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Monday 31 January 2011

Peter Barlow...Meet Peter Barlow!

A sharp eyed fan, MartinS who is one of our regular readers, spotted this actor on Friday's and tonight's Coronation Street. David Lonsdale played an investigator who was looking for John Stape, if you will recall. But where have you seen him before? Some viewers may recognize him as David Stockwell from Heartbeat but even sharper eyes may recall him as one of the former incarnations of Peter Barlow on Corrie. David played Peter from 1986 to 1988 during the period that his twin Susan was married to Mike Baldwin. All we need now is  for this guy to nip into the betting shop for a wager on his way back to see Fiz or for Ken to come out of the house and spy this man, stop, and shake his head wondering where he has seem him before! Wishful thinking!

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Ex-Corrie stars hit the chat shows

The three ex-Coronation Street stars so far announced as playing the Narrator in the national tour of Jonathan Harvey's Corrie! stage play - Gaynor Faye, Roy Barraclough and Ken Morley - are appearing on a number of TV shows to launch the tour this week.
Gaynor Faye as Judy Mallet (ITV)
All three of them will appear together on Lorraine (ITV) on Thursday.  The show starts at 8.30am.

Roy Barraclough appears on The One Show (BBC1) tomorrow (Tuesday) at 7pm and on Loose Women (ITV1) on Thursday at 12.30.         

State of the Street: January 2011

We're at the end of another month and you know what that meants...another blog post discussing the state of things on Coronation Street this past month.

We said goodbye to Claire Peacock and her chicks because she'd pushed Tracy and accidentally caused a serious head injury. Tracy, of course, set out to cause as much damage as possible and blamed Becky. Now she's out of hospital and hell-bent on revenge. The War of the Websters continues. John Stape has broken into little emotionally wrought pieces. Nick has sunk to new lows. Read all about the State of the Street here.

Eddie Windass - whatever is he going to wear next?

He's already tidying his hair into a ponytail, but now that the Windasses are to be adopting lovely little FayE, I'm wondering if Eddie (Weatherfield's answer to Noel Coward) will start dressing differently - tying his dressing gown up properly would be a good start. But it's not just that. He wanders about in his pants, and wears - well, what IS that dark blue outfit?

Seriously, he can't go about dressing like that with Faye around and I'm sure he won't.

I'll be watching with interest to see what he WILL be wearing. I seriously hope that he gives his socks a wash as well. Oh dear - what will Coronation Street be like without Eddie - make him stay!!!
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Two sham weddings on Corrie

We've already heard that Kylie Turner and David Platt are getting married. There's a story in the News of the World (no link because it's a paid subscription) this weekend that says not only are they getting married but Graeme will be too, but not to Tina!

Seems that Tina's old friend, Xin, needs to marry someone to be able to stay in the country. Tina talks Graeme into the honours, staging a breakup between them and allowing Xin to move into their flat.

Kylie and David's marraige has a lot more to do with Kylie wanting to get her hands on Audrey's salon and they are persuaded to let Graeme and Xin share their wedding day.

All this will lead to Graeme's departure as the lies and pressure of keeping the secrets will push them apart for real.

The Fraud Squad: Thu Jan 27, 2011 Corrie Episode Review


Written by Damon Rochefort, directed by David Kester

Sean tells Eileen that she only has one choice now: go to Owen, get down on her knees and beg for mercy.  Eileen figures that Owen doesn’t want begging, he wants blood.  Methinks she may be correct.  Eileen pulls a sicky so she doesn’t have to face Owen.  She’d rather go back to bed and hope it all goes away.  Yeah, that always works for me.Jan-27-2011-Julie-Eileen-crying  It doesn’t go away for Eileen, since Owen shows up to work on her roof – since he’s a man of his word.  She asks what he’s going to do about the money since she can’t sleep  a wink.  He replies with “good.”  At the factory, Julie asks after Eileen but Sean won’t say anything and suggests she visit Eileen herself as opposed to asking him how she is all the time. 

