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Sunday 31 January 2010

This week's Corrie awards, Jan. 25 - 29

Fashions of the week:Green star for a green helmet that mysteriously fit little Simon quite well!
White Star for Steve in matching vest and shaving cream.

Lead swinging award: Gold Star: Joe didn't really have a bad back, he was just hiding from the loan shark

He had it coming award: Gold Star: Gail smacking Joe for trying to dump the house for peanuts and then insulting her. The only downside is that Gail forgave him anyway after his sob story.

Mother knows best award: Gold Star: Audrey only Gail won't listen.

Avoiding the obvious: Gold Star
: Steve looking everywhere on the Street for Becky except the cafe. I recon he just didn't want to be confronted by Roy and Hayley's disapproval.

Love advice from the expert (?) award: Gold Star: Kirk! But really, telling Tyrone to use his head instead of his heart was good advice.
Silver star: Liz advising Steve on his marrage.

Scary award: Gold award: Mary, singing about the eye of the tiger with a line aobut stalking being strongly emphasized.

Lines of the Week:

Graeme to Rosie "I'm not staring. I'm drinking in your loveliness!"

Joe to Gail "You're a jinx!! You're the equivalent of Tutenkhamen's curse!!!" (or you could just be a Loser, Joe!)

Audrey "David...!" David "Yeah i know, put the kettle on" Audrey "Oh, Stick the kettle, have you got any wine?"

Gail "I just feel that you've been lying to me!" (Feel? FEEL???)

Steve "You are MY WIFE ..." (then start acting like a husband!)

Simon "See ya later crocodile!"

Kevin "They've been good as gold all afternoon" Sophie "Good as Gold?!! Dad, d'you actually know how old we are??"

Saturday 30 January 2010

Rapper Snoop Dogg wants Corrie Cameo

I definitely had to do a double-take when I read this headline. Apparently rapper Snoop Dogg wishes that the UK would lift his ban of entering the country (see here why) so that he may appear on The Street in a cameo role. According to Snoop Dogg, "When I'm in Britain, I love to eat Indian food and chill in my hotel room and watch Coronation Street." He even goes as far to say that Coronation Street is to Manchester as the Statue of Liberty is to the U.S.A. Read more here.

The rapper goes on to admit that people are surprised that he's a fan of the soap, and I have to say that so was I. I've always said that Coronation Street was a great unifier. Folk of all different persuasions love to watch Corrie. No matter who you are, you can always find comfort in the lives lived by those on a small Weatherfield street.

Source: The Sun UK

State of the Street - January 2010

Yes. Another month has gone by and the Street is in quite a State isn't it? January was filled with angst. Joe was hiding from a loan shark, Steve and Becky were at war playing childish games, Ken railed against the Grandad George machine, Molly left Tyrone and Sally faced cancer down. There were some good things too. Mary Taylor is back and torturing Norris! Sunita's back and Dev thinks he's going to slip back into her life. He probably will but we'll wait and see what happens. February will be fraught with the usual troubles and drama. February usually is! But Rita's coming back and Betty's having a storyline so there are glimmers of sunlight in the gloomy winter sky! Read all about it here!

Steve McDonald and his magic sausage

Did anyone else notice Steve's shrinking and expanding magic sausage on Coronation Street last night in the first episode?

There Steve was in Roy's Rolls, enjoying his sausage and chips, and the camera showed a full sausage on the end of Steve's fork. In the next shot, the sausage had both ends chewed off before it reverted back to its full, unchewed length. Then we saw the sausage with just one end chewed off and in the final shot, the sausage had gone back to its full size. What is Roy cooking those sausages in?!

Remembering Maud Grimes

There's a long, nice article at the ATV website which remembers Maud Grimes. It says that Maud was Coronation Street's first character to appear in a wheelchair - but does anyone know if that's true? It's well worth a read.

I'm Pregnant: Fri Jan 29, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Simon Crowther, directed by Stuart Davids

Liz thinks it's Steve's fault that Becky's left, but he thinks he's done no wrong, as usual. Becky's dead-set on not having Steve be there at her mother's funeral. Becky says she's not grieving for her mother since she got what she had coming. Ouch.

Steve is looking around the street for Becky asking 'round and he goes into the butchers. Claire comes in and starts blubbering about the kids school and how Liz got mad at a teacher, and how "she had colour on her face to begin with, but after!" Becky comes home and tells Steve that a woman she used to know died and she's going to the funeral. Becky tells him that the woman was a bit of a wino and that he could come with her, but he says that a funeral really isn't his cup of tea.

Later, Steve complains about Becky and the funeral to Lloyd in The Cafe. The Croppers over hear and think that Steve is despicable for not taking Becky to the funeral, unawares that he doesn't know it's her mother's funeral. Roy tells Steve that it's his mother-and-law that's died and Steve and Lloyd are out. Steve's not happy that Becky hasn't told him that her mother died and that his marriage is dead as a doorknob. Steve drives away from the street in his motorbike despite his mother's protests. Meanwhile, Becky is out back the Rovers having a fag. Becky casually tells Liz that she went to her mother's funeral that afternoon, leaving Liz stunned.

Liz later apologizes about Becky's mum, and Becky tells her that her mum died of a kidney infection and something in the lungs, she just had it. Becky also tells Liz that she was the only one at the funeral. Becky says she was celebrating at her mum's funeral because in a funny way she felt free. Liz tells Becky she should have told Steve, since they are married. Becky is reading Amy a bedtime story later and starts sobbing and asks Amy not to tell anyone why she's crying.

