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Friday 30 June 2023

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Friday 30 June 2023

Friday 30th June 2023

EVELYN HAS A FAMILY REUNION Evelyn receives a call from the hospital, but chooses to ignore it. After much soul searching Evelyn calls at the hospital only to discover Cassie has discharged herself. Evelyn returns home to be met by Tyrone who reveals that someone called Cath has come to see her. Evelyn enters the living room and is horrified to see Cassie grinning at her from the sofa. When Tyrone enquires how they know each other, Evelyn’s thrown into panic.

ELAINE GETS A SURPRISE OF HER OWN When Stephen reveals that it’s Canada Day, Elaine forms an idea. Determined to win Owen round, Stephen invites him for lunch. In the flat, Owen levels with Stephen and admits that he doesn’t trust him and suspects he’s using Seagull Ltd to siphon money from Underworld and wants Jenny for himself. As Stephen tries to argue, the door opens and Elaine, Audrey, Sarah and Michael burst in waving flags and wishing him a happy Canada Day. Stephen paints on a smile, but he’s taken aback to clock Elaine scowling at him. 

BILLY WANTS PAUL TO TAKE THE PLUNGE Billy suggests to Paul that he could baptise him, but Paul refuses, adamant it’s not for him. Dee-Dee talks to Paul about her religion, about how it’s brought her comfort, will he reconsider? 

ELSEWHERE Max tells Spider that the CPS want him to make a statement for Griff’s trial. Spider encourages him to do the right thing. With Shona at his side, Max meets with the CPS lawyer and confirms he’s willing to make a statement about how Griff groomed and manipulated him. 

Adam finds Sarah and Michael celebrating in the Rovers. When Sarah enthuses about Owen and his passion for Nippersnapper, Adam takes the hump and leaves. 

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Wednesday 28 June 2023

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Wednesday 28 June 2023

Wednesday 28th June 2023

EVELYN HAS A BLAST FROM THE PAST As Evelyn grumbles to Tyrone about Roy spending time with Yasmeen, Cassie watches unbeknown to them. Following Tyrone’s advice, Evelyn steals herself and invites Yasmeen and Roy to join her later at the bistro. As Evelyn heads home, she spots Cassie across the street but chooses to ignore her. On her way to the bistro, she receives a call which stops her in her tracks. As Roy and Yasmeen wait for Evelyn, she hurries into A&E reception and explains that her daughter, Cassandra Plummer has been admitted as an emergency. 

MAX LENDS LAUREN AN EAR Max is shocked when Lauren approaches, revealing that she fell out with her Mum, wants nothing more to do with her Dad or his right wing mates, and spent last night kipping in the bus station. Feeling sorry for her, Max takes her to the café. SARAH AND ADAM’S RELATIONSHIP IS PUT TO THE TEST Sarah attends the DNA appointment and does her best to remain positive. Will Adam be by her side? 

ELSEWHERE As Elaine practises her Tai-Chi exercises, Stephen snaps at her and heads off for work leaving Elaine worried about his low mood. Michael reckons his bad mood is down to the fact he’s missing Canada. Meanwhile Jenny offers to put in a good word for him with Owen, Stephen’s grateful. Bernie and Gemma tell Paul and Billy about their idea for a chilli eating competition to raise funds for Paul’s equipment. Meanwhile as Paul discusses religion and sexuality with Billy.

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Tuesday 27 June 2023

Coronation Street Epsiode Review Monday 26th June


Adam has got dressed in his suit and his shoes, and greased back his hair just to make breakfast? Maybe Sam Robertson has it written into his contract that he doesn't have to do any dressing gown shots or scenes where he's ironing a shirt in his boxers. He thinks he has won the Battle of the Brylcreem with Damon, but unfortunately Mr Hay has left a leaving gift in Sarah's tummy, to no-one's surprise since contraception is a vague concept on t'Street. Sarah is not sure who the baby-daddy is; she wants it to be Adam's so much that she says she will have an abortion if a DNA test shows it to be Damon's. In amongst all the talk about DNA and termination, dos Sarah actually want a baby? She didn't last month. To her credit though, she did tell Adam straight away rather than stringing it out for several episodes in which he finds the pregnancy test in the bin or (yuk) down the side of the sofa. I can't see Harry taking this very well given his meltdown about Sarah being a loy-ah.


Talking of 'fessing up, Gav has been let out of pokey (sic). I think he means chokey - but anyway, yay! Let's hope he now becomes a proper character now and doesn't chain anyone to a radiator a la Graeme Proctor. Max confesses that he's been seeing Gav's girlfriend, Bec, although Bec turns out to be Sabrina, Gav's sister (!). I can see where the confusion lay since sis looks nowt like bro. Max may be an ex-racist now, but isn't it a little bit racist to assume that Gav's girlfriend would be black? Also, I think the story would have been better if Max had fallen for an Asian girl, otherwise it just seems that all non-white people are being lumped together. Racist people are quite capable of being racist against one community and not another. And didn't Gav have any pictures of Bec? Do Gen Z not have physical photos even if their phones have been taken away? Anyway, Bec Sabrina and Max are back together and all seems right in teenage world - except for the return of Weatherfield's Eva Braun, Lauren.