Julie goes to see Eileen and tells her that she knows something’s up – she can feel it.  Eileen breaks down and tells Julie that she’s been a fool and doesn’t know what to do.  Eileen tells Julie all and Julie gets upset with Owen and offers Eileen money.  Eileen is in tears that Julie would give her money.  Eileen knows that Owen just wants to see him suffer.  She has no idea what he’s going to do while he’s turning the screws.  Julie says the only way to deal with a bully is to stand up to him.  It takes Julie an afternoon at her machine and she Jan-27-2011-Julie-Eileen has found a solution for Eileen.  Julie points out to Eileen that Owen’s dodged a lot more than ten grand in taxes over the years.  Julie says they go to the yard, get the incriminating documents then copy them.  They put the originals in a safe place.  When the money clears, then he can get back his dodgy dealings or his originals go to the “fraud squad.”  To which Eileen replies, “do they exist?”  No, Julie got that from Life On Mars.  They dress up in matching black French beret outfits and lie about going to a new bar in town when really they’re going to the builder’s yard to steal tax evasion documents.  The ladies are almost caught when Owen hears a noise in the builders yard while yelling at neighbours.  Luckily, they’re in the clear.  Jan-27-2011-eddie-police

Lloyd doesn’t understand why the coppers can’t figure it out that none of his cabbies had anything to do with Janice’s robbery.  He leaves Eddie at the helm in the cabbie station when the police arrive for more questioning.  They tell Eddie that there are stolen goods on the property – they got a word.  Eddie gives Lloyd the call that the police are there when he’s out with Cheryl when she’s picking up her dress.  Cheryl puts her dress in the boot and notices a duffle bag full of jewellery and other stolen items.  Lloyd is as shocked as Cheryl.  Lloyd arrives back and Cheryl wonders if he’s gotten himself into anything.  Lloyd thinks it all looks a little too neat to him and knows someone’s setting him up.  Lloyd doesn’t know who it is (really?!) but he’ll find out. 

Jan-27-2011-Chris-Lloyd-fight Speak of the devil, Chris takes Maria to lunch at the cafe and tells him about her dreams to own a salon.  She notices that he’s quite chipper, more than usual at least.  Gee, I wonder what that’s about.  In the pub later, Lloyd puts two and two together and gets four.  He sees Chris and grabs him by the collar accusing him of the burglary setup.  Chris plays it cool and says whatever he’s up to its got nothing to do with him.  Chris doesn’t let Lloyd leave without giving him a nasty wink that says “Yeah, you know it.”  Cheryl is angry with Lloyd for starting up with an ex. 

John’s in the loonie bin, where he should be – next to prison of course, and Fiz isn’t coping well.  Fiz sees Hope at the hospital and theyJan-27-2011-Fiz-Nick tell her that she’ll be able to take Hope home soon enough and it’s good news.  Back on the street, Rosie is condemning John Stape to the psychiatric ward that he is currently in and Nick Tilsley sticks up for him.  That makes perfect sense.  Poor Fiz is in tears at home when Nick comes to visit.  Is Fiz the NEXT vulnerable woman he’s going to take advantage of?  Nick asks how John is, but Fiz says he sleeps most of the time on meds.  Fiz says it’s hard without John but she’s glad that he’s got proper help.  Fiz starts bawling and Nick consoles her.  He tells Fiz that she’s much stronger than she gives herself credit for.  Good Jan-27-2011-Sally news: John still has his job at the bookies and Fiz has two weeks wages for him.  Bad News: John is nuts.

Kevin lets Sally know that he’s got a couple showings of the house later that day.  Sally, of course, is not happy about her home being sold from under her and her daughter.  No way is Sally going to start making Kev’s life easier for him now.  Kevin arrives at his home with the estate agent and notices that Sally has left the home in shambles – hardly sellable.  Sally comes in and throws her chip tray down on the couch and does her best Eddie Windass impression.  The realtor is stunned, needless to say.  Sally tells Rosie and Jason about her Windass ways at their home.  Sally will show Kevin from trying to sell the house from under her family. 

Gary goes to see Izzy in the Rovers and admits he hasn’t told his parents about the arrest.  His court date is soon and if he’s found guilty, he’ll be kicked out of the army and his parents will be let down. 


- Julie to Sean: “You’re a hopeless liar, you are.  Like that time you said that Janice suited purple.” 

- Sally to Kevin: “Oh, do what you want Kevin.  It’s what you do best.” 

- Rosie to all in Rovers: “You can’t spell psychological without psycho, and that’s what he [John Stape] is.”  Nick to Rosie: “You’re an attention-seeking little cow.” 

- Rosie to Tina, regarding Jason: “Well, if I started making food for him, then where would it end?!”  Tina: “Chaos.”  Rosie: “Exactly.” 

- Sisterly love between Eileen and Julie.  Oh, and their matching black French beret outfits for their cover operation at night in the builder’s yard. 

- Julie, about Owen: “If this were the 19th century, I’d call him a cad.” 

- Sally’s best Eddie Windass impression

- Nick gives Fiz two weeks wages for John.  Wow, what brought this on? 


