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Sunday 28 February 2010

Corrie fans vote for Peter to get Simon back

In the latest poll here on the Coronation Street blog, we asked fans to vote on little Simon Barlow's future. 221 fans voted and the majority agreed that Peter Barlow needs his son back living with him when he comes out of rehab. The votes were cast as follows:

Peter needs his son back - 47%
Ken and Deirdre should take Simon - 35%
George and Eve should take Simon - 18%

Corrie weekly awards - week of February 22 - 26

It's no coincidence Award: Rusty star: The boat's name looks like Gail Farce. This storyline warranted it.

She didn't get her hair styled at Audrey's Award: Carla... She's got a fringe and nobody comes out of Audrey's looking any different than when they went in.

You just saw them yesterday Award: Liz asked Lloyd who the aunties were. She served them vegetarian hotpot 24 hours earlier.

Birds in unusual places Award: There are seagulls in Weatherfield?

You SO fancy him Award: Gold star: Janice! (eyeing up, way up, Trev).
Silver star: Liz eyeing up Ciaran, she's falling for his patter and you'd think he'd have learned from the upset he went through with Bev.

You don't listen Award: Gold Star: Dev... ok, flowers are too much. How about a holiday to Disney?

Could he BE any taller Award? Gold star: Towering Trev!

Lines of the Week:
Mary: "Google Ganglion, Natasha"
Norris to Audrey: "Can I buy either of you a drink?" Audrey: "What d'you want to know?"
Gail: "What on earth has he got us all into?" (No, YOU have got you all into it by not going along with the plan.)
Carla: "I'm just the lowly cleaner" (Even in marigolds and a tabard, she still looks too posh to be a cleaner!)
Connie about Jackie: "She's a bit full on!" Jack: "You ain't seen nothin' yet."
David to Gail: "Do you think you should do the exact opposite of what you think and see if that works any different?"
Jackie about Molly: "She's done up like Joan Collins at Elton John's Christmas Party." Tyrone: "Don't be weird, or any weirder than usual."
Jackie to Molly: "You're a plate faced slapper with elevator knickers."

Underworld prop for sale on eBay

Fancy a Coronation Street Underworld prop box? There's one for sale on eBay!

Saturday 27 February 2010

The Almost Coronation Street Pub Walk

Fancy a pub walk with a difference on Friday 5th March?

Then sign up for the Manchester Visitor Information Centre Walk which starts at 5.30pm on Friday.

The Manchester Visitor website says, and I quote: "Let Street regular Willie ’Eckaslike take you to Britain’s most famous TV street, home of the country’s best loved soap, land of cobbles, factories, terraced houses, the Kabin and of course Rovers Return. We’ll even sup some Coronation Street ale unless Fred Gee’s forgotten to get a new barrel in."

It seems as if the walk takes in the haunts of actors and characters in the city as well as location shoots, everything apart from walking on the actual cobbles themselves. Sounds great to me!

Sign up and get your £6 tickets here. More details here. If anyone reading this goes on the walk, please email photos and a short review and we'll give you a blog post! Oh, go on, please?

See also: Coronation Street hot spots in Manchester

Optimist: Fri Feb 26, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Written by John Kerr (7:30) and Mark Burt (8:30), directed by Durno Johnston

Well, finally, it's the aunties last day and they want to take the kids to school. Sunita figures a walk won't hurt them. Dev is having a drink and a game of arrows with Lloyd when Sunita shows up with the aunties in tow. He's surprised to see them, but Sunita pretends as though he knows what's going on. She says the aunties wanted to see Dev just one more time. The aunties ask Lloyd if he's married and when he says no they assume he's a "man who likes men." The aunties try to set up Lloyd with a woman whose husband is on his death-bed. Dev tells Sunita that after she drops the aunties off at the airport, he should come by and pick up the rest of his stuff. Yeah, don't forget your dignity either, Dev. Lloyd suggests Dev just tell Sunita how he feels - no more hints.

Dev is at Sunita's picking up his stuff, and the kids say they will miss him and don't want him to go. Dev hands his key back to Sunita, and they both part in subdued silence. Dev gets in his car and mopes, only to go back to the door and tell Sunita he forgot something - and grabs her and kisses her. The stuff soaps are made of, folks. Dev comes back with some flowers and some chocolates after telling the twins a secret. The secret was that daddy wants to move in, which the twins couldn't keep for a minute. Dev wants to take the family to Disneyland. Sunita doesn't seem to happy about Dev and all his plans. He's scaring her away! She tells him she needs to be alone tonight, but he wants to make it right. Talk about smothering!

Jackie kicks out a strange man from her bed in the morning, much to Tyrone's disapproval. Jackie thinks that Tyrone should be keeping an eye on Molly (the tart up the road), not her. Jackie goes into the Rovers and orders a double G&T, and one for Liz, on Molly's tab. When Jackie's informed that Molly hasn't got a tab, she just orders a single G&T for herself snubbing Liz. Jackie then starts accusing Dev of being the one that's been knocking Molly's knickers off. Tyrone comes in between them and sets them straight. Tyrone tells his mum that Molly left him because she doesn't love him anymore, that's all. Well, that's part of it. Jackie tells Tyrone he's a good lad and deserves better than Molly for a wife. Molly tells Tyrone that Jackie attacked her and he responded that at least Jackie cared enough to fight for him. Tell it like it is. Jackie figures what she and Tyrone need is a good blow out on Chinese. Spring rolls and "saucy pork balls." I'm finding her quite hilarious, for now at least. Of course, Tyrone shells out. She then hands Tyrone a can of empty lager telling him that'll keep him going.

Connie and Jack come by the shop and Molly tells them how Jackie's picking Tyrone clean. Connie and Molly figure it's up to Jack to fix it. Connie and Jack tell Tyrone that Jackie's feeding off the loneliness. Jack offers to move back in for a bit, to be like old times. Tyrone realises that Jack and Connie have been talking to Molly and asks them to leave and not to come back. Ouch. Jack tells him that no matter what happens, they're always there for him.

Poor Liz is swamped at work since Becky's got her feet up upstairs and calls Michelle for help. Steve is further indulging Becky with barms and sweet words. Liz goes outside to relieve her stress with a fag and Ciaran sees her and tells her it's a filthy habit. Liz tells Ciaran that if he needs a job, it's his - ignore what Steve says. Wow, Liz really pours on that charm as thick as she pours on her slap. Becky comes down, ready to go out shopping, and notices Ciaran working in the pub, and tells Liz that four bar staff is a bit OTT. She then realises it's because there's really only three bar staff. Becky thinks she's been sacked, and Steve isn't happy. Liz tells Michelle it went a lot better than expected.

Liz and Michelle are having a great time behind the bar with Ciaran mixing 'em cocktails and telling stories. I'm sure they really missing Becky right about now. Ciaran tells Liz that the cocktail she's enjoying so much is called a "Queen Elizabeth" *blush*. After a days work, Ciaran butters Liz up with compliments she's more than happy to accept. They both establish that they are currently single over a shift-ending drink. Things are getting cosy until Steve and Becky interrupt them. Becky figures Liz is an optimist, she'll give her that.

