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Five Things We Learned In Corrie This Week

Sometimes you have to abandon your dreams.  Cathy and Brian had their hopes of opening a hardware shop dashed as Daniel and Sinead unfairly paid the asking price for the shop.  Isn't it annoying when the Council gets the best value for money for its ratepayers rather than handing out backhanders?  Cathy and Brian were forced to concede defeat and abandon the dream they'd had for about, ooh, fourteen minutes.  All the greatest businesses have been founded by passionate entrepreneurs saying "I fancy working in a shop - what shall I sell?"  Still it does mean that Sinead can now achieve her ambition of running a vintage clothes shop, an ambition she has had for less than three weeks, ever since Flora came up with the idea, lectured her on how she should do it, and then gave her £13,000 seed money.  How could Cathy compete with such passion?

Roy doesn't own a mobile phone.  Much as it pains me to criticise the sainted Cropper, not possessing a mobile in 2018 is just plain rude.  Mobiles are not tools of the devil; they're extremely convenient devices that are invaluable for emergencies.  Delayed meeting friends?  Fall and hurt yourself?  Lost and need to find your way?  These are all perfectly commonplace circumstances that can be made less painful through use of a mobile telephone.  You don't have to immediately download Tinder and start posting shirtless selfies on Instagram ("just making Sophie Webster a bacon barm #amworking #blessed").  Smugly pointing at the "zombies" in the cafe staring at their phones is judgmental and a little bit ignorant, Roy, and I expected better of you.  They could be reading the newspaper online, WhatsApping friends, watching a well-known soap opera on the ITV Hub app; it doesn't make them bad people.  I hope Carla buys him an iPhone for Christmas, and he ends up hooked on Candy Crush by Whitsun.

It's good to see a variation on a theme.  "Bereaved parent goes crazy with grief and steals a baby" is a storyline Corrie has done many, many, many times before; in fact, I wrote a blog about it the last time it happened.  In a bid to be a little more original, this time it's a man going nuts and stealing a baby, which is a welcome blow for equality.  Though I think I speak for everyone watching when I say that the whole incident would've been a thousand times more entertaining if Johnny had worn Jenny Bradley's wig throughout.

Gemma could be the next Bet Lynch.  I mean, she won't be, because Henry visibly flinches every time she says something common (which is a lot), but it's nice to see her happy and with a bit of hope.  I'd much rather she had a week of dreamy fun with a rich handsome man than fall for Chesney, who hasn't been interesting since Schmeichel went to the big kennel in the sky.  Does he even fancy Gemma, or is he just being forced into a relationship by Cathy?  He's moping around doing puppy dog eyes while she guzzles chips, but it doesn't seem to be based on anything other than she's the nearest woman to hand.  I feel like he could have been on a particularly long evening shift and ended up madly in love with the kebab meat on the rotating stick just because it was warm and fleshy. 

You can't leave the show for five minutes.  Six episodes a week means Corrie gets through a LOT of storylines these days, as Eileen found out when she returned from her sojourn in Bristol.  She was quickly informed that Jack had lost a foot to sepsis, Sally had resigned as mayor due to financial shenanigans, and Steve was engaged to Tracy Barlow.  And she hasn't even heard about Liz and the baby thief or Sean sleeping rough yet.  No wonder she looked blindsided.  It was the Barlow/McDonald nuptials that were particularly grievous to her, and she tried to stage an intervention to stop Steve from following in her footsteps and marrying a murderer.  He rightly took the opportunity to scoff chipolatas and mini pies she'd paid for and ignore any kind of love life advice from a woman whose most wholesome relationship was with a racist fireman whose wife electrocuted herself.  That's the trouble with living on this Street; it's very hard to throw stones without realising you're stood inside a glasshouse.

Like Ryan, the author is a much in-demand international DJ who gets flown out to Ibiza at a moment's notice for an all-expenses paid gig.  Also like Ryan, he's currently sleeping on his mum's sofa and working in a minimum wage job.  These facts are in no way contradictory.  Book me via Twitter @merseytart.

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Pat Phelan rises from the dead to support Blazing Saddles

Connor McIntyre, who played the wonderful Pat Phelan in Coronation Street, is supporting Blazing Saddles 4, a group of Oldham Firefighters who are on their biggest cycle challenge yet - from Gibraltar Street to Gibraltar!

Here's Connor's motivational video for the cyclists, he's standing outside the Glasgow School of Art which was tragically destroyed in a fire.

You can follow the cyclists at and they are on twitter at and you can sponsor them here.

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Corrie weekly update: Don’t spit in the hotpot

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The Connors go to war over baby Susie after mediation (or meditation as the continuity announcer had it) failed. Maybe meditation was the way to go, who knows? Anyway, Johnny does a runner with the baby, leaving Eva in a right state and making a tearful plea on national telly to get her baby back. Johnny hides in a hotel room with his granddaughter, he’s in a bad way as he’s not taking his MS medication. He calls Liz and she goes to him, he tells her he loves her and they share a kiss on the bed. But then Liz calls the police, unbeknown to Johnny, who’s busy declaring undying love for Mrs Mc and planning their getaway on the run. When the police arrive, Johnny scarpers, leaving Liz with the baby. He’s later found by the canal, unconscious and is rushed to hospital. When he wakes, it’s not Liz he declares his love to, it’s Jenny - and he gives Liz the cold shoulder for turning him into the cops.