- Rosie obsessed about getting a flat screen TV in the bedroom, completely ignoring the fact that Eileen needs money to fix the roof said TV will be in.  Oh, well, we don’t want her to get a crick in her neck, now do we?

- What a meanie is that Owen?  Poor Eileen.  Even if she stole his money.  

- Holy faux fur! When did Rosie start looking like a Russian millionaire’s wife?!

Sunday 30 January 2011

Weren't the Windasses brilliant this week?

Thwack! Oo-er! I wouldn't like to get into a hair-puller with Anna Windass (Debbie Rush) any time soon. I thought her screaming fit when she learned of son Gary's run in with the police was quite spectacular.
Know how you feel Anna. Know. How. you. Feel.
And as others have already said, Eddie was amazing as well. Loved that scene in Roy's, with the bit about the green paint. It just shows what the three of them can do when given some decent material to work with, and what a shame it is that Steve Huison will be leaving soon. Here's hoping that when he does go, it will be in a great big shower of sparks - like one of Peter Barlow's ciggies. Well give him a decent exit anyway.
In the meantime I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of this Windass storyline.
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Todd Grimshaw to return to Coronation Street

Digital Spy have confirmed the rumour in The Sunday Mirror that Todd Grimshaw is set to return to the cobbles later this year for a short storyline. There's no word yet if he's just returning for the storyline or sticking around after.

Todd left in 2004 after he discovered Jason had slept with his ex, Sarah. He returned in 2007 for Jason and Sarah's wedding and made up with Sarah and the Platt family.

Well... maybe not Nick Tisley!

Stuffed marrow, anyone?

Anyone wondering what to cook for Sunday lunch? Perhaps you should consider following Deirdre Barlow's example, and stuff a marrow.
Marrows are out of season at the moment, but that doesn't seem to deter our Deirdre. If only we knew which recipe she uses. Apparently, it's so good, that Tracy-luv wrote to her from jail saying how much she missed it. I'm certain it could become a classic, just like Betty's Hotpot.
Here's an alternative recipe from Anthony Worral Thompson, which I found online, in case anyone's tempted to have a crack at it.
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Coronation Street weekly awards, January 24-28

Coping skills? What coping skills award: Gold Star: The guilt has broken John.
Silver Star: Gary isn't in the best place, either.

Busted! award: Gold Star: Didn't take long for Owen to find out about the cheque!

Fashion Award: Plaid shirt and yellow marigolds? Really, Sean?

Sisterhood Award: Gold Star: Eileen has finally really let Julie in.

Smug Award: Gold Star: Rosie... She figures she was right about Stape all along. She wasn't far wrong as it happens.

If you can't with them with cake, win them with a wink: Eddie managed to charm a scared and unsure little girl.

Brilliant Revenge Award: Gold Star: (tie) Julie's plan to get Owen under control and Sally's plan to thwart Kevin's house sale!

That's You Told award: Ken sure put Tracy in her place, didn't he? "It's not how much they think of Claire, it's how little they think of you"

Lines of the week:
Carla to Michelle: "Life's too short, kid, there's nothing like looking down the barrel of a gun to make you realise that"
Chris: "Leave me out of it, I'm just an innocent bystander" (Izzy Eckerslike!)
Norris: "I was just about to give that young man a verbal drubbing he wouldn't forget for a very long time!" (really?)
John: "They can't fix me. There's no cure for evil"
Rosie: "You can't spell psychological without 'psycho'" (Actually, that was a great line!)
and again "If I started making food for him, where would it end?" Tina: "Oh.. chaos!!" (This made me laugh out loud!)
Deirdre: "I've got no time for stuffing marrows today. It's ready-made or nothing!" (Thank God for that!)

Saturday 29 January 2011

Forever Valerie Barlow . . .

There's a lovely interview with Anne Reid (don't you think she ought to be Dame Anne Reid by now?) in the new edition of "Radio Times". The former Valerie Barlow reminisces about her acting career which has taken her from Weatherfield to Daniel Craig's bed via a stint as a Victoria Wood dinner lady. Anne was most recently seen on BBC1's new series of "Upstairs Downstairs" where she played the acidic ccok at 165 Eaton Place. Her next role is in the slightly sinister ITV1 series "Marchlands" which begins next week.

For most of us though, she will be forever doing home perms in her front room. We salute you!

Mikey North feels good about his work

You might not think that watching Gary cower and sweat in a panic while experiencing post traumatic stress is something that would inspire someone would you? But it has. Mikey North speaks to the Daily Record and says that he's had a man come up to him in the street and praise his storyline saying it inspired him to do something more with his life.

