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Friday, 15 January 2021

Corrie Comicals week ending 15 January 2021

There is good reason for that statement and you need to check their birth certificates.  They will be 15!  Nothing new as they celebrated their tenth birthday a year early as well.  I assume that once the mistake was made then it has been impossible to put right and of course a lot of Asha's recent story arc would not work if she was approaching 15.

I almost feel sorry for John Kerr at this point as he writes an innocent line intended to cheer up Faye, who is looking a bit peaky, with Sally suggesting a walk and a pub lunch, whilst causing outright spasms of fury across the nation (except the Scilly Isles in their elevated tier 1).  My feeling sorry lasts for about 2 seconds before the anger kicked in!  I am not worried about the walk BUT I do want to eat something out and my good lady wife does not want to have to cook it.  However we are marooned in tier 4 and the best we might manage is to eat a takeaway in a different room to normal for the change of scenery.  We had a pizza the other night and thought Marmite dough balls sounded a good idea.  Definitely will not be ordering them again.

Terry Humphries is 80 and is in the workshop making a model of Turf Moor from matchsticks.  Turf Moor has been the home of Burnley FC since 1883 and their great rivals are Bolton Wanderers of whom Terry is a huge fan.  He is only making the model so that he can smash it to bits once complete.  Around here I have been notified by my club that as they cannot see spectators being admitted this season I can have the rest of my season ticket money back!

At this point I could not believe my ears.  It deserved a Ken style "WWHHAATT".  It is beyond my mental boundaries for Ken to even know what brunch is and to suggest it as a suitable meal for Peter.  This is so far from consuming dinner in the middle of the day as to destroy the entire time-space continuum.  The closest terminology I can think he means is an "all day, all you can eat, breakfast" but "brunch"?  Southern softie.  Brunch came up again on Friday too!  Just what is going on?

Daydream Daisy, you know her - Jenny's so close step-daughter from her marriage that she was mentioned every day since Jenny returned to the Street - and turned up to find that Johnny and Jenny had a very poisonous relationship because he wanted a divorce - has split from the one and only who had promised her the earth for the last 12 months and has now decided to move back in with the ex.  Daisy's greatest complaint is that she failed to extract any expensive jewellery which could be flogged (above).  It took her a year not to get anything valuable - her skills at getting good presents must be pretty poor!

Asha has just told Dev and Aadi that she has split from Corey.  Aadi rightly calls him a scumbag but Dev is the all caring father prepared to listen.  Then as Asha turns her back and goes into the kitchen the two men start a Bollywood dance off!  And this is after Asha tells Aadi that he looks like a second hand car salesman - which she meant in a derogatory sense but pleases Aasi, the trainee manager greatly!

And this week there is a slight absurdity that Roy, mask removed, seeks to prevent Ray Crosby entering Roys' Rolls on the basis that he is not wearing a mask.  I know that no-one could predict the rules when this was written and filmed - but a request for Ray to wear a mask strikes no more fear in the man than a judicial review.  So what will bring him down - thugs?  Gary?  Rape (which she denies) of Faye? Or the judicial review when the head of the planning committee sings like a canary?  Or will Debbie finally turn and bring him down?  Send your votes in and let us see who gets the right prediction!

Written by: John Kerr & Simon Crowther (Monday); Nessah Muthy and Ian Kershaw (Wednesday);  David Isaac (Friday)
Directed by: Tim O'Mara (Monday & Wednesday); Leon Lopez (Friday)

Nessah Muthy is a new writer on the team and I am not sure that Leon Lopez has been credited as director before - so welcome to both.


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Spot the Corrie prop - January 15th 2021

This week congratulations go to Fluttershy who was the first person to guess that last week's prickly plant can be found in Ray's office in the Bistro. Well done!

For this week's prop puzzle all you have to do is tell us whereabouts on Coronation Street you would find these books.

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Coronation Street welcomes new character Ronnie Bailey to Weatherfield

Life is about to get a lot more complicated for the Bailey family as the newest member of the clan arrives in Weatherfield.

Ronnie, Ed’s brother, will be played by Vinta Morgan and will walk on to the famous Corrie cobbles next month, first appearing on our screens on Friday 19th February.

Pulling onto the street in his flash sports car, Ronnie is greeted by a thrilled Ed and Michael who take him for a drink in the Rovers. But as the brothers reminisce about the old times, Aggie is clearly on edge and later admits to Grace that she can’t relax around Ronnie as he has a habit of leading Ed astray. 

Her concerns mount when Ed reveals that Ronnie is looking to move to the area but the reason for his hasty relocation is still shrouded in mystery. With the Baileys still coming to terms with Michael and Grace’s baby announcement Ronnie’s entrance has come at the worst possible moment for Aggie in particular.

London living Ronnie is the wayward uncle who can be slightly ruthless but irrepressibly charming. At 51, he is single and missing his family. He's done well for himself over the years and as an entrepreneur and investor has a keen eye for business with Lady Luck always on his side where money is concerned.

And with no sign of a woman in his life the ladies of Weatherfield better watch out, it won’t be long before this charmer turns his attention to romance.

