Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Coronation Street Spoiler: Aidan Gives Maria A Surprise

Aidan’s in for a treat – or a nightmare – depending on which way you look at it, next week in Coronation Street.

After an afternoon spent sub-duvet with Maria, he arrives home to discover Eva wearing nothing but a basque and a big smile! Can he rise to the occasion again?

We’ll also see Maria getting her claws further into Aidan. She tells him that she’s having her tag removed and suggests he pops round to see her.

Unaware of this, Eva fixes it for Aidan to be at the Rovers when Jenny’s jeweller arrives with sample wedding rings. Realising that Eva’s set him up to be in the same place as a fella flogging wedding rings, Aidan decides not to fall for Eva’s plan to buy her an engagement ring.

But he does buy something for Maria instead – an ankle bracelet to replace her tag!

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