Mikey has done his research well, speaking to soldiers that have been through things like Gary has. He's been told that the flashbacks can occur any time and over a long period of time and are usually triggered by something. In Gary's case, it was the tram crash and carnage initially and, more recently, the idea of being confined in small spaces.

There's also a few spoilers about the upcoming spinoff on ITV2 on Monday night at 10:00 pm. The short pieces about Gary's experiences in Afghanistan have proved so popular that they've filmed a 30 minute special called Gary's Army Diaries. We see Gary and Izzy moving in together and watching some of the video footage Gary shot while on duty with his best mate Quinny.

There's another interview with Mikey on the same subject through a link here. It should be very good and I, for one, will be watching it.

Betty Driver reminisces about Max Wall

I happened to catch a repeat of Heroes of Comedy: Max Wall on telly last night, and who should be on it but the fab Betty Driver. Other contributors include Roy Hudd, Hywel Bennett and Simon Callow. Betty reckons Max Wall is just about the greatest comic ever.
The programme was made in 2003 so many of you will already have seen it, but it's worth a look if you haven't. Very interesting. And Betty looks wonderful - as ever.

Friday 28 January 2011

Shock storyline ahead for Sophie

Sophie Webster is set to return to the forefront of Coronation Street drama in the coming months, and will be left fighting for her life after a dramatic fall from the church roof.

She is said to struggle with Sian's new friendship with another girl, as well as the strain of her parents' divorce, and turns to alcohol.

Pictures of the shocking scenes, in which she falls onto a car and is left seriously injured, are available here.

Julie Hesmondhalgh donates 'Hayley's red anorak' to charity

Julie Hesmondhalgh, who plays Hayley Cropper in Coronation Street, has kindly donated a red anorak, similar to the one worn by her on-screen character, for the Wrap Up Against Poverty winter coat auction organised by Elizabeth Finn Care.

By bidding for the coat, which includes a personal signed message from Julie on the back, you could not only land yourself a quirky reminder the popular TV character, but also help people in financial need buy clothing to keep warm during the winter months.

The auction begins on eBay on Monday January 31st. Find out more here.

Spot the Corrie prop - January 28th 2011

It looks like the wallpaper was a bit of a giveaway last week as lots of people spotted that the picture hangs in Peter and Leanne's flat.

No wallpaper this week but the background may be of assistance again. Where on Coronation Street can this flower be found?

The two faces of Eddie Windass

We know that Eddie Windass (Steve Huison) is leaving Coronation Street shortly, but as yet we don't know how. At least, I don't. Past rumours suggest that it will have something to do with son Gary's post traumatic stress disorder, but of course there may be other possibilities.
This is a wild guess but I'm wondering if he's going to end up in jail after getting done for handling the stolen goods that have been planted in Lloyd's cab. Maybe he spots them and is tempted to nick them, or perhaps he just gets done because of his past history.
Who knows. At any rate, at the moment Eddie seems to be a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde, and you can pretty much tell which one he's going to be Matthew by looking at his hair. For example, in one episode this week, he was mature and fatherly to Gary and kind to little Faye from the adoption agency. Hair tied back, looking relatively clean and tidy. Almost a pillar of respectability. In contrast, in tonight's episodes he was lounging around in the cab office looking and behaving like the old disreputable Eddie, phoning for pizzas and goodness knows what else courtesy of the Streetcars switch. Hair definitely "loose". He seemed like someone that Social Services wouldn't touch with a barge pole. I'm finding it a little bit difficult to reconcile the two Eddies. Which way is he finally going to swing?

Thursday 27 January 2011

Corrie writer pens debut novel

Coronation Street writer Jonathan Harvey has written his debut novel, which will be published next year.

The as-yet-untitled novel chronicles the rise and fall of television actress Jodie McGee, charting her life as she becomes an adult coping with fame and trying to find out who she really is.

His publisher says: "I have been a fan of Mr Harvey's incredible comedic writing for years and have loved everything he has done. His first novel is a major acquisition for Pan Macmillan and we have a fantastic strategy in place to make him a huge bestseller from the very beginning. Jonathan has injected his infectious Northern humour into a poignant tale that is sad, emotive and  full of hilarious one-liners that readers will be quoting for years."

Harvey said: "I can't wait to bring the trials and tribulations of Jodie McGee to a wider audience than just me and the poor souls I've read bits out to on the bus."

Jonathan Harvey runs production company Sixth Floor, and has written for his own series "Beautiful People" and "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme", and programmes such as "The Catherine Tate Show", as well as for Coronation Street since 2004. He also wrote Corrie! The Play and has penned over 15 plays. 