Gail is staring off into space in her yard, just thinking. David tells her that her telling the truth at this point probably wasn't the best idea since the coppers won't stop sniffing around now. David finds Joe's mobile and drops it into the canal. Presumably to get rid of the evidence. Only, he should have taken the SIM card out, since they can be tracked. Plus, throwing the phone in the canal doesn't dissolve phone records which are really the key problem they'll have with the police.

Tina receives a sympathy card in the post from Deirdre and Ken and immediately starts sobbing. She goes over to Gail's, and they have a moment over tea about not being able to believe that Joe's just gone. Gail has to tell Tina that the funeral might not be for a while since the police need more time. Tina figures the police think he killed himself. She asks Gail if she thinks he did it on purpose, Gail says no.

The detectives arrive at Gail's and tell Gail that they've had a look at Joe's phone records, and the text he sent Tina couldn't have been from him since they know Joe's time of death. They also bring up the flowers that Tina received. Gail confesses that she sent them. Gail tells the detectives why she did it and in hindsight it was a stupid thing to do. They ask for Joe's phone, only it's not there so Gail goes searching for it. Gail's in a panic after she realises she can't find Joe's phone. Gail is ripping her home apart looking for the phone now. Meanwhile, the police aren't sure what to believe. Gail tells David that they should explain all this to Tina, since she'll find out anyway. David doesn't think that's such a good idea. David finally tells her that he's thrown Joe's phone into the canal. Oh, boy. David claims he was trying to protect Gail, but Gail shouts at him that he doesn't care for her or Joe. David admits that he doesn't care about Joe since he figures Joe brought it all on himself, he only cares about Gail.

Leanne tells Ken about how Simon got into a fight with Joshua the other day. Leanne tells Ken that George and Eve want to take Simon on a long weekend vacation to Spain. Leanne tells Ken she hasn't told Peter about it yet and Ken thinks Peter has a right to know. Leanne doesn't want things to get worse for Peter in rehab. Leanne asks Ken's permission, and Ken says he'll have to talk with Deirdre and let her know. Ken tells Leanne that he thinks it'd be good for Simon to get a break as long as Peter knows what happened when he gets home.

- Jackie Dobbs throwing out Gary/Larry from her bed in the morning not giving a fig about what his name is. Classy broad! She then soothes her morning headache by pouring herself a glass of last night's leftover lager. Has Jackie met Teresa yet?
- Deirdre and Ken sending Tina a sympathy card. That Deirdre's got a heart of gold.
- The banter between Lloyd and Liz. Liz asks who Sunita's aunties are, and when told she retorts that for a minute she thought he'd traded Teresa in for two younger models. Lloyd follows up by saying he thought the bitter only came on tap. Zing!
- Lloyd sick of Dev's moping and saying if he wanted to be that depressed he could go home and look at his bank statements. Oh, and probably Teresa in his bed. I added that last part.
- Molly telling Tyrone that Jackie came into the shop and attacked her. Tyrone adding, "Well at least she cared enough to fight for me." OH!
- Aadi and Asha are SO adorable, they're Dev and Sunita's saving grace for me right now.

- Sunita stringing Dev along like that. It's just plain annoying.
- Dev sitting in his car moping and listening to 10CC's "I'm Not in Love." Oh, enough already!
- Gail tells the police that every time she closes her eyes she sees Joe's face. Oh, I thought that was so sad.
- Steve and Becky angry since Liz hired Ciaran. The woman needs help!

Looking forward to: More Liz and Ciaran chemistry!
NOT looking forward to: More disappointment for Tina when she finds out that her birthday text and flowers were sent by David and Gail, not by Joe.

Blast from the Past

Yes, it's him again. I know I need to get a life, but this has been bugging me for ages. Does anyone else remember seeing a Stanley Baxter special in 2008, called Now and Then? As I recall, the programme was a mix of the usual sickly interviews with celebs gushing on...and on...and on about how wonderful Stanley is (and personally I actually think he is), recent sketches, and sketches from his classic 70s shows. They showed a particular sketch from the 70s in which Stanley was doing his famous impersonation of "The Queen", doing her Christmas broadcast. I'm not certain if it was his first EVER version of this. It may well have been. However, what I'm really curious about is this. "Someone" comes in with a clapperboard and says "Cue Queen" and dashes off screen again. I am CERTAIN that this "someone" was none other than Brian Capron, in what must have been one of his earliest telly appearances. I've googled this till my fingers are sore, but can find nothing. Anyone else remember this?

And hey - how about Stanley doing a Corrie cameo? THAT would be worth watching!

Ted, Ted, wherefore art thou, Ted?

Anyone wondering where Gail's dad Ted is at the moment, when all the cops are hanging round chez Platt, and you'd think he'd be there to support his daughter? Well, actor Michael Byrne who plays Ted on Coronation Street is currently gearing up to play Romeo at The Bristol Old Vic.

The show opens on March 10 and there's more details here:

Corrie catfight! It's Audrey vs Rita

There's not many brave enough to take on Corrie's Rita. Cilla Battersby-Brown tried it once and look what happened to her, sent to Africa for her trouble.

But the Star reports a Coronation Street spoiler that says Audrey's going to slap Rita after Lewis the escort dumps her for the flame-haired keeper of the Kabin.

Coronation Street: The glorious Jackie Dobbs

Reprinted with permission from the wonderful TV blog PauseLiveAction

I know she’s not everyone’s cup of acting tea, but I always love Margi Clarke’s appearances on Corrie as Tyrone’s mother, Jackie Dobbs.

Jackie has her own barmy code of conduct. It’s ok for her to steal her darling son’s honeymoon tickets at his wedding, but it is not ok for anyone else to do him wrong. And Molly has done Tyrone wrong. Crashing into the corner shop like a pink-haired stormtrooper, Jackie confronted her erstwhile daughter-in-law, rather marvellously calling her a “plate-faced slapper with elevator knickers.” Jackie knows the type, you see – Jackie is the type.

If she ever gets hold of Kevin Webster, there won’t be much left of him apart from a few chest hairs and a smear of oil.

Friday 26 February 2010

Leanne Battersby to marry Peter Barlow

It says here that Leanne and Peter are going to get hitched. Leanne proposes to Peter in the Rovers saying: “I know I’m a nightmare and can be a stroppy cow at times, but Peter will you do me the immense honour of marrying me?” And the recovering alcoholic? He says 'yes'.

Aww... little Simon is going to be the cutest page boy ever!

Becky's beauty secret?

Okay so she's currently having a wee break from boozin' and a-smokin', but Becky McDonald's about to crank up her drinking arm again. I've often wondered how the dickens she manages to keep her wonderful complexion and marvellous figure, while apparently knocking back pints and pints...and pints...and, well, you've all seen her do it - of cider. In fact I've wondered why on earth she doesn't look a bit more raddled, like, well, Teresa. Or me, come to that.

After some detailed research (about two minutes, actually, and it was time mightily well-spent) I found a possible explanation here. Yes, apparently some researchers discovered that the "phenolics" in cider have a beneficial effect on health. Who knew?

