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Tuesday 31 August 2021

Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street, September 6 to 10

Here are the major storylines for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Monday 6 September to Friday 10 September

The court verdict rocks the street and emotions run high; Curtis disappears on Emma, Phelan is a pain in the ash, George finally "urns" Eileen's trust and Emma realises how tough the future might be.

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Millie Gibson interview: Kelly in court for Seb's murder

How has Kelly been coping while she’s been in prison?

In the worst way possible, she’s not really coping at all. She’s a really vulnerable young girl and she’s going through what feels like the most nightmarish fantasy that she just can’t believe she’s living. She feels like she’s got no hope other than Imran and Toyah and she’s fallen into a deep depression.

As the court case begins does Kelly see it as a chance to prove her innocence?

At first she’s optimistic but as the trial goes on she realises that the odds are stacked against her due to her upbringing, against Corey with his dad’s wealth, his full legal team and his privileged background. 

How does she feel about coming face to face with Corey again, is she intimidated by him?

She is a bit scared of him but she’s also infuriated to see his smug face, the way he’s telling all these lies to the court and trying to look all innocent.

Does she struggle to contain her emotions as she sits there listening to Corey?

She goes mad at one point which really doesn’t help her chances but it all just gets on top of her and she can’t contain herself. 

How does she feel seeing Nina and Abi, does she feel a lot of guilt about what happened that night?
Yes I think when she’s on the stand it’s terrifying for her to relive these memories but then she sees Nina and Abi’s faces, his girlfriend and mum, and she feels so guilty and conflicted about what she should say about that night.

Kelly’s mum comes back, saying she wants to take the stand and help her daughter. Does Kelly want to rekindle that relationship with her mum?

Kelly’s so desperate at this point, she’s hasn’t got anyone, then she can see Corey surrounded by his dad, a team of lawyers, a football club that are all helping defend him. She’s so grateful to Imran and Toyah but they’re not blood so when her mum offers her her help she just jumps at the opportunity to have someone else in her corner.

How does she feel when Sabeen, Corey’s lawyer, suggests she killed Seb to impress Corey. How does Kelly handle all those things being said about her?

She’s so frustrated, she feels like no one will believe her as his lawyers are trying to twist what actually happened that night, and give a motive that just wasn't there. She’s just infuriated.

What are her feelings towards Toyah and Imran, she didn’t live with them for very long but they’re really fighting her corner. Does she see, hopefully, a future with them? 

She’s grateful to Imran and Toyah for everything they’ve done for her but at the moment she’s feeling so desperate, they’re trying to push her along and keep her going but in prison she feels like she’s going through this alone.

As the jury goes out to deliberate, how is Kelly feeling?

Her optimism from the start of the week is starting to fade, judging by how the week in court has gone she’s not feeling too positive, but then she knows she’s told the truth so she just hopes the jury can see that. 

If Kelly is convicted and sentenced to a long time in prison how do you think she’d cope with that?

I don’t think she could cope, she’s so young that she’d feel like her whole life is over. 

How have you found playing out this storyline, what was it like standing in a real courtroom?

It was so cool being on location again, it felt like such a privilege to venture out again, even if it was only Bolton! It was so hot the week we filmed, it was like being in a greenhouse sitting in that box, but it was a really good experience, we all bonded a lot that week. Being in a real courtroom it was easy to find that emotion, you’re in that moment and you feel the seriousness of the room so when you shoot it your emotions just all fall out naturally. It was very easy to find the tears in that courtroom.

Prior to that you filmed the reconstruction scenes, what was it like going back to that place in the storyline and being able to film in closer contact?

It felt amazing to be able to act in that way again, Max and I were in a bubble so we were able to film scenes where he gets right up in Kelly’s face and it was terrifying. It was real, raw acting and I’ve really missed that. It was 4am, we were all a bit sleep deprived but we just went for it so I’m really excited to see the results.  

Corey can be quite terrifying, how do you get on with Max in real life?

He is terrifying when the cameras roll but because we get on so well in real life and we both have such a shared appreciation for acting when they say action he just flips a switch. It’s really great to work with someone who’s as passionate about the story as Max but then as soon as they say cut we’re like ‘ooh that was a good scene wasn’t it’ and I’m secretly terrified haha. 

Are you looking forward to viewers seeing the flashback episodes and what Kelly did and didn't do that night, maybe understanding her a bit more?

Yeah because I think people think she was much more involved in Seb’s death than she actually was. For people to actually see her vulnerability, her depression over what happened and her heartbreak will be really interesting. Because even though you may not like Kelly when you see that villainous turn on a teenager from Corey you feel for her too in the end.

Do you think her upbringing is partly to blame for this; getting in with a bad crowd, wanting to impress the wrong people?