Read our exclusive interview with Jonathan Harvey.

50 years of Emily Bishop

On 27th January 1961, Eileen Derbyshire first appeared as 'Ms. Nugent' - a shy helper at Glad Tidings Mission Hall. Who knew that 50 years later she'd be such a backbone to the street? Ms. Nugent did also appear in episode four, though she was played by a different actress.

Happy 50th Anniversary Eileen Derbyshire

Corrie's Ida Clough dies

Actress Helene Palmer who played Coronation Street's Ida Clough for 10 years, died early last Wednesday morning in Scarborough Hospital after a short illness. She was 82 years old.

Helene had lived quietly with her husband Alex for the past 20 years, after a career which began as an entertainer on the clubs circuit in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

In 1978 she became a household name as Ida Clough, the militant machinist at Baldwin’s Casuals in Coronation Street. She stayed there for 10 years until 1988, when she was sacked by Mike Baldwin after reporting him for drink driving. 

She had worked alongside big characters such as Ivy Tilsley, Vera Duckworth, and Elsie Tanner. Ida returned to the street for Ivy’s funeral in 1995 and was taken back on at the factory, this time with Janice Battersby and Sally Webster, making her last appearance in 1998.

Her son David Palmer, 49, who lives in Buckton, said he never really knew how his mother came to be in The Street. He said: “During her time working the clubs she was with people like Les Dawson, and Freddie Star, also Pat Phoenix (Elsie Tanner), Liz Dawn (Vera Duckworth) and Lynne Perrie (Ivy Tilsley).  They were all good friends and she was with them when they all joined Coronation Street around the same time.”

But his mother also had many other acting achievements, among them was appearing in Spend, Spend, Spend – the story of Castleford pools winner Viv Nicholson.  She was also in the film Yanks, which starred Richard Gere.  The last thing she did was to play the wife of Eric Sykes in an eight part comedy series, Stan The Man.

Steve McDonald gurn of the week, January 27 2011

It's Thursday and that means only one thing... time for the Steve McDonald gurn of the week. Thanks go to Coronation Street fan Martin S. for this week's fab Stevie McGurn. If you've captured a good Corrie Steve gurn and want to share it via the blog, do email it in.

To see more gurnage from Stevie McGurn, have a look here, there's loads. Some good, some bad and some really very funny.

Sneak Preview of next week's Corrie, January 31 - February 4

Without any piffle, here's the storyline for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Week of Monday 31st January to Friday 4th February
Peter spends the night at Carla’s, Gary gets arrested, Claudia’s fella goes after Audrey, Fiz fibs her way to Colin’s inheritance, Sally pays Eddie to put off house buyers, Rosie loses baby Jack and Tracy receives court verdict leaving Steve fearing for little Amy.

The full weekly preview, with loads of pictures, is right here on

Missed last week's Corrie?
Catch up with the
Coronation Street weekly updates

Pics: Corrie glamour girls at National Television Awards 2011

Well, it was a bad night for Corrie at the National Television Awards but at least the Coronation Street ladies looked gorgeous. 

More pictures here.

Corrie loses out at National Television Awards 2011

Coronation Street lost out to EastEnders, again, at last night's National Television Awards.  Paula Lane (Kylie) was up for Best Newcomer. That went to EastEnders. Katherine Kelly (Becky) was up for Best Dramatic Performance. That went to EastEnders too. And Corrie as up for Best Serial Drama.  Yup, EastEnders. 

Corrie's Jack P Shepherd, who plays David Platt, shook his head in disbelief at the end of the awards show. Says it all, really.

Wednesday 26 January 2011

Coronation Street party in Vancouver

To celebrate Coronation Street's 50th birthday in Canada there's going to be a gathering for Corrie fans young and old.  Hosted by Joe Leary and being held at the Kings Head Tavern, the party will take place on Saturday February 5 from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm at 1618 Yew Street, Vancouver, BC. 

The Kings Head in Kits is an all ages pub so for those of you that aren't able to find a sitter for your kiddies, please feel free to bring them along! First pint is on us, there will be traditional British pub fare available for purchase, games, trivia contests, prizes (including autographed beer mats direct from the Rovers) and special guest Robert Lawrenson - who played PC Glaister on Coronation Street for several years - will be in attendance for Q&A with the audience. Admission is free, just bring your love of the Street and enjoy swapping stories and secrets with other Corrie fans.

You can join their Facebook Group too

First Dennis Tanner. Who next?