Meanwhile, Steve's still at some neighboring pub drinking and dancing his sorrows away alone. How very bizarre. He manages to chat up some rather handsome fellas and tries to coax them into going out on the town all drunk already. Someone needs to tell Kelly about this pub. The fellas tell Steve to go home and give it a rest. Steve tries to get on his bike all bladdered with a sausage in his mouth and ends up falling off the bike while everyone laughs. He manages to catch his reflection and doesn't seem to like what he sees. He gets home and meets with Becky sat in the darkness of the pub. Steve asks her why he had to find out from Roy Cropper about his own mother-in-law. Becky says it's not important, but Steve says it is and calls her a big "flump." Becky says she didn't want Steve's sympathy because it doesn't feel like they're in "this" together anymore. Becky drops another bombshell and tells Steve she's pregnant and she found out New Year's Eve. Wowza! Too bad she's been drinking all that alcohol.

It's the first day of Sally's radiotherapy and the family's going. In the hospital, they're all in the waiting room as Rosie's filling out a colouring book. I hope she's colouring in between the lines. Later at home, Sally says she feels lucky that they have treatments this day in age, and she's not living on borrowed time as she would have been 200 years ago. The Websters-sans-Sally go to the pub later and have a toast to her.

George swings by in his fancy car and wants to have a word with Peter. George tells Peter about an open day at Oakhill School so Simon can see it. Peter says they'll go for 10 minutes, but only to laugh at the uniforms if it'll shut him up. It seems George's plan worked because Simon loved Oakhill. Peter and Simon tell Ken all about their Oakhill School visit. Ken reminds Simon that if he withdraws his kid from public education, he's withdrawing his support for a service that should rightly be for everybody. It seems no one's interested in Oakhill but Simon and George, and Simon's only interested in the pool. Ken finds George in the pub and wishes Simon all the best at his new school when it starts, and adieu.

Joe insists that he and Gail need to go away - just he, her and the boat. Is that a song? You, me, you me, and the boat? Or is it the weather? It's good news for Tina, as she tells Joe that she's gotten an offer on the flat. Joe tells Tina that he's planning a surprise getaway for Gail, and she's not to say anything. Joe tells Tina that money isn't everything.

Ted comes by Gail's for a visit and Joe doesn't look that happy to see him. Exactly how many people does Joe have to avoid now? Is anyone keeping count? I believe this is what they call a web of lies. Ted mentions the flat that he loaned Joe money for and Joe says he needs about a week. Ted tells him not to be so scared, he's not a loan shark who's going to drag him into the ginnell and duff him up. The irony.

Joe tells Gail that he's booked them a trip - on her credit card, if that's okay. He wants them to be alone-alone. Oh how romantic. Don't you love it when your man surprises you with a vacation he's booked on YOUR credit card? It's like something out of a fairy tale.

The Devster's on his game as he brings games to Sunita's place for the kids. Sunita invites Dev in for coffee, and she's clearly interest in more. Dev figures that if they were together more that the twins would get more love. Wow, that was bold. Sunita says that if they got together again, that they'd mess it up. Sunita says she's happy that they're finally getting on as friends.

- Simon saying "see you later crocodile" when it's supposed to be "see you later alligator." That kid is so darn cute!
- Gail mentioning that at her work (medical center reception) that when they have technical issues they call it "computer says no." Haha, that was a good one!
- Steve waltzing around with a full face of shaving cream.
- Ken goes out for a walk and Deirdre yells after him "stay away from that canal!" Haha.

- Why on earth was Steve asking around at every place on the street to find where Becky was when the obvious thing to do would be to check the cafe first. Duh.
- Sophie noting that their going to Sally's radiotherapy treatment with her is a "family outing to the cancer wing." How sad.
- Is Steve just about the most unsupportive husband ever? My word he's self-centered.
- George pushing his influence on Peter again.

Looking forward to: Scenes without Becky/Steve tension from now on! And hopefully seeing the backside of Steve's motorbike outfit?
NOT looking forward to: What George's intentions are with poor Simon and Peter.

Eye of the Tiger: Thu Jan 28, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Mark Wadlow, directed by Stuart Davids

Janice has a sour word with the binman who won't take her bin since it's not shut - since it's so full. Has the bin fairy been around Janice's? Janice later tells Leanne that the binman took her rubbish and that he was cute and all. Leanne informs Janice that she'll need her help for the hard-hat-party.

Becky is still down in the dumps and being very protective over that bin bag she brought home the other day. Becky has two glasses of brandy for breakfast and leaves. Hayley sees her sat at the bus stop with her bin bag, but Becky's being secretive about where she's going. After she returns, Steve's got Kelly in the pub to tell Becky that nothing happened between the two of them. Becky doesn't give a fig and leaves. Hayley persuades Becky to come in for something to eat and for a chat. Hayley figures there's something Becky's not telling them. Becky tells them she was at an undertakers organizing a funeral - for her mother. The bin bag is full of all her mother's personal effects. Becky tells Hayley and Roy that she doesn't want Steve to know.

It's the day of Rosie's boob-job and Kevin can't understand why she's not scared. Rosie figures it's okay since the waiting room is posh and they have up-to-date fashion mags. Tyrone doesn't think there's anything wrong with Rosie's plastic surgery and says if he had the money he'd get some lipo on his man-boobs to impress Molly. Meanwhile, Molly cruelly rejects Tyrone again. Tyrone gets mad at her for it, and tells her to get out of his life. You go, boy! Molly now sits alone in the shop flat eating her microwave dinner for one. Or is it just desserts?

Kevin relents and realizes that he cares for Rosie and can't let her go through with the surgery alone, so he offers to take her much to Rosie's shock. In the waiting room, Rosie tells Kev that after the operation she'll be a 32FF. I think I know what the two F's stand for, but this isn't the place. Kevin's trying to understand what's going on in Rosie's head and tells her she's too bright to be taken in by all this superficiality. Rosie eventually breaks down to her father about how upset she is about her mum getting cancer. She then tells Kevin that his plans worked and she's not going through with it, since it feels wrong.

Jumpy Joe is on the phone to someone who requires both his and Gail's signatures for something. Oh, what now? Joe goes by the Kabin and Tina knows he's up to something, but Joe lets it slide.