Yes, I think because her Dad isn’t in the picture anymore, she's got a real need to impress men. That’s how the whole nightmare with Corey started. Trying to act all cocky and like top dog has been a way of coping with her insecurities and now because it’s all come crashing down she feels lost.  

How have you found the reaction from the public towards Kelly?

I think since she started showing more vulnerability and her actual true colours, rather than just this cocky teen, then people have started to soften towards her. She’s in a really dark place and people will see it’s not just an act.

What would you like to see for Kelly going forward, whether we see her in prison or back on the street?

I think what excites me to play as an actress is how she deals with this trauma, wherever she may be. She’s been in prison for a long time already now and it will be interesting to see how she reacts now she’s been stripped back. I think we’re going to see almost a post traumatic version of herself, not the cocky girl we used to see. She’s going to be very vulnerable which will be really interesting to play.   

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Monday 30 August 2021

Mollie Gallagher interview: Flashback scenes of Seb's death shown tonight

Coronation Street fans will tonight (Monday 30th August) get to find out the truth of exactly what happened on the fateful night of the hate crime attack that left Seb Franklin dead and Nina Lucas fighting for her life. 

Nina has never been able to remember what happened, but now with the court case just days away, her memory starts to return and in two dramatic and moving flashback episodes she relives the full horror of Seb’s murder.

Will her memory and testimony be enough to see justice done?

Here Mollie Gallagher talks about filming the flashback episodes, working in a close bubble and how she will never be able to wear Nina’s perfume again.

How does Nina feel about the upcoming trial?

She is feeling very nervous because she knows she can’t remember what happened and she is putting a lot of pressure on herself. A song comes on in the cafe when she is sleeping and she remembers that it is the same song that was playing in the van Seb was driving, the day of the attack. It triggers her memory and although it’s emotional it makes her feel encouraged that she can remember more if she tries. 

It’s a very painful journey for Nina, why is she determined to remember what happened that night?

She is determined to remember for Seb and for Abi and she wants justice to be done. She feels like she owes it to Seb and that it’s the last thing she can do for him, to remember what happened. She also wants closure for herself.

You have said that you feel very attached to Nina, are you proud of her during these flashback scenes?

Yes, definitely. During the flashback scenes I tried to play it as her having a lot of strength but she is also very vulnerable as well so I tried to find that balance. I think she is a great role model because she always wants to do what is right and she is very strong-minded. I’m so grateful to have been given the opportunity to play a character like Nina. 

What was it like to film the flashback scenes?

It was very hard because it was a reminder of the connection to the Sophie Lancaster story. I am only an actor playing a role but this has happened to people in real life and that is heartbreaking. It was cold and wet, lying on the floor, and we had to get back into the mindset that we had a few months ago and that was difficult but I am so grateful to be doing this storyline on an issue which is so important to highlight.

The flashback scenes show viewers what happened that night, why are those scenes so significant?

It is important for the viewers to see the truth and what actually happened that night.

Why was Nina and Seb’s kiss scene important to show and what was that like to film?

It is important to show their relationship to remind viewers of how in love they were, I do think that that was it for them and they would have been together forever. Harry and I had never been that physically close before, even when we were doing the relationship scenes we had always filmed two metres apart. Filming the kiss was strange because it was the first time that we had been that close to each other! Prior to filming that scene, we had been put in a safety ‘bubble’ and we both took a Covid test beforehand. 

The flashback scenes show the contrast between how Nina used to look and how she looks now, remind us why Nina stripped back her look after the hate crime?

Nina feels like the reason why Seb was murdered was how she looks and if it wasn’t for that then he would still be alive. When Seb died, she just felt empty, like she had lost everything, including herself. I remember the first time I saw myself on a screen as Nina, stripped back, and I thought I looked so different, so young! I thought it was really sad to see a character like Nina, who was so distinctive, change her specific ways and become more introverted but I love the layers of the character and the depth Nina has.   

Nina wears her full goth attire to the court, how important was this for her to do?

Very important, it’s not just a look for her, it’s who she is. She has a conversation with Roy and she decides she wants to show Corey that she’s not scared of him and she won’t change herself for anyone. She does like who she is and that overrides what anybody else thinks of her because she is so content with who she is. 

What was it like getting back into Nina’s original costume after so long? How did that feel?

Very strange because I had not worn that costume in so long! It changes how I move as the character of Nina, for example Nina always wears big platform shoes but when she was dressed down she was wearing converse so I was even walking differently as her. I also have certain perfumes for Nina and I had bought a specific one, Poison by Dior, for her relationship scenes with Seb. When Seb died I had stopped wearing it as Nina but for the flashback scenes I wore it again and just like Nina’s memory was triggered with the song, my memory was triggered with the perfume. Now these scenes are over I will never wear that perfume again. 

