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Monday 31 July 2023

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Monday 31 July 2023

Monday 31st July 2023

ADAM’S GENDER REVEAL PARTY With more missed calls from Damon, Sarah’s on edge. She’s also freaked by Adam’s cagey behaviour but Stephen tells her not to worry, Adam’s just planning a surprise gender reveal. As the Barlows and Platts gather in the bistro for the party, Sarah feigns surprise. In front of her guests, Sarah opens the balloon box to find out the gender of her baby. What will it be? 

RYAN’S INSTA-FAMOUS Ryan calls at the Rovers to apologise to Daisy. They join Jenny, Carla and Maria who are raising a toast to Johnny. Carla takes some selfies on Ryan’s phone and uploads them, but she accidentally includes a naked torso shot of Ryan. Ryan’s furious. 

THE ALAHANS REMEMBER SUNITA Bernie and Paul join the Alahans for Sunita’s memorial dinner. Dev asks Asha if she got her bracelet back, Aadi stares at Asha and confirms that she did. Meanwhile when Asha notices a bubble of light hovering over her in a photo they just took, Bernie suggests it’s a human spirit. Dev is quick to close down her superstitions. ELSEWHERE Stu and Yasmeen break the news to Eliza that her Mum has been moved to a prison in the northeast. Eliza’s upset, knowing she’ll see even less of her. 

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Sunday 30 July 2023

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 28 July 2023

You never quite know what is going to come up and the week has had some great lines embedded in the action so I had quite a laugh on Wednesday - but will I be in similar spirits today?  
Who's the Daddy opens the show - Sarah knows that it is the spawn of the Devil Damon but maintains that Adam has a baby Baldwin on the way (if it is a boy may I suggest it be called Michael Kenneth) and Uncle Stephen (such a nice well-meaning uncle) volunteers to stay in the flat and intercept the letter when it arrives.  He then proves to be a master forger with some cutting and pasting and copying and hey presto Adam is now the 99.99% probable father of the little tyke.  (Which to my mind raises an interesting question - what validity can really be placed in all those utility invoices people use to "prove" their identity?).  

Never mind, Adam is chuffed to little mint balls (Uncle Joe's of course) and decides to throw a gender reveal party next week when the blood test results come in!  Sarah meanwhile remains a moody moo-moo and is not at all pleased about Uncle Stephen's deceit - and to think he is such a good upright upstanding member of the family.  Adam wants Nippersnapper to start a range of kilts so that he and the baby can match!

Ryan has new obsession - apparently Nick is a far faster runner and Ryan has ordered weights and other gym equipment.  A mystery package for Colm McSweeney has arrived at the flat which Ryan opens later and it contains what I am assuming are illegal steroids.  We see him taking a "before" photo and his journey to being "wham" or "swole" or "ripped" will be documented online he tells Carla who tries to explain that he needs to apologise to Daisy for his latest outpouring.  

Dev has had a bad dream - but not as bad as the one where he had a sexual encounter with Steve.  Dev thinks that Courtney might be in love with him - Aadi can disabuse him of that thought.  Aadi is not sure they need to end up in bed with their new partners!  

A meeting between the partners at the Bistro is the opportunity for the Vances to announce that they are off on a Caribbean cruise shortly so need to get the deal done.  Amazing timing - new units need fitting out and the money needed is paying for a cruise in foreign parts - and the Vances are keen to get the deal done before they go - so the Alahan cash is going to a good home - Barbados, St Lucia, Grenada - I wonder when the grenade will explode?  A little later Dev is explaining to Aadi how to savour a good wine (a £12 red!), much to the amusement of Courtney who is "hiding" in the kitchen having almost been caught in flagrante delicto with Aadi on the sofa who could not go through with it as there was Sunita on the side watching (in a photograph).  For the uninitiated, Dev later reminds the watching millions that is ten years since the wonderful Sunita departed.

Jenny has an obsession - her new spiraliser!