- Janice holding onto the binman's rear-view mirror as he drives away.
- When Kevin asks if Rosie's scared to go under the knife for her boob job, Sophie chimes in "You have to suffer for your art, Dad." Haha.
- Mary's rendition of "Eye of the Tiger." I had flashbacks from Rocky, I swear.

- Steve still being brash with Becky. And Becky's annoying silence, why doesn't she just tell him that her mum's died? People can't feel sorry for you unless they know what they're to feel sorry about.

Looking forward to: More action between Janice and the bin man.
NOT looking forward to: Whatever plan Jumpy-Joe has next for Gail.

Friday 29 January 2010

New Love Interest for Liz

Hot on the heels of announcing the casting of Cherylee Houston as Kirk's new love interest Izzy, Coronation Street have been telling Digital Spy all about their latest signing - Izzy's father, Owen, played by Ian Puleston-Davies.

Corrieproducer Kim Crowther says Owen will become Liz McDonald's new love interest, and not get off to a good start with Becky. He's also Izzy's father, and will have another daughter showing up on the Street too.

What are your initial thoughts on the new family unit? Sound off below!

Corrie Autograph collecting

Thought I'd run a post on something that is quite popular amongst certain Corrie viewers, and may be of interest to some of the blog readers. I've been collecting hand-signed Coronation Street cast cards for just over a year now, and thought it would be nice to share my collection with you.
I've obtained them all through writing to the individual cast members at the Coronation Street offices. Some take longer than others to reply, and I've written to some that I'm still awaiting a reply from. It's been great to build up this collection so far, and I look forward to expanding it in the years to come.

Here at the Coronation Street blog, we'd love to hear about your autograph successes, and it would be nice to run a regular feature to see how others fare in writing to the cast. Feel free to drop us an email with your stories and pictures to

Fab Photo Friday - January 29 2010

Making no apology for an outbreak of Betty-ness on the blog in the run-up to Betty Williams' 90th birthday, here she is in all her glory with Annie Walker and Bet Lynch.

Thursday 28 January 2010

Tupele Dorgu - from Corrie to reality TV

As we already know, Tupele Dorgu, who plays leggy Kelly Crabtree, is leaving Corrie soon. And she's going straight into reality TV.

Tupele's been named as one of the players in a new show on ITV called Marco Pierre White's Kitchen Burnout. The show - which replaces Hell's Kitchen, begins on ITV1 next month.

Is there enough man totty on Corrie?

There's a dearth of decent looking blokes on Coronation Street right now and it's time it was put to rights, don't you think? What with Eddie Windass in his dressing gown and Tyrone in his vest, the Street's fellas have fallen foul.

Trevor the binman turns up soon and moves in with Janice so he might turn out to be an eyeful. And Ciaran returns to chat up Carla Connor so there's him to consider, true.

But there still isn't much in the way of man eye-candy and it's time it was put right.

Let's hark back to the days of real men on Corrie. And we're not talking lightweights like Jason. I'm thinking of the men who had a bit of clout about them, men like Billy Walker. Men like Charlie Whelan. For ladies of a certain age, now that was man totty and a half.

But which Corrie fella gets you going these days on the Street?

Corrie wins another Best Soap Award

Coronation Street has won Best Soap or Continuing Drama at the Broadcast Awards 2010. The awards ceremony was held on Wednesday 27th January at the Grosvenor Hotel in London. The award comes just days after our favourite soap won Best Soap at the National TV Awards too.

Well done, Corrie!

Webster's Garage on go-slow

If you want a quick repair done on you car, I wouldn't recommend Webster's Garage. The woman who owns this car was apparently coming to pick it up 'this afternoon' when it was in for work on January 4th.

Here it is 3 weeks later, still being worked on in Monday night's episode.

I'll get my anorak.

Steve McDonald gurn of the week, January 28 2010

It's Thursday and that means only one thing... time for the Steve McDonald gurn of the week.

Thanks go to Coronation Street fan Roger Albon for sending in this fab Stevie McGurn. If you've captured a good Corrie Steve gurn and want to share it via the blog, do email it in.

To see more gurnage from Stevie McGurn, have a look here, there's loads. Some good, some bad and some really very funny.

Sneak preview of next week's Corrie, February 1-5, 2010

Without any piffle, here's the storyline for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Week of Monday February 1 to Friday February 5

Betty celebrates her 90th birthday, Ciaran returns and chats up Carla, Peter’s back on the booze, Becky tells Steve she’s pregnant, Trevor the binman moves in with Janice, and Hayley shakes it at salsa!

The full weekly preview, with pictures, is right here on

Missed last week's Corrie?
Catch up with the Coronation Street weekly updates.

Wednesday 27 January 2010

Corrie filming closes Blackpool pier

There's a good story in the Blackpool Gazette about the latest Coronation Street storyline being filmed there now. It's all to do with little Simon Barlow being kidnapped by Grandad George in the seaside town and the report in the paper says that the North Pier was closed while Corrie filming took place.

But that's not the best bit.

At the end of the newspaper article there's a link to a gallery of pictures taken in Blackpool when Corrie have filmed there in the past. It's well worth a look and it's here.

Fancy a Corrie weekend in Blackpool?

What's your favourite Corrie in Blackpool storyline? Mine would be Rita, Alan and the tram.

Rita Sullivan's back on the Street

Great news, Corrie fans! Rita Sullivan is coming back to the Street in March after actress Barbara Knox was away for a little while.

The Sun reports today that not only will Rita return but she's going to get on the wrong side of Audrey when the two women battle for the charms of Lewis the escort. This storyline sounds good fun and as a Rita fan (she's my all-time favourite Corrie woman) I'm delighted that she'll be back on the Street soon.