evelyn plummer, roy cropper, coronation street

Someone not fessing up is Dame Maureen Lipman who won't tell Roy she wuvs him and that she's jealous of Yasmeen. TBH, Yas 'n' Roy would make a much better couple than Yas and boring Stu and I can't see Roy putting up with Evelyn for more than a couple of hours. She is outside getting soaked in the rain walking Freddie whilst Roy and Yas discuss Communism in the dry. I'm pretty sure Evelyn fancied Roy when she was first introduced, but the storyliner seemed to have parked the idea, but it's back on, baby! Oh and Evelyn says Yasmeen doesn't like dogs because she is "a catty person". I think Charlotte Brontë might take issue with that, Ev.


Bernie has left crystals behind the cheese in the florist flat's fridge in order to heal Paul. I suppose it's at least harmless, unlike buying dodgy snake oil "medication" off of the internet. Paul says he doesn't want to go to somewhere like Vegas, he just wants to do normal things. I hear you, Paul. One of the normal things is darts and Gemma persuades everyone to play with their other hand to give Paul a chance.

Oh and Jenny is going wine-tasting with Owen, which seems like a buswoman's holiday to me. 

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Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street - July 3 to 7 2023

Here are the major storylines for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Monday 3 July to Friday 7 July 2023

Gemma falls asleep on the job, Paul makes a terrible mistake and confesses the truth to Billy, Stephen gets help from his ex and starts the seed of depression with Elaine, Ryan starts work at the Bistro, Adam struggles to trust Sarah. 
See the full week's preview with pictures at 

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Peter Ash interview: Paul gets mugged and ends up in a stranger's bed


Gemma and co. set up a charity chilli eating competition at the Bistro to raise funds for Paul – how does he feel at the event?

Paul finds the whole thing really awkward. He doesn't like feeling pitied or being the centre of attention at something like this. He does understand that everyone's doing it because they want to help and they love him, but he doesn't feel right about it. And as nice as it is to see everyone there helping him out, it does remind of what he's been dealt, and the fact that he might not be there that much longer.

 Afterwards, Billy and Bernie clash over their beliefs and Paul reacts badly – why is that?

Billy has suggested a baptism, but Paul’s not feeling that at all. Then there's Bernie's side, with her spiritual healing that she likes to go on about. He's got the pair of them clashing over their beliefs and it all gets a bit much. He feels they are both trying to force their own belief onto him, and Paul doesn't want any of it. There’s a bit of a heated argument where he snaps and tells them just leave him alone, he can do without this. He then heads off and goes AWOL for the night.

 Tell us about Zac who Paul meets at the hotel bar?

Zac is an old flame of Paul's from a while back. This lad doesn't know anything about the current things going on with Paul. There's a big part of Paul that just one wants a normal night, where the conversation isn't always about the MND and the fact that he's dying and people are treading on eggshells. So, he ends up reconnecting with this lad and he starts to actually enjoy himself because his mind is not on his  illness. He feels this is what it used to be like with nobody being awkward around him.

 But things aren’t so carefree the next morning…

Paul wakes up in a hotel room, really rough as he was drinking so much, and it's that moment of 'Oh no, what have I done?'. Then he realises that the charity cash that he was carrying is gone – he's been mugged off by Zac. It makes him feel a million times worse – this is the £800 that his family and everyone who loves him has grafted to raise. He’s full of self-hatred and guilt.
Does he confess what happened when he gets home?

He just doesn't want to deal with it. He lies and says that he slept on a mate's sofa as he had too much to drink – I mean, that bit is true, at least!  But he can barely look Billy in the eye, and Bernie picks up on that. Paul just doesn't want to think about it, but at some point, he's going to have to because they're going to find out that the money's gone!

Why does he eventually tell Billy?

He just realises how much he's messed up after everything that Billy's done for him and is doing for him. He comes clean and he basically says, ‘I messed up and I don't know why you're with me as I don't deserve you’.

 Could this be the end of Billy and Paul?

It’s definitely a big moment. He puts it on the line knowing that Billy could very rightly just walk out the door after that. There are certain lines that can’t be crossed, and this could be one of them. It's a horrible situation.

How was the chilli eating competition to film?

Those scenes where there are a lot of us together are always great. We had a great laugh filming that day. Obviously, Paul's been in a completely different headspace recently and isn’t really getting involved in things, so when we’re filming, I have to keep a straight face and pretend I'm not really enjoying it – when actually I'm loving it!

This has been a challenging story – can you switch off from it?

I'm quite good at kind of shrugging it off when I get home. If not, I have to think, 'I'm just acting it, there are people living with it and what they go through is just on a completely other level.’ So, as hard as it can get, you have to remember that.

Paul's condition is slowly worsening – what help do you get in portraying that?

I have someone I can contact through the MND Association whenever there's a new symptom or anything that I might not be sure about the best way to portray it. They are more than happy to hear me out and give me tips. And obviously, the storyline team here are working very closely with the MND Association as well. They are an amazing organisation.

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