Friday, 19 October 2018

'It's like The Wire round here.' Gail is right!

There is so much horror and misery on the cobbles currently that it’s very difficult to pick your way through it all.

One of the most upsetting and heart-breaking storylines of late, has been the Jim, Liz and Hannah deception. How many hospital mix-ups can one street endure? Of course, Liz, desperate to believe and mend the heartache that she has suffered since the death of Katie, would be only too willing to believe that somehow, miraculously, Katie/Hannah had been in contact with Jim and here she was! So much time to make up, so many lost years - but now, Liz and Hannah/Katie can catch up on lost time.  When you want something to be true, it’s not too difficult to believe it is so, especially when a girl of Katie’s age turns up with ‘her father’ – great joy all round.

It made for troubling watching. To know that the ecstatic Liz would at some point discover the terrible truth was hard to watch. That Jim and Hannah would cook this up was spine-chillingly shocking. Liz ended up financially crippled, with her heart smashed to pieces and I’m sure that her faith in human nature would have taken a massive dive.

There was no joy for Liz either in her son Steve’s wedding. Steve was marrying Tracy; a woman Liz has despised for many years. Had there been possibly a little solace possible from this, that was ripped away because Leanne and Steve had recently slept together, and Tracy had found out, so after hitting him so hard that she drew blood, the wedding descended into chaos.

This year we have also dealt with the rape of David by Josh and its traumatic aftermath. Not only that, but also Aidan’s suicide. It is undoubtedly progressive and right that we should, as viewers, be challenged, and male issues be brought to the public’s attention through the medium of soap.

My problem though is the sheer number of challenges. Challenges of such a serious nature that are spread before us is too much, just too much.

And there’s more. Jack, Kevin’s son, contracted sepsis and instead of him recovering and there being relief all round, the writers’ decision was to allow Jack to have his foot amputated. Yes, we all know such tragedies happen, but it just feels like one more storyline has been designed to spread misery. At least, the storyliners could have given Jack an easy return to school. But no, we are denied even that.

Not such a terrible thing perhaps, but sad on a very personal level is the return of Lewis, and the fact that we now have a schism between mother and daughter, the inimitable Audrey and Gail. Audrey has chosen Lewis above her family, well, above Gail anyway.

Daniel and Sinead are now married, and Sinead is pregnant. But no, they can’t be left alone to enjoy their lives together, a cancer story must be introduced; one of such a devastating nature that it seems likely that Sinead will have to lose her baby as she undergoes treatment.  Sad too for Daniel as he tries to find stability in a happy, loving family life, something he lacked growing up. I’m quietly hoping that this story will end with joy, but, well…

The drug story involving Ryan, Ronan, Ali and Michelle is seriously sinister. As if the story of the death of Ronan’s son and his seeking revenge is not enough, there has to be a bent prison warder too, working on the inside and taking orders from Ronan on the outside and not averse to following through.

And there’s more. Leanne is knocked over and is in hospital. Jenny discovers Johnny’s affair and is heartbroken. Nevertheless, she is a forgiving soul but doesn’t let Johnny off completely as she observes cynically the breakfast he has set out for her and the flowers he bought from Tracy’s not Dev’s – hence they cost a bit.

My point is that there is very little joy, very little levity. Any hint of something positive, is so fleeting that it is immediately drowned out by horror.

We mustn’t forget that Sally is in prison on some spurious charge (Free the Weatherfield One, again) and that we will be subjected to more hospital scenes than you can shake a stick at. 

But Gail is right. ‘ Drug dealers, car chases, people in comas.  It’s like The Wire round here.’

By Ruth Owen, twitter: @Ruth1722

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Spot the Corrie prop - October 19th 2018

Congratulations this week go to Helen who was the only person to spot that last week's storage boxes can be found in Sally and Tim's house. Well done.

For this week's prop puzzle all you have to do is tell us whereabouts on the Coronation Street set you would find these storage jars.