I can only conclude that Becky's whopping consumption of cider somehow counterbalances the effects of the voddies and fags, not to mention the "full cookeds" at Roy's. Hmm.

Becky McDonald's Olympian look-a-like

Anyone else notice the similarity between Becky McDonald and Madeleine Dupont from Denmark's ladies curling team in the Olympics?!

Have a look at more Coronation Street look-a-likes here.

Corrie cleaner revealed as Mrs Kipling

Much fuss is being made that Mr Kipling's missus will finally be revealed in a new telly ad. You know Mr Kipling, he makes those exceedingly good cakes. Anyway, Mrs Kipling will be voiced by actress Joan Kempson, who Coronation Street fans will remember played Edna Miller, the cleaner at the Rovers Return. An exceedingly good actress.

Truth Time: Thu Feb 25, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Stephen Russell, directed by Durno Johnston

Tina stares sadly at the boat that aided in her father's demise, as David watches her do so with the same expression from the upstairs window. Gail is, obviously, still bereft. Gail wonders if he was alive or dead when she first called David. So many things must be wandering through her mind. David reminds Gail that Joe's left her in it now, and she has to decide what she's going to tell the police when they return. Gail tells David that it's truth time, there's no point in lying any more.

Tina still can't swallow the fact that her dad is dead. Eileen tells her to carry on, since that's what everybody does. Tina assumes that her father must have died straight after he'd sent her that text. She also wants to know if Joe did it on purpose or not, and Eileen assures her that he couldn't. The detectives arrive and ask Tina questions about her father's debt problems. She tells them that Joe sent her a text for her birthday, then flowers a day after. The detectives look confused by her answer, since they're still trying to establish time of death and last week is a bit later than they thought.

Over the road, David and Gail are on pins waiting for the police to be done questioning Tina. Audrey asks Gail what's going on, but only gets silence. The detectives arrive at Gail's and right away she tells them she's not been entirely truthful, much to Audrey's shock and David's chagrin. Here we go. Gail tells all to the police, and finally throws Joe's "plan" under the bus, but the detectives look sceptical, and well, rather perplexed. The detective tells Gail that there are unexplained injuries to the body, a head injury and some other abrasions. Gail says she doesn't know anything about that and David suggests that maybe those led to him drowning. The detective can't figure out why when Gail saw the boat on the lake, she called David and didn't report Joe missing. She explains how Joe towed a dinghy out with the boat and was going to abandon the boat and take the dinghy to the other side, and had she reported him missing, she'd have been going along with his plan. They then ask why she didn't report him missing, then tell them this story. She claims she didn't want to get Joe into trouble, since he was her husband. The police tell Gail they'll be in touch very soon. David doesn't like the sound of that.

After the police leave, Audrey angrily tells Gail she should have reported Joe missing the second they got off in the boat, and if she had he might still be alive. Ouch. Gail admits she wishes she reported him missing now also. Outside, the police are taking away GailForce to look for evidence of foul play, I'm sure. Gail asks when they'll get Joe's body as they've got a funeral to organise. The detective tells her it won't be for some time, since it's being treated as a suspicious death. Gail is shocked. David tells Gail: "I told ya so."

At Chez Alahan, the aunties don't approve of the school that Aadi and Asha go to, nor do they think that the children know enough Hindi. I'm surprised they haven't commented on the paint colours in the kitchen also. Give it time. Dev treats the aunties to shopping, and then lunch. He even suggests the Rovers for lunch. What is he thinking? At the Rovers, the aunties think the vegetarian hot pots are disgusting. Grishma wonders how you can get gristle without adding meat. They figure rats would starve before eating this, but when Steve comes by to ask how it is they are full of compliments.

Back at Sunita's, the aunties complain about more things forcing Dev to throw the towel down and tell them "that's enough." Finally, he's grown a pair. He tells them how hard Sunita has worked to please them, and they're lucky they're even staying there. The aunties say that making themselves at home IS a sign of gratitude. Oh, whatever. Later, in Sunita's bedroom, she thanks Dev, and as he goes in for a kiss, she gets up and avoids it. Oh, the suspense is killing me. That was sarcasm.

George tells Leanne that Simon's hit Joshua, and Leanne figures he has been aggressive lately with all that's been going on. George suggests that Simon needs a holiday to get away from everything. George tells her they're going to Spain for a week, and Simon could go with them. Leanne says he better ask Peter. Shouldn't George be asking Ken, perhaps? I don't recall Leanne having any guardianship over Simon, do you? Claire comes by after George leaves, and Leanne apologises, but Claire says kids push each other all the time and it was nothing. Leanne could swear George said he had hit Joshua, not pushed him.

Jackie Dobbs is in fine form and criticises Molly's "Pussycat Doll" look and asks Tyrone when that started. I am really starting to wonder actually why Molly dolls herself up like she's going out for a night on the town just to do her shift in Dev's shop. Jackie asks Tyrone what happened between them, and Tyrone says they just fell out. Jackie doesn't believe there wasn't another fella. Mother's instincts.

Jackie can't help herself and goes into the corner shop to make a scene. Molly grabs her by the collar and throws her out only for them to scrap outside. Tyrone has to pull them apart, and even the police come out of Eileen's and threaten to shut it down. Jackie shows her face in the shop again, and Molly threatens to call the police. Jackie says she's there to make her a promise. Tyrone treated her like a Queen, and she broke his heart. Jackie tells Molly that she knows she's had a bit-on-the-side, and not to deny it. Jackie says if Molly ever goes near her Tyrone again, she'll be dead meat.

Liz is sick of Becky not working, simply because she's pregnant, and tells Steve as much. Steve just begs her to let he and Becky have some time with their happiness. Right on time, Ciaran comes in and asks Liz for a job, and Liz figures without Becky, they ARE understaffed. Steve isn't keen and tells Ciaran to go to the next pub. Becky comes back with baby shopping in tow, and when Liz asks if she can take over for her break, Becky declines since she's knackered.

- David telling Gail she doesn't exactly make the best decisions, and perhaps she should try doing the opposite of what she thinks and she might fare better.
- Becky comparing her hips to Liz and saying that she can't just "pop 'em out" like Liz did.
- Jackie Dobbs telling Tyrone that Molly's done up like Jackie Collins at Elton John's Christmas Party! She's a hoot!
- Jackie threatening Molly and Molly grabbing Jackie by the collar and throwing her out of the shop, only for them to scrap outside! I love a good Corrie cat-fight! Mrowl!
- Grishma wondering how you can get grissle in a vegetarian hot pot without adding meat. Haha.
- Jackie telling Molly she's a slapper with elevator knickers.

- Why would the Devestator choose the Rovers to bring the aunties and Sunita to for lunch? Isn't he trying to make sure they don't find out about Sunita and his divorce? What better way to do that than to bring the aunties to a place full of people whom know very well than they are not still married. This storyline gets thicker by the episode.
- Gail only telling the truth after Joe's body's been found. We all knew it would happen.

Looking forward to: More Carla, Janice and Trevor-the-binman love triangle.
NOT looking forward to: Dev and Sunita getting back together. Bo-ring.