Well, I have to admit to being one of many Corrie fans who is looking forward to the re-appearance of Elsie's lad on t'cobbles later this year. Whether he is now a dodgy pensioner or a pillar of society remains to be seen. Is Dennis likely to annoy the likes of Norris Cole? Will he resume his sneering jealousy of Ken? Will Gail marry him?

Anyway, this got me thinking about which former character I'd like to catch up with. It has to be the delectable Suzie Birchall. Back in the day she was feisty, often hasty but definitely fun. Well, until she came back in 1983 and tried to wreck Gail's marriage. Elsie kicked her out of number 11 and that was that. Or was it? Where did she go and what did she do? Has life turned out to be a success for Suzie?

Whose story would you like to catch up with? Maybe not one of the 'big names' such as Hilda or Bet. Perhaps you have a burning desire to find out what happened to Ida Clough or Sheila Crossley. Over to you . . .

Corrie writer pens new thriller

Martin Sterling, one of the Coronation Street writing team, has penned a thriller called Framed! and it's on at the Mill at Sonning in Oxfordshire. 

One of the actors in the play is Sally Anne Matthews (pictured), who you'll remember played Jenny Bradley in Corrie.

Framed! runs from January 20-February 26 at the Mill at Sonning, Oxfordshire. Find out more here.

Winners announced for Corrie Typhoo tea caddies competition

Congratulations go to three lucky blog readers for winning these smashing Coronation Street Typhoo Tea caddies in the latest competition here on the blog.  The winners are James Allen, Andrew Hindley and Margaret Gregory. 

The three correct entries were chosen at random after they answered the following questions correctly.

Q1: In the Giftshop on the Typhoo Tea website, what is the price of the Limited Edition Coronation Street Caddies?
A: £12.99
Q2: On the Brooke Bond page of the Typhoo Tea website, how much is a case of Brooke Bond Choicest Teabags?
A: £25.81
Limited edition Corrie Typhoo Tea caddies are available to buy at the online shop at

Last chance to enter to WIN! Corrie Typhoo Tea caddies

With thanks to the lovely people at Typhoo Tea, we have three sets of Coronation Street Typhoo Tea Caddies to be won in a special competition here on the Coronation Street blog.
All you have to do to be in with a chance to win one of these three sets of caddies is to answer the two following questions correctly and email the answers in to us.  The three lucky winners will be drawn at random.
Q1: In the Giftshop on the Typhoo Tea website, what is the price of the Limited Edition Coronation Street Caddies?
Q2: On the Brooke Bond page of the Typhoo Tea website, how much is a case of Brooke Bond Choicest Teabags?
Limited edition Corrie Typhoo Tea caddies are available for purchase via the online shop at
Email your entry to Deadline for entries: Wednesday 26 January at 5pm. Please note that we can only ship prizes to addresses in the UK. Sorry, overseas fans.

Tuesday 25 January 2011

Looking forward to Dennis Tanner's Corrie return

I'm just chuffed to little mint balls that Dennis Tanner is going to make a comeback!

I wasn't watching Coronation Street back then but I've read lots of the books and seen plenty of video specials and episodes on tape. I just love it when Corrie gives a nod to its history, whether in dialogue or bringing an old character back, even if just for a little while.

This photo is a screen capture from The Stars of Coronation Street, one of the specials that was aired around the 50th anniversary. It is Rita Littlewood's very first scene as a friend of Dennis Tanner. She was an exotic dancer then. How young was Barbara Knox? (She was Barbara Mullaney then)! I do hope they make sure to have a scene between the two as old aquaintances in addition to interaction with Ken and Emily who would have known Dennis best. I'm hoping he will bring news of Elsie. I'd like to think she had a happy ending when she went off to Portugal even if she's now passed on.

But it doesn't really matter what the premise is. It's a nod back to Corrie's past and I'm another one looking forward to it!

Last chace to vote for Corrie - National Television Awards 2011

Voting will close in the National Television Awards 2011 at 12 noon on Wednesday 26 January.  The awards ceremony takes place on Wednesday night and will be screened live from the 02 Arena in London direct to ITV1.

Vote for Coronation Street here.

Categories for Corie include Serial Drama, Katherine Kelly (Becky)  in Serial Drama Performance and Paula Lane (Kylie) in Newcomer,

Pics: Leanne Barlow's wedding dress

Here comes the bride, dum dum de dum.  There's more paparazzi pics today from Leanne and Peter's wedding filming on Coronation Street.

More pictures here.