Tuesday 26 January 2010

Give and Take: Mon Jan 25, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Mark Burt (7:30) and John Kerr (8:30), directed by Stuart Davids

Kevin apologises to Sophie about going off on God the other night. Graeme sees Rosie and tries to beg her for a date, but gets turned down. The cat's out of the bra when Sophie tells Kev about Rosie's planned boob job on the day of Sally's first radiotherapy treatment. Kevin blows off about Rosie's surgery plans, obviously. Rosie tells Sophie that she's not smart like her, and her appearance is the only way she's going to get ahead in life. She USED to be smart, what happened? I think she's fooling herself. In the Rovers later, Lloyd and Eddie notice a photo of Rosie in a bikini advertising peanuts behind the bar and ogle the picture until Kev finds out and manhandles Eddie getting his nipple *gross*. Kev shoves the photo in Rosie's face and she's embarrassed also, she doesn't even like peanuts, after all. What's Kev going to do?

Tyrone's still alone, and tries another attempt at getting Molly back, even on Kev's suggestion. Tyrone thinks he's making progress by Molly letting him buy her a drink.

David is trying to get Gail to convince Audrey to let him rent out the salon flat. Gail tells David that it's time he do things on his own. Joe is walking on egg shells in fear of Slick Rick. Jason tells Joe he heard about Bill and he falling out over the job. Jason also tells Joe about an agent that works with quick sells so Joe gets right on it. Meanwhile, Gail tries to talk to Audrey about the salon flat for David, but Audrey thinks Gail is trying to shovel David off onto her and isn't taking. Audrey accuses Gail of selling her home to bail out Joe. Audrey reminds Gail that there's going to be a time when she has nothing left to give. Joe meets with the quick-sell estate agent who offers 80k when it's worth 115k. Gail tells the agent to get out of her house and asks Joe what the hell he's doing.

Joe is desperate now that Gail has decided not to sell the house. Joe loses it and tells Gail that she's leaving him for the vultures. Joe says he's better off on his own and leaves, but not before telling Gail that she's a curse-on-men, a jinx. Joe says his life was great before they met and now he's a wreck. Joe also says David probably tried to kill her in self-defense and gets five across the eyes for that. Audrey and David close in on Gail until Joe shows up again to try to redeem himself. Joe tells her about Slick Rick and the trouble he's in. Gail can't believe he's let this happen. What can Gail even do to help Joe out of this mess without losing her home? Gail says she thinks she'll never be happy again. All together now: Poor Gail!

Liz can't believe that Steve and Becky are still rowing. Liz reminds Steve that Becky has a right to choose what she does with her body. Steve chooses not to give a monkey's anymore. Becky gets a strange call and says she has to leave for a bit. She comes back quite sombre. What could have happened? Steve walks into the pub later in a full motorbike outfit, and bike to match. Mid life crisis? Kelly is interested in the motorbike, and takes Steve up on his offer for a ride and a boozin' later - even upstairs in the Rovers flat, much to Becky's annoyance. Becky's in the dumps, but Steve doesn't seem to care. Becky freaks out on Steve for lolling around with Kelly and goes out back for a fag, and looks through the garbage bag that she got off the bus with and starts to breakdown sobbing.

Leanne's excited about the progress they're making on the bar and decides it'd be a good idea to have a "hard hat party." Which is basically a party where they shove booze down the locals throats to get some buzz going about the bar. Peter and Leanne meet up with George who approves of the hard hat party idea. He goes with them to Simon's school for parents meeting where they find that Simon is an excellent little scholar. George insists again that a private school education would challenge Simon's brilliant mind and stop him from being bored and getting in trouble in the future. Peter declines, but thinks hard.

- David referring to Joe as "action man."
- Graeme "drinking in" Rosie's loveliness, and Rosie pretending not to love the attention, although turning him down for a date.
- Tyrone working up the nerve to go into Dev's repeating "no fear, no fear" to himself.
- Steve coming into the Rovers dressed in that motorbike getup.
- Gail for not letting Joe sell her house from under her and standing her ground, for once!
- Rosie saying that her manicured hands are part of her livelihood and Sophie stating, "sure, because everyone's looking at your hands."
- Becky asking Kelly about how bad the "accident" was on the bike. Since it looked like Kelly got dragged behind the bike. Ouch!
- Eddie Windass suggesting they all get bladdered then tells Tyrone was drink he's having.

- Kev giving Tyrone advice to go after Molly. Just stay out of it.
- Joe and his lies trying to sell Gail's house from under her nose.
- Steve's immaturity. What is he doing buying a motorbike, and traipsing around like an idiot anyway? You don't like your wife? Life goes on.
- The sad look on Kelly's face when she realized that Steve wasn't into her, and never would be because he still loved Becky.
- Granddad George and his interference in Simon and Peter's lives.
- Poor Gail Platt, disappointed by yet another man in her life.

Looking forward to:
- What on earth is going to happen to Joe McIntrye. How's he going to get out of this debt?

NOT looking forward to:
- Watching Steve galavant around as a "free man" (drunk) anymore.

Steve McDonald gurn of the week - we need your help

If you're a fan of our Steve McDonald gurn of the week post, listen up. We need your help as we've ran out of gurns. So if you've captured any good Steve McDonald gurns do please email them in and keep the gurnage going.

Coronation Street Weekly Update, January 25 2010

Greetings and welcome to another weekly wotsit of wonder plopping through your inbox and getting intimate with your mat. I’m going to take a short break from the updates and during the next three weeks the update will be coming atcha from canny Karen Jankel, jaunty John Dean and reckless Richard Whitbread. My thanks go to them all. And now without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

Molly’s in the dog house. Tyrone tries to woo her back by bursting into the shop when she’s dusting the tinned puds but she blanks him by the cheese and he leaves, forlorn. Pam’s furious with Mol and says she might as well have stamped on a kitten when she dumped Ty. Jack’s straight round there once he hears the news and over a few beers in the Rovers, and well-meaning words from Fiz and John, Tyrone’s heart bleeds over losing his wife. Jack coos pigeon-speak to Tyrone: “Lost birds allus come back.” Let’s just hope they don’t fly in and poo on Tyrone’s head. Anyway, when Molly moves into the flat about Dev’s shop, Tyrone puts two and two together and ends up with sixty-nine, accusing Molly and Dev of having an affair. It’s Kev, not Dev, you Div! Tyrone thumps Dev and lays him flat out and it’s Kevin who pulls Tyrone out of the fight. Molly later gives Kevin her wedding ring and tells him to give it back to Tyrone. Oh, how flippin’ nasty was that? Nastier still was that Kev went and did it.

