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Tuesday 23 May 2017

Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street, May 29 - June 2

Without any piffle, here are the storylines for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Monday 29 May to Friday 2 June 2017

Change to schedule: Note that Coronation Street is on once each night next week

Nick sinks in quicksand, Ken's attacker confesses, Shona has a go at Nathan but gets beaten up, Cathy snogs Brian, the Platts rescue Bethany and it's Anna's 50th birthday party.

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Rebecca said...

Quicksand? Sounds more like a Scooby-Doo plot line!

Corriegated Cardboard said...

i hope bethany is safe for good this time. thank god we will soon know the identity of ken's attacker, at least then we won't have to endure adam marching about making accusations anymore.

Cobblestone said...

Examining the issue of Ken's attacker, I think I now know who it was, but I'm coming at it from the viewpoint of a storyliner, rather than real-world psychology, where you don't have to contrive things so that the culprit can stay in the show. Only one suspect is related to a piece of evidence that has never been brought to light or examined, yet we know it had an effect on the night in question. It has to be the key. And if it's the person I think it is, Ken's going to be so ashamed of himself, he might well drop the charges (or rather claim he remembers he just fell, since attempted murder is a criminal charge).

Where's Emily? said...

Cobblestone!!! You're leaving us hanging! C'mon tell us, you think it's Eccles too!

Maricha said...

Come on Cobblestone, tell us who you think it is.
I now think it will be Sinead but someone pointed out to me that she isn't a family member and the spoilers say that the attacker is one. I'm stumped.

Where's Emily said...'re right. A family member that we've forgotten is Simon. Where was Simon at the time, does anyone remember? He had some anger issues for awhile, could he be the culprit?

Cobblestone said...

Okay, I think it's Daniel. Just before rushing round to No1 on the night of the attack, he opened the package containing the book Ken gave him and had a dramatic reaction to something written in the dedication, having first tried frantically to reach Sinean by phone. None of that has been addressed or explained. Could it be that the dedication either (a) made him realise Ken's part in the abortion, or (b) having already learned of it (Beth?) and attacked Ken & left him for dead, then reads the dedication and realised Ken really loves him, so he rushed round to save him, but unexpectedly found Phelan already present.

As I said, from a storylining perspective, it's easier, if it is Daniel, to keep him in the show, because frankly all Ken's years of neglecting him, compounded with the discovery of Denise's abandonment, added to Ken's role in persuading a hormonally-imbalanced, vulnerable young woman to abort Daniel's baby, should give Ken pause to consider that maybe he was (without me for one moment justifying attacking pensioners!) asking for it. Of all the suspects, Daniel is the one Ken owes a second chance.

I could be wrong, of course. I'm a big fan of Daniel, so I hope I am wrong - I'd rather he didn't have that sanctimonious 'Yes, but he's practically a murderer' label tagged on him for the rest of his screen life. But we'll soon know the truth. It's certainly been a lot of fun speculating.

Cobblestone said...

Wasn't he at some party in Manchester?

Maricha said...

Your reasoning is sound:-) I also can't imagine Ken letting Daniel be jailed so that removes the possibility of losing a character.
I don't think viewers would judge Daniel harshly for losing it during an argument: Ken was never around to support him and now cared more about Oxford than anything Daniel said he wanted.
As long as it ends there it will be deemed an accident more than a crime.

Canuktuk said...

Death by quicksand, has this ever been done before in the history of soap? I hope the actor contributed this memorable story line.

Maricha said...

It has to be a first!

Corriegated Cardboard said...

Cobblestone, i have been suspecting daniel too! i was very intrigued by whatever it was daniel read in his book from ken, and why he then tried to ring sinead. the only thing which bugs me about that theory is that, after we see him try to get through to sinead, we see him on the street and she comes up to him and begs to speak to him but he brushes her off and is very curt with her. i would have to rewatch the episode as i'm not certain of that, but i did feel that this interaction didn't quite fit in with my theory that daniel found out about ken's pressure on sinead to have the abortion, because surely then he would have been kinder to her?.... all very puzzling!

Anonymous said...

Don't kill off Nick, just let him go off for a while and then come back with another head.


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