he regrets so it is a vicious circle. 

In the past, drinking was something that he avoided. He's even tried on occasions to stop Peter drinking. What has changed? 

I do wonder if it has always been there, there was that time when he was younger and he passed out through drinking. There was always the possibility with his dad’s addiction that he could go down that road..

Yeah, I mean, I think, you know, research would show that that's not an uncommon trajectory, is it for people, you know, offspring of alcoholics, you know, can kind of go one way or the other?
I read that you can up to four times more likely to become an alcoholic if one of your parent’s is so it is interesting that they are exploring alcohol becoming an issue for Simon. He is not there yet but he is heading down that path for sure unless he gets a grip of it now.

Do you think he's doing that classic thing of ‘I'm not like my dad, I just like a drink’.

I think in a way I think he does realise a little bit of what he is doing but he does say a few times ‘I’m not my dad’ but in a way he is becoming his dad and I think Leanne can see that and is worried he has pressed the self-destruct button.

Is this interesting for you to play? Coming from Peter's troubled background and everything that's happened to Simon, something was going to give at some point wasn't it?

Yes I am really enjoying exploring this side of Simon as he navigated growing up and how his past and his family’s past has shaped him. I am lucky to have had some great storylines with Simon, when we saw his anger and violence towards Leanne, getting mixed up with the drug gang and now this storyline, but it is believable that he would find himself in these situations when you look at his upbringing.

If his dad was there, he would be spotting what was going on, wouldn't he? 

I do think Peter would spot the signs and would be the person who could talk to Simon and help him. He had called him out on it a couple of times before he left so maybe had he stuck around Simon would have got his act together before it gets to someone getting hurt by Simon’s actions yet again.

Bobby says he is throwing a party and Simon suggests they invite Lauren, Is he interested in Lauren? I think at this point, there's always been that question of will they ever get him fixed up with a girl?

Yeah. He did kind of have a bit of a thing with Kelly, they had a connection. It's that same dynamic with Lauren, she is also that kid who's sort of been a bit abandoned by her family in one way or another, isn't she? It is interesting that he has gravitated again towards that kind of person. I think is a caring person at the end of the day and he just wants a connection with someone. 

What happens with the crash, why does he drive the car when he knows he is probably over the limit?

He has been at the party and has been drinking till the early hours and back at the flat nick asks him to take Sam to his chess competition. Simon is really worried about it and he tries to bat it away saying he is busy. But Nick pressures him by saying that he should do something for his family for once and stop being selfish. Toyah also tells him that he should start showing initiative and helping out. He begrudgingly agrees.  

Why doesn’t he tell them that he probably shouldn’t drive as he could be over the limit?

I think it is because he has let them down so much in the past that he doesn't want to own up to being drunk again so he thinks he will just drive and it will all be ok. There is also something about his relationship with ick, he has always wanted a father son relationship with Nick and it hasn’t really happened, and maybe now with his dad gone he is trying to get that.

But can you describe what happens in the crash and how it comes about?

So he agrees to take Sam and gets into the car. Sam is jabbering away about all sorts and then finds a good luck card in his bag from Roy, he starts waving it under Simon's face to show him because he is excited. Simon bats it away and it falls into the footwell. Simon feels bad then that he has been mean to Sam and tries to rush down to pick it up and before he realises what is happening he has crashed into a pole and over some bollards. It is the worst outcome for Simon and it jolts him back into reality. He knows he can’t be found driving the car so having checked Sam is ok he tells him they are going to have to leave the car and walk. 

But then he decides to confess to Leanne, what brings that about?

Well Sam kind of drops him in it with Leanne when they arrive at the chess tournament so he has no choice but to tell Leanne about the crash. He is happy for her to think it was a problem with the brakes but when Kevin says the brakes are fine and at that point he knows he has to come clean and tell the truth.

Then he finds out that Sam has collapsed and been taken to hospital? What's going through Simon's mind at that point?

He feels dreadful, Simon's already put this kid through so much. He has already been the catalyst for causing him to have so much heartbreak and struggle. He is the reason in a roundabout way that Sam lost his mum through Simon getting involved with Harvey’s gang
He's got a lot to answer for and now he's put him in hospital.

How would you describe Simon? 

He's a broken person. He's not outwardly a villain. He's not this type of person who's all confident, he might come across as confident but he's not. I think he's just a broken individual who really hasn't got anyone properly looking out for him and who has dealt with a lot from losing his mum at such a young age to now being left behind by his dad.

What do you think Simon wants out of life? What is he looking for?
He is looking for someone to take care of him. Someone who's his person that puts him first above everything else, he's never had any. I think he just wants someone to be there just for him to be his person. 

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