Coronation Street Weekly Update, January 24 2011

This week the update’s coming to you from an uncomfortable place. And so without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

To find out more about the Coronation Street Weekly Updates and why they’ve been written for th’internet since 1995 at

There’s a new fella at Underworld and as luck would have it, along with Carla Connor and Underworld undies, Frank Foster brings more alliteration to the cobbles. He also brings a firm jaw and well-turned suit to the Street.  But he’s only on-screen a second and he’s bad news. And you know any fella’s a rum ‘un when they say ‘Hello’ to your chest instead of your eyes and as Michelle’s got a very large chest area, there’s a lot of ground to cover. He’s got a wandering eye and a philandering mind, this Frank chap, just wait and see.
Carla sends Michelle on a business meeting with Frank, a meeting that takes to the pub with a bottle of red and Michelle’s not happy because it’s Ciaran’s last night of shore-leave before he hits the cruise liner as a chef where he’s lined up a new job. Anyway, to cut a long and very dull story short, Michelle left this week and went cruising with Ciaran. I do hope he comes back.

Over at the Windasses, it’s been all go this week. Firstly, a scene that had me in tears when Gary meets Quinny’s mam and dad and tells them how he died.  It was so sad a storyline, the Samaritans helpline was on at the end of the show. But there’s also good Windass news as Anna and Eddie find out that they’re getting a foster child, Faye. Eddie bakes a cake and ices it with a big, fat, F A and a Y and then squeezes in a little ‘e’ on the end with his icing bag when Anna tells him he’s spelled the name wrong.

In the Rovers, it’s singles night and Janice scores high with her low neckline. Her saggy cleavage is eye-candy to Gaz at the bar who invites her to Tenereefee with him the very next day. Janice has a drink, goes home to pack her things, has another drink or ten and gets sent home from th’airport for being too drunk to fly. One can only hope Gaz will have a good time on his own. I know I’ll be worried about him, won’t you?  While Janice is en-route to the th’airport in the back of a Streetcars cab, her flat is burgulated (I’ve made that word up) by a dodgy geezer mate of Chris, who you’ll remember is the ex-husband of Cheryl who used to lapdance. Chris hides the bag of Janice’s stolen goodies in the boot of the Streetcars cab and all the blame points to Lloyd, just as Chris wanted in the hope that Cheryl will split up with Lloyd and come running back to Chris. And if you're wondering what that picture is...

At Eileen’s, she’s upset as her roof needs fixing and she’s got no cash, so she goes and does summat daft. She pockets a cheque for ten grand from Carla Connor to Owen, makes it payable to herself and puts it in her bank. Owen finds out, of course, it’s soap so he has to. And even though Eileen swears she hasn’t touched the money (she hasn’t) and she’ll pay him back (she will), Owen says he’ll wreak revenge (he will).  He menaces her by the sofa then kisses her on the cheek as he leaves with a troubled mind: “Nighty night, petal.” He’s horrible, is Owen, but he’s good fun to watch.

And finally this week, John Stape started burbling about murders and deaths and has a breakdown on the kitchen floor right in front of Fiz’s fridge.

This week’s writers were Chris Fewtrell, Jim Cartwright, Simon Crowther, Jayne Hollinson and Julie Jones.

Find out more about the  Coronation Street writing team.
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Is Eileen the new Vera?

Commenter Nurse Florence Ganderpoke remarked on this post today that Eileen could be both nasty and nice, which is very true. Why did that remark make me think of Vera Duckworth?

I can see some similar personality qualities between the two women though there's also vast differences. Read here to find out why.

Fat Brenda's Cream Horn

Hiya loveys,

Long time no see, unless of course you've been checking out me tweeters! For those of you that don't know, Tweeter is on the into-net and it's a bit like having friends round yer house for a gossip except you don't have to make 'em a Mellow Birds and you don't have to move yer knickers and bras off the radiator. Belting!

Now where was I? Janice flamin' Battersby! So Janice has been burgled, that poor thief, imagine yer disappointment when you take all that time to get into a flat undetected and the only things there are a couple of empty vodka bottles and a Breville! It'd be like breaking into a Cadbury's Caramel and finding a Snack a Jack: devastating! The finger of suspicion is pointing at Streetcars but I'd like to take this opportunity to defend our record, we have only ever been responsible for a couple of petty crimes and a kidnap round here, and for a Weatherfield cab firm that's not flamin' bad!
Me deadly enemy in Matalan clothing, Eileen, has finally left! In some ways loveys I feel a loss, like Churchill must have felt when he found out Hitler had shot himself; happy but a bit down an' all. Me reason for living has been hating that woman and now she's gone I must admit to feeling a little empty inside. I've been listening to 'Where Do Broken Hearts Go?' by Whitney Houston and weeping, but then don't we all when we hear Whitney (before the crack habit loveys obviously, she's not much cop nowadays). She makes us all feel 'So Emotional' innit.