Kev’s a man lost and alone. Sally got her lumpectomy test results and it’s good news, she’s given the all-clear as the cancer hasn’t spread but she’ll still need radiotherapy, just in case. It’s champagne all round in the Webster house as they toast Sally’s health but Kevin loses control later when Sophie tells him she’s prayed for her mum. Kev wants to know what use prayer will do and loses his temper with his youngest daughter. He also comes close to hitting his eldest when he finds out that Rosie’s selling her car to pay for a boob job. Rosie’s on the phone to a prospective car buyer who wants to know how big the engine is. “It’s about the size of three handbags,” the daft mare replies.

It’s been a sad week all round, all things considered and there’s more of the same in the Rovers as Steve and Becky continue not speaking. Becky’s had bad news, her mum has died, only we don’t know that yet and she’s not told anyone. She’s keeping it to herself, all that pain inside of her, and all of her anger is growing as Steve acts on like he’s single again, buys a motorbike and takes leggy Kelly Crabtree for a spin around the block.

Over at Gail’s it’s no bag of laughs either. Joe’s desperate over his debts and eyes up the collection box in the Rovers the girls have started for Sally’s cancer charity. Bill gives him what-for when he spots Joe lusting after the loot. After Gail throws Joe out when he calls in a property management company who offer tuppence-ha’penny to take the house off Gail’s hands, the pair of them argue in the street and she slaps him right hard. I loved this bit. It’s about time Gail stood up for herself. Audrey and David are over the moon that Gail’s seeing sense about Joe but she forgives him later on when he comes clean about how much debt he’s really in. As Audrey would say: “Oh, Gay-ell”

The only person who had a bit of fun this week and a smile on her face was Mary from the motorhome. She only went and stole the picture of Norris and Freda that was on display in the Kabin, hid it under her coat and dumped it in a bin. She’s matahari in an anorak, that one, a femme fatale styled by BHS.

And that’s just about that for this week.

Coronation Street writers this week were Debbie Oates, Peter Whalley, Mark Burt and John Kerr.

Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team.

Find out more about the Coronation Street Weekly Updates

Glenda Young
Blogging away merrily at

Pics: Joe McIntyre's funeral filmed for Corrie

There's paparazzi pictures online of some of the Coronation Street cast filming Joe McIntyre's funeral. Gail's in tears, Audrey's got that look on her face, Tina's upset and David's there too. Looks like a dramatic spring on Corrie coming up after Joe's watery death in the Lake District next month.

Samia Smith with her new baby

Samia Smith, who plays Coronation Street's Maria Gordon, is featured in the latest edition of OK! Magazine. There's pictures of Samia with her new baby girl Freya.

Sally Lindsay: No regrets over quitting Corrie

There's a lovely article about Sally Lindsay, who played downtrodden barmaid Shelley Unwin, in The Daily Record today. She says that she hasn't regretted her decision to leave the street for a minute as she's been so busy with other things. After quitting the show she went straight up to the Edinburgh Festival to do a play, she's fulfilled a childhood dream of acting at the Royal Exchange theatre in Manchester and has just finished filming another series of BBC Three sketch show, Scallawagga.

It's good to see someone doing so well after leaving Coronation Street as so often obscurity beckons. Anybody seen Tracy Shaw lately?

Monday 25 January 2010

Saint Kevin Webster: Fri Jan 22, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

I want to start with an apology for the tardiness of this review, I had some unexpected circumstance to attend to this weekend. So I'll keep this one short 'n' sweet in preparation for today's review later. Thanks for your patience fellow fans!

Written by Debbie Oates (7:30) and Peter Whalley (8:30), directed by David Kester

Rosie's decided to sell her car to pay for her new boobs, and can't wait to tell John Stape since "he'll feel like a pimp!" It's a big day for Sally, as today she finds out the results of her lumpectomy. It's good news, as she's in the clear, they've removed all the cancer, but she still has to go through some radiotherapy, just in case. The girls are ecstatic that their mother has good news. Sophie figures her prayer to God helped, but Kevin challenges her as to why God made her mum sick to begin with or lets others die, or lets bad things happen to people. Someone's feeling the guilt-crunch and taking it out on his daughter! Another woman slighted by Saint Kevin Webster.

Jumpy Joe tries to get a cash advance from Bill on the job he's set up for, for "materials," but Bill knows better and declines. Gail's still prepping her pad for sale but has no interest. She and Audrey discuss David foiling the house sale plans. Audrey thinks Gail is silly for giving up a lovely home for a man in debt, and David just doesn't want to be kicked out. Joe's got Slick Rick on his back again threatening for more money. Joe is DESPERATE and almost tries to steal the money from the Cancer Charity Jar only Bill catches him and puts him off the job. Slick Rick finds Joe later, and Joe legs it while Slick Rick and his henchman chase Joe being terrace houses. Joe manages to hide in Tyrone's backyard, but he can't hide forever!

Tyrone is still down-in-the-dumps, so Fiz and John invite him over for tea to cheer him up, and to get some gossip, of course. Tyrone has a drink and tells them that he has no idea why Molly's left him, much to their disappointment and I'm sure Tyrone's as well. Tyrone apologizes to Dev for the plonking he gave him the other day and he also gives Molly's wedding ring back to her. Fiz is fussing over what to cook for Tyrone, and makes John ask Tyrone if he's a vegetarian in one of the most awkward interactions I've seen on Corrie in ages.