Daniel and Daisy are finding living at Ken's problematic - and flats are either too expensive or too grotty plus the refugees are still in Daniel's own house.  Stephen's housing problem is solved for a while when Tim lets him know that Elaine has said he can stay at the flat until she knows what she wants.

Todd and George attend the presentation for Young Funeral Director of the Year which surprisingly (to the competition) Todd wins receiving a small coffin in recognition.  George's competitor, Troy Sawyer of "Rest Easy" leaves Todd a note suggesting a new job - George sees the note and removes it.  Later he makes good on Elaine's suggestion of a pay increase by £200 a month - and Todd commits to becoming a qualified undertaker.  I wonder how much Ellie (Troy's candidate for the award) would have received had she won the award?  As George stated earlier he and Todd have full trust and confidence in each other and Shuttleworth's Independent Funeral Services is not doing that well (did Estelle ever pay up - Little Big Shotz has a mention this week from Glenda).

In an apparent side story, Nick wants Damon out of the Bistro and tells Sarah that he has finally made contact with the invisible man (and the baby Daddy) who gave him an arancini recipe but will sign over the late licence and will not be involved in the Bistro.  Which would be well and good except that later Sarah looks at her phone and finds that Damon wants to be involved with her!  Just when Uncle Stephen had sorted it!

Sidelight - Yasmeen tells Ryan that she wants to do the Wild Atlantic Way and apart from Cork it was a fantastic trip when we did it earlier this year (part of my long absence).  Stunning scenery, some excellent food and the exotic Listowell and Ballybunion Railway. - truly one of the wonders of the  (railway) world.  And we only did parts of it - we did not make Dingle - so I hope Yasmeen will get there.  

And finally - can Dev tell us the nature of the sexual encounter with Steve - more information needed!  I remain cheered by most of tonight and whilst I can understand just why Ryan might be driven by demons I fear for his mental state.  If you want to comment tell me below or let me know on Twitter.

Written by Simon Crowther and Joe Parkinson.  Directed by Debbie Howard


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Friday 28 July 2023

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Friday 28 July 2023

Friday 28th July 2023

SARAH GETS A SHOCK IN THE POST Sarah heads home to face the music where she finds Adam clutching the letter. As he rips it open, she steals herself, but Adam breaks into a smile and shows her the results, proving that he’s the father. Adam tells Ken, and Daniel about his plans to throw a surprise gender reveal party for Sarah. 

RYAN’S HEALTHY LIFESTYLE ISN’T SO HEALTHY AFTER ALL. Daisy attempts to chat to Ryan, but he gives her short shrift, Daisy’s hurt. Alone in the flat, Ryan opens a parcel addressed to a fake name and takes out illegal steroids and injects himself. 

AADI CAN RESIST ANYTHING BUT TEMPTATION At the meeting Darren and Courtney explain they simply want to go over Aadi’s figures again before showing them to their accountant, Dev and Aadi breathe a sigh of relief. Darren reveals that he and Courtney are off on a Caribbean cruise. Aadi throws Courtney a loaded look and suggests she should skip the meeting with the accountant. Courtney’s thrilled to have him eating out of her hand again.

TODD IS IN DEMAND Todd appears in his best suit, Eileen realises the funeral awards mean more to him than he’s letting on. As George clocks his nemesis, Troy from RestEasy, with his prot√©g√©, George hopes that Todd wins. 

ELSEWHERE Suspecting it was his idea, Audrey asks Tim to double check with Elaine that she wanted Stephen evicted from the flat.

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Thursday 27 July 2023

Roy's Rolls bread buns and Kabin cupcakes go on sale at the Co-op

The Co-op has launched two new Coronation Street licensed food lines as part of its product placement deal with the show.

Inspired by the local businesses of Weatherfield, it has introduced Roy’s Rolls – a six-pack of flour-topped white rolls priced at £1.15 – and The Kabin – a two-pack of rhubarb & custard cupcakes priced at £1.25. They are available from selected Co-op stores.

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