Thursday 25 February 2010

Carla Connor beds the binman

There's a good Coronation Street spoiler in The Star that says Carla Connor takes her date with Trevor the binman one step beyond. Yup, she's going to bed the binman.

Apparently, the taboid-speak is that Carla's going to have an "X-rated romp with sexy binman Trevor Dean". And you know where Trevor should have been when he was in bed with Carla? Only having a fish and chip supper with Janice in the flat. When Trevor tells Carla this, her reply is: "Let's get this right. Instead of your fish and chips with Janice, you had a wild night of passion with me. Correct me if I'm wrong here Trev, but most people would call that a result!"

Depends on the quality of the fish and chips, surely?

Pictures from Maggie Jones' memorial service

Pictures are now online from Maggie Jones' memorial service, held at Salford Cathedral today. Click through to Digital Spy who have a few photos as well as the official Corrie site of course.

Maggie Jones' memorial service held today

As previously reported, today was the memorial service in the Salford Cathedral for the late Maggie Jones. Many fans along with present and former cast members attended and many of the cast members spoke or read at the service. There's more detail at BBC news, but highlights include a mention of some of Maggie's character, Blanche's best known lines, read by William Roache who plays Blanche's son-in-law, Ken Barlow. He said: "In lesser hands some of these lines could seem cruel, vicious even. I think only Maggie could have turned them into pure comedy gold." He called Maggie's performances "jaw-dropping" and "legendary".

Both a poem, read by Sue Nicholls, and a song by Joyce Grenfell were included, as she was one of Maggie's favourites. Poems were read by Antony Cotton and Brooke Vincent, who composed her own poem for the service. We can anticipate the passing of Blanche Hunt later in the spring on Corrie when her funeral will see the early return of her granddaughter, jailbird Tracy Barlow.

Sneak Preview of next week's Corrie, March 1 - 5

Without any piffle, here's the storyline for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Week of Monday 1 to Friday 5 March

Becky miscarries and goes on a bender, Dev’s convinced he’s lost Sunita to Ciaran, the cops suspect Gail’s killed Joe for the life insurance, Teresa starts cleaning at Underworld, it’s Norris' 70th birthday and binman Trevor takes a shine to Carla.

The full weekly preview, with pictures, is right here on

Missed last week's Corrie?
Catch up with the Coronation Street weekly updates.

Meet Katherine Kelly on Saturday 27th February

Coronation Street actor Katherine Kelly (Becky McDonald) will be opening the brand new Poundland store in Scarborough (my favourite place in the world) this Saturday, 27th February.

Katherine will be there to officially open the store on Westborough in the town at 10.30am. She’ll be signing autographs, having pictures taken and giving away 50 x £1 Poundland vouchers.

For more information visit, the Poundland blog and Twitter

Steve McDonald gurn of the week, February 25 2010

It's Thursday and that means only one thing... time for the Steve McDonald gurn of the week. Thanks go to Coronation Street fan Martin S. for sending in these fab Stevie McGurns. If you've captured a good Corrie Steve gurn and want to share it via the blog, do email it in.

To see more gurnage from Stevie McGurn, have a look here, there's loads. Some good, some bad and some really very funny.

Wednesday 24 February 2010

Video: Michelle Keegan gets hot on the job

Michelle Keegan, who plays Coronation Street's Tina McIntyre, is encouraging young women to sign up for a career as a firefighter. Women make up just 3.6% of firefighters in the UK, and Michelle, whose uncle is a fireman, has joined forces with the Fire and Rescue Service to get more women into the job.

Michelle has taken part in a firefighting challenge to inspire young girls and show them that they can do anything they put their mind to. The campaign is aiming to raise the profile and change perceptions of the role of firefighters to reach a wider, more diverse audience to ensure the Fire and Rescue Service has the skills needed for the modern world. Evidence shows that a more representative Fire and Rescue Service is better equipped to provide appropriate fire safety advice to our diverse communities.

Watch Michelle go through her paces as a firewoman here.

Tuesday 23 February 2010

The Plot Thickens: Mon Feb 22, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Simon Crowther (7:30) & Jonathan Harvey (8:30), directed by Durno Johnston

Janice and Trevor are in flatmate paradise. They reflect that they never used to sit down with their ex-significant others at breakfast. Maybe it's best that they don't get together after all and just keep this amiable friendship? I'm only suggesting! Janice hears more about Trevor's ex, and what a doozy she was and adds sarcastically, "Ooh, the plot thickens!" Sometimes plots get so thick, that they become officially thick, if you know what I'm saying. How tall IS Trevor by the way?

Carla is spitting over the mess of the factory and realizes that their cleaning lady isn't exactly dependable. She's also gotten some new fringe, don't think I hadn't noticed. The factory girls all run off at the end of shift leaving Carla to clean up the dump. While she's on her hands and knees scrubbing, Trevor comes in happy to see the site and asks for Jan, his flat mate. He says he found two kittens and wants to take them home only he needs to ask Janice's permission first. Tervor obviously assumes Carla is the cleaner, and says he's on the lookout for the boss since Janice and Kelly talk about how terrible she is, and they even do impressions. Carla follows his assumptions and tells him that she's just a "lowly cleaner."

Later, Carla tells Janice she wants her to stay and clean the toilets. Oh, just desserts. Janice isn't happy, but Carla asks her what she expects from her "dragon of a boss." Janice is confused.

Janice pretends to love the kittens, eventhough she's obviously allergic to them. Trevor thanks Janice for all she's done for him in the last few weeks.
Tina calls her father's phone again and threatens to call the police if he doesn't return home this afternoon. She also states that she knows everything, and he's a moron. Let's hope the police don't pour over Joe's phone messages.

David comes into the health centre when Gail's at work and tells her to tell the police now. No more lies. She still has a chance to get out of this, relatively, unscathed. That's not the "Gail McIntyre" way however. Tina comes into the heath centre and tells Gail she's phoning the police to report Joe missing, at least, if not to tell them about the entire plan.

The police show up at Gail's house and she's hostile towards them thinking that Tina has called them. The police tell Gail that a body's been found in Lake Windermere, and they believe it's that of her husband's. Que shock on Gail and David's faces. Gail is completely in shock at the thought that Joe had drowned to death. She can't even believe it's true. David tries to calm Joe down before she says something she shouldn't. David offers to tell Tina, since it's better coming from him than the plods. The police tell Gail that she needs to go with them to formally identify the body.

David goes to Eileen's to tell Tina about her father but has a hard time getting the words out. Jason notices something's not right and tells Tina to let David speak. David finally utters, "he's dead." Que more shock from Jason and Tina's faces. Tina doesn't believe him and calls David sick in the head, then realizes he's telling the truth. Tina is heartbroken. The real kind of heartbroken.

Tina goes to Gail's and asks her and Audrey if it's true. They confirm that it is, and Tina demands to see him. Oh, that'll be a haunting memory. I hope I never have to identify a body of someone I love. Gail tells Tina that they'll go together to identify Joe's body. As they're off, Jason tells his mum about what happened. Gail is still clinging to the hope that the body's not Joe's - but Tina has a good feeling it is. The police detective warns them that Joe's been in the water for quite some time so he might look different. Oh, can't Jason go identify it instead? The only thing heard is Tina's screams from the room where Joe's body is held out into the hallway where Jason and David are sat. Gail holds Tina while she sings lullaby's her father sang to her in the identification room.

