Monday, 29 May 2017

When Sally slapped Natalie - again!

Last week on Coronation Street when Gina was confessing to Sally that she suffers from a bipolar disorder and thought she had sent Sally the pig's heart in the box, the name of Natalie Barnes was mentioned.   Natalie married Des Barnes and before that was known as Natalie Horrocks.

Now then, it's been a long time since Natalie was on the cobbles. You'll remember that she stole Kev from Sally while Sally was away looking after her ill mum in Scarborough.  When Sally found out about Kev's affair with Natalie Horrocks (or Nastily Horrid as we used to call her) she gave her what-for on the Street.

And yesterday in the Great Manchester Run, Sally Dynevor recreated that classic slap scene with Denise Welch, who played Natalie in Corrie.  Denise Welch posted the pics above to twitter, saying:
"20 years and she's still not over it!"

I reckon that Sally slapping Natalie was one of Coronation Street's best ever slaps!  Watch it below:

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Rebecca said...

I love it! Added bonus; 20 years later and they both look fabulous!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Wonderful days. I remember the episode where Sally breaks into Natalie's home. Natalie later runs a bath and, as the steam clears, a word appears on the bathroom mirror: 'Whore!'

Maricha said...

That was a perfect touch!

Laura said...

That never gets old!

njblas said...

Still one of my favourite Corrie scenes ever:)

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