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Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Fri 19 Oct

KEN DISCOVERS SINEAD’S SECRET HEARTACHE An upbeat Daniel tells Ken he is enrolling on his Masters course with Sinead’s blessing. Meanwhile Sinead attends her hospital appointment to be told she has cervical cancer and should consider a termination. Ken finds her at the flat in tears and she tells him about her diagnosis.
ANGIE SWIPES LEFT ON HER DATE. Angie lies to Jude and says she has a business meeting when in fact she is going for a date with a guy she met online.
MICHELLE VOWS TO TAKE ALI’S SECRET TO THE GRAVE Michelle confides in Robert about Ali’s worries over Ronan.
ELSEWHERE Brian’s plans to take Cathy on holiday are thwarted when he is asked to run the school holiday club. Peter gets Vicky a job at a rival company. Kevin and Jack go for a meeting with the prosthetics expert. The police call at the garage.

KEN HAS A TERRIBLE DILEMMA Ken is horrified when Sinead reveals she doesn’t want to tell Daniel about the cancer as she doesn’t want him put in a position where he has to choose between her and the baby. Will Ken agree?
ANGIE FINDS ROMANCE AFTER ALL Roy tells Jude he has been shortlisted for a Good Samaritan award. Angie suggests they celebrate over dinner at the Bistro where she apologises for going on the date behind his back. Jude is pleased that they seem to still have a spark.
IS ABI IN TROUBLE? The police question Kevin about Michelle’s car, explaining that it was involved in a fatal crash. Kevin confirms that Abi serviced the car and she’s a trusted mechanic.
ELSEWHERE Gary tells Kevin that he has an old army mate who’s an amputee and trains with the Paralympians. He suggests it might be good for Jack to meet him and Kevin agrees. When Cathy excitedly shows Brian some holiday brochures, he breaks the news that Phil, the Deputy Head, has tasked him with running the holiday club and it’s an honour he can’t refuse. Masking her disappointment, Cathy assures him he has her full support.

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Thursday, 18 October 2018

ITV wins Hilda Ogden Bee for Coronation Street

Remember the Hilda Ogden bee we blogged about some time ago? No? Well, it's all here.

Anyway, last night the bees were auctioned off in Manchester. And ITV won the auction for the Hilda Ogden bee!

Here are some of the Coronation Street cast and crew at the auction.  There's Charlie de Melo (Imran Nazir), Melanie Hill (Cathy) and Dolly-Rose Campbell (Gemma Winter).  The lady with the red hair with the No. 141 auction paddle in her hand is the lovely Amanda Read who works at ITV.

Amanda Read on twitter
ITV have confirmed that the bee will take its rightful place in the home of Coronation Street and to be sure of a 'bee-t and greet' make sure you check out the newly released Corrie Tour dates for 2019.

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Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 17th of Oct 8.30pm

As promised, here is my second episode review of this Wednesday's Coronation Street.

You could argue that confessions have been slightly superfluous on the street, over this past week. As the latest secret surfaces, will Ali stick around now the truth is out?.

Leanne and Nick's newest reconciliation is just as traumatic. Thrown out of the hospital by Leanne, Nick heads over to see David. Seeking more information from his absence, is Nicks return going to cause more confessions?. 

Simon learns about Sinead's suspension at the factory (including Tyler's Mum), the same time as Daniel, and both are equally perturbed.

Peters position at the factory remains as ever, on wobbly foundations.

At the Rovers, Rita requests a 'packet of common sense' alongside her double G&T, upon seeing Johnny and Liz happily behind the bar.

Is Jenny REALLY that forgiving, or she is playing the long game?. Also at the overs, Daniel tells Sinead his university news.

Rescuing Ali from running away, Michelle and her son head back to the flat. With his Mum keeping the truth from the police, can Ali contain his guilt?.

A comforting hug seems to secure this reconciliation. However, out on the street, Carla spies Nick.
I can't see that past pairing wanting to reconcile, at all!

In other news- Simon confides in Nick, and Ryan wakes from his coma.

Anyway, that's me for another week.  I hope you've enjoyed my mid-week paean to the drama of Coronation Street.

I'm @rybazoxo  - your self-styled 'Cobbles Connoisseur'.

Join me next time, for more Wednesday Weatherfield Wisdom!.


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