The news of Joe's death spreads through the Rovers like wildfire. Folk figure it must be suspicious circumstances if the police are there.

Molly shows up at The Old Rectory and Tyrone opens the door all full of morning stench and freaks out since he wants to look his best around her so she'll fall back in love with him. Well, he doesn't beat around the bush, does he? Molly's only come to get her post - psych! What a rotten little so-and-so she is. Later at work, Kev sees how down Tyrone is, and how guilty he is, and gives Ty the day off. Jack and Connie go over to cheer Tyrone up. Connie offers to tidy up for Tyrone and answers the phone when Jackie Dobbs calls. She tells Jackie about Molly leaving Tyrone. Uh-oh. Connie's prepared Jack and Tyrone a nice tea, and tells Tyrone that if he eats rubbish, he'll feel rubbish. The second they sit down, the door knocks and it's Jackie and her cherry locks there to console her Tyrone. Jackie tells Tyrone that she can't wait to give that "Molly Malone" a piece of her mind. Tyrone corrects Jackie that Molly's surname is Dobbs. When was it ever Malone?

Dev and Sunita are having fun with each other keeping up their charade, even with Dev "away on business." Do I see sparks? Maybe some kindling? Over at Sunita's, the doorbell rings, and it's Matt. Uh-oh. Matt tells Sunita he loves her and grabs her in a kiss. Dev comes back with the kids, and the Aunties to see Sunita and Matt together in the kitchen. Of course, the kids welcome Matt with open arms, arising suspicions from the Aunties. They clearly don't believe that Matt is the kids math tutor. Poor Matt, Sunita just dropped him like a bag of hot coals once Dev got back on the scene.

Just as Dev and Sunita could almost see the light, the Aunties inform them that they're extending their stay. No longer than four days though, an extra week tops.

Gary's army buddy remarks that he can't believe that Gary "tapped off" with Rosie Webster. What a stud. Gary's buddy also tries to pick up some rough girls on the bus. He figures they could be in the desert in due time, so they must sow some wild oats while they can. Gross. They also mutter on about female given names. How strange. What's wrong with "Audrey?" And since when did these two become the baby-name authorities? Do we even know Gary's friend's name yet? His last name is "Quinn" so that's what I'm callin' him. Quinn gets off the phone with his mum and tells Gary that it seems his brother has lost his legs in a roadside bomb. Gary looks perturbed, but doesn't know what to say. The boys tell Anna the news about Quinn's brother and she's obviously upset. Gary is equally upset it seems too. Anna sees Gary off in tears. I hate these kind of goodbyes. Do you ever say goodbye to someone and genuinely wonder if you'll ever see them again? The older you get, I suppose the more this happens.

Mary and Norris are in the Kabin gossiping around Audrey and her new courtier from the night before. Mary wonders how old Lewis is, and Norris comments, "younger than Audrey, but then again, who isn't?" Zing! Natasha comes in, and Norris wants more details but Natasha hasn't gotten any. Unfortunately for Audrey, Norris recognizes Lewis as one of Audrey's friends' husbands from the Weatherfield Council Christmas Party. Wow, talk about givin' em something to talk about! Mary immediately requests of Natasha to be fit in for a trim around midday.

Mary and Natasha in the salon later, grill Audrey over her romantic encounter. Natasha and Mary want the dirt, but Audrey's clean as a whistle.

- Keving nicknaming Dev the "Dev-estator" after finding about from Tyrone about Dev and Sunita's new little plan to pretend they're married again.
- Norris offers to buy Gail and Audrey a drink in the Rovers, and Audrey responds with, "Oh, what do you want to know?"
- Carla pretending to be a "lowly cleaner" as that's what Trevor assumed she was. This is a fun side of her.
- Connie's pearl of wisdom, "eat rubbish, feel rubbish." How true!
- Insensitive remarks made by the rescue police about "McIntyre going under." Tactless and disrespectful.
- Mary and Norris comparing ganglions in the Kabin. Gross, business must be booming!
- The reaction from Tina as she realized her father was dead, and the screams when identifying his body. Does anyone else wonder how Slick Rick sleeps at night?
- Gary realizing that war is real, and could have grave (no pun intended) consequences after hearing what happened to Quinn's brother.
Looking forward to: Watching who Trevor falls for: Carla or Janice. Is it really a competition?
NOT looking forward to: The eventual come-down of Gail and David's "plan" to cover up Joe's "plan."

It's the Rovers Return - made out of bread

Unbelievable but true blog post time...

... a life size recreation of the Rover’s Return made entirely from Warburtons bakery products, has been unveiled to shoppers at The Trafford Centre in Manchester today.

It says here that the artwork celebrates the launch of Warburtons official involvement in Coronation Street’s 50th Anniversary, as a Best of British brand.

The bread Rover’s Return was revealed by Chris Gascoyne, (Peter Barlow) and Jane Danson (Leanne Battersby). The sculpture was created by bread artist, Lennie Payne and will be on display today for passers-by to enjoy their very own ‘slice of Corrie life’. Everything, from the beer taps and stools, to the instantly recognisable green Rover’s Return Inn sign, has been brought to ‘loaf’ using a wide selection of Warburtons packaging and products, including Warburtons Toastie, bread rolls, pancakes, crumpets and fruited loaves.

Artist Lennie Payne, from Rainham, Essex, has been working with bread for over ten years. He says: “This is the biggest project I’ve ever undertaken and it’s been great fun! The work has been extremely intricate – I’ve even toasted each slice of bread to just the right colour to imitate those infamous red bricks of the Rover’s Return!”

See more on artist Lennie Payne at

Where have you seen Trevor the binman before?

If you're thinking that you've seen Trevor Dean the Coronation Street binman on telly before, then you're not wrong. According to actor Steve Jackon's IMDB page he's been in all kinds of things you might have seen him in. He's been in Holby City, Heartbeat, Dalziel and Pascoe, Doctors and Pulling, to name but a few. And in 1999, as Steven Fury (not Jackson) he starred in Emmerdale as Ben Dingle.

See also: Where have you seen before...?
Connie Rathbone, Uncle Umed, Julie Carp's mum, Luke Strong, Sophie Webster's boyfriend, Eileen Grimshaw's dad, Norris' girlfriend, Graeme Proctor, Molly's Aunty Pam, Maria's mum and dad, Gail's dad, Scary Brian, Tina's dad, Tony Gordon's henchman, Little Simon Barlow

Coronation Street Weekly Update, February 22 2010

Here I am again, back from me jollies. I’d like to say I was sunning myself around the Balearics but only because it’s a slight innuendo. I was really sunning myself somewhere else. But now I’m back and sending a million thanks to Karen Jankel and Richard Whitbread for writing the updates while I was away, and to John Dean, for fluffing the cushions. And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

Big story of the week is Joe’s death in the Lakes. As Gail and David try to keep up their cover story of Joe remaining in Cumbria because he’s working there, their lies float to the surface when Joe’s body is found. Tina and Gail have to identify Joe’s body and there’s hysterics and tears, it was very moving indeed. Mind you, you’d think Gail would be used to this by now, she’s done it twice before. If only she was as good in identifying a decent man before they died, ah well. The loan shark doesn’t yet know Joe has died and pesters Tina for the cash, throwing a burning newspaper through her letterbox and setting fire to the flat. He’s a scary bloke, that fella.