Pam finds out about Molly leaving Tyrone and marches straight over to have a word. Pam and Bill discuss Molly and Tyrone's split and both find out that the other knows about "Molvin." Pam reminds Molly that "men don't leave their wives - ever." Ah, words of wisdom.

Mary is fussing all over Norris at the Kabin. She notices that Norris accidentally drops a framed photo of he and Freda and their winning cheque. Mary notices it, and Norris says that Freda must have written to the magazine asking for the photo. Mary points out that Freda is quite "bony." Someone's eyes are turning green. Mary wants Norris to take a break for his health from the Kabin, since he's over-working himself and that she's going to step in. (Where does she park her motor home?) Norris relents, and Mary later throws out the photo of he and Freda into the bin.

Sian is leaving town to live with her mother, on her father's suggestion. She's decided that her and Ryan are too young to live together and needs to be with her mother. Her and Sophie say their goodbyes, and it's a harder goodbye for Ryan. Ah, young love.

Good news for the Devster. Not only does he get to have dinner with his kids and Sunita, but he also finds out through Sunita that her and Matt have broken off the engagement. *Pop* goes the champagne cork in Dev's head.

- Rosie not understanding what "size of her engine" meant, "the size of three large handbags."
- Mary throwing the photo of Norris and Freda into the bin. She's a woman on a mission.
- Fiz being a good friend to her old pal Tyrone. I'm surprised Kirk hasn't been around to comfort Tyrone yet.
- When John asks Tyrone if he's a vegetarian, Tyrone looks offended and asks "why, has someone been saying something?!"

- Rosie still set on ruining John Stape's life, or at least, day.
- Audrey still harping on about Joe to Gail. Just let her be!
- David whining that no one considered him in the sale of the house. Had he been any other son, you know, NOT one that had pushed his mother down the stairs/almost killed his niece etc, I'd have agreed with him. But can you blame Gail for not giving a fig about what David things in matters concerning HER property? No! Shut up and grow up, David.

Looking forward to: What is going to happen with Rosie's whole "boob job" plan. She isn't REALLY going to get those bigger is she?

NOT looking forward to: Having to watch Joe run from Slick Rick and Co. again! That was tense and unnerving.

Michael Le Vell confirms Molly pregnancy rumours

It's been in the tabloids and it's been on the blog but it's now been confirmed on TV. Yes, Michael le Vell, who plays Coronation Street's Kevin Webster, was interviewed today on ITV's Alan Titchmarsh show and he confirmed that Molly Dobbs is indeed pregnant. Michael said they were filming the pregnancy story now on Corrie but hadn't been told who the daddy will be - Tyrone or Kev.

It was a nice interview that Michael gave, in this his 27th year on Coronation Street. He said that working with Jean Alexander (Hilda Ogden) was one of the highlights of his Corrie career and that he learned his professionalism from her. He also praised Helen Flanagan and Brooke Vincent who play his on-screen daughters Rosie and Sophie and said that working on Corrie was "hard work, but a lot of fun".

See also: Should Kevin Webster grow his moustache back?

Coronation Street: Can I please adopt Tyrone Dobbs?

Reposted with permission from fab TV blog: PauseLiveAction

Monday’s Corrie was a total heartbreaker. Married only a year ago, Molly and Tyrone Dobbs quickly fell into a life of cosy domesticity. This may have carried on indefinitely, had Molly not had a taste of the thrilling excitement that is Kevin Webster. By the apparently simple expedient of exchanging one dozy, hairy mechanic for another, she’s realised that she wants more from life.

“I want more from life,” she told her confused husband. He was confused because he’d already given her a karaoke machine for Christmas – what more from life could you want? You can’t be subtle with Tyrone, so she spelled it out for him. “I don’t love you any more.” Well, Tyrone’s little face. Alan Halsall doesn’t often get to do much acting that doesn’t involve tucking enthusiastically into a pie/a pint/a good karaoke session, but when he does, he can break your heart.

Sadly Tyrone’s not the brightest spanner in the toolbox, and the best argument he could come up with to get Molly to stay was “We were the new Jack and Vera.” Who, apart from Tyrone, wouldn’t find that idea phenomenally depressing?

Corrie actress opens shop for Corrie art and gifts

Jayne Tunnicliffe, who played the wonderful Yana Lumb on Coronation Street, is a talented artist and jewellry designer. And now she's opening a shop this week on Thursday 28th Jan to sell her artwork and designs. The shop's on the 1st floor, Afflecks (near corner cafe) in Manchester. You can buy Corrie prints, paintings, cards, jewellery and much more. Well worth a visit if you're in town.

Find out more here.

Read our exclusive interview with Jayne here.

Are you ever unfaithful to Corrie?

For this Corrie fan, there's only ever been one soap. Coronation Street has been a part of my life since I was a child, a programme I grew up with and have had positive involvement with, always. That's apart from an intensive, long-term relationship I once had with Brookside (it broke my heart when it went).

Now, I never watch any other soap and I'm wondering what other fans get up to in the soaps world when they're not watching Corrie? Are you and Corrie exclusive or do you soap-hop?

Michael Le Vell reveals all to Alan Titchmarsh

Michael Le Vell, who plays Kevin Webster in Coronation Street, will be a guest on the Alan Titchmarsh show today on ITV at 5pm.

See also: Top 5 things Michael Le Vell loves about Corrie

Kate Ford nervously returns

Via Digital Spy and then via Hello magazine, Kate Ford has admitted that she was pretty nervous on her first few days back on the set of Coronation Street as convict Tracy Barlow. She was so nervous that her dry throat was causing the sound guys grief! Tracy will be back initially for the funeral of Blanche Hunt and later she'll be involved, back in jail, when another resident is incarcerated. My money's on Gail who is apparently going to be in the nick for Joe's murder but of course, we know that's going to be accidental. But since Tracy is due to be on the canvas at the end of the year full time, how do you think they'll manage to get this "twisted sister" out?