Gemma’s upset this week when she reads in the Weatherfield Gazette that Henry Newton has got engaged. But when he turns up on the Street confessing undying love for Gemma, he tells her that the engagement is something his parents wanted, not him. He says he wants Gemma and no one else and even offers to buy the Rovers Return for her. So serious is he that he puts in an offer on the pub. Rita tells Gemma she’ll have to go on a food hygiene course. “Food hygiene? Don’t spit in the hotpot!” Gemma replies.

Eileen returns this week to find Abi living in her house but she’s less livid about that than she is about finding out Steve’s engaged to Tracy. She and Dev try to stage an intervention with Steve to stop him from marrying Tracy, but he’s too far gone, he tells them, and he can’t disappoint Amy, after all. But is it really Amy that he’s getting married for or does he really love Tracy after all?

Daniel and Sinead go after an unused building on Victoria Street so that Sinead can set up her vintage clothes shop. Brian and Cathy are after the same building to set up a hardware store, but it’s the younger couple who get the building after Cathy tells them they can have it. Too late though, for Brian has already handed in his notice at work!

At the hair salon, Audrey touts for business to get back at Maria. She delivers leaflets around the street offering half price haircuts for anyone who wants one.

And that’s just about that for this week. 

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This week’s writers were Simon Crowther and Cameron McAllister (Monday); Debbie Oates (Wednesday); Chris Fewtrell and Julie Jones (Friday). Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at Coronation Street Blog: Exclusive: All Current Corrie writers online

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Glenda Young
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Friday, 20 July 2018

Corrie Comicals week ending 20 July 2018

This week hinted that the comedic coupling of Tim and Sally might be back.  She may have been forced to resign as mayor following the deceitful Duncan's dodgy dealings but she is hopeful that the Gazette will use that nice picture of her in a green dress and knee-high boots - which gave Tim cause to check out her legs!  Sally also provided Alya with some useful insider business knowledge to help keep her afloat.

This is not so funny.  When Corrie moved sets a lot of fuss was made about how good the new one was to match the previous one.  A notable feature of the previous set were two rails encased in the cobbles outside Websters.  I have been waiting for a suitable shot to see if they had been carried over or not.  As we can see - NOT.  I shall check further when I visit the new set at the end of September.

Steve and Tracy have just witnessed Abi being ushered into a police car (she needs to give a witness statement about the drug dealer arrested moments before).  Tracy is suggesting that Abi has been arrested for being in possession of a gob.  To which I will simply observe that it takes one to know one!

The amusement continues chez Eileen (due back any second) as the parental influence {Seb} is trying to explain to his teenage mother {Abi} on the need to separate and recycle rubbish.  I wonder where they would put four bins (our local arrangement for rubbish) in the back yards.  The need for numerous bins and managing them also came up in "The Affair" this week, so it is obviously a worldwide problem!

Gemma has told Henry to get lost and shut up but in the other order.  She is now telling Rita that Henry has bought her the Rovers where she will be landlady, that he has left his posh bird (Cress and eggs), abandoned his family and that he loves Gemma.  Then within seconds realisation strikes as to what she is saying and she is on the phone summoning Henry back to her side!

Mainly because we are glad she is back this line from Eileen scores as on the other side of the cab office Tracy tells Steve she has found the perfect place for their wedding and Eileen simply observes "Billy Smart's Circus" as she is implacably opposed to the union (or in fact reunion).

Dev is talking to Steve in the Rovers assuring him that he and Tracy will be as happy as anyone else which gave rise to Steve's face twisting as we see.  Steve however has been pondering some earlier words from Liz "If you marry the wrong person it's cursed from day one."  So Steve says he is marrying Tracy to ensure Amy remains happy.

Instead of "Extras at Work" this week a little question for the powers that be:

This screenshot comes from the front door of Prima Doner looking along Rosamund Street and we see the closed shop of "Eccleston & Sons" under the viaduct which runs at the back of the Rovers.  This is a closed ironmongers shop (and is not where Sally had her hardware shop a few years ago).  Can someone please explain why in theory Brian and Cathy could not be re-opening this shop?

Writers: Simon Crowther & Cameron McAllister (Monday) Debbie Oates (Wednesday) Chris Fewtrell & Julie Jones (Friday)
Directors: Sasha Ransome (Monday & Wednesday) Tim Royle (Friday)


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Coronation Street cast Tyler's mum

Northern Irish actress Kerri Quinn has been cast in the role of Tyler's mum Vicky Jeffries.

Tyler, you'll recall, is the rather nasty piece of work that is trying to lead young Simon Barlow astray.

In an interview with the Belfast Telegraph, Kerri reveals that she'll be in the show for ten episodes. She also reveals that her character will be interacting with Peter Barlow when a problem arises. I guess this can only mean the problem will be between Simon and Tyler.

Find out who else is joining the show, leaving it, having a break or returning.

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Tracy Brabin returns to Coronation Street

Photo from Twitter: @TracyBrabin
Tracy Brabin is the actress who played Tricia Armstrong in Coronation Street in the late 90s.  Tricia was mum to Jamie Armstrong, played by one of my favourite actors Jo Gilgun. Jo went on to star as Woody in This is England.

Anyway, Tracy Brabin is now a Labour MP and yesterday she visited the Coronation Street set.

Tracy posted the photo at the top of this blog post to her Twitter feed today saying: Back at my old home on the cobbles, canvassing at No. 9 at Coronation Street. Let’s hope Fiz is voting Labour! #labourdoorstep – at Coronation Street Studios

There's a fantastic interview with Tracy in which she talks all things acting and being an MP. It's at The Stage website.

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