Sunita’s aunts are causing agony for Dev as he battles with the old biddies. Mind you, they’re not half nosy, wanting to know about Dev and Sunita’s sleeping arrangements, why she isn’t pregnant and who this Matt bloke is who turns up out of nowhere. Pretending to play happy families does have a nice side, however, as Dev finds himself spending more time with Sunita and the twins and both of them seem to be getting along well. So well in fact that the aunties decide to stay for another week. Nice.

Eileen’s upset this week as Jesse wins big on the horses. But when he books a holiday for himself and his folks without taking Eileen, she nags him and tosses him out. “Take yer parrot and go!” About time too, if you ask me.

Anna’s over the moon when Gary turns up for a weekend away from his army training. He brings with him a mate called Quinny who hits on Rosie in the pub. But when Quinny receives news that his army brother’s been blown up in a landmine, losing both legs and his right arm, “He wasn’t even left-handed, or nowt”, it fair takes the shine off Gary’s visit home.

Home alone with just a bottle of Freshco red for company, bored, bawdy Audrey rings Lewis the escort. When he turns up, she’s in full battle dress and war paint, pretending that a do she was going to has been cancelled and she’s at a loose end. Lewis takes her to the Rovers where he hits upon a plan. He sends Audrey in there first, all done up like a dog’s dinner and she chats to Deirdre to Liz at the bar. Then Lewis comes in, pretends he doesn’t know Audrey and flirts across the bar with her. Deirdre and Liz, especially Liz, are hoping Lewis’ lingering looks are for them, but they’re not. He walks around the bar and chats up Audrey, making her giggle and making Deirdre and Liz as jealous as cats. Yes, cats can be jealous, my friend. However, Norris thinks he recognises Lewis and remembers him as being the ‘husband’ of Claudia at the Weatherfield Council Christmas Ball and assumes Audrey is having a fling with a married man. Audrey? Never! Ahem.

Over in the Kabin, Mary’s helping Norris out by playing with the magazines and annoying him greatly. “Google ganglions!” she advises Natasha, apropos not much.

And in the factory there's no cleaner so Carla has to get scrubbing. Just as she's on her knees in an awful apron, in comes Janice's lodger, Trevor the binman. He assumes Carla's the cleaner, as you would, and tells her that Janice reckons the factory boss is a right old hag. Oh, how Carla laughed as she pretended it wasn't her. "I've just found two kittens," Trevor tells Carla. "Want one?" No thanks, she's just eaten.

And finally this week, Connie and Jack come to visit Tyrone. As Jack takes the lad out to the pub for a pint, Connie cleans and cooks and does what she can for Tyrone. So when the phone rings, she answers: “Hello, Tyrone’s house,” and it’s Tyrone’s mum on the line so Connie spills all about his split from the Mol. Well, Connie’s never met Jackie Dobbs before, how was she to know she should have kept her gob shut?. Within minutes, minutes I tell you, the doorbell rings and the pink-haired gob on a stick is at the door. It’s Jackie Dobbs emoting to her son, she’s clearly on the want. “I feel yer pain, lad.” We all do, Jackie, we all do.

And that’s just about that for this week.

Coronation Street writers this week were Peter Whalley, Mark Wadlow, Simon Crowther and Jonathan Harvey.

Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team.

Find out more about the Coronation Street Weekly Updates

Glenda Young
Blogging away merrily at

Betty's hotpot to go on sale in the shops (again)

While playing with your Corrie Nintendo game later this year, you'll also be able to enjoy Corrie-branded food. Holland's Pies is relaunching Betty's Hot Pots to be sold in supermarkets.

I recall these being on sale a few years ago in the shops although being a vegetarian I've never tried one. Anyone know if they were any good and anyone willing to do a review of the new hotpot when it hits the shops?

More heartbreak for Eileen

Already humiliated by Jesse deciding to take his parents on holiday rather than her, Eileen is in for further heartache from her relationship with the children's entertainer, when she discovers he is a love cheat, Inside Soap reports.

You'd have thought she'd learnt her lesson after his antics over the holiday but it looks to me like she's set to take him back on his return only to face the further embarrassment of him doing the dirty on her. Will she ever find happiness with a fella?

Teresa wipes the floor with Kelly

This week's Inside Soap reveals that war is about to break out in the factory when knicker stitcher Kelly Crabtree tries to sabotage Teresa Bryant's work when she is taken on as a cleaner. Teresa gets the job after winning a bet with Kelly that she can get a job by the end of the day and is quick to gloat about winning the wager and telling Kelly that they're going to be co-workers. The smile is soon knocked off her face though when Carla presents her with a mop and tells her to get scrubbing.

Kelly finds it hilarious even though she lost the bet and takes great pleasure in belittling her in front of the rest of the factory. However, Teresa gets stuck in and leaves the place shining like a new pin, which gets right on Kelly's wick who then resorts to pouring the contents of the tea club all over the floor.

Unable to control herself any more, Teresa sets about Kelly with her mop and the pair have to be pulled apart by boss Carla. Teresa gets the push but after a grovelling apology manages to get her job back.

With them both now working in the factory, we can only wonder whether Underworld is going to be big enough for two of the biggest gobs on the Street.

Trevor the binman - Carla or Janice?

So, who do you think Trevor the binman should be with then - Carla or Janice? From this picture today in The Sun they say that Trevor and Carla will go on a date and she shuns trendy wine bars for a proper pub crawl. But what'll he think when he finds out she's the Underworld boss and not the scrubber cleaner he thinks she is?

And what about poor Janice and the kittens?

Monday 22 February 2010

The news about Joe's drowning is a little bit painful

The news about Joe's drowning is painful for me. My dad completed suicide by drowning almost two years ago, in April 2008. He had been suffering from psychosis and sadly took the decision to drown himself. We knew he was missing, and spent an awful twenty-four hours with the police looking for him before they found his body.

When I knew this storyline was upcoming I knew it would be hard for me. It is. It's acutely painful. I've been exactly where Tina is. I've identified my dad's body, I've cried in disbelief, I've lived it and I'm so so sorry for Tina. I knew Michelle Keegan would be excellent and so far she is. Helen Worth is always good.

Just excuse me if I don't blog about this storyline for a couple of weeks. It's far too close to home.

Video: Katherine Kelly on Becky's miscarriage

There's sadness ahead for Becky and Steve on Coronation Street when Becky finds out she's miscarried. Katherine Kelly, who plays Becky, reveals that the story was "the hardest thing I've had to do on the show. I was just weeping when I read the script..."

You can watch an interview with Katherine on the official Corrie site.