Sunday 24 January 2010

Corrie weekly awards, January 18 - 22

Broken heart of the week: Obviously Tyrone. Poor lamb.

He's not a bad boss, really: Gold star: Dev. Only his generosity landed him with a black eye!
Black star: Obviously Kevin. Even though it's over, I'm still appalled at his affair with his best friend/co-partner's wife.

Best friends lost and found award: Gail is finally showing a bit of concern over Sally after virtually ignoring her for weeks!
And Fiz. You forget how fond she used to be of Tyrone. Except how on earth would she think Tyrone has turned vegetarian? Has she not seen him chowing Roy's breakfasts or hotpot in the Rovers?

Pot calling the kettle black award: Gold.. no...Platinum Star: Dev Alahan for calling Sunita's ex-fiance a womaniser and "God's Gift".

Penance award: Kevin. The disloyal one gets to be a support and comfort to the man he did the dirty on. And he deserves every minute of guilty discomfort.

In the Pink award: Kelly for her Tshirt with shoe applique (I actually kind of liked that!), Hair ornament, gloves! Sian for those vivid pink stripes in her cardy and her pink t-shirt.

They learn young award: Gold Star: Sophie and Sian and a bucket of ice-cream to soothe their sorrows about Sian having to leave.

Lines of the week:
Jack (about Dev): "I might be past my peak but I'll punch his lights out!"
Rosie: "I can't wait to tell John Stape that he's paying for my new boobs. He'll feel like a pimp!"
Julie: "I can tell it's going to be one of those days when I have to have a little cry before I can thread the needle"
Kevin to Sally: "It's made me realise how much I love you" (And that's the first truth he's told Sally in months! Ok, but you know what I mean)
Kevin to Sophie: "Why does this God of yours do this in the first place?" (To make you see what an ass you've been, maybe? Guilt, much, Kevin?)

Keith Duffy looking forward to Ciaran's return

Ciaran McCarthy is coming back to the cobbles next week and his portrayer, Keith Duffy, is looking forward to it. The basic story has Peter and Leanne bumping into Ciaran as he quits his job at a restaurant where they were dining. Peter offers Ciaran a job cooking in his and Leanne's new bar and Ciaran decides he'll take that offer. There's plenty for Ciaran to look forward to, including Michelle, a hot barmaid in the Rovers and he wastes no time piling on the Irish charm because, you know, Michelle hasn't had a boyfriend in almost a month.

There's a long interview in the Mirror with Keith, too, where he talks a lot about losing his long time friend and Boyzone band member, Stephen Gately. Stephen's sudden death from a heart attack last fall really hit Keith and the other band members hard. Keith had know his friend since they were 17 and is still shocked and grieving. He does find that the return to Corrie is helping because he is busy in the days and at nights, he's learning his lines and it all keeps his mind occupied most of the time. His wife and kids are still in Dublin. The other subject he talks about is his campaigns to raise money for autistic children after finding out his younger child, daughter Maia has autism. It was difficult for Keith and his wife, Lisa, at first but they have found a way through their own problems and Keith's campaigns have raised quite a lot of money and awareness and helped to open a dozen or more specialized schools to help kids with autism develop.

I'm looking foward to Ciaran's return. He had lovely tattoos ;))) And in spite of having Michelle in his romantic sights, let's not forget his ex-love Sunita is back in the picture and there will soon be another of his exes skulking around, Tracy Barlow!

Saturday 23 January 2010

Meet Kirk's new lady!

Finally, Kirk is going to get a new girlfriend but the road to love is going to be a bumpy one. He arranges to meet this new girl via an online dating service. She is Izzy (we don't have a last name yet), and she's disabled and is in a wheelchair. Actress Cherylee Houston really is disabled, ITV tells us, and her character, Izzy, is going to be sparky and feisty. We'll see her for at least six months starting in February and she's due to strike some of those sparks off characters like Janice, Carla and Liz. (My money's on her working in the factory, then, replacing Kelly.) ITV also says "She’s attracted to bad boys and, due to her own messy romantic history, she’s become something of a heartbreaker over the years, reeling boys in but leaving them crushed."

Apparently we will also meet some of her family including a "tough-but-tender" father, probably where she got so tough and sparky herself. My take is, if she goes for bad boys - what attracts her to Kirk? But you know, he could be just the perfect boyfriend for her in the end. It sounds like she could ruffle a few feathers and be a great character! It'll be nice to see Kirk have a storyline again, too. He's been spending his time supporting Maria, playing HiyaLowa and probably walking Ozzy (Hmmm... wonder how Ozzy and Izzy are going to get along!). We haven't seen much of him lately.

Friday 22 January 2010

Soap Cliches

I've been watching soaps a long time, most of my life in fact. I like to make predictions based on all those years of experience because let's face it, there are only so many stories to be told and retold. They mostly all have the same basic plot rules but perhaps unfold in different ways. Coronation Street is no different and pretty much always follows the standard.

There's the Soap Opera Phrase of Doom. You know the one. A couple, seemingly having it all, exclaiming "Oh I'm so happy, and we'll be together forever" or "We're perfect for each other" or "What could possibly happen?"... something like that. WHAP! You know for certain that some vile disaster is going to hit them and it won't take long.

And, of course, soaps have certain rules and Standard Soap Opera Plots (SSOP). Murderers never get away with it (Tracy Barlow. There was never a doubt no matter how many endings they filmed!). The initial suspect of a murder is never the person that did it, especially if they've been overheard threatening to kill the victim at some point or has a cirumstantially good motive (Which is why, though apparently Gail will be a suspect for Joe's murder, she'll be exonerated). There will always be love triangles and quadrangles. Two people that start out hating each other will invariably fall for each other (Tina and nuNick?). There's always one person that's a perennial loser in love (Curly Watts!) but usually they will hit the jackpot in the end. Even the villain (or layabout, ignoramus or similar) has a good side, usually love for his/her children or spouse. (Eddie does love his wife and son even if he is a waster and a tosser!) There's always one couple on a soap that genuinely has a happy marraige/relationship, these are usually the "Matriarch/patriarch" figures (Roy and Hayley). Women are the stronger characters because historically, women make up the majority of viewers.

