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Saturday 20 May 2017

Coronation Street Friday 19th May double episode review

Hiya! It’s just Jordan with this week’s Friday review! That’s a new one, eh? That’s right – myself and Emma have swapped nights. Emma now covers what I will always lovingly refer to as the filler episode and I will find some way to have a light-hearted bitch about the high drama which will undoubtedly unfold and explode on a Friday night.  Now the challenge here is – how on earth do I squeeze two episodes into one post? Let’s see how this goes…

Could I have asked for a more dramatic storyline to talk about for my first double episode review than the plight of poor Bethany? I think not. And tonight, this storyline certainly did explode – like a firework in the rain. Okay, that's harsh. But it sure did dominate the episode. Sarah is trying her hardest to patch things up with Bethany and has arranged to take her to a wedding fayre, despite not being able to stand Nathan or the thought of her daughter marrying him. I mean, considering Bethany is still under 18, she could just not give her parental permission rather than pandering to her. But of course, the plans for this mother-daughter reunion are ruined when Nathan insists upon holding the “party” with Ian that afternoon. He’s even bought his fiancée a new dress for the occasion, although with Nathan’s intentions she won’t be wearing it for long.  

Thankfully, though, Nathan’s intentions don’t come to light. Bethany, wearing more slap than Liz McDonald and Bet Lynch put together, cracks open the vodka when Nathan pops out to collect Ian. Somehow managing to swallow an entirely bottle within the space of a couple of scenes, it is clear where this is heading. Poor Bethany can hardly stand up when there is a sudden knock at the door. Sarah didn’t quite believe Bethany’s excuse that there was an emergency at the salon, so she has come to check on her daughter. Sarah is shocked to see her daughter tarted up like a prize prostitute and Bethany promptly passes out at the sight of her mother. 

By the time the second episode rolls around, Nathan is back at his flat and enraged that not only has Bethany gone AWOL, Ian has demanded his money back. Meanwhile, Bethany has been rescued by Sarah and Gary – too unconscious to enjoy being carried in Gary’s arms as he carries her through the door. It takes her a little while to come round but when she does, she is furious to realise that Sarah didn’t bring her phone while rescuing her from her state and insists on going back to Nathan’s. Sarah is one step ahead though and has locked all the doors. 

After trying a few ways to get out, Bethany eventually becomes NotBethany and smashes the house up. The noise she made flinging plates around would be playing havoc with her undoubtedly hungover head. She lobs a vase Sarah’s head, narrowly misses and picks up a knife which she eventually stabs Gary with on her way out. How lovely of her. The next we see of NotBethany, she’s sat by the canal (which, being a Platt, she should really stay away from), crying, holding the hand she cut badly in her outburst.

"I hate you! I hate both of you. You had no right bringing me back here!"
Dozy Rosie has a plan to clear Adam’s name in the Street’s annual whodunnit. Honestly, this is daft even by Rosie’s standards. The steam from her straighteners must’ve seeped through to her brain! She’s gone and stolen Daniel’s keys – one of which she is sure must fit his locker at the Bistro. Having already decided that Daniel is guilty of pushing Ken down the stairs, she is sure there must be evidence of it there. Because when you push an eighty-odd year old down the stairs and almost kill him, all evidence must be retained and kept in your locker at work.  

Of course, the plan backfires when Robert catches Rosie rifling through the locker of one of his staff and wonders what the hell she is doing. Adam explains to Robert that Rosie is a kleptomaniac and the pair are hastily thrown out of the Bistro. Adam later breaks up with Rosie for fear of hurting her later when he gets bored and the pair agree to just be “bezzies” instead. This pair actually work rather well as partners in crime and despite the sheer stupidity of Rosie in tonight’s episodes, it was totally believable.  

Elsewhere, over a natter with in the salon, Billy confesses all to Audrey whilst in the hairdressing chair, having had a row with Todd earlier that morning. Audrey makes the fabulous analogy that Billy, being a vicar, is “God’s hairdresser”. He tells her all about his dying ex and the pressure he and Todd are under to adopt his Goddaughter. When he mentions that Todd doesn’t seem too enthusiastic, Audrey gives a lovely yet solemn nod to the past when mentioning Todd and Sarah’s stillborn son who was “also a Billy”.  Vicar Billy later has a heart-to-heart with Todd and the pair kiss and make up.  
As well as all that (God, I didn’t realise just how much goes on in a double episode!), Kate answers the phone at the factory to a hotel confirmation for a “Mr. Connor”. Aidan has booked a junior suite for himself and Maria but Kate wrongly assumes that it must be for the other Mr Connor, who must be having an affair because he doesn’t even like Bridezilla Jenny. When Kate tells Aidan and Eva about this, he is forced to pretend that it was all a surprise for Eva.  Maria receives a flippant text from Aidan explaining that the night is off.  Also in the factory, it’s the anniversary party with some posh canapes from the Bistro. This led to what tried to be the comic relief of the heavy night – Kirk not realising that goats produce milk and spitting some goats’ cheese out, disgusted. I know tonight needed comic relief desperately and I know Kirk is desperately unintelligent, but he’s surely not that stupid?

"Can Muslims eat cheese?"
"Of course we can!"
And it is bringing this thesis to a close, I realise I’ve not had time to mention Bridezilla Jenny's worsening rampage, Leanne accidentally locking Baby Oliver in the flat, which led to a patronising chat from Nick, which led to Toyah storming over to the Bistro and putting him in his place – or the dramatic revelation that Johnny has a dodgy leg, or so he says. I really enjoyed these two episodes, although I do absolutely hate it when a character does something they would not do for the sake of a storyline. The Bethany storyline is becoming more of a news bulletin with every episode, but it is being extremely well acted. And because I am at well over 1,000 words now, I’m going to stop. A massive well done to you if you have managed to read all the way down. I will get the hang of condensing these double episode reviews!
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Anonymous said...

It is a lovely write up, don't change a thing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great write-uр Jordan - I love all the details you рut in. This is esрecially true as I absolutely refuse to watch any Corrie until the Bethany storyline is finished. It was a terrible idea and it's not Corrie at all. I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking this. Roll on the autumn when I can hoрefully return to my beloved corrie, unless 'Dame' Kate has introduced another horrific storyline!

Rapunzel said...

Great post, Jordan. I love that you and Emma have swapped. I've enjoyed both of your reviews immensely this week

I'm so loving Corrie right now - some stories more than others, but the balance feels just right at the minute. I know many don't like the Bethany storyline, but it's working for me - probably because of the fine acting. Sarah and Gary make sense as a couple and are in perfect unison in recent scenes. And every week's a particularly good week when Audrey is in it :)

Rebecca said...

Hahaha!!! More makeup than Liz and Bett put together! I love it!!!

fairycake said...

Well done, Jordan!
Love your 'sheer stupidity of Rosie' remark....was that done purposely because of her 'sheer stupid' skirt over a pair of denim shorts?
Ta so much for the review!
Have a Blessed and Magical week end!
Eden X

Tvor said...

Nick really needed that talking to. He's going way too far with the passive aggressive manipulation of Leanne.
Great write up!

Emma Hynes said...

Thanks, Rapunzel, that's great to hear!


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