Sunday 21 February 2010

Condoms on Corrie to get a bigger part

There was a short piece in The Observer today that said Government Ministers will be in talks with Coronation Street to discuss ways the soap can use condoms more often in sex scenes. Campaginers from the Sex: Worth Talking About intiative are due to meet with Corrie bosses soon to discuss this at length.

Hang on, hasn't Corrie already been at the forefront of condom use recently in the storyline when Ryan and Sian slept together? It was quite clearly mentioned, much to Ryan's embarassment, when Michelle had a word with her son to make sure he wasn't having unprotected sex. Do we really need Government ministers telling our soaps what to do?

Hilda Ogden returning for Corrie's 50th?

One of the Sunday tabloids says that Coronation Street is planning to bring back Hilda Ogden this year. Hmm... I can't say I believe this as the article also says that Corrie plans a "blockbuster" live episode for its 50th anniversary and their quotes are only from "a mole".

Whether the story is true or not... how many of us would want to see Hilda Ogden back on the Street one more time?
I know I would!

This week's Corrie awards, Feb. 15 - 19

Time to get the police involved: Flaming Star: Tina and Jason. Threats, harassment, It's about time someone called the cops even if they didn't tell them everything.

Childish whinging award: Gold Star: Jesse: Quoting divorce statistics to the newly engaged couple. Moaning about Jason and Tina moving back in. He's getting even more miserable than Eileen can be!
Silver Star: Dev moaning about sleeping on the floor.

Why are you surprised? award: Wobbly star: Eileen. Jesse had been attached to his mother and father all along. Why did she think he wouldn't choose his parents over her?

Plot hole award: Platinum star: This whole faked-real-death business. You can't fake your own death from a boating accident if there's no floating boat or missing person report.

Sheridan Bucket award: The Auntie who's son is a dancer in Vancouver with a roommie that's a fashion designer.

He's got a point award: Norris... young people really do talk about every tedious detail of their life on their mobiles. I hear them on the bus all the time.

Digging a deeper hole award: Gold Star: David texting Tina, ordering flowers. Doing it for the right reasons but now Joe's dead, it's going to bite him and Gail on the backside for sure.

Chuckle of the week: Lewis pretending to pick up Audrey in the bar and Liz getting all knotty faced that it wasn't her!

Lines of the Week:
Liz: "He's probably wondering what Camilla Parker Bowles is doing in Weatherfield." See, I told you Audrey resembled her!)
Deirdre to Audrey: "You've got more bling on than Barbara Cartland."
Jason: "Whatever you like, Mrs. Grimshaw." Tina: "My God. That sounds minging."
Becky about Tina: "Mouthy cow. I like that in a woman." (You would!)
Gail about Joe: "He'll be home soon." and "He must be out there somewhere." (But not quite how you thought)
Norris: "I don't gossip!" *koff*
Gail: "You're angry, David, I can see that." (That's the only thing you can see.)
Steve to Eileen: "You can't have the time off because you're rubbing it in far too much."
Eileen to Jesse: "You're an animal lover, a parrot lover. I want an Eileen lover." (And you deserve it, too!)

Saturday 20 February 2010

Pull the Plug: Fri Feb 19, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Mark Wadlow, directed by John Anderson

Open to Joe’s body floating on the lake currently unnoticed. David wants to pull the plug on the whole charade, but Gail's firm - they must protect Joe. Tina receives the flowers from “Joe” and she doesn’t want them. She doesn’t want expensive flowers she doesn’t like a day after her birthday. She preferred a phone call, obviously. Tina’s upset that her father’s spending money he hasn’t got on flowers when she’s left to fend with a loan shark.

Speaking of which, Slick Rick starts banging on Gail’s door. He doesn't get what he wants so he goes across the road. Tina answers the door and she gives him the card that “Joe” sent attached to her flowers and tells him it’s the only contact she’s had with her dad in over a week. Slick Rick isn’t amused and demands his money, but Jason tells him he’s getting nowt from them and to shove off. What’s Slick Rick to do now? What anyone would do – coat a newspaper in excellerant, shove it through Tina’s mailbox and throw in the match. I was just wondering when this situation was going to go from worse to terrible. Jason smells the fire and puts it out just in time to see Slick Rick smile and drive away from the street. Jason tells her he’s phoning the police. FINALLY! Someone is phoning the police. Who thought that Jason would be the genius in all of this?

Tina sends a text to Joe: “Your loan shark just tried to kill me, please call” thinking it’d get an immediate response. Of course, David picks up Joe’s binging phone in his kitchen and shows Gail the message. Even THEN Gail won’t call the police. A young woman’s life is less important that Joe going to prison in her mind? Wow, my opinion of Gail, which wasn’t very high to begin with, has just gone down to basement level.

Tina tells Gail how Jason’s phoned the police and has told them everything – to Gail’s horror. The police are on their way and want to interview Gail also. Tina can tell from Gail’s paper-thin face that something’s going on. David tells Gail she needs to tell Tina the truth. Gail confesses all to Tina, and says she only lied to protect Joe. I can’t imagine what Tina is thinking right now. The cops arrive and Gail tries to convince Tina they can’t tell anything. Tina’s not sure she believes a word of it. Gail tells Tina that if she tells the police, they’ll look for Joe, find him, and he’ll go to prison. Tina utters, “good.” I second that “good.” You know, if I didn’t know he was dead already.

Meanwhile, up at the lakes, a border collie named Lottie has found Joe’s body washed up in the reeds.

If I had a dime, for how many times the police showed up at Gail McIntyre’s place of residence. Do you know how many times the police have shown up at mine in my life? Zero, but then I’m not nearly as interesting as Gail McIntyre, or as stupid. Gail confesses to the police that she’s indeed been having trouble with a debt collector. Gail lies to the police about Joe’s whereabouts and tells the police that Slick Rick won’t take no for an answer. Tina confesses that the loan shark has visited her a few times, but this was the first time he really threatened them. The police tell them that they do know the loan shark, and they’ll be taking him in for questioning. Tina keeps mum on Joe’s crazy plan to the police, for Gail’s sake. After the police leave, Tina wants more answers. Tina wants to know where Joe is NOW. Tina worries that anything could happen to Joe, just wandering around the Lake District. Gail tells Tina that what keeps her going is the knowledge that Joe could walk through the door at any minute. Not bloody likely, as Lottie’s owner has called the police who are now arriving at the site of Joe’s body.

Tina tells Jason all what Gail has told her about Joe’s plan in the Rovers. Jason figures Joe’s not doing a very good job of pretending to be dead since four people know he’s alive, plus he’s sending texts and flowers. Tina figures that’s why Joe hasn’t rung – to keep up the charade. Jason figures Joe’s plan has gone belly-up and he won’t come home since he’s too embarassed. All the suddent Tina had a terrible thought and rushes to have a word with Gail. Tina wonders if Gail telling Joe that she wouldn’t go along with his plan was too much for him to bear and he really tried to kill himself. Gail assures Tina that he’d never do that. Tina tells Gail that if Joe’s not back by Monday, they phone the police and tell them everything and Gail agrees.