What is going through her head when she takes the stand?

She is very nervous because she wants to do right by Seb. When they are asking her loads of questions she gets confused but all she wants is justice for Seb and closure. Her biggest fear is that justice won’t be done. 

Glenda Young
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Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Monday 30 August

Monday 30th August 2021

On the eve of the trial, Nina’s unnerved when a piece of music transports her back to the last day of Seb’s life. Upon hearing from Roy that fragments of Nina’s memory are resurfacing, Abi gets an idea and brings to the cafe the bag of items found on Seb’s body.  Among the various bits and bobs, Nina’s struck by the sight of a plastic heart ring and remembers Seb giving it to her.

Nina decides to retrace her and Seb’s steps and takes Abi, Summer and Asha with her
to the wasteland where they encountered Corey and Kelly.  Across both of tonight’s episodes, in a series of specially shot reconstruction scenes, the audience is taken back to the night of Seb’s attack and the truth about what happened is revealed to viewers and to a distraught Nina as her memory returns. 

Meanwhile Kelly and Corey prepare for the trial and Imran plays mind games with an over confident Sabeen with both lawyers confident their own client is telling the truth, but which one is?

Monday 30th August 2021

As her recollection of the evening comes to an end Nina cries having remembered her last moments with Seb and vows to go to the police to tell them what happened that night. Alone in his cell, Corey remembers the aftermath of the attack, how he ducked into a ginnel to change into fresh clothes from his rucksack, stuffing his blood-stained tracksuit back inside and stashing it in a hiding place before returning for it later and tossing it into the river. Imran and Kelly prepare to go into battle against Corey and Sabeen. 

Glenda Young
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Sunday 29 August 2021

Five Things We Learned In Corrie This Week

I'm so tired.  There was a point during this week's Corrie where I turned to my long-suffering partner and asked, "why are we still watching this programme?"  Because it was dreadful.  The dialogue, the plots, everything.  There was a strong streak of stupid running through all of it, where perfectly normal storylines - a boy becoming ill, a trial, a relationship break-up - were infused with daft twists and contrivances.  I'm not sure what it was, exactly, that prompted my question; it may have been when Liam earnestly asked his mother "Why can't people just ride bikes?".  Yeah, go and tell your stepdad that next time he does a house clearance he has to cart the wardrobe away on a BMX.

In amongst all of this, Maria's reaction to Liam's asthma was quite easily the stupidest part.  I'm not diminishing asthma at all - it's a terrible condition and people die from it all the time.  But if my son collapsed in the street, unable to breathe, and the doctors said "it's asthma" I'd be mostly relieved.  Asthma is common and treatable - we all knew kids at school with inhalers.  Maria's reaction however was to go absolutely ballistic because the doctor happened to mention pollution as a factor.  Are they really saying that the car parking issue is what caused Liam's asthma, because that's been a problem for literally a fortnight?  Also, parked cars aren't a problem because parked cars aren't actually belching out any pollution at all.

Maria became a one woman campaigner for the environment, Greta Thunberg in D&G denim, although in a really hyper-focussed way.  She decided that Liam's asthma was all the fault of one single van that Underworld owned.  Not their main van, because Sarah pointed out that it was a hybrid; no, a previously unseen second van, one that didn't have any Underworld branding on it, almost as if they'd bought an old wreck cheap for the purpose of Maria smashing it up.  Which she did.  Like I said, stupid.  Sometimes I wonder if storylines are conceived purely so they can have a dramatic preview picture.  There's no real reason for the violence, it's just something that they can release to Digital Spy the week before to make the show look EXCITING. Presumably, once she'd finished on the Underworld van, Maria was going to take her crowbar to Kevin's diesel-belching tow truck.  And the Weatherfield Wayfarer.  And her husband's knackered old van.  No? 

Her job done, Maria then strode off down the middle of the road.  Because apparently Coronation Street is so clogged with polluting vehicles that it's killing Liam's lungs, but also, there's not a moving vehicle to be seen and you can walk in the highway.  Urgh, it was all so ridiculous and pointless.  What's wrong with a storyline about Liam getting asthma?  Why does it have to be violent and smashy and confrontational?  Ah yes, I remember now.  Because this show is stupid.

