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Sunday 21 May 2017

Who's Your Favourite Coronation Street Writer?

This week on Coronation Street, Corrie writer Damon Alexis-Rochefort brought tears of joy to my eyes with his line from Mary to Tracy: "Are you all right? Is it your Moroccan kidney?"

Our blogger Emma wrote a sterling review of that night's episode which you can read here.

So is Damon your favourite Corrie writer? Or does your allegiance lie with another of the team?

If I had to choose, I'd say that I don't actually have a favourite any more. But I do have a top five!  And they are, in alphabetical order of first name:

Carmel Morgan - for gritty, dramatic, old-school Corrie writing
Damon Alexis-Rochefort - for the perfect lines for Mary and his light touch with of humour
Debbie Oates - for a deftness that undercuts with drama perfectly
Jonathan Harvey - for the naughty bits and the fun bits, especially on a Friday night Corrie
Simon Crowther - for straightforward, no-nonsense drama that Gets On With It

Of course, in any given week, that top 5 favourite list can change. I'm also a big fan of Ben Tagoe and Ella Greenhill.

We have a list of all of the Coronation Street writers on the team at the current time with a profile on each of them.  Read them all here.

Who are your favourite writers? And do you think that watching an episode without knowing who the writer is, you'd be able to pick out who wrote it?

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70sStreetFan said...

I agree that Damon,Carmel,Simon and Debbie are excellent. Chris Fewtrell is noteworthy for very truthful moments that you often don't get in modern day soap. And Jan McVerry also deserves a special mention.
If we're looking back to the past though it's hard to bear such talents as Leslie Duxbury,Harry Kershaw,Adele Rose,Julian Roach,John Stevenson,Jack Rosenthal and Tony Warren. And in more recent times Daran Little and Stephen Russell.
It has to be said that the one area where Corrie has always stood head and shoulders above its rivals s in the calibre of writers that it has and continues to employ. So many of the best screen writers have worked on the show. The likes of Sally Wainwright,Paul Abbott,Frank Cottrell Boyce,Jim Allen,Kay Mellor,John Finch,Jim Cartwright,Lucy Gannon to name a few. Long may this tradition continue.

Tvor said...

It's defeintely a toss up between Damon and Jonathan Harvey but there are so many very good writers.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Corrie has the best team of writers on TV but what I like about them is that they are powerfully absent. Like Puck, they weave their magic but they can't be seen. Occasionally, some dialogue will jar and it's because a writer has written in their own opinions. The viewer knows a character wouldn't talk like that and perhaps those are the writers who don't last.

Anonymous said...

Easier to pick a least favourite - Jonathan Harvey by a mile.

Emma Hynes said...

I love the variety and the fact that each has their own voice despite writing an established continuing drama. I'm going top 5 too. Chris Fewtrell, Damon Alexis-Rochefort, Jonathan Harvey, Ben Tagoe and Jan McVerry. But, if I found myself pinned to the ginnel wall at the back of the Rovers by Liz demanding answers, my number one is Chris Fewtrell. Seeing his name come up at the start of an episode always gives me a frisson of excitement, and lets me know I'm in for a treat. He has written most of my favourite episodes over the last few years, and more often than not I'll watch his twice. There's so much in them, and I see something new each time. They're a true pleasure.

Naysayer said...

What? Wait a minute! Aren't so many of the complaints about Corrie these days about the poor writing? I don't understand, how can you now be extolling their virtues?


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