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Saturday 31 May 2008

Coronation Street, Andy Warhol style

Ooh, I like this a lot and it's up for sale on eBay. And if you like Coronation Street pop art style, don't forget to have a look at Jayne Tunnicliffe's great site right here.

Coronation Street Weekly Updates for the next two weeks

Coronation Street Weekly Updates for the next two weeks won't be posted to this blog as I'm off on my jollies. However, there's no need to miss out. One of Santa's helpers is writing the Corrie weekly updates while I'm away and you can read them each week over at the Google Corrie newsgroup, (ratucs).

Tuesday 27 May 2008

Buy Charlie Stubbs' t-shirt on eBay

Charlie Stubbs' t-shirt has gone from Coronation Street to eBay and could be yours for the right price.

Let's just hope the bloodstains have been washed out.

Coronation Street podcast

This month's Coronation Street podcast is now live and clicking over at the Soap Show website. Nicen up your ears and give it a listen.

Monday 26 May 2008

Coronation Street Weekly Update, May 26 2008

Bonjour mes amis et petite whatnots and welcome to another of ze weekly updates. The next two week’s worth of updates will be brought to you by First Officer Sir John Dean (wearing his stripe for bravery in action outstanding in the field). I’ve left him some biscuits and showed him where the kettle is so I hope he’ll be comfortable on the cushions in the weekly update office over the next two weeks. But for now it’s still me and so without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

By eck, we saw Eccles this week! And while I don’t want to cast aspersions, because he’s only a little dog and everything, his reappearance did coincide with the Barlow’s bathroom being flooded. Had Eccles done a whoopsie in the WC and caused the water to flood through the ceiling to the kitchen below? Ken tried to catch the water in the kettle, panicked a bit and called Roger the plumber while Deirdre and Eccles French-kissed. I only wish I was making that last bit up. And that’s not all. Blanche was in the bathroom with a damp Jonny Weismuller by all accounts as Ken grappled with his stopcock. You can listen to him here. Oh, it’s been all go in that house this week. When Roger the plumber sorts the pipes out, Deirdre and Ken decide to go the whole hog and have a new bathroom installed. Roger provides them with quotes, “I wandered lonely as a cloud,” that sort of thing while Blanche makes bitter with the caustic remarks about the disappointment in a cardigan that’s her son-in-law and calls Ken “the poor man’s Melvyn Bragg.” Ooh, she’s good is that Blanche (as written by Martin Sterling).

There’s more house horror as Sally and Claire fall out over the house swap. Claire tells Norris she thinks Sally’s house is a slum (a slum!), news which Norris is only too pleased to pass on to Mrs Webster and the next thing you know, the house swap’s off. Then it’s back on after Ashley and Kevin make a manly decision. Which is not bad considering the two fellas didn’t even know they wanted to move home this time last week. Claire then decides they need to get an estate agent involved, a couple called the Armstrongs come around and make all the right noises about putting in an offer and then they flee in fear of the latest calamity to befall the cobbles.

Yes, the latest calamity to befall the cobbles came in the shape of Kenzie Judd, the coolest boy in Chesney’s year at school. Not only is Kenzie the reason why Kayleigh Morton won’t return Chesney’s crush but he’s also the ringleader of a terrible trio who ransack the Kabin, knock Norris to the floor and steal a hundred quid from the till. Norris is in shock and is whisked to the Rovers by Emily and Rita where he’s not backward in coming forward about who’s to blame for society’s ills. He reckons the fault lies in the parenting and pins the blame firmly on Gail, Deirdre and Ken. Meanwhile, Kayleigh keeps schutm about her mate Kenzie’s raid on the Kabin.

Steve’s not best pleased with his mum for dallying with Harry the bookie and over a game of darts in the pub, Steve and Dan throw insults at each other and arrows at the board to puncture any possible relationship between Dan’s dad and Steve’s mum. In an effort to make her marriage work and remind herself that she’s already get a fella, even if he is off paradiddling on the high seas, Liz gets one of her wedding pictures enlarged and framed. The photo’s touched up, the bloodstains taken off Vernon’s wedding jacket, his teeth are whitened, his hair darkened and Liz’s wrinkles disappear in the picture that now hangs on the wall in the back room of the pub. It’s such a scary sight that Steve takes to playing with bubble wrap to calm himself down.

