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Monday 15 April 2024

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Monday 15 April 2024

Monday 15th April 2024

DEE-DEE CAN’T SAVE ROY FROM PRISON As they take their seats in the police interview room, Roy asks Dee-Dee for a piece of paper and an envelope and begins to write. In the court, the CPS barrister paints Roy as a murderer with a violent past and lists his crimes including the assault on Gary and the abduction of Wayne. As Nina, Evelyn and Carla await Roy’s bail hearing, Dee-Dee hurries over and hands Nina a letter from Roy. Fighting back tears, they realise that Roy’s convinced he’s going to prison. Unable to face the hearing, Evelyn heads back to the cafe to check on Freddie. Dee-Dee puts forward her case and urges the Judge to grant Roy bail, but the judge refuses the application and orders that he be held in custody until his trial. In the cafe, Bobby is given food for thought whilst mulling over Roy’s predicament with Bernie. What is Bobby planning? 

ADAM EMPLOYS AN UNUSUAL DEAL-MAKING TECHNIQUE Adam meets up with Rebecca, a new client, at the Chariot Square Hotel. Having ordered a bottle of wine, Adam flirts with Rebecca and the chemistry between them is evident.  When Alya calls to tell him that he’s needed in the office for a meeting, Adam kills the call leaving her frustrated. Alya takes the meeting with Rich from Fabian’s in place of Adam and Rich is impressed with her knowledge, suggesting she’s future partner material. Adam returns to the street with Rebecca and as they kiss, Adam invites her up to the office. As Alya winds up the meeting with Rich, suddenly the door bursts open and Adam and Rebecca stumble in, mid-snog.

STU PUTS ELIZA FIRST AND BREAKS HIS HEART Stu shows Eliza his newly tattooed arm with her name on it but when Eliza points out that the ‘z’ is the wrong way round, Hope and Yasmeen are amused. 

SARAH FINDS OUT ABOUT MARIA'S HIDDEN CAMERA Gary eyes Maria’s phone, wishing he could delete the camera footage. On the street, Sarah apologises to Gary for making a drunken pass at him and is horrified when Gary reveals that Maria has a hidden camera. As Gary shows a valuer around the factory, Sarah approaches, worried about the camera footage but Gary assures her he’ll delete it. Will Gary delete the footage in time? 

ELSEWHERE Simon worries that Leanne is backing out as she tells him that he needs to do some more research into his business before she’s prepared to invest any money. 

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Saturday 13 April 2024

Conversation Street Podcast Episode #623

On our latest podcast, we chat about the episodes of Corrie shown in the UK between the 8th and the 12th April (Episodes #11,234 - 11,239).

All in all, a pretty decent week for Corrie this week, we thought, thanks to Roy Cropper being front and centre once again. Yes, we've all seen characters being wrongly imprisoned before, and yes, we know that he's not going to be spending his final days in a prison cell and that something's going to come along eventually to exonerate him, but we're still very much enjoying the journey, as unwise and naive as some of Roy's decisions may have been of late! Same with the Institute story too - all this talk of reality coding is utterly bonkers, but we're so intrigued as to where it's leading for Leanne, Nick and Toyah (just please no secret affair for the latter two, Corrie!). The bits with Liam and Dylan didn't necessarily spark that much excitement, and the less said about the lack of stability behind the scenes at the Rovers the better, but on the whole, this week's given us a lot to chat about!

After the Street Talk segment, we're off to The Kabin, where there's yet another rumour fuelled article about the so-called crisis at Corrie to contend with, plus, for a bit of lighter news, we check out where Corrie related folks have ended up in the Radio Times' list of Top 100 most influential people in TV. We finish off the show with more of your feedback.

Street Talk - 00:18:29
The Kabin - 02:24:02
Street Talk - 02:47:53

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Friday 12 April 2024

Roy Cropper is innocent! Carla video and new t-shirt

Roy Cropper is innocent - it says so on this fab t-shirt sent to me from ITV.   

But don't just take my word for it, hear what Carla has to say in the video below:

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Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Friday 12th April 2024

Friday 12th April 2024

ROY’S PUSHED TO BREAKING POINT During the night, Kerry secretly films Roy’s living room and records a commentary making him out to be a murderer. Kelly leaps back onto the sofa and pretends to be asleep when Roy sleep walks into the room. After reading the horrible online comments Christian wrote about Roy, Nick and Sam call at the cafe flat where Nick apologises to Roy and assures him that when things are back to normal, he’d be happy for Sam to spend time with him. When Sam tells Roy that he’s his BFF, best friend forever, Kerry secretly takes note. A shaken Roy heads down to the cafe and explains to Shona and Nina that he’s just had a call from Lauren’s mum asking him not to contact her again. With all eyes on Alice, she admits she isn’t Kerry. As Roy and Evelyn head out with Freddie, they come face to face with Alice who starts filming them and as Roy tries to stop her, she stumbles and bangs her head. Accusing him of assault, Alice hurries away. Has Roy got himself into more trouble? Dee-Dee returns to the caf√© and breaks the news to Carla, Nina, Shona and Evelyn that Roy has been charged with the murder of Lauren Bolton. Roy sits alone in his police cell, his mind completely numb with fear.

GARY’S CONFESSION IS CAUGHT ON CAMERA Liam announces that he feels ready to return to school but Maria refuses to discuss it. Gary's hurt as Maria implies that he isn't Liam's real dad as she tells him it's different for her. On the street, Sarah confides in Gary that it’s Damon’s sentencing today and in turn, Gary tells her about Liam’s suicidal thoughts. Having invited her back to the flat, Gary tells Sarah about Maria’s overprotective behaviour and how it’s ruining their relationship as Maria checks her camera app and is intrigued to see Sarah and Gary in the flat. As Maria turns up the volume and hears their conversation, she's hurt. Sarah takes a call from Dee-Dee telling her that Damon got six years and as she starts to cry, Gary takes her in his arms. 

SIMON HAS A PROPOSITION FOR LEANNE Simon tells Leanne and Carla about his idea for a new food delivery app. Carla’s sceptical but Leanne’s enthusiastic and advises him to come up with a business plan. Simon presents an impressed Leanne with his business plan and Leanne confirms she would like to be his first investor. 

ELSEWHERE Yasmeen’s delighted as Eliza arrives from Germany but Stu’s downcast as he reveals that Eliza’s told him that she’s decided to make Germany her new home. 

Glenda Young
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