Coronation Street producer Iain MacLeod says: “Ronnie Bailey is a massive injection of chaos, energy and humour. He is a Jack the Lad that will tip their current cosy existence on it’s head and set many cats among many pigeons, up and down the street, much to Ed’s exasperation. 

In comes Ronnie with a hand grenade with the pin already out and we are all wondering when he is going to drop it and as you can predict on a show like ours he will drop it when it will do maximum damage. It’s an exciting time in the Bailey household.”

Actor Vinta Morgan whose recent credits include Unforgotten, Ted Lasso and Grace Under Pressure, said of getting the role of Ronnie: “It’s so great to be joining Coronation Street. I grew up watching it, I know the characters, I’ve lived the stories and now, to play my part on the street, I can only say I’m blessed.

In my household it has always been a firm favourite and I’m so thrilled to be joining as this enigmatic character.”

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Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Fri 15 Jan

Friday 15th January 2021 (one hour)

TIM LEARNS THE TRUTH ABOUT FAYE In a state of panic, Faye announces she’s spending the night at Maria’s, where she drops the bombshell that she might be pregnant with Ray’s baby. Suspicious, Tim calls at the flat where he spots the pregnancy test and demands answers. Realising the game is up, Faye plucks up the courage and tells him about how Ray tried to rape her and she attacked Adam thinking he was Ray. Raging, Tim goes in search of Ray. Tim visits Gary in prison and tells him he knows everything and they need to go to the police. But Gary insists that for Faye’s sake, they must keep a lid on it. Will Tim agree? 
KEN FEARS HE’S LET PETER DOWN Ken frets over Peter, wishing he’d not given him an ultimatum. Meanwhile Steve finds Peter unconscious in the ginnel and shouts for Ken to come quickly. With Peter upstairs in bed, Dr Gaddas explains that he’s suffering from hypothermia and needs warmth and rest. Peter refuses and to Ken’s horror heads out.
ROY WON’T GIVE UP WITHOUT A FIGHT Ray’s furious to discover that Roy has sought legal advice and is threatening a judicial review of the planning application. When Ray admits that he bribed the Chairperson of the planning committee, Debbie’s incredulous, pointing out he could end up in prison.
ELSEWHERE A glum Asha reveals she’s split from Corey. Taking on his new management role Aadi calls at the kebab shop, announcing to Bernie and Cathy that he’s here to conduct their reviews. Dev’s pleased to see him embracing his new job. Daisy’s annoyed to find Jenny’s agreed to rent out the spare room to Emma. When Alina tells Tyrone she’d like to accept his offer to move into No.9, Fiz is less than impressed.

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Thursday, 14 January 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 13th Jan 7.30 & 8.30 pm

Happy 15th 16th Birthday to Adi & Asha Alahan! With 2021 offering no partying prospects whatsoever, Dad Dev has gone one better and renamed the corner shop in their honour! - as though ageing them by a year wasn't enough! So what do we make of this Cory then? Is Asha heading down the same path as her mother, is he the bad lad we all imagine he will be? I think the relationship with Nina is a better path for her. Some great scenes in Roy’s Roll’s tonight too. Roy educating us viewers with some Alexander Pope poetry (kudos to the writing team, of course). If a literary salve is ever needed - Cropper is your man! 

Putting Yasmeen’s paranoia or concern, aside, I think she may have a point about the lad’s coercive behaviour. Is this just a repeat of what has already been though, but for the younger generation?

Peter’s descent into a spiralling sobering depression and deliberate suicide continues and, aside from his threats to Adam, I’m surprised Carla claims to care upon finding out about the Do Not Resuscitate document. I think that is what it's called but legal parlance isn’t my thing. I am a fan of this new factory set and the usage for dramatic effect, but why are we not seeing the sewing machines?

Less concerning is the prison set set-up, I wonder if Jenny is best off out of it? Johnny’s decline aside, I’d much prefer to her behind the bar at The Rovers, wine in hand and dishing out witty put-downs to punters! Also, the pub backroom is playing far too much of a part in this Carla / Peter showdown. These two are just toxic now, aren’t they! I used to love these two together but she is pushing Peter to drink - it has to be game-over for the couple I’m afraid. The first part of recovery is to rid yourself of toxins, literal and physical, trust me-I know! The intervention from Jenny was needed, but Ken’s resignation at his drinking again, not so much. Addiction is tricky ground and is quite a raw subject, Corrie write it well though - they always have with the alcoholism story arc. We have yet to see family recovery. Can the Corrie writers take us through that? I would love this to be Peter’s final sobriety storyline concluding with his permanent abstinence, of course.

What is a rucksack? Well, if located in Coronation Street, you can bet it is part of a crime - probably! Tim wants his bag back from Gary, and yes that rucksack the one that Gary carried Faye’s weapon in. Instead of finding out from Faye though, DC Willets doorsteps Tim and tells him about the attack evidence. Can Tim work out his daughter’s involvement? He never noticed his Dad was a psycho, did he! The depth involved in this whodunnit is far weightier than the repercussions of the Adam and Carla tryst and involves more of a cast ensemble. I’d be unsure if this is a cast bubble due to the pandemic, but like the 60th demolition episode, I enjoy it when quite a few characters are involved in such storylines.

What are you thinking? Let us know in the comments! 

I am @rybazoxo your cobbles connoisseur!

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