Home is where the heart is.  Following on from Daniel being gifted a £400,000 house - that's one of those numbers that's going to stick in my head forever - there were further property shenanigans as Ed announced that he and Aggie had bought another house.  Remember how they moved to Coronation Street originally because they were broke?  Because Ed had gambled away all their money, so they lost their nice big house and had to downsize to a two up two down?  Well, things have clearly taken a turn for the better, as they have enough cash lying around to buy a fixer upper without any worry.  We didn't even see them discuss it, or attend the auction, it was just Ed arriving with the specs of their second property.  Actually third, if you count the builder's yard.  Fourth if they also own the flat above it.  Why are they living in this poky little house again?  And whatever happened to their long-held dream to go travelling in a luxury camper van, a dream that was mentioned once and then disappeared?

Only a couple of episodes later this previously unmentioned house became incredibly important to the plot.  What are the chances of that, eh?  Freshly dumped by Michael, Grace remembered she was a horrible person and blackmailed Ed and Aggie, demanding the house or she'd take Glory away to far-off Hull where they'd never see her or their granddaughter ever again.

Hour and three quarters along the M62 by car, two hours on a direct train from Piccadilly, just saying.

You know what the Baileys need?  A solicitor.  Stop pussy-footing around Grace and letting her dictate terms.  Get to the Family Court, get a child arrangements order.  In fact, go the whole hog and apply for sole custody.  Michael has a good job, a nice home and a supportive family; Grace is a loon who served jail time for pretending somebody else's baby was hers.  Cut the manipulative witch out of your life completely.

Age ain't nothing but a number.  This is Hope Stape, born 9th December 2010.

And this is Jack Webster, born two months earlier on the 6th September 2010.  Yes, that strapping lad is about to turn eleven.  I assume this is a side effect of the sepsis; he lost a foot, but was injected with a massive quantity of testosterone as compensation.  Jack also seems more mature with his plans for vengeance; while Hope simply burns down the homes of her enemies, Jack takes to the internet to spread information.  He posted about Corey's upcoming trial on a Tommy Orpington forum; I really want to know who is frequenting that forum, and how many of the users are currently subject to restraining orders.

Jack got a visit from a very good looking policeman as a result as he was told that naming Corey might have been prejudicial to the trial.  That's nonsense, of course.  Corey and Kelly haven't been publicly named because they're young offenders - it's got nothing to do with the case itself.  If they were adults their names would have been in the press when they were arrested, and they would be a matter of record once the trial began.  If Jack posted Corey told me he definitely did it, also he was dripping with blood, they're all covering this up pass it on, then you might possibly argue that it was prejudicial, but all he did was say Corey was up in court and Tommy Orpington was going to defend him.  Still, it's all moot anyway, because Jack deleted the post and that was the end of it.

If it works once, do it again.  In the opening scene of Monday's episode, Imran was up incredibly early.  He explained to Toyah it was because he was so stressed about Kelly's trial.

In the opening scene of Wednesday's episode, Imran was up incredibly early.  He explained to Toyah it was because he was so stressed about Kelly's trial.

And in the opening scene of Friday's episode, Toyah was up incredibly early.  She explained to Imran it was because she was so stressed about Kelly's trial.  See how they mixed things up to keep it interesting?  In fairness, Toyah was also worried about her relationship with Imran because she suddenly values Abi's feelings more than Kelly's.  Remember, it was Toyah who desperately wanted to be a mother for years, and who presumably lead the whole fostering idea because she had such a strong maternal urge.  Now she's chucked all that out the window and abandoned Kelly because she's worried about annoying a woman who I'm not sure she's ever exchanged more than three words with.  It's certainly grounds for her to give Imran ultimatums about their partnership.

On the plus side, it's finally the trial next week, so with any luck this whole thing will be coming to an end soon.  Imran happily accepted a big wodge of twenties that had been shoved through his letterbox as part of the fee for a blood splatter scientist.  I'd have loved to have seen the expression on the scientist's face when Imran handed over all that cash on him for his services. I don't know, I might be concerned about brown envelopes full of cash being dropped on me, but I'm not a top lawyer-slash-barrister like Imran.  He does at least look good in the wig, facing down his ex-wife Sabeen who, it turns out, is representing Corey.  What are the chances of that oh I can't be bothered any more.

Kiss kiss kiss!  I'm still not entirely sure why Johnny and Jenny split up.  Yes, she did the dirty with Ronnie, but he did the dirty with Liz and they got past it.  There was all that interminable nonsense with Scott the Bank Robber, but they seemed to have got past that too.  And they still seem to love the bones of one another.  Can they not give it another try?  They're a great couple and Jenny seems to get a genuine glow when she's around him.  It'd also give him something to do, because since he moved out of the Rovers, Johnny has been very much surplus to requirements.  I'm not sure he's even talked to Carla since about May, and he doesn't have any kind of job.  He doesn't even live in the Street any more.  Never mind giving Ronnie your blessing to try it on with her, get back in the Rovers where you belong so all those sweet J&J pictures can be put back up.  And then kick Daisy out.  

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