And in American soaps, at least, nobody ever dies. Even if you see the body, don't bet on it, especially if it's a villain or a hero/ine! Also in American soaps, children grow up in leaps and bounds, usually after being sent to a Swiss boarding school. I'm glad Corrie doesn't do that (Oh yes, I know they have, but they've never aged a child beyond a couple of years, not really noticeable like sending a child to school at 8 and bringing them back a year later aged 16 and full of hormonal resentment.)

What are the Corrie cliches which come to mind? Gail will always forgive her children, no matter what they've done and usually doesn't think what they've done is all that bad anyway! Hayley will always find something good in the worst of people. Roy will always tell you some unknown trivial fact about nearly anything! When really annoyed with someone, a drink will be tossed over that someone's head in the pub in front of everyone! There will always be argy bargys in the middle of the street between two warring women. What are some Corrie cliches you've noticed over the years?

Silver Lining: Thu Jan 21, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Debbie Oates, directed by David Kester

Tyrone's a mess since Molly leaving him. He can't for the life of him figure how everything's gone pear-shaped. Sophie seems concerned about Molly and Tyrone, but Kev plays dumb. He's getting so good at that now. Tyrone tells Jack how Molly's left him, but Jack tries to calm him down assuring him that Molly will be back. He even tries to talk to Molly about it, but doesn't get anywhere.

Molly tells Dev that she's quitting her job since her and Tyrone are over. Dev kindly offers the shop flat for her to stay, free of charge while she's working herself out and Molly accepts. Wait a minute, how does this help her issue with seeing Kevin 'cross the road everyday?

Tyrone's convinced that Molly's got another fella. When he sees Molly putting her bags into Dev's shop flat he automatically assumes that Dev is the "other man" and shows Dev a mean right hook dropping him to the ground. Tyrone's still fixed on there being another man, but Kevin quickly points out that if there was, Molly'd be off with him, and not up the street alone. Jack tells Kev that if it was Dev and Molly, he'd knock the lights out of Dev. Kev sheepishly nods in agreement.

It just gets worse and Tyrone forces Kev to talk to Molly for him. Molly is still clinging to a shred of hope that Kev still has feelings for her, but he refuses her again. She gives Kev her wedding ring to give back to Tyrone and insists she doesn't love him. I almost felt sorry for Molly after she cried when Kev left after shooting her down. Molly was stupid, but maybe Pam was right when she said that Kev was taking advantage of Golly Ms. Molly. He's clearly gone hot-cold with her.

Neither Sophie nor Ryan have heard from Sian since she'd gone home to talk to her dad. I wonder what's happened to her? It appears she hasn't been in school either. Is she gone for good, perhaps?

Sophie also notices that Rosie has mail from a clinic, so she researches it online after Rosie tells her to keep out. She finds out that Rosie is planning to get a breast augmentation and can't believe it after all their mum is going through. Rosie cares for Rosie, as per usual.

Steve is still cruising for a boozing, and a bruising if he goes on like this. Lloyd tells Theresa that they can't encourage Steve's bachelor behaviour, and tells Steve he needs to work things out with Becky.

Joe's busy trying to wedge himself into any kind of work he can. Well, at least he is trying to make money. His desperation just kills me though. Gail's calling the estate agent for any news on the house sale, but she gets nothing, not even with a lowered price. Jason and Tina come bearing news: Bill has work for Joe on a new project. Well, it's a silver-lining. What exactly is being lined in silver here?


- Jack standing by his Tyrone, and threatening to wallop Dev (or whomever Molly was off with) if that was the case.
- Theresa and Lloyd agreeing that they'll never get serious at all, and shaking on it. Haha. Lowered expectations, gotta love it.
- The factory girls wondering why on earth Molly would leave Tyrone for her aging boss up the street after witnessing the altercation between Dev and Tyrone. Plus, Sean wondering why she took a taxi, presumably, three doors down.
- Betty poking into the jug to see how much Hayley had donated, thus defeating it's purpose.


- Kelly asking around about Sally and trying to put a collection mug together for her. Did she wake up on the right side of the bed all the sudden? She sure has turned cheek.
- Why is Rosie sitting in her car, with it on, and not going anywhere? I never understood why she got that car.
- Kevin pretending to play stupid to the whole Molly-Tyrone disaster. How caddish must he feel? Very much, I hope.
- The look on poor Tyrone's face as Kev handed him Molly's wedding ring with an apology. Both sad, and ironic.

Looking forward to:

NuNick coming back to the street to stir things up again!

NOT looking forward to:

More Molvin/Tyrone drama. It's just boring, annoying and heartbreaking at the same time. Unless she comes out with a pregnancy. At least it'd be a twist.

Fab Photo Friday - January 22, 2010

In honour of Sunita and Dev becoming closer again on Coronation Street and the return of Shobna Gulati to our screens, our Fab Photo Friday today pays homage to Mr and Mrs Alahan. Let's hope they get it on again soon and, as Dev would say, par-tay. So this is Dev and Sunita, above, when they were happy together. Happy before Mad Maya, Tracy Barlow, Deirdre Barlow... the list goes on.

Thursday 21 January 2010

Corrie Puzzle: Can you guess the Corrie props?

Here's a fun competition - which for some of you will be really easy. There's no prizes for right answers, so don't ring in. Can you guess which rooms in Coronation Street these three pictures are from... just by looking at the props?

Room 1
Room 2
Room 3
Have a look at more Corrie puzzles here.


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