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Monday 22 May 2017

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 22nd May

It's Monday, it's 7.30, it's Coronation Street!

I am enjoying Adam; when he was on the Street previously, he was an annoying teenager but now that he's a loveable rogue, he's a much better character, and I rather enjoyed his appearance in his smalls last week. The street has been devoid of hunks since Jason left: Peter's too old, Daniel's too pale and  and Nick is too....Nick.

Daniel v Adam is supposed to be good v bad, but it's more complex than that. We saw Adam turn down Rosie's offer of some afternoon delight because it wasn't right, and we've also seen Daniel being, as Adam puts it, cold and calculating. Daniel is revising for his exam, his stress affecting Sinead who has a go at Ken in the street. Remember when Sinead was a sweet, teetotal, soap maker? (I prefer the current incarnation of stroppy mare). Daniel needn't have worried about his exams as he doesn't get to take them. Witnessing Sinead's outburst at Ken, Adam bundles his uncle into the boot of his car and takes him to the same gravelly car park where Nick threatened Steve. Adam tries to get Daniel to confess to pushing his dad down the stairs, but he escapes in the car and gets to his exam, only to quit it half way through. And Adam makes his way back to the street to find out that Ken is starting to remember things about That Night. Meanwhile, having worked her way through all the suspects on the ITV website, DS McKinnon questions Sinead, who admits she was angry with Ken due to feeling pressured by him into having an abortion. We end with Daniel threatening to kill Adam if he hurts Sinead, and we're STILL no closer to finding out who clobbered Ken.

Bethany has spent the night down by the canal, but is discovered by Craig, who is in the middle of extolling the virtues of his sergeant to Beth on the phone. Craig takes Bethany to A&E, where she is intercepted by Nathan. In the meantime, Sarah has called the cops about Bethany's disappearance and anyone who's read the spoilers will not be surprised to find out that it's Evil Nathan's horrible mate Neil who turns up chez Platt and (of course) turns out to be Craig's Sarge as well. PC Neil takes Bethany back to the house where she threatens to press charges for false imprisonment. In the end, she agrees not to do so, but says she wants nothing more to do with Sarah and Gary. Back at the flat, Nathan bribes Bethany with a takeaway and a film to show her "gratitude" to Ian and Neil. Urgh.

Eva is bragging about the posh hotel she and Aidan stayed at (although TV in the bathroom sounds a bit dangerous to me), but is brought down to earth when Sean asks her if Aidan proposed. The factory girls persuade her that Aidan's big announcement at the Underworld 20th Anniversary party will be to pop the question, something that sends Eva into tailspin, but the announcement is about a new client instead. Poor Eva. When's she gonna catch a break/man?

Concurrently, Kate is worried about her dad, so she forces him to the medical centre, where amazingly, you can get an appointment just like that. Dr Gaddas refers Johnny to a neurologist to rule out MS and Parkinson's. Johnny keeps this news from staff and clients at the party, where Eva, disappointed that she's not engaged, gets drunk, starts twerking and making a holy show of hersen.

In other news, Mary skypes Jude, who is going to move back to England. She agrees to help out Norris, who calls her a saint, although not the one from Assisi, because of the ducks. However, the duck attack turns out to be "more psychological than physical", as Norris removes his fake neck brace and admits that he was worried about Mary leaving him, and says that she's his bezzie. Aw.

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Newfy Pearl said...

Great episode. I just hope they do not start to spread Mary too thin though. The scene with Ken was a little much. Surely another actor...Brian for example could have filled that role this evening...I am sure he would have knocked over the whiskey if given a chance and he would have had Ken sit and try to remember more.
I love Mary....but the writers do have a way of putting people in everyone's in point Stella when she was there.

Rapunzel said...

Thanks for the review Rachel. I too am warming to Adam. He even has a Baldwin grin!

Tonight, I laughed out loud at Eva's drunk routine. And I shuddered at the last scene with Bethany.

But I was left wondering ... whatever happened to Sally's edgy earrings between leaving the house and returning??

Flo said...

Was anyone else expecting Daniel to spring out of the car trunk like Mr. Chow did in "The Hangover"?

Loved the scenes with Mary and Norris. I'm anxious to see how the Jude storyline goes. I hope he doesn't have any big bad secret, we've got more than enough of those to go around now.


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