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Wednesday 24 July 2024

Sean Wilson returns to Corrie as Martin Platt for Gail's departure

Actor Sean Wilson is back on the cobbles as Martin Platt, six years after he last returned to Weatherfield.

Sean begins filming today (Weds July 24th) and will first appear on screen in October as part of Helen Worth’s exit storyline as Gail.

Martin’s son David is shocked to find his dad at the house and is immediately suspicious about his reason for coming back into their lives.

How will the rest of the family feel when Martin reveals why he has turned up out of the blue?

Sean picked up his first bumper pile of scripts as he prepares to start shooting, he said: “ It was great to be invited back to Coro St again, to contribute to Helen’s exit story. We’ll have a few months to catch up with Martin and Gail again, following the ebbs and flows of the unfolding storyline. 

“Playing Martin has been a joy since day one and in a way, I’ll be slipping back to where I left off, which no doubt will throw a spanner into the heart of the Platt family. It’s just like slipping on an old and comfortable jumper from the back of the wardrobe …I’m looking forward to reuniting with my TV family.”

Sean played Martin for 20 years from 1985 to 2005. Martin and his family emigrated to New Zealand in 2018 and he paid one final visit to Weatherfield before his departure to make his peace with David, who was upset that his dad was leaving the country.

What has brought Martin back to the UK and what part will he play in Gail’s departure from the street?

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Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Wednesday 24th July 2024

Wednesday 24th July 2024

    Toyah goes to another hospital appointment alone but is touched when she finds Nicky waiting for her. As they hug  Nick spots a man taking a photo. Convinced Rowan is behind the photo Nick is determined to sort him what. What will he do? 

    Gemma glumly reveals the landlord is sending someone to view No.5 later. On the street, Summer is stunned to see an estate agent ushering Kit inside No.5. A new occupational therapist calls on Paul at the flat and tells him the stairlift is now too dangerous and he can no longer leave the flat. Billy tells Paul they will leave the flat one last time tomorrow and can do whatever he fancies.

    Debbie comes to the rescue after she spots Jack being bullied about Abi’s video and explains that they are not really Abi. Jack makes Debbie promise not to tell Kevin and Abi that he knows. Meanwhile Debi is shocked when Stefan arrives at the hotel.

    ELSEWHERE In Joel’s flat, he promises to a bored Lauren she’ll be on her way to Ireland within a week. Lauren calls on Max, desperate for some normality. Dylan’s worst fears come true when he comes face to face with an angry Mason.

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Tuesday 23 July 2024

Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street - July 29 to August 2, 2024

Here are the major storylines for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Monday July 29 to Friday August 2, 2024

Stefan requests an end to the feud, Joel tells Dee-Dee to watch their wedding budget, Beth shoves an envelope full of cash at Craig, Lisa takes Kevin and Abi in for questioning, Debbie and Rita break the news to Fiz that the leader of a human trafficking group in Romania is going on trial and Alina could be called as a witness.

See the full week's preview with pictures at  

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Cait Fitton interview: Is Lauren still under Joel's spell?

Is Lauren still under Joel’s spell?

Yes very much so but I think with Lauren it’s always about stability and she’s never had that. She knows that coming back she’s going to have to build a lot of bridges with people but she wants that stability back that she’s never had before and that she felt on the street. Joel is manipulating her again and saying ‘If you keep quiet, I can help you.’ I think she grabs onto that, because who else has she got? And now it’s not just her she has to think about, she’s got a baby to think about and that comes first for Lauren. It’s sad but it happens, people who have been groomed and abused have kids with their abuser and they are manipulated again because that’s all they know and they are desperate - and that’s what Lauren is, she is desperate for love.

Has she not got the strength to speak up?