Harry’s ex-missus Clarissa wants a new car from Harry but he’s not such a soft touch, just a tad squidgy and agrees to one of the Streetcars drivers being at her beck and call when she wants a lift around town. Steve complains to Harry that she had Lloyd waiting outside the Trafford Centre for hours and that the other drivers now call him Parker. “Yes, me lady,” says Lloyd when Clarissa tells him to drive.

Now then, just when it looked like Vera’s cladding was coming down, it’s seems like it’s staying put. This is news which fills Tyrone’s heart with glee but Molly’s less than impressed. Oh, and Paul Clayton left this week. He outstayed his welcome by about six months, according to, er, me.

Over at Gail’s house, we haven’t seen her smile so much since Brian was alive. First it was meeting up with her dad for the first time that was making her happy and this week Gail met Tina’s dad who put a smile on her face too. Tina lost her job in the Pound Shop this week but it was deathly boring anyway. As the girl said, it’s hard to keep the interest when you’re forever answering questions about how much things cost in a pound shop.

And Leanne starts work as an estate agent selling off Tony Gordon’s new flats in Victoria Court. They’re 20,000 square feet of luxurious loft living, apparently, with a lovely view over the viaduct and if you buy one on the east wing, you’ll not be downwind of the stench of kebabs.

And that’s just about that for this week.

Coronation Street writers this week were Chris Fewtrell, Peter Whalley, Mark Wadlow and Martin Sterling.

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Friday 23 May 2008

Steve McDonald face of the week

Yes, it's that time of the week, time for the Steve McDonald funny face photo. Want to see another one?

Vote for Corrie in TV Quick and TV Choice Awards

Voting is open for the TV Quick and TV Choice Awards 2008 and you can vote for Coronation Street to win Best Soap. Well, only if you'd like to, of course.

That hunk-a-hunk-a, sorry, Serious Actor Rob James-Collier is on the shortlist for Best Soap Actor, along with David Neilson and Jack P Shepherd. And up for Best Soap Actress are Katherine Kelly, Jennie McAlpine and Samia Smith. Nominated for Best Soap Newcomer are Michelle Keegan, Katy Cavanagh and Matthew Crompton. So, what are you waiting for? Get voting now.

Coronation Street actors in No Fur protest

Coronation Street favourites Cilla, Fiz, Hayley, Kelly, Kirk, Liam, Maria, Molly, Sally, Kevin, John and Sean recently took leave of their love triangles, scandals and dramas to show their support for PETA's campaign to end the use of real fur for The Queen's Guards' ceremonial caps. Wearing fake-bearskin caps with PETA's "No Fur" logo and holding signs reading, "Save the Bears", the Corrie actors also signed a petition to the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

Why are these Street stars striking out at the MoD? Like the majority of the British public, they are appalled that in the 21st century, animals are still being hunted and slaughtered for nothing more than ornamental headpieces. Despite this opposition, the MoD has spent £321,000 of taxpayers' money fuelling an industry that is so cruel that it has been banned in Britain. Please take a moment to contact Prime Minister Gordon Brown today. Tell your friends and family, and urge them to do the same for the sake of the bears!

What You Can Do
You don't have to live in Weatherfield to make a difference! Join the fight to save the bears by signing PETA's petition urging The Queen and the MoD to switch to humane, faux-fur caps for the palace guards. Please also take a moment to contact Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Wednesday 21 May 2008

How much would you bid for a bit of Vera's cladding?

The scaffold's going up and the cladding's coming down at No. 9 Coronation Street. When this was first mentioned, tabloids said that ITV might consider selling the cladding to fans for charity. So how much would you pay to own a bit of Vera's cladding? And which would you prefer - a stony bit of yellow or a lumpy bit of blue?

Corrie's Curly to star in comedy musical

Kevin Kennedy, who played Curly Watts (the Coronation Street character most fans would love to return to the cobbles), is set to star in a comedy musical called The Extra Factor.