Eileen, Jesse and Sean stare at Jesse’s winnings just sitting on the table. Eileen figures it’s a scenery changing amount of money, Jesse a car changing amount, and Sean a wardrobe changing amount. Eileen figures they should take a two week holiday with the money. Jesse feels like it’s not even real. Oh really, have they never seen money before? Jesse doesn’t want to squander it all at once, but save it for something special. Eileen assumes that’s her, but it’s clear from Jesse’s face that it’s not.

Eileen’s very excited thinking that Jesse’s going to take her on lavish holiday, since she heard Jesse on the phone to a travel agent’s this morning. She gets home and Jesse hands her a little box with a watch inside. Eileen thinks it’s lovely and thanks him. Eileen sees an Egypt travel brochure on the table and gets her bubble burst when John tells her he’s taking his mum and dad. Eileen is clearly, clearly disappointed. Jesse thought he was being kind, but Eileen tells him to the wrong people. Jesse hopes she’s not asking him to choose between her and his parents. Eileen tells him that’s exactly what he’s asking, and he should take HER to see the pyramids and if not, they’ve got no future. She gives him an ultimatum: take me or don’t bother coming back. Harsh, but fair. Jesse, of course chooses his parents over her. She tells Jesse to take his parrrot and go, but Jesse says he can’t take John to Egypt. Eileen tells him through gritted teeth that John’s not stopping at hers. John leaves and says goodbye to Eileen, and Eileen doesn’t even look at him as he walks out the door with John in tow. Eileen admits to Sean that she’s relieved that Jesse’s gone. Sean thinks it’s all a big misunderstanding.

Gary’s home this weekend and Anna’s excited about it. Anna’s not happy to hear that her and John’s hours are going to be reduced since Roy’s Rolls isn’t immune to the credit crunch. Gary returns home to slack from John about some ‘bright young lads shouldn’t be risking their lives in war’ garb. Gary has brought a buddy home with him. Soon Gary’s friend spies Rosie Webster, and Gary tells him he and her go way back. Gary’s friend doesn’t even believe him. Gary’s mate tries his best on Rosie trying to sound like a real soldier. Rosie asks if he’s been to “Afgaviistan” or Iraq, and the mate lies to her that he has.

Over at 5 Grasmere, Audrey picks up the phone to a telemarketer, while watching TV alone at home on the couch. She pulls out a business card from her valet and calls you-know-who. In what seems like a second, Lewis is over at Audrey’s in his best turtleneck sweater. Audrey fibs that she had a previous engagement that was cancelled and she was all dressed up with nowhere to go. She then tells Lewis that she doesnt’ know what to do with him now that he’s there. Oh, I’m sure that’s not true. Lewis suggests they go to the Rover’s since it’s Audrey’s local haunt. Lewis has a plan for something special and tells Audrey to call her pals and makesure they’re all at the Rovers, it’s a surprise. Audrey walks into the Rovers all done up, alone. Suddenly, Lewis walks into the pub. Deirdre notices Lewis eyeing Audrey up in the bar. Oh, very, very fun. Lewis comes over and keeping up the ruse, pretends to recognize Audrey from her councillor days. Audrey’s friends look shocked to see this man just pouring himself over her.

-Eileen, Jesse and Sean sat drooling over Jesse’s winnings. Have none of these people seen money before
- Jason being the one with the most sense to finally call the police in all of this Slick Rick nonsense!
Steve telling Eileen that seeing her in a good mood is against the natural order. Don’t worry Steve it probably won’t last long.
- Eileen telling Steve she might need a fortnight off from work at very short notice, thinking she might be going on holiday, and Steve asking if she’s going to prison or something. I love the banter between these two.
- Audrey fibbing to that she had someone cancel on her last minute for an engagement and found herself “all dressed up and no place to go.” Beautiful.
- Gary’s friend comments that the landlady, Liz, is the hottest thing in the Rovers. Gary tells her to be his guest since Liz’s got a thing for younger men. Zing! I don’t know if that was all a compliment or an insult?

- Liz’s miffed face when she realizes Lewis wasn’t looking to chat her up, but Audrey.

David as the voice of reason. How far gone is your scheme that David Platt becomes the voice of reason? Think about it!
- Tina realising that her father has left her to deal with his loan shark – one way or another.
- Gail finding out that Slick Rick tried to kill Tina and she still won’t go to the police! What is wrong with that woman?
- Poor Eileen having to tell Jesse that she doesn’t want a parrot lover, she wants an Eileen lover. Will there ever be an Eileen lover?
- Poor Tina telling Joe she loves him while the paramedics are zipping his body up in a bag

Looking forward to: Rita's return, she was supposed to come back soon, no?
NOT looking forward to: Tina's broken heart when the body of her father is revealed.

Rob James-Collier back on TV

With thanks to Corrie fan Clare for emailing in to tell us the whereabouts of lovely Liam Connor. Or at least, the actor who played him, Rob James-Collier.

Rob will be starring in a new period drama on ITV called Downton Abbey. He'll be playing alongside Oscar-winning Maggie Smith and ex-Corrie actress Joanne Frogatt who played Corrie's Zoe Tattersall. Remember the cult of Nirab?

Downton Abbey is a seven-part drama serial, set in 1912, written by Julian Fellowes (who once expressed a wish to join Corrie himself). It's about a great English family upstairs and the team of servants downstairs who cater to their every whim. Rob will be playing one of the downstairs staff, Thomas the footman. I'm thinking tight trousers and pent-up passion with the housekeeper. Filming begins at Pinewood studios next month and on locations in the Home Counties.

Friday 19 February 2010

Corrie's Agony Aunts

Now then, I quite like them but from recent comments left on the blog, it seems that not everyone's taken with Sunita's aunties. What's not to like? They're Corrie at its best. They're interfering old biddies, chirpy, nosy old parkers with nothing better to do than snoop around their niece's bedroom to disover a reason why Sunita hasn't produced any babies recently and doesn't have one in th'oven. Am I the only one taken by the Corrie aunts?

Mel must return

Digital Spy reports this week that Sir Ian McKellen would love to reprise his role as villainous Mel Hutchwright in Corrie.

As I've said before - go for it, Corrie writers! For one thing - he was hugely entertaining, and for another, we STILL don't know what happened to Emily's Dresden figurines - the ones he nicked off her mantlepiece.

John Stape risks prison again

There's a nice little spoiler in the Daily Star today following on from the recent spoiler that said John was going to try to get back into teaching.

The paper says that John panics when he is branded a pervert for hanging around outside a school. But there's more to it than that. It seems that the only way John can get back into teaching is by stealing another teacher’s identity so he can get a job. Oh dear.

Fab Photo Friday - February 19 2010

Here's a flashback Friday photo if ever there was one. But can you name the year?

Check out more Corrie Fab Photos from the archive here.

Win a tour of the cobbles with Antony Cotton

Antony Cotton, who plays Coronation Street's Sean Tully, has pledged his support to the Salford Advertiser’s Christie Appeal, which aims to raise £250,000 to equip a radiotherapy centre at Salford Royal Hospital.

There's all sorts of prizes on offer in the Appeal raffle and Antony has promised to take a lucky raffle winner on a tour of the Street.

To find out more about the Appeal (and if you win, we want pictures!) have a look here.


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