She wants a fresh start and to do that she needs money. She hasn’t got a job, she’s been god knows where over the past few months, hasn’t got anybody to support her, so when he promises financial stability, she has to take it. But I also think it’s a case of if she does say something, is she going to be believed? Joel has a high standing in the community, he knows how to work the law, manipulate the law, manipulate people, who are you going to believe? A young girl who has been on the wrong side of the tracks, had issues with the police, lied about a lot of things, got a dad in prison and a mum who doesn’t want to know, or are you going to believe someone who works for the law, someone win a position of authority and power? It’s a no brainer for Lauren, she feels like she’s never going to be believed so what’s the point. 

Does she want to run again?

She managed to get away from Joel once but she thinks what if she doesn’t manage that the second time? She thinks ‘If I go, will he follow me, but if I stay, will he harm me and my baby?’ What is the right thing to do? She can’t confide in anyone because she doesn’t trust anyone.

How does Lauren feel when she’s mugged, does it make her even more vulnerable?

The reason I love playing Lauren is because she is that feisty, hot-headed character who isn’t afraid of speaking her mind. But over the past couple of months many things have changed - if you asked me months back how Lauren would respond to being mugged I’d say she would completely kick off and fight back. There's probably an urge to still do that but Lauren as we see her at the moment is in fact vulnerable, with no support unit, and she is also pregnant. So now she is no longer in survival mode for her own safety but also her child's.

Joel is there 'supporting' her, is she grateful or does she hate having to rely on him?

Lauren is not grateful for Joel, he tried killing her. Lauren is in fact desperate. Her focus is on the baby. Lauren has played her trump card with Joel which is the baby, the only evidence that can be used to bring Joel down. However, Joel has blackmailed Lauren, reassuring her that if she stays quiet about what happened he will financially help and support her moving to Ireland to start a new life, just her and the baby. Lauren is stuck between a rock and a hard place - she hasn't got the financial stability to move to Ireland herself, so the only way she will get her wish is if she keeps herself quiet about what Joel did. 

How scared does Lauren feel when she’s hit with stomach pains and thinks she’s going into  early labour?

Lauren is terrified, she has no idea what's happening. She's never been through this before like any soon to be parent. It is terrifying for, especially because she's on her own when this happens and it’s so early. This is not the way it’s meant to be. 

Do you think Lauren will be a good parent?

On one hand if you don’t know love, how are you supposed to offer it? But I think for Lauren because she’s never had that unconditional love, having something that’s going to love her unconditionally despite her flaws and imperfections and mistakes, I think that gives her an inner power. To form a human, that takes a lot of strength. She will always make mistakes, everyone does, but I do want her to keep her feistiness. I want people to look at her and think ‘She’s been through all this trauma but she’s come out the other side.’ I’d love that moving forward, for people to go on that journey with her and see how low she was but see how much she has changed and adapted to motherhood. Trauma changes you, as does having a baby.

Tell us about the research you’ve done for this storyline

Talking to charities was a massive thing, when there’s a storyline addressing a really important topic, you feel like there’s a duty of care. We’d had a glimpse of what she had been through in her past - been brought up by older men, been abused by older men, sexually and physically, which is why her self worth was so low. So when I found out she was going to be targeted, I wanted to dive into what grooming was. I thought I knew what it was but it’s not just one thing, it’s so many different things in one. Speaking to the Maggie Oliver Foundation opened my eyes to what grooming is, and it’s such a relevant issue that is happening today. The justice system is failing certain young vulnerable girls because of where they have come from - Lauren has had a bad experience with men, she’s got a bad relationship with her mum, her dad is in prison. If you’ve never felt love, how do you know anything different? That’s what these girls who I’ve been lucky to talk to, survivors, have told us. I’ve heard their stories and hearing what they’ve been through has been so inspiring.

Do you enjoy playing Lauren?

If you looked at Lauren, from the outside perspective, you’d think she’s been in trouble with the police, she’s known as a madam, she’s got attitude, she’s feisty, but if you look below the surface, there’s so much more than that and that’s why I love playing her. There’s so many layers to the character. I feel really protective of her, I’ve done so much research and I really care for her. I hope that translates on screen.

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