The play will run from September 11th to 13th at the Lichfield Garrick theatre. For more information and ticket details, click here.

Ex-Corrie writer starts work on US Soap

There's an interesting comment here on the Soap Opera Network site in the US. It says ex-Coronation Street writer Daran Little has been hired as a creative consultant on the daytime US soap All My Children.

If it's true, Daran would be taking the Mancs to the Yanks. It might just work.

Tuesday 20 May 2008

Coronation Street Weekly Update, May 19 2008

The trouble with going out on a Monday night is that your update gets written later in the week than usual. But at least it’s here, a little late I admit, but it’s here. And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

When Rob James-Collier accepted the award for Sexiest Male at the British Soap Awards t’other week, he let it be known to the viewers that he wants to be recognised for His Acting, rather than for being just a pretty face. And indeed there is more to him, of course. That’s why the first four words in my notebook this week were these: Liam in his pants. Anyway, Liam in his pants, his trousers and his jumper registered the death of baby Paul with Maria this week. Maria’s hoping to try again with Liam but he had other things on his mind after he got jiggy with Carla last week. As Liam kissed Carla on the doormat the morning after the night before, Rosie Webster filmed the kiss on her phone. Carla reckons she knew what Rosie was up to and tries to buy her silence with a great big, fat handbag. It keeps Rosie quiet, for now. But Carla Connor will need more than handbags and glad rags to keep the smile on her face after Liam told her he was going back to Maria. With their cases packed and Ozzy the dog bundled into the back of the car, they set off on their jollies leaving Carla on the cobbles and the evidence of Carla’s kiss inside Rosie’s fobile moan.

Gail had the biggest smile and one of the best storylines this week as she got to know more about her long lost dad. He’s slotted in so well onto the Street, it feels like Ted Paige has been a part of the cobbles forever, like an old rover’s returned. And just when it’s getting cosy and Gail’s happy, Ted’s happy and Tina’s moved into David’s spare room, Gail goes and spoils it all by inviting Ted to visit David in the big house. David meets his gay granddad and both men seem pleased to make th’acquaintance of t’other but after the visit, Ted makes his excuses and leaves Gail and the Street just as Audrey was honing in like a cruise missile for a bit of attention from Ted.

Along the street, Fiz is having problems trying not to knock ten bells out of Kirk’s annoyingly chirpy girlfriend, Julie Carp. Julie just wants to help, bless her, but helping Chesney and looking after Kirkeh has been such a big part of Fiz’s life for the last few years that she’s not going to give it up easy. And Customer Services Manager Julie “babe slash career woman slash people person” Carp reckons Fiz is just jealous of her and her Kirkeh.

In the pub, Deirdre quizzes Liz about her intentions towards Harry, pointing out that Betty seems to think there’s summat going on between the pair of ‘em. “Ah, that’s just Betty,” muses Liz. “She’s always does put two and two together - and meks hot pot.” But there is no denying a definite spark between the bookie and the barmaid and Liz gets dolled up to the nines when Harry offers her his beef dish in the flat. All 50 years of Liz McDonald wobbled over the cobbles to Harry’s flat on high heels, with her skirt up to there and her top down to there, she rings the door bell and then runs away. As Liz walks back into the pub with her bits out all over the place, Lloyd’s having a smoke in the back yard of the pub and can’t quite believe his eyes when Liz’s flesh flashes past. She covers herself up and heads back to Harry’s, this time enjoying his company and eats his beef dish but pulls away when he draws in for a kiss. Meanwhile, Harry’s soon to be ex-wife Clarissa turned up on the Street demanding more cash in their divorce settlement. She’s a red head in a red dress which is never a good sign, and Harry would be wise to think on and pay heed.

Also in the pub, Michelle wasn’t best pleased to return from Ireland to find Leanne in her nighty working behind the bar. The two women glare at each other, they try to ignore each other until finally they call a truce. Steve watches it all, bemused, wearing one of those faces that he's got.

At the Duckie’s, Jack agrees with Molly that Vera’s blue and yellow cladding should come down off the front of the house, although Tyrone tries to keep it. They get a man in who gives them a price for taking the cladding off. It’s the end of an era, it really is.