So in a nutshell - and you don't get more nuts than Owen - Eileen has robbed ten grand from the only fella in Weatherfield that makes John Stape seem normal. I almost regret knocking them tiles off her roof and blocking up her gutters now, and I can't help but feel a tiny bit responsible for costing Eileen her job, three grand, her other job and her sanity... oh well, she'll be right.

In other news this week, my Eddie (him of hair so red and full bodied it makes Sarah Ferguson jealous) and his lucky witch of a wife, have finally been lined up with a kid called Fay(e). Eddie tells me she's a little belter and he's been proudly handing out Curly Wurlies all week in celebration. He's so excited is Eddie that he told me he's actually a bit bored of Gary now he's got a new kid and wondered if they'd give him a refund! I'm sure he was joking loveys but you never know with our Eddie, when it comes to refunds he's quite a tough cookie... I doubt he'd get a cash refund for Gary though but he
might get a credit note or summat.
Weatherfield's answer to The Apprentice's Karren Brady, or Michelle Connor as she's also known, has bogged off on a cruise with the full trousered and hard muscled denim clad lump of gorgeousness that is Ciaran! WHAT A LUCKY COW! She's got shut of her angst-ridden Ryan and now she's got Ciaran all to herself in Bar-flamin'-bados! Sometimes loveys if I think too hard about how lucky some folk are, it makes me want to rip the filters off me Dunhill and smoke 'em raw - "but Brenda, she's lost both her brothers has Michelle, she's had hard time" - flamin' bothered! Who here wouldn't push all their siblings under a flamin' car if it meant spending even one night with that Irish hunk of fit?!

Right, I've annoyed meself now so I'm off. But first: John's had a nervous breakdown, Chris the builder is like Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde except his Doctor Jekyll is just as scary as his Mister Hyde and finally Gary assaulted a police officer by not actually assaulting him after being questioned for doing nowt wrong. Cheryl's in the cab office lounging in me chair and eating me Viscount biscuits and Lloyd's mooning after her not believeing his luck cos the last woman he shacked up with was Theresa
Here's a link called a link that's a link to me tweeters...HERE!

Dennis Tanner marks the spot on Coronation Street

It's great news that Dennis Tanner's returning to Coronation Street. But as you can see on the above picture, he never really left.  I took this picture on our visit to the Corrie set in May last year.

'Orrible Owen Armstrong

Oooh, how nasty was 'Orrible Owen last night to Our Eileen (Saint of this Parish)? Very nasty! Creepy, threatening, just on the cusp of violence.... Amazing! I loved it.

We've seen Owen being violent before, especially when it concerns his two daughters Katy and Izzy. I'm not sure he would ever actually hit a woman - he seems that type - but he was certainly close to hitting Eileen last night when he worked out that she'd banked his £10,000 cheque from Carla. He left her in tears, fearing for her life probably. What a creep.

I'm by no means condoning what Eileen has done, by the way. Fraud is fraud, and what Owen should have done is call the police, but it's a soap, so he won't. She did a criminal thing, but I think the writers have been good in showing us how she's got so desperate so as to sink so low. She's usually a very moral person, and I think this is only a blip on her record... Just a very big blip.

I love both Katy and Izzy and would like to see them stick around. I can see Katy and Ches becoming the new Molly'n'Tyrone, only without the annoying bits, and I adore Izzy and how she's always sarcastic but also warm and funny. Owen though I'm not keen on, I'd love for him to go down for doing something 'orrible to Our Eileen.

I wonder what happened to Mama Armstrong? Judging by Owen last night, he probably bludgeoned her to death and buried her under the patio a la Brookside.

Dennis Tanner returns to Coronation Street

Here's a surprise return if I ever did hear one! 43 years after his last Street appearance, Dennis Tanner is reported to be returning to the cobbles.

Elsie Tanner's son, played by established actor Philip Lowrie, is coming back to 'throw the cat amongst the pigeons' with Ken Barlow.

His return is with an initial six-month contract, and will appear on screen from May. He starred in the very first episode of Coronation Street, and then on and off until moving to Bristol eight years later.

ITV have confirmed the signing.

What do we make of this news here at Coronation Street Blog? I'm surprised to say the least, but interested to see what direction they'll take with Dennis now so much time has passed.
See also: Dennis Tanner marks the spot on Coronation Street


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