There’s moving malarkey between the Websters’ and the Peacocks’ as Claire demands more cash from Sally and Kev for the house sale. A deal is made then broken when Sally gets the survey report on Claire’s house which says there’s more to pay if the conservatory’s got subsidence. Sally and Claire have a right argy-bargy. “If is a very big word,” argues Claire. “It’s not as big as subsidence” gloats Sally.

And finally this week, Becky and Jason make a night of it with cheap cider and pizza in Roy’s flat. Roy’s confused by it all and tries to talk to Jason, who’s almost (but not quite) as confused as Roy about the boat he’s in with Becky. Bless him, Roy had been out to an evening of amateur footage of Gresley A4 Pacifics. How much more excitement can a man take?

And that’s just about that for this week.

Coronation Street writers this week were Stephen Bennett, Carmel Morgan, Jan McVerry, Martin Allen and Mark Burt.

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Buy your Blanche Hunt t-shirt here

Buy your Blanche Hunt t-shirt right here and wear it with a scowl. There's also a Deirdre Barlow t-shirt here too.

For more Coronation Street t-shirts, have a look here.

Another two years on Coronation Street for Antony Cotton

News that Antony Cotton has signed another contract to stay on Coronation Street for a further two years has been in the papers this week. Antony Cotton seems to be an actor that divides fans so how do you feel about another two years of Sean Tully on the Street? Me? I'm willing to give him a chance. Yes, Sean Tully can be annoying but whatever you think about Antony Cotton, there's no doubt that he is an excellent actor.

Charity auction site gives Coronation Street fans chance to vist Street set

With thanks to ITV for letting the blog know about this!

Ever watched Coronation Street and wondered what it would be like to visit the set and meet the cast? This could be your lucky day! Charity auction site, has a fantastic auction lot that would delight any Corrie fan - a unique trip for four to the Coronation Street set.

Buy Once Give Twice resells lots which have been won and gone unclaimed after charity auctions; giving the charity a second chance to raise funds from the lot. This great lot, donated by Kevin Korkin and ITV, gives the winning bidder a ‘once in a lifetime’ chance to visit all the landmarks from the show. Not only will they get to spend a day on the Coronation Street set, they even a personal tour guide - Ken Barlow!

William Roach (who plays Ken) will help the winning party relive their favourite moments from the show as he guides them around the show’s sets. They can buy a paper from The Kabin, have a cuppa at Roy’s Rolls, watch the drama unfold at Underworld and even grab a pint with Ken in the Rovers. Schedules permitting, they'll also get a chance to meet with other members of cast and watch some filming.

What you have to do is go to to get in on the action, and give kindly to charity.

Monday 19 May 2008

Watch Coronation Street's Spider, in the nude

Did you know that Coronation Street's Spider once appeared in the nuddy? Well, ok, strictly speaking he didn't. But actor Martin Hancock, who played my favourite male Corrie character, did appear nude in an ad for Ikea.

And thanks to Corrie fan Rick we've got the video and it's online. Spider fans, brace yourself and click here. Isn't it about time Spider was back on the Street?

Sunday 18 May 2008

Fiz Brown look-a-like

Has anyone else noticed that the ginger doll in the Harveys ad, before Coronation Street comes on, looks just like Fiz Brown? No? Ah, that'll just be me then.

Anyway, you can watch the whole Harveys ad online right here if you'd like to. And find more odd Corrie look-a-likes here.

Eileen Grimshaw's top for sale on eBay

Anyone fancy buying Eileen Grimshaw's top? It's up for sale on eBay right now and it's selling for charity too.

Want to know more about buying clothes seen on Coronation Street? Click here.

Is Eileen your favourite Coronation Street woman? Click here to vote.

Saturday 17 May 2008

Vera's cladding taken down on Coronation Street

It's the end of an era as the builders move in on Coronation Street this week, the scaffold goes up and Vera's cladding comes down. Or does it? Molly wants it gone but Tyrone wants it to stay.

What say ye, Coronation Street fans? Should the cladding stay or go? I say go, it's a mess.

FAQ: How can I become an extra on Coronation Street?

So, you want to be on Corrie? I'm emailed often by people wanting to find out how they can become an extra on Coronation Street.

To be honest, I don't know. And while there's no guarantee that this website could lead you to become an extra on Coronation Street, if you'd like to know more about auditions, casting calls and other entertainment opportunities on telly in the UK, then it just might be worth a look. You could also contact the Janet Howe casting agency too.

For the answers to more Frequently Asked Questions about Coronation Street click here.

Explosive Coronation Street storyline

It could be the most explosive Coronation Street storyline that's ever been on screen. But will we ever see it?

It might involve newcomer Tina McIntyre or perhaps Eileen Grimshaw in the cab office after she's had one too many chocolate Hob-Nobs. And I'm surprised it's never hapened to Sally Webster after all of those beans she's eaten over the years. Mind you, it would never include the fragrant Audrey Roberts. What on earth am I talking about? Click here to find out.

"Deirdre's a Slag" by The Toy Dolls

Sunderland band The Toy Dolls released the song Deirdre's a Slag back in the '80s and you can download and listen to the Deirdre ditty here. With thanks to Corrie fan Steven in Canada for the mp3! You can even sing along as the lyrics are here.

And then why not delve into the Coronation Street music box here.

Friday 16 May 2008

Is Corrie's Harry Mason really Larry Grayson?

The similarities are there. The glasses worn around the neck, the oft-mentioned but never seen (yet) Clarissa (surely the Coronation Street bookie's version of Everard?).

Enquiring minds what to know. Is Harry Mason really Larry Grayson?

Thursday 15 May 2008

Which Coronation Street character trait would you change?

Over at The Sun website there's a poll to vote for your least favourite soap actor trait. Two are listed from Corrie - Gail Platt's over blinking (eh?) and Norris Cole's interfering. I've never noticed the former and the latter is fab, so I'll not be voting. But it started me thinking... what Coronation Street character's traits do you hate and would change if you could?

Or come to think of it, which traits do you like and find endearing? I love the way Liam Connor says shunshine and I always loved hearing big Jim McDonald say so it is.

Coronation Street funny face photo

Last week it was the Steve McDonald face of the week, this week it's young Sophie Webster sparkling with a smile. Is Sophie your favourite Coronation Street terrible teen? Vote here.

Tuesday 13 May 2008

Corrie picture puzzle: whose Coronation Street elbow is this?

Following on from those, er, classic Coronation Street picture puzzles:

Can you guess who's giving who the Coronation Street elbow in this pic? Eeurgh! Enough!

Coronation Street ringtones - with a difference

No, it's not an instruction to Carla Connor to call her boyfriend, but there is a very odd ringtone online right here. It's the Coronation Street theme, out of tune, complete with a hacking cough and someone trying to sing along. Very odd indeed.

I much prefer the theme tune this way.

There's also a Vera Duckworth ring tone, a less convincing Deirdre Barlow one and a Mike Baldwin one too. Not enough for you? How about a ring tone by Ken Barlow, Dev Alahan or a text, I say, a text message from fat Fred.

Is Carla the right woman for Liam Connor?

What do you think, Coronation Street fans? Should Liam be with his missus or his sister-in-law? My money's on Carla.

FAQ: What song was Carla Connor listening to?

Questions have been oozing through the email today asking what the song was that Carla Connor was listening to when Liam came round to snog her on Coronation Street this week.

The song was The Drugs Don't Work by The Verve. You can listen to it all on Youtube, but be sure to wipe your mascara off first.

For answers to more frequently asked questions about Corrie, have a look here.

Monday 12 May 2008

Coronation Street Hoodie

Yours, for sale on eBay right now. There's a matching Coronation Street t-shirt too.

Where have I seen Gail's dad before?

The actor who plays Gail's dad, Ted Paige, on Coronation Street has a familiar face. And after extensive research (*) I now know where I've seen him before. The actor is Michael Byrne and he's been in film and TV since 1962. He's one of those faces you see all the time. His extensive acting career is mapped out in full on the Internet Movie Database.